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Heathmont Animal Hospital

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Heathmont Animal Hospital

27 Oct 2016
Warm, helpful surgery staff, great pet-focussed veterinarians that don't push product or over service and in whom one feels complete confidence, practical opening hours and a great on-site groomer Darren. Couldn't ask for more of a clinic - it's the real thing where the pet comes first and one can feel complete confidence in every aspect of it.
05 Dec 2015
KellyRose from Scoresby
We absolutely love this vet. I starting caring for a homeless cat in August last year. She was quite difficult at the start. She was constantly throwing up, bleeding from sores all over her body and her fur was falling out in patches. She was also quite feral initially - hissing, growling and always on edge. We took her to 2 different vets, who both gave us very different advice - some advice worked for a few days but never for long periods. Meanwhile our poor car was getting very despondent and we were feeling quite frustrated ourselves. It had cost us about $800 and no one seemed to be really sure what the problem was. Finally, I looked at WOMO and saw all the positive reviews for Heathmont's Animal Hospital. We made an appointment and I'm so, so glad we did. The staff and Vets genuinely care about the animals that come in. Peter correctly identified Mystery's allergies and gave us the appropriate medication and treatment for her - at the least expensive of all 3 vets. If only we'd started here! Our Mystery puss is now at a healthy weight. She's very affectionate, has a beautiful soft coat, throws up only the occasional fur ball and has only a few small sores that come and go depending on what she eats. We try to moderate it but we have 2 other cats and we know when she sneaks food from them - her sores give her away! In any case, we've now changed vets to this one. They are the absolute best.
29 Jun 2015
andrel3 from Bayswater
Brought our puppy in for a checkup and shots. Very friendly and professional experience. Provided good information and advice. WOMO discount was handy! Would definitely recommend to any others in the area who are searching for a good friendly VET.
22 Apr 2015
As a child my best friend went here and now I have my son going here, the best and most caring doctors you can have for your "special" children! AMAZING!
17 Nov 2014
CreepyJojoba from Heathmont
I want to thank everyone from the Heathmont Animal Hospital who helped us gone through the tough times when saying goodbye to our cat we had for almost 19 years. We were given all the support we need to make sure our cat pass away at home peacefully without pain. Special thanks to Dr. Woo he's not only very professional but also very sensitive that he helped me to comfort my heartbroken children. I would highly recommend this vet to anyone.
08 Nov 2014
jessied1 from Ringwood
I can't speak more highly of Heathmont Animal Hospital. We have 2 dogs that we have been taking to this vet since they were puppies and couldn't be happier with the care and service we get every time we go there. We're signed up for the VIP program which is a small price to pay for unlimited free consults throughout the year (among other benefits like free nail clipping and annual vaccinations). We usually see Dr Green but Dr Don and Dr Sophia are also excellent. I really appreciate that they don't over-prescribe - if they don't think medications is necessary, they won't recommend it. I know that if I have any questions at all I can call them for advice, or just take the dogs down there to be checked out, because I don't have to pay for the consults (being in the VIP program). Our dogs love going there, and they (and I) always get treated with care and courtesy. We also get our dogs groomed there and Annette (the groomer) is amazing! Apart from always doing an excellent job on their grooming, she's got a fantastic, natural affinity with animals and the dogs just love her.
11 Aug 2014
scoresby from Scoresby
I have been going to Heathmont vet for 7 years. I have moved half an hour away now and still go back. The vets and nurses take a real care in your pet and the work they do, and are lovely to deal with. They have good availability of appointments and will accommodate you in an emergency. My dog does not get anxious going there at all. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.
20 Feb 2014
BeckB13 from Heathmont
Found them on WOMO and they were very close to me as I had just moved into the area. Had a very sick cat and they were wonderful. Caring, professional, communicative, realistic and I felt I got a great combination of the best care for my animal as well as a reasonable price. Would highly recommend.
21 Mar 2013
Carolyn7 from Heathmont
I once had to take in a dog, cat and chook within the one week, & all of them were treated with great care & respect. Peter, Karen, Kate and any locum I have met have all been wonderful, & make you feel like your animal is very special to them! They are honest & sensitive with their advice, & will follow up with a phone call to check how your pet is going. All the vet nurses are great as well, experienced, patient & friendly. The practice also runs a free injured wildlife service & will always assist with lost animal issues. Great service!
06 Mar 2013
Anonymous from Heathmont
They are detailed in their consultations, do not rush me. Are sensitive. Call to see how my Pet is doing after a big illness and the vet nurses are very helpful by phone and in person.
17 Jan 2013
angelas17 from Ringwood
I have been to see both Peter and Karen the vets this week with my cat Tiger (twice) and my daughter's kitten Beemo who both have serious problems and both vets were fantastic with their knowledge in cat illnesses. My daughter is even changing Vets as she was so impressed by Karen. The staff are so sympathetic and concerned and they do their best to help where they can. The clinics prices are also very reasonable and I highly recommend them to everyone who loves their pets. Oh and one more thing they take in injured wildlife, treat them for free and the foster them out to wildlife carers until they can be released again.
10 Jan 2013
andrewb38 from Heathmont
I cannot speak highly enough about this vet practice. We have two 'playful' kelpie heeler X's and have unfortunately had to use HAH's services quite a lot in 2012. However, we have not had a more professional, understanding, reasonably priced (especially given what has needed to be done) experience than that with HAH. Peter and the team are great; they take the time to take any of your queries or concerns and do not hurry you out door. They will not end the appointment (from our experience) until you are absolutely understand what is going on with your pet. I would recommend this vet to anyone who is look for a new vet and are in the local area!
20 Dec 2012
Our precious dog Bijou had a serious liver failure problem back in June'12. We took her to Heathmont Vet and Dr Kate did all the necessary tests and treatments. As a result, Bijou has had an amazing recovery, which was a big relieve for all of us. Dr Kate even took the time to send me an e-mail with some test result and progress report, while we were overseas. The costs were very reasonable, which is a bonus, but most of all we are gratefull for all their professional care and love.
10 Dec 2012
ilikereviews from Heathmont
We took our cat here not too long ago for an issue which was treated pretty well to be honest. We've been to other vets in the past who mis-diagnosed things and simply cost us money but this is one of the good ones. Will return for sure if needed. Friendly staff and reasonable prices.
06 Dec 2012
becs11 from Ringwood East
I have been going to the Heathmont Animal Hospital for well over 10 years and have always experienced the best treatment and care for my animals. The staff are friendly and the clinic is very clean and welcoming. I cant compare prices as I haven't been to any other vet clinics, but they seem reasonable to me!
05 Dec 2012
EmmySal from Park Orchards
I have been meaning to write this review for a while. Fantastic service, the best veterinary clinic in Victoria without a doubt! I had been searching for a new vet for my 2 Chihuahuas after our vet closed down. I found the clinic through WOMO actually from all the other great reviews! Kate, our vet is lovely. My male chihuahua was desexed and had his teeth cleaned and my female had a vet check and annual injection. Very good value, I compared them with a few others before booking. I am so glad I found this vet, I know my dogs are in the best hands! On another note, they even sent us a cute card welcoming us and offer free check-ups after the services. Definitely recommend!
20 Sep 2012
jackieh71 from Panton Hill
I have been to the Heathmont Animal Hospital many times and every time been greeted warmly by the nurses. The vets that work there are very compassionate and excellent vets. They always give me great advice when I have asked! Well done Heathmont Animal Hospital ! Hope to see you all soon!
07 Sep 2012
Professional, thorough, genuinely caring and friendly - by far the best vet clinic I've come across in over 10 years!
31 Aug 2012
kathyg15 from Heathmont
A great Animal Hospital catering for all pets. Warm, friendly and caring; open and honest; nice and clean. Great VIP program offered also.
12 Aug 2012
Anonymous from Croydon
Been going there for years - have moved to Croydon now but still go there, past several nearer vets. Peter vet came to the house here one time to help my lovely Angela Dog (45kg she weighed) out of this world, and despite being injured himself, would not let me help carry her out to the predug grave in my garden. I have seen Karyn vet have tears running down her face as a smaller dog was similary helped leave this world. As well, I have taken cts and birds 0 a cockatoo I had for three years needed regular monthly treatment till he too literally fell off the perch too foten and was, yes, hepled. And several chooks over the years have been rushed there - one recently spent the day in a humicrib. With them, advice ws given on eggs and eting them too o I would not really have thought of that but they pointed out, it can continue for years if the egg eater is allergic to certain drugs. cre for anumals AND people!
09 Apr 2012
We've now been attending Heathmont Animal Hospital since 1989 when we first brought home our kitten Kava and then his companion Ember. Both Peter, Karyn and the nurses have been wonderful and caring over the years and when we lost both our cats six months apart they were great and we even have a plaque in the memorial garden for both of them. Five years ago three little kittens were abandoned and taken to Heathmont Animal Hospital and soon after Moet, Bollinger and Chandon became part of our family. We haven't lived that close to the clincic for around 14 years, but still prefer to travel to Heathmont as we know we'll receive the care that our cats need. Purrs from the Moran Family.
19 Jan 2012
juliem47 from Ringwood
I've read the reviews about how well Peter and the team at Heathmont Vet look after our pets during their long and happy lives - I have had the same outstanding service for both my dogs. However, the care we received over the weeks leading up to, and on the day we had to have our beautiful 12 year old Labrador put to sleep is what has stayed with me. Only people who truly care and understand the anguish of losing a pet could look after a person having to face such a sad time. I cannot recommend Heathmond Animal Hospital highly enough!
08 Nov 2011
I have been attending Heathmont Animal Hospital since She got me from the Blue Cross Rescue Centre. We have moved intra and interstate over the years, but Peter and his team are the best yet. I have been very sick these last few weeks and Peter and his staff have been so patient and kind to me, and to Her. Peter took the time to explain my xrays to Her and decide on a course of treatment for the time being. I am feeling so much better and She looks happier too. I even chased magpies again this morning. Lick-kiss-woof!
12 Sep 2011
I have been a "customer" of Heathmont Animal Hospital for about ten years, and during that time, I have only been delightfully surprised by their level of knowledge, care and dedication. The business is a credit to Peter and his team. They took care of my Smudge and Panda with love and attention right to their end, and I know they will do the same for my new baby, Tiggah. I would not think of going anywhere else. Thank you, Peter and team, for your care, attention and good advice over the years. I'll look forward to the next ten years together :)
17 May 2011
sallyh16 from Ringwood North
Great Vet. Always helped me with my dogs and the puppies i have bred. Treat al animals AMAZINGLY!!! Value for money. wonderful staff also
01 May 2011
angelas17 from Ringwood
The Vets in this practice would have to be the best I've ever come across. They treat my cats with all the care I would expect. My cat Tiger has got an ongoing problem and Dr Green has been terrific in the way he approaches him and treats him. I would recommend this practice to everybody who has an animal.
07 Jan 2011
joloukay from Heathmont
I've been to various vets across Melbourne and regional Victoria since my dog is now 9... I have found this vet to be the best in terms of overall service whenever you ring or visit them (I received a welcome pack after my first visit with them). As well I feel that the individual vets' attention at each visit is excellent and really thorough. Not only do I have complete confidence in the medical attention my dog receives it is always a really pleasant and friendly experience each time I go.
26 May 2010
jennieandpeterd from Croydon
We have been going regularly to Heathmont Animal Hospital for 19 years and have always found Peter & the staff to be wonderful with our beloved pets. They always make us feel special when we are there and provide an excellent service through their knowledge & care. We highly recommend this Veterinary service to anyone that cares for their pet.
04 May 2010
samanthaw5 from Lilydale
I grew up at Heathmont and my family have been customers of this vet for at least 20 years. They have cared for new pet family members and were compassionate and respectful while our older loved pets passed on. Peter and the team are so terrific and trusted by us that we are prepared drive from Lilydale to Heathmont for each visit and we know that our pups are receiving the best care that we can get for them!
16 Apr 2010
meganw6 from Heathmont
Had my 17 year old cat's annual vaccination at this vets after moving to the area. Excellent service, lovely vet, great with my cat and daughter! Lovely clinic cat "Diva".
07 Jan 2010
Anonymous from Ringwood East
I have been a client at heathmont for a number of years after my old vet couldnt fit me in for an appointment they recommended i come here. Whenever i enter the clinic the girls straight away know me by name and they make me fell very welcome. All nurses and vets very helpful
10 Dec 2009
LeeB from Heathmont
We had an old dog that needed a lot of vet visits. They were always caring considerate, followed up promptly with everything. The staff are great and really care about the animals and their owners. It actually feels like you are part of a family in there! Great service :)
26 Sep 2009
TammyP from Heathmont
The prices are reasonable. The vets and vet nurses are very knowledgeable and caring. I had a new cat. Never had one before and they explained everything to me.
05 Mar 2008
Anonymous from Heathmont
We have used this vet for about 7 years, and they have always been kind and caring. We had to have our dog put down a few months ago, and they were very considerate of out situation and followed up with a card with sympathy.
27 Sep 2007
Lizzie1 from Heathmont
We have dealt with this clinic for many, many years and have always found the staff most helpfull, caring and compassionate. They also send out a news letter which is very informative. They also have a puppy school which is fun and great socializing for your new puppy.
Heathmont, VIC, 3135
Tel: 0397294466

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