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Fun, Food and Friendship - Melbourne Social Club

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Fun, Food and Friendship - Melbourne Social Club

25 Jul 2017
simonley_melb from North Melbourne
Back in May we organised a party for a leaving do. MSC organised everything. This wasn't really about meeting new people but have since been enjoying two new friendships. what a great time (sorry for the late posting, just realised I had a login!)
24 Dec 2015
A great club with for everyone - married or single, it doesn't matter. This really is a 'social' club in the true sense with all kinds of fun events including dinners, sporting activities and excursions. I rejoined FunFF when I returned to Melbourne in 2014, after a 5-year absence. No regrets - highly recommended.
15 Sep 2015
Great fun. Great people. There is always lots of interesting events, movies, dinners, drinks and a heap of other things to do,
21 Feb 2015
Anonymous from Hampton
The Melbourne Social Club is a great way to meet new friends and experience a wide range of activities, from social drinks in trendy city bars, watching major sporting events, enjoying Melbourne's Arts and Culture and day trips to regional Victoria.
20 Feb 2015
denisq from Albion
Couldn't speak highly enough of the quality service of this company and l wouldn't hesitate a moment before recommending it anyone who was interested in this sort of thing. Denis Q
17 Feb 2015
xiaominj from Berwick
I always have a great time with the events I go to, whether it's a social drink or dinner. The people I've met are really friendly. Everyone enjoys meeting everyone new. I love it!
17 Feb 2015
wendym36 from Burwood
I love the Fun, Food and Friendship - Melbourne Social Club. So many great activities, nights out, day trips and things to do each week. Fantastic people, very welcoming and well organised.
16 Feb 2015
Anonymous from Bentleigh East
Great people, great variety, great organization. Have met many terrific people and visited places I would not have considered otherwise. In a nutshell, lots of fun!
14 Jan 2015
maggieg5 from Croydon
I joined this Club two months ago as I am new to Australia. I recently joined them on a day out to Portsea Polo. I had never met anyone one before and was made so very welcome by all. I had such a fun day and will definately go on more trips. I would recommend this club to anyone who has just moved to Melbourne and knows no one. Maggie
05 Jan 2015
Anonymous from East Melbourne
I joined FFF to meet new people and try new social activities. FFF is a good way to do this. Events are well organised and people are friendly. I recommend FFF :-)
04 Jan 2015
Have been a member over a year now. I enjoy each event I attend and all are very welcoming. There is a good variety of events to attend with the chance to meet a good mix of regular and new members
03 Jan 2015
Anonymous from Thomastown
FFF holds events for all interests throughout the year. Events are well organised with friendly and welcoming hosts. A great way to meet new people and socialise.
02 Jan 2015
mattHB35 from Kingsville
My experience with Melbourne social club has been good. I am one of the younger people in the club. I guess people turn up to these events being aged in their 30`s to 60`s. There is at least one event that will take your interest per month, as not everyone likes the same thing. You can choose what you want to do from the events page. It tends to be well organised and members suggest/organise events, along with the management. Over all not a bad club and the people are nice too. Matt
02 Jan 2015
Anonymous from Chelsea Heights
I knew no one in Melbourne, this club introduced me to friends and experiences I wouldn't normally consider. I have never looked back.
27 Jan 2014
gailt1t from Kew
FFF is great. It provides a varied range of activities and helps me to keep my social life active.
22 Jan 2014
Fun,Food and Friendship is a great club, with great functions, excellent value and lots of fun with like minded people.
06 Jan 2014
francas from Greensborough
I have been with the group for almost a year. It has been great and I have met some very special people. Everyone is easy going and pleasant. The activities have been fun and enjoyable to attend.
05 Jan 2014
mummymac from Bentleigh East
I have been a member for nearly 3 years and have enjoyed many outings with the group and have made friends in the process. The club has helped me ease into my new city and have been on many outings that I otherwise wouldnt. There is a huge variety of event/outings to go on and you can just chose what you like. Lots of Fun, always involves Food and great Friendships...what more could you ask for.
04 Jan 2014
anne15 from Hughesdale
Great people! Great events organised for you! Great fun! What are you waiting for? Join today!
26 Aug 2013
sandrakV8 from Forest Hill
I've been a member for just over a year and have had a fabulous time throughout! The events are varied and interesting, well organised, and a great showcase of all that Melbourne has to offer. You can do as much or as little as you choose. This is a great way to expand your social life, even if, like me, you tend to be a bit introverted :)
13 Jul 2013
gabev from Coburg
I've been a member for over 3 years and still enjoy it. I like having a list of upcoming events to choose from that has been organised for me. I just need to choose, book and turn up. It's well organised; the number of people isn't too small or too large; and the prices for events are typically better than I'd be able to get for myself if I went it alone.
01 Jun 2013
Suzi1 from Brunswick West
What an Amazing Social club! I have now been on so many outings & tried things I normally wouldn't. There are so many events to choose from every week, my social calendar has never been so full. I have met wonderful people from all walks of life, everyone is friendly and welcoming.
28 May 2013
booterman from Melton South
having been a member of fff for several years now, i believe its time to share the great experience of this group. Everything organised for me by friendly people, great mix of events with many tastes catered for. It has broardened my network of friends and experiences throughout greater Melbourne and Victoria. The greatest asset this group has are its members, fantastic group of people meet and very easy to chat to those you don't know in a relaxed, non threatening environment,, give it a go
22 May 2013
sprackendedeutchs from South Yarra
I have been a member of Fun, Food and Friendship for nearly 7 years and in that time I have discovered lots of new places and met great people. Of course I could go to these places anyway but it is more fun to do it with a group of like minded people. I also get to host some of the events which is a bonus as I get to introduce members to venues not yet visited by the club.
15 Jan 2013
elocinr17 from St Kilda
It is great fun to be able to just find an event you want to do and book it, things that you would never hear about otherwise. I've done so many different events and I've gotten to meet a whole group of interesting people. We've come to describe the club as outsourcing our social lives.
02 Aug 2012
El-Capitan from West Footscray
This place is great and I would agree that it's 'Melbourne's best and liveliest social activities group'. Great place to socialise and it has great event nights like ghost nights, fashion events, dancing, movie nights, trivia nights, dinners and fine dining and even comedy nights. Great place to meet new people and have a lot of fun in the process, check it out!
27 May 2012
hazelp from St Kilda West
There's no excuse to be bored or lonely in Melbourne! I joined FunFF just to make my life a bit more interesting. I didn't really need more friends but I couldn't help but make a few along the way; singles and couples from all ages. They're just normal people wanting a better social life, with some of them having been members for several years. There are loads of different activities and I went to many e.g., meals at different restaurants, bars (in good bars), cinema, cycling, kayaking, day trips, wineries tours, beer- tasting, a skiing weekend, public holiday events, watching the AFL final and many more. The "have a go" events are especially fun because there's no pressure to be good at any of them. It was all good fun and everything was good value for money. I was never disappointed because every event was properly organised and people were generally friendly whether it was just a few people or many. It all feels so easy-going yet the host will ensure no one is abandoned either. I would definitely recommend this club to anyone new to Melbourne and also for locals too: anyone looking for something new to do or wanting to make new friends. I was a member for 3 years and I'd still be a member now if I hadn't gone back to the UK.
19 Mar 2012
tammyb10 from Malvern East
Since I moved to Melbourne from country Victoria, I was interested in getting involved with everything "Melbourne". I have found that Fun, Food and Friendship provides me with a variety of events that has allowed me to experience everything Melbourne has to offer!! It has also opened up the window to meeting new friends and great times - wouldn't have done it any other way!!
29 Feb 2012
drewg1 from East Melbourne
We just moved to Melbourne and wanted a way to meet people and engage in a variety of activities. I was looking for a club whose members were different ages. I really did not want a singles club. Fun, Food, Friendship has many activities running every week. There is definitely something for everyone. The company's owner Ian is personable and always ready to help. He works hard to get activities at a price that is affordable. There are plenty of free activities. I would definitely recommend this company for anyone who wants to enhance their social life. Also many people come on their own and feel very welcomed by the group.
28 Feb 2012
judyg7 from Mont Albert North
The range of activities will not disappoint. There is truly something for everyone. From sedate dinners and museum visits, to more adventurous kayaking and windsurfing, you'll want to try everything. As you enjoy yourself, you're helping others; much of the profit from this club is donated to charities such as The Salvation Army.
26 Feb 2012
brian4 from St Albans
A great way of getting out and doing activities you may not normally do or wouldn't do on your own. The bonus is you get to meet new people along the way. I really like being able to simply pick and choose the events or activities that suit my interests. Extremely well organised and wouldn't hesitate recommending to others. A thumbs up from me!
24 Jan 2012
robd7 from Ringwood
Great group of people. Organisers of this club do an awesome job of providing a variety of events where you can hang out with both singles and couples in a friendly atmosphere. Events cover a broad spectrum of interests and there is something for everyone.
19 Jan 2012
wallyz from Brighton East
Good range of activities and great atmosphere. I've always enjoyed the people there and it offers an interesting array of personalities to add to the fun =) I'm doing things I'd never try on my own and wouldn't know how to find anyway ! Different to a singles club, no pressure, but I have known couples who have met there
15 Jan 2012
ianc17 from Caulfield North
Fun, Food and Friendship is a great way to meet new people and have a great time without spending a fortune. It has been a great help to me as a newcomer to melbourne to find some interesting places to go to and enjoy with a lively group from the club. I can highly recomend joining for the social experience and the value for money. Ian
19 Apr 2011
janed19 from Southbank
I joined Fun Food and Friendship as I had just arrived in Melbourne and wanted to meet new people. I found a wide variety of events and activities on offer with options to suit all tastes and budgets. Fun Food and Friendship introduced me to some great drinking and dining venues and sporting events without having to to my own research. I would definately recommend this club to anyone who has just arrived in the city or for locals who want to meet new friends.
17 Jan 2011
colleenf1 from Brighton East
I really enjoy being a member of Fun, Food and Friendship, the venues are always very classy and I really like the winery tours. Even though I have always lived in Melbourne, since I have joined the club I have been to so many places that I never knew existed and everybody is always friendly.
16 Jan 2011
Anonymous from Glen Waverley
Having only been a member of Fun FF for a month, I have already met some amazing people who I'm sure will be friends for life! All of the events and activities I have been to have exceeded my expectations and I am looking forward to all of the upcoming events which I have already booked in for! I would recommend the Fun FF Social Club to anyone new to Melbourne and looking to meet new people, or anyone who just wants to do a variety of different activities they perhaps normally wouldn't do within their own social groups. Fun FF definitely is a great way to meet people and have a blast doing it!
11 Jan 2011
beckyg1 from St Kilda
What a fantastic opportunity! I have recently moved to Melbourne and didn't know anyone. I searched for social organisations on the internet and came across Fun, Food and Friendship. I decided to take the plunge and join. Despite being a little apprehensive before my first event I have never looked back. I have met so many wonderful people, many of which are now close friends and my social calendar has never been so full. The variety of events is incredible. Amongst my favourite were sailing, jet boating and numerous meals at great venues. I would highly recommend Fun, Food and Friendship to anyone who is new to Melbourne or if you just don't have time to organise a social life for yourself. The value for money is also a great attraction.
23 Jul 2009
evane from Burwood East
in comparison to other clubs that offer similar services I think it offers good variety and value for money - there is lots to do and also include alot of freebies- great location also
13 Feb 2009
JacquiR from Box Hill
Lots of fun and interesting things to do including stuff that you may not have been aware of before, in comparison to other clubs that offer similar services I think it offers good variety and value for money.
20 Jan 2009
KarenP2 from Melbourne
I've been involved with FFF for 4 years. There are always a variety of activities to choose from ... sports(watching and participating), arts, dining, races, road trips ... and plenty of opportunities to meet new people.
20 Jan 2009
ChrisM2 from Port Melbourne
The best (little) investment for a great variety of things to do, and freebies to be had as well. From monthly drinks discovering new bars, to great sporting events that I would not have gone to otherwise to various tours around town, there are plenty of things to choose from.
19 Jan 2009
Great social group and a great way to have fun and meet people, but without the pressure of a 'singles' group. Lots of fun. Great group of people to spend time with and lots of fun events on the calendar. Very friendly, so don't be afraid to go on your own, even for the first time. Definitely worth giving it a try.
19 Jan 2009
CarlR from Coburg
Fantastic club and fantastic people. Great way to meet new friends and see the best that Melbourne has to offer. Well organized with heaps of fun events. Plenty of variety to choose from.
18 Jan 2009
BedeD from Cheltenham
Great way to find out about fun events and to have company when attending. Some great events including food and wine or music or arts of sporty and attendance at all major events in melbourne
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