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Prahran Veterinary Hospital

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Prahran Veterinary Hospital

28 Dec 2016
My puppy loves coming to prahran vets, they always take good care of him, I have had some glitches in the past with my admin file, however they sorted it out and couldn't apologise enough.
14 Dec 2016
The love these vets have for animals & their skill set is great. Where this practice falls down is informed consent - when prescribing medication they don't disclose the price before collection & you can buy via online pet pharmacy much cheaper 65%!! Kirsty (reception) is always talking over the top of you & whilst her job must be taxing I don't believe she has the personality or compassion that her job requires. If it wasn't for my vet's amazing humanity & care & history with my dog I would not return. Disappointed - I wanted them to be equal in care & price & not subject to the inner suburban price hike!
31 Aug 2016
This veterinary practice is outstanding. I have used them for about 15 years, and take my animals back even though I have moved out of Prahran. They genuinely try to make the experience as easy as possible for pets and owners alike. It goes without saying that they offer first class care. And it is really interesting to say how they are continually trying to improve the service they offer eg putting up a partition in the waiting area to reduce stress for cats, and implementing a 'fear-free' approach. Top marks
18 Aug 2016
I can't recommend the girls here any higher! We are 100% satisfied with their care, knowledge and customer service. We even moved to middle park and go out of our way to stay with the Prahran Veterinary Clinic!! Never looking back :)
06 Apr 2016
I have been coming here for 8 years. At all visits I find the receptionists have been super friendly and professional. When our 2 labs had to be put down together we could not have asked for a more caring and sensitive arrangement. Dr Kay Wallace has cared brilliantly for our elderly Siamese - considerate and advising us always with appropriate and effective treatments. We could not recommend this wonderful practice highly enough!
17 Dec 2015
neddyboy423 from Yarraville
I am reviewing for a friend, but her dog had to visit this unfortunately, but she got out safely.
09 Nov 2015
sallya871 from Armadale
We have been using the Prahran Veterinary Hospital for 7 years for our Springer Spaniel. We have seen a range of vets - Kaye, Theo, Peter, Jenny, Karl, and all have been excellent. The staff genuinely care for Billie and go to great lengths to get the right diagnosis and provide a full range of care. e.g. Nurse Mary put together a muscle stretch program when we experienced shoulder problems. We are kept fully informed of any procedure or finding and the vets make follow-up calls to see how treatments for more stubborn issues are working. We also appreciate the warm and friendly welcome and care we humans are given!
30 Sep 2015
Excellent. Great care. Really love cats.
30 Sep 2015
Amazing care, compassion and service from everyone, particularly Kay. Thank you so much.
30 Sep 2015
Wonderful service, excellent advice. Thankyou
30 Sep 2015
I have been coming here for over 20 years and I wouldn't go anywhere else. The staff are unbelievably professional and lovely and the vets go above and beyond the call of duty. When you love your "babies" as much as we do, it's nice and very comforting to know that they are in the very best hands
10 Sep 2015
To be honest, I am not a person always leave my review to the public if the services/ products are surprisingly enough to impress me. My boy was finished his eye surgery two days ago at Prahran Veterinary Hospital. The surgery was succeed and my boy is recovering slowly. Overall, The clinic is excellent and I have no complaint at all. But today, I would like to say A BIG THANK YOU to the staff who working at the clinic. Her name is Katie, she is fantastic, warm heart woman I ever seen, if without her helped, I guess my boy's eye might be in a critical condition. My boy supposed has his second appointment on this Friday to the dr. to review his eye again. But I realized my boy's eye was getting red and swelling and no appetite for food somehow. So I phoned the clinic and told the receptionist my boy's condition and asked for change appointment a bit earlier as usual. Apparently, I was so worried and concerned my boy's eye. However, the lady was told me no point to see doctor again since the surgery was just finished 2 days ago. Despite, I told the lady why I changed my appointment time. At the end, she rearranged my boy's appointment from Friday Morning to Thursday evening. She said this was the earlier appointment she could give it to me. At the end, I took it. Luckily, I have received a text from Katie after I changed the appointment time. She was expressed her concerns about my boy condition. She was tried to call me few times and texted me to see how my boy after the surgery. Thanks GOD, I felt grateful to receive her cares because once I told her my boy's eye was starting red and swelling after the surgery. She quickly settled and rearranged my boy to see the Dr. this afternoon. Finally, I met the doctor and she told me I was made a right call to bring him in today because my little boy's eye has been infected. If I wait for any longer, the infection will become more serious and critical. Once again, I have to say THANK YOU to Katie. Although, I can not recognize you even you are standing in front of me. But I am extremely appreciated your help. Keeping up and feel thankful this hospital have you. Thank you KATIE. Many thanks
09 Jul 2015
Absolutely wonderful. Everyone was so understanding, empathetic and helpful.
03 Jun 2015
laurenb776 from Balaclava
We have just transferred to this clinic as our long time Vet Alice now works there. The service has been fantastic and they have been so efficient to get in the medication our dog needs on a daily basis. The prices are a lot better too! The night time appointments are so very handy and appreciated, as are the text message reminders! Can't recommend them highly enough or our vet Alice enough! :)
15 May 2015
LizOakey from St Kilda
My dog was a quirky elderly rescue Foxy (we adopted him at the age of 12). The care & love he received from everyone, and I mean everyone, at Prahran Vet Hospital was second to none. Being a senior he had various health issues and he was tended to with kindness, care & exemplary knowledge. He was never put through anything unnecessary, but the diagnoses were obviously accurate and gave him wonderful quality of life through minimal medication but adjusting nutrition, exercise, etc to enable him to live his happy life to the fullest. When his sudden end came and hard decisions needed to be made quickly, there could not have been more kindness for my funny little dog or for those who loved him. I would like to pay special tribute to vets Theo & Diana who showed so much care & compassion for a little stray dog. When it was time for Oakey to go, Theo couldn't have been kinder or gentler. And the aftercare to me has made all the difference in the world. If I could give 100 stars I would
15 Mar 2015
michelles114 from South Yarra
Fantastic vet!! All the staff and vets at this vet are fantastic!! I've been to other vets and they don't compare. Staff are knowledgable and so caring! Would highly recommend
20 Feb 2015
erinj6 from South Yarra
I have taken my dogs to numerous vets over the years, and now I wish I had merely settled on Prahran Vetinerary Clinic in the first place. Everyone is clearly an animal lover (not all vet staff are, I have found), and they are extremely thorough, and tolerant (one of my dogs is exceptionally yappy in the waiting room). The fact that they also have acupuncturists is a bonus.
12 Jan 2015
alfreddeB from South Melbourne
We have had a twenty year association with our two cats, yes one after te other. Ben is always welcomed, remembered by all. Comments and recommendations considered and informative. The professionals all top class and the front of house attentive and accommodating. The stay overs have been a god send for both cat and parent, all happy. The expertise and technical backup excellent. Facilities excellent.
20 Feb 2014
suep31 from Toorak
Our dog collapsed, had surgery for spinal disc problems, and was unable to walk... (this op was not done at Prahran Vet Hospital). Post Op he was still unable to walk and surgeon suggested we have him put to sleep. However, one nurse there referred us to Prahran Vets for Nicole to assess to see if acupuncture would assist in any recovery. After one treatment Nicole called from the Vets, saying she felt Jet had a more serious & rare condition and on-referred us to Professor Sam Long at Melbourne University. Indeed Nicole was correct. She had ordered in and fitted Jet with a Help-em-up brace, as he was a 38kg 8year old lab & Heavy work. Jet was diagnosed with Polyradiculopathy, rare in Australia and goes under the name of Coon Hound disease in America. As Jet was of a happy disposition, and lazy being a labrador, he was happy in himself. We were advised the path to recovery was going to be lengthy, strenuous and take commitment from us, the family and Jet himself. Each day was a challenge but Jet remained happy. It is now 4 months later, and Jet is now walking unaided - his gait is floppy, and he still wears his brace - it has been a highly emotional and rewarding journey and we are not there yet. But without the commitment and deep concern from Nicole at Prahran Toorak Veterinary hospital we would not have had our beautiful boy making these amazing leaps and bounds. We cannot thank her enough for her advice, and discovery as this disease is so rare. And Jet is still working hard - swimming, exercising, and eating of course. He did loose 5kgs which helped us all. thank you so so much for the wonderful attention and knowledge. Jet started life as a Guide Dog and deserves every good thing that came his way. We were blessed with the team.
13 Jul 2013
alexm24 from South Kingsville
My puppy broke his leg at four months old and after a series of infections and complications I brought him to Prahran Veterinary Hospital. The service was exceptional and I felt confident my puppy was in great hands at all times - and a few months down the track you would never know that he had had such a complicated injury. He is also always happy and excited to come to Prahran Veterinary Hospital - he is generally not a good patient so this has been a great relief.
22 Mar 2012
rachh2 from Croydon
My dog became ill late year very suddenly so I went to Lort Smith and got several tests done. I was brushed off and told to just leave it, take her home and do NOTHING, despite her very enlarged abdomen. They refused to let me pay them off as I claimed from my Pet Insurer. Naturally I couldn't do nothing as her liver was enlarged, and eventually found Prahran Vet Clinic on Google. Nicole Hoskin has been absolutely fantastic to my dog and I. She listens to your concerns about small changes in behaviour, etc. My dog had many tests, which Nicole let me pay off! PHEW. Finally we found out that my dog has Cushings Syndrome, and is now successfully on medication, and doing well. To my surprise Prahran Vet actually aren't more expensive than vets in other suburbs. For many of the tests they were far cheaper.
14 Oct 2009
Penger from Windsor
I've been bringing my 2 cats to this Vet for over 3 years now. They are fantastic, affordable, and really do care about your little babies. When our cat Kody swallowed a meter of string, they got him right in as it was an emergency and everything was perfect within a few hours. They even let us see photos they took from inside his belly, and explained everything about procedures and what we should expect in his recovery. Fantastic people, and I always feel comfortable just giving them a call to ask for advice if our cats are sick. Can not recommend them enough.
01 Oct 2008
RagBabes from Armadale
I brought my puppy in very early one morning with very bad diarrhea and even though we didn't have an appointment, Dr. Peter saw us almost immediately. He and the hospital staff obviously loves animals and he showed genuine concern for our puppy's progress, asking to hear from us regularly. We didn't start out having this clinic as our puppy's regular vet but I think I'm about to switch seeing as the quality of service and the vet's love for animals is really great here.
Prahran, VIC, 3181
Tel: 0395101335

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