Reviews by allan-alderson854

This review is for Window Energy Solutions, Bayswater VIC

15 Mar 2017

Window Energy Solutions are simply brilliant. My job wasn't the easiest in the world, yet Window Energy Solutions persevered and stayed true to their original quote. The end result has dramatically reduced the radiant heat entering from my West-facing windows. The investment of under $1.5K has transformed my flat entirely--essentially retaining the same light levels, but significantly less radiant heat transfer, glare and ultraviolet radiation. I am very very impressed with this company, its products and services. Oh, and a last and very important point--their site installation people are fantastic. Incredibly punctual, tidy and informative. The Window Energy Solutions people were the last trades to come through here at the end of a long and torturous renovation. I couldn't believe the different 'culture' these people work to, when compared to almost all other trades I'd had through here. Window Energy Solutions are simply a pleasure to work with!

Approximate cost: $1459

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