Reviews by BelindaT

This review is for Dr Lionel Steinberg, Fitzroy VIC

11 Nov 2008

I just miscarried my 2nd pregnancy at 16 weeks a very emotional & traumatizing experience, still trying to get over it.It is hard, but as Lioniel says 'chin up'. Lionel delivered my 1st child 4 years ago & I wouldn't have gone any where else. Its amazing how many ladies have different views & opinions about him. Get over yourselves. You have chosen him so you must have a special bond & trust. I have from day one & never looked back. I have been through an emotional roler coster for the last 18months trying to concieve & then a miscarriage. No one deserves this. Lionel has always been there through the ups & downs. Always ready to listen to any problem or even a stupid question. Yes he will always answer. You can count on him any time or day. He will lift your spirits when you are feeling down. He is not rude he is doing his job & he very good at it. I have no hesitations on reccomending Lionel. For my family he is special to us. He has a great attitude & you can trust him 100%. Women worry & compare too much about others think about yourself & your family that is what is important. Pregnancy is scary & important to your life when it happends so enjoy it it is an amazing experience. If you are going to winge about cost go public! $$$ money isn't everything. Your & health & the baby is more important. Yes he may look tired & exhausted, well hey he probably is. I feel sorry for him his job is 24/7. Just stop & think about that.
Good luck!