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Beauty & The Bees

26 May 2017
Lovely products and great customer service. Have been using Beauty & Bees soaps for years --so much better than mucking around with liquid cleansers and much more economical. Face creams are fantastic ase well.
17 May 2017
Gorgeous little homegrown company in Tassie. Fantastic service, quick delivery. Love the patchouli soap. Smells divine. Best of all Palm Oil Free and natural products. Reasonably priced and gorgeous to use
09 May 2017
I have been using the soaps and shampoos from Beauty and the Bees for about six months and just love them. The quality is fantastic, they last for ages and best of all there is no plastic packaging. I order the products by mail and they are dispatched on the same day as the order is received arriving a day or so later - brilliant service!
09 May 2017
Delivery was fast and very happy with the soaps, We want to use them for travelling overseas so not have to worry about carrying liquids. My husband washed his hair today with the beer shampoo and very pleased with the result. Thanks for your prompt service.
21 Apr 2017
Fantastic natural products and unbelievable online service. Literally arrived the next day and I live in Brisbane. Will definitely be back.
07 Apr 2017
I discovered these guys in Hobart a couple of years ago, and i've been using their beard shampoo bar ever since. I've tried others, but it's just the best product of its kind on the market. It's a totally natural, oil-based product that still has a nice lather to it, and a subtle aroma that won't get in the way of other products like scented beard oil. It lasts quite a while (4 months when using it every other day!), so it's incredibly good value for money. Excellent results - my beard feels light and soft (yet thick), and beardruff is a thing of the past. This one's a no-brainer! I'm very happy to support an Aussie product, support apiarists, and support a Tassie local!
01 Apr 2017
My first time purchasing and trying a shampoo bar. Loved it! Delivery quick and the Voodoo shampoo bar is excellent. What a great Australian company I'll definitely be buying more products. Thank you very much.
27 Mar 2017
0f680023 from Rippleside
I've tried a few different hair products and their face and body soaps and I must say they work a treat. My hair has never looked or felt better.. and my skin feels really clean but not stripped or dry after a shower. To top it off it's made here I live in Victoria but to me it's still Australian made, it's natural and you support the environment which is great! Thank you Beauty and the bees for making such wonderful skin and hair products. Is there any chance you may be able to make a deodorant (like in a lavender or lemon/orange scent)? I look forward to that
22 Mar 2017
Have been a customer for a while, I love all the products and the quick delivery . I love it being Australian company .Thank you
21 Mar 2017
Apart from excellent customer service and on time delivery, the product is brilliant! I have been recommending this company to others - very impressed so far.
08 Mar 2017
The products are amazing and deliver true to the promise. Always reliable delivery, easy to order and deal with. I love that this is an Australian business with sustainable and health conscious products.
04 Mar 2017
wendya7 from Coburg
Been a very happy customer of Beauty & The Bees for over a decade now. Just love, love, love their products, service & philosophy! Not a hesitation in recommending them to everyone!
02 Mar 2017
Excellent natural products and exceptional service. I will be following through with this wonderful Aussie business again! Thank you Beauty & The Bees
21 Feb 2017
Beautifully made products and great customer support. Was accidentally sent a wrong item, and issue was sorted within 5 minutes. I'll be back time and again, and will be encouraging friends and family to give the products a go. Cheers!
08 Feb 2017
I have been using the Moroccan Mud Shampoo Bar for three weeks, and I would not go back to chemical shampoos, it really is the best shampoo I have EVER used. The conditioning bar makes my hair so much more manageable as it is curly and has a tendency to go frizzy. Now I can actually brush my hair with out it being unmanageable. As for the beautiful body soap range, I am NEVER going back to ordinary soap again! These products are fantastic and I can't get enough of them! The only problem that I have is that I love the range that I am using so much, that I need to keep reordering! Thank you, thank you, thank you for these wonderful natural products! (Price is based on bulk order to save on postage)
07 Feb 2017
Great products. I was buying for my sisters who live overseas, they rave about how fantastic face creams and beer shampoo are.
06 Feb 2017
I tried the 6 sample pack and so far so great. I did hit some roadblocks in the beginning,the shampoo left my hair slightly waxy (this was even after using the ACV rinse). In itself this wasn't entirely a bad thing,it looked as though I had teased and styled my hair that way, and it made my hair looks as though it had a beautiful hair blowout. Nevertheless, I experimented and I found that a Lime juice rinse worked better for me, and this was followed by me washing that out. My hair is bleached and so maybe it just needed a stronger acid. My hair feels fine and there is zero residue. Before I began my shampoo bar regime, I used Davroe clarifying shampoo for 3 washes. This was to remove the build up of silicone. I also used coconut oil as a natural leave in conditioner otherwise the clarifying shampoo would have my hair be straw-like. If this is not practical for you, another solution could be to, for the first 3-5 washes, use the clarifying shampoo before using the shampoo bar (followed by the acid rinse). FYI My shower head has filtered water.
01 Feb 2017
Have used the face cream and oil for over 15 years Have send the beer Soap the Germany as he had Dandruff He rang and said could i send another bar as it is all gone I would not use anything else . Angie
24 Jan 2017
No poisons or any of that daily toxic wash junk from the supermarket. Cost works out the same, products last same amount of time if not longer. Support these guys.
22 Jan 2017
I have bought beer bar shampoo and it makes wonders. Cleans hair profoundly and the usage of the bar is minimal. It will last ages. The conditioner with honey is as well very nice. I love the concept of natural and ecology friendly products. Would like to get it easier outside of Australia. I live currently in Singapore. Joanna Schneider
26 Dec 2016
The product is great for a great price, and it is generally delivered efficiently. However, the website is unwieldy and things can go wrong. Don't bother making a polite complaint when things do go wrong - [I was] greeted with sarcasm, not help.
22 Dec 2016
I love Beauty & the Bees products - and I am really happy with the easy service they provide. Each product I have tried is amazing - I won't ever go back to conventional shampoo and conditioner. Thanks so much for these lovely - and earth friendly products.
09 Dec 2016
virginial149 from Lilydale
Very impressed with this company. Exceptional quality and performance of products, five star customer service and lightning fast post. What more could you want.
02 Dec 2016
Thank you very much for your service, it is clear that you had nothing to do with this inconvenience with the sending, thank you for your collaboration and service. I confirm that all the transaction came out perfect there was a small inconvenience but it was because of the mail company of my country and Beauty and bees was always in contact with me until everything was cleared. I recommend 100% to Beauty and bees.
27 Nov 2016
Exceptional products performing exactly what they are supposed to do. Thrilled with the Black Bamboo shampoo. The prompt delivery is unbelievable, no waiting at all, just the courier.
03 Nov 2016
Super efficient delivery even over the Melb Cup holiday! This is my first order and I can't believe I haven't heard of this company before. I've bought a sample pack of shampoos and have just used the bamboo charcoal last night. As I've been using a natural shampoo for the past two years, I'm hoping the repair period isn't too long. My hair and scalp feel clean and the front of my medium brown coloured hair looks shiny and freshly coloured! The back of my head is detoxing (I never used to shampoo it properly) bit of gunk to get rid off. Looking forward to getting over that part and having clean hair with with Beauty and the bees I've bought a beer shampoo bar and jojoba barbfor a family member who has suffered with eczema and dry scalp and will follow up with progress. As I order online from other ethical companies, I'm impressed that all the products stocked here are super green! You may have just scored a lifelong customer!
11 Oct 2016
In love with the baby products. Having my first son 16 years ago then my second this year I went back to beauty and the bees as no other product comes close. Botty butter is second to none & never have my baby's had nappy rash. I have recommended and bought the product as a gift for many mothers who also rate it second to none. The only draw back is in surprised I Havn't seen the products on more shelves. Baby massage oil, honey cream bath, & Botty butter are must haves & smell divine! Very well priced, each product lasts months! All natural & I must say both babies had/have amazing skin :)))))
18 Sep 2016
We are so pleased with the prompt delivery of our orders. The quality has remained consistently high. The smell and feel of the products is exquisite. We love our wooden soap holders, they really make our soaps last a long time. Thank you everyone at Beauty and the Bees!
09 Sep 2016
pennyh99 from Hughesdale
Great shampoos (in cardboard packaging!), tried out a few different varieties by getting a sample box. Need to be sure to work it through long hair properly, but worth the effort
31 Aug 2016
Hi there I have been incredibly happy with not only the products but the time it took for them to come . I have been using the calming balm for myself and my son who has ADHD and we both love it. The shampoo and conditioner and bars have been amazing on my hair and I am incredibly happy with them thanks again I will be A returning customer Kath Hewitt
30 Aug 2016
Fantastic products that work. My hair has never looked better. After just one week my scalp is so much less greasy and my hair has so much more body. I've started using the shampoo on my two children and have recommended the amazing shampoo bars to my family as well. Reasonable prices. Great customer service. My product was dispatched the same day. It's obvious that this company cares deeply about what they do and take great pride in their products. Well done!
24 Aug 2016
Fantastic products that do what they say fantastic staff always happy to chat and give advice have been purchasing for some years always exceptional quality products for me and my dogs thankyou for your amazing ethical company so rare these days xxxxx
23 Aug 2016
Fabulous products easy to use shampoos and mums envious of my soft shiny hair, my hairs not itchy anymore as it's usually itchy when I'm stressed but it's not now I'm using your shampoos️️ Thanks for a fantastic business and products
17 Aug 2016
So impressed with their personal service, efficient delivery, and especially the Product! All natural products that deliver. Thank you Beauty & The Bees
08 Aug 2016
I have been using the beer soap and shampoo for some time now. It lathers up really well, smells nice and lasts a long time. The moisturiser is also a great product as it is nice and rich and a container goes a long way. So good to be chemical free too. Great customer service too! Nice to get a few free samples to try out!
05 Aug 2016
gillw208 from Queenstown
Great products, great service. I am a regular use of the beer shampoo and love this product. I would not use any other shampoo. Thoroughly recommend Beauty & The Bees. Great Tasmanian business
04 Aug 2016
By far the best product i have used, for me and my two little ones baby bee soap is the best! Delivery within 3 working days and got some free samples which was an amazing surprise Thanks guys!!!
26 Jul 2016
To use a shampoo bar & conditioner is the best decision I've ever made. No longer do I have hair falling out & my hair feels like real hair. It may take some time getting used to but I assure you the results are well worth it. Get off the chemical shampoos & do your hair & health the world of good. I highly recommend these products.
24 Jul 2016
The best all natural, organic products you can get. The lip balm is excellent & also great to use as an eyebrow tamer. Other favourites are: French clay soap. Excellent for clearing up acne. All hair shampoos - no dandruff using these Rosewater toning mist. Beautiful & refreshing pre moisturiser. Esp great in humid climates.
18 Jul 2016
After my dermatologist recommended I go fragrance-free, I found my soaps, shampoos and conditioner were bland, lacking and still packed full of nasties. I found Beauty and the Bees by chance and am making my second purchase in as many weeks! The body balm is a wonder, smoothing and soothing raw eczema, leaving my skin feeling deeply moisturised. Highly recommended for those with extremely sensitive skin! Can't wait to take these wonderful skincare products overseas on holidays with me!
08 Jul 2016
I tried Beauty and the Bees shampoo as I was looking for a shampoo with no palm oil and no chemicals harmful to aquatic environments. I have been using the hemp seed & honey shampoo bar for two years now and am very pleased with it; so much so I have now started purchasing products for others as presents. My husband likes the shaving cream. Thank you for providing these more environmentally friendly options. It is great that there is no plastic packaging either.
29 Jun 2016
Have been using Beauty and Bees products for more than 10 years. Excellent products. Great delivery even when I was living o/s. And economical in use. Everything to love about this business.
20 Jun 2016
I ordered a couple of charcoal soaps and a beer shampoo bar for the boys in my family, and the products came promptly with some cute little samples included. My son who was having problem with spots has been using the charcoal soap ever since. And after using it for two weeks (with some encouragement from mum), the spots have gone! Love your products and will recommend them to others. Melbourne, Victoria
09 Jun 2016
Great products, great prices, excellent delivery times. Tried the beard balm and shampoo, was very impressed and will buy again!
01 Jun 2016
Beautiful products, all natural ingredients, easy to order and fast postage. It doesn't get any better than this. Highly recommended
24 May 2016
Extremely professional very customer service focused Beautiful products Fast delivery Love it thanks so much
24 May 2016
sandraob2 from Shoal Point
Products for sensitive skin ie face are brilliant been using them for a few years now nothing better. Now have been buying baby products for my new grandchildren which both my daughters love. Delivery times are excellent even for Nth Qld
22 Apr 2016
My hair is dry, tough in texture and hard to control, even by a hair straightener. A straight perm is the only way to manage it. I want to minimise the damage perms would cause to the hair by having just one perm about every 10 months. I always have a hard time in managing my hair during the 3 months before each perm. Thanks to the "Tasmanian Apple Cider & Herb Conditioning Rinse". I have used it four times now, and with each use my hair has become more and more "workable". It curls outward less, it takes the form I want it to be in just a quick stroke with a straightener after blow drying it, and it remains its form after sleep. My hair is 2 cm above the shoulder. I use 15 ml of the Conditioning Rinse in 1 L of water each time, and feel that the solution's strength is sufficient. A full bottle would probably last 8-9 months, so is quite economical in my opinion.
13 Apr 2016
raymonde593 from Lathlain
Excellent & Reliable Service️️️️️ I live in WA; ordered our products on Sunday night, and was surprised they arrived at my front door on Tuesday afternoon virtually within 48hours. Sincere thanks to the BeesBeauty Team for the 5Star service and a job well done! ------------------------ BTW my wife has been using the Honey n Olive UltraRich moisture cream, and the Tassie Apple Cider vinegar rinse for over 2 years now. She is the reason for the above reorder. She has been boasting to her friends these products are excellent value and quality, economical too!
25 Mar 2016
These products are delightful - they're natural, freshly made and fantastic quality. I was converted from the first time I used the Grass Roots Shampoo Bar, and I think I'll never use any other shampoo ever again (although I will be trying the other bar shampoos from Beauty and the Bees)! Since then I've bought the apple cider vinegar conditioning rinse (love it), and various soaps (love them all). Can't wait to try more products next time I put in an order. Very quick delivery too, and so happy with the eco-friendly packaging!
22 Mar 2016
My daughter bought me a cake of the beer shampoo when she was on holidays in Tasmania. The packet sat unopened in my bathroom for a long time before I opened it. Why did I wait so long. I could not believe how clean and soft my hair felt. No more itchy scalp and no more chemicals. I have since purchased soaps, beard shampoos and face creams me and and my family including my 93 yr old mother. I have no intention of stopping any time soon.
14 Mar 2016
Great products. I was trying to switch to natural hair products and found this company. I bought lemon & camomile shampoo bar, vinegar &herb rinse and honey hair conditioning bar. My hair is softer than before and no itchy scalp. After trying these, I've bought the doggie shampoo bar, botty butter as a gift for friend's new bub and I'm trying the insect repellent. Also I'm sharing the free samples with my friends and at work. I really appreciate knowing exactly what ingredients are in your products and that they are a really healthy option. Keep up the good work.
09 Mar 2016
Wonderful products and delivery was so quick! I'm looking forward to trying more of their products and supporting an Australian business. Loved the samples that arrived with my package too
05 Mar 2016
I am a repeat customer from Melbourne and have received excellent service consistently either at the Salamanca Market, the Hobart store, via phone and with internet purchases. The products I use; face cream, soaps, shampoo, toner spray, bees wax bar and recently soap for my dog, now replace other high quality Australian products. Congratulations to Beauty & the bees for their high quality preservative & chemical free products utilising the extraordinary properties of honey and bee wax from natures hardest workers. I keep spreading the word. Thanks also for the samples with each parcel. Melbourne B&B Fan
04 Mar 2016
I am now a repeat customer and I'm spreading the word because the quality of these products is unmatched. I suffer from eczema on my scalp, dry, sensitive skin and fragile hair. Since I switced I no longer have flare ups. And my hair looks amazing it's shiny it's strong and it not breaking anymore. My hair is growing again! The price of these products is competitive and truely a bargain for an $11 shampoo soap it lasted me 5 months and I don't need conditioner any more. I used to use demaveen which cost $20 each and i would go through it in 2 months I initially got it to travel with and I'm hooked!
02 Mar 2016
I use the pet bar/shampoo and love it. My dog has sensitive skin and this product is soothing. I find it easy to use and easy to rinse off. I will continue to buy and recommend .
21 Feb 2016
Beauty and the Bees offer a wide range of beautiful soaps. The variety of scents, many of them Tasmanian (lavender, honey, Callington Mill products) mean there is something to please every palate in my household. The soaps lather and rinse off beautifully. Love!
11 Feb 2016
I've been purchasing their products for well over a year now and have found every single one to be brilliant. I can't emphasize how important a natural product is to me but also one that actually works and does what it says it's going to. I've purchased a couple of bags of soap and shampoo samples that I eagerly share around with my friends and family in the hope of getting them hooked on natural products like me. I've also purchased several gift bags as I find them a great idea for people to get a little taste of everything. The delivery is always almost in record time. I couldn't get myself over to Tasmania in the same amount of time it takes for my goodies to arrive here in Oz! I will continue to purchase their products and look forward to trying out a new product with each order.
10 Feb 2016
olivierb from Sallaumines
Just a few words on an absolutely perfect product: Body Butter Balm Bar. Absolutely wonderful, perfect for hands or cracked feet but also to protect the face and lips in winter (this is the case at the moment in France). In addition to being efficient and enjoyable to use, it leaves the skin with a simply divine smell of honey. It has become an essential product as soon as the winter season arrives. In short: just buy it!!!
05 Feb 2016
janet11 from Asquith
Beautiful product. Beer shampoo bar leaves my hair feeling extremely clean, contains no harsh chemicals and best of all, is not a threat to our envirionment.
05 Feb 2016
Beautiful product! Leaves my hair feeling wonderfully clean. No harsh chemicals in it to damage my hair and no palm oil to deprive orang utans of their environment.
01 Feb 2016
I have been using this excellent product for years and recommended it to many people. I was really disappointed when I went to make my bulk order recently and found that I no longer received the discount that I had in the past. The company saves money by packaging more product in one parcel and is not prepared to share this with long term, loyal customers!!!!! Bye Bye. Rob Tidd Adelaide
15 Jan 2016
Try the Botty Butter, it surpasses and cream we've ever used on our children for dry skin, chapped lips and promotes healing of small sores/scrapes. It's amazing, we now buy in bulk to make sure we never run out. Obviously great for nappy rash/chafing too!
12 Jan 2016
Fantastic customer service, outstanding products, dedication to environmental and social responsibility, what more could one want?
08 Dec 2015
leeb4 from Highvale
Products are excellent. My regulars products are dog shampoo, Bugged and gardeners soap.
04 Dec 2015
I have a very sensitive,old and sun damaged skin and these are the ONLY products I have found which I don't have a reaction to..surely that says it all..fantastic..Great customer service too. What more could you want ?
03 Dec 2015
There products are truly authentic. I have ordered for myself, dry mature skin, my dog and my acne and dandruff teens, wow just brilliant resolution for the whole family. Awesome! The best is it is all natural, no nasty chemicals.
30 Nov 2015
robertr389 from Riverton
because there products are good excellent value i have been using there beer shampoo and it is excellent for dandruff plus they send you samples of there products to try
24 Nov 2015
I have been buying from Beauty & The Bees for years and they have been excellent. Great quality and great service. The Beard Shampoo and Beard Care gloss are staples of mine :)
22 Nov 2015
Stumbled across this store at Salamanca market and bought a jar of the face moisturiser hoping it would solve my terribly dry and flaky patches of skin on my cheeks and jawline. I had tried many other products and 2 different facials through the year to no avail. Seriously within a couple of days the patches were soothed and softened. I am amazed how quickly the cream worked that on returning home to Melbourne I placed a large order to try other products. The delivery was so efficient. Huge thumbs up to this company.
17 Nov 2015
Products are hair has never been as healthy with no colour fade. Have been using the Beer Shampoo Bar for a few weeks and don't think that I will ever go back to ordinary shampoo. Ordering and delivery very efficient and the products are very cost effective. Have bought some for Xmas gifts for family!!
28 Oct 2015
Excellent Product quality, the soaps feel so luxurious and super fast 2 day delivery here to perth! :)
28 Oct 2015
Great products and outstanding service via the online order process. I would recommend them to anyone looking for these types of products.
22 Oct 2015
Love using the beer shampoo makes my hair silky smooth and is very conditioning. My second time buying this product.
16 Oct 2015
I think they make very natural and honest products. I love it when I find people who put their heart into what they do!!
14 Oct 2015
Fantastic products fantastic customer service. Very fast delivery to Victoria, very impressed.
14 Oct 2015
Carissa from Officer
It's the little things that count and that's exactly what "Beauty & The Bees" have achieved. I'm not only referring to their amazing quality of ingredients in their products but also to their superior customer service in their deliveries. When I received my package, I was delighted to find a little sample pack of soaps to try out! All my products were also wrapped and sealed with care and they even personalised the product info pamphlet. Stores like "Beauty & The Bees" make me even prouder to support local. Keep up the great work guys!
14 Oct 2015
Carissa from Officer
It's the little things that count and that's exactly what "Beauty & The Bees" have achieved. I'm not only referring to their amazing quality of ingredients in their products but also to their superior customer service in their deliveries. When I received my package, I was delighted to find a little sample pack of soaps to try out! All my products were also wrapped and sealed with care and they even personalised the product info pamphlet. Stores like "Beauty & The Bees" make me even prouder to support local. Keep up the great work guys!
01 Oct 2015
Cannot fault this company - from products through to customer service my whole experience was wonderful. I LOVE the beer shampoo bar, was a bit sceptical at first but after washing for the first time my hair feels soft and clean, not stripped like I thought it would, just beautiful! Can't wait to try other products, including my lovely complimentary samples, what a nice surprise
27 Sep 2015
Just wanted to say how truly wonderful these products are. I adore the shampoo bars and for the first time since I was a small child, I no longer NEED to use conditioner, which is amazing, as I have long hair and after my shower, instead of a very tough comb ... I now use a very soft brush, because the shampoo bars do not leave knots in my hair. The soap bars are lovely too and my husband loves the shave soap, it does not dry his skin, it is great for sensitive skin. These are fantastic products!
06 Sep 2015
Excellent and friendly customer service, I accidentally made the mistake of putting my PO box address with the wrong postage option but after a phone call the problem was fixed and I received my package lightening quick the next day (from Tas to Syd). The honey and herb scrub is wonderful, not abrasive or full of chemicals, the dead sea mud soap feels divine on my body and does not cause eczema flare ups or rashes. The green clay soap leaves my face clean and smells lovely but I'm experiencing quite a bit of breakouts/purging after a few days of use (most likely from the change from using all the chemical laden products to something so pure) I'm going to stick with it for a month and see what happens. Also just ordered the ultra light cream and a hair shampoo soap and conditioner to give them a try. I'm going to try and eliminate all chemical based products for a natural alternative which in turn is supposed to help my body since I suffer from a thyroid disease and a very rare autoimmune disease and not having my body absorb some of the chemicals in some beauty/body products can be a good thing. Also I love the fact that their products are truly natural and not hiding any nasties like a certain handmade "natural" beauty store that begins with the letter L
02 Sep 2015
The Beauty and the Bees pet soaps are truly fantastic. I've lost count of the number of time people have patted my pooch and commented on how soft his fur is.
28 Aug 2015
I am so impressed with the quality of all the products I have bought and will never go back to store bought again! Great value, no chemicals and a little bit goes a long way! I will definitely be recommending to others. Fast postage too!
25 Aug 2015
Excellent customer service, fast delivery, love the free soap samples that were included with my order. I ordered the rich facial cream cleanser which I absolutely love - removes all traces of makeup and leaves my skin feeling nourished and hydrated. A wonderful product!
16 Aug 2015
blake-e from Underwood
This company has great customer service. The products always arrive on time and it's great that they are free of chemicals
29 Jul 2015
brookem246 from Keilor Park
I have just started to use the Honey & Herb Baby Cream on my little ones eczema after it was recommended to me by a friend. The results have been amazing! Not only does the cream feel beautiful and moisturising on his skin, the redness and spots have improved dramatically. I love that I can treat his baby skin with natural products rather than harsh chemicals.
28 Jul 2015
janiceh339 from West Hobart
Products are amazing, love love the honey and olive marigold moisturiser, the staff are amazing and very helpful, the best customer service.
06 Jul 2015
I get natural shampoo bars from here (Gender: Male), always quality products, never an issue with mailing and price is great considering the quality and longevity of product!
01 Jul 2015
By chance I happened upon Beauty & The Bees by purchasing one of their shampoos on another site. It worked so well I had to see what else they offered, and I'm very glad I did.. As I gradually use up my old big-brand products I'm replacing all I can with B&TB alternatives- They are simply awesome! Thanks
23 Jun 2015
I've been using their products (soap and shampoo bars) for years now and they continue to be amazing quality, and super kind to my skin. I have an allergy to all natural and artificial preservatives so can't use most products, including natural oils. However, these soaps and shampoo bars are fine, and I hope Beauty & the bees lives on forever!
22 Jun 2015
gains57s from Florey
My dry, unruly hair has been transformed in just three washes. I've tried both Voodoo and Rosemary and Mint Shampoos finishing with Honey Silk conditioner. The results have been astounding. The shine is amazing but it’s the softness I can’t get over. I’ve never had soft hair but I do now – thank you. I’ll be trying more of these gorgeous products.
19 May 2015
wendym217 from Sinnamon Park
There are so many aspects to love about Beauty & The Bees. Their website is so informative and makes finding the perfect product easy. Then the delivery - I can't get a local delivery that fast. I ordered on the Thursday and on Friday my package was in my hands - Hobart to Brisbane. The customer service is friendly and engaging. And now the products.....WOW WOW WOW - it's not often that my husband will rave about shampoo - he will always rave about beer, but a shampoo??? So perhaps it's because it contains his favourite! Seriously, he is loving the shampoo bar. My son has also embraced the shampoo bar and rinsing in the Cider Vinegar. The girls are next and we are looking forward to similar results. And the best part about this is the natural products and made in Australia!!! Congratulations Beauty and The Bees.
16 May 2015
AndyFX from Caulfield
Excellent products and made in Australia! The package arrived within 2 business days, and contained a variety of other samplers which was a nice surprise. The beer shampoo helped to clear up my dandruff and the soaps smell and feel amazing! I won't be going back to my old products as I've found a new favorite.Terrific customer service is a bonus!
09 Apr 2015
Products came in record time. Beautifully packaged and always with a small sample of soaps and shampoo bars as an added extra. Love my shampoo bar. My hair has loss its frizz. Keep waiting for it to come back. It's a little miracle. Will definitely be visiting this business when I am next in Hobart.
26 Mar 2015
I received my order only two days after ordering and am really looking forward to using the products. I ordered quite a few products including the beer shampoo for my hubby as he has a dry, flaky scalp. For myself with hand dermatitis, the honey and olive oil moisture cream. I have just put a small amount on for the first time and cannot believe how nice my hands feel....I'm excited :)
17 Mar 2015
peterr53 from Stanmore
Great, quick service wonderful products. Delivery updates provided and products arrived well packaged.
04 Mar 2015
wendyl18 from Prospect
Great natural products. I am ditching other skin care products and going with something that truly is chemical free. Need a bit of time to get used to the small amount of product that you use and to feel the benefits, but worth persevering.
10 Feb 2015
kiml28 from Ballarat
I suffered from eczema on my face every winter until I found these products about 2 years ago. Have tried 6 different products & they have all been wonderful. Each time I order I try another new product as well as my favourites. Service is great too. I would highly recommend.
06 Feb 2015
michaelm73 from Margate
It might seem a little fruity that a bearded man should enjoy beauty products, but these products are great. I've tried several products (including the generous samples received in each package) and have always been impressed. All natural and you don't need to worry about ingredient lists full of mystery chemicals. Fast shipping and great service. Will definitely shop here again!
16 Jan 2015
lync15 from East Gosford
Unbelievable service, order placed Thursday morning and delivered Friday morning never have I experienced such a great service. Will recommend company to everyone.
15 Jan 2015
Their products are amazing and the business is great. I've been a very happy customer of theirs for five years now.
14 Jan 2015
annb30 from Tarragindi
I love these products, having very sensitive skin the Apple Cider Skin Tonic Bar is the best product I have ever used on my face. My husband now uses the Voodoo Black Bamboo Charcoal Shampoo bar and doesn't have any flaking or itching that he has suffered from for a long time. Excellent and lovely products to use. They also arrive very quickly after ordering.
22 Dec 2014
Anonymous from Lyneham
The beer shampoo is fantastic and a pleasure to use, much easier to travel with a shampoo bar than a liquid. The service was very friendly and the order was delivered promptly just a few days before Christmas.
17 Dec 2014
martinap1 from Innaloo
I found Beauty and The Bees on the internet when looking for natural, animal friendly products with either certified sustainable or no palm oil. Great website with lots of information and the service was super quick. I ordered on Sunday and products turned up on Tuesday morning! Most of the products I ordered are Christmas presents for the ones I love. Botty butter (which I bought for my to-be-born nephew or niece) smells so good that I might keep it :-D I'm very happy I found B&B and will definitely order again as I cannot wait to try some of their products.
28 Nov 2014
boobook from South Perth
My first lovely surprise was that my ordered goods arrived so quickly. Second surprise came when I used a shampoo bar. My itchy scalp which has been in this condition over a year instantly stopped being itchy! I've just ordered other products for myself and my family who also suffer from dry skin. Thank you, Beauty & The Bees!
19 Nov 2014
NovDaisyB from Point Clare
I ordered my moisturiser online on Monday and received it on Wednesday. Amazing service. A lovely touch was the samples of soap and shampoo which were added to the parcel at no extra cost. I ordered the honey and olive marigold protective moisturiser cream which is quite a rich cream but has left my skin feeling well moisturised. If you like 100% natural skincare and shampoo products, then Beauty and the Bees is the company for you. I will update in a few weeks to give a final verdict on the moisturiser. Value for money.
04 Nov 2014
petal4 from Yeronga
I am in love with the beauty and the bees products, not only do I get amazing results but I love that their products are genuinely natural and I am familiar with each and every ingredient they use. I also like that they source ingredients locally and that everything I've ordered has been plastic free!
30 Oct 2014
mattl21 from Holt
The products are top notch in every way. Orders are dispatched quickly, communication is excellent and there are always samples in every order. For a bearded bloke, you can't get better beard care products!
29 Oct 2014
bertk from Gorokan
Service and products are outstanding. People are most helpful. Products were received within 3days
29 Oct 2014
kerryb15 from Moss Vale
I endured dandruff and flaky/itchy scalp all my life until I lucked onto the Beer Shampoo at the Cascade tasting area. Being a big boofy bloke I was talked into trying it by my wife (second best thing she ever did!). It works brilliantly, without chemicals, lathers easily even with harsh water and seems to last forever. I use it practically every day and my hair/scalp has never been better. Try it and you'll never look back. Ordering is dead easy and delivery faultless.
01 Oct 2014
trishp11 from Melbourne Airport
As always, beauty and the bees are excellent. I live in the UK and the delivery is quicker than some firms based in the UK. I order from them due to their high quality and truly ethical credentials. Loads of people have jumped on the natural bandwagon but these products are authentic and genuine. Great value,great packaging that's recyclable, great products that work and excellent customer service. thank you!
28 Sep 2014
shaun5 from Farrer
Great quality shampoo and soap. I've had issues with dandruff for years and tried lots of different products. These shampoos, particularly the Tasmanian beer and Voodoo black bamboo ones, are the only thing that has ever made a difference. Fast shipping. They threw in a bunch of samples for other products, which were relevant to me (e.g. I'm male, they threw in a beard care gloss). Overall a great experience and I'll definitely be coming back.
20 Sep 2014
soniap10 from Holland Park West
website has easy to navigate and order from with delivery next day. the goats milk shampoo soap has transformed my hair after one wash and the honey conditioner is beautiful. it feels so good to use products that I know are 100%! natural and that work better with my body. highly recommend .
02 Sep 2014
lesleyg3 from Rosebery
Beautiful product. I was originally given it as a gift and now am buying it for myself. Outstanding service, ordered from Sydney yesterday, arrived this morning. Can't wait to try the sample soaps included free.
15 Aug 2014
pamelas9 from Sale
been a Beauty & the Bees customer for at least 10 years. Products are always high quality and arrive promptly. Thanks guys.
30 Jul 2014
julien22 from Drummoyne
I have ordered from Beauty and the Bees twice. On both occasions the delivery was super fast and professional. I have tried their face soaps and hair soaps and I find both to be excellent quality. Beauty and the Bees offer good quality, a fair price and offer professional service - almost impossible to find in my EXTENSIVE pursuit of natural alternatives, here and overseas. The beer shampoo is a standout, and with the apple cider rinse, my hair is shiny and my scalp happy. My husband loves it too - bonus!
20 Jun 2014
rebekahl1 from Upper Caboolture
I have purchased products from this company for the last 18 months. Their service is friendly, reliable and quick. The products are of exceptional quality and produce the results advertised.
29 May 2014
Discovering your products I feel like I solved my problem with shampoos and soaps. I am very pleased with my shampoo, my hair while wet feels so silky and smooth. When dray it has volume in looks thick. Conditioner is an excellent product. Lasts long and makes my hair look full. My partner is very happy with his Beer shampoo. It gives volume to his hair and does not get oily as quick as when washed with ordinary shampoo. Previously, he used good quality herbal shampoo but nothing was like this Beer shampoo. Soaps are also really good. My skin feels moist and smooth. Soaps I used before left my skin dray and white looking. Had to apply moisturizer every time but I do not need to apply moisturizer after washing with your soap. Just to mention that my partner's shampoo lasted three months and he washes his hair every day. I still have some left but will order some different to try. We will definitely continue buying your product.
28 May 2014
jacintan1 from Blackburn South
Have been using B&theB products for more than 10 years and never been unhappy with anything. Shampoos, moisturisers, cleansing bars, everything is pure, natural and gentle. I have now moved overseas but still buy from the website, because I have never found anything else that worked so well on my sensitive, dermatitis-prone skin. Have had no problems with international delivery, with everything arriving safe and sound within 10 days. Thanks and keep up the good work!
17 May 2014
helenp24 from Sunbury
Lucky i have found you , your products are just amazing . Love using your Beer shampoo and Conditioner , my hair and scalp feel like silk . No more nasty pimples at the back of my neck and on my scalp , no more hair loss . I cant wait to order and try more of your delicious goodies . Your soaps leave the skin so soft i don't have to use hand cream as often. Only thing can you make the conditioner bars bigger . Wish you open a store here in Melbourne also . Thank u and keep it up . I will definitely spread the word .
08 May 2014
I have been using these products for 10 years. The quality and mail-order service have always been exceptional. Highly recommended!
02 May 2014
lieslc from Dickson
I love love love your products!! I love that they're all natural, and I love that they work. My son has had a horrible nappy rash and we ran out of your botty butter at just the wrong time. I tried another organic cream and it flared the rash up. As soon as my order arrived I slathered on botty butter and it's already healing it. Amazing! I also bought my husband some beard gloss shampoo for the first time and he is stoked to be able to try it out and care for his much loved beard. Add to that a positive experience on the phone before I finalised my order and quick mailing time... I'm a very happy customer- thankyou!!
01 May 2014
imogenel from Oyster Cove
The products produced by Beauty and the Bees are quite simply incredible. I have refused to use any other skin care products on my toddler since birth!
28 Apr 2014
clairew392 from Chigwell
Beauty and the Bees have beautiful and all ethically made products. I have tried the body soaps and they have made my skin smooth, especially compared to the supermarket style soaps that claim so much yet leave my skin dry and irritated. I will definitely be buying more products from Beauty and the Bees.
21 Apr 2014
jasminef5 from Green Valley
Claims to use express post but I received my parcel 3 months later. I emailed a few times but they were very very unhelpful. They used a parcel post satchel. I paid $18.40 for postage when the satchel itself cost no more than $13.00. I have the tracking number to prove it was sent visa parcel post (normal postage) and not express. Very rude and unprofessional. First and last time I will buy from them. I have told all my friends ..BEware
03 Apr 2014
sarahs115 from East Coraki
Fast delivery. Quality of the products are outstanding and worth every penny that you spend. I highly recommend the beauty and the bees and rave about it to all my family and friends for the wonders it has done for my skin.
12 Mar 2014
carly6 from Bentleigh
Fast delivery. Beautiful products. The only nappy rash cream needed. Order an extra in case you lose it like I did!
10 Feb 2014
Mr.Robert from Sweden
I'm in love, I'm so glad that I found your fantastic products. Love the scents and the unique ingredients. Will be a loyal customer.
25 Jan 2014
leek7 from Ainslie
They deliver promptly and their products work. Bugged is the best fly repellent on the market and the gardeners soap is amazing. I use it in my art studio as a hand cleaner, it removes all the ink and paint. I also wash my dogs with Gorgeous George soap, they shine, smell wonderful and never have itchy skin.
13 Dec 2013
annem36 from Greystanes
I am in my fifties and have been using the marigold facial products and the camomile shampoo bar for the last eight years. My hair and skin feel so much softer,rejuvenated. I may not look younger but I certainly feel younger!
06 Dec 2013
danielc29 from Brunswick East
After Australia post lost my package, found it and then lost it again, I called the lovely people at bee beauty. Within 24 hours a new package arrived! Great service. And the best bit, the products are the best...the beer shampoo is amazing! Daniel
29 Nov 2013
jeraleec from Bracken Ridge
Before ordering from Beauty and the Bees I sent a few emails about some products I was interested in and they responded very quickly and were very helpful. I finally ordered and received my package in only 24 hours. Though they had sent me a wrong product, I informed them and they replied in a few hours. They generously let me keep the product they sent me and sent me the correct product I ordered free of charge. I received my correct order only two days after emailing them. Along with that they sent me so many samples of their other products! Even though they made mistake they took care of it efficiently so it's more than forgiven. If only all my internet shopping experiences could be so positive! And so far I'm loving their products especially the moisturiser. So excellent products and top quality service!
20 Nov 2013
HeleneL2 from West Ulverstone
I just love the products this Company makes and so does my skin. I just ordered some more Honey & Coconut with Marigold moisturiser and it came the next day. Unbelievable!!! I did pay for Express Post but even so your service is terrific. My skin thanks you!!!!
19 Nov 2013
suew44 from Monbulk
Outstanding service - personalised attention even though I shopped online. My order was despatched immediately and I received some sample freebies as well. I love the fact that the ingredients are so pure and safe and carefully thought out.
10 Nov 2013
rhondar1 from Stanley
Very happy with the products I have received to date, great quality and prompt to receive. Samples with the order is a nice surprise.
04 Nov 2013
pamelas9 from Sale
I'm a big fan of the shampoo range, been using the Lemon & Chamomile for some time and I love the result. I follow with an organic henna conditioner for tip top shiny tangle free locks. Delivery is always super speedy as I am out of state, a stockist in Victoria would be good to save on the postage.
24 Oct 2013
TobyGoat from North Hobart
Love this place. Beautiful products and lovely staff happy to share their knowledge and experience. They give samples - which is wonderful, so you can try before you buy. Soaps last forever and are lovely quality.
16 Oct 2013
Anonymous from Holsworthy
Great products and fantastic customer service! Always get samples with each order to try new things. The dog shampoo bar is the most amazing thing ever!
11 Oct 2013
ellies6 from Carindale
I love Beauty and the Bees, they always deliver really quickly and give samples with each purchase. The products are really high quality and so is the packaging, I've never had anything break or leak. The Leatherwood Honey and Coconut Cream Cleanser is great, only thing that doesn't irritate my skin. Super moisturising and takes makeup off really well.
10 Oct 2013
Anonymous from Kingsford
Been looking for skin care products that were safe enough to literally eat and stumbled upon Beauty & The Bees. First order arrived extremely quickly and came with a bunch of samples and the soap and moisture cream that I ordered. Soap was brilliant and smelled absolutely divine, but unfortunately, it was a little too dry for me. The moisture cream (ultra rich) was absolutely brilliant however. (Used it for my persistent eczema! Still hasn't gone away, but definitely feels much better compared to before.) Made another other recently, which also arrived as fast, and this time I ordered another soap that would suit my dry skin more, as well as a shampoo bar and more moisture cream! This time, the soap (baby soap) worked brilliantly. The shampoo bar (goats milk) worked extremely well too. Altogether, a fantastic experience ordering and using Beauty & The Bees products. I love how all the products are all made out of natural ingredients, which is why they're safe enough to eat. I also appreciate how fast shipping is. Though I personally find the products a little expensive (especially the moisture cream), they ARE pretty good value overall. Soap and shampoo bars can be cut up and used individually for quite a long time! Long review short, I'm loving it, and you bet I've already spread the amazing news around!
08 Oct 2013
lizw12 from Graceville
Am a total believer in the Marigold Lip Balm. I picked some up at Salamanca Markets on a day when my lips were very sore and dry. My usual lip balms were not helping at all and was thinking I'd have to resort to Vaseline. However, by that afternoon, my lips were already feeling a lot better and within 24 hours were back to normal and so moisturised. The balm stays on the lips much longer and so requires much less application. I have just bought some for my best friend and sister. Excellent product. Can't wait to try more of the range!
03 Oct 2013
rachelf10 from Clontarf
Hi Guys I've been using the Leatherwood Honey & Macadamia Moisture Cream for a couple of months now and just wanted to say how amazing it is!! From the very first application I couldn't believe the difference in my skin. It provides round the clock moisture and my skin glows with no adverse effects like those I have suffered at the hands of big brand name expensive chemical laden junk. I'm so happy to be using this natural product and cannot sing it's praises highly enough! I quickly passed it on to my mother who is now a solid fan as well as my husband who delves in to it often stating that it works better than any other cream he has used. Just ordered the beard balm for hubby in today's order so looking forward to the results of that little baby!! Thank-you for such amazing products and also for the super quick deliveries every time - so appreciated!!! Regards Mrs F.
19 Sep 2013
janetl9 from Orange
I have used the real beer shampoo bar for 3 years now and my hair and scalp are in excellent condition. I still have glossy strong (albeit grey) hair at 62 years if age. I would not use anything else. I also use the protective moisture cream and body bars with excellent results - extremely indulgent and soothing. Both the shampoo bars and moisture creams are excellent value for money - a little goes a long way. Service is very good and delivery is very prompt.
16 Sep 2013
vickyu from Safety Bay
Super fast postage; Excellent products as described - a pleasure to use and to give as gifts;
06 Sep 2013
olivierb from Sallaumines
This is one of the best natural cosmetic brand that I ever used. The service is quick (I live in France!!)! Great value.
04 Sep 2013
rebekahl1 from Upper Caboolture
Brilliant service and value. Unbeatable quality. The products are the best I have ever used, and the service is friendly and fantastic!!
10 Aug 2013
cherylm13 from Berri
Received my order yesterday, so quick! Since using your products my hair has never felt so good - I've been raving about at work :) Thanks for the samples I've handed them to coworkers to share the experience.
06 Aug 2013
Ok so I had my doubts, my 3yr old daughter has really curly hair and gets knotty quite often, so I always have to get the detangler out. And using a bar of shampoo was a new idea to get used to as well. But I kid you not, it lathers up beautifully, (I used the Voodoo bamboo shampoo bar, tassie beer conditioner and rinsed with the apple vinegar) and the brush just glided thru all her curls after I washed her hair! I am converted! It feels so good knowing that I am not using any chemicals on my kids. I ended up buying extra for friends as well hence the cost :)
31 Jul 2013
bevd3 from Brooklet
I was given some products as a birthday gift from a friend who lives in Hobart 10 years ago. I ditched my other creams, lotions and potions for something that is natural and contains an ingredient list I can understand. I never quite knew what I was putting on my face. I don't like shopping and for me, these products are easy to order, not only feels great but smell gorgeous as well.
28 Jul 2013
alisont2 from Bungendore
I have been using these products for years now. I would never go back to anything else. Sustainable, ecological, animal friendly products which work far better than their more expensive counterparts found at the beauty counters of the large department stores - Beauty & the Bees tick all the boxes.
02 Jul 2013
laurenm40 from Aspendale
My second purchase in a month! I really like the beer shampoo bar and orange and poppy seed bar! The shampoo works a treat for my unruly hair and itchy scalp! I ordered another shampoo today to try. The shipping is super quick ( to Melbourne ) the only downside is the $15.50 for postage and having express post as the only option, but the shampoo bars are quite reasonably priced and after 3 weeks of using the beer bar, there's still a lot left of it! Keep up the great work BB!
05 Jun 2013
kareng28 from Kurunjang
I am impressed again as always with your ordering process including the promptness of the delivery and the products themselves. I have allergies and find these products wonderful. Love it all keep up the great work Regards Karen
17 May 2013
raem3 from Baranduda
Looking for healthy, all-natural products, I was so impressed with the variety of samples sent with my first purchase. I would never have thought a shampoo bar could be so effective, or that a cream could feel so rich and nourishing. Being on the disability pension, I probably would've considered these products to be an extravagance I couldn't afford, but after using the samples, I now realise what great value they are. They've definitely won me over and I'll be returning for future purchases.
16 May 2013
annak18 from Adelaide
First time buyer and I just received my package in the mail. Super impressed with the service!!! Ordered yesterday afternoon and received it this morning (SA)! Also got a heap of samples thrown in which is great. Going off to try my new soaps and shampoos now. Really excited. Keep up the great service I'll definately be buying again :0)
17 Apr 2013
jennibd0417 from Forth
I have been using Beauty & the Bees shampoo bars and soap bars for sometime now, I have always had good hair but it's amazing the difference since using the shampoo. The soaps are just as wonderful and will not use anything else. The service is fast and reliable, recommend to anyone who want to stop using petroleum based products and give their body a fresh start with natrual products. I always spend over $100 when shopping and lasts for ages.
14 Apr 2013
tonyh55 from Casino
The order was dispatched quickly - great service! The shaving soap is excellent, the stick deodorant works well without a sickly perfume, and the Tasmanian Beer shampoo is outstanding - my hair feels great!
13 Apr 2013
anthonyc13 from South Brisbane
the shampoos make washing my hair a sensual experience awsome.very organic and lather so richly look forward to washing my hair am going to tell everyone i know about yr products
12 Apr 2013
MissyKirra from Point Cook
I came across the store at Salamanca markets and asked for some advise to treat my daughters hair that had chlorine damage. I bought the soap shampoo, honey silk hair conditioner and the vinegar cider rinse and her hair is looking stunning. I have since placed an order for soaps and additional products, the service received has been amazing. Thank you
23 Mar 2013
lukes7 from Kotara South
I got my order super fast and even got some free samples. these guys really care and that is what makes a great bussiness. I would buy from them again.
13 Mar 2013
Pugsley from North Rockhampton
Fantastic, quick service. Order arrived quickly and with a bunch of free samples including a little easter egg along with a happy easter note. You dont get service like that often and i appreciate it greatly. Will not hesitate to order from them again.
07 Mar 2013
becca26 from Watson
Just received my 4th mail order yesterday. Have been buying BB since 1997, but stopped when we moved out of state. 6 months ago I started ordering online and am very impressed with the service; from answering questions regarding products (I'm always asking questions), to the shipping and delivery, and of course the fab products themselves. But for me what really makes a company stand out is the customer service if there is a problem. Mistakes can always happen, and it's how a company deals with them that counts. There was a small one, once (item size), in one of my orders and it was dealt with in a quick and friendly manner, totally to my satisfaction. Just as an aside - My previous order they must have been reading my mind. I had wanted to try the foot cream but forgot to order it. So it was such a lovely surprise to find a sample jar of the very cream included. Made my day.
06 Mar 2013
janb2132 from Sydney
Beautiful stuff. I've had several orders over a couple of years. SUperb service, ordered Monday evening, in my hand early Wednesday morning in Sydney. The products are awesom and I can't speak highly enough of the hair products in particular. I have just bought some skincare for daughter-in-law. Gave her some bar shampoos etc for Christmas and she was delighted. "Her favourite products ever" but on a low income she usually bough cheaper. Now I've bought skin care for her birthday. Bough some leatherwood honey in same order. Swoon! Haven't had any for years and this is very good indeed.
05 Mar 2013
saml12 from Newtown
I've been using Beauty and the Bees soaps for years as I am allergic to a lot of artificial fragrances. And i LOVE Beauty and the Bees' products! The fragrances are light and natural (and you can get unfragranced products), the soaps leave me feeling clean but not dried out, and the moisturisers are light and non-greasy. I've just received my latest order (I buy interstate) and the package (stuffed full with soaps, including a few extra complimentary bars!) arrived promptly (just a few days!) and in good shape, with all-natural packaging. When I opened the box! Oh, the smell! I'm very happy with Beauty and the Bees, and I'll definitely be buying all my soaps and moisturisers from them!
25 Feb 2013
mf1955 from Honeywood
Excellent service, prompt delivery and amazing products. Thank goodness for the free samples at the Royal Hobart Show otherwise I would not of come across these fantastic products. The products are just amazing love them, I will never change. Go you little BEES.
14 Feb 2013
geoffw8 from Canberra
Beauty and the Bees products are fabulous. We have been using the Baby Bee cream for our children as the dry weather impacts on our skin. We ordered online and the product was on our doorstep in 3 day from Tasmania to Canberra. Gold star also for startrack also. Thank you
06 Feb 2013
shannonsp4 from Hughesdale
I bought shampoo, soap and beard wax from Beauty and the Bees. Each item was distinctive and of high quality. Shipping was extremely quick. They are also generous with samples. I will be buying from them again.
04 Feb 2013
ej141 from Hawthorn
Bought several products at Salamanca Market - not cheap but definitely worth it for natural, Australian-made products! Haven't used them much yet but so far very impressed.
01 Feb 2013
philj34 from Seaford
Amazing fast and efficient service with a top product. We have used them before and will again.
01 Feb 2013
CityGirl from Lewisham
Love everything about this business. The ladies (very helpful with queries and very prompt postage), the products (quality,natural, concentrated and they work), the samples (who doesn't love a little present) and the product development (which you can get involved with) - all top notch and I've been using them for a few years now. It's always a hard decision working out what to add to my usual order of beer shampoo bar, vinegar rinse and now the beer conditioner bar. All of which keeps my fine, coloured hair curly, soft and really healthy. Recent additions include the moisture salvation bar (for doing what it is supposed to do), and the orange poppyseed soap - which smells beautiful and I adore the feeling of knubs of poppyseeds rubbing on my hands. Almost become addicted I love it that much! So many great products. The packaging can be recycled, including the filler. The only exception I would think would be the tape. If there was a cost effective biodegradable or recycled variation, Beauty and the Bees would be using it. Brilliant business in every way!
01 Feb 2013
carmenj from Hobart
These ladies are great - and generous with the samples! The moisturisers are the only ones strong enough for my very dry skin. I don't use anything else.
29 Jan 2013
Anonymous from Glebe
Excellent products with an effective and efficient online service for years. The products have been wonderful for the use and treatment of dermatitis, particularly the marigold honey and olive oil ultra rich cream.
25 Jan 2013
stephaniek from Blackmans Bay
I love popping into this store and trying the many products that B&B have to offer! My Mother loves the face cream so I always buy her a tub whilst my favourite product is the shampoo bar! Prices are acceptable for the high quality products used and the staff are always very friendly and helpful!
22 Jan 2013
kupkake1 from Hillwood
always very prompt with delivery,products are top quality and we love all we buy.the delivery was so quick and the products well packed.great sellers
16 Jan 2013
stever13 from Perth
Super fast postage for online parcels Real beer shampoo bar+ Prof j Fuzzworthys beard gloss =NO MORE BEARDRUFF
16 Jan 2013
chrissies from Windsor
Always beautiful products - always have arrived promptly and intact despite being posted from TAS to Melbourne. Also fantastic that no palm oil involved so our orang utan mates get to keep their habitat.
06 Jan 2013
Poppies from Mornington
I ordered some handcream and soap online because I had their that their products were all natural and good for eczema sufferers. The products have been really beneficial in helping to treat my eczema.
02 Jan 2013
hannahmt1982 from Forest Hill
Products are: amazing, natural, affordable, luxurious, smell decadent, major improvement on my skin after just a week! Service- professional yet personable and friendly- extremely helpful and thorough when seeking advice. Postage- super fast, you get great little free samples too! Just wished I was in tassie more to actually pop into the shop! These oroducts ( and now I solely use Beauty and the bees) have changed my life, fantastic! And safe to use on my 2 babies skin as well. Love it!
01 Jan 2013
elainel2 from Malvern East
Again, thank you for the very prompt delivery of my order (hand cream, moisturisers, shampoo bars). I've been using your products for many years and now, with skin damaged by radiotherapy, the ABSOLUTE BEST soothing relief (and I've tried a few) is from your Honey and Olive Moisturiser
22 Dec 2012
annew17 from Wallsend
I believe I've found what I've been searching for - hair products that actually do what the manufacturers promise. The bounce and shine has come back to my chemically treated curls thanks to the honey silk hair conditioner bar. I absolutely love it. My colour also looks brighter. I've tried every known anti frizz and colour product all with the same results, dull, lifeless, frizzy hair. I also love the moroccan mud shampoo bar. I find the vinegar rinse works well, instead of water, to rinse off the conditioner which I leave on for a couple of minutes. I wish I'd found out about Beauty and the Bees a lot sooner.
30 Nov 2012
yanlingd from Chinaman Wells
I have received your products and used them. They are amazing!I do love them! I'd like to distribute your products in HongKong and China ! And I have called you but you are so busy~send the email but not received~join you on the facebook but not result. Is there anything mistake?Is there any fans sincerely more than me?:) Please give some patience to a foreigner~:) I am looking forward to hearing from you ~ Yanling
29 Nov 2012
kareng23 from Melbourne
I tried the conditioning bar and wow I am impressed. I was a little hesitant at first but it does make my hair nice a soft. Great job now I can take it with me when we go away instead of using conditioner purchased from the supermarket as I can't carry the apple cider vinegar. Thanks Beauty and Bees for another wonderful product Regards Karen
25 Nov 2012
jenmagpie from Elizabeth Bay
I have dry cracking hands diagnosed as contact dermatitis. I have tried a range of creams prescribed by doctors to more natural products with little or short-lived success. When I used the Beauty and Bees moisture cream my hands improved dramatically in a short time. The cream is very nourishing and rebuilding. The business uses express post, which although the postage fee is based on weight, ensures it is received quickly.
15 Nov 2012
mariw from Valley View
Since using Beauty & The Bees products, my skin and hair have improved. No more flaky itchy skin on my legs or in my hair. The product is not cheap, but then, you only get what you pay for these days and I thoroughly recommend their products - and it is a NATURAL product - no nasty additives in their products!
06 Nov 2012
lindamarees from Munno Para West
Worst customer service i have ever come across. Very abrupt email from the company after i asked for some information cercerning a product and they couldnt even get my name right. Could not answer my question personally, just directed me to the FAQ sheet which did not answer my questions at all and when i emailed the company again the email that i received was very condescending and made me even more annoyed at their lack of helpfulness. I do like the products but the lack of customer service really put me off using them again.
23 Oct 2012
em07 from Arana Hills
I love Beauty and the Bees, and am busy converting my family and freinds too! The products are amazing (especially on my dry itchy skin) and I really appreciate the focus on the environment too - no plastic packaging, far less waste in the system. Service is always super quick, and they are quick to respond to any questions you may have.
17 Oct 2012
suzic2 from Melbourne
Great customer service, quick delivery. Love the free samples too - thank you! I was looking for a product that was 100% natural and found it at Beauty and the Bees. Will highly recommend to friends and family. Thank you!!
17 Oct 2012
jens from Wyndham Vale
for sensitivity problems you can't go past beauty and the bees products. I have recommended these products to friends and family and we all agree that we now use nothing else. You will be very impressed i highly recommend. I have to add that i tried the beer hair conditioning bar for the first time today. I have chemically treated hair with foils and when i do not treat and blowave it just dries to a mass of frizz. Today after using the beer conditioner bar i let my hair dry naturally and WOW IT'S AMAZING! NO FRIZZ. My hair has dried into a nice shape and it is soft, shiny and very manageable. I am going to buy more while it is still at it's promotional price.
12 Oct 2012
slaphard from Hinchinbrook
Product information is detailed on the web. Ordering was easy and the goods arrived within 48 hours.
08 Oct 2012
drewg2 from Queanbeyan
I was looking for a beard conditioner made in Australia and also bought the beer shampoo bar and the leatherwood and Dead Sea mud soap on a whim. All three are well above my expectations. I've been using products for sensitive skin for years (including prescription products) to calm down dermatitis and rosacea, but nothing has come near the Beauty and the Bees products for results. No more flaking skin and the redness has calmed down too. Combine this with fast delivery and honest advice and you can't go past Beauty and the Bees if you've got sensitive skin.
05 Oct 2012
dagmarp from Trinity Beach
Love the products,fast delivery and always receive samples so I can try other products.The black shampoo is amazing.Will buy again.Thank you
28 Sep 2012
rebeccafount from Terrigal
Both of my daughters suffer from atopic dermatitis. I was at my wits end trying to find something that would ease their dry skin without irritating it. Then I started using the baby honey and herb cream and it was almost like a miracle how well their skin responded. Unfortunately the eczema is still there but is is significantly reduced and the girls are having much less flareups than before I started using the cream. It is such a comfort knowing that the cream is chemical free and safe for my daughters especially as I am using the cream on their entire bodies many times throughout the day and night. It provides moisture and a much need barrier for their skin, helping to reduce the flareups. My girls ask me to put the cream on! I am truly so happy to have found this cream that is brings tears to my eyes. Thank you! Rebecca
27 Sep 2012
lisap from Underdale
I have been using Beauty and The Bees products over 9 years, came across the product when I had my baby daughter and have been using the Olive oil & Jojoba baby soap even since and the big kids, we use the goats soap. We love it, and not fogetting the beer shampoo!!! Kids always laugh at the name?? Cider rinse, have not used it yet. Only received it today (27 Oct) and the sample hair shampoos for me and the little ones, we cant wait.. I have been using the Green clay and bar soap, light moiture cream also, they are great.. THEN there is more a new product Conditioner Bar and its in a shape of a BEE , so cute..The girls got so excited..guess what we being trying out tonight and my little master is excited also..that is cute!!! Only new to online ordering though, I use to purchase it through a chemist localy..Love calling the girls and placing the orders.The products are senational, overall have been enjoying using all the products and looking forward to new releases, cost of posting is great for what you buy !!! Thanks so much, Lisa - from S.A
27 Sep 2012
neverperfect from Ringwood East
I love their products. I'm not a skincare sort of person and have never bought myself products in my life. But my sister gave me a gift of their coconut and honey moisturiser, and I am a convert for life. Really helps with dry, cracked skin and it's not oily. Their website is excellent to use and their orders arrive quickly. And if you're ever in Tasmania, they have a lovely store at the Salamanca Markets.
14 Sep 2012
cristinau from Roxburgh Park
I have been using their skincare cream for a couple of years now and I love it. Just lately I thought I would try the shampoo bars and they are great, I was a bit hesitate to try them as I thought they would not lather up like shampoo does but it's amazing how much they soap up and clean my hair and it feels so good to be using something totally natural. Service is great too, very prompt delivery and the few little trial freebies are great.
13 Sep 2012
markc64 from Blackburn South
This company is so professional and customer focussed, I love them. Their products are also of exceptional quality. A reliable and highly professional trader.
24 Aug 2012
annm12 from Eudlo
Prompt delivery, courteous, helpful staff Product used luvlee - Hope it continues to delight ...... :D
23 Aug 2012
Anonymous from Alfred Cove
AMAZING products!! accidentally stumbled across the website when researching uses for apple cider vinegar beauty uses and after reading the outstanding testimonials for the shampoo bars and apple cider vinegar rinse thought I would give it a go. OMG it is the best money i have ever spent on hair products!!! my curly hair came out glossy, manageable (the only times this has ever happened is if i put a ton of leave in conditioner in!!) and so soft. i am so so happy with the results will definately be re purchasing. I'm due to have a baby in 7 weeks so I also purchased the baby pamper pack which i'm excited to use on our newborn. Also purchased the lip balm which is also amazing! thank you for making such gorgeous products that work and are safe to use. some may say shipping is a little steep but I'm in Perth and I received my order in 1 day!! plus had lots of samples included. well worth the money.
09 Aug 2012
andyp7 from Kilsyth
excellent online store. very fast postage. wonderful products that are environmentally conscientious and are great on my skin. And the soap doesn't melt in the shower.
09 Aug 2012
Kyz555 from Baulkham Hills
These products are amazing, my skin has ever felt or looked better, service is brilliant and it arrives via post in a day or 2.
09 Aug 2012
ecb from Murrays Beach
I used the Mother to be Belly Balm whilst pregnant with my twins. Not only did it provide immediate and immense relief (ahhhhhh!) when my tummy felt so tight and itchy but I have not a stretch mark in sight. Yay! Definitely buy this product.
07 Aug 2012
I discovered these products at Salamanca Markets on a holiday to Tasmania with my mum when I was 15, and have been ordering them ever since. I am now 28 - so that's 13 years and the quality has never faltered. I have never found a product that is so moisturising and makes my skin feel so amazing. Also - amazing service, next day delivery to Brisbane. I haven't a bad word to say.
18 Jul 2012
nickia1 from Stoneville
I have been using Beauty and the Bees products for approx 17 years! I love knowing, that with all the chemicals in our environment, that I am not adding more to my body with my daily skin care routine. I am a Tasmanian, but have been living in WA for 10 years. I have ordered over the internet for my own convenience and have found this to be quick and easy. They are very friendly and helpful in dealing with them over the phone. I am a diehard fan and will continue to sing their praises. Their deliveries are prompt too. Thank you for my beautiful skin Beauty and the bees!
17 Jul 2012
joyp3 from Mont Albert North
I have been using Beauty and the Bees Lemon + Chamomile hair shampoo for some years now, & it leaves my hair " squeaky clean " & easy to manage. I find Beauty and the bees TASMANIA very obliging. Joy - Victoria
12 Jul 2012
suziem2 from Coonabarabran
I purchased Beauty and the Bees Hair Products on line as my scalp was mega itchy and my hair was falling out. I didn't find the first couple of uses helped much and my hair felt stringy, not surprising all the 'product' I had been using had well coated my hair. I called the ladies at the store and they were so helpful and encouraged me to perservere. Within two weeks my scalp had stopped itching, my hair had stopped falling out and now it is beautiful, I don't need conditioner and my hair is soft and shiny, no one can believe I only use soap. I bought the Beer Soap for my husband and when I had finished my Wild as Weeds I used the last of his. I liked the Beer soap so much I just repurchased it. I have been impressed how quickly they have processed my order and how quickly I have recieved it. All in all a very positive experience I will be repeating, I will never go back to shampoo and conditioner again.
12 Jul 2012
from Katoomba
I made an order online on Wednesday afternoon and it arrived in my mailbox on Thursday morning and it's impossible to ask for better service than that.
03 Jul 2012
mia4 from Burnie
I love my hands and I would never wash with anything but these beautiful kind and gentle to my skin soaps. A must in the shower too. What a real body treat with soothing leatherwood honey.
03 Jul 2012
kates40 from Corinda
Probably the best customer service I've ever come across, plus their products are AMAZING. We've been using them for about 4 months and would not go back to using any other soaps or shampoos. The bars are a bit more expensive than supermarket brands but they last ages and don't have any nasty chemicals. I would encourage anybody who is hesitant about giving them a try to go for it!
21 Jun 2012
carolc18 from Hazelbrook
As much as I loathe the expression "it ticks all the boxes", it's exactly what this company does. No animal testing/products, no palm oil, just purity from the "pure" state. I could not be happier with the soaps and shampoos I have bought. For years I have used L'Occitane products with the money leaving Australia. No longer. I'm all for supporting Australian jobs and Australian products. Well done Beauty & The Bees.
14 Jun 2012
bazb from St Marys
I can't fault their products but I would like them to offer something more than expensive express mail for customers who don't need their supplies the next day. It's also kind of ironic that they pride themselves on manufacturing organic ,chemical-free products but deliver them packed in boxes full of styrofoam beads which last about a million years!
13 Jun 2012
benson7845 from Oakleigh East
Spoke to Patsy on Monday who suggested the following goods - new soap charcoal shampoo and vinegar rinse - and they arrived on Tuesday and 1 week later dermatitis on face and scalp are clearing up. Now have shiny hair which no longer feels itchy and looks so much better and this is the same for my daughter. So very happy. Very impressed with level of service and quality of goods.
04 Jun 2012
jenh12 from St Arnaud
I'm extremely happy with the wonderful beer shampoo and vinegar rinse. After trying many others, its a relief to find one that's truly "natural" and leaves my hair shiny and healthy and my scalp not itchy. Thank you beauty and the bees. Now I'll just have to get a local health shop to stock it!!
27 May 2012
suef12 from Hilton
ordered from WA and products here within 36h...incredible. So not only great products but fantastic service. This is one fantastic business
23 May 2012
tuddeeb from Clapham
Efficient service - ordered yesterday, in letterbox today. Love the samples that get sent, this is how customers should be treated. The products- they speak for themselves and you only need to use a small amount so works out very economical. And given that the products are natural and fresh, and made in Australia, is even more reason to use them. Well done Beauty and the Bees!
01 May 2012
viviennec1 from Kungala
Such lovely natural products and such lovely quick service . I will and have recommended Beauty and the Bees to my friends as I was recommended it by a friend..
29 Apr 2012
ArabellaLovelace from Oyster Cove
Just amazing. Beauty and the Bees products work wonders on my skin. To know that I am using all natural products and no nasty, damaging chemicals is brilliant. Customer service is great -they are all well informed of every product, and can explain the processes and ingredients utilized. Five star all the way!
27 Apr 2012
foodofface from Blackmans Bay
I have been purchasing skincare products from Beauty and the Bees for years and would recommend their products to everyone. They have a huge range of products available, using all natural ingredients. Having recently become a mother, I am now purchasing products in their baby range. I refuse use any other products on my baby. Their products not only smell wonderful but they also work like magic. The store is conveniently located in the inner city and is a place I often visit.
27 Apr 2012
SpoonMan from Blackmans Bay
When our son was born we got given some nappy rash cream from Beauty & The Bees and it is the only thing we have used since. Their products are all natural and really quite reasonably priced. Their store its self is a little cramped, but the quality of their products is astounding.
24 Apr 2012
Anonymous from Ferntree Gully
I have had an excellent experience with Beauty & The Bees.It is good to know the soaps and creams are all hand made in Australia with Australian products. The soaps I have bought and used have been really good for my dry hands. When ordering products I rang or ordered online and received the product the very next day.
06 Apr 2012
roryf2212 from Surfers Paradise
Met them at the markets in Hobart and they recommended a product to deal with a skin condition I had for years that nothing else worked for. It really cleared up quickly and rarely comes back. I'm grateful for the online shop which had very quick shipping. Thank you.
04 Apr 2012
Anonymous from Panania
I have so far tried many products from beauty and the bees. I absolutely love the leatherwood, honey, coconut cream cleanser, I use it everynight to take my make up off or even when I don't wear makeup I use it to cleanse at night anyway. It's gentle, leaves my skin clean and soft. I also use the olive oil ultra rich moisture cream and it leaves my skin soft and with a healthy glow. Another product I truly love is the polishing scrub, its gentle, does a good job at cleaning my face in the morning and it made my pimples go away after time and did not break me out. Unfortunately I don't feel the same about the shampoo bars and apple cider rinse. My hair is really long, dark, wavy and thick. I don't dye it so it's not damaged or anything. I find that my hair is left really tangled and hard to comb and because of this I have to pull hard and it leads to my hair braking :( . I really wanted to love this shampoo and rinse like everyone else does. But all the other products I've tried I have loved. And customer service is amazing aswell. Will definitely keep buying the face creams and cleanser.
30 Mar 2012
bevn2 from Victor Harbor
Before moving from Tasmania I stocked up on the shampoo bars which was the only product that our small supplier had, since I've now run out I have found I can order on line which I love, but while reading your web site I also discovered the best tip ever and that is to spritz my face and body with apple cider vinegar, I've be using it on my hair as a conditioner ever since using the shampoo bars but never on my body. Well this tip alone has been fantastic. I spritzed my face last night which has an unsightly rash the size of a 10 cent piece and this morning it is 90% gone. Infact this week just gone by I consulted my doctor who suggested if I liked I could have it burnt off. I can't thank you enough for this tip and I think it should be in big bold letters right throughout your web site. Once again thank you
22 Mar 2012
sallyb22 from Pymble
Gorgeous Georgie's Gloss Bar is the only pet shampoo that I clean my dog with due to her sensitive skin. As it is gentle and 100% chemical free my dog suffers no irritations after using. Brilliant product.
21 Mar 2012
clairep2 from Kemps Creek
THe Mother to Be Belly Balm is beautiful and rich. It keeps my skin soft and moisturised all day. The creams and soaps and also great and suits my skin and my husband's eczema-prone skin too. WOuld recommend to anyone wanting quality, natural skincare.
11 Mar 2012
lynnb3 from North Ryde
I found this product on a trip to Tasmania a few years back. The products were great and have been consistant since I first purchased. The service is fast and reliable and the cost affordable.
09 Mar 2012
Anonymous from Scarborough
Excellent natural products from the cleanest part of the world! Delivery was amazingly quick! I'm using moisturising and had cream. Baby Bee Botty Butter healed nappy rush in one day!
06 Mar 2012
charlottec3 from Buninyong
I have been using beauty & the Bees beautiful products for many years & the exceptional service & quality are always of the highest standard.
27 Feb 2012
melissak10 from Frankston South
A remarkable store and product, both online and in Hobart. I have been using Beauty and the Bees' Honey and Coconut Moisture Cream (Light), the Patchouli and Orange one, since 2007. My daily ritual of inhaling that gorgeous fragrance and smoothing on that soft, gentle cream is like therapy. And the result is fresh, glowing skin. I cannot imagine ever using anything else. I was a Beauty Therapist for 6 years before having my children and I have used scores of different skincare brands - this one beats all the French/US imports at the cosmetic counters HANDS DOWN. Thank you so much for creating a luxurious and ethical product that is reasonably priced and actually WORKS!
24 Feb 2012
kareny3 from Lakes Entrance
Quality 100% natural products & what's more handmade in our own beautiful Tasmania. After using Beauty & the Bees moisturiser my skin looks & feels smooth & soft and stays this way all day long. Everyday through all four seasons, I can feel confident knowing that my skin looks & feels so good. So much so that others have commented on my lovely skin! No other product that I have tried does as good a job as Beauty & the Bees.
22 Feb 2012
steview from Carlingford
I am amazed to have just received my 2nd order from Beauty and the Bees, as I only ordered it on Sunday evening and it was on my doorstep, in Sydney, by Tuesday. I didn't expect such prompt delivery. So far I have only had the chance to try 3 new (to me) products, the honey & herb polishing scrub - delicious & gentle but very effective - the flower petal toning mist - refreshing and smells beautiful - and the honey & macadamia moisture cream - luxurious and nourishing - and I loved them all. I am already a devotee of the shampoo bars and cider vinegar rinse as using them exclusively for 4 months, all my scalp dermatitis has cleared up and my hair is in better condition than it was when I was slathering on rich "natural" conditioners & treatments. I can't wait to try the cleansing cream tonight. Thank you to all at Beauty & the Bees for such wonderful skin luxury and great service.
16 Feb 2012
jennyu from North Brighton
I have been purchasing products from Beauty & The Bees for just over 2 years now. I have never had a dud product. Their product does what they say it will do, their service and delivery times are quick and efficient. I would not order any other natural product except for theirs. Well done to the staff and management of Beauty & The Bees.
04 Feb 2012
kristinu from Frenchville
I have been using Beauty & Bees products for about 8 or 9 months, mainly the shampoo bars, soap bars and some of the moisturising creams. The value is very good for most products because they go a long way, and are very natural. My skin and hair is better than it has been in a lot of years. There are always free samples included in my orders, and I know when I order that I'll receive it within 3 days. The products are always very securely packed, in fact it takes me a while to undo everything. Also, recently I contacted them via email for information about their new tea line and about a soap that I couldn't find on the website, and they responded very promptly and reactivated the soap that I wanted to order on the website immediately. Everybody please buy their teas cos they are wonderful and I really hope they keep selling them.
20 Jan 2012
DaNnI from Port Noarlunga South
I started using Beauty & the Bees in 2004 as recommended by a naturopath for my acne & have not used any other soaps/moisturisers since. I still can't believe the value for money! I have a 14 month old now and use the milk bath, massage oil and goat milk soap on. He has never had dry skin or nappy rash :) The girls on the phone are always polite & super helpful & delivery is the fastest of any company I've ever used.
10 Jan 2012
janeller3 from Brunswick West
I have been a customer for quite some time now and have no intentions of leaving. The products and the service are fantastic and I really look forward to my deliveries and the free samples that come with every order. I love the calm balm, I love the foot cream, I love the shampoo, I love the moisturiser, I love the fact they are chemical free, I love the minimal packaging, I love the fact that it is a small aussie business, what can I say I love it all. Thank you Beauty and the Bees - I recommend you to everyone.
05 Jan 2012
marier from Melbourne
These products are exquisite - healthy, natural and ethical. And the service is what one dreams of these days - friendly, helpful and efficient. If only all business was conducted in this manner!
15 Dec 2011
KateM from Pakenham
WOW. What words can describe how much I love Beauty & The Bees products!?! They exceed my expectations Everytime. Have now ordered 4 times, and can say you have a customer FOR LIFE! Have tried many of the products and find them all to be AMAZING. So fresh, natural, beautifully presented & make your skin so, I repeat SO soft & smooth. My boyfriend loves all of your products also. (so make that 2 customers for life ) We cut the soaps & shampoos in half, (which fits perfectly on your soap saver dishes) so is very economical- 2 for the price of 1! Love the samples I've recieved in every order, is so wonderful to try new products- and to have some bonus favourites! Postage is always speedy, & even though is a little more expensive than normal post, is well worth it. Can track the parcel at every stop & destination on the way- in Victoria it arrives the next day. Could never go back to mainstream beauty products- so bad for your skin & health. Thankyou Beauty & The Bees, your products make me very happy! Keep up the fantastic work- you must be all so proud!
11 Dec 2011
catherinet4 from Surry Hills
I visited the Hobart shop whilst on holiday and was very impressed. The lady serving was very warm, friendly and extremely helpful. The products themselves are amazing - I am very impressed with the face moisturiser and shampoo bar that I purchased. The both smell amazing! I am looking forward to discovering more of their products.
23 Nov 2011
cathyh8 from Carindale
Beauty & the Bees has beautiful natural products, excellent speedy service, and friendly and helpful staff. They included lots of useful information about using the products in my package, plus a free gift and some freebies! These products are excellent value for money and highly concentrated. Brilliant!
19 Nov 2011
Anonymous from Mooroopna
I like the botty butter as I think it is effective and I am pleased to use a natural product on my babies bottom.
07 Nov 2011
sallyw13 from Albury
I was initially sceptical of buying as many products claim to be all natural but are not. I found the shampoo bars, body and facial bars and herb conditioning rinse to be ALL NATURAL and totally loved by my body. I highly recommend them to anyone.
05 Nov 2011
lindas20 from Petersham
I have never been a big fan of solid soaps...until I tried Beauty and the Bees soaps. What I love about them is that they are 100% natural, subtly scented (not overpowering) and feels great on my skin. My husband loves them too!
01 Nov 2011
steview from Carlingford
I thought I had been using "Natural, chemical free" cosmetics until I started to read about SLS & SLES, especially in shampoo and body washes, but now that I have found Beauty and the Bees I don't have to worry. I am trying the shampoo bar sampler with the Apple Cider Vinegar rinse and my hair is LUSCIOUS! It was a big leap of faith to forego conditioner but I haven't looked back, my locks are shinier and smoother than ever and my hair stays cleaner as there is no silicone or dimethicone build up. 1 drop of the hair shine drops and any frizz is calmed without oiliness. Did I mention that where my scalp is usually dry, itchy & scaly in patches, since using beauty and the bees it is COMPLETELY clear? Hmmm I guess you can tell I'm impressed! I also bought the baby cream for my kids faces & it calmed a red cheek reaction overnight. Looks like I will be trying some skincare for myself next. Thank you for bringing back wholesome and truly natural products!
31 Oct 2011
andai from Surry Hills
Best beauty and baby products I found in Australia or Europe! The baby cream is amazing, and the botty butter is a must have for any bub. I am totally in love with these products
19 Oct 2011
Great natural products - it simply makes sense to avoid chemicals! The shampoo sample collection & ACV rinse are fantastic; giving my hair soft, non-frizzy curls Repeat customer for sure! (possible improvement - offering regular postage in addition to express)
16 Oct 2011
ewak from Ainslie
I have been buying the wonderful, handmade and pure honey products for nearly two years and my expectations have always been either met or exceeded in terms of both the quality of product and quality of service. I would highly recommend Beauty and the Bees to anyone of any age.
15 Oct 2011
jennyw17 from Ascot
i love Beauty & the Bees products. completely natural and chemical free. also very good price-wise. these products are great and i have purchased many of them - my fav is the calm balm
12 Oct 2011
stephaniec9 from Langwarrin
Wonderful products, excellent service and super fast delivery. The shampoo bars in particular are just sensational. Highly recommended.
16 Sep 2011
Anonymous from Moorooduc
Brilliant product, great service-sent lots of beautiful samPles in the post along with my purchased product
02 Sep 2011
sarahp4 from Springwood
I am so impressed with the Ultra Light face moisturizer and the Marigold body moisturizer has also been great. Since April of this year I have developed eczema all over and rosacea on my face (apparently triggered by earthquake stress). It has been a killer for my self-esteem...and I have days where I hate to leave the house. While the moisturizer has not cured my rosacea, it is the one thing I've found that doesn't irritate it...and on a good day sometimes it even seems to reduce the redness. It has not caused any breakouts either. For my eczema it has provided huge relief...I have a particular stubborn strain (which has also affected my circulation in my legs)...but it is almost cleared up now. I have recently tried to incorporate a cheaper moisturizer on my legs and arms to cut cost...but I'm not sure I can as it seems to be aggravating the I think I'm just going to have to suck it up and spend the money on this quality product. Wish there was a stockist in New Zealand as postage is a killer. Recommend to anyone to try it if you have skin complaints of any description. It is amazing!
29 Aug 2011
hollys6 from Cheltenham
I adore Beauty and the Bees products. The people are always so helpful and honest - a rare find in the beauty industry! I love the skin and body products. My skin feels wonderful and it's great to know that I can get these results without putting toxins onto my skin and thus into my body. I also love that by using these products I have less of an impact on the environment - no deforestation and degradation of endangered species habitats. The soap is luxurious, and I can use it without the guilt of thinking of homeless baby orangutans! It's also great for my children. We had previously battled with eczema and we have had no issues since using Beauty and the Bees products on the children. I highly recommend Beauty and the Bees products to everyone!
21 Aug 2011
Anonymous from Concord West
The on line shop was easy to navigate and the product descriptions were acurate for the products I purchased. The quality of products is great. I am using the botty butter on my son to prevent nappy rash and so far no nappy rash. It is so easy to apply and I think it feels much better on the skin than Sudocream or Bepanthenan. It has a great smell and the best thing is it's 100% natural. I am yet to use the other products from the baby sample pack. I'm sure they'll be just as good.
18 Aug 2011
jodyo from Orelia
I love these products. I bought the sampler pack & cannot be happier with the products. The cleanser is soft on my skin, the moisturiser (which I mix with the toner thanks to their handy hints which came with the order) is actually moisturising and the olive oil & beeswax soap is not drying at all. I have oily skin & even though the moisturiser doesn't stop the oiliness, my face is better off than when I used the mass produced brands from the department store. Service was speedy - I ordered on Sunday & package arrived in Perth on Wednesday. Might be worthwhile advising customers their order will arrive by courer so they can elect an address where someone might be available to sign.
17 Aug 2011
garyg6 from Urunga
Product is of top quality and we have been customers for over six years. Service unbelievable - placed order on Tuesday afternoon, arrived in northern NSW before lunch next day.
15 Aug 2011
tatjanal from Baulkham Hills
Their customer service is impressive, but their products are everything and more they claim them to be. I am in awe. So rich but above all good for you and your skin. Beauty & The Bees you have gained a customer for life. Thank you
10 Aug 2011
Anonymous from Mount Martha
I have been using Beauty and the Bees products for years and they are fabulous. I have tried MANY high-end skin care brands in my time and they don't compare to the quality of BATB. Love the natural creamy scent of the moisturising creams. The honey & herb baby cream is great on my little ones sensitive skin. A little really does go a long way! Highly recommend. Service has also been wonderful and consistently good for years.
10 Aug 2011
roxanneg from Panania
These products are amazing! I have tried the shampoo bars and hair rinse and my hair is so soft and healthy and I don't feel guilty because I know that all the ingredients are actually good for me and I can pronounce them all unlike other products out there. I have also tried some of their skincare products including the coconut cream cleanser, the polishing scrub, green clay and leatherwood honey face soap, the light moisture cream and the ultra light moisture cream and can I just say that my skin has not looked this good in a long time. I have very sensitive skin and a very well known expensive product that I tried ruined my skin, it burnt it, and broke me out like crazy (I never used to break out even as a teenager!) after this experience that happened 1 year ago I have tried everything to get my skin back! And NOTHING has fully given me my skin back! Except for beauty and the bees! Its only been about 3 weeks of using the green clay soap and ultra light moisture cream every morning and my skin is almost clear again! YAY! I only have 3 pimples and I used to have like 100 around my cheeks. I love love love Beauty and the Bees and I'm so glad I finally found something that doesn't irritate my skin and actually works, and best of all its all natural so I don't feel bad for putting it on my skin and I actually look forward to washing my face and hair. Oh and they always include samples of their body soaps which I also loved! They left my skin nice and soft. I will definitely keep buying from them forever! =)
24 Jul 2011
meganl6 from Gladstone
These products are the best I think I've ever used. I love everything I've tried! When I use them I feel like I"m doing something good for myself, they're luxurious and good for you too. And the customer service is amazing, the people are so nice. I will definitely be buying again and again, and recommending to all my friends.
16 Jul 2011
mareem4 from Helensvale
I'm thrilled with my purchase of these gorgeous skin-pampering products!! I highly recommend Beauty and The Bees - their products are excellent and economical with fast shipping, Following my first order, I'm now a devoted fan and life-long customer, Thank you so much for your fabulous products !!! With kindest regards from Maree
06 Jul 2011
annc7 from Lalor
Order was delivered promptly hobart to melbourne 2 days and love the complimentary samples. Will buy again.
01 Jul 2011
from Melbourne
Beauty & the Bees has amazing products & has cleared up my dry skin on my scalp. I regularly use the Beer shampoo & Apple cider conditioner, also I have started on the moisturizer.
30 Jun 2011
rosik from Dee Why
I am sooooooo impressed by both the products and the service. I ordered online tuesday night and it arrived thursday. I had randomly bought one of the soaps in perth recently and have loved using it, so wanted to try more, haven't seen B&B in shops locally (sydney nthn beaches) so decided to go online. The products are amazing - really! I had sworn off soap years ago, but this soap is beautiful, it smells and feels healthy not nasty. I swam in a heated chlorine pool this morning and used the green clay soap and the beer shampoo bar, followed by Apple cider rinse and I do not smell at all of chlorine, and seriously - my skin feels just lovely! THe shampoo bars are a revelation - I have long naturally blonde hair and surf once or twice a day so am always washing it - I can't tell you how happy I am to find a totally truly natural product that works! And the apple cider vinegar rinse is the key to completing the experience!! Along with the huon pine soap dish - definitely get one of these! The tasmanian tiger balm is great - not as strong 'burning' feeling as nastier more traditional products, but feels and smells so much better, that I will be much happier to use it more often. I love that the packaging is almost all cardboard which i can just fold up and recycle, and I'm quite sure I can reuse the lovely jars and tins. Compared to all the plastic that would normally encase that quantity of product - it is so refreshing. I have been concerned for a long time about the welfare of our waterways and oceans and the wildlife in them due to the chemicals we all wash down the drain in the name of cleanliness and swapped to cleaning the house (including oven, bathroom and toilet) with only bicarb soda, vinegar, borax, tea tree, eucalyptus and lavender oils years ago and my place is immaculate and smells great! But my search for minimalist body care stuff has so far not been as successful - I have tried so many different natural products (with varying levels of naturalness when ingredients are scrutinized) from health/eco stores and some are OK, some are useless, and some leave my skin as dry as the supermarket chemical concoctions I am also super excited about the prospect of being able to travel with a a piece of the soap and shampoo bar packed into one of the lightweight tins! No 100ml limit worries for me any more! THe botty butter stuff smells great - will make a lovely little pressie for my friends bub! I'm will be ordering more - can't wait to try the moisturisers and balms now, and will definitely be blabbing to all my friends - and any health/eco shops who will listen so I can walk in and buy off the shelf too! By the way - I just had to add - this is the first time ever I have bothered to POST a review on any product anywhere on the web, that is how impressed I am!!
20 Jun 2011
alisont2 from Bungendore
Once again 5 star service from the girls at Beauty & the Bees. I don't know what I'd do without these fantastic products in my life..... my skin would be in a terrible state!
15 Jun 2011
joasiak from Elwood
I've ordered several products from this company, the quality is outstanding. Smells great and feels great, especially on my dry/dermatitis/eczema areas. It was important to me that the company did not use palm oil in their products and displayed every ingredient (a pleasantly very short list I might add) - all of them being natural. The time from order to delivery is very quick. And they took the time to offer advice very shortly after I contacted them by email as to which products would be suitable for my needs. It was really great advice. Also, they included a free sample item in my parcel. Very thoughtful and unexpected.
23 May 2011
iaavsb from Middle Park
Products are amazing, and have solved a long standing problem I have had.. i am so grateful. Fast service. It is an awesome Tasmanian business..
22 May 2011
wendya7 from Coburg
It's a great business offering really great quality products that are hard to find in any standard shop. I have frequently purchased their soaps and have always been extremely happy with the quality. And handy hints offered to make their products go further mean any purchase is a truly cost effective way to buy quality natural clean & green products. I also was a convert to their Baby range and especially the Botty Butter - my boys never suffered nappy rash and I have frequently given the Botty Butter product as a gift to new parents!
21 May 2011
christine7 from Lyonville
Beautiful products, easy to order, delivered quickly. Peace of mind from the quality. They smell lovely!
20 May 2011
tameikaa from Spreyton
My hairdresser introduced me to Beauty and the Bees about seven years ago and I haven't looked back since. I have never found a product that is so reasonably priced, yet is still of the highest quality and actually does what it is supposed to do. Over the years I tried many different skin products, but always struggled with breakouts and blemishes, but since using products from Beauty and the Bees, it has been almost perfect and I don't feel like I need to wear makeup all the time anymore. I never have any hesitations about suggesting to friends, family or work colleagues that they try these products and am pleased when I find that they are just as happy with them as I am.
20 May 2011
kajab from Gordon
Very fast shipping and the best products on the Market. I can't tell you how happy I am to have found Beauty and the Bees. Wonderful for my skin and hair, good for the environment (Packaging is tops) Our family favorite is the Beer Shampoo, we all use it. And the vinegar rinse leaves my hair so shiny people ask me what I use all the time.
19 May 2011
Anonymous from Templestowe
what i like about this place is that they use natural ingredients of high quality and its a money back guarentee
18 May 2011
lawrieh from Gisborne
I purchased a shampoo bar whilst on holiday in Tasmania. It took me a while to get used to a solid shampoo instead of the usual liquid. However, I became sold on avoiding the long list of chemicals in the liquid products, and am now sold on the natural ingredients in the Beebeauty bars. I subsequently ordered a range of shampoo bars by mail order. They arrived very quickly, and were well packed. Additionally, to my pleasant surprise, additional products were included with my order at no extra cost Over the course of a year of purchasing goods and services, I usually consider only a few percent to be in the top range - the remainder are either average of below average. I felt moved to leave positive comments for Bee beauty because of a first class experience
17 May 2011
milliej from Hillwood
Wonderful products and the service is was very quick and the packaging was secure
13 May 2011
lizd9 from Castlemaine
I have been using B&B products for 5 years and love them. Nothing compares. Easy to navigate web site and purchasing, and amazingly quick postage.
09 May 2011
Anonymous from Willow Grove
Delightful to deal with, gorgeous products, fast delivery; can't think of anything to suggest to improve Beauty and the Bees!
01 May 2011
mariw from Valley View
No longer suffer from dry scaling skin on my scalp or body. Wonderful products now used by both my husband and myself.
28 Apr 2011
Love the products. I have now been using the shampoo bars for a few years and I recommend to everyone.
27 Apr 2011
rosalynn from Launceston
Soaps are really exceptional, different from anything else on the market. I was skeptical at first about using a "soap" as shampoo but I will never use anything else now. Fantastic helpful staff in the Hobart store, however I always buy way more than I ever intend to... it's great!
24 Apr 2011
helenp15 from Numurkah
Absolutely sold on the all natural shampoo bars. Have just purchased the Mason Pearson hairbrush and wanted to let other purchasers know how good this brush is. I had been looking for so many years to find a decent brush. This is it!!! Really good quality products. Super fast delivery. Very happy overall.
20 Apr 2011
jjm from Youngtown
Excellent quality product. Speedy mail orders. Provided advice on shops where product could be purchased locally. Free Sample.
07 Apr 2011
cherylm4 from Sandgate
Beautiful, fresh, pure products. Enables me to relive my visit to Tasmania. Fast, reliable, friendly service.
05 Apr 2011
Anonymous from Mosman
Word of mouth told me that they offered quality product, very prompt service and great value. They were absolutely right.
29 Mar 2011
matildam from Kingston
I use the botty butter on my little girl and it works beautifully. I love that it's so natural too. Great service, local company, too many reasons for me not to buy it. Thanks!
24 Mar 2011
feliciae from Sydney
I found Beauty and the Bees while looking for palm oil free shampoo and I'm absolutely thrilled I found them! I use their beer shampoo and their conditioning rinse - I love that their products are completely natural, 100% palm oil free, are so economical AND that they actually do their job (very rare in beauty products)! My hair is now in a constantly perfect state! (I also love getting samples of other products when I receive my orders in the mail) I recently emailed Beauty and the Bees for advice, as I had specific needs for a facial cleanser and they replied almost immediately with plenty of detail to help me out and to help me pick the right skincare. I have no doubt that I'll be pleased with the new products I purchase from Beauty and the Bees! :)
11 Mar 2011
Anonymous from Templestowe
overall, this is quite a good place to get a fresh look and a younger and hotter look. service is great also
17 Feb 2011
This is one of my favorite places for skin care ever. The products are wonderful and i am so glad i stumbled across this store when i was on holidays some years back. Even better that they sell on-line so i can continue to purchase. I only look for (and buy) natural and environmentally friendly products (that smell good and work), and this shop really does deliver all of this. Love Love Love it!!
31 Dec 2010
Pinski from Diamond Creek
Again I found this on WOMOW and due to the huge amount of happy customers I decided to give it a go. I have had trouble with my skin my entire life but particularly in my thirties when the delicate skin on either side of my nostrils continued to break and even dermatologists could not recommend a product which I could use to heal and prevent this. After trying so many products it was such a relief to find something that works, in environmentally friendly and healthy for me and my family!
21 Dec 2010
katieh5 from Viewbank
Excellent Service! Great to finally find people passionate about 'healthy' products for our skin who also care about their impact on the environment!
02 Dec 2010
lilypie from Murrumbeena
Amazing amazing amazing products and service! I sent my husband into their Hobart store while we were on holiday with a list of general things I was interested in, and even he was impressed. I am particularly keen on their baby products. Their botty butter has cleaned up my baby's rash under his arms and under his neck even when our doctor told me there was nothing I could do. After 4 months of rashes, Beauty and the Bees cured it in 48 hours. Wow! Their baby moisturiser also cleared up the mild eczema on his face in about 3 days. I can't wait for our next Tasmanian holiday so I can go into the store myself and try some more goodies (perhaps for me this time!) Thanks guys for some a wonderful store and your truely amazing products.
12 Nov 2010
sueb19 from Frankston South
A web search for a pet soap I had bought during a visit to the Salamanca Market in Hobart brought up this website. Not only was I able to find the product, it was ordered, packed and delivered promptly. The product "Gorgeous Georgies Gloss Bar" is the best we have used on our 10 year old Maltese X. There are a whole range of other categories to explore.
03 Oct 2010
572 from Pymble
LOVE the baby products! Fantastic for babies with dry skin that you don't want you to use chemicals on. Lovely honey and milk bath. Leaves skin so soft. Fantastic to order from, they give great advice on the phone and they are all so lovely to talk to!
21 Sep 2010
hayleya2 from Sunbury
The products are fabulous, helped myself but most importantly my baby when she had terrible eczema. The service was easy, friendly and prompt. Very positive in all areas.
18 Sep 2010
Deliah from Newcastle
My husband absolutely loves the Professor Edward J. Fuzzworthy's beard care gloss, in fact he won't even consider trying anything else! He also loves the Tasmanian beer shampoo bar. The packaging is very manly in a quirky old fashioned kind of way. I would highly recommend; buy it as a gift for your man, or Guys buy it for yourself either way I'm sure he'll really like it!
06 Sep 2010
craigh5 from Mermaid Waters
I'm pretty much now addicted to their products. For the last few years I had tried many different types of "natural" soaps, when I tried Beauty and the Bees I knew I had found what I was looking for. The soaps are soooo good! I also love the shampoo soap and it lasts a very long time (yes I am thinning on top but still..). Great ethical company with great service and brilliant products!
27 Aug 2010
bluesox from Melton West
I ordered a shampoo bar a few weeks ago. I loved it so much that I decided to place another order. The order arrived the next day! I love the products- my scalp has never felt so good, all of the normal shampoos especially the so called anti-dandruff ones used to aggravate my scalp. I cant wait to try the doggy bar on my dog. I will be making another order in the future.
17 Aug 2010
michie_z from Marrickville
Beautiful, quality products that are natural and gentle on your skin. Ordered Botty Butter and Baby Soap for a friend whose baby is due soon, I used it on my daughter as well, they are so gentle on baby's skin. Postage is incredibly fast, ordered late on Sunday night, arrived early Tuesday morning. Postage cost is fairly high but this reflects how quickly and securely your order is received. It also ensures the products, which are natural and have a sort shelf life, arrive quickly. I love this stuff!
30 Jul 2010
VTM from Melbourne, Australia
I have been using Beauty and the Bees for @ 1 month. My skin has improved dramatically I cleanse with Green Clay Soap, Exfoliate every other day with the herb polishing scrub. I love that you can use this everyday if you want - so gentle and it really makes your skin glow. Green Clay mask - twice a week; this really tightens my face, skin is refined and feels pure;a little spritz with Rosewater mist. ( I am addicted to this stuff and spritz several times a day...)I apply the Rosehip Oil around my eyes and also into other areas that are dry or have fine lines - then finish with Light Moisture Cream. I really like to spend a few minutes massaging my face with the rosehip and Moisture Cream. The dry areas I had under my eyes and on sides of nose/mouth are hydrated - all day. There is an amazing softness to my skin. I used to break out, my skin is really clearing up - I already feel confident without makeup again - Amazing! I love that these products are all natural. I truly am a FAN!
14 Jul 2010
katem26 from Yarraville
I have used the Beauty and the Bees Botty Butter on my son from birth and he has never had nappy rash. It is an amazing product - easy to apply, doesn't smell and no horrible white gunk under your finger nails. Brilliant. I also use the Honey & Herb Cream on his cheeks and chin to prevent dribble rash, he had a rash within 2 days of running out. Lucky the cream arrived a day after ordering. Thanks for making chemical free products that work, I wouldn't use anything else on my lovely boy's skin.
13 Jul 2010
lisaj8 from Scotland Island
Beauty & the Bees is great. I buy their soaps regularly - they are really lovely. And I like the fact that they care about environmental issues, particularly in their quest to create a product that doesn't use palm oil following the threat to Orangutan habitat. Their service is friendly and quick.
13 Jul 2010
Anonymous from Footscray
I suffer from extremely dry skin and eczema. My sister recommended these products and they are fabulous! My skin feels hydrated and smooth. The cream I order (ultra-rich) is quite thick but that suits my skin. I strongly recommend these products.
29 Jun 2010
patsyv from Bassendean
I've been using B&B products for about 10 years and have moved house and state several times since then. One of the reasons to start using their products is the healing properties in them; those dry skin areas seem to disappear when using the body butter with marigold, I can't rave enough. Ease of access, friendly service, all the good customer service details but the products are luscious. Clay masks are heaven and a nightly dose of the ultra rich cream make me one of the loyal customers in the pack.
28 Jun 2010
darylc from Forth
"Your natural Beer Shampoo is a legendary product! I've had a sore scalp for two years, and I've tried everything that the supermarkets and the hair salons can throw at me. After only four days of using the shanmpoo bar, it seems to be getting better already, thanks a lot!"
24 Jun 2010
dianec5 from Ferndale
I have been using these product now for about a year and just loving them, from the goats milk soap, shampoo bars/apple cider rinse, body soaps, scrubs, hand cream, body cream, face cream, eye care oil, hair shine, lip balm and Aqua Flora Toning Mist (my personnel favorite). The product and advice is fantastic, I can truly say I have never been a person who has stuck to any skin care product, but there is something about this one and the results speak for themselves, my skin feels great and I have noticed the decrease in wrinkles around my face, I just feel healthier not putting chemical on my body and my hair is shinny, healthy and growing with no skin irritation which I have been suffering with for years.
22 Jun 2010
kimwow from Colac
I have been constantly trying to find products that are totally chemical free! I am a person who just uses vinegar, bicarb soda, lemons and water to clean the house! I don't like chemicals! I got sick of not having chemical free products on my family and myself (I don't even wear makeup! or use hair spray!) and sick of reading labels on beauty products not understanding or the complicated words! When I saw Beauty and The Bees products in a Victorian chemist (unfortunately don't stock it anymore THEIR LOSS!) I took the pamphlet home 1st before I was willing to buy, I didn't have to research the ingredients on the pamphlets because I could understand them!! I then furthered my research by looking on the internet I was impressed so I went back to the chemist and bought a beauty pack containing the scrub, clenser, toner and face cream I was IMPRESSED! I have recently been to Tasmania where I spent nearly $200!! (the market and the Hobart shop) buying for myself and family! I HAD worse than dandruff on my head and now its all cleared up, the tiger balm is magic on my husbands legs and my mums hip after her hip replacement. I could go on and on but you get my point that I LOVE the stuff!! Yes it may be a little more pricey than other creams but hey what price do you put on health and natural???! PLUS it lasts longer so while you would be on your 2nd bottle of chemical "crap" I would still be on my 1st batch of Beauty and The Bees!!
22 Jun 2010
Anonymous from New Gisborne
New website is easy to use and looks great - thank you for the continued amazing service and product
17 Jun 2010
terrym6 from Islington
The staff are very friendly when you call them or meet them at the markets in Tasmania and are very knowledgeable of their products. I use the Beer Shampoo and for a psoriasis sufferer of many years it has been a fantastic and refreshing find! No more itchy scalp and less frequent break-outs in my hair line. Thank you team for an excellent product that makes my life much more enjoyable.
14 Jun 2010
alisonr1 from Werribee
Beauty and the bees offer beautiful products which I've been using for about 7 years and is one of the best I've found. Service is very good, deliveries are always prompt and the staff are great. It's also nice to find a business with ethics.
10 Jun 2010
crystalm2 from Gold Coast Mc
I have been using Beauty and Bees products for a few years now, and being a beach and sun lover I can't do without them, they are truly the best skin products I have used ... way better than dermalogica and proactive !!! Highly recommend!!!
08 Jun 2010
theresat from Garden Island Creek
Beauty and the Bees offer truly wonderful products which are natural and are made fairly where neither the environment or communities are harmed. They offer prompt service when buying as gifts via the net, which packaged so that your gift arrives in one piece and quickly. Their products are of the highest quality and are certainly value for money. And, they are totally Tasmanian so in supporting them we are supporting what is truly a special industry of real people, real products and great service.
03 Jun 2010
alisont2 from Bungendore
The most fantastic skincare products I have ever come across! My skin looks better now, pushing 50, than at any other time in my life. Service is great with a user friendly website & incentives to try products that may be overlooked. Environmentally friendly products & a wonderful opportunity to promote Tasmanian small business. I take my hat off to you, ladies!
02 Jun 2010
amandab13 from East Maitland
This company provides the most fantastic products. The staff provide excellent telephone assistance and delivery is usually within a maximum of 2 days from the time of ordering. This is the only skincare I trust to use on my face!!! I have tried so many different products but being a sufferer of eczema sooner or later all the other products caused a reaction. THis has been irrespective of whether it was a $200 cream or simple sorbolene. I have been using Beauty and the Bees products for 3 years and have never had a reaction. I often get comments on how good my skin looks! I cannot recommend these products highly enough (and I often do!).
01 Jun 2010
ivana from Hackett
I found the lipbalm at my local chemist in Sydney, and loved my first one so much I went back and bought 6 more. I've gone on to use their facial soaps and facials creams. And it's really hard to go back to other creams once you've used Beauty and the Bees products. The soap 'feels like silk' as my mum says. Takes off all makeup (even eye makeup) with ease but leaves skin perfectly clean and soft. I'd be devastated if couldn't buy these products.
26 May 2010
kareng5 from Melton
The service was prompt I received a phone call the next business day to confirm my order. Once the goods were paid for I received my item within 2 days. The beer shampoo exceeded my expectations and the conditioning rinse has been marvelous on my hair and scalp. Thanks for the great service and wonderful products Karen from Victoria Australia.
04 May 2010
rachell5 from Belgrave
Beautiful, quality products for your skin with no hidden petrochemicals, and an ethical stance. They last for ages and they smell fantastic! Not only that but they are really good for you.
03 May 2010
kim4 from Perth
Beauty and the bees products are the best i have ever used, i will continue to use them forever. I tell everyone i know about their products and i will pass them to my children. i order on the internet and it always arrives nicely packaged. Ladies on the phone are always so helpful and friendly aswell
30 Apr 2010
jennyl1 from Williamstown
Tops! A great website - easy to use and nice to look at, an extensive range of beautiful products that not only smell and feel divine to use, are effective and gentle and safe for both yourself, your family and the environment. Customer service is consistently of the highest standard and delivery is FAST! I ordered something yesterday and it arrived today.
29 Apr 2010
jills6 from Burnie
I was given samples to try in store, while visiting Hobart, and also to take home. The beer shampoo, cooks hand soap and facial soap left my skin so soft, clean and moist so on arrival home I went on-line and ordered more small size product to try facial creams and hand creams. The customer service was fantastic as my products arrived on my door step the very next day. I have found the product to be very economical price wise as a little goes a long way. Overall I have never been so happy with the look and feel of my hair and skin after only one week using these beautiful products. I will definitely be a return customer!
23 Apr 2010
nikolinas from Hornsby
Skin care products are the best I have ever used. Gentle and feels beautiful on the skin. I always buy the product on the internet, service is fast and website easy to use. Always happy when my goods arrive!
22 Apr 2010
nicole4 from Hawthorn
I first came across the business on a visit to Tassie and was really impressed with the professionalism and understanding displayed by the rep I met. I ordered online earlier this week and found the website easy to navigate with really useful info. Service was so speedy and reliable. I'll definitely continue to use the business.
15 Apr 2010
annemarieb from Blackheath
I found this business on the internet and everything I have bought from them is superb! I love their products and the service is amazingly quick and the little gift tucked in makes my day!
10 Apr 2010
shirleyt2 from Goode Beach
The products from Beauty & The Bees have been the best for my skin which is highly sensitive, acne prone, mature skin. Knowing these products are made from natural products is added bonus. You can feel the aliveness of the products when you put them on your skin. Thank you
30 Mar 2010
Anonymous from Caboolture
Excellent business and service. Have used Bee Beauty products for at least 6 years now and have told all my friends and family about them. LOVE the natural smells of the products with their clean and naturalness. Would recommend their products to anyone. Kind Regards J Price
24 Mar 2010
Nicole333 from Felixstow
Beautiful products - the best products for babies / children. Excellent service. I have been buying from Beauty and the Bees for five years and have never had any problems. 100% recommended.
23 Mar 2010
sarad from Stanmore
I buy all my beauty products from the website and have done so for a few years now. The service and delivery is unfailingly superb, friendly and quick. I love the products and always feel good knowing that they are completely natural for my body and the environment. I would never waste $$ on supermarket brands ever again.
22 Mar 2010
nicolad from Baulkham Hills
I use these natural products for my baby. They are wonderful. I have given these products to friends as gifts and have even had some posted to me while I lived overseas. The service is friendly and helpful.
14 Mar 2010
mandyb2 from Beaconsfield
Great products (shampoo bars really do work!) with an easy to use online shopping system and incredibly speedy postage within Australia... 2 days from Tasmania to Perth is pretty damned good to me. Friendly mob that like to surprise you with small samples - quite a joy to experience their packages.
13 Mar 2010
nnkw from Stanwell Park
The products (face creams, soaps, shampoo bar) and service are first rate, and I was amazed at how quickly my parcel arrived, even though I live in Singapore. The surprise samples were greatly appreciated too. I will definitely order from them again.
07 Mar 2010
lindathestar from Eaglehawk
This is a fabulous product, and very prompt service. I've been using the face creams for years and prefer to not use anything else. The one problem I had was promptly and professionally resolved. On line access to the product, and the new secure server is very convenient.
26 Feb 2010
Anonymous from Madora Bay
Just love using the soaps-with great results. Since using Beer shampoo soap Id never use anything else. I have suffered with itchy scalp for many yrs that was not dandruff-now nothing Clay masks make your skin feel and look younger. I have used some of the face & body creams Service is awesome- I order 1 day and my order is here the next and I live in WA
26 Feb 2010
kirstyb from Adelaide
fantastic products ... i have eczema and the products I have used have worked wonders. Very soothing on my skin, and delightful to use. great value for money and excellent, efficient service
25 Feb 2010
elizabethe from Adelaide
Fast service good product. I only use one product so far cos its great - the belly balm so i cant comment further on the rest. I think the 30 word minimum for comment sucks though.
21 Feb 2010
jennyg7 from Penguin
Quick turn around on on-line orders, mail orders well packaged & beautiful skin care products. Sample soap products generally included in orders. Staff have always been friendly & exceedingly helpful when I have visited the store or called for any reason.
21 Feb 2010
deztutu from Coobowie
Lovely products with a good emphasis on a holistic approach to skincare/haircare. The information supplied with the products is very thorough and I was impressed with the 'environmentaly friendly' approach of the store, the product and packaging. I was very excited to receive my order in the mail, it was very well packed. There is a range of produts with something for every skin concern and the staff seem very willing to answer any questions. Highly reccomend a look at the webstite.
18 Feb 2010
familyfun9 from Chelsea
18 Feb 2010
Anonymous from Brisbane
The transaction and delivery were speedy and hassle-free. The shampoo and rinse are both lovely and smell fantastic. I was pleasantly surprised with some unexpected the samples.
18 Feb 2010
Ginge from Ninderry
Ordered with good service, good communication, excellent delivery service. Very Good Product will use this again and again. I found product through my daugher who was on a visit to Hobart, bought some products, which I tried and since then have been using this product.
14 Feb 2010
Jaine from Banks
I use the baby products from Beauty and the Bees. The baby cream completely eliminated my 8 month old daughter's eczema and the massage oil was fantastic for her cradle cap (as well as massage...). The botty butter has also been great and my daughter has had no nappy rash at all, even though we use both cloth and disposable nappies. Postage can be a bit expensive.
11 Feb 2010
lukew2 from Upper Ferntree Gully
We've bought a few things from Beauty & The Bees on a few different occasions and had a really great experience every time. We buy their Beer Shampoo Soap Bars and it works better than any supermarket shampoo I've tried. We've started using their baby soap on our newborn and her skin seems to love it. No rashes or irritation, the ingredients are simple and yum. VERY quick postage when I've ordered from the website
11 Feb 2010
melanieb5 from Croydon
Lovely products, high quality, but soaps being so natural and pure means they don't last long, and with a big family and postage to pay-it works out expensive to keep us clean! However the moisturises are so concentrated they last and last. you only need one application a day, which makes them superb value! I have very dry skin and maturing, and i used supposedly good products for ages, but chemicals additives meant they wouldn't work well. Beauty and bees products are rich and natural, and work sooo well! Overall a wonderful company that i hope stays true and pure as their products, they are the best!!
03 Feb 2010
alym from Alice Springs
amazing quality chemical-free products. great range. a little more pricey than mainstream brands but worth it, they last much longer. and great fast service. delivery to alice springs in less than a week, better than a normal letter!
02 Feb 2010
jennifer1 from Bargara
Fantastic site, very informative. Not only is there information about the natural products used and how they are accessed, but also how the properties can improve the skin/hair. Beautiful products in lovely packaging. True to description and quantity and feel so beautiful to use. You really feel the benfits and my skin just glows.
01 Feb 2010
annetteg from Heathcote
I purchased some baby products for a friend's newborn baby and some products for myself from their website. The customer service was absolutely outstanding. I promptly received an email from one of their customer service team updating me with the order status. I was stunned to receive the products not 48 hours later (I live in NSW and they are in Tassie). Everything arrived in perfect order, carefully packaged. If you are after premium quality, pure, natural skincare products then you will not find any better than these IMO. The care and expertise that have been put into these products is immediately evident. My friend was thrilled with her baby skin care items which gently soothed and cleared up her baby's skin. I am particularly thrilled with the Macadamia Nut Oil and Honey Moisturiser I purchased for my sensitive, dry skin. NB A little bit goes a loooong way! My skin is now soft, radiant and feels so much more comfortable and the chronic redness has markedly decreased. I have for many years used organic skincare products but I must say Beauty and the Bees are by far the best. I will definitely be sticking with them. These products are made with integrity so I'm very pleased to be able to provide this recommendation - they deserve it!
13 Jan 2010
diannew1 from Ipswich
Fast delivery, the products are luxurious and chemical-free so you can use them around your eyes! My skin has improved straight away, I have thrown out all my other skin care products. The ultra light protective moisture cream is perfect for this humid weather. I won't be buying from anywhere else and will be encouraging all my friends and family to do the same. Thank you Beauty and the Bees in beautiful Tasmania.
09 Jan 2010
christys from Thornbury
This is my first experience with Beauty & The Bees and I will be a repeat customer. The products are living up to their own hype and I love that they sent me some of their fragrant soap samples with my order, what a lovely surprise! Their commitment to the environment and our overall health is admirable.
07 Jan 2010
leeb4 from Highvale
Excellent products and fast delivery, always receive a sample of another product with my purchase and am happy to try them. I am slowly changing all my beauty products to their products. I couldn't live without "Bugged" in the summer in Canberra. It is the best fly repellent and it's good for your skin.
07 Jan 2010
charlottem from Aldinga Beach
A beautiful product. This is pretty much the only moisturiser my skin hasn't reacted to and better than that, it makes my skin feel wonderful. Also, knowing it's a product made with natural ingredients and at no expense to animals, makes me feel good about my purchase from an ethical point of view. You also get friendly service and prompt delivery.
06 Jan 2010
HAC65 from Evatt
I absolutely love Beauty and the Bees products, especially their facial soaps. They feel so rich and creamy and leave my skin feeling soft and smooth. I look forward to my shower each morning when I have some Beauty and the Bees facial soap to wash my face with - it is a great start to the day!
04 Jan 2010
kerryd4 from Poowong North
The products are fantastic, lovely to use and great value. It's fantastic to find beauty products that are free from chemicals and made in Australia. The dog shampoos don't leave the dogs smelling of strong perfumes and they leave the dogs clean well and easily rinse out. The service is also fantastic.
20 May 2008
NicS from Acton Park
This little shop in the Centrepoint shopping complex in the middle of Hobart is lovely - they stock loads of handmade and even organic products such as soaps, lotions and other body products. They even have delicate products for the fragile skin of babies. So many things to choose from, and you know you're getting a quality product.
Hobart, TAS, 7000
Tel: 1800688563

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