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Organic Angels

27 Dec 2015
REDMARTINI from Breakwater
I Have ordered from Organic Angels quite a few times now. I usually order the small vegetable or small mixed box. I have always been happy with the quality and mix of items included in the delivery. The only reason I don't sign up for a regular weekly delivery is the delivery charge. Because they class Geelong as a country area my delivery costs $14.95, taking the price of my small box from $45.50 to $60.45. If I placed a larger order I could justify it, but on my little order means about 25% of my charge is delivery costs. I try and buy organic locally, but highly recommend Organic Angels if you are in their delivery zones or want to place a bigger order to get better value from it.
23 Nov 2015
fredg742 from Doncaster East
very nice food, people are lovely. prices reasonable (you get what you pay for) so fresh so delicious, i really like this place
21 Aug 2014
wendym33 from Blackburn
An almost weekly order of organic fruit and vegetables. They are the nicest organic and most reasonably priced that I have found anywhere. I no longer have to drive for miles to get good organic veggies and they deliver! The staff are so lovely. Always!
02 Jul 2014
I have thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of this service. Affordable, convenient, healthy - it just ticks all my boxes. I highly recommend them!
29 Apr 2013
pete2020 from East Melbourne
What great, fresh and healthy produce! Impeccable service. Cannot find a fault. Keep up the good work.
30 Mar 2013
Anonymous from Como
All the products found there were certified organic or biodynamic and is Australian as per the information. Its very haelth and i used to purchase from here.we love shopping from organicangels
10 Jun 2012
jodiew7 from Melbourne
I love receiving my weekly delivery of fresh local organic fruit and vegies. The quality is great, flavours delicious and staff very helpful. Highly recommended. You can even nominate items you don't like and they will replace them with something else that is in season.
04 Jun 2012
scottm2 from Croydon
Organic Angels are totally wonderful, their produce is sensational and their prices are more than reasonable
19 May 2012
owler from Bulleen
They deliver fresh organic fruit and vegetables. The quality is excellent and once when there was a small problem of one of the items not being the highest standard they listened respectfully and added another item of similar value to my next order. This hads not occurred since. Am cery happy to recommend them to others.
16 May 2012
kirno from Coburg
Great quality fruit & veg delivered. Good range of other products including yummy bread, chocolate, juice, canned goods etc.
16 May 2012
cherylc7 from Rosanna
The Organic Angels supply a weekly delivery service of top quality organic fruit and vegetables always fresh and crisp, and packed with care. The website is easy to navigate and the ordering process is simple and quick. A text messaging service is available to send you a reminder to place your next order. The weekly newsletter included with each delivery, states the contents of each mixed box of produce, as well as healthy recipes and cooking tips and ideas. I have been ordering with organic angels weekly for almost two months and I cannot recommend this service highly enough.
15 May 2012
denisev from Burwood
I love the convenience of home delivered fresh organic produce. Couldn't ask for better service. Always friendly and helpful with queries / changes to orders. Always on time and nicely presented. The personal touches such as weekly recipes, hand signed packing slips that Sarah, Scott and the team bring are really appreciated, nice to support a well-run and positive local business!
14 May 2012
natalieh12 from Mount Waverley
I Love Organic Angels. When i was looking first looking to buy organic fruit and vegetables, I found them through this site and I have not regretted it. The fruit and vegetables are fresh and tasty and there is always plenty of variety. I now look forward to Thursday nights cause i know that my box will be at home waiting to open. I highly recommend Organic Angels.
11 May 2012
christinac6 from Gardenvale
We get an Organic Angels delivery almost every week (and regret it when we don't) We generally get a medium mixed box which is enough for 2 adults and a 2 year-old. The produce is always amazing, particularly the fruit, it has got me eating fruit again! It definitely saves us money too and we love the recipes included and the fact that they let you know the organic accreditation of the produce. And the Elderslie eggs -I really have not eaten better purchased eggs, ever! They are almost sweet!
11 May 2012
catherinea from Mulgrave
I have been getting my organic fruit and vegetables delivered by Organic Angels for a couple of years now. The produce is always first rate, the service is friendly and ordering is very easy. I also love the personal touches including weekly recipes and hand-signed picking slips. Whatever is in the box is the best available seasonal organic food so this is what determines what I cook for my family. When I first started ordering with OA, I worried a bit about the cost, but when I factor the time and effort it takes to do the weekly fresh produce shop and weigh that against the convenience, quality and benefits of eating organically the choice was easy.
11 Nov 2011
angek2 from Hawthorn East
I order Organic Angels fruit and vegie boxes at least once a fortnight, or more. Their produce is of the highest quality and rich in flavour. It is highly convenient to have farmer's market quality fruit and veg delivered to your door; especially when we lead such busy lifestyles. A diverse range of fruit and vegies is available and the website has a huge array of other yummy items to buy. It has made my life that little bit easier and alot healthier!!
22 Feb 2011
emilyh10 from Highett
I have had a regular weekly order with organic angels. My 2 1/2 year old daughter loves it when the 'red box' comes each week and will happily eat the fruit and vegetables raw! I feel so comfortable knowing she is not eating pesticides etc. The produce is exceptional and I am enjoying cooking so much more since I started getting organic angels.
31 Dec 2010
Pinski from Diamond Creek
After seeing this business here on WOMOW I considered using it but then I noticed their van driving around our suburb - which was a nice reminder - so I ordered the ingredients I needed for our Christmas lunch from here and it was a HUGE hit - such good quality - even my bro (a big food snob) was impressed with the quality. We'll be using you again for sure you beautiful Organic Angels you!
01 Aug 2010
casa from Mount Eliza
Wonderful, extremely fresh, organic fruit and vegetables delivered to your door, by a bright smiling face. An environmentally friendly business, which never disappoints in the quality of the produce. Excellent old fashioned customer service!!
30 Jun 2010
michelleb29 from Coburg
Organic Angels has changed our lives. We love receiving organic produce on our door step every week. It has saved us valuable time and we can be guaranteed fresh seasonal, organic food with low food miles. It is really exciting to open a mixed box and see what is inside. Very rarely is there anything left over or not consumed. This is an environmentally conscious and responsible business that provides an alternatives to supermarkets and overstocked fruit and vegetable shops.
28 Jun 2010
melanief2 from Cheltenham
Not only do Organic Angels supply super fresh fruit and vegies, they are always happy to help or listen to suggestions. Sarah and Scott are easily approachable, friendly business people. Old fashion service, I love it!
26 Jun 2010
katec15 from Brighton East
I use Organic Angels every week to purchase seasonal fruits and veges for my family. Not only is the produce always very fresh and organic it is also very convenient to have it delivered at the same time every week. I get a weekly reminder to order via SMS and have received excellent customer service if I have ever needed it. It is good value for money and peace of mind knowing the children are eating the best quality, pesticide free produce.
26 Jun 2010
christinel3 from Kew
I have had an organic box of veggies and fruit delivered to my door for the past few years through Organic Angels. The quality and the freshness of the food is second to none. If stored correctly it will last way longer than the produce from the supermarket. And the flavour of organic produce is fantastic, too. Service is great, proactive and responsive.
25 Jun 2010
JoniWho from Mornington
I have tried a few produce delivery services before, and Organic Angels are by far the best. There produce is of better quality than my local Supermarkets and the service is amazing. With my first order I received a call to inform me of my delivery time. The drivers have alway been friendly and helpful. And just when you think it couldn't be any better...they pop a free gift into my box! I am a huge fan of this company and I would recommend them to anyone. (In fact, I do)
24 Jun 2010
jacobv from Brunswick West
Great service, easy to use, excellent products. Always deliver on time. Easy access and payment options.
23 Jun 2010
kateinnocenti from Blackburn South
It is great to have the convenience of having good quality organic fruit and vegetables delivered to your home. Occasionally you might get something that may not turn out to not quite right (like a bit of mold inside a capsicum, but you get that when you purchase your own products). Overall great service, and have been mold surprised with the occasional gift in your fruit and veggie box. I also like the option of being able to select your likes and dislikes on each order.
22 Jun 2010
anitag5 from Ashburton
The fresh produce delivered was very fresh and of excellent quality. There was a great variety of fruit and vegetables. I also liked that I could ask to omit particular fruit and vegies that we don't eat. I will definitely be ordering again.
21 Jun 2010
suzannec2 from Box Hill North
When my daughter started solids in February I was determined to give her quality, organic produce. I discovered Organic Angels and ever since we've been looking forward to our delivery every Monday. We plan our weekly meals around what will be in the box each week. And having my hands full with our little one, it is so convenient to have our fruit and veggies delivered - much less to carry! I also usually include a weekly treat such as a La Madre fruit loaf - so delicious! I would highly recommend Organic Angels.
21 Jun 2010
Anonymous from Richmond
Ordered a mixed box of organic fruit and veggies on line via the organic angels website. Really easy website to use and lots of good options - depending on the size of your household, budget and personal preferences. Received a phone call confirming my order and time of delivery - and arrived home today to find my first order. I was absolutely delighted with the produce I received - so fresh, flavorsome and beautiful. I can't wait for my next order. So easy - and my expectations were exceeded. I would definitely recommend.
21 Jun 2010
angela4 from Coburg
The best quality I have had from any delivery company. I do look forward to the seasonal variety. The only thing that would make it better would be a Thursday delivery.
21 Jun 2010
peters17 from Ashburton
Weekly delivery of Organic vegetables/fruit. The service is reliable and they provide new recipes to use every week, to explore the different types of vegetables/fruit.
18 Jun 2010
ammien from Port Melbourne
After just a couple of deliveries I'm looking forward to the next one. Service is friendly and helpful;food has been very fresh, quality good and great variety - selections I use. Even 11 year old son is inspired to cook!
18 Jun 2010
natalief6 from Maribyrnong
Great service and always good produce.
17 Jun 2010
I love the freshness of the goods supplied. A few items were not up to scratch, but overall, I would highly recommend the service. The communication from Sarah is fabulous and I was pleased to receive a little gift after my fifth order.
17 Jun 2010
corinnab from Hampton
Organic angels deliver the freshest organic food ever! It is not the cheapest option to 'go organic' but the old saying you get what you paid for is true. The name is very appropriate too because the produce taste like heaven!
17 Jun 2010
kazs1 from Ringwood East
Fantastic food- not just the fruit & veggies, but all the other items as well (I love their organic teas). when I'm cooking up all those delicious organic veggies, it's nice to know I'm helping to heal the planet, one meal at a time!
30 Jan 2010
DefinitelytheCat from Montmorency
Wow, these guys know how to shop! I initially ordered from another organic delivery company (because it was a bit cheaper) but was disappointed with the lackluster contents in the seasonal box. These guys are worlds apart! The fruit and veg are fabulous and you get an ample amount for the price (not always the case with organics!). The bread is also to die for - La Madre sourdough, which I used to have to trek to Vic Market in my lunch break to purchase. Opening the box every week is like getting a present. Couldn't recommend more highly.
28 Jan 2010
amyjoy from Croydon North
I look forward to my organic angels delivery every week. They offer great service and great produce. Buying the fruit and veg box each week saves me plenty of precious time. I highly recommend organic angels.
11 Dec 2009
VENETIAD from Mulgrave
25 Oct 2009
VENETIAD from Mulgrave
22 Oct 2009
kelly-d481 from Frankston
Home delivered organic fruit, veges, grocery and household products. I LOVE these guys. I was so excited and couldn't wait to try them when I first found out about them last year and they didn't disappoint. The food is of exceptional quality and the service is very friendly and reliable. And it's so easy! Just place your order each week online and it's delivered to your door. I like being surprised each week by what's in the mixed fruit and veg box and trying the recipes that are included. Hooray Organic Angels!!!
05 Oct 2009
Anonymous from Blackburn
Deliveries to my door!
05 Oct 2009
HayleyD from Lysterfield
Regular delivery of organic fruit, vegetables, eggs and pantry items. I have been a regular user of this service and have had only positive experiences. The delivery always arrives, the produce is always of an excellent quality and I get treats (chocolate!!!) for being a regular customer. I recommend this company and their service to all of my friends.
09 May 2009
JessF1 from Rye
Just tried my first box last week and the quality of the fruit & veg is fantastic! Ok, so it's a little more expensive but seriously... who has the time to go to the farmers markets every week? This gets delivered to your door (or to Whitecliffs General Store, Rye for southern peninsula) and they even give you recipes! You can specify your dislikes in your profile and even change these week to week.
07 May 2009
NatC1 from Ashburton
Home delivery of fresh organic fruits, vegetables and dry goods straight from the market. Order on line the day before and see what to expect in the box that week, with the opportunity to make some changes to the contents.
05 May 2009
MaxL1 from Melbourne
I love organic fruit and vegetables, and these guys supply some pretty good quality produce... it's generally a little more expensive than regular supermarket stuff, but it's definitely worth it for taste and nutritional quality
03 Mar 2009
RonF from Elwood
Purchase and delivery of organic produce, including fruit, vegetables and bread. Delivered to my office on Thursday afternoons. The range of produce includes items I may not have selected had I gone shopping - this encourages me to try a wider range of foods in my diet.
27 Feb 2009
JB from Northcote
Organic Angels deliver my fruit and vegetables FRESH to my door each fortnight. They are a fantastic organisation providing an exceptional, friendly service. I have found that they are eager to please and are always courteous and helpful with any queries I have.
27 Feb 2009
SaraP1 from Kensington
This weekly Organic veg delivery service is the best in town! Every Thursday they bring a huge box of fresh, organic fruit and veg for just $60, which I enjoy all week.
27 Feb 2009
AdeleM from Coburg North
Something had to give - I couldn't keep up with all the demands on my time - so I asked Organic Angels to deliver my weekly fruit and veg - all certified organic, of the highest quality (amazing flavours!) and locally sourced where possible (all Australian of course). It's obvious that the produce is selected with much thought and on the day of delivery - it's so fresh! They even give you a couple of recipes relating to the goods provided that week. Service has been friendly and prompt and I have become quite dependant upon my weekly box! And my kids love opening the boxes - like a weekly surprise package!! I have trouble getting the fruit to the bowl before it is devoured - we love it!
26 Feb 2009
Anonymous from Box Hill South
The freshest organic produce. Delivered to your home with 100% love. Organic Angels really look after us. The range of home products is perfect for a stay at home MUM. Both my boys look forward to the surprises in the recycled box. Thank you.
26 Feb 2009
RachaelP from Aspendale
We get a mixed box every week. The fruit and vegetables is always yummy and fresh and its great getting what is in session. Its also good to be able to list some likes and dislikes (never a box of brussel sprouts!) Bread is wonderful. The pasta sauces are good too.
26 Feb 2009
BethK from Mentone
Great home delivery service for good quality organic fruit and vegetables, together with great value organic and environmentally friendly groceries including cleaning products, baby food, baby supplies, soaps, tea, coffee, etc
26 Feb 2009
MichelleE from Bonbeach
Beautiful fresh organic fruit & vegetables delivered to your door in a beautiful colourful van by beautiful ladies. You really do feel like you have been visited by angels.
26 Feb 2009
BruceD from Croydon
We have been a regular customer of Organic Angels since they first started. They continue to please us with excellent quality produce at good prices all delivered to our door every week without fail. Highly recommend them.
26 Feb 2009
CarolineL from Northcote
I have been a regular customer of Organic Angels for about 18 months. During this time I have been consistently impressed with the quality of the produce and the service. The fruit and vegetables are so fresh they last for at least two weeks. Every order has been delivered on time, and to the delivery address I've specified. I also really love how it is possible to vary the content of the mixed fruit and vegetable boxes according to what I have at home already. This means I don't get a glut of one particular thing and there's no waste. I have tried a number of other products on the website, which is very comprehensive and easy to use, and have also been very happy with the quality and value for money. Organics used to be out of my price-range and now I have them all the time! Finally the service has always been really friendly and helpful, and I love the weekly recipes!
26 Feb 2009
JayBeeC from Northcote
Really friendly, genuine and down to earth company. Once you sign up it becomes clear how dedicated and passionate Scott & Sarah are about good quality organic food. They provide really fresh market produce, the quality of which is occasionally affected by availability or weather changes but is usually fantastic. Initially thought it was a little expensive but then I compared their prices with an equivalent shop I did myself at the markets and ended up saving more with Organic Angels. These guys make it really easy to eat an organic, healthy diet without having to spend hours at the market, or battling the crowds. Highly recommended.
26 Feb 2009
SimoneS from Cheltenham
The convenience, value for money and very friendly accommodating service makes my life so much easier and enjoyable. After two years I still love receiving my weekly order and have referred many friends and family.
26 Feb 2009
shabadoo from Albert Park
Really enjoy Organic Angels - I get my fresh fruit and veg delivered to my door, and the quality is great. It saves me time and hassle of going to the markets or shops, and is really convenient. I also found their service very friendly and personal, and I enjoy supporting a small, family business.
Box Hill, VIC, 3128
Tel: 0398900776

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