Reviews by andreww21

This review is for Jason Withers Original Diamonds, Brisbane QLD

19 Oct 2012

If you're looking for a friendly and personal experience with exceptional quality then look no further...

Over a year ago I decided to propose to my (now) wife, I shopped around the retail stores and could not find anything that fit the bill, at this point I started to worry. My brother-in-law came to the rescue and recommended Jason; he previously has the engagement ring and wedding bands made by Jason. Upon arrival Jason reassured us that he would be able to find the right rings for us and after just 2 visits the engagement ring was made. Honestly once you've picked up and tried on any of the rings from Jason you immediately feel the quality and weight of the metals and can see the clarity of the diamonds.

There really is a huge difference between high-street store jewelry and the jewelry that Jason produces and just too top things off... You actually end up with a finished product that costs less than the price you would pay for a lesser item from retail. All in all, we cannot recommend Jason and his team highly enough! In the end we got all of our rings designed and created by Jason.

Thank you Jason and to your hard working team,

Andrew & Claire