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The Clear Skin Clinic

06 Jul 2017
I have been going to the clear skin clinic in brookvale and my skin has been amazing ever since! The girls there are so professional and friendly especially tess who is amazing. They always give the best advice and I've had skin treatments and laser hair removal and have always been satisfied with the results. Highly recommended
12 Nov 2016
I am 25 and have struggled with hormonal acne on and off for the last 10 years. Not only that but i have ruined my skin from constantly using harsh acne treatments, cleansers/topical treatments and even pills. I discovered the clears skin clinic and have now had 3 steam and squeeze facials and a peel. My skin now looks amazing and is finally getting it's plumpness and elasticity back! My acne is almost all gone (i had everything from blackheads/blind very painful pimples, congestion and scarring.) Not only that but Chloe has given me an amazing skin care routine with the use of gentle and simple products that is helping my skin look my age! I would recommend this clinic to anyone. All the staff are friendly and i always feel so relaxed when having my treatments. I couldn't be happier!
04 Jun 2016
This clinic is under new management from early 2016 & Dee & her helpful staff have sadly gone. I am very disappointed because I've been using this place for 10 years. The treatment I had was awful, the woman put oil straight on my oily skin & recommended lots of different things that I don't believe was in my best interest, she was in & out of the treatment room, taking payments while i was waiting in the room. I feel that this clinic was just after my money, and they don't seem as experienced as the team who ran the clinic for the past 10 years.
23 Mar 2016
I've been coming to this clinic for years, their steam and squeeze treatment is simple but effective and the green peel is great too. Prices are very reasonable (see their website) and the ladies give you great advice about your how to look after your skin and what products to use, but they never push you to make any purchases. I've been using their recommended dermalogica and Jane iredale products for years and they have really helped my skin.
25 Nov 2015
arjar from Truganina
Fantastic staff and fantastic service. I am very satisfied with the treatment I got and very affordable too. Highly recommended.
17 Oct 2015
Chanel05 from Kingsford
Great beauty clinc really fantastic staff very happy with everything Many thanks really great
27 Sep 2015
I am a young university student who has been suffering from an acne prone chine most of my adolescence, and after 2 of Dee's signature steam and squeezes, my skin has never looked better. After years of being told the pimples on my chin were merely a result of hormonal imbalance, Dee's treatments have almost completely cleared up my chin. The treatment can be a little uncomfortable as every blackhead is cleared, but honestly worth the pain for the amazing results. The treatments are pretty affordable particularly for my student budget, and Dee does not push any products on you, but merely gives you samples from which you can make a judgement on their effectiveness. Definitely a 10/10!!!!
09 Sep 2015
A close friend referred me to Dee and her fantastic team, and after our first session (steam and squeeze) I had seen more noticeable results than after any other treatment I may have paid $$$ elsewhere. What sets them apart is their ability to fix the problem, not polish over your skin. I'm 4 weeks into my new program and am so thankful to Dee for doing what no one else could, understand and fix my skin!!!
29 Jul 2015
I come here almost every month for Dee's signature steam and squeeze and it's the best treatment I've ever had! I can't recommend it enough! Also the blue cream is a miracle product, every girl in my office is addicted to it!
14 Jul 2015
Dee and the team are absolutely wonderful and give you the most unbelievable treatments! I see them every 4 - 6 weeks for a steam and squeeze and my skin has never looked and felt this incredible! I cannot recommend them enough!
10 Jul 2015
jader348 from Kogarah
I recommend this business because as a sufferer from acne, The Clear Skin Clinic, has made a major change to my skin. As a teenager, they've boosted my self confidence and I now don't have the issue. The service is excellent, they look after their customers to make the experience enjoyable. Dee is very kind and welcoming and makes me feel well looked after, because she is someone who cares and she has a passion for helping others.
06 Jul 2015
deborah-aa from Bardwell Park
AMAZING! the ladies are absolutely lovely and spectacular at what they do! I go in for a regular 'steam and squeeze' session with Chloe and my skin has turned from horrid to flawless! It really is a miracle come true! I am so happy with the results and I am so thankful. Definitely worth going to, you will NOT regret it! By far, the BEST in all of Sydney 100%!!!!!
13 Jun 2015
I have been a client of CSC for a number of years but after today I really felt like I needed to share my experience. I have just completed a 10 session course of the Omnilux light and the result is beyond what I could have ever hoped for. My skin is so soft that I keep wanting to touch it as it really feels like velvet. If their is one thing you should do there apart from the general steam and squeeze facial is the Omnilux light, it truly has changed the whole appearance of my skin. Coming into winter my skin felt dry and lifeless....well not anymore!!!! Thanks CSC you guys really know what you are doing and the results speak for themselves. Thanks a million xxx
05 Jun 2015
deidrem886 from Randwick
The girls here are amazing! I came in with horrible pimply skin and in a few months of reasonably prices treatments my skin looks amazing and I am so happy!
20 May 2015
sians3 from Manly Vale
I first visted The Clear Skin Clinic in Double bay last week! My skin has never looked and felt this good after I received a Green peel. I never would have been interested in one but I was recommended by a friend and I will definitely go again!
16 May 2015
Anonymous from Haberfield
I have had acne for the last 18 years. In that time I have tried everything from diet, herbs, dermatologist-prescribed medications, Chinese medicine, beauty products....the list goes on and on. Nothing so far had worked and to be honest the last few years I'd given up and just thought it was something I was stuck with. I ended up stumbling on The Clear Skin Clinic's website and read customer reviews which really resonated (lots of people with a similar long-term history of adult acne). So I made an appointment with Dee for a Steam and Squeeze. After 4 of these sessions, replacing beauty products with those recommended by Dee and a green peel, I am delighted to say my skin is looking amazing! I highly recommend the clinic and only wish I had found out about it 18 years ago!
11 May 2015
sarahw251 from Lane Cove
Like most people I was a bit hesitant coming to the clinic as I'd tried so many different things to help fix my skin. My problem area is my chin and I break out with small whiteheads and cystic bumps, it is horrible. I have seen Dee for only 3 sessions and what a remarkable difference already! For the first time in a long time I am confident there is going to be a change! I will post again in the next few months.
07 May 2015
I've been to the clear skin clinic 3 times now and my skin has cleared up so much over those 3 visits. Before I had tried everything and nothing had worked. I would 10 out of 10 recommend going to the clear skin clinic.
04 May 2015
I've visited the Clear Skin clinic occasionally over two years or so. While i love the philosophy of the clinic and skin treatments, (Think "old-school Steam & Squeeze), i can't say i particularly enjoy my visits. The owner of the store can come across as very firm. While having your skin picked and poked (which is no doubt for the better), there is no relaxing music of any sort, but gossiping and the occasional arguments that can often be heard through the rooms. The prices are quite high considering it would be aimed to the slightly younger generations battling acne or skin troubles, but suited to the area, i guess. I don't really think my visits have benefited my skin all that much if i'm perfectly honest, even while sticking to the strict skincare routine that i was ordered to purchase after also being ordered to throw away my previous skincare items.
29 Mar 2015
I have been going to The Clear Skin Clinic for a little over 2 years and I have seen huge improvements in my skin. The products are tailored to your needs and budget and the staff are always lovely and ran on time.
28 Mar 2015
Dee and the team are fantastic! I went to see Dee after being pregnant with my first child as I developed severe acne and skin redness as a result of the pregnancy. They have worked tirelessly to get my skin back to normal, and I am now pregnant with my 2nd child with no skin issues due to the routine that Dee and the girls have put me in. Can't recommend The Clear Skin Clinic enough!
24 Mar 2015
I have been seeing Dee and the girls at Clear Skin Clinic for over 6 months now, and it has always been such a pleasant experience. Months ago my skin was in a very bad place, enough for me to consider Accutane. I had tons of these stubborn under the skin pimples that I never could get rid of. I tried everything under the sun, from prescription drugs to home remedies, to no avail. Only when I met Dee and started using her recommended products did my skin clear up. Her signature "steam and squeeze" is probably the best exercise you can give to your skin. I also had a mini green peel last week to get rid of the acne marks on my cheeks. Having an Asian background also means my skin gets pigmented very easily. The peel worked like a charm. My marks fade significantly and my skin is so smooth i can't stop touching it. I just want to say thank you to Dee, Chloe and Finna for always being so helpful, honest and professional. It gives me peace of mind knowing that my skin is now in such good hands.
22 Mar 2015
sophiei from Vaucluse
As melodramatic as it seems, CSC completely changed my life! Suffering from acne for years and constantly on different medication meant my confidence was always at a low. Dee reassured me that if I listened to her, got continual treatments and used the right products, I could get this sorted. At first I was sceptical but after only my third steam and squeeze, the difference was astounding and I knew I was on the right path! I feel safe and so well looked after there and the fact that my skin is no longer an issue means EVERYTHING to me! I can't recommend CSC highly enough and can't wait for my next treatment!
10 Feb 2015
lulu24 from Double Bay
The main reason why the Clear Skin Clinic is the best in the Eastern Suburbs is because they are incredibly client-focused - they listen to you first, and then adapt the treatment to you and your lifestyle. The staff are fantastic and very down-to-earth. I have had 2 skin treatments at the CSC so far, and the result is incredible. I have been battling problem skin for years, and have finally found a clinic that knows what is right for me. Dee is all about the try-before-you-buy philosophy, and gives samples of products for you to take home before buying new products! This instantly made me acknowledge the difference between the CSC and other clinics who force you to buy expensive products you haven't even tried. I highly recommend the CSC to anyone who is after safe, effective, and affordable treatment. They are fantastic and I look forward to my visits every time!
31 Jan 2015
jakeb7 from Newtown
I came to Dee and her team a bit hesitant as I had tried many other products or ways of curing my acne but all of them ended the same, I was dissappointed, had less money and most of all still had terrible acne. But Dee reassured me and after 4 visits my skin had improved dramatically! And now 6 months on my skin is almost back to perfect just by following Dee's advice and checking in with her every now and then. I am very grateful and suggest to anyone with skin problems to go see Dee and get the results for yourself!
20 Nov 2014
sharonr2222 from Warrawee
Fantastic salon that has been here for years. I thoroughly recommend it, especially for people with skin problems and teenagers suffering acne or similar. they have a great range of services and it's a busy little salon. Staff are attentive and know their stuff!
07 Aug 2014
mazm4 from Darlinghurst
I am addicted to facials from Sabine at The Clear Skin Clinic. I have had 5 facials over about 7 months and my skin has improved tremendously in that time. I have suffered from cystic acne, blackheads and whiteheads on an off since I was 17 (now 33) so my skin scarring and texture was pretty terrible. My skin is now smoother, looks brighter, balanced and cleaner. Such simple technique, such good results. And some new products in my regime which a just a treat to use.
30 Apr 2014
Anonymous from Double Bay
I am 19 years old and have been seeing Dee now for just under 3 months. I was battling mild acne for about 8 months, with sporadic red marks ever-present on my cheeks and chin area from constant squeezing. This is never a pleasant thing to deal with at any age but as an adolescent with an active social life it can be very embarrassing and become a huge blow to your self-esteem. Before Dee, I had seen 2 other beauticians/skin specialists. Each time they would promise me that they had the solution to my condition and knew exactly how to treat my skin. I would be seeing them for facials regularly - every 2 weeks - and using all the creams and cleansers they advised to use religiously and by the end of it my bathroom drawers looked like a chemist's, yet I would always be pockmarked with scarring and keep seeing pimples re-appear time and time again. After becoming completely fed up and disappointed with seeing no results and spending a lot of money, I gave up and explored other avenues, Pro Active, Epiduo and I even went to see a dermatologist who prescribed me Doryx antibiotic capsules with nothing proving effective. I was incredibly stressed and self-conscious and almost gave up before I heard about Dee. At first I rejected the idea and assumed she would be like every other beautician claiming to be able to help me just to swindle me into spending money on useless products and facial appointments. In the end, my mum dragged me down to the clinic just to see what Dee had to say before I made my final judgement. When I came in and met Dee, admittedly, I was very speculative and basically interrogated her practice and demanded how she could prove to me that she wasn't just another faker looking to take my money. She stood up, looked at my skin for about 30 seconds and told me that in 3 weeks she'd clear me up back to normal. I expressed that I was very doubtful so Dee then gave me some cleansing samples but refused to go ahead with my appointment and said that I had to go home and do some research about her to rid me of my speculation and that when I was ready and wanted her service to come back. I looked up the Clear Skin Clinic and read all the raving reviews here on WOMO and after a few days I decided I would give her service a chance and that if she failed I would basically give up on my skin for good. Once I came back, she told me that I would have to have one appointment a week for the next 3 weeks and that during this time I would look red and flushed from all the squeezing but to suck it up and deal with it. After being mildly, but constantly red for 8 months, I figured I didn't have much to lose and went for it. At my first 'Steam and Squeeze' appointment, Dee really inspected my skin and broke down the reasons as to why I was experiencing the acne and gave a really genuine sense that she was tailoring her service to my individual need - already she was suggesting ideas completely different to the previous beauticians I'd seen and they made sense. After the appointment, as Dee said, I was very red and flushed but I dealt with it and looked for the long term result. After about 4-5 days, I could already notice a huge difference in the texture of my skin and had never seen so little lumps since I started experiencing acne 8 months before. I continued for the next 2 weeks, and after each appointment my skin was less red and less flushed as she gradually got rid of all the acne over my whole face. By the end of the 3 week period I was nothing short of amazed. I had never seen my skin so clear for as long as I could remember and cut my chemist draw down to 3 products which all worked. Straight away I was receiving compliments from friends, family and work colleagues of how good I looked and how much my skin had cleared up which was a huge boost in confidence. Dee is blunt and straight to the point but always in a comforting manner that re-assures her wealth of experience and confidence in her own practice. She is easy to get along with and the whole Clinic has a welcoming ambience about it that removes any pre-existing embarrassment and concern about the whole situation. I see Dee now once a month for a regular 'Steam and Squeeze' to maintain my newly improved skin and feel confident that it will never go back to how it was because of her. I can't give her enough credit for what she does as this review doesn't do her skills justice - you have to see the results first hand to understand. For anyone suffering from any range of severity of acne I couldn't recommend Dee and the Clear Skin Clinic team enough.
23 Apr 2014
laurenp2014 from Rushcutters Bay
I'm 23 and have been struggling with (mild) acne since I can remember. I was recommended to see Dee at The Clear Skin Clinic by two people and finally got in two weeks ago (make sure you book ahead!!). She is unbelievable - she is honest about your skin's condition but makes you feel comfortable with the way she words it (too many times have I walked out of a dermatologist crying and offended!). The staff there are all lovely and immediately you know you're somewhere good. When booking in for a facial you would usually expect a calming place with soft music playing etc - not here! They each walk in and out of the rooms, you can hear everyone gossiping and talking but that's what makes the place in my opinion. It's like walking into a family home - and I've only been twice so far! After my first facial my skin was an absolute mess and I was terrified I'd gone to the wrong place. But, as Dee explained, stick with the regime she gives you and it will be worth it. After five days my skin was already clearer than I'd ever seen it. And after returning last night (two weeks later) for my second facial, my face today is already glowing - two people at work have already told me I look great today - who would have thought!! The Clear Skin Clinic isn't out to rip you off - the Steam and Squeeze facial is $100 and I walked out of my first appointment with samples of products that Dee recommended I use - not once forcing me to pay for anything, just giving me samples to start off with! And after using them for two weeks I didn't have to think twice about purchasing them last night. I highly highly highly recommend this place. Dee is extremely experienced and will get your skin looking beautiful in no time. I can't wait to look back in six months after having been to see Dee a few more times and realise how worth it she really is! She is honest and you really can trust your skin in her hands!
22 Apr 2014
rebeccaa27 from Rushcutters Bay
Ahhh a four day weekend... the perfect occasion for a bit of me time. And let's face it, my me time usually involves the world of beauty for you see, I am a beauty whore. You name it and I've tried it! You may remember my discovery of The Clear Skin Clinic early last year from my previous review of the steam and squeeze. I called Dee a God then and I'm calling her a God again now. After continuing my pilgrimage to this clear skin Mecca to continue my anti acne regime, Dee introduced me to the herbal green peel last Thursday. Essentially Dee patiently rubbed this bad boy all over my face until it reached a certain consistency and raised the temperature of my skin. Now some people find this painful - I honestly found it completely bearable. Here's a hot tip: the longer you can tolerate it, the better the depth of the peel, ie. the better the result, and clearly that's what I'm after! Dee then loaded some more of the peel onto my skin and basically mummified my face with gauze for a further 20 minutes whilst periodically wetting my face down for a cooling effect. When I was done, I'm not going to lie - I wasn't pretty! Expect redness and slight swelling. I was sent on my way for five days of blissful nothing - no water on my skin, no sunshine, you know the drill. as the days went by my face literally began to shed layers - this made me very happy because this is what a true peel is all about. I cannot tell you the number of treatments I've tried promising to peel back layers of skin only for me to experience little flaking akin to dandruff. So after leaving DNA all over Sydney, I returned to the clinic for a follow up session with Dee who proceeded to steam my face and literally peel away the remaining debris like wet wallpaper. The result is seriously smooth, bright, taught, baby's bum skin. I am beyond delighted. I was also able to achieve a level of decongestion not possible with the traditional steam and squeeze and as a result I finally have the blackhead and bump free skin that I desired. I cannot recommend this salon enough - Dee seriously knows her stuff and there is no bullshit and unnecessary products, etc. involved - just amazing results. I've already booked ahead for another peel next Easter!
16 Apr 2014
Anonymous from Edgecliff
Finding Dee and the Ladies at Clean Skin has been the best thing that has ever happened to my skin! I've struggled with acne prone skin on and off for years and it was beginning to scar my cheeks. I was recommended to see Dee and I haven't looked back. The steam and squeezes have cleared up my acne and I've just had my first green skin peel - which has helped to heal my scarring! I am so so so happy and cannot wait for my next one! Everyone who works at The Clear Skin Clinic are so lovely and supportive and I am truly thankful for all the help I have received!!!
11 Apr 2014
aliciaw3 from Newtown
love love love!!! Such an awesome team appreciate the honesty! First appointment today and my skin already feels better! would definitely recommend clear skin clinic! very happy I found this place :)
15 Jan 2014
Anonymous from Randwick
I was thrilled and surprised that Dee and her team at CSC have been able to produce wonderful results in my skin in just 2 treatments. I am becoming more proud of my skin every day.
21 Oct 2013
Anonymous from Woollahra
I used to have horrible skin- pimples and lumps and bumps all over my face. It was terrible for my self esteem. But then I discovered the Clear Skin Clinic and I got a steam and squeeze every few weeks for around 5 months, and it has done wonders for my skin! My friends and family all comment on how much better my skin is looking, and it has really helped boost my confidence.
05 Oct 2013
aineo from Randwick
I decided to try the clear skin clinic about 6 months ago. I've had breakouts since my teenage years and was wearing heavy make-up to hide these. I booked for a steam and squeeze (which is exactly as the name suggests) and never looked back. The first few sessions were spent cleansing my skin of all the oily products I had been using and unclogging pores. The first few weeks weren't pretty as my skin was cleansing BUT I stuck with it. After 4-5 sessions, I started to notice the difference. It took that time to get rid of the oil build up and treat my acne prone chin with the rest of my face being normal. CSC treated my skin type perfectly to get the results I have wanted for years. I now rarely get a spot as I have a steam and squeeze every 6 weeks and use all their recommended water based products. I recently had a green peel to get rid of the teenage scarring on my cheeks and chin which improved the tone of my skin. I would advise, go for a treatment, stick with it and you will have clear bright skin. If you're like me, the first few weeks are tough but stick with it. They say their beauticians not magicians, but I kind of disagree! Lovely friendly staff who are motivated to get you results.
13 Sep 2013
CityGirl from Lewisham
I've always had oily skin. Great for keeping you young looking, not so great when trying to manage the daily lumps & bumps, especially when you've left the teenage years waaaay behind. Now most facials just aren't worth the money, time or effort, but not with the ladies at Clear Skin. I booked a steam and squeeze with glycolic, and let me tell you it was great. My skin was soft, clear and looked so good I even forgot to put on makeup the next day when I was going out. I've just been for another session. The recommended products are not expensive and they actually work so you'll save so much money and time. If you're expecting a salon that's super quiet, with (supposedly) blissful music and and a heap of privacy, you won't get it here. What you will get is a treatment room (door open), and a procedure that will clear your skin. Absolutely the best investment I've ever made in myself.
01 Sep 2013
samh26 from Rozelle
We live in a world where people turn a blind eye to 'fake beauty'. Botox, plastic surgery, perfectly sculpted made-up complexions - these expensive treatments are part of a never-ending vicious cycle where enough is never enough. So it's refreshing to have a place which realises the value in promoting natural 'real' beauty. Dee has a fool-proof program which will not only clear your skin but set it on a path where it simply continues to improves. All those expensive junky beauty products which once seemed inevitably necessary will seem sticky and a tad ridiculous once your skin begins to glow on its own. I had about four sessions with Dee and my skin has improved miraculously (and is only getting better). I now wear barely any makeup and consequently take about a quarter of the time than I used to getting ready. I'd recommend anyone to see Dee she'll save you both from the headache & cash it takes to 'keep up with the joneses' and leave you looking better than most of them anyway.
21 Aug 2013
elizabethlawlis from Shalvey
This was my first time coming to this place and it was a fantastic experience the staff was so friendly my skin is now so much better and i had a very relaxing time i never felt uncomfortable the staff always made shure i was happy and had what i needed thankyou so much for my great experience i highly recomend them.
20 Aug 2013
ElysiaM from Bondi Junction
These guys are really good! They really clean out your skin properly. My skin has improved a lot since coming here. They recommended a variety of products and you know it's not just to sell them because they are specific with each product and your skin type. Would definitely recommend this place if you have skin troubles.
30 Jul 2013
suer34 from Vaucluse
I wish I had discovered The Clear Skin Clinic sooner! I am so happy with the results and love the products that Dee has recommended for me. She was spot on with what I needed, not to mention very affordable.
22 Jul 2013
Anonymous from Concord
I have recommended Clear skin Clinic to many of my friends and family because it has changed my skin for the better for life! I had blemishes for years all over my chin area and Dee and her staff are fantastic and have cleared my skin for good. Their advice on skin care and products really changed my life!I get compliments all the time on how good my skin is which is great! I cannot recommend them enough!
19 Jul 2013
Anonymous from Redfern
The Clear Skin Clinic was recommended to me by a friend who had rave reviews, my expectations were pretty high! I have had facials at the clinic over the past few months and I cannot recommend it more. I found that after following the advice of the staff my skin has never been clearer. I love that products were never pushed onto me after the facial, just explained and their instructions were simple but effective. I cannot recommend more to anyone who has congested skin.
03 May 2013
Anonymous from Edgecliff
Being in my later teenage years, I've had difficulty keeping my skin free of build up and visible break outs. The clinic gave me great advice, especially about how despite having a regular and thorough skin cleaning routine, I have not been seeing results or clearer skin due to incorrect product use. I have had several 'steam and squeeze' treatments and after a few weeks I've noticed just how much clearer my skin looks and more so how the "underlying" problem has been dealt with aka. getting to the build up before it becomes visible at the surface! I'm now able to go less frequently to maintain my skin's health, and I'm very glad I payed the Clear Skin Clinic a visit. The extraction treatments are thorough and most importantly, have worked for me!
03 May 2013
sharonr2222 from Warrawee
Dee is an amazing beauty therapist and offers excellent service, super friendly and always have a giggle with her. Her facials are fantastic and if you're looking for extractions this is def the place to go - not many therapists offer this any more. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience, highly recommend her services
10 Apr 2013
lucyb12 from Clovelly
There is nothing typical about the Clear Skin Clinic. It is run completely on being honest and caring and I feel like my RESULTS and I always come first! This place gives you clear skin, it is seriously that simple, anyone who has ever walked through the doors will testify to this. More than that they educate you on how to care for your skin at home with simple products which work. Anyone struggling with the daily emotional battle of acne should definitely come see Dee, I urge you, she will fix your skin. I had gone through my teenage years with clear skin, but once I turned 20 it was like a constant, unpredictable and draining struggle, I had tried so many expensive products and done so much research and nothing was working, on top of this I was loading my skin up with heavy products I didn't need. 4 weeks ago I walked in with the worst acne I have ever experienced, it was definitely mild not severe, but regardless my confidence was shot and today after only 3 cleans with Dee and the simplest skin care regimen I have ever had - I have clear skin. More than the results, education and simple regimen - it really is affordable. If anything I am saving money as I haven't bought a single cosmetic product since I started. I have gone from wearing a full face of makeup every single day to none at all, I would rather people see how truly clear my skin is. I urge anyone looking for a skin care solution to come here!
21 Feb 2013
rachelc16 from Wollstonecraft
I had my first case of severe adult acne when I was 21. Over the years I have been able to manage it, but have never had completely clear skin; I would regularly have break outs that would take forever to go away. Last year at the age of 28 I had another severe break out of Adult Acne. This time was much worse, my face was literally being taken over by acne, no amount of make up was able to hide what was forming on my face. It got so bad that I ended up with a staph infection on my chin. I had seen a dermatologist who had one cure for me a 6-8 month treatment of roaccutane. I was not keen on this; I had seen what it had done to people and was not prepared to do that to myself. A friend of mine had told me about The Clear Skin Clinic, at first I was skeptical, as I had been to so many places and been told my skin will be fixed with a $1000 package, I had already spent so much money on laser treatment, light therapy anything that said it cured acne I had tried it. My first appointment with Dee, I took in all my products I was currently using and let me tell you it was not a small bag. Dee spent some time with me explaining what was happening with my skin and what I had been doing to it by using all these products. She explained to me that the treatment she could give me was not going to be easy. I think I cried for the whole hour of my first steam and squeeze. But the results were worth the pain. I committed to Dee's treatments, having 2 steam and squeeze facials a week and within 5 weeks my skin was flat and smooth again, I still had some scarring so opted to have a Green peel done by Dee. The results after my 5 day peel were amazing, my skin was almost perfect again, I still have a few minor scars, but they are hardly noticeable. I am using all the products recommend to me by Dee. I absolutely love the foundation. My morning make up application has gone from about half an hour to 10 minutes. I highly recommend The Clear Skin Clinic, the girls there are all lovely and I don't know where I would be right now if I had not come across this place. I will be forever thankful for everything Dee and her girls have done for me.
24 Jan 2013
rebeccaa27 from Rushcutters Bay
I am 27 years old and developed acne last year. I went to the Facial Rejuventation Clinic on George Street to treat the problem and spent $600+ on about eight products that I was to use twice daily (a combination of a Cosmedix cleanser, Aspect Dr serums, ASAP moisturiser and Ultraceuticals serum). I was also told to throw out my existing makeup (admittedly cosmetic in nature such as Armani, Bobbi Brown, etc) and invest in a range of Becca products, deemed "mineral". I began undergoing treatments every fortnight that cost $250 for each visit - a RevLite laser treatment, a peel and a session of Omnilux light. In total I must have spent about $3,000 and so NO RESULTS - I had the same pimples on my face for months. My hairdresser recommended that I go next door to the Clear Skin Clinic, where I met Dee and Tina. I was asked to bring a goodie bag of everything that I use on my face, including makeup, to my first session, which was a "steam and squeeze". My first impression was absolute awe of the depth of knowledge that these ladies possess. They went through each product with me and explained the ingredients and how in fact they were useless / causing further irritation / not actually suitable for my skin. I then underwent my treatment with Tina, which was extraction of every bump on my face using a special lance after a cleanse and steaming session. After the extraction she placed a peel on my face for five minutes to kill any bacteria. Of course this was painful but completely bearable. My face was a sight once complete but Tina gave me sample products and wrote down my new - VERY SIMPLE - skincare regimen and sent me on my way. Within three days, the scabs had healed and fallen away and my face was smoother then it had been in years. My friends commented when seeing the difference and I literally told Tina I loved her at my next session. Due to the depth of congestion and poor treatment on my skin, I am having multiple steam and squeeze sessions. I had my second one today, and my face is hardly red or sore this time around. I invested in my recommended products - a simple cleanser (Dermologica Special Cleansing Gel), toner (my "medicine" as Tina puts it - Environ Alpha Tone), and moisturiser (Dr Spiller Collagen Cream); and a scrub to use twice weekly (Dermologica Skin Prep Scrub). I was so happy to have only spent around $300 on products and my treatments and $95 for a steam and squeeze with glycolic peel. These ladies know their stuff and I only wish I had discovered them sooner. I cannot recommend them enough - I was skeptical after my experience with the Facial Rejuvenation Clinic but the results speak for themselves.
10 Dec 2012
isabellan from Kingsgrove
I am a 17 year old female and came to Dee suffering from bad breakouts particularly around my chin area, which Dee told me was caused from blackheads/blocked pores, not acne. I was really anxious and worried about going and thinking they were going to say things to make me feel worse about myself (due to past experiences) well, I was proven wrong. I came in and everyone was so nice and friendly to me. I have been going to Dee for about a year now, and I have noticed a HUGE improvement in my skin. My breakouts are under control and I feel so much more confident. If you are suffering from breakouts or bad skin it is simple GO TO DEE. Don't keep putting it off like me. It is better to take the initiative and act fast. It is well worth your money in the end if you want to see results.
08 Nov 2012
An153 from Sydney
I came here twice a month. Nice staffs. Nice services. The price is a little bit high but overall is exellence. Highly recommended.
07 Nov 2012
drrickc from Wollstonecraft
I have been a client of Dee's for many years and I was amazed at the significant improvements to my acne-prone skin after the green peel treatments. As a guy, I was oftern the "token male" during appointments but Dee provided great service and dedication. Dee's product recommendations (especially for a guy) were spot on. Thanks Dee and her team.
29 Oct 2012
allsmiles from Elizabeth Bay
I never had spots as a teenager, instead they decided to turn up from my late twenties and got worse until recently. I am 35. My girlfriend recommended me to see Dee and her team well over a year ago. After too long I finally made my appointment. I've just had my second facial (steam & squeeze) and my skin is SO much clearer. Most day spas or skincare places won't squeeze? Something I've never understood. Dee and her fabulous team, on the other hand, continue until they've extracted the 'muck'. They talk you through what they're doing, they make you feel at ease and they're all so lovely it's like hanging out with your friends. My first appointment was with Dee and I took my (ridiculously huge) bag of products in to be examined. Well, I certainly have a lot of products to use on my body now! Now I love the simplicity of using simple products where I can immediately see the benefit. I'm so excited by my skin already and how calm it looks, I can't wait to see it fully flourish in such good hands. Hands down the best place around. Thanks Dee, thanks girls. You've created a haven in Double Bay and your clients adore you :)
12 Sep 2012
Anonymous from Sydney
They know what they're doing, and they are amazing at it. You just have to trust them and do what they tell you to do. The pain I went through is worth it. My skin is so much clearer and smoother now.
27 Aug 2012
Anonymous from Stanmore
CSC is certainly worth a visit if you have any concerns with your skin. I originally made an appointment after over hearing 2 ladies at my hairdresser talking about this amazing place called CSC....I went and haven't been to another beauty therapist since! My skin was dirty, clogged, oily and breaking out on a regular basis. After just a few facials my skin is clean, clear and I only get the odd pimple. I love how you can take in your beauty products and Dee will tell you what is good and not good for your skin. Dee will never push any products on you but the products she has are outstanding and are worth every cent. I have gone from using dozens of products to just a few good quality products that work. She has a no nonsense approach to skin and you won't regret making an appointment. Thanks Dee and the girls for making me feel more confident in my own skin!
22 Aug 2012
laurenw12 from Glebe
CSC is amazing. I went to see Dee with terrible skin, as a result of: (a) hormonal changes from having a baby, (b) my products no longer working for me, and (c) bad advice from other places. I have always had good skin with only occasional break outs, but before I went to CSC, I basically had acne! I had tried so many things, including various remedies from a naturopath (which helped), but only after seeing Dee has my skin completely changed! Not only did Dee help clear all the blemishes (which is no walk in the park by the way), but she gave me good advice about products (without the whole sales pitch) and just knew exactly what to do. I am so grateful, and feel like I can be my usual confident self again. I also think the prices are reasonable and very much good value. I highly recommend the CSC.
21 Aug 2012
julianneg from Matraville
I read a lot of good feedback about The Clear Skin Clinic. It was true! I had lots of stubborn acne on my face. Di said to me 3 times facial to remove majority of the acne, and she was right ! I am a very happy customer :) Many thanks Di :)
16 Aug 2012
Katharina from Erskineville
Best beauty salon ever..... Dee and Bennedect are my favourite therapist. They understand my skin very well.... my acne is now getting much much better.The price is very reasonable too.... They wont push you to buy any products instead they will kindly advise what product is the best for your skin and give you sample before you buy the product to make sure it suit your skin. Well done guys.... Love you guys always!!! Thanks for making my face clearer and better. i will not stop coming there.
01 Aug 2012
Anonymous from Rosebery
I have lived with blemishes and constant breakouts for ALL of my late teens and 20's. I spent a lot of money visiting beauty salons and on what i thought were the best skin care products. I honestly thought I just had'that' skin type and just lived with it. My sister was constantly telling me I should try Dee and her team after she had amazing success. It took me a year to get the courage to see her and I truly regret not going sooner. I've only seen Dee three times but in 5 weeks my skin has never been better... And guess what? I've had NO breakouts for 2 weeks.... That's a miracle. Thank you Dee and team. You've changed my life!
22 Jun 2012
Ame from Balmain East
The Clear Skin Clinic have wonderful staff! The girls are all lovely and very efficient. They make you feel very comfortable and reassure you of everything they are doing. Very knowledgeable! Overall phenomenal service at the clinic!
18 Jun 2012
Anonymous from Mascot
The Clear Skin Clinic are amazing! anyone who has problem skin should definately go there. The expertise and knowledge of staff is so great they will help and deal with any skin problem you have. I thought there was no solution to my problem skin until i went to the Clear Skin Clinic. The team are fabulous and know their products and just the right treatment for you. My skin is now clear and glowing and i would reccomend the clinic to everyone. if you too have problem skin like i had, then the Clear Skin Clinic is the right place for you. i tried every product on the market - creams, cleansers,toners,moisturisers - the lot - that claim they give you clear skin but nothing worked, that was until i went to the Clear Skin Clinic.
05 May 2012
angieh from Balmain East
I have been visiting Dee and her fabulous staff for close to six years now. I am 39 this year and my skin is better than ever. I have oily skin and the occasional breakout but I visit Dee for her Environ facials - they are incredible. I am also a fan of her light therapy treatment (amazing for 'mature-ish' skin), which are so relaxing...20 mins of warm bliss! And to top it all off today I visited the new nail bar and had my very first Shellac and am positively addicted. Dee's salon and nail bar are an absolute credit to her. Apart from being immaculately clean (think 'operating room') the service that you are given is second to none. I am so grateful to the CSC for helping me with my skin, so much so that I wear nil make-up and just enjoy great skin. Definitely try this clinic and treat yourself to a Shellac and spray tan - 10/10.
15 Apr 2012
Anonymous from Paddington
I have had bad skin most of my life but late last year i started to get really bad acne again after being clear of it for years. I am now 34. It was so bad i did not want to leave the house. I had been going to a beauty salon in Potts Point where i now know had been giving me all the wrong product for my skin. A friend recommended Dee at the Clear Skin Clinic and i am SO thankful that she did. Dee has saved my skin in only a matter of months. All my spots have mostly cleared up we are not just dealing with the left over pigmentation. I cannot recommend Dee enough!! She is straight to the point and really passionate about what she does. At the Clear Skin Clinic that don't just sell you product for the sake of it and will give you testers the start to get you going. If you have bad skin don't go on any drugs or medication before you go and see Dee!! Oh and the green peel is AMAZING!
15 Apr 2012
Anonymous from Paddington
I have suffered with ongoing acne since i was 15, and have tried and tested numerous skincare products / medications, including Roaccutane and the contraceptive pill. At the age of 31 I never thought I would ever have perfect skin. I was recommended to visit CSC and have been having regular facials for the past six months. My skin is now in great condition and I am amazed to have eventually found a treatment that works. Thank you to Dee and especially Betty for making me feel happy... I love my clear skin. Thanks x
07 Apr 2012
jess14 from Maroubra
Growing up I always had a problem with Milia and my face. After trying so many different products and medication nothing was helping! A friend then recommended the Clear Skin Clinic to me. As soon as Dee saw my skin she knew exactly what I needed! After a couple of Steam and Squeezes and recommending products that work for my skin I have never felt so good and been so happy about my face. Milia is a tough condition to treat but the girls at the Clear Skin Clinic knew exactly what to do and were so helpful. So glad something has finally worked!
03 Apr 2012
ashleighc3 from Rosebery
Brings your confidence to another level. My skin was full of blemish's and so greasy, when I went to the Clear Skin Clinic they just sorted it out. New exactly which products I should be using and once I made the change I wouldnt change a thing. The 'pimple killer' is definately a MUST!
05 Mar 2012
reayap from Camperdown
Dee is amazing. My skin was a disaster and in less then 2 weeks she turned my face around. Now it is glowing and fabulous. Dee taught me what works best for my skin type.. which in the long run will save me money... Her peels are amazing and her knowledge is truly valuable. Thank you very much. I will be recommending you to everyone. xx
16 Feb 2012
samanthas17 from Earlwood
Great place to go, the staff are friendly. I would go back again. I really enjoyed my experience
07 Jan 2012
fayf1 from Hornsby
Ive had 5 treatments here for my acne and the results have been great. At 28 i was still breaking out badly and nothing i tried previously worked, until a colleague who had great results at the Clear Skin Clinic 7 years ago recommended i try it. After 7 years her skin still looked good, so i thought id give it ago. I had tried everything else without luck. It can seem costly upfront, but considering all the money people with acne spend on useless products, its well worth it. Im now needing less extractions, and everyone has seen the improvement in my face. im very happy!!
12 Dec 2011
eloisec from Hughesdale
I can't describe how grateful I am to Dee and her team! I developed some nasty 'chin-friends' after coming off hormonal birth control last year. After trying everything that could possibly be flogged at me by department store sales assistants, I resigned myself to the fact that crap skin was my future, much to my horror. I can honestly say that the treatments (especially the much heralded 'Steam & Squeeze') at The Clear Skin Clinic really work. Products are recommended for your own skin needs without the sinister up-sell, and practical and no-nonsense advice is readily dispensed. Dee is welcoming and friendly, knowledgeable about her craft and has helped my confidence no-end. Highly recommended!
02 Dec 2011
sophiec_21 from Seaforth
Ive been to Dee and her team a few times now and had the steam and squeeze and also a green peel. The results have been amazing. Not only is my skin clear for the first time in years but it also just looks better and im convinced my pores look smaller as well. Dee knows exactly what treatment and products you need for your skin type. This is the place to go if you want results, i regret not coming to see Dee years ago when a family friend recommended her to me - I would have saved myself a lot of money and not to mention years of having problem skin. Thank you Dee!!
16 Nov 2011
ireneo from Roseville Chase
I am 32years old and of Greek background which for me means an oily T Zone, large pores and prone to breakouts. I have been suffering with large breakouts for most of my adulthood and in particular these last couple of years. After being fed up with constant breakouts, oily skin and clogging up my pores with heavy makeup to cover-up the pimples, I started googling for salons/clinics with good reviews and here I found The Clear Skin Clinic. I have never reviewed a business online before but I believe Dee and her team definately deserve the effort. From the first time I visited the clinic and met Dee, I knew I had come to the right place. Dee looked at my skin under the bright light, I had a steam and extraction and then Dee looked at my products (makeup-inika, facial products-mukti), which without my knowledge was the main problem. Even though the products were organic and chemical free, they were blocking my pores. I have since had 3 steams and extractions over 3 weeks and also a green peel. My skin feels and looks good, I have had comments made about how good my skin looks, which has never, ever happened to me. I cannot reiterate how much Dee has improved my confidence in my skin. Thank you Dee, I hope this review will help someone else that has suffered too long, just like I have.
04 Oct 2011
caroline46h from Woollahra
If you have tried everything to rid your bad skin then you haven't seen Dee at the Clear Skin Clinic in Double Bay. Prior to coming here I had tried diets, medication and spent hundreds of dollars on products and treatments that simply did not work. Dee has a pragmatic and no-nonsense approach to working with and clearing the skin of her clients. Her facials get results! Dee invests time into the appointments and really tailors her approach to her clients. She has taught me so much about how to care after my skin (and made me realise how much damage I have been inflicting on my skin all these years!) I have gone from using around skin care 8 products to 3 and my skin has never been better. Her approach is simple, yet effective. She cleans, steams, extracts and then treats your skin (with a mask). After 2 facials my skin has dramatically improved. If you want to sort your skin out stop wasting time and call the Clear Skin Clinic!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!
23 Sep 2011
brooket2 from Mosman
I am a woman in my early 30s who has been stuggling with bad acne for the last few years. I have tried almost every product/diet/medication/naturapath/dermatologist there is in despiration to clear my ongoing acne. Then I came across these reviews for the Clear Skin Clinic at Double Bay while looking for contact details for the dermatologist I had been seeing-with limited success. BEST ACCIDENTAL FIND EVER!!! I cant tell you how much my skin has improved. I noticed improvements from day one, and its just gotten better. Dee is amazing. She takes you back to basics. Proper, professional steam and squeeze!! She does not try to hard sell you products or theories. She'll use what she thinks will work for you. She gives you results. By following her recommendations, my skin continues to improve. These are by no means your pampering facials, they are there to clean your skin. Its a clinic, if you want an expensive spa experience, with girls who wll speak to you in a whisper and massage your head, then the steam and squeeze isnt for you. But Dee is givng me results at a quarter of the price Ive paid for other treatments and I cant thank her enough. Stop wasting time with other treatments, just make an appointment, you wont regret it. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
10 Sep 2011
markj9 from Potts Point
Life savers! I went to The Clear Skin Clinic with shocking acne/pimples/infected pores on my back. 5 visits later & with an easy at home regime, my back is perfect. I can now go back to the beach. But most importantlt, I am pain free and feeling good about myself again. Thank you Clear Skin Clinic!
06 Sep 2011
christinew16 from Paddington
A few months ago, my skin was awful - lots of blemishes and I was quite embarrassed about it. I booked in to see Dee at the Clear Skin Clinic and she reviewed all the products I was using, including my make up and explained I was clogging my skin with too much junk. I've been going there regularly for facials ever since and my skin is fantastic. I can happily go out without make up on. Really happy with the results I've gotten from Clear Skin Clinic....highly recommended
10 Aug 2011
Anonymous from Rose Bay
I came in to see Dee looking and feeling horrible and after only three or four visits, she has got my skin looking amazing - I receive comments all the time that I am glowing. The products she chose for me are perfect and I feel like I'm in good hands each time. I HIGHLY reccommend The Clearskin Clinic
26 Jul 2011
sophiei from Vaucluse
Dee is an absolute genius! i cannot praise this business enough, after having problems with my skin for years, Dee and her team at CSC not only helped clear my skin but also taught me how to properly take care of it. I suggest that anyone with skin issues call CSC immediately as it is without a doubt the best in Sydney!
28 Jun 2011
Anonymous from Darlinghurst
Dee and her team are outstanding! At their jobs; the results; and the service is perfectly friendly and professional. I felt in great hands and will be returning.
24 Jun 2011
I go to see Susan specifically to get threading done of my eyebrows & upper lip & I am so amazed by her precision. After getting threading done by her on my eyebrows I couldnt see myself getting anyone else to do it due to the quality of work. Its actually quite hard to do my eyebrows as I have very light coloured hair on my eyebrows & very delicate skin. Ive had threading done by other talented people before but at the end of the day you cant beat years of experience!
18 Apr 2011
kyliec17 from Malabar
I have suffered with Acne my whole life, after being referred to Dee from a friend who raved about her results, I called and made the appointment. Dee and the staff at The Clear Skin Clinic are AMAZING! my results have been fantastic and i am over the moon!!
18 Apr 2011
Anonymous from Rose Bay
Brilliant! Dee you have changed my skin! I have always had large pores prone to blackheads and my skin has a bumpy look. After my first extraction facial I received dozens of comments on how great my skin looked. Dee is a skin expert - she is very honest and says it as is is. For me I will always need extraction facials every 2 - 3 months as I have an oily complexion. Lots of beauticians claim they do extractions and spend a couple of minutes around the nose and chin area, Dee knuckles in and squeezes for a good 40 minutes, she doesn't get the title the Squeeze and Clean Queen for nothing. I have recommended her to so many friends over the years because I have seen the results and trust her. Quite sweetly she gave me a free facial one day for sending her so many of my friends, having said that her facials are not expensive compared to the rest of the Sydney prices and she could charge alot more.. You will get results with a facial from Dee not just a expensive cleanse with a massage at the end!!
11 Mar 2011
francesl2 from Templestowe
after being a customer at this clinic, you will have clearer skin in just days!! all products are of high quality
08 Mar 2011
morganb from Double Bay
CLEAR SKIN CLINIC DOUBLE BAY DEE IS GENIUS ! My skin broke out couldnt get rid of it with in 2 weeks of going to dee it was clear i never BREAK OUT OR GET A PIMPLE !
22 Feb 2011
ashac1 from Clovelly
Dee offers extraction facials for problem skin. These are not a pleasant experience, but they work! She knows all there is to know about acne and is committed to helping customers achieve their best skin. I initially had doubts about her approach, but the results spoke for themselves after the second treatment. My skin is blemish free, and I have very few backheads now (a big problem previously). The best thing about Dee's service is that she is honest about what will help you, and provides you with samples of the product she recommends, so you can try before you buy! I'm now committed to the products Dee introduced me to, and plan to continue to have regular (every 6-8weeks) facials with Dee. I wear make up daily, but I am now able to use only very light coverage as my skin is clear and smooth - no bumps, and not even a monthly spot. If you have problem skin, or just fed up with a few bumps, monthly spots or the odd blackheads, go and see Dee - your skin will thank you.
10 Feb 2011
pettac from Paddington
Absolutely love the team at the clear skin clinic. Ive had a few different treatments there, and am pleased with the results. To be honest i was seriously shocked at how well the Meei treatments worked. The one thing that i really value most at the CLear skin clinic is the absolute honesty with which Dee hands out treatments, she told me certain treatments were not good for my skin and refused to let me have them. I really value this in the beauty industry. Will always go to Dee and Lou there for honest skin assesments and great treatements.
10 Feb 2011
alaskag from Lane Cove
Since I was a teenager I have had troubled skin. I never had a skin routine and would chop and change between different random skin-care products that never worked. Since my make – up artist friend recommended I go to 'The Clear Skin Clinic' my skin has been transformed. I had witnessed her skin change and look so healthy in such a short period of time and then even after my first visit I noticed a change in mine. My complexion is so much smoother now, without the bumps and dirt build-ups that were always visible under my skin. No more clogged pours. YAY!!! I have had treatments done by Alex and Dee and they are both amazing at what they do. They tell it how it is and help you understand what to do to prevent breakouts, without giving you a cheesy sales pitch or being pushy and force you to by their products like so many other places I have been to in the past. One thing that really appealed to me was that they are not just loyal to one brand of products but simply stock a range of affordable and effective options. Another thing I love is how comfortable they make you feel at the Clinic and they don't try and fool you with music, candles and scents. It's a relaxed friendly environment focused solely on skin health and rejuvenation. I did make the decision to try some of the products they offer there, and for someone who was lazy and hated looking after my skin, I now religiously use the cleanser, miracle toner and moisturiser and have even noticed drastic changes to the dark circles and fine lines under my eyes because of an eye-cream I got from Clear Skin Clinic. Thank you Alex and Dee; you have helped me and my skin so much and I always look forward to my next visit.
14 Dec 2010
Since my teenage years I've had problems here and there will blemishes and blackheads, but it wasn't until about 6 months ago that my skin became really congested. This was caused by the use of a product recommended to me by a lady at a cosmetic counter to re-train and clean up my skin. Apparently it would get worse before it got better, and she was partially correct as my skin became more congested than it ever had been previously. When it failed to show any signs of improvement, I decided that it was time to see someone who specialised in problem skin. Reading about the clinic from the website, gave me hope that my skin could be rid of all the horrible bumps which had taken over my face in the last few months. It's not a pampering, relaxing facial, but difference after one session was amazing, and 2 months later my skin has improved so much. Although the effects from the first steam and squeeze are apparent, it is an ongoing process, and not an instant cure. But when I think of all the time and money I've spent on chasing clear skin, the few sessions I've spent with Dee have been more than worth it.
29 Nov 2010
Catty from Marsfield
The Clear Skin Clinic has been the greatest discovery! Since going there 3 times my skin has improved in leaps and bounds. I constantly receive compliments on how amazing my skin looks. I wholeheartedly agree with all the positive things the other posts before mine say. I'm a make-up Artist and constantly recommend the salon to my clients. Don't be put off by the extractions, and initial break outs, it's the only way to make progress with cleaning out all the built up gunk stuck under your skin! Dee is fabulous, and tells it how it is. I've listened to all of her advice regarding what make-up and skin care products I should be using, and will continue to do so! The toner (zit killer) Dee recommended is amazing, has made a noticeable improvement to the surface and texture of my skin, and I will keep using it religiously! I carry CSC business cards in my bag and give them to anyone who's interested in improving their skin. I love this place and will be a loyal client for years to come...
27 Nov 2010
angela9 from Croydon
I found out about Dee and the CSC through my makeup artist who is doing my upcoming wedding. She assured me that Dee would be able to clear up my skin for my big day. On my first visit I was treated to a steam and squeeze facial which may have seemed abit daunting at first but the results have been amazing! Dee went through my entire regime and told me where I was going wrong. I can't say I had terrible skin but constantly have had congested pores and pimples since I was a teenager. I was ready to change my bad habits and Dee put me on the right path. After 3 'good cleans' I have a totally clear complexion and have been able to maintain it through a few products Dee recommended to me. Dee and her staff are friendly and honest and you don't get that kind of service everywhere! I would totally recommend CSC to anyone who has an upcoming event such as a wedding or if you just want to change your life and have amazing skin!!
18 Nov 2010
i have been going to CSC for two years. i am a young professional male, who needs to be presentable at all times. i tried everything to have clear skin - nothing worked. roaccutane only works for some people, and even then it is not fun when you are on it... Nothing could fix my skin and i wasn't give up. i looked everywhere online, and came across CSC's website. After a short call with Dee, i made an appointment. When i started visiting CSC, i had oily pours, black heads, and cystic acne. Dee sat me down, on my first appointment and educated me about my skin!!! Dee & the staff always knows how to have a laugh and make the whole experience pleasant. CSC isnt too posh - like most salons. CSC feels like a home. i consider Dee as a friend, and appreciate what she has done for my skin, and what she continues to do for not only me, but other people who are struggling with acne. if your serious about your skin & committed; you need to visit CSC. happy to provide references to anyone that needs more detail.
08 Nov 2010
ellissam from Queens Park
I tried EVERYTHING to clear up my skin and to be 33yrs and still getting breakouts I was ready to cry with frustration, because no matter what I did it didn't get better. Pills, peels, scrubs, diet, exercise, creams.... I gave it all a go. So when I turned up to the Clear Skin Clinic and vented my frustration to Dee, stating that I clearly had a "hormone imbalance" (because that was what every other beautician told me) I was surprised by her straight forward response. "Sweetheart, if every woman who told they had a hormone problem was right, there would be no one having babies in Sydney!". Right away I knew that I had found someone with a different approach and I definitely haven't been disappointed. After two "good cleans" in a week & a change to water based products, I am VERY happy to report that I have not had a breakout or really a blemish for that matter in nearly 4 months. The truth is that I don't go to Dee once a month for a soft, fluffy feel-good facial, the "good cleans" hurt a little, but they do the job. Just like a wax, I'm prepared to take the discomfort for 15 mins, so that I can enjoy the end result of clear skin and confidence to walk around fresh-faced. I have since recommended her to many of my friends and family who are now her regular clients also. I give her 2 thumbs up and thank her for the friendly welcome she gives me each time I visit and the interest she takes in the health of my skin. She just gets it!! ELISSA
05 Nov 2010
Sparkle from Maroubra
I am a 23 year female who has suffered from mild to moderate acne since I was about 13. I have tried all manner of treatments, including antibiotics, pro-active and even Chinese herbs. Up until about 6 months ago, I was frustrated and upset with my skin. Every morning I would wake up to discover a new lump on my chin, red, raised and sore. I felt ashamed and embarrassed to show my skin, assuming people thought I couldn't look after it or that I wasn't hygienic. Basically I hated my skin and it was beginning to seriously affect my self confidence. I'd read about the Clear Skin clinic in magazines and assumed that because it was in Double Bay that it would be really expensive and perhaps a little intimidating. But after reading other comments on Womow I thought that it couldn't hurt to give it a go...I was desperate to get help for my skin. In May this year I went for my first steam and squeeze. Sure it hurt a little, but Dee's professionalism and friendliness put me at ease. First my face was washed using a Dermalogica cleanser, followed by a gentle scrub. Then I had a mask applied whilst I was under the steamer for about 10 minutes or so. Even on my first visit I was made to feel welcome, like an old friend. I wasn't fussed over like you sometimes are in beauty salons, but I was comfortable and informed of what was happening at all times. Then Dee came and did the ‘squeeze', she was very thorough and worked her way around all my blocked pores. Afterwards I had a glycolic peel applied which stung for a little while but it wasn't too unbearable. My face was red, but I was so shocked and happy to see that it was smooth! No little lumps and bumps that would one day inevitably grow into bigger pimples. After about 3 or 4 days my skin really started to show signs of improvement. From then on I have been going back to get Steam and Squeezes' around once every 5 weeks or so. My skin has improved 100% on what it was back in May. I have changed my skin care routine and taken Dee's advice about which make-up, moisturiser and cleanser to use. My favourite product is “pimple killer” I swear it is my life saver! Other Clear Skin Clinic fans will know what I am talking about. I must point out though that I have never felt pressured to buy product after a treatment, the staff are so down to earth and honest and never try and make you feel like you need to buy something. They make recommendations and clearly they work! I'm yet to try further treatment such as a Green Peel or Omnilux, but I will consider it in the New Year to put the finishing touches on my new, clear complexion! I am in love with Dee, the clinic and my skin. It sounds so cliché but it has literally changed my life. If you are considering coming here, don't put it off any longer! Once you've been you'll wonder why you waited so long.
04 Nov 2010
anitap2 from Surry Hills
Dee, and all the amazing girls at the Clear Skin Clinic - every month, without fail for the past six years I have loyally entrusted you to care and look after my skin. Dee - I'm indebted to you. No bullshit, honest, professional and results driven. I know every woman strives to have perfect skin in her life, and this quest begins very early in a woman's life, we persevere over decades to try and find that "illusive" miracle product that will work for us. You know what? It doesn't exist. There is no miracle cure. Dee, what you have taught me about skin care, about beauty, is to listen, listen to you, to take in all your years of experience, the 1000's of faces you have treated, and to follow your instruction. This means monthly visits for me, a clean, steam and extraction, a peel and a beautiful light treatment. You tailored skin care products to MY needs, no sales pitch. You are the best, you know the best products to use that achieve the best results for my skin type. I'm 35 years old Dee and I have not used foundation once for the past six years purely because the results you have achieved for my skin speak volumes. I simply don't need to use foundation. I'm not one of those woman who nit picks and screams problem skin with only two blackheads. I'm a woman with a Mediterranean background - i.e I USED to have exaggerated pores, blackheads and congested skin. Like some people go to church every Sunday to cleanse the soul, I see you instead Dee, simply because my faith in you has been paid back with a miracle. I actually have skin I love.
04 Nov 2010
lanin from Sandringham
As I have been going to Dee and her staff for the last 4 years it is not unusual for me to be welcomed with happy smiles and a relaxed and professional atmosphere. I have spent 15 years going from one beautictian to another and The Skin Clear Clinic is by far the most professional and knowledgeable place I have experienced. . I was shocked to hear that Dee had experienced a very unhappy client not long ago and from what I have been told I think her concerns of her external beauty runs a little more than "Skin Deep" maybe she would be a little happier with a paper bad over your head.
03 Nov 2010
I have suffered from bad acne for the last 8 years. I tried everything!!!! I had given up on ever having good skin. A friend from work who has perfect skin recommend I see Di. I was hesitant but given the fact she had perfect skin and it was a reasonable price, I gave it a go. After one steam, squeeze and peel and a consultation on the do's and don'ts I could already see the results! I wasn't obliged to buy any of the products, I was given plenty of samples which could have lasted me the month. The salon is very clean and nice. It's appropriate. It's not over the top and not completely relaxing, buts it's enjoyable and they do a great job! Everyone now comments on how beautiful my skin is and I recommend Di to everyone .
30 Oct 2010
I have had skin problem for a while. I have tried countless products, medicine, antibiotics and beauticians before but never really solve the problems. I started to get really frustrated with my skin and my work friend recommended me to go to Clear Skin Clinic. I was hesitant at first, but quiet happy with my first facial. The staffs are very nice, friendly and they did not try to rip me off by buying products that I don't need. I can see improvement after my 1st facial. After my 2nd facial, my skin clears up and i only have a few acne. I have just had my 3rd facial today, and my skin clears up so much. I cannot wait to have the green peel to fix my pores, redness and scars. Overall I am really really happy!! Thanks everyone in Skin Clear Clinic!! xxxx "N"
02 Oct 2010
elaine3 from Annandale
I just moved from California to Sydney a few months ago. I typically get extractions done a few times a year just to keep my skin maintained. I found out about CSC from this site, and made an appointment because it had such great reviews. On the day of my appointment, I walked into the waiting area and no one was at the desk. I stood around for a few minutes before wandering into the back asking, "Hello??" A French (?) girl came out and directed me to lie on a table. I'm not sure what her name was; she never introduced herself to me or asked who I was or even bothered to talk to me. The girl washed my face with soap and water and left. After about 10 minutes, she told me to move to a different room. There, she turned on a steamer and left again. A few minutes later, she came back and started poking at my skin. "You have no acne," she said. I told her I had congested pores. "Will I get to speak to [the owner (WOMOW says not to use names in negative reviews)]?" I asked. I have very small pores that get congested but not inflamed. This results in little bumps under the skin, and extractions can be tricky because my pores are tiny. The girl didn't seem to know how to extract them, and from what I've read, [the owner] is an expert. She said yes, and tried to give my pores a few more squeezes. Nothing came out, so after about five minutes she washed my face and turned off the lamp. "Can I please see [the owner]?" I asked again. The girl left the room. After another 10 minutes, she returned with some liquid and began applying it to my face. "What is this??" I asked. "This is a glycolic peel," she explained. I had not requested, or even wanted, a glycolic peel. "What is it for?" "It kills your blackheads," she said. "Can I please talk to [the owner]??" I asked again. "After the peel." She set a 10-minute timer and left. After the timer went off, she came back, washed off the peel, applied a moisturizer, and showed me the door. "Am I done?" I asked. I had been there for less than 30 minutes, and all she had done was wash my face and apply a peel. "Can I please see [the owner] now??" I followed the girl to the waiting room, where [the owner] was talking to a lady at the front desk. From across the room, [the owner] said, "Your skin looks perfect. I don't know why you are even here." My skin looks fine from across the room, but up close, it looks bumpy. I told [the owner] that I had problems with clogged pores. Still across the room and with the client, [the owner] said "It's fine. We usually do facials on people with really bad skin." [the owner] looked up quickly, realizing what she had just said. "Not that you have really bad skin," she said to the client. Then, the lady left, and I went up to the front desk hoping for my skin consultation. Instead, [the owner] told me how much I had to pay, and then quickly excused herself. "Please take care of this," she said to the girl who had worked on me. I guess [the owner] had yet another customer waiting in the back. I was so disappointed. I had even carried a big bag full of all my skincare products to show [the owner], because that's what the receptionist on the phone told me to do when I booked my appointment. I basically ended up paying a lot of money for someone to wash my face and give me a useless peel. Two of the clogged pores that the girl had tried to squeeze ended up turning into inflamed acne, because she didn't know how to extract them and pushed the clogs deeper into the pore. I look far worse now than before I came in for my appointment. I am so sad that I came here.
29 Sep 2010
Anonymous from Mount Eliza
I just love this place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i go all the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
22 Sep 2010
uyenb from Sydney
Dee was recommended to me by my sister (who had a pre-wedding consult and treatment) and I've been going to the Clear Skin Clinic just under a year now. My skin is feeling cleaner and less congested than it has been for a long time. Dee's easy going manner and no nonsense attitude is fantastic and makes what can be a sometimes painful treatment fun and enjoyable. Its a relief to be able to trust someone with your skin who is not out to sell you unnecessary products.
14 Sep 2010
clared1 from Potts Point
I have suffered with bad skin since I stopped taking the contraceptive pill 2 years ago. I tried so many things but my pimples just kept coming back. Dee has seriously changed my life! I no longer stress about my skin and love all the new products. Dee gave me samples of everything that would have lasted 2 weeks but i was so impressed i was back buying full sizes after 8 days! My skin dramatically improved after only one visit. I have now been to see Dee four times and will continue with my facials/cleans every 5 money spent ever! I recommend CSC to anyone who has bad skin! Such friendly and down to earth service too!
04 Sep 2010
chi11 from Bellevue Hill
Dee and her team are a recent discovery - recommended by a friend, I too have become an addict of her hands. Since i first met Dee 6 weeks ago, i have had 4 facials (steam and squeeze) because i had so many blocked pores. Within these 4 treatments i have seen amazing results. The comments are flowing fast, and i am recommending her to all my friends. A week after a steam and squeeze your skin will be flawless! I have bought two products from her, which i believe really contribute to her process. They are expensive (i am a uni student) but I honestly believe worth every cent.
02 Sep 2010
Anonymous from Kensington
I remember when I first went to Dee, nearly 10 years ago - I was desperate to find someone who could help me fix my adult acne before my wedding. Dee told me to trust her and that she would definitely be able to help me. Well, my skin looked fantastic on my wedding day! And it still looks great today. Dee isn't like any other beautician I've ever met - she honestly cares about every client and knows and cares about us all like friends or family. Clear Skin Clinic is not somewhere to go to be pampered but if you want excellent results from someone you can trust, you have to go there.
31 Aug 2010
tammyh2 from Bronte
I have a rare skin type and in a result I get milliers. My oil glans are over reactive and cause oil to build up in pockets under my skin which then cause a lumpy and uneven surface on my face. Over the years I have seen so many specialists about it but could never seem to get help to clear them until I met Dee at the Clear Skin Clinic. Instantly after assessing my skin Dee knew exactly what the problem was, I just wished I had come to her earlier! Dee introduced me to new skin products that kept my skin free of the oil my skin didn't need and I visited Dee approximately once a week for treatments over a 6 week period. The results were amazing!!! It's now 3 months later and my skins texture is beautiful, so much smoother and even. I still see Dee once a month to maintain the milliers and for a green peel. I really can't thank Dee enough for all her help. She is truly fantastic at clearing skin no matter what the problem. Thanks Dee!! I look forward to my next visit.
20 Aug 2010
kathm3 from Woollahra
I started visiting the Clear Skin Clinic just under two years ago and I would highly recommend a visit to anyone, from those suffering from acne to those just looking to improve the overall appearance of their skin. What I really liked in comparison to other beauty therapists was there was no pressure to purchase products, but the opportunity to sample them. But I almost immediately noticed a difference and was happy to buy the products that suited my skin and actually made a difference. Dee has recommended different products as my skin has improved. Having suffered from acne for nearly 15 years and tried every product and tablet under the sun, not only have the treatments and my changed skin care routine cleared up my acne it has improved the overall appearance of my skin. I have even received compliments for having nice skin! Definitely worth repeat visits.
19 Aug 2010
I was recommended to go see Dee to clear up the last of my bad skin and to try and finally get rid of all these little bumps on my skin that I have had for so long. The little bumps were clogged pores and not only did Dee clear my skin like it has never been cleaned before but she also educated me on what ingredients in the products I was using are harmful to my skin. I made sure I followed Dee's "Prescription" exactly and I will never look back as its made such an amazing difference. If you are looking for a calm relaxing environment, you have got the wrong place, If you want to seriously clear your skin, finally, this is the place for you!
12 Aug 2010
angieh from Balmain East
I have been seeing Dee for four years now and I can honestly say my skin has never been better. During this time I have stuck to her 'prescription' (which you MUST do) and it certainly has paid off. I know I have completed about two other WOMO ratings but I feel I must let you all know about 'The Light'. I recently purchased a course of lights (such better value to do it this way that individually). My skin is baby soft and incredibly clear, the whole process is so easy and so relaxing! I no longer have the odd brown pigment patch here and there or the faded pimple spot (the ones you pick over and over)...I have CLEAR SKIN. Dee, thank you so much for clearing my skin the old fashioned way. I love my monthly time with you and am so grateful to you all for making my skin lovely and smooth, and for wiping a couple of years off my face as well, so I am told! See you soon. Angex
23 Jul 2010
violetQ from Surry Hills
Wow, Dee IS the best. I have been battling acne for ten years and visited all sorts of skin experts who haven't hesitated to take money off me and sell me their products. Some of the products worked for a little while but after a few months I would be back with acne, paying for yet another consultation for yet another product. When I found Dee I was desperate and very mistrusting… Dee cleaned my face in just a few visits and her products worked not only to help clear my skin, but also to maintain it clean to this day. She never oversold anything to me. Actually, on my first visit when I told her that I was not sure if I wanted to buy any products anymore (as so many before did not work/worked short-term) she gave me samples for everything. And for one important product that she did not have samples, she offered me to try the product at home and only pay for it on the next visit, if it worked (which it did). I wish I had found Dee all those years ago… it would have spared me a lot of stress and money!
15 Jul 2010
Hi fellow skin sufferers!! Do not worry- it is all over! :) After visiting Dee twice my skin is 100% pimple free! Smoother than a babies bum and looking younger and fresher than it ever has! I am happier and more confident than I ever thought I could be with my new beautiful skin! I recommend to any one no matter how good or bad your skin is to GET THE GREEN PEEL!!! It is amazing and less than half the pain of the steam and squeeze and very very affordable, especially considering what you get out of it!! My skin looks brand new!! Thank you Dee so so so much you have changed my life!!! xxx
13 Jul 2010
Anonymous from Sydney
Dee and her girls are AMAZING. This place is a clinic and they treat bad skin - so don't mistake it for a beauty "salon" (a place where you are left greasy, broke and with worse skin than when you walked in!). Dee means business and that means fessing up to all the gimmicky products you use... and she will ban them. She then TREATS you. Not the most pleasant experience but she approaches it with humor and a smile. Dee is so honest and will not get you to sign up to an unnecessary routine or products, she knows what you need to fix your skin for good. My results are fantastic. I am getting complimented on my glowing skin. I don't suffer breakouts any more. I'm not plastering my face with concealer. If I don't have time to put on make-up, I just walk out the door, confident that my skin looks good bare. I'm on a maintenance regime which means I have an affordable program to keep my skin in tip top condition. Only downside - Dee is one in-demand lady. Expect to wait 5 weeks for a Saturday appointment unless you get lucky with the wait list. Book ahead to avoid disappointment!
01 May 2010
marcia from Sydney
Dee is an awesome lady! i have never known anyone as honest as her! she change my life! i had green peel as well as the light and also steam and squeeze, my face is glowing and i'm actually in love with my skin all over again! thank you so much! you are my saviour!
28 Apr 2010
aigyl4584s from Rose Bay
I have always had bad acne problems, I have tried everything in the market and some of it have worked better than others... Dee is a very experienced dermatologist with great hands for those squeeze the acne out facials... these are the only facials that work for my skin type... I am glad to have found her because previously i only had found them overseas... She was good/excellent value for me because she is not as pricey as Ella Bache and she squeezes out all your blockages!!! She knows her skin types and she designs a tailor made treatment for your skin but the cosmetic products are the most expensive part of the consultation, but I still think they are still worth the investment if they prevent break outs... Today was only my second visit so its too early to tell if they really work or not, so I will have to report back soon!!!
14 Apr 2010
Anonymous from North Ryde
I've tried everything to clear up my skin but nothing seemed to work! I then found Dee who has been treating my skin and since then my skin has improved by far.
09 Apr 2010
Anonymous from Central Coast Mc
For years i suffered from bad acne. The first session (squeeze and steam) I did was painful, to say the least and I left in what I thought to be a much worse condition to how I entered (however everyone told me it looked much better). I was hesitant at first because I didn't understand how it would work. But after a few sessions, each session becoming less frequent and with what Dee taught me about looking after my skin, I am happy to report that I write this absolutely pimple free. This place is no joke, I considered going on roaccutane for awhile that's how bad my acne was. But i decided against it as I couldn't deal with the sun sensitivity as I enjoy surfing so much. I'm am so glad I found Dee and the Clear Skin Clin, she changed my life.
07 Apr 2010
shallys from Kogarah
I had really bad acne since early high school and nothing really seemed to help clear it until i met Dee. My skin improved dramatically only after 2 steam and squeezes even though it was quite painful (yet so worth it when a few days later most of the zits had gone). I FULLY recommend going to Dee if your sick and tired of all the bad products for pimples out there like i was.
07 Apr 2010
Anonymous from Coogee
I am a 12 year old girl with a very frustrated mum! We had tried everything to get rid of my big red sore pimples and nothing was working. She has spent so much money on creams and facials that do absolutely nothing to improve the pimples on my face. I have to wear make-up everyday to hide them. Then mum found out about Dee at Double Bay and she is fantastic. She has changed my skin already. The sessions are not easy (steam and big squeeze) and a strict cleaning routine at home with a few very basic products BUT my skin looks so much clearer already. Dee is such a nice lady and she is passionate about getting rid of "zits". I am so happy with the results after 3 sessions already and I will keep practising what she has taught me. There are so many people out there who claim to do 'teenage facials' etc but they did nothing to help me. Dee is the only one I trust now. Isabella
06 Apr 2010
natassjav from Point Piper
Having come from the middle east I was blessed with being very hairy. Thanks to Rachel I now have a life and a boyfriend. Easy , painless and exceptionally clean. Rachel knows what she is doing. She talks you through the experience and can answer any questions you have. She also sends you home with an after laser care sheet and her mobile number!!!! Great clinic, great people, great results
22 Mar 2010
saraleila from Woollahra
I fronted up to Clear Skin Clinic asking for a set of light therapy treatments for my problematic skin- a treatment that had been suggested to me by a skin clinic in Canberra. Dee analysed my skin and gently recommended a different approach more suitable to my skin type- even though she indeed had the light therapy equipment. She saved me a great deal of expense!!! I've followed her regime and noticed big improvements following the first cleaning treatment. Really, really great results. I'm grateful for my new fabulous complexion.
10 Mar 2010
IngridEvers11 from Surry Hills
The Clear Skin Clinic has totally changed my life! I've always struggled with bad skin and pimples through my twenties. I've spent thousands on products and treatments that have never provided a solution. Dee at the clinic has completely solved all my skin problems! She has provided a cost effective, easy to maintain regime to keep my skin clear, smooth and young! I wish I had discovered the Clear Skim Clinic years ago. If you have any issues or concerns with your skin, you HAVE to see Dee. Ingrid, Surry Hills, 29 yrs old
05 Mar 2010
cassied1 from Cronulla
- HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE CSC!!!! – Background – I was one of those girls who hated being seen without my ‘face' on… I constantly had break outs; I had blotchy skin and just an overall bad complexion! ONE… can I repeat…ONE – it only took Dee ONE season to get my face 100% compared to what it was. I was so amazed because I have tried every skin care product on the market – you name it I have tried it! But the best part was that I went down the coast the following weekend… minimal make-up can I say… not my usually half a bottle + concealer + a powder cover to give me a flawless look... No I had minimal make up on (only the liquid trial packet that Dee gave me) and when I arrived, my god daughter (who is 3) touches my face and said “it's so soft!” Everyone that weekend commented on how good and clear my skin looked! I have spent most of my life doing two thing, try to keep my hair straight and trying to keep my face coved in make up at all times! Thanks to the clear Skin Clinic I now only have to worry about my hair! Thank you to everyone there especially Dee you are a miracle worker, and I am so happy I came to you! Thank you so much!!!
04 Mar 2010
claireh1 from Cronulla
Red, sore and big ugly pimples and i hated them!! So I went to see Dee at CSC and it has been the best thing I have ever done! Im a yonug girl who loves going out and partying but hated to way my face was...Without any doubt my skin has improved out of sight, which I honestly thought was impossible. I had tried everything, all different product and other facials nothing worked and had pretty much given up, but Dee saved me! With honest and proper advice along with 3 treatments (steam and squeeze) and this week a green peel my skin is FANTASTIC and I couldnt be happier! These days im lucky to not get those big sore and red pimples!! Dee also advised great products to use at home so i have a simple daily routine that anyone could do which isnt time consuming! Both product and treatments didnt cost the earth and I just wished I went to CSC sooner, Dee wont let you down!!!! Thanks Dee
12 Feb 2010
ramonag from Dover Heights
I have been going to CSC for quite awhile now for my skin cleansing. Dee does a a fantastic job in cleansing my skin and giving it a rejuvenated glow everytime I have cleanse. Whilst there they mentioned to me their laser therapy for hair removal. I though I would give it a go for my underarm hair and was so suprised as to how quick it was - also my hair has hardly grown back at all! I only need three visits and I wont ever have to shave my arms again! Rachel was fantastic and was an expert as the experience was quick and hassle free. The clinic is spotless and a pleasant place to visit. I thoroughly recommend laser for unwanted hair with Rachel.
03 Feb 2010
Anonymous from North Bondi
After my pregnancy my skin was in really bad shape. After three weeks (3 visits) my face has recovered big time due to better products advised by Dee and her treatments. No luxurious treatments you get where you came for.
28 Jan 2010
brianbloome from Umina Beach
This was the first Skin Clinic I've ever gone too and believe I was lucky. I had a Green Peel to treat some mild acne scars and to help tighten my skin which looked tired after some medical treatment. Dee explained the procedure and what it would do, it was totally professional. I like it when people are good at what they do and this is what you get at this clinic. The Green Peel? has worked, fantastic. I just had a second one to complete the process and it worked to my satisfaction.
13 Jan 2010
Anonymous from Double Bay
Great staff, spotless place - full of light and so well kept. Dee and the girls are fantastic. They are lovely and take the time to know you. They offer all kinds of beauty treatments including all waxing and hair removal treatments. I have my bikini done regularly and keep coming back despite my 'love' of waxing. Top service!
12 Jan 2010
angieh from Balmain East
I wrote a rating for The Clear Skin Clinic last year but I feel another is required. Dee and Jen do an amazing job; they never let you down and always do their best to fit you in if a time doesn't suit. My skin is the best it's been thanks to them. Thank you so much for all the wonderful work you do.
18 Dec 2009
aliceh1 from Bellevue Hill
I have just tried the Omnilux facial at the Clear Skin Clinic in Double Bay and am completely obsessed... it is the best treatment I have used on my skin ever!!! If you want smooth and glowing skin then these guys will be your new BFF... :)
15 Dec 2009
ollys from Woollahra
The clear skin clinic has been a life saver, I am getting married next year and I moved over to Sydney from the UK at the beginning of this one with a view to sorting out before returning for the big day. Dee is a magician and has worked wonders, I would recommend her to anyone who has been suffering, particularly in thier adult years when we all believe we shoudl be 'over bad skin'. She offers unbeatable value for money and a great service.
30 Nov 2009
Anonymous from Lane Cove
I had suffered from acne for years; I had tried everything under the sun from proactive, clinique, prescript-ed ointments even antibiotics! I have been to a few different dermatologists yet nothing seemed to be able to clear up my skin until I was recommended to the clear skin clinic!! I have seen such drastic results and I have only had 3 visits! The staff are really friendly and helpful and the steam and squeezes are the only treatments that have given me such great results in such a short amount of time!!! The staff also give fantastic advice on keeping your skin looking as smooth and fresh as possible and what products to use/not to use!! I would strongly recommend the CSC to anyone of any age, I am upset I didn't know about it sooner xxx
06 Oct 2009
ATandT from Erskineville
I can't rate the Clear Skin Clinic any better! Basically I had a problem and they fixed it, what more would any customer want! I've had skin problems since I was a teenager. I've tried everything and spent a fortune over the years on all different sorts of products and regimes. The girls at the CSC have set me up for life with a no nosense skin care program, great products and finally I am happy with my skin. OK so many of the other blogs admit that the experience isn't pain free (!!) but getting your skin cleaned isn't that bad. I got the clean, extraction, peel. Highly recommended.
28 Sep 2009
nadyab1 from Bondi Beach
They are professional, fast , efficient and most importantly friendly!! They will advise you on what you need , but no oversell. I have seen the results and they are GREAT. Recommend the Omnilux machine too..
16 Sep 2009
ErvanW from Eastwood
wow! wow! wow! give the best cleansing facials and peels in Sydney by far, looking for a great deep cleanse than this is the place to go, if you just want a facial to relax then don't bother, go somewhere else where they just clog your skin with thick cremes, oils etc. I am now having the Omnilux light treatment, I can honestly say that I notice a deference within 2 days. I can't praise them enough, I am in the beauty industry myself and I have sent them 100's of clients who have been throughly pleased with the outcome.
12 Sep 2009
PheonaA from Bronte
Its a no-fuss kind of place with plenty of chatter and laughter. The treatments are great and inexpensive. They don't try and sell you their products but they give you loads of great advice about how to manage your skin.
29 Aug 2009
petrak from Potts Hill
Omg!! what an amazing clinic they truly are worth every word. Dee and the girls are so fantastic and very passionate about clearing up there clients skin. I cant thankyou enough, i am getting comments about my skin where ever i go the treatments and the special tricks they teach you about not using heavy makeup and having a good skin care regime. I luv ya dee xox
26 Aug 2009
FernandaP from Cremorne
A friend of mine that had really bad acne and had amazing results at the Clear Skin Clinic always recommended that I should try it, she was probably talking to me about that for over 2 years. I always had bad acne and tried several treatments in the past, so it took me a while to call as I was a bit skeptical and not really believing that there was an effective treatment. The year before I started the treatment at the Clear Skin Clinic, the condition of my skin worsened and I thought I should give it a try as I didn't have anything to loose. I'm so glad I did it! I started the treatment with Dee over 6 months ago and what a difference. Cleanses, green peels changed the way I perceived myself and my skin. I love those girls, they are the sweetest and so good professionals. It feels so good to have found a place that I can trust when the subject is acne.
06 Aug 2009
AnnB1 from Hunters Hill
I was recommended to Dee by a beauty editor 3 years ago and I have been a committed client since then. Dee's facials are the best I have ever had! I am currently living in NY and I can safely say Dee's facials are better than any I have had in NY too. The first thing I do when I get back to Sydney is book an appointment with Dee....!
04 Aug 2009
julini-h from Mcmahons Point
I have just turned 28 and is a bride to be, with acne prone skin. I was anxious because it was so close to my wedding and I was trying to find a solution for my skin! I want to look good in those wedding photos!!! My make up artist, who is a regular customer of CSC, introduced Dee to me. I wasn't sure what to expect, I have been to many many skin therapists, beauticians, dermatologists, tried different products and been on and off antibiotic to try and clear my skin. "This is not a day spa, this is a zit squeezing clinic!!" that's Dee would tell you when you first arrive! I have never met anyone who is so passionate about getting rid of acne, knows so much about them, and all about delivering results. After 3 treatments, the results were obvious! I've received comments from my friends and colleagues who noticed the difference. It was great feeling when I wash my face, to feel a smooth skin and no lumpy bits under the skin. It is great to finally have clear skin that feels and looks healthy! It is now 7 weeks to my wedding, and I have two more treatments with Dee. And my skin already is so much clearer. I can't wait to show the results to my make up artist. I know he'll tell me "I told you so!" and I guess, less foundation and concealer needed for the big day! Thank you Dee. Look forward to seeing you in few weeks' time. xx
04 Aug 2009
jon-v from Surry Hills
"impressive" the clear skin clinic truly the best in skin care. i recently have been going to see the girls for about a month. the green peel is what i was told would do wonders for your skin in which i had one done. the out come was amazing fresh younger looking complextion. minna aka "paws" worked magic on my face, neck and upper chest. left me with a very softer and vibriant skin to which i am greatly thankful. then to enhance the out come i subjected my self to the white and orange lights to which i am doing four week course is tighting my skin and taken away blemishes on my face. which is a must to have. frachel is currently working on laser treatment for hair removal and it is deffinently working very well to stop the growth of hairs. its also a must for that unwanted hair. dee has a very unique touch on you it leaves you very invigourated. she cleans my skin in between treatments and gives the best advice that shows just how experienced she is. the profesional and quality work done at this salon is astonishing by all the girls there. dee has one of the best clinics i have been to in sydney. i would advise any one who wants results to go to this clinic. wishing all the best for the future to the girls. great work.
02 Aug 2009
Anonymous from Eastwood
I am 23 with dark (Sri Lankan), problem-prone skin & have been seeing the girls at the CSC for almost a year now. Having had a clear & gorgeous complexion as a teen, I was baffled when things went a little haywire in my early adulthood. I developed mild acne that also left me with visible markings, & my skin was becoming increasingly sensitive. I read about CSC in a magazine, gave it a go & haven't looked back. My skin is clearer than it has ever been, and my mum is constantly commenting on just how much my markings have faded. The CSC is very results-oriented, and the advice from the girls is invaluable - I have never had unrealistic expectations. I should also note that I have regular laser treatments from Rachel. Having dark skin & hair, I was apprehensive at first, but following a successful spot test I can say that the laser has worked a charm & there have been no side-effects, aside from a little redness (if any). Dee, Minna, Rachel & Jodie are so lovely and so fantastic at what they do, or I wouldn't travel an hour to see them every six weeks. Overall, the CSC is wonderfully unpretentious & their treatments incredibly effective. I can't recommend the CSC more highly.
13 Jul 2009
lox2683 from Rozelle
Don't spend any more money on treatments and products - this place will have you sorted out in no time! I was one of those people who had honestly tried everything, but no matter how expensive the product, my skin just got worse and worse. I thought it was just meant to be that way, but after reading about other people's experiences at CSC, I booked a facial and within a week my breakouts had stoppped. I couldn't believe it! Within 3 visits, my skin began to heal and all the angry lumps were gone. Last week, I went to put foundation on and found that there was nothing to cover up - no joke! In addition to clearing up my skin, the peels and scrubs leave it feeling really smooth and clean. I began with a facial every week for 3 weeks, then cut it back to once a fortnight, now it's once a month. If you like your facials with essential oils and dolphin music, then this isn't the place to go - this is serious treatment. However, if you want something that actually works, go see these girls. The salon is always busy and the girls like to have a laugh while they work, so go expecting effective, personal treatment and save the essential oils for another time. My skin is usually pretty red after having a facial here, so if you have sensitive skin I'd recommend scheduling any dates/interviews etc a day or two afterwards. Amazing - can't rate it high enough!!
03 Jul 2009
ZoeshA from Elizabeth Bay
Dee at the clear skin clinic has worked wonders with my skin. I was just so sick of still getting breakouts in my mid-30s and these have dramatically reduced with the help of monthly visits. I have also had two laser sessions with Rachel to get rid of freckles and broken capillaries and this made a big difference - she got rid of some really bad freckles on my leg that I got years ago after a really bad sunburn. I had a course of omnilux treatments and peels from Dee in the lead up to my wedding and people couldn't believe how good my skin looked. I got so many compliments both before and on the day as the clarity and texture of my skin improved so much. They say brides always glow on their wedding day but my skin really did! I had three omnilux white light treatments and an orange light and the effect is so good that I will keep on having them now I am a married lady! I have never been one to spend loads of money on fancy facials which don't deliver results, but the regular steam and squeeze, the priori peels and the omnilux light therapy have really made a difference.
13 Jun 2009
EmmaB4 from Willoughby East
Absolutely fantastic. Having suffered with problem skin for many years it was such a relief to walk in, show Dee my acne prone skin and have her just say 'right, easy, that's not even going to be a problem, we'll have it all cleared up before you know it'. Just to give you an idea - I haven't gone to the beach, or worn a strapless/backless top in over 3 years because I was so self conscious of the skin on my back. I've been on many different medicated topical lotion, through a jumble of products and to a number of beauticians - all unable to do what they claimed. At the age of 22 i'd resigned myself to the fact that I had just lucked out and I just wasn't meant to have good skin. I was recommended to the Clear Skin Clinic on the advice of a friend who works in the beauty industry. I had originally gone to this friend to ask for the name of a good dermatologist but she insisted I go down and see Dee first. Two weeks after my first visit with Dee my skin had cleared enough to wear a singlet top. It might sound like a small thing to many, but it really lifted my self esteem more then I can explain. I can't recommend the Clear Skin Clinic enough. I had my second visit today and although it was a little painful (ok, a lot, extractions aren't exactly the nicest thing to have to go through) it was worth every second because I can actually see the results.
03 Jun 2009
AnnabelR from Bondi Beach
I arrived at the Clear Skin Clinic a year ago with anything but clear skin. I was 27 and my skin looked worse than it did at 16. I have always had bad skin over the years, on and off. But at 27 it hit me for six. I'll never forget that feeling of desperation. I hated the look of my skin & it was all I could think about when talking to people - I wouldn't want to stand to close to them, I didn't want them thinking I was unhealthy or didn't take care of myself. A friend of mine recommended the Clear Skin Clinic & after my first visit I began to see improvements, and after a few months my skin was almost free of "imperfections". It was amazing - I followed everything Dee, Jodie & Minna told me to the letter & after a few simple lifestyle changes & visits to the clinic, I felt so much better about myself - It was so nice to be looking in the mirror and see the positive changes to my skin, my clear skin - rather than the usual frustration of more pimples. In the past, I had tried Chinese Herbalists, an iridologist, a natropath, I even went against everything I believed & tried Proactive (When I noticed all my towels were bleached from the products, I realised it can't be good for my face...) + a cupboard full of different products, lotions & potions. I can honestly say that the Clear Skin Clinic is the only thing that has worked for me. I also had the Green Peel last year, and the mild discomfort of the application is all worth it when you see the baby smooth & clear skin that lies beneath!!! I can't recommend Dee, Jodie & Minna enough - They really know there stuff - This is there passion & it shows. I am always amazed by the results in the week after my treatment. I just had a steam & squeeze on the weekend, followed by a session under the Omnilux - Within 3 days, I have clear skin again! Amazing. I see them every 6 weeks to keep my skin in check.
02 Jun 2009
kellyl3 from Coogee
I know it sounds cheesy, but The Clear Skin Clinic has changed my life. Let me explain: I have always had problematic skin and have spent hundreds of dollars trying to correct my skin. From the "top" dermatologist to herbalists, from Proactive (hey if it works for Jessica...) to all organic products, I have tried them with no success. Anyone with problematic skin knows how frustrating it is and how it can bring your confidence down (gosh I would live in peak caps because at least they hide half your face). So when I went to Clear Skin I was hoping for the best but really expecting the same, but before I even had a chance to tell Jodie (the best therapist in the world) what my problems were she already knew and said "dont worry we will take care of it". Well within two weeks my skin looked better than it had for the last 30 years (and I am 34). My confidence has shot up (no more peak caps, no make up even). Now I know they have a big celeb following, but not being a celeb myself this sometimes is a scary fact (I do not earn what a celeb earns and cannot expect the perks that celebs get) but the girls at Clear Skin Clinic have always made me feel very special and the price of the treatment is not at all expensive (for me it is down right cheap because I save so much money on not having to buy stuff that does not work and having confidence is priceless). All the girls that work at the clinic are incredible and I would totally recommend them for anyone who is looking for a solution to their skin problems. If you are looking for a "beauty therapist" where you go in for frills and a nice massage this may not be the place but if you are need a solution for problematic skin it is the ONLY place.
30 May 2009
MorganP from Bondi Beach
This place is the absolute best if you have a problem with black heads like me. Dee gave me an excellent consultation which involved analysing my skin care and make up products and pointing out bad habits for skin and acne. Dee also does extractions which are amazing if you have a black head problem. My skin is looking so much better after two steam and squeeze sessions and picking up a few inexpensive products. The clear skin clinic are unique in that they actually care about getting real results for your skin. I can't imagine going anywhere else now.
24 May 2009
Anonymous from Woollahra
Absolutely brilliant!!! I am a 28 year old girl who suddenly had terrible skin after coming off the pill. Absolutely terrible. After being in tears one night, searching the web, I came across a note from a girl who had been to the clear skin clinic in double bay and was raving about it - so I wrote them a desperate email. I went in and saw Dee and Minna and I now have my confidence back. I am so happy to say that I only have one pimple left, down from about 50. These girls are truly amazing and they really, truly care about each client. I have been for about 5 steam and squeezes and had about 4 omnilux light treatments - the combo has worked wonders. To be honest, my first visit did hurt a little but Dee's obvious passion made me turn up to the second appointment (and I am SO glad I did!!). After I started seeing the obvious results, I was just thrilled. If someone on my first visit had told me my skin would look as good as it does now, I would not have believed them. In fact, I most probably would have burst into tears as I could only dream it would turn out like it has now (my skin got me really upset :(). I really look forward now to seeing Dee and Minna, they are like family to me. My only wish is that I had found out about the clinic earlier, I would not have had to put up with bad skin for the 6 months I did (oh - and I also wish I had a before and after pic to show you). Girls (and boys) - just pick up the phone and make an appointment, I guarantee that these girls will have you looking sensational in no time. I cannot thank them enough for what they have done - I feel like shouting their praises from a rooftop. One of the few businesses around that truly lives up to its name - if you want Clear Skin - you know where to go. Dee and Minna - thank you for giving me my life back :):) xxx
22 May 2009
AmberG from Castlecrag
They are all fun and great at fixing skin! I had terrible skin that continuous facials and treatments couldn't fix. After one session with Jodi my skin is clear!!! They have a whole range of products but never force them on you! Great!!!
18 May 2009
Anonymous from Beacon Hill
I wanted to have laser hair removal and was very unsure where to go. Rachel was recomended by a friend. She was really professional explainng how many treatments I would need and the reults. After 3 treatments I have at least 60% less hair it was easy and not too painful
15 May 2009
Anonymous from Enmore
Never knowing what to do to start to change my skin, it was great to have someone give me honest clear advice. The trust was there from the outset and when Dee said I'd notice a change in a week, i really did!
10 May 2009
NicoleD2 from Cabarita
After trying every product possible and facial offered to get my skin back to normal, four days after my first visit, I could already see the difference!! Jo and the girls really know their stuff and want to help educate you about what you are putting on your skin, the results are evident enough!!! I have never felt so confident in wanting to wear no make up when stepping out. I really feel that I am getting my money's worth from my visits and now would not trust ANYONE else with my skin.
18 Apr 2009
e from Vaucluse
I have been going to see Dee at the Clear Skin Clinic once every four weeks for almost eight years now. At the time, I had pretty bad adult acne and because I didn't have pimples as a teenager, the acne was a complete shock to me. I tried almost everything my dermatologist recommended but with no great improvements. The last resort was to take Roaccutane but I chose not to. Instead, I found Dee! She taught me how to take care of my skin and changed the bad products I was using. My skin was back to normal within six months. Dee is the only person I trust with my skin and I will not use any product on my face not recommended by Dee :o)
17 Apr 2009
Anonymous from Darling Point
They're really kind and genuinely caring and want to help you. They work really hard, especially Dee who really puts in a LOT of effort and time. It might be a bit painful at first but you get used to it and it's totally worth it in the end
13 Apr 2009
Anonymous from Canley Heights
They definitely know what they are doing. Takes a bit of time getting your skin perfect but when you start to see the results you know its worth the patience.
29 Mar 2009
AngeA from Punchbowl
Ive been going to see the girls at clear skin on a monthly basis for over 2 years now and i love them..They are supportive, honest and do care about you. I completely trust them and value their thoughts on the best treatment for my skin., I recommend them to everyone that has skin issues..they defiantly know the best treatment for your skin and its a great place to start, in clearing and cleaning your skin..Dee, Joe and Minna know their stuff and really do help clear your skin and help you maintain it.
21 Mar 2009
KathyP1 from Sydney
Finally, a salon that cares about problem skin and makes a difference. After one visit my skin was the softest, smoothest and clearest its been in years. Dee really cares about helping you and she doesnt try to sell you a bunch of products that dont work. She is fun, informative and honest. I cant say enough great things about her and Mina. she said she'd help me and she did.
07 Mar 2009
ClareM from Lewisham
My skin is glowing and I've had people comment after just one visit! I couldn't recommend the clear skin clinic highly enough! I walked away with a spring in my step, knowing that I really got my money's worth! The 'no fluff' attitude of the owner Dee, makes you realise the big difference between a place that will really fix your problem fast, as to one that will charge you a thousand bucks to play pretty music and leave you feeling greasy and broke! I really feel I am getting my money's worth with Dee, she really knows her stuff...she will make you feel more than welcome and confident that she really wants to, and CAN help you. I feel I really got my bang for my buck! I will be back time and time again...
07 Mar 2009
Anonymous from Manly
The girls and the work they do at the Clear Skin Clinic is fantastic. I used to be very paranoid with the appearance of cellulite on the back of my legs but the amazing results have given me the confidence to comfortably wear bathers and shorts again. A big thank you to Minna and Rachael.!
05 Mar 2009
Anonymous from Bondi Beach
The girls are very welcoming, pleasant and know their stuff. Ive been going to the clinic now for 18 months. I suffered from severe acne which was caused by products. Dee has shown me how to control my skin issues and I have had clear skin ever since. I never miss an appointment . Im addicted to the Omnilux light therapy treatments. My skin has never been as clear and hydrated. Thanks so much Dee. Worth a visit people.
16 Feb 2009
KristyT from Camperdown
The clear skin clinic is amazing. After only one visit my skin is glowing and super soft. Dee is friendly, funny and very helpful. Dee does not put the hard sell on you nor does she recommend products that you do not need which i admire greatly. The best skin clinic around i loved it and can't wait to go back again.
09 Feb 2009
KateG1 from Bondi
I had heard about the Clear Skin Clinic through business contacts, as I work in the beauty industry (lots of beauty journos recommend it). I decided to visit as I have had issues with acne, on and off, since I was a teenager and had ended up with a particularly bad bout in 2007. I can't say that the first visit was the most pleasant experience, as the extractions can be a bit painful the first time around, but Dee was very professional and for the first time I found someone who could give me a credible explanation for why my skin was so bad. I took away a bunch of samples and whilst I had a few scabs on my face afterwards, these came off after 3-4 days and the skin underneath was perfect. I've been going to The Clear Skin Clinic every 6 weeks for 18 months now and my skin has honestly never looked this good - it's not just a normal complexion, it's a great complexion. I think that the peels have been especially helpful in giving my skin great clarity and a really fresh look. People compliment me on my skin all the time, as it looks so healthy and I very rarely get blemishes. I would recommend Dee to anybody, as I really think that my results speak volumes for her expertise.
04 Dec 2008
BillieS from Manly
Seriously, these guys changed my life. I'd had acne for about 2 years when I saw them at age 29. I'd become very depressed about my appearance and had almost lost hope. Their enthusiasm and determination towards curing my skin was really quite contageous and it gave me the faith and motivation to continue with the appointments. The treatments were pretty full-on but I'm so glad that I stuck it out with them cause it paid off in the end. Took about 2 months before there was an obvious difference with my skin and within 6 months my skin was perfect and I gained all my confidence back. Over 2 years on I've had no need to go back as my skin is in great condition and doesn't cause me any concern anymore. I look after it with Dermalogica products which they got me onto which I swear by.
28 Nov 2008
Anonymous from Bronte
I went to the Clear Skin Clinic to try out their VelaSmooth cellulite treatment and I'm thrilled with the results! I've always exercised, eat well and am around a size 10, but have always been plagued with nasty cellulite on my thighs and arms. No amount of dieting or exercise would shift this and I found the cellulite got worse during pregnancy. Velasmooth works. I'm so happy with the results. Within three sessions there was an obvious difference and now, after ten sessions, my skin is smooth and almost dimple free. My legs look younger and I feel confident wearing short skirts and shorts. Thoroughly recommended! Dee, Minna and Jodi are also the warmest, loveliest and most fun beauty therapists I've ever had the pleasure of meeting.
25 Nov 2008
Anonymous from Gordon
It has taken me ages to find a fantastic beautician who knows what she is doing and also doesn't try and make me buy 10 products at the end of each session! Dee, Jo, Minna and Rachel have been awesome at helping me sort out my blemished and red skin. Not only have I been having facials with them for years, I recently did some laser for my rosacea and also a green skin peel - they both achieved amazing results and would recommend them in a second.
21 Nov 2008
Anonymous from Eastwood
after years of trying to sort out problem skin with trips to specialists and constant medication the clear skin clinic solved my problem with one visit and then regular maintenance. unbelievable!
13 Nov 2008
Anonymous from Camperdown
Great, skin care and advice. Dee and Jo have a real understanding of and respect for your skin and ability to teach you how to look after it. The clinic is tucked away in a great little spot and feels clean and filled with sunshine.
11 Nov 2008
AmyH3 from Mosman
The girls at Clear Skin Clinic really know skin. I was suffering from annoying blemishes around the chin and jawline. The girls explained skin my to me in a way which just made sense. They use a common sense approach to their skincare, and I often get asked how I get my skin looking so clear. I rarely wear make-up now, as blemish free skin just does not need it!
06 Nov 2008
TeresaL from Leichhardt
The best facials I have ever had in my life in terms of immediate and lasting results. My skin looks clearer and more refined. I feel that the staff have my best interests at heart and genuinely care about getting the best possible result for me.
03 Nov 2008
Anonymous from Balmain
I have been going to the Clear Skin Clinic for nearly 6 years and they are the best! The team are so experienced and my 3 month visits help to keep my skin clear, clean and bump and blemish free. Would not go anywhere else! The prices are fab too - so reasonable. I look forward to my visits because I love the girls that own the business too - such fun!
02 Nov 2008
CathieR from Mosman
My husband went to the clinic because he has had tiny white cysts on his cheeks for many years. Dermatologists had told him there was nothing he could do to remove them.The clinic assured him they could remove them and they have. One by one and in two sessions they are almost entirely gone. Fantastic Very diligent and never giving up until the last cyst is removed and skin is clear. They also gave him a toner to keep the skin clear.
01 Nov 2008
nadyab from Tamarama
when i first called i couldnt get an appointment for five weeks... i was recommended by three friends and just had to wait my time.. and it so worth it! i was always concerned about my sun damage skin (mainly on face and neck).. so rachael the nurse at the CSC worked miracles with the laser they have in there... and after three months, my skins looks amazing.. even my mother thinks so! its a great place, and they know exactly what treatments you need...
28 Oct 2008
KatieP from Sydney
My skin has never looked better since seeing Dee and the girls at CSC. It was actually my one year anniversary the Saturday just gone (25 Oct) and I am proud to say that 'my name is Katie and my skin has been clean for a year!' It is has been a slow process, but well worth it. I have gotten to know my skin and how to properly care for it. I drive out from the Blue Mountains once a month and will continue to do so for my clear skin.
24 Oct 2008
AngelaH from Woollahra
I have been visiting CSC for over a year now and my skin is the best it's ever been. The service and knowledge of every staff member is phenomenal – they treat you like a movie star. They're lovely people and I always look forward to my 7:30am appointment (that's right...7:30am!). They rock.
16 Jul 2008
sooz from Cremorne
I've been here for a green peel and BHA peels. It's not a frilly glamourous salon, they run it as a clinic and are about results rather than frilly extras. It's still comfy, though, and you get good attention. The therapists can be quite chatty, which can be interesting as they have a few celebrity clients
Double Bay, NSW, 2028
Tel: 0293275033

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