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Pets R.I.P Toowoomba & Ipswich

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Pets R.I.P Toowoomba & Ipswich

05 Jan 2018
The whole team from Pets RIP have just been amazing throughout our traumatic event. They showed us nothing but kindness compassion and understanding. A special Thank You to Beck and Ian. I would highly recommend Pets RIP
30 Dec 2017
Highly recommend amazing customer service and extremely supportive. Picked up my little bird Cleo and was beyond happy with everything from beginning to end.
28 Dec 2017
I can’t thank Toowoomba Pets R.I.P enough ,I had my girl Bella back with me within a week of passing ,they were very caring ,considerate staff during this very hard unexpected time I went through ,when your fur babies are taken so quickly and unexpectedly it is so much harder .Thankyou once again Pets R.I.P Toowoomba for all that you did for me and Bella
27 Dec 2017
I would not hesitate to anyone wanting comfort in knowing that your loved one will be taken care of, treated with respect and dignity - R.I.P Toowoomba was the best. We thank you so much in your comfort and support provided. You have now looked after 2 of our beautiful dogs and helped them through the gates, our beautiful Tasha 2009 and the wonderful Aysha 2017. Please if you would like someone to care, have the professionalism and respect for you and your pet - Beric, Sue, Vickie and the team will be there 100% all the way with you. So thank you. From the Smith Family in Toowoomba
24 Dec 2017
leighs944 from Charlton
These are the most wonderful and caring people I have ever dealt with...... Beric and Sue took care over every fine detail with heart and soul. This our second fur child they have taken care of for us, and yet again Beric & Sue and their staff were amazing. I really can't describe in word how highly I recommend this business
22 Dec 2017
When talking with Beric and Sue I could really sense the compassion and care they had for me and my pet. They kept me updated through the process and they made me feel comfortable at all times. When receiving my pet, Beric took his time to show me what they had done and handled everything with the upmost respect. I highly recommend Beric and Sue at Pets Rip. Thank you again
22 Dec 2017
Pet RIP have looked after 4 of my pets now. They were always professional, understanding and respectful during those sad times. I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone who wants a lasting reminder of their animal friends. Thank you so much.
20 Dec 2017
The team at pets RIP were absolutely amazing. From the moment we called when our boy passed away to having him dropped off home again we were greeted with kind, understanding and professional staff. It’s such a hard thing to go through and they were there with us every step of the way. Would recommend this company for all your little friends and we will definately be using them when we need again.
20 Dec 2017
So caring and understanding and he went above and beyond thru the whole process (3 weeks). It was very difficult for me to even talk about Blaze (my beloved horse) so my partner spoke to Beric the first time. When I did eventually speak to Beric his voice on the phone was so calming. They looked after Blaze in a way that he deserved to be cared for and I'm so very grateful for that - Thank you Beric and Ian
15 Dec 2017
I love the passion and customer service from this team. After we lost our horse they were out to pick him up straight away and within 2 weeks he was home in his beautiful box urn. Beric has been amazing with his support and I can’t say enough about him.
14 Dec 2017
It was a very difficult time for my life when we lost our beloved fur baby. Pets R.I.P Beric and Sue went above and beyond to ensure everything was exactly as we liked. They kept me informed every step of the way and I really appreciated it. I highly recommend their services.
10 Dec 2017
At a time of stress Pets RIP made the process easier. They were so lovely, prompt and respectful. I can not thank them enough! They provide an invaluable service.
07 Dec 2017
My family and I have used Pets R.I.P Toowoomba & Ipswich for many of our beloved furbabies, I would highly recommend Bric Lees and his family to look after your furbabies as if they where there own. I thank Ian for his support and kindness.
02 Dec 2017
It was a very hard time for me. But R.I.P went over and beyond with their customer service. I highly recommend them to anyone with their beloved family member. Im happy to have my baby home with me. And the products they offer is outstanding and worth it!! Thank you so much..
02 Dec 2017
terryr820 from Karara
At such a difficult time, the staff of Pets R.I.P Toowoomba showed such love and compassion and understanding,giving us peace of mind,that all aspects were carried out in respectful and dignified manner with our dog jack Thank you
01 Dec 2017
I would highly recomend Pets RIP. They were extremely professional, caring and kept us up to date. Everything you receive is so beautiful and done with care. They are wonderful and I thank immensely for taking care of our dearly loved companion.
29 Nov 2017
Outstanding service. Nothing was too much trouble for them. They bent over backwards and were very good at communicating what was happening.
24 Nov 2017
Excellent service. After our much loved dog passed away we received a phone call from Beric to confirm they would pick her up from the vet. The next day once Beric had picked her up he again rang to confirm. Beric always spoke to me in a very caring and repsectful voice. It was very reassuring at a very difficult time. We have just received her ashes home and once again we were treated in a very respectful and caring manner. Would not hesitate to recommend Pets RIP to anyone needing this service.
23 Nov 2017
From start to finish, everything was 100% professional and completely sympathetic of our situation. The customer service is impeccable alongside the end product. Every detail was just beautiful and we are so grateful to all the staff for their efforts.
19 Nov 2017
Great service. Great company. Friendly. Will recommend to anyone of this wonderful company. They have looked after my baby. Thank u
12 Nov 2017
Pets R.I.P Toowoomba & Ipswich were very prompt and responsive and caring returning our beloved dog's ashes to us. We would highly recommend Pets R.I.P Toowoomba & Ipswich.
10 Nov 2017
Absolutely, They were very caring, considerate, helpful & fulfilled all of my requests. Thank you from Robin & Grahame Henderson
10 Nov 2017
debbies689 from Rothwell
Beric was so sympathetic from the moment he answered my call, and Erika from the moment she arrived to collect Seamus couldn't have been kinder, more understanding and inclusive in preparing Seamus for his car ride. Having used this company for my precious Charley I knew that my equally as precious Seamus would be well cared for and looked after until he returned home. His return was dignified and a day early. Thank you, thank you, thankyou.
09 Nov 2017
I can’t thank the team at PRIP enough!! Their kindness, support, compassion and complete understanding during such an emotional time was an absolute godsend. I can only say Thank you!! I can’t recommend PRIP enough.
08 Nov 2017
Pets RIP are truly wonderful, caring and considerate. They truly understand that losing a pet is equivalent to losing a beloved family member and showed so much compassion when we lost our Maggie. Our heartfelt thanks to you all.
08 Nov 2017
Pets RIP were so helpful and sympathetic in a time of sadness. I lost my wolfhound unexpectedly and from the first phone call, Vicki was so lovely and kind and she got my girl picked up within no time. They treated her with love and respect when picking her up and within a week, Floyd was back home to me. I chose a beautiful keepsake and I will cherish her gold paw print and lock of hair forever. Thank you Pets RIP. I wish I didn’t have to use you guys again but with 2 other dogs, inevitably I will call on your services again.
05 Nov 2017
Thank you for your kindness and consideration with the cremation process shown to us on the loss of our beloved cat, Amy. We much appreciated not being pressured or hurried into making any decision we were not sure of and for your communication throughout.
03 Nov 2017
Everything was handled perfectly and with great compassion and care. Their excellent service was greatly appreciated at such a difficult and emotional time. The attention to detail and friendly staff made such a difference. Can't recommend highly enough.
30 Oct 2017
The owners were so understanding and compassionate. Thank you so much during this hard time. Very highly recommended.
25 Oct 2017
The stress on us both, well into our seventies, when we had our dog put down was just about all we could bear. To go through the cremation process with PETS R.I.P. saved us so much worry and allowed us to grieve in the knowledge that our loved one was being cared for with compassion, respect. and dignity, There are not enough stars to adequately rate this company.
18 Oct 2017
Thank you so much for your excellent service and care during a very emotional and sad time. Much appreciated.
17 Oct 2017
Outstanding service and a quality job. Staff were extremely helpful and friendly and we had our pet home in no time.
13 Oct 2017
A very painless process at a very painful time. Respectful and compassionate service by very kind members of the company. Wonderful to get my boy, Syd, home so that we can scatter some of his ashes at his favourite places. Would highly recommend this company.
11 Oct 2017
Amazing service and utmost care with our beloved "Milo" Was left sobbing when he was returned home ...with the detailed tribute and remembrance..the lock of hair, the gold paw print, the photo of our loved one printed onto certificate... the glass kennel......Will definitely recommend this company .. Winners ... handsdown in customer service excellence....
10 Oct 2017
Kind understanding company and staff. At a time when you are grieving they help make the process that much easier. No pressure on making a quick decision, plenty of affordable options. Thank you for the care taken with our beautiful Charlie's passing.
09 Oct 2017
Very compassionate and respectful company/staff. Fantastic service including having our beautiful Miss Bonney not only picked up but also returned home. Would recommend this company to everyone. Thanks again.
03 Oct 2017
wendyo368 from Goodna
They are very compassionate and understanding of your grief. Can't speak highly enough of the care they gave our darling boy and us.
30 Sep 2017
Thank you for bringing my baby Boy home. It has been a very hard time for me, but the friendly family at Pets R.I.P were comforting and easy to talk to through the whole process. I appreciate everything they did for my precious horse to honour him the way he deserved and to bring him back home to me.
27 Sep 2017
karenm5 from Hope Island
This is the second pet we have lost and used Pets RIP they have been wonderful and I would highly recommend them they helped the lost.
27 Sep 2017
Very compassionate and easy to talk to. I will be using them in the future. Thankyou for bringing my Bobby girl home.
22 Sep 2017
I would to say thank you for looking after our big boy when he leave us and you let us bring him back to us so he stay with us for ever thank you so much
21 Sep 2017
From the very first phone call to the very last meeting, the staff at Pets RIP have shown so much compassion for the passing of our beautiful Indie. They were so caring towards our loss, and their service was so professional and respectful. I highly recommend Pets RIP to anyone who has lost their beloved pet and want to keep a piece of them with you forever.
20 Sep 2017
Losing our little mannie after 16 and a bit years was traumatic. However Pets RIP gave us comfort and our mannie treated as we were with respect. I sure don't want to use their services any time soon but should our family be faced with the same situation we will not hesitate. thank you
19 Sep 2017
This service is incredible. They a kind, compassionate, professional and respectful! Highly recommended to anyone who loses their beloved pets. Thank you!
19 Sep 2017
Losing our boy Louie has been very difficult and Pets RIP have been absolutely amazing. The staff are so compassionate, helpful and patient which helped so much during this hard time. Our boy was only 2 and to know he was treated with so much care, dignity and respect has given us so much comfort. We are forever grateful for Pets RIP for their service. Louie just arrived home and we could not be happier. They have done an amazing job, Louie deserved nothing less! Highly recommend Pets RIP.
11 Sep 2017
Pets R.I.P were amazing at a very difficult time. I felt my precious boy Onyx was treated with dignity and gentle respect at every stage. I am forever grateful for their kindness.
10 Sep 2017
royr488 from Morayfield
From the moment of my first call to the return of Taraja I felt I was with a company that cared. I knew my pet was in good hands and they helped me deal with a very difficult time. Special shout out to Ian wo had to make an extra trip back and to the lady who returned our pet and spent time with my partner. Thank you all. You made it Easier
07 Sep 2017
Nothing but professional, kind and personal touch. Thank you for taking care of Pluto for us. Highly recommend.
07 Sep 2017
Thank you to Pets RIP. Very compassionate and caring service when we lost our long time friend Abi. Highly recommended.
06 Sep 2017
They were so thoughtful and genuine about our beautiful Tyson. I would recommend them very highly to everyone.
03 Sep 2017
My husband and I were devastated by the loss of our beautiful boy 'Scooby'. Vicki treated us with such kindness and understanding which helped us greatly at such an emotional time. The lovely cards and follow up service are exceptional. They truly understand how hard it is to lose part of your Family. We would definitely recommend Toowoomba R.I.P. to anyone who needs this beautiful service.
01 Sep 2017
bart-b71 from Cambooya
Very impressed with their efficient service and understanding of our feelings at this emotional time. I would recommend Tmba RIP should our friends or colleges need to call on their services. RIP Alf
22 Aug 2017
We have done this before but this time it was so much harder. The lovely staff treated us with such kindness. They are wonderful caring people and that helped make things easier. During the week after the loss of our little girl we received a card in the mail. The words were so special and comforting. For Jessie's final journey it meant everything to know that she was treated with such dignity and respect. Thankyou so very much Pets R.I.P. Toowoomba.
22 Aug 2017
Great service, lovely staff. Such a wonderful experience when grieving a loved one. Will be recommending to anyone who needs this service. Keep up the great work. Thanks once again.
19 Aug 2017
Very compassionate, professional and understanding. Cannot recommend highly enough. Thank you so much for taking such wonderful care of my beautiful girl.
18 Aug 2017
I have recently lost my little girl. These people were very professional . So dignified and thoughtful they helped us through a very difficult time. Thank you so much.
11 Aug 2017
Excellent service, companionate & understanding at this difficult time. Thank you very much for your service.
11 Aug 2017
Very caring and respectful at such a sad time. Will definitely recommend Pets R.I.P Toowoomba and ipswich to anyone who has lost a pet and wants to have them cremated.
09 Aug 2017
we couldn't ask for a greater support at such difficulty times when we lost our beautiful longtime companionThank you
08 Aug 2017
I dealt with Vickie when I lost my beloved Zoe 10 days ago. From start to finish they were caring and understanding. I would highly recommend them to everyone. Zoe arrived home safely this morning. The presentation pack was beautiful and will be treasured. I loved the gold paw print and lock of hair. Thank you to all the team at Pets RIP.
07 Aug 2017
Highly. Very understanding & considerate at a time when one is very fragile. We felt that our little one was being looked after with the dignity that we wanted.
04 Aug 2017
margg6 from Toowoomba
I highly recommend Pets RIP Toowoomba and Ipswich because when I had to put my darling beloved Charlie Brown put to sleep I could not have wished for more compassionate people. Kevin from the Ipswich mobile section came to Beaudesert at the vets. He was absolutely amazing how he treated Charlie Brown and myself with the utmost respect and consideration for our well being at a difficult time.
04 Aug 2017
The team at Pets R.I.P were just wonderful from the moment I called them on the day we were going to say good-bye to our beloved Scout. We still weren't sure about everything but Vicki was fantastic on the phone, so warm and empathetic. Then when Erica came to pick her up she was so supportive and helpful in our time of grief. And finally Erica dropped off her ashes with a beautiful certificate and momento. The whole thing was done with dignity, compassion and empathy and made the whole process a bit easier for us. Thank you Pets R.I.P for helping us farewell our beloved Scout.
03 Aug 2017
This is the third time we have used this business to cremate our beloved fur babies. They are very professional and empathic to our loss. Thank you so much for your patience (we went overseas just after having to have our son's dog cremated). Beric & Sue are lovely people.
30 Jul 2017
Thank you Beric and Sue and Family for your support and care at this difficult time of saying goodbye. We really appreciate it.
30 Jul 2017
Professional and respectful towards us and our deceased boy Bronson. The thoughtful and caring touches were appreciated, I am so pleased to have the paw print of my beloved Bronson. During a stressful and grieving time Pets RIP had the foresight to do the things I was not thinking of, forever grateful it was made easier.
28 Jul 2017
Pets RIP were very prompt, professional and caring. Picked up our pet promptly. Were very thoughtful and caring in all discussions with us.
28 Jul 2017
I cannot say enough about how kind, respectful and caring the Pets RIP team were when we lost our beautiful Zeus. Thank you to the entire team for taking care of our boy. We felt at every step that this is a team who does this because they genuinely care for animals and their human families. I highly recommend Pets RIP.
27 Jul 2017
They did an absolutely beautiful job with our beloved lexi girl, with her paw print, fur and certificates with the kids names on it is something we will all cherish and very caring and compassionate over the phone to us making us feel she was safe in their hands and that we could trust letting her go for a short Time. We can't Thankyou enough for allowing us to have our old girl back home where she belongs. We will be recommending anyone else that is unfortunate enough to also lose a member of their family to pets r.i.p
23 Jul 2017
Pets R.I.P. were respectful and caring during our hardest moment losing our horse Rahim. The urn is very beautiful and will always be treasured.
20 Jul 2017
I would like to thank Pets R.I.P they have done an amazing job with our beloved dog Deby. They treat them as there own.
20 Jul 2017
Pets R.I.P are a wonderful company who did a great job helping us when we lost our beloved cat Angus. They go the extra mile with their service. From the friendly and genuine phone service to a sympathy card in the mail and more than reasonable prices on their tasteful products. The home collection and delivery staff member, Erica was very attentive Lastly we were delighted with the certificate and engraved plaque on his custom- made wooden urn. Thanks Guys..xx
17 Jul 2017
You will not find better service elsewhere. A beautiful, fitting tribute for our much-loved and dearly missed, Lenny Biscuits. RIP big boy.
16 Jul 2017
very friendly staff excellent service and the box my cat's ashes are in is beautiful well done Pets R.I.P they made me feel better about his death and were genuine and compassionate. Thank you for such a good job
04 Jul 2017
Excellent customer service, friendly, compassionate, great choices, I would use again, highly recommended.
01 Jul 2017
Wonderful people who give quality service and caring for the dearly departed family member this is my second time with the passing of our beloved Honey Dog and our other Dog Alice three years ago just so understanding.Thank You Once again for your kind compassion. Carol and Mark Manttan
27 Jun 2017
When I lost my little Bella I found the genuine care and compassion made a heartbreaking time that bit easier.
27 Jun 2017
Louis passed away late Friday afternoon and I thought we would have to hold on to him until Monday morning before we could get someone to come out to us. I was wrong and Louis was collected Friday at around 6.30pm taking a lot of stress away from my wife. Very understanding all round.
26 Jun 2017
Was wonderful and I am very grateful what you guys done for casper very fast and was all perfect thank you for the kindness and compassion you gave to our family in this tough time
22 Jun 2017
There kindness and curtesy towards us when we lost our beloved pet dog could not be faulted in anyway. We appreciated their compassion consideration and care given toward our loving pet Friden. We thank Beric and Viki very much for the service they gave us and our little fellow.
20 Jun 2017
I cannot speak highly enough about Beric, Vicki and their team, with a special mention to Ian for compassion.
20 Jun 2017
What a wonderful service they they gave for our beautiful 16 yrs girl and Ian who returned her what a lovely caring person he was many many thanks
13 Jun 2017
They were extremely caring & understanding through this very sad & difficult time, special care was taken when collecting our little man. They have done a great job with our little dog, we are so very pleased with the results.
27 May 2017
At a very sad and difficult time for me , I found they were extremely understanding and genuine in the way they spoke to me and cared for my much loved Tia. Everything they did was of quality and dignity. Thank you for caring. I would highly recommend them to anyone.
26 May 2017
Special care was taken when they collected our dog and our mate for 11 years, thank you for the care and understanding.
15 May 2017
They are so caring. Second time we've put our faith in them and again they were so supportive. We appreciate how they advised us of every step in the process. Lovely people.
08 May 2017
Very kind, and sensitive to our loss of my beautiful 15 year old dog. Beric and Sue kept us informed during the entire process.Highly recommended and professional.
07 May 2017
Pets don't generally have a very high status to others. To receive understanding and support for a beloved member of yr family at the time u need it most, is unforgettable. Beric and his family are amazing. They know this sensitive business so well, if anything can make u feel better it will be their service. Such a comfort when every request is dealt with respectfully and in trust. They are truly 'God Sent'
21 Apr 2017
kerstin-s from Flinders View
Absolutely compassionate and understanding (especially being easter time). From everyone my mum and i had dealt with to the final product of sarabi coming home, I couldnt recommend them enough!
20 Apr 2017
I just lost our beautiful little dog we had her for nearly 13 years she was my baby so we wanted to have her go with us wherever we go. Pets R.I.P are wonderful people and so caring. Bec brought our little girl back home to us and she stayed for awhile and we had a nice talk she is a lovely person. I recommend them very highly to anyone.
20 Apr 2017
Wonderful service, caring and efficient staff, they treated out dog with utmost care and dignity I recommend them highly to anyone.
14 Apr 2017
Pets RIP were quick to pick up are dearly departed, they keep us informed every step of the way. They brought our precious one home in time for the Easter break so are family was once again together.
12 Apr 2017
i just recently just lost our beloved little dog who died unexpectedly, I was so shocked and upset and didn't know what to do but after contacting Pets R.I.P I spoke to some wonderful and supported people. Everything was handled beautifully, I would recommend Pets RIP, they won't let you down.
11 Apr 2017
From the very start, Pets R.I.P was right there for me. My little dog was sick. Very sick and I knew I had to make plans soon. I called Pets R.I.P and the lady on the phone to me listened as I told her what I would like for my fur-angel. She patiently sat on the other end of the phone as I got distracted and started telling her all about my little dog. I lost my little girl on the 1st of April 2017 due to an overwhelming amount of cancer that had spread throughout her tiny body. She was a mini-foxie cross chihuahua. She blessed me with 15 years of her companionship and I was devastated that I had to say goodbye to her. I was looking for a local company that would suit my needs as I couldn't bear for my baby girl to be tossed onto a pile in a mass cremation as some councils are known to do. I wanted to honour her & give her the respect she deserved. Pets R.I.P. were right there with me every step of the way. Sharing in my grief. Supporting me, answering any questions I had and reassuring me. They had such an amazing depth of compassion. I was shattered when I had to say goodbye and almost 2 weeks later am still letting the tears stream down my face as I type this review. I believe Pets R.I.P. handled my fur-angel with the utmost care and respect and that really meant a lot to me. Within an hour of her passing at the vet clinic, we received a phone call from Beric himself. My husband answered the phone, but I'll never forget the words I heard: 'Hi, is this Brooke's phone? It's Beric here from Pets R.I.P. I'm just ringing to let you know that we have little Ashley in our care'. His voice sent me into a flood of tears such was the compassion and understanding in his voice. I was very pleased with the way the whole team at Pets R.I.P came together to give my little girl the recognition she deserved. The package they put together for me at the end was outstanding and her little golden pawprint and golden ribbon around her lock of fur added to their attention to detail. The Nothing about my little girl was overlooked and it was like the entire team was feeling as heartbroken as I was. It brought me comfort that I was not alone. Ian was just wonderful as he went through our package with us. I would've loved to thank him personally, but was too choked up with tears of gratitude. I would not hesitate to recommend Pets R.I.P to anyone wanting to give their pet a well respected send off. Definitely a 5-star rating from me.
29 Mar 2017
When my little Jack passed away I rang Pets R.I.P. From the very beginning they were absolutely marvellous and understood the pain and grief I was in. Such compassion and kindness made one of the worse days in my life a little easier to bear. I am so appreciative that such people exists. I would recommend them to anyone. I know that they took great care of my little Jack and this brings me so much comfort and they returned him to me quickly, now he's home with me forever. The quality of their products are beautiful and I am so happy with the urn I chose and the Certificate is lovely plus the lovely memorial of Jack with his gold foot print and lock of hair is something I will cherish for the rest of my life. Thank you Pets R.I.P I will never forget what you did for me and my Jack.
27 Mar 2017
I honestly cannot describe in words how AMAZING Pets R.I.P are. Our beautiful cat of 13 years had to be put down due to a brain tumor and our family was in shock. The amazing team helped us through it so we could have our beautiful cat back. The process was so easy and quick and what they did was absolutely beautiful. I cannot thank them enough for being so comforting, lovely and helpful. I will be recommending to everyone I know! We will never be able to thank them enough!!
24 Mar 2017
nicoleh37 from Wellcamp
This was a sudden family loss, I was absolutely beside myself ... I rang .. sue answered she wasn't even the one on call but absolutely made sure she was the one to take my beautiful boy into their care (as this was my 5th loss in 4 years) and I was so relieved, they are the most amazing team, and I'm so lucky to have these people to look after my fur kids! I honestly don't know what I would have done without Sue this particular day, or without beric and the team all the other times! I would not entrust anyone, any other business with my grief! Thankyou pets RIP! X
16 Mar 2017
Well were do I start. I can not recommended them enough. Our dear old dog Max passed away on 23/02/17. They have done an absolutely amazing job and were very sympathetic to us for losing our mate. Beric actually came to our home as once when I called I mentioned about one of our other pets that we had cremated and placed in an outdoor headstone shaped box was full of water because the plaque was raised (we have had 2 pets in the same). It wasn't until he saw it that we figured out it actually wasn't his company that did them it was Pets in Peace, which was totally my fault as I didn't realise that there was more than one company doing it now. Due to the state of the problem he took both of the previous ones away and fixed them both at a costs to himself. WOW. One need draining of water, drying out, a new headstone box and both needed new plaques (they both had indoor plaques not outdoor ones). All 3 of our pets were returned yesterday. Absolutely above and beyond they went. I can't thank them enough or recommend them enough. What brilliant above and beyond service for something they never even did. 5 stars aren't enough for this company. At first I thought the price was a bit high but when I received the products they were much bigger than I had imagined and worth the money.
14 Mar 2017
What a beautiful compassionate family owned business this is. We had to make the decision to send our old boy to the rainbow bridge. The vet called Pets RIP and they came to pick him up. When they arrived to pick him up, I was not quite ready to say goodbye, the lovely staff waiting for me until I was ready. The whole process after that was very easy and I can't thank them enough for the compassion and great care of our baby boy.
13 Mar 2017
katew649 from Forest Lake
My boy passed away at home & Pets RIP were there to support me with care & understanding. Ian was respectful & understanding when he came to my home to collect and return Jet to me. The meaningful & small touches meant so much including Jet's gold paw print & a snippet of his fur. Ian spent time with me listening as I talked about Jet & how much he meant to me. Thank you.
09 Mar 2017
Very happy with the way PRIP helped us through a very sad period of our lives caring and compassionate thank you
08 Mar 2017
Very caring, understanding and respectful people. Highly recommend. They took great care of my beloved pet and went above and beyond any expectations.
08 Mar 2017
Our beautiful girl, Millie-Rose, passed away last week peacefully at home. We called the Pets RIP and they were at our place very promptly to take her away to be cremated. A week later we had her ashes returned in a lovely urn. Whilst nothing will bring our girl back we were pleased with the service and care the Pets RIP people showed us and Millie. Thank you.
07 Mar 2017
After losing our beloved dog of 15 years 'Lexy', we contacted Pets R.I.P, and found them to be prompt, very caring , professional and compassionate, I cannot recommend them highly enough! Thank you to all the staff for looking after her.
21 Feb 2017
We can not recommend Pets R.I.P. highly enough. After the loss of our beautiful old boy , Dante (17yo)' Beric and Sue arrived promptly to take care of him. Their service was impeccable....wonderful understanding of emotions involved , sincere and so respectful. The ongoing communication has been "above and beyond"what was expected. A truly much appreciated service.
15 Feb 2017
We loved our sweet little Bruise, the team at PRIP were very understanding when we were so very upset at making arrangements for him. Their words were comforting, their manner professional and now we finally have him back, cannot thank everyone enough for their compassion.
14 Feb 2017
If you love your pets, and feel like they are part of the family then I cannot recommend PetsRIP enough. From the moment they picked up my dog, they were patient, kind, and constantly kept me in the loop as to the whole process. They were extremely professional, and I felt relly cared for during the whole ordeal. I wouldn't go anywhere else.
10 Feb 2017
chrissyd583 from Laidley
We thought the staff of Pets R.I.P Toowoomba & Ipswich were great. Their patience, service and duty of care of our beloved pet was Excellent. There quick response to collect our beloved Belle was really quick and we can't thank them enough. We would recommend them to anyone
08 Feb 2017
The team at Pets RIP were absolutely fantastic. Very caring, professional and they took great care of our Digger. The packaging, presentation and wooden box with photo are very precious! Thank you for the work you do.
01 Feb 2017
We can not thank Pets Rest in Peace enough for the amazing service and love that they have shown us and our lovely Tom. We would highly recommend them to anyone that loses a fur baby. Thank you.
20 Jan 2017
Yes to all, the nice people you could have and trust will our loving tama ,just so caring and helpful thank you all so much
17 Jan 2017
Everything from beginning to end was dealt with such professional and care. Everyone we dealt with was amazing. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts
16 Jan 2017
During a very difficult time, the team at Pets RIP were very understanding about our grief. Our beautiful border collie Zoe was not just a dog, she was a four legged member of the family and Beric and his team treated her with the respect and compassion of a truly loved family member.
14 Jan 2017
This company was so lovely to deal with, they treated your mourning with respect and went above and beyond to help me through the cremation process and different packages available. The end result was lovely and thoughtful. We had our Mooey placed into a wooden box and they gave us a lock of his fur. I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking to cremate their beloved passed pet.
11 Jan 2017
During the most painful of times Beric and his team were wonderful. Great service with sensitivity. My Pug Dog 'Lili' now sits in a beautiful Blue Pearl Urn on my mantlepiece forever in my heart. Thank You Pets R.I.P
08 Jan 2017
I can't fault a single thing. The compassion and kindness the whole team showed was wonderful. The quality of the keepsakes exceeded my expectations. Highly recommend to anyone who loses a loved pet.
31 Dec 2016
We would like to thank Beric, Sue and all the staff for the kindness they showed when we lost our dear M. They did a wonderful job. The service was so sincere and caring in our time of loss.
29 Dec 2016
The service was extremely personalised and made us feel as though our pet was indeed the family member she was. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank the service provided and highly recommend the company to anyone looking at a compassionate, respectful and easily accessed service.
29 Dec 2016
Beric, Sue and all the staff at Pets R.I.P provide a respectful and fantastic service at a time when you are struggling to comprehend what a life without your beloved pet will be like. Their phone and email manner is extremely professional and respectful - we opted to be called on the day of our pet's passing and I could not fault the communication. The pricing really does reflect the premium service you get from Pets R.I.P - we were very happy with our chosen product. We were especially moved by the personal tribute to our pet by way of the paw print and cut of hair. Our pet's ashes were hand delivered back to us today, and Erica took the time to go through the items we had purchased and lend a sympathetic ear when I started crying at seeing the paw print and hair. Thank you Pets R.I.P. I would highly recommend this business.
16 Dec 2016
colleen-c808 from Dalby
We sadly had to have our lovely Tess put to sleep, and the lovely people at RIP Toowoomba were wonderful. They came to Dalby & collected her & took her back to be cremated. They kept in touch with us to tell us they had her & when she would be delivered back to us. Wonderful caring business .. Can't recommend more highly.
14 Dec 2016
We were devastated when Copper (our Knobby Boy) went down hill fast. After 14 years of being with us through thick and thin, we had to do the most horrible thing I've ever experienced in my life. The magnificent staff at Pets RIP were so respectful and helpful. We would highly recommend Beric, Sue and there staff to anyone having to go though this difficult time. We never got to meet them as we live in Kingaroy, so everything was done by correspondence but they were wonderful, and efficient. We chose the teddy bear urn and peach paw necklace, they are absolutely beautiful and exceeded my expectations. THANKYOU so much for helping us at this difficult time Danielle, Ken, Riddick and Jelly-bean
13 Dec 2016
After losing our beautiful Ben we were heatbroken. This wonderful couple made our grief easier to bear. We would recommend this company to any one who needs loving care and dignity provided for their family pets. Thank you so much.
11 Dec 2016
We would strongly recommend Pets RIP. The staff were caring and compassionate and treated our our faithful German Shepherd with the upmost dignity & respect in a hard time for us. Thanks Beric , Sue and your staff.
10 Dec 2016
A couple dedicated to providing loving, caring attention to very special family pets at a time when most required. Thanks Beric and Sue for your service and for providing a very well presented remembrance pack of our lovely little "Bella' Mark and Sharon Devine
08 Dec 2016
We can't recommend the staff at Pets RIP highly enough. They have been supportive with 2 deaths in the past year or so, they make a distressing time a little more bearable. Coming after hours last week to take our Trails away was a wonderful gesture. Now we have her home to join our other loved dogs in the rose garden. Thank you Beric and Vickie but especially Ian and Yvonne.
03 Dec 2016
Staff were caring and sensitive, delivering a first class service in our sad time of losing our best friend.
29 Nov 2016
The staff at Pets RIP were so caring and sensitive during a very difficult time in our life, losing our 15.5 year old Labrador, Katie. They allowed us time to grieve before making our decision on the memorial we wanted for our Kate. There was no pressure to make decisions until we were up to it. They allowed us to tailor the memorial the way we wanted it and respected our choice. Nothing was too much trouble for them and they kept us informed all the way. The final product was outstanding and just as we wanted it to be. Its good to have her back with us now at home. Thank you to everyone at Pets RIP for all you did for us and taking good care of our girl until she came home to us.
29 Nov 2016
Dealing with Pets R.I.P. was wonderful, they helped make a very sad time go a lot smoother. Having our beloved pet returned to us so quickly in such a beautiful urn was very comforting. Thank you.
26 Nov 2016
A passionate & carrying family owned & run business that delivered 1st class customer service. Highly recommended.
24 Nov 2016
Having to make the worst decision of our lives to have our beloved Harry put to peace was harrowing. Our vet came to our home, sat with us until we accepted our decision, and released Harry from his pain. Pets RIP arrived exactly when asked to. Harry was lifted with so much gentleness onto a proper trolley, covered as necessary, but not his face. The amazing employee talked to him as if he was 'still with us' and she wheeled him to the van and gently placed him inside. My husband managed to help her, but I had held him as he passed, stayed a while and had to say goodbye. He was taken away with so much respect, yet this of course, does not ease our grief, but later on, the reflection of how he was treated is so appreciated. His ashes arrived back six days later exactly as we requested. He was given to us as if a newborn baby, handled with care and her comments lovingly received. We are not over the loss or our Border Collie Harry, and it will be a while yet, but he has been returned to us in a very professional organic box, so when we feel the time is right, we can bury him and plant a tree over him with a plaque - just his name. Thank you for all your care with our very special family member.
24 Nov 2016
The staff were amazing. They had great communication, were very professional and were sensitive in what was a difficult time. I felt my pet was in safe hands and well cared for. When my dog was returned to me everything was great quality and I appreciated the little personal touches. 10/10.
22 Nov 2016
Words cannot express what the team at Pets RIP mean to animal lovers who are going through the worst time. Our beautiful fur baby was looked after and respected with absolute dignity and so were we. We certainly appreciate what they have done for us and the way that they handled everything. Thankyou from the bottom of our hearts.
18 Nov 2016
Amazing people! The details are absolutely amazing quality and great value for money! Great communication!
04 Nov 2016
The team at Pets RIP are an absolute godsend to pet lovers like us at the saddest time of pet ownership. After nearly 15 years we lost our beloved boy Max and from the very first point of contact they were nothing but wonderful in helping us through a sad journey in saying goodbye to him. We had used them previously with Mort so we did not hesitate to use them again and cannot praise everyone enough for their kind and caring service, start to finish.
21 Oct 2016
My goodness what a wonderful service Pets RIP Toowoomba and Ipswich provide. It is as if they loved our beloved Matilda (Westie/Terrier cross) as much as we did. I feel so very happy and grateful that they were so caring and respectful from start to the end. Even though I will feel the loss for forever, my heart is so thankful that I know Pets RIP treated her as a loving individual. We will always be grateful for this wonderful service.
15 Oct 2016
Great customer service, lovely helpful staff a pleasure to deal with. They made losing a pet just that little bit easier.
12 Oct 2016
Thankyou Beric, Sue, Ness and staff of PETS RIP. Very caring, friendly and efficient to deal with after the loss of our furbaby. Lots of lovely memorial options to choose from for your pet, too.
11 Oct 2016
margarets785 from Forest Lake
The people at Pets R.I.P Ipswich are the most supportive and helpful group of people. They have a genuine caring approach when dealing with us bereaved. They have made things that little bit easier for me and taken good care of my baby Ruby (New Hampshire chicken) and return her to me safely. The service provided was the best and I would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone who has lost a beloved family member (of the animal variety). Thank you guys.
05 Oct 2016
We lost our family cat Rascal 2 weeks ago and the service we received from Pets RIP was fantastic and they were there to pick him up within the hour. We cannot thank you all enough for your support and sympathy through this rough time from pick up to return. Very pleased with your service.
05 Oct 2016
Losing our loved furchild Wesley was a heart breaking time. Pets R.I.P were wonderful from the time they picked up Wesley, to the time he was brought home. Beric, Vicky and Erica whom we dealt with were all fantastic. I would not hesitate to use their services or to recommend them again. Thank you Pets R.I.P
04 Oct 2016
robert-cheek140 from Toowoomba
From the moment we called Pets RIP we were helped quickly, efficiently and respectfully. I found the service to be quite good. The web site could be made a little easier for someone like me but all in all it has been a great service for our beloved Dog and family member. Thank you all.
04 Oct 2016
We lost Nismo 7 months ago and Beric and Sue from Pets R.I.P were amazing throughout our ordeal! Somehow they made this heartbreaking part of our lives just a little bit easier. Nismo was treated with the utmost of respect and our family felt at ease. Thankyou, thankyou Beric and Sue xx
02 Oct 2016
Pets R.I.P were wonderful from the moment my little one had passed. She was collected from the vets within the hour and taken to Pets R.I.P. I was contacted later that day and was advised she was with them and I knew from previous experience with Pets R.I.P she was in good hands. Their communication, compassion and respect for both me and my pet was impeccable. The communication and service continued until my little one was brought back to me. The fact that you can choose between a number of packages is helpful depending on your budget and needs. I would recommend Pets R.I.P to anyone who wants their pets death to be handled respectfully and compassionately.
30 Sep 2016
I was recently on a trip round Australia with my little dog, unfortunately I had to have him put to sleep in Charleville, the vet there could not provide a cremation so I was put in contact with Pets R.I.P. in Toowoomba. They took care of everything, couriered the little fellow to Toowoomba for the cremation Then posted the ashes back to Adelaide for when I arrived home. Extremely well presented, a lot better than a previous one I had done in Adelaide. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. Ian Ryrie
22 Sep 2016
We were very happy with the service provided at a very difficult time. The people at Pets R.I.P. were lovely and the service exceptional.
22 Sep 2016
michellem402 from Karalee
This is the second time that I have used the services of PETS RIP and I would highly recommend entrusting the care of your loved companion to their care. I have found the staff to be exceptionally caring and compassionate. They have an excellent choice of packages and memorials. I chose a sandstone plaque with an engraved picture of my beloved Harry for a memorial. The picture was amazing and captured his image beautifully. Thank you so much PETS RIP!
21 Sep 2016
It was so hard saying goodbye to my darling Maltese 'Tazzie' last week. He was our best friend for almost 17 years, I felt I would never stop crying. I'm so glad my vet recommended Pets R.I.P. it made our separation slightly easier. They were so compassionate and understanding, they had a number of compassionate options available. I just had my little Tazzie returned to me this morning in a beautiful scatter box and with a lovely cremation certificate with his photo and presentation pack with a lock of Tazzie's hair and his paw print. The lady who delivered my Tazzie back to me was professional, friendly and compassionate when I burst into tears. Today is the first day I've not cried all day as I feel far more comforted having my boy home with me. Thankyou Pets RIP for making that possible.
17 Sep 2016
Such an emotional time at the loss of a loved family member and from the moment you collected our fur baby Angel to the moment I got to bring her back home your wonderful staff sent lovely cards/words/calls/poems/emails. So very special and it takes certain people with heart, compassion and soul to perform the duties you do. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for looking after Angel with love and dignity. It's wonderful to have her home in her little pot and her keep sakes are wonderful. Thank you ever so much and I'm sorry I did not get to give each and every one of you a hug. Thank you thank you thank you
10 Sep 2016
we had to have our mini dashound chelsea put to sleep we had her for 15 years and it broke our hearts Ian from pets r. i. p. was so compassionate and so understanding all the staff we spoke to where so wonderful we can't thank you enough
07 Sep 2016
cherylr2 from Stanthorpe
Beric and Sue took care of my beloved dog Boscar after he was put to sleep in June. He is the 4th furbaby that they have taken care of for me and I can't speak highly enough of them and their service. They are so compassionate and understood what I was going through at the time. Nothing is rushed. They are amazing and I highly recommend them if anyone wanted to have their pet cremated. You will not be disappointed. Thank you once again Beric and Sue for all you did for me.
04 Sep 2016
gretaj from Reedy Creek
Beric and Ian and all the staff at Pets RIP treated my pet and our family with such respect and kindness. You are truly amazing people. They came all the way to the Gold Coast from Ipswich to pick up and then deliver our pet lizard Abbott back to us safely in his urn. They took the stress away completely, and it didn't feel like a sad occasion. I felt they helped me celebrate the wonderful life I had with my pet. Pets RIP have reinstated my faith in humanity. There truly are some really great people out there who genuinely care about the things we care about. They did a fabulous job of everything. I loved the care bear idea too, that really helped me so much, I'd put my hand out and touch him in the middle of the night and instantly feel comforted. Thank you doesn't seem enough to say. I recommend "Pets RIP" to anyone who has lost a dear beloved pet, the costs are low and what you get is worth far more than you pay. I'm glad you have been part of our lives. Thankyou so much Beric, Ian and everyone from the bottom of our souls. We will never forget how well you treated us and Abbott.
02 Sep 2016
Excellent service. The staff were friendly and compassionate. I would use them again .
01 Sep 2016
All the staff were wonderful caring dedicated. Picked up my cat from the vets and also dropped her back to us. Was the first time we had to do something like this. Was a very warm and touching experience.
31 Aug 2016
What a beautiful service my heartfelt thanks to you for your service and comforting words I would not hesitate to use your services again
27 Aug 2016
We recently said goodbye to our "Harry" and all the staff at PRIP I'm pleased to say handled his passing in a compassionate, friendly and professional manner. Thank you.
27 Aug 2016
adriennem375 from Springfield
PRIP are very compassionate and professional in every aspect..From the moment I contacted them they made everything as easy as possible so I could grieve without having to deal with a lot of questions... Me beloved girl was back with us in no time...I would recommend them to all.. Thank you PRIP...
25 Aug 2016
The people at PRIP have been really nice. They have been so compassionate and respectful. I highly recommend them. While nothing can really take away the pain of losing a pet, the service they provide does make it easier to deal with and it is much nicer to be able to have your pet with you. Thanks PRIP.
17 Aug 2016
My family has used Beric's service too many times in the last 2 years. Through all the trauma they are a constant kind word and caring voice. Their service is exemplary we truly can't thank them enough. They make a difficult time bearable by their obvious concern for you and your best friends. I recommend to everyone
14 Aug 2016
i had to put my best mate and my family "'Dog" down as he developed cancer, there were the two of us just me and my dog, we were known as "the scruffy gang". Dog and I went everywhere together. I would like to thank BerIc and his staff for the excellent and compassion. I have already recommended this business to several people and will continue to do so. Dog was with me over 12 years and had a good life. I will miss his. Once again THANKS Beric
12 Aug 2016
From the moment we lost our darling, PRIP was there for us, they were full of compassion and knew exactly what to say and do to make it easier at this difficult time. I would recommend PRIP to anyone wanting a dignified, alternative burial option for their beloved pets.
08 Aug 2016
karenm5 from Hope Island
Kind, helpfull and compassionate. Losing our beautiful boy Chopper after 14 years was so heartbreaking , thankyou to Pets R.I.P for being here and bringing our chopper back home again . I would highly recommend them.
07 Aug 2016
Highly recommended A very emotional time for our family, Beric and his team were so caring, we cannot recommend them highly enough
02 Aug 2016
diannek366 from Laidley North
Everyone we talked to was very kind, caring and compassionate. I recommend this service very highly. Thank you for bringing Catcha home to us today. He is still much loved and greatly missed. We have a huge hole in our lives and hearts.
31 Jul 2016
Losing our beloved dog, our gentle giant Buster after 15 years has been the most heartbreaking of losses for our family in a long time. Beric & the staff at Pets R.I.P were so sympathetic & loving throughout the whole process & so professional, reassuring us our boy was being taken care of while we were apart. Beric listened to my stories as I remembered the many memories our boy had given us, it helped me more than I could ever express while I was making decisions at such a sad & difficult time! We can't thank them enough!
25 Jul 2016
I could not recommend enough this company to anyone who looses the pet they love. Very caring staff and most helpful. Nothing was a problem. Thanks so much again to Beric and his kindness. Paul & Robin Overton
25 Jul 2016
Losing our most beautiful kitty after 17 and a half years has been the most heartbreaking thing myself and my family have had to endure, Ebony meant/means so much to us and to know his frail little body was treated with dignity, respect and kindness has made this saddest of times a little more bearable. Thank you Beric, Sue and your wonderful staff for your empathy and compassion.
23 Jul 2016
So impressed with the genuineness of the management and staff. They are truly lovely people that made a very difficult time just that little bit easier. Excellent service, highly recommended. Thankyou
21 Jul 2016
The team at Pets RIP are the loveliest people on earth. I spoke to Beric on the phone and he was just wonderful. He sent someone to come pick up my baby within half an hour and the lady showed compassion rarely seen anymore. They promised me that they would look after my little girl and they sure did. Thank you so very much for making the grieving process a little easier. I will be recommending PetsRIP to everyone who has lost a furbaby.
20 Jul 2016
From the first call to Pets RIP, answered by Beck, to Beric to Erica, I knew that my girl would be well looked after and respected. They made sure that I had my Kelly back asap because they knew that my heart was breaking. I highly recommend them to look after your furbabies. Their empathy, compassion and respect is invaluable. Thank you all so much.
20 Jul 2016
jillm181 from Summerholm
I was devastated to lose my 15 year old dog Stone. She was my world, and Beric and the lovely staff at Pets RIP understood that and treated Stone with such tender care & dignity and me with compassion & kindness. I was so happy when Stone came home, such an outstandingly beautiful memorial and I love the plaque with her cheerful little face on it. Thank you Pets RIP, I think you are wonderful, totally professional & I whole-heartedly recommend your services.
12 Jul 2016
Absolutely fabulous. The owners / staff are very caring and compassionate regarding our precious pets. They kept us informed every step. I highly recommend them to anyone.
10 Jul 2016
When we lost our beloved family pet, it was difficult to fathom what needed to be done. The team at Pets R.I.P Toowoomba were respectful, empathetic and understanding. The service they provided was beautiful and the attention to detail incredible. Thank you to Beric and the team for your support at this difficult time, we can now put our beloved Juddi to rest.
05 Jul 2016
debbies689 from Rothwell
My dealings with Beric and Erika were the most sympathetic, kind and understanding imaginable at this truly awful time. They adhered to my instructions to the letter and returned my worshipped Orable in my casket as requested. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou. Much as I would like to think I won't need your services again I know I will be back whist ever I have pets. Thankyou for the whole experience. Kind regards, Debbie
25 Jun 2016
We lost our old dog who was 14 + yrs old because my wife can't have children he was literally our boy. From first contact with Beric the service was excellent his manner and nature is perfect for his role. These guys care about the humans and care about your animals even though it was a living nightmare saying goodbye to Rocky I remember feeling that things couldn't be better. I can't thank Pets Rest In Peace enough for what they did anyone could do the job but it takes special people to do it the way these guys do!!! Thanks to Sue Beric and your team from the bottom of our Hearts Suzanna and Mark xx
24 Jun 2016
Great service! Lovely people with such caring words. Today they delivered our beloved Missy back home to us. Very happy. Thanks to Beric, Sue and their team X
19 Jun 2016
Highly recommend pets r.i.p Thankyou for being so caring and respectful it made the passing of my beloved gday so easier knowing he was in your wonderful hands being looked after. Very loving and kind hearted people. Thankyou again for bringing my boy home so beautifully x
16 Jun 2016
bill-walker494 from Bellbird Park
Exceptional and professional service by all the staff we encountered. They were very compassionate and kind hearted. They helped us during this sad time after losing our mate of over 10 years and today they bought him home
15 Jun 2016
Thank you for making the passing of our beautiful Harvey so much easier. We were devastated to lose him but from the first phone call to the final delivery of our baby's ashes and certificate has made our grief so much easier to bear. I am so happy to have him home with us and cannot fault your incredible service and the compassion that has been shown to us. May Harvey rest in peace and thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for giving him the comparison and care that he deserved.
08 Jun 2016
Exceptional service! All the staff I encountered were very compassionate and kind hearted. They strove to make the passing of my dearest puppy friend as easy as possible for me. I loved the door to door service and the ease of which I could chose the package right for me. Would recommend to anyone who has experienced the loss of a beloved pet. Thank you Beric and Sue.
06 Jun 2016
When my fur baby Bolly passed over in April needled to say I was devestated. The compassion love care attention understanding and package flexibility that Pets RIP showed me surpassed any expectations. Everything was handled with the utmost sensitivity and respect at all times...thank you lovely people for making a terrible time alot easier.
26 May 2016
Working as a veterinary nurse in a local clinic, I am regularly recommending Beric and sues service to clients who have lost their beloved pets. Them and their staff are always so professional and compassionate with our clients and patients. It was not until recently where I lost my own pet that I realised just how truely amazing their services are. They are very understanding and patient and the end product is truely worth more than money can buy. My pet greyhound, Bob, meant everything to me and knowing he was treating with dignity when he passed was invaluable. I cannot thank pets rest in peace enough for being there for me and my boy...
25 May 2016
Wonderful service and extremely caring and thoughtful. Very patient and understanding. I have used Pets RIP for both of my beloved dogs and would highly recommend them to anyone who has lost their best friend. So caring and they treat the animals with respect and love during the cremation process. I cant speak highly enough to this lovely family company
17 May 2016
From your first phone just after we had left our vets to say Molly was in your care to bringing her home to me you made a very difficult time a little easier. I wasn't rushed to make decisions in fact you suggested I take all the time I needed. Thank all the team at Pets RIP, please.
16 May 2016
dollyc from Yamanto
Pets RIP are the most caring and professional people i have ever dealt with. Beric is by far one of the nicest & kindest person I've ever come across. He is so caring which makes it so much easier when your grieving. He looked after my dog Strowie like one of his own. I would not recommend anyone else to take care of your beloved pets except Pets RIP. The best experience i have had with both of my pets Reggie & Strowie!!!
16 May 2016
The staff are professional and caring and walk you through every step of the way with compassion. Made the hardest day of my life that little bit easier to handle..
16 May 2016
i am very happy with the good work that Beric has done for my beloved cat cuddles she has been put in a lovely urn and she is home where she belongs thank you very much
14 May 2016
Sensitive, caring, down to earth business that respect our beloved pet and bought her home safely. Highly recommend this business.
11 May 2016
Sue, Beric and their team were extremely sympathetic and compassionate on the loss of our beloved staffy Jenna. I arranged for them to pick Jenna up from our vets and i received a telephone call from Beric later that afternoon advising that he was looking after Jenna for me. The presentation of Jenna's ashes is just beautiful and a such loving reminder for our family. My heartfelt thanks for making such a difficult time so much easier for all of us.
11 May 2016
From my first tear filled phone call to the return of my sweet Lulu, Beric and his team were compassionate and caring. Absolutely outstanding service. My heartfelt thanks to you all.
09 May 2016
This team from the initial phone call to the final certificate were caring, respectful and understanding. Nothing was rushed or forced, thank you for taking care of our much loved Tiger for our family and making a emotional time easier to bear. Highly recommended.
09 May 2016
Highly recommended, Australian owned Pets R.I.P. - a difficult time made infinitely easier
04 May 2016
A big thank you to Beric, Sue and team from Pets R.I.P.. The professionalism, respect and care you showed to us when our beloved Bullseye passed away is greatly appreciated by our family. First class service at a sad and difficult time. The utmost care and sensitivity was shown to us at all times. Highly recommended by our family to all. Thank you again for all you have done.
02 May 2016
During a very difficult time they are support & caring. There is no pressure to choose a package. It's all about your needs & those of your pet. Receiving my cats ashes at home was a nice personal touch.
30 Apr 2016
What a wonderful group of people. I highly recommend "Pets Rest In Peace". Sue and Beric would have to be the most caring human beings in difficult times. I was very impressed with the services and prices they offer. You have made toms journey a smooth one and a comforting one for us too, thank you so much
27 Apr 2016
The team at Pets R.I.P were wonderful and caring from my first phone call to them to the moment they brought my beloved 'Diesel' back home.Thank you Beric,Sue and team for wonderful job you did with my boy.
27 Apr 2016
When your best mate passes you need the assistance and professional help from a great team. Thanks Beric and your staff for doing the best for Mokbel
26 Apr 2016
A great service for a hard time. The compassion and care of the team at Rest in Peace was wonderful. I was very impressed and it was a great choice for us and our memories. Thanks.
26 Apr 2016
When you lose a beloved pet, the last thing you want to deal with is what comes next. Beric and Sue at Pets R.I.P. make it the simplest thing, their sympathy is very comforting and they are highly professional through the whole process. I've sadly had to use their services three times over many years, but each time I've been relieved to have them there to help me. Most recently my beautiful elderly dog Skippa had to be put to sleep and I didn't think twice about using their cremation service. It's comforting to know they come straight away and treat your animals with the utmost respect.
20 Apr 2016
There are not enough words to say thank you to Royce, Beric and Sue on their kindness and help with the loss of our beloved dog Winston. Winston and ourselves were treated with respect and it made saying goodbye a little easier. I would highly recommend this company to everyone who has a pet. The prices are very reasonable, their service is first class and we know Winston was well cared for which was the most important thing and it was greatly appreciated during this distressful time. Five stars and a big thank you to you all, job well done.
17 Apr 2016
The professionalism, care and sympathy with which Beric handled the cremation of our beloved dog Elly in February was exceptional. She was picked up from the vet (I am so glad they recommended Pets R.I.P.)and her ashes brought home to me. I really love the cremation certificate with her photo, her paw print and lock of her hair which was provided plus the beautiful engraved photo frame which was purchased through Pets R.I.P. which will accentuate happy memories of our beautiful girl.
17 Apr 2016
Beric and his staff were extremely professional throughout the entire process. I was very impressed with how compassionate and caring they are. The urn and certificate I received is of a very high standard as was the service.
16 Apr 2016
Pets R.I.P were very kind, caring and professional. They picked up our beautiful fur baby "Sassy" from the vet. And had her cremated the next day. Today we picked her up, her urn and certificates were all beautifully done. Thank you!
13 Apr 2016
Very careful and loving ppl for your pets. ps thanks for bringing spot back to us a big 10
05 Apr 2016
Very caring & compassionate service. Timely pick up on a public holiday. Thank you Beric & your team
04 Apr 2016
juliet836 from Fig Tree Pocket
We cannot speak highly enough of the team at Pets R.I.P. They came to our home and took care of our beloved Bailey and were very compassionate and respectful with our family. Their service was above and beyond our expectations and we would highly recommend them.
01 Apr 2016
I would like to thank the wonderful team at Pets RIP for their compassion and understanding when my handsome little man 'Max' died, he was 18 years, 1 month and 13 days of age and he died Monday 25th January 2016. Max meant a lot to us and we were so fortunate that he graced us with his presence for as long as he did. It is now over 2 months since that day and I just miss him so much, he may have been small but has left a gaping hole in my life. Love you Maxy xx. I thank the team for agreeing to pick him up as late in the day as they could and for allowing me to carry him on his bed to the ambulance. They treated Maxy with dignity and respect, the certificate and card that followed brought and still does bring tears to my eyes. Thank you.
31 Mar 2016
On Saterday March 19th,2016, my beautiful Jessie passed away.Pets R.I.P came and picked her up. They came with a dog basket to put her in, put a stuffed toy next to her to keep her company and lovenley covered her with a blanket. I was given time to say good bye. They even gave me a care bear for me to try and make me feel better.They treated her with such love,respect and dignity that I truely appreciated more than they will ever know. I said good bye knowing that my baby bear was in good hands. Today My Jessie was returned to me, what a magnificent job Pets R.I.P did,I couldn't fault them on anything. The urn was simply stunning as was the certificate and card which had her paw print in gold and a clipping of her fur. It was so,so beautiful that it had me in tears and kissing her urn.Thank you so much guys for this beautiful memory of Jessie.
31 Mar 2016
The team at Pets RIP were fantastic. We live out of town and they kept us up to date as to when our Charlie had arrived with them from the vet. Their compassion is second to none. The garden stone is beautiful and we are glad we can have our boy with us.
29 Mar 2016
I would like to thank Beric, Vicki and the team at Pets RIP for their compassion and understanding when they looked after my beautiful baby girl Ebony who passed away after being with me for 15 wonderful years. Also thanks to the lovely Erica who picked Ebony up and brought her back home to me. You all made such a difficult time so much easier to deal with. Wonderful service and I cannot recommend you highly enough.
20 Mar 2016
Recentally we lost our beautiful companion of 15years our golden Labrador Mishy. Sue, Beric and the team at Pets RIP were amazing. So caring and helpful to get our gorgeous girl home in a spectacular presentation box. Now we are able to hold her forever. Thankyou
20 Mar 2016
on the 11th march my darling Cockatiel Jazzy and my buddy passed away ,I thank Beric and Sue for the loving care to me and my baby .I can't put into words how helpful and caring you are . Would highly recomend you.A big thank you.
15 Mar 2016
On the 08/03/16 I said goodbye to my best friend, companion, horse Jasper. Pets RIP were recommended to me by my vet Slade Walker from old mill vet Dayboro. I cannot fault the care, compassion, empathy & understanding I received from Beric & all those involved with Pets RIP. The attention & support shown to me during a very emotional & devastating time was exemplary. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Beric & Pets RIP & would recommend their services to any who are faced with a similar loss & are wanting to honour a treasured pet. Thank you guys xx With love Renee & Jasper
15 Mar 2016
Our beloved cattle dog passed away recently, and I was recommended Pets R.I.P by our vet. I could not have been happier with their service. Beric was very kind and understanding on the phone during this difficult time, he explained the whole process. We arranged a time for Zelda to be picked up, and as we were not present at the time, Beric telephoned me to let me know that Zelda was in his care. Her ashes and memorial photo and plaque were delivered back to us 5 days later by one of the caring staff. I would highly recommend their services.
11 Mar 2016
I just recently had a loved pet passaway. Pets Rip were helpful, and nothing but understanding and comforting. Would highally recomend.
11 Mar 2016
ashleighd570 from Lowood
such an amazing experience Beric is and has been amazing when my mate of 15yrs was bough t home to my door by Beric i was so happy and emotional at the same time i will forever be grateful for their amazing service 100% recommend to all words cant express how thank ful i am to have pets r.i.p look after my pet when we lost him thank you wont get a better service .
09 Mar 2016
Our pets are an important part of our family as with most people and Beric and staff treated our little man Charley with the respect that he deserved. They kept us fully informed along the way and were very understanding and comforting with all our dealings with them. Thanks for your brilliant service.
06 Mar 2016
Beric was incredibly caring a friendly; I pre arranged collection of our Max and Beric was waiting outside the vets rooms to pick him up at the arranged time. He kept us up to date with the progress of the events and delivered his ashes within the promised time frame. There are very few business's that can offer and deliver such an efficient service and this business ticked every box. Thank you both. The certificate and box was just beautiful.
04 Mar 2016
Could not speak more highly of these guys. Everything was handled sensitively and in a timely manner. Helped our family get through a difficult time
04 Mar 2016
The professionalism , caring and wonderful people. Thank u Beric, Sue, Annie and Vicki for caring for our Billee.
02 Mar 2016
Beric and Sue understood what I was going through, losing my wonderful horse. I highly recommend this business as they kept me informed at all steps of the process from picking her up from the vet centre and through to cremation service of our beautiful horse, and they showed so much respect and compassion toward our amazing horse, and our family. Thank you, for helping to make a most difficult time a little easier.
24 Feb 2016
Recently had to use pets R.I.P and have found them to be fantastic. Erika returned our baby home and i could not say enough nice words about her. She was lovely very kind and caring. Knowing she looked after our zac is very comforting she was great. Thanks again pets R.I.P
22 Feb 2016
We were recently devastated to lose our 12 year old hungarian viszla to cancer. Beric and Sue are excellent to talk to.Their service went well beyond my expectations ,treating Vinnie with the most respect. We received his ashes in the most beautiful manner complete with a large card containing a lock of his hair and paw print. Absolutely wonderful service , we highly recommend them.
20 Feb 2016
As a veterinarian, my interaction with Pets RIP is through our clients however when my elderly mother recently lost her beloved little poodle, I called Pets RIP to help. Beric was kind and compassionate and made me feel sure that Amber would be safe and cared for with respect. Their service was flawless. They catered to my needs as an individual and everything was just as they said it would be. Thank you Beric and Sue and staff for bringing some comfort into a very sad time. Jayne McGhie, Surgeon, UQ Veterinary Medical Centre, Gatton.
18 Feb 2016
Beric, Sue and the team at Pets RIP were very compassionate and caring during a time that was very difficult for us at the loss of our precious dog Taylor. She was treated with the utmost dignity and respect she deserved which was very comforting. Our family would highly recommend the service Pets RIP offer and we can not thank them enough.
16 Feb 2016
As most people who have pets would know, losing a pet is devestatng. Pets RIP were wonderful to deal with. They were compassionate and caring at all times. My beautiful pet's ashes are now in my garden securely placed within a little bird bath so as a gardener this was the perfect place for my beautiful boy who was with me for a little over 16 years. I highly recommend Pets RIP.
16 Feb 2016
pets rip is such a friendly and caring company who are an absolute pleasure dealing with during a difficult time. we cant thank them enough for their service and would definitely recommend them. we would definitely use them again if we suffered anymore losses. thank you pets rip :-)
14 Feb 2016
germainf from St Lucia
Pets RIP provided excellent service and was very kind to us during the difficult time we had due to the death of our pet dog. We got her ashes in a beautiful Urn with a very nice Plaque with her footprint and a lock of her hair. I highly recommend their services.
14 Feb 2016
At such a difficult time , staff of Pets R.I.P showed such love and compassion and understanding ,giving me peace of mind, that all aspects were carried out in respectful and dignified manner. Thank you.
08 Feb 2016
I am very happy with Pets rip they provided more than just a service. I felt very comfortable with them taking care of my late cat, Henry. It was nice that I was able to say goodbye to him in the memorial room. I really appreciated how kind Beric was and the delivery of Henry's ashes to my home. Henry's ashes, the lock of his hair, paw print and certificate will be greatly treasured. Henry was very loved, he will be missed but we will never forget him. Henry is resting in peace and his memories will always be with us. Thank you pets rip for being there for Henry and everyone who loves him.
07 Feb 2016
Thank you for looking after our little Ozzie. The service you offer is very professional and compassionate, we now have him home again with us.
04 Feb 2016
To Beric, Thank you for looking after Soot in such a dignified & respectful manner. We are forever grateful for the service you provide.
03 Feb 2016
Thank you for looking after our beautiful Hugo and returning him to us. The service you offer is extremely professional and very thoughtful. Mark & Larissa - Fur Liebe Rottweilers
29 Jan 2016
Just the most compassionate & respectful company. I was so grateful that they exist and were able to be at my home when I needed them.
26 Jan 2016
louised23 from Thagoona
This was my first time using Pets RIP and I was very grateful for the care shown to me and my darling boy Bill. He was at least 20 years old so I thought I was prepared for it. No, I was a blubbering mess. Beric was very patient and kind and told me someone would be at my home within the hour to collect him. Helen was lovely, she showed me compassion and understanding as I said my last goodbye to him. I was surprised when 2 days later she called to say Bill was on his way home. To receive the certificate, lock of fur and paw print has made his passing a lot easier, I know he is always close. I love the beautiful wooden box which holds his ashes, I will treasure it always. Thank you Beric and Helen, I will recommend your business to all my friends.
11 Jan 2016
Dawa from Tenterfield
I have used Pets RIP three times now. I can't speak highly enough about Beric and Sue's professionalism and compassion. I dreaded making arrangements after our recent sad loss, but Beric ensured everything was done right, he made sensible suggestions when I was struggling with grief and coordinated things with my vet so that I had less to worry about. I am very impressed with the quality of the urn I purchased to keep our Bobby's ashes in and the lovely keepsakes of his footprint and a lock of hair. I hope that it will be many years before I have need of their services again, but I will have no hesitation in using Pets RIP again.
09 Jan 2016
Last week, Pets R.I.P. provided a most respectful service to me when my lovely dog passed away. I am deeply appreciative of the level of detail and sincerity provided by Beric, Sue and Kelsie. Their care and attention really helped me during this difficult time. I have passed on their details to friends who provide palliative support to humans and will continue to tell anyone I come across what a wonderful service this is. Thank you again to Beric, Sue and Kelsie.
07 Jan 2016
I lost my dog after 12yrs and the service, care and compassion supplied by RIP was remarkable. The extra measures, documents and presentation was outstanding and helped my partner and I through this devastating time. Amazing service and people. Thank you for people like you in this world.
22 Dec 2015
rachaelh314 from Allora
I would highly recommend this business to anyone. The team are really lovely and empathetic, they returned my beloved young 'Fudge' in his urn and in a locket with a personalised poem with paw print and lock of hair that I will treasure forever. Thank you guys.
11 Dec 2015
We would not hesitate in recommending the services of Pets R.I.P. as the staff were very professional and empathetic throughout the whole process of collection, cremation and the return of our "Betsy's" ashes to us (accompanied by a 'personalised' Certificate of Cremation and plaque). During each stage of the process we were contacted by a caring member of staff, for which we are immensely grateful.
10 Dec 2015
I found the team at Pets RIP, very caring and professional. They were very thoughtful and gave me as much time as I needed. I would recommend Beric, Sue and team to any parents of fur babies big or small. They treat them with the respect that these little mates deserve. Thanks so much xo
10 Dec 2015
We just recently had to put down our beloved pet, rest in piece pets were fantastic we were very happy with the service we received. We would highly recommend them.
06 Dec 2015
julief18 from Tanah Merah
I can only say the most positive things about Pets R.I.P Toowoomba. We lost a pet some years ago and my daughter found them on a website, we contacted them and they kept us informed the whole time, from pick up to delivery time. We then lost our dearest dog last week and i did not hesitate to contact them again. There caring manner, professionalism and there kind words are second to none. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who requires this kind of service. On both occasions we were so happy in such an emotional time. I Thank them with all my heart for their kindness and sympathy.
05 Dec 2015
Wonderful Business, very professional and always kept us updated. I absolutely love the card, certificate and beautiful scatter tubes we received our beautiful Demon back in. Will definitely recommend Toowoomba Pets RIP to all of my friends and family.
04 Dec 2015
I would recommend this business to all pet lovers for their compassion, follow up and respect shown to me In the loss of my little girl Pomeranian Millie who was my constant companion for 9 years Thank you for the way you support and being there with grace and care Mava and Millie
30 Nov 2015
Petsrip go above and beyond when it comes to customer service. Providing brochures on how to deal with grief and how to help kids to grieve. We appreciate that "Jessie" was cared for in a very dignified way.
25 Nov 2015
An amazing team who truly treat your Pet as if it was a beloved child. Amazing communication and empathy! Highly highly recommended!
15 Nov 2015
The absolute trauma of my best mate's sudden and totally unexpected death sent me into a total spin. Can't bury him, never going home again, can't even think. Our beautiful Vet rang Pets RIP and so began MY healing. Beric waited for our separate arrivals from hours away, me with my mate in my car as that was MY request; then he quietly explained all the relevant processes, and let us have exactly what we asked for with absolute patience and understanding, even though I feel I was quite abrupt from shock about the speed of Georgie's death. Three days later I received Georgie's remains. Adriana's compassion and her answers to all my questions re the cremation, has given me such peace and comfort at a terrible time. Now he will never be carsick again (though not his cause of death), and he can now come with me wherever I go! Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. Also love the way the locks of Georgie's hair have been shaped into a heart.
10 Nov 2015
emeleea-rosem from Russell Island
Amazing group! My cat of 17 years recently passed away and they were happy to help me with his pet funeral! Easy, friendly and proffesional service! Highly recommend to anyone and everyone :)
10 Nov 2015
My best mate,Winston had to be sadly put down. I have heard horror stories about how some departed dogs have been treated. I cannot thank Pets R.I.P. enough for treating my Winston with Care, Respect and Dignity. It was so important to me that justice was done to his memory. My sincere thanks to Pets R.I.P.
07 Nov 2015
jessicar753 from Wilsonton Heights
We recently had to make the difficult decision to have my dog Elleigh euthanaised. We wanted her cremated to have at home with us. I called Pets RIP to organise a time for pick up and to do the service for her. We can not be any happier with the care and service that we received. I can describe what they do and how they helped me as amazing. I appreciate what was done through such a difficult time and would recommend them very highly. I would like to make special mention of the people who I dealt with in the process those people being Beric, Sue, Ness, Jess and Adriana. You all do an amazing job! Thank you so much.
05 Nov 2015
Caring, understanding, compassionate - all very important qualities when dealing with the bereaved. And everyone we dealt with at PRIP Ipswich had these qualities in spades. They absolutely genuinely care about the customer, and the family member who has passed on. Everything was conducted with such dignity. Thank you so much to the team - you truly understand that our pets are family and you conduct the whole process as such. I will now never leave this sad but important task in anyone else's hands.
03 Nov 2015
After losing my Best Friend of 7 Years I dreaded the phone call I had to make. Beric took my call and I felt sudden ease at a tough time. Picking up my dog so gracefully and taking him away I knew he would be in great hands. The phone calls and the delivery of my Liefkin's ashes were done with complete professional services..I can not Thank you enough.
31 Oct 2015
beverleyb316 from Colinton
What a wonderful, kind and thoughtful service, provided at a very distressing time for our family.
26 Oct 2015
Our very special little dog passed away quite expectantly. Not wanting to just simply her in our back yard we contacted Pets Rest in Peace who responded very quickly and efficiently. They allowed us time to consider the many options available and were quite patient with us as we tried to sort out the wording we wanted on the Death Certificate and on her plaque. Overall a very considerate and caring experience and well worth the money,
25 Oct 2015
From the moment we received the first phone call from Pets RIP to let us know that they had our little Bill in their care they have shown the utmost kindness, respect and understanding and professionalism. Billy was 17 years old and a member of our family and all the staff we dealt with were outstanding in the way they dealt with every step of the process to bring Billy home to us. Thanks Pets RIP for making a most devastating time a little easier.
21 Oct 2015
During the time of our sudden loss of our beloved family member, we found ourselves with no answers to comfort our grief, until Beric's phone call to say they had "Charlie" and that he was now with them, which gave us peace & serenity. Our beloved boy has been returned to us presented with a Certificate of Pet Cremation & card with his paw print & fur because they cared. We even had a follow up call from Jess a Staff Member to ensure he came home to us. I would have no hesitation in recommending PETS R.I.P Toowoomba. Thank you for caring at such a difficult time.
18 Oct 2015
What can you say when everything is perfect, people, compassion and service. Beric, Sue and all the team thank you with all my heart loosing 2 much loved pets so close together was traumatic enough and you all made me feel like I was the only person in the world hurting..
15 Oct 2015
two of our family pets have passed away this year and both times, the peace that knowing our beautiful dogs were being treated with dignity and respect, has made a very difficult time much more bearable. I highly recommend this business to all, the service of pets rip is second to none.
03 Oct 2015
Professional manner, treated our loved family member and us with the utmost respect. Made a very sad time a little more bearable. They understand how much our pets mean to us.
29 Sep 2015
dib825 from Ormeau
We lost our precious friend, Oscar. Beric was very kind, understanding, accommodating and professional, in making the arrangements. Erica helped so much in smoothing the way, for our cat to leave our home, very patiently and peacefully, and then be returned to us again. Would totally recommend this very compassionate business with your precious family members.
26 Sep 2015
The service provided by Pets R.I.P is absolutely wonderful . I have turned to Beric and Sue and their staff a number of times, most recently when my beloved dog of ten years passed away. Your pet is treated with such dignity and love and the attention to detail with your chosen memorial is outstanding. If you are wanting to farewell your pet in the best possible way, Pets R.I.P is the only way to go!
25 Sep 2015
Pets R.I.P Toowoomba and Ipswich looked after our beautiful girl Tessa with kindness and love. They kept us informed when she was in their care and returned her home to us. We were so sad at our loss and they seemed to make things easier for us. Thank you to the Ipswich people as I think they picked her up and cared for her. We are so grateful.
23 Sep 2015
This is the first time I have used pets rip for my 14 year old shih-tzu girl- KELLY. I was very impressed with the kindness and care I received. I only wish I had known about them a few years ago when I "lost" my 2 other little babies.
22 Sep 2015
This is the second time we have used Pets Rest In Peace and again the compassion and service was absolutely OUTSTANDING. Everybody who was involved in the whole process thank you so very much.
18 Sep 2015
Incredibly professional and very kind. This is the only company to turn to when you lose a pet. I did not have to do a thing. One phone call from my vet to Pets RIP was all it took. My little hen was treated with utmost care and respect. Some would say 'it was only a chicken' but I never saw her that way. Pets RIP managed to give me some peace in what was a very sad and traumatic time.
16 Sep 2015
suzannej502 from Kearneys Spring
I've has two experiences with Beric and staff. My niece's beloved dog died unexpectedly while she was on holidays and I liaised with Beric on her behalf until she arrived home and was able to make her own arrangements. He was very compassionate about her situation and certainly went the extra mile to make the situation easier for her and her family. My second experience was when it was time to farewell my well loved 19 year old Siamese cat. She was a great chatty companion. I had no hesitation in contacting Beric to discuss the best arrangements to make for her. I'm more than happy to recommend the services of Beric, Sue and their staff as it is often difficult to discuss these arrangements and their obvious empathy and compassion makes it so much easier.
09 Sep 2015
They are wonderful, caring and very understanding. They offer various levels of remembrance and are very understanding.
09 Sep 2015
My 18 year old Pomeranian Simba sadly passed away Friday 28th August 2015, he was my fluffy puppy which i absolutely adored, Pets in peace were extremely wonderful with returning him back to me with memories to cherish. I highly recommend them to anyone who has pets who will eventually pass.
07 Sep 2015
Pets R.I.P. are a very professional and caring service who treated our beloved cat of 18.6 years with great dignity. We were impressed with Beric and his team.
23 Aug 2015
At a time when I was heartbroken at the lose of my companion and mate of 12.5 years, R.I.P understood my grief and treated me with empathy and caring for my little man. They were very professional and handled the whole process. keeping me informed every step of the way until he was returned to me. Thank you.
17 Aug 2015
I would not hesitate to recommend Pets R.I.P to anyone who calls their pet a member of the family. Their compassionate, caring service to our family after the loss of our beloved 10.5-year-old Labrador, was outstanding. Everyone we spoke to showed empathy and understanding; whilst their professionalism left us feeling confident that our family member would be treated with dignity and respect. The service of having the ashes delivered to our door was greatly appreciated with a young family, and we were very happy with the final product. An excellent company.
17 Aug 2015
charmaineh533 from Laidley
We recently lost our 17 year old furbaby and Pets R.I.P. Pet & Equine Crematorium were our first point of contact after he passed. The service was professional, efficient, courteous and understanding of our needs and frequent tears. I am so grateful for their services and the diginified way they handled our furbaby's cremation.
14 Aug 2015
I can only say great things I was very please with the wonderful quick service they provided for our little CHAD pleasantly surprised with the finer touches (lock of hair and paw print) would recommend to everyone and will use them again
05 Aug 2015
I highly recommended the services of Beric and his team. They managed to make a horrific time of our life not seem so bad. We were very grief stricken during the whole process and the ladies in the office treated us like family. They are very respectful to your pet and they understand they are your family member. We especially appreciated the constant contact and updates. I will certainly be recommending them to everyone.
04 Aug 2015
jenniferb240 from Newtown
What can I say about a place that is their for you beloved baby and for you the treatment I received was outstanding the compassion the support the kindenss words escape me.Beric and the staff are truly there for the love of your pet and to look after them until you bring them home.My girl was treated with such dignity and love when I got the call that jess had picked up my baby girl the kindness the love was beautiful just the caring to let me know she was safe . Thank you so much for the love support beric and staff for looking after my girl
03 Aug 2015
Even though the death of our beloved 10 year old Old English Sheepdog was sudden, Beric Sue and Jess were very compasionate but at the same time professional in that no detail of our wishes was overlooked. When we went to pick up Samantha's ashes, our sadness was much diminshed Jess's welcome and genuine care in having us sit down at once. The service could not have been any better.
02 Aug 2015
PetsRIP took care of our pet with great professionalism. Thank you for the beautiful presentation of our beloved pet Tyson.
01 Aug 2015
We would like to thank the team @Pets RIP for their help when our fur baby Inky passed away. They made a very sad time that much easier as we didn't need to worry about Inky add they looked after everything and returned or fur baby to us very quickly. On a side note the cost was much lower than we had expected. Thank you Jeremy & Denise Brown
30 Jul 2015
We recently lost Spiky (our 10 year old guinea pig) and had one devastated daughter. Beric, Sue and the staff at PRIP were fantastic. Compassionate, caring and incredibly empathetic. Their level of service and the way they handled the whole procedure from collecting Spiky and the dignified manner in which he was taken to the returning of his ashes in his little box. The little added touch of giving our daughter a teddy bear from PRIP which she sleeps with every night as a reminder of Spiky. Thank you to all at PRIP, we truly appreciate what you have done to make this sad time a little easier for all the kids and us too. Would highly recommend them if looking for someone to go "that extra mile".
29 Jul 2015
Pets Rest in Peace recently collected our beloved 17 year old Tonkinese cat Salwa. Their service was understanding, prompt and accurate and has helped us to come to terms with losing our lovely boy. He is safely home now, in a lovely wooden jar and his sister will join him one day. Also, PRIP staff were lovely.
29 Jul 2015
We have recently lost our beloved Jack Russell of 17 years. Toowoomba Pets R.I.P. handled our situation with much sensitivity and empathy. We know that God "will wipe away all tears" when it is time however It is a great comfort to know she was in caring hands for her final journey. We loved the touch of receiving a golden footprint and tuft of hair. Thankyou so much Beric and Sue.
27 Jul 2015
evanh862 from Wavell Heights
I cannot fault the sensitive nature with which the loss of my 13 year old dog was treated. It is always a difficult time when one loses a pet. I was impressed with the true and honest professionalism with which my pet's last journey was treated even to the extent that the manner of carriage was in a very appropriate pet bed. Many thanks. Good but sad memories.
27 Jul 2015
The Professional work they have done for two of my dogs has been outstanding and beautiful
21 Jul 2015
Recently our pet passed away and we used Pets RIP. Their compassion and sensitivity during a very emotional time helped us cope with the decisions we had to make. They were at our house within an hour of my call and the lady who collected our pet was very kind and we were given as much time as we needed. They were very professional and I can't rate their service highly enough.
17 Jul 2015
An amazing great team! Kind, caring, understanding. They know that pets are family and treat them the same way. Thank you so much for looking after Dozer. We are finding great closure knowing that we have him with us at all times. Your products are of great quality! You put so much love and passion into what you do and it really shows. Once again, thank you.
16 Jul 2015
Darling down pets in peace, do exactly that... they let you find peace in the passing of a most beloved member of your family. We have had the sad pleasure of using them twice...they were so helpful and immmediately remembered us from the first time...we were not just another no...they are very caring, professional, and understanding of your pain..
14 Jul 2015
michelem257 from Goodna
Some people are meant to come into your life at very special times for very special reasons...Pets R.I.P. are one of them! We lost are very special Baby girl Kayla of 15.5yrs recently & P.R.I.P. were recommended to us by our Vet. We could not of imagined how comforting & respectful of our very emotional situation they could have been. They took care of Kayla when we no longer could, but returned her to us to keep her memories forever with us. It was so touching to know that there are respectable companies around with genuine caring people to help you through such an immensely emotional time. We could not highly recommend enough the appropriate respect of attention & service that was given to us & Kayla at such a hard time! Thank you Pets R.I.P. forever xoxox
11 Jul 2015
Recently our Girl Molly passed away whilst we were on holidays.. our daughter was at home alone minding her when this unexpected and sad event happened. One call to Beric from us whilst on the road in NSW and he was able to come to our house in Brisbane within about 1 hour and take care of both a devastated daughter and our beloved family pet. Molly was taken away in a dignified manner and was brought home the following week in a beautiful memorial box along with a beautiful card and memorial paw print. What a fantastic service provided by Pets RIP... they are amazing
11 Jul 2015
jodieq from Thagoona
At 12:30am on the 18th of June after rushing to the vet, we sadly and devastatedly had to put to rest our beloved cat, Jack, who had been part of our family for going on 12 years. I had heard about Pets RIP and how great they were and they were the people that I wanted to entrust Jack for his final journey to the Rainbow Bridge. I received a beautiful call from Jess Theuerkauf first thing the following morning to let me know they had Jack in their care who advised me for me and my children to take as long as we needed to decide on how we would like Jack cremated. Once this had taken place, we were contacted by Royce & Helen from Ipswich who personally delivered Jack home to us with a very touching and emotional tribute to him. I will definitely use their services again and will recommend them to friends/family as I found them to be wonderful, beautiful and supporting during this difficult time for us.
11 Jul 2015
aaront642 from Greenbank
Such a professional team very compassionate and understanding when it came to the loss of our much loved pet/family member will defiantly use there service again for any future loss thanks again
09 Jul 2015
At a devastating time of our lives the team at pets rip could not have been more caring or understanding and when we got our furry friend back it was beautifully done.10/10
03 Jul 2015
Beric, Sue and the team at Pets RIP helped us out through our sad and difficult time when we lost our beloved family member recently. The team are very caring, professional and compassionate, we knew our pet was in the best caring hands. We have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone else in the future, you can be certain your pet treated with respect and love. Thank you again to the staff at Pets RIP.
26 Jun 2015
juliek397 from Goondiwindi
PRIP was absolutely fantastic when my best loyal mate passed after 15 years of protecting my family, PRIP kept in contact to make sure i was aware of what was happening the whole time and even after i recieved my mate back home they still phoned me to make sure everything was ok. couldnt thank them enough for their great service and caring :)
17 Jun 2015
After sitting in the vet room saying my last goodbye to my precious best friend, Meeka, an angel walked in the room by the name of Erika from Pets R.I.P With great love and dignity she took Meeka from my reluctant arms and placed her so gently in a basket and tucked her in as if she had just lost her own fur baby. In that moment i knew my little girl was going to walk the rainbow bridge with friends. Erica returned Meeka back to me with the same love and empathy and i will be forever grateful for her kindness. Thankyou to everyone at petsrip but especially Erica x
04 Jun 2015
carlandjudyk from Harristown
This is the second time was have used this service and it was every bit as good as the first time. The staff are professional and caring and we felt comfortable leaving our pet in their charge knowing he was treated with respect. it is always so hard to lose a pet as they are part of the family but knowing someone who cares is looking after them for the final act of love is a comfort. Our boy is home with us and his mate and they will go with us wherever we go. Thanks Beric, Sue and the team at Pets R.I.P. Your kindness and professionalism was such a help to us.
30 May 2015
Respectful and compassionate service. I was very overwhelmed and surprised at the funeral service available too. You can sit with your pet before handing them over, to allow a very warming and loved good bye.
26 May 2015
When we lost our loving dog "Amber" we were so upset to loose our best friend. Pets RIP are such a professional business and the staff are just incredible. Their level of service is remarkable. There communication Is excellent and they showed the utmost respect.
20 May 2015
We had to let our 1st Child go after 14.5 years, it was so hard to let her go. But the service the Beric and his team offered us, left us absolutely floored. The absolute devotion, love and respect that they showed towards our pet was incredible. We just can't say enough about the very, very positive experience we had using Pets R.I.P. We have no hesitation in highly recommending these guys if you needs services for your loved pet. Thanks Beric and team!!
19 May 2015
We lost our furry little kid Jessica, a much loved Cavalier king Charles 14 1/2 years old. On the 5-5-15. Reading all the reviews here have made me realize how very much loved this company is. A special thankyou to Jess who was so understanding, even though I was totally loosing it in grief. Highly recommend Pets Rest In Peace. Thankyou for all your love & understanding. Rod & Jenny, Jessica's Mum & Dad.
18 May 2015
A professional and dignified service, just as it should be! The occasion is always a sad one, but Pets RIP made it a little bit easier. Thank you very much.
16 May 2015
A very personable service with very sincere and caring people. They took especially good care of one of our rescue dogs from GSDs In Need. Thank you.
14 May 2015
My sincere thanks go to everyone at Pets RIP, especially to Jess and Erica - the kindness bestowed at this very difficult time has meant so much. Your understanding of the love shared between my family and the little boy we lost cannot be put into words. The beautiful memorials returned to us with such care and consideration will be treasured by our family in loving memory of our Beautiful 'Billy'. My heartfelt recommendation for the services of Pets RIP cannot be high enough 1000/10 - Thank you
07 May 2015
melaniek290 from Dalby
Can't express how greatful I am to have found Pets Rest In Peace. My husband was away when our beautiful 14yr old Rotti passed. I was a mess but Beric was so kind on the phone and helped me through what needed to be done. Our boy was treated with respect as was I. The memorial back is beautiful
06 May 2015
Pets R.I.P were lovely when we lost our precious dog Bindii. They also looked after our dog Captain when he passed away 18 months ago. They are just wonderful and I could not think of anyone else to help at this sad time. worth every penny
05 May 2015
joan-f from Murgon
Thank you to everyone from Pets Rest in Peace, especially Jess, two weeks ago I made the heartbreaking decision after the local vets told me that there was nothing they could do for our beloved "little friend to all the world...Storm to have her put to sleep" she had been our constant and faithfull companion for over 14 years. Pets Rest in Peace arranged pick up of our girl from the Murgon Vets and transported her to Toowoomba where she dealt with in a very respectful manner, and I was dealt with in a manner which I can only describe as comforting and was made to feel that our loss was of the upmost importance to the staff ( which it clearly is). I would recommend this service to anyone who wishes their companions to given a fitting send off. I was extremely appreciative of the gold paw print and a locket of Storm's last physical remenents of our beloved storm.
05 May 2015
We recently had to have our pet of 16 years put to sleep. Pets R.I.P Crematorium Toowoomba collected our beloved pet from the Vet, transported him to the crematorium, and delivered his remains back to Kingaroy for collection. This allowed our family to grieve without adding to our pain by having to see to these chores ourselves. We are happy to recommend 'Pets R.I.P. Pet & Equine Crematorium' Toowoomba.
03 May 2015
melissaf531 from Stanthorpe
This company is a must!!!!!!! I've heard the ads on the radio, but it wasn't until my little daisy passed on, when I needed them the most. Jess was fabulous, professional but very caring, coping with a distraught person. What can be done for pets that are family members are beautiful, I chose a teddy bear for my girl, but there are cheaper options. I hope I don't have to use them again but I will....
30 Apr 2015
I can't express my thanks and how we appreciate the professional way Beric and Sue looked after Friskers. It was a sad time for us that was made easier. I would recommend Toowoomba's Pet & Equine Crematorium to anyone who loses a beloved pet.
23 Apr 2015
Aaronwood from Hodgson Vale
Thanks once again to Beric and the team at Pets R.I.P. Unfortunately over the years we have needed their help with our special family members and although it never gets any easier it is a consolation to know that for their final journey they are treated with respect and dignity. Recently we needed Pets R.I.P. to care for our Scruffy and yet again it was done with professionalism and empathy. Thanks Beric, Sue, Jess & Ness.
18 Apr 2015
Beric an sue are amazing my beautiful apache was totally cared for in there care ,I changed my mind so many times on decisions nothing was a problem to them they are the most caring people ive met , and ron who came to pick my boy up hes a credit to them I will recommend these guys to everyone ,the presentation of apache is beautiful thanks guys you've made my pain alot easier
14 Apr 2015
Very compassionate and friendly staff. They take care of your fur babies with utmost care and professionalism. Would definitely recommend them to all
12 Apr 2015
Toowoomba Pets Rest in Peace were absolutely wonderful with the way they cared for our departed Golden Retriever, 'Chester'. Caring, very genuine, and with every attention to detail. We would recommend them to anyone who really loves their pet and wants their memory handled with dignity.
08 Apr 2015
Despite the heartbreaking circumstances, I'm happy with my decision to entrust Pets Rest in Peace with handling of my Mitzie after we said goodbye. Beric and Sue were very compassionate and understanding throughout the whole process. The process was transparent, no secrets or hidden surprises. I felt very at trust with them, and they were very respectful of both me and my family, and importantly, my Mitzie. I also really appreciated the teddy bear I received. After 16 years of cuddling with Mitzie at bed time, it was nice to have something soft and fluffy to help soften the blow. Thank you.
07 Apr 2015
After having to make the heartbreaking decision to have our beloved pet put to sleep Pets Rest in Peace provided us with reassurance and comfort that she would be treated with respect and dignity - something that was very important to us. They were very compassionate and caring and a big thank you to Helen when she brought Mollie home for her kind words of comfort. You made a very difficult time a little easier. Can't thank you enough.
14 Mar 2015
mindim2 from Mount Ommaney
Last year we lost one of our dogs and could not fathom buring her in our backyard. We had her cremated by a local business that was recommended by our vet. Their service was lovely but we had nothing to compare it to. Recently we had made the decision to do renovations to our home. Part of this project would require disruptions to the burial spots of three of our large dogs which had passed away in 2012, 2008 and 2003. I searched online for someone to exhume our pets and was fortunate enough to find Pets Rest in Peace. I spoke with Beric initially to make our arrangements and cannot speak highly enough of the service and kindness shown by him. I was then contacted by Royce who attended our home to inspect where our pets were buried and discuss the exhumation process. Royce was caring, kind and lovely to deal with. He led us through the who process and put us ease that our pets would be looked after. Later in the week Royce attended with another gentleman Ashley who was to exhume our pets. Ashley not only cared and respected our pets, but he also left the area neat and tidy so that we would not be distressed by open grave areas. Ashley was very lovely to deal with. Our pets were then taken by Royce and Ashley for cremation. We were contacted regularly while our pets were away. Today, on a Saturday, our pets were returned to us by Ian and Yvonne. They also were very caring and attentive. Our boys were in a pewter urn that was very simple and classic. I cannot speak highly enough of every one from Pets Rest in Peace. Our initial experience with another company was great, but Pets Rest in Peace were above and beyond anything we ever anticipated. I cannot recommend them highly enough. While our remaining pets are still healthy, I am at ease to know that when we might need them again, a Pets Rest in Peace will make that difficult time a little easier.
06 Mar 2015
kerryo5 from Yamanto
Professional, caring staff. Prompt service and understanding at a difficult time. The lady who returned our Sam to us was lovely. Would highly recommend this business.
05 Mar 2015
joannat8 from East Toowoomba
Kind, caring and compassionate, Beric and the team made a difficult situation easier to deal with. They did what they said they were going to do, when they said they were going to do it. Our Max was treated with respect and dignity.
04 Mar 2015
Anonymous from North Ipswich
Beric and hia whole team are a pleasure to deal with during such a traumatic and emotional time. The entire procedure from collection to return of my fur babies was so respectful and lovely...exactly how a loved friend should be treated after death. knowing about Pets Rest in Peace and the option of cremating pets after death nothing else is a option now. They are wonderful.
27 Feb 2015
sueb69 from Karalee
Great service from a trustworthy company, from start to finish everything was first rate, thank you so much Pets Rest in Peace
27 Feb 2015
jacquif7 from Benarkin North
Losing my beloved pet after 20 years was traumatic to say the least.Pets Rest in Peace was fantastic compassionate and understanding. Sooty was back home within a week in a different form but she is home. Making life easier Thank you Beric & Sue
21 Feb 2015
mandyh15 from Toowoomba
Receiving my dogs ashes, I was so totally blown away by the respect, love & care that they had showed.. I will never be able to thank them enough.
21 Feb 2015
joanner18 from Darling Heights
Sue and the team were quick to respond to request for help and information. Little things mean a lot, so the little teddy bear was a happy comforting surprise and was greatly appreciated. Very professional in dealing with our bereavement . On delivery everything was well presented with care, dignity and A touch of humour, which was wonderful. Would recommend them to any other friends and members of Of our family faced with this situation. Being on a pension it would have been good to have had a small discount to help with this non budgeted cost.
14 Feb 2015
scottw15 from Ipswich
The whole team at PetsRIP was so understanding and helpful at such a difficult time. In particular, the pick up and drop off service was extremely convenient. I felt completely informed throughout the whole service and all my questions were answered in full. However, the most appreciated aspect of dealing with PetsRIP, was the understanding the owners and staff showed me. Each and every person at PetsRIP understood that my dog was more than just an animal or pet to me, but a family member. This allowed me to grieve my lost loved one without feeling like I was being over dramatic (as many others naively forget that the loss of dog is emotionally taxing). I also have to mention that the letters offering guidance and comfort about the grieving process were worth so much more than I can ever give them credit for. So Thankyou PetsRIP.
13 Feb 2015
wesleya from East Toowoomba
beric sue&all the team at pets rip toowoomba,were absolutely wonderfull and so understanding in time of my grief for my beautiful little boy"tahi"they took care of everything and did over and above everything to make my loss bareable,they are so very compationate and careing about what they do,and the delivery of my tahi back home after the cremation was dignified and with all the love and compasion and careing that they provide for both the animals in there care,and the people that are left behind,to remember there pets,thankyou so much beric &sue and all ur team iam eternally greatful for ur kind thaughts and wishes and the dignity you gave my tahi.w.anderson of toowoomba,qld.
10 Feb 2015
Anonymous from Drayton
Beric & Sue are absolutely beautiful people, great customer service & value. They took special care of my pet from start to finish. Couldn't have asked for any better.
10 Feb 2015
They were very gentle and supportive. We had to get the vet to put our little one to sleep and they organised the vet to do the transfer to save us the after ours cost for collection. Not many business try and save you money. I was very grateful for their help.
08 Feb 2015
We lost our beautiful pet Alby and these amazing people made it so much easier for us. They were kind and respectful of our loss. They were never in a hurry for us to make heart breaking decisions. Whatever we asked for they obliged. My whole family were so very grateful for their tenderness.
07 Feb 2015
trevorc9 from Blackbutt
Dear Beric & Sue, In our time of need you most certainly eased our pain for the loss of our baby boy "Bronson". Your service has met above and beyond our expectations, thank you so very much. We will be only too pleased to recommend your services to family and friends. We are truly grateful for your sympathy, support and professionalism. Thank you! Kindest Regards, Trevor & Bev Cross
06 Feb 2015
kellyc31 from Mount Kynoch
I absolutely love the kindness and compassion that come from Beric (the owner) throughout this hard time. The reassurance that your pet was in safe hands. Thank you so much guys I really appreciate and love everything you done for us! I would recommend anyone who has lost a pet to call Pets Rest In Peace, the fact that your guaranteed to have you pet with you forever in such a special way really helps with grieving. They are so helpful and honestly friendly.
05 Feb 2015
stephc10 from Glen Innes
We were devastated when our beautiful 14 year old girl Joa died. We live in New South Wales, but couldn't find a service we felt comfortable leaving our beautiful big girl with to be treated with the respect she deserved. We did a search on the internet, and when we reviewed Pets Rest in Peace site we rang and spoke with Beric. Beric arranged for Ron to meet us at Warwick to give Joa into their care for her final journey. Ron was wonderful, caring and compassionate. Joa was handled with the utmost respect and care. What was a very sad and traumatic day for us, was made easier by the care shown to her remains. Beric kept in touch with us at each point and was so kind, understanding and compassionate. We knew we had made the right choice. The ashes of our beautiful girl came back to us in a beautiful wooden box, befitting her country girl spirit. Our beautiful Joa was treated with the love and care she deserved. We will be recommending the services of Pets Rest in Peace to everyone. Thank you so much Beric, Sue and all the team of Pets Rest in Peace - you are angels for our fur kids.
05 Feb 2015
amyw40 from Ironbark
I would definitely recommend Pets Rest In Peace to anyone as hard as time it is to loss your very special friend there service was excellent and made it that little easier to know my girl was taken care of with the respect she deserves
04 Feb 2015
owenb2 from Darling Heights
When we rang everything was explained to us with compassion. Pets Rest In Peace did everything they said they would. These guys are very professional and offer a really great service.
03 Feb 2015
grahams17 from Robertson
We recently had to make the heart wrenching decision to have our beloved cat,Armice,put down and even though it has been a tough time for us the great staff at Pets Rest in Peace made everything so much more bearable because of their fantastic service and above all else,their sheer compassion. Thank-you so much to all and we highly recommend them to anyone.
30 Jan 2015
I could not have had better, kinder, more professional attention than that from pets Rest In Peace, especially at the most terrible time of losing my beloved pet. Their products are very tasteful and exceptionally well-priced, their service is amazing and personalised. I cannot speak highly enough of Sue, Beric and the team and recommend them to everyone in South East Queensland in need of their services.
26 Jan 2015
natalieg18 from Beaudesert
Thank you to everyone at Pets Rest in Peace. It was a very difficult time for us, to say good bye to our fur child. They made it such an easy process. We wish we had gone through them for our previous dog. We will use them again, when the time comes. :)
23 Jan 2015
Beric was absolutely wonderful to deal with. He made a extremely difficult time easier to deal with. The lady that returned our beloved mack to us was also lovely.
21 Jan 2015
jasonc34 from Toowoomba
When you lose part of the family having someone that knows how your feeling and genuinely cares to come and help you through with all care and dignity taken for your pet. My pets are part of my family and I wouldn't trust anyone but Beric and Sue
21 Jan 2015
clareb16 from Tarragindi
After the very sad passing of our beautiful Labrador Milo, I was so pleasantly surprised and amazed by which his death was handled. The care taken and the very quick return of his remains, beautifully presented to our family by Royce and Helen was second to none. We thank Pets Rest in Peace from the bottom of our hearts for your compassion. Bless you all!
20 Jan 2015
Anonymous from Boonah
I can not fault the service provided by Helen and Royce, who kindly and respectfully cremated our beloved Marbie. Their kindness made the most difficult experience of my life a little easier x
17 Jan 2015
We can't thank the team at pets rest in peace Toowoomba and Ipswich enough for the way they looked after us after we lost our baby girl ivy on new years day. They were absolutely amazing through it all even when I called to check in and would start blubbering beric was so kind. And when she was dropped home to us by Royce who made a trip to us out of his way and at 6pm at night as he knew how much I wanted her home so as soon as he had her he bought her to us. He made the whole thing so much easier talking to us and saying some kind words about our girl. The package we received was perfect from the box she is in to the beautiful paw print and hair clipping with the sweetest poems. We couldn't ask for more ecspecially the beautiful necklace and keyring we had made. Thank you so much everyone for everything you did. You made losing our girl a whole lot easier and I will be recommending you to everyone and will be using your services again if we ever need it. Hopefully it won't be to soon. Thanks again to the whole team!
13 Jan 2015
jodieg12 from Upper Lockyer
They were very caring and very professional. The death of my dog Karma was very hard on me, but the staff from Pets Rest In Peace were wonderful.
12 Jan 2015
wendya17 from Wilsonton
Beric and Sue looked after us and our fur baby Summer in a very caring and friendly manner. They picked Summer up from the boarding kennel where she had passed away and took her to the vet at our request and then picked her up again from the vet. They have taken the utmost care with her and treated her like she was one of their own. She wasn't a dog to me- she was one of my babies. I couldn't ask for better service from Beric and Sue. They well and truly looked after her. Thank you Beric and Sue.
07 Jan 2015
rodw8 from Holland Park
Very caring and understanding. They treated out pet with the utmost care and respect. I cannot thank them enough.
07 Jan 2015
pauln16 from Springfield Lakes
I want to personally thank all the team at pets rest in peace for their support and expertise due to the loss of our loving companion our protector of our family and our property he will be sadly missed and forever in our hearts
03 Jan 2015
darrenk6 from Seventeen Mile Rocks
When our beloved dog passed away, we were referred to Pets RIP. The staff we dealt with were genuinely caring and understanding, especially in our time of grief. They gave us several options from which to choose. Once cremated, our pet's urn and cremation certificate were delivered to us personally and in a timely manner. Once again, the staff member we dealt with was caring, friendly and understanding, which made the process a lot easier to deal with.
02 Jan 2015
michaelaw1 from Holland Park West
In the hardest time for me and just before Christmas, Pets RIP came through with an outstanding service. They were quick and dropped my loved one back to me at home. They understood she was more to me than just a pet, she was my baby, even though she was 16 I had raised from 3 months and she meant the world to me and they treated her that way. Thank you.
26 Dec 2014
lynf7 from Hodgson Vale
Pets Rest in Peace Toowoomba are a very professional, caring & dignified business. This,unfortunately, is the third time we have had to utilise their services, and we would highly recommend them.
26 Dec 2014
Anonymous from Dalby
Pets RIP are very caring & professional. They drove an hour to collect Chelsea (15 year old Border Collie) & every time I spoke to them they were very respectful, helpful & courteous. I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone at the sad time of losing a beloved pet.
18 Dec 2014
darrync from Miles
my boy zeek was with me for over 14 years and loosing him was very hard. I wanted someone to take care of him with the respect he deserved by people who cared and understood what i was going through. They were wonderful, even driving two and a half hours just to come and pick him up. I got his remains back today- which was less than a week - in a beautiful oak box. Letting him go was hard but i had complete trust that his body would be carefully and respectfully taken care of.
15 Dec 2014
christies6 from Kalbar
Easy quick anf very friendly. Royce was wonderful especially with my 6 yr old. Thanks for making it easier
12 Dec 2014
wendyf10 from Lowood
When my darling little dog Snooky passed I asked the vet for a recommendation and the only one he gave was Pets Rest in Peace and I am so glad he did. I know Snooky was treated with the utmost respect as a beloved family member should be and Beric and Sue kept me up to date with all details. I even had a shoulder to cry on when Snooky was brought home to me. I cannot praise this business enough for their kindness and understanding at what was a terrible time for me. I was always spoken to with respect and I know Snooky would have been treated with that same respect and dignity he deserved. I thought the box I ordered for his ashes and the memorial frame were such beautiful products and really surpassed what I thought they would be like. Overall I highly recommend Beric and Sue Lees and Pets Rest in Peace.
12 Dec 2014
From my first phone call to receiving Barkley home the staff were more than caring and I generally felt that our pet was very important to them
10 Dec 2014
juliei9 from Sadliers Crossing
Prompt, caring, efficient, comprehensive and professional service for the cremation of my beloved pet, from the collection of him from the vet to his final return home for placement in my garden.
09 Dec 2014
Anonymous from Redbank Plains
The staff at pets rest in peace are very kind, respectful and supportive. When we called them, they were able to collect our boy within half an hour, they wrapped him up and placed him in a pet bed. They made him look peaceful and at rest. They didn't rush away and allowed us to spend some time with him before they left. The staff were always very helpful and caring. We lost a very special member of our family and pets rest in peace were able to help us grieve and provided beautiful memories we can keep always
28 Nov 2014
ralphb2 from Minden
Beric ,Sue and all their staff were not only professional, but very respectful and caring during the recent loss of my two huskies. Wolff (14yrs) passed in June and his mate Georgie Girl (13yrs) in Nov. I was very impressed with the prompt and courteous service at this devastating time. Thank you all.
22 Nov 2014
helenk23 from North Ipswich
Beric &this team made losing our Corgi mate a little less painful as they did the hard stuff & let us just grieve thanks so much also thanks to Helen & Royce.Ipswich for their kindness when bringing "Brandy" home to us.
13 Nov 2014
kirstyp12 from Toowoomba
These guys treated our furbaby with the dignity and respect a very beloved family member deserves. I cannot thank Beeic, Sue and their team enough.
03 Nov 2014
These guys are amazing.. Couldn't have asked for a more supportive team, Beric, Sue and Shel were terrific and the lovely gentleman Ron who bought my girl back to me.. Thanks again
02 Nov 2014
From the very first phone call to Beric I was treated with such respect and compassion after the loss of my beloved dog. The experience as sad as it ,really was handled so professionally. Victoria brought my Peppers ashes and certificate back to me and was really helpful on my grieving process. Nothing was too much trouble. Highly recommend this company.
02 Nov 2014
gaylej1 from Kingaroy
My beautiful cat passed away unexpectedly. I was referred to Pets RIP by my vet, and am really glad I was. They handled his cremation and return of his ashes to me in such a caring and professional way. I feel very satisfied that they would have treated my cat with respect and dignity. They were also very understanding of my emotions at the time. I would not hesitate to recommend them.
26 Oct 2014
yvetteh3 from Raceview
They done a really great job foe us and done everything that we wanted with dignity and respect and compassion at all time.
19 Oct 2014
After my beloved dog became ill quite suddenly a few weeks ago I did some research on having 'Mick" cremated. I checked out several websites but Pets Rest In Peace stood out immediately for their personal care and attention. I made a phone call the next day to Beric and he sent me an email with some details of what was required. After this things progressed quite quickly and Mick passed away a few weeks later. The personal and caring service we have been given from start to finish has gone above and beyond our expectations and we would recommend Pets Rest in Peace to everyone.
19 Oct 2014
im happy with my experience through pets rest in peace. alot of information was given and good amount of communication to organise our family members return home.
30 Sep 2014
lindanan from Nanango
Cannot express how fabulous this business is, totally satisfied the did what they promised and kept us informed I cannot recommend them highly enough. When our pets ashes were returned to us the effort they went to was excellent. I would recommend this business very highly.
30 Sep 2014
frankm10 from Chelmer
Very well experenced people, would Highly recommend for all pet lovers,very caring,very understanding & helpful in all ways. I have been with others before but these people are Fantastic.
28 Sep 2014
Anonymous from Bardon
Amazingly wonderful service - Royce & Helen (Ipswich/Brisbane area) collected our beloved old dog Sam after he'd peacefully passed away at home. They were incredibly compassionate, understanding, and treated Sam with such respect. They also returned him with dignity and emotional connection. Would highly recommend their services to anyone.
22 Sep 2014
melr14 from Corinda
A very caring service at a terrible time - everyone was so nice and polite people to deal with. Very professional.
21 Sep 2014
claireh23 from Glenvale
I have just recently lost my old Scottish Terrier Rosie,,this is the second time that Pets Rest in Peace had looked after my dogs. Beric is such a caring person as is Sue. I have to say I will always ask them to put any pet I have to rest. All done so beautifully with gold paw print and lock of hair. I felt at ease knowing that Rosie was in such good hands as was Dougal. Thank you Pets Rest in Peace you are brilliant and your loving care was wonderful.
19 Sep 2014
Anonymous from Newmarket
Very professional and friendly caring service, I personally would like to thank Beric and Sue and the team for all the support and kindness they have shown me and Mousse (my pet rat.) kind regards I. HATCHMAN. Brisbane QLD.
16 Sep 2014
Sadly my molly dog past away 2/9/14 she was my best mate for 16 wonderful yrs. Royce was so caring & helpful. Realy took the time 2 talk to us & placed her beautifully in a basket before we said our goodbyes. She was returned 2weeks later & Royce came inside sat down with me & my son & presented us with our molly girl. Thanks so very much for your understanding & compassion in our time of grieving. Pets rest in peace are fantastic caring people. Thanks again. Fran Torrisi
16 Sep 2014
glennw10 from Ashmore
very happy with the way beric and sue treated my pet and the service they provided.excellent job guys .thank you very much
15 Sep 2014
leighg4 from Goondiwindi
Wonderful people doing a very professional job. It was a very tragic time for me and Beric and Sue were so caring, understanding and supportive. Truly special people. I am a vet nurse ( have been for 24 yrs) and the service provided is second to none.
14 Sep 2014
lizt10 from Burpengary
The care and consideration given to my beloved cat was second to none. I work in the veterinary industry and have had a great deal of experience with pet loss and everything from how he was taken into their care to how beautifully he was returned and the package I received when he was returned was so professional, yet filled with empathy. I will not hesitate in recommending the wonderful people who together make an impressive and sensitive team. Thank you so much.
07 Sep 2014
Anonymous from Gailes
Beric,Royce and Helen were great at a difficult time for us. We had to have our beautiful dog Bear put to sleep. Beric rang us on the day to let us know he had been picked up and was under there care. He was very helpful and compassionate through the whole process. Royce and Helen delivered Bear back to us and we're great,they had us smiling and remembering the good times with Bear. Drew
30 Aug 2014
elishal1 from Newtown
I recently had to have my beautiful little dog put to sleep due to cancer and as he was so special to me, I wanted to have him cremated. I was referred to 'Pets Rest In Peace' by the vet who looked after my dog at the UQ Gatton Veterinary Hospital and I can honestly say that it was the best choice. The service provided by this company totally exceeded my expectations. I was advised that my puppy was collected from the vet the same day and was contacted by Beric who was so lovely and very compassionate regarding my loss. I really appreciated that rather than overwhelming me with information over the phone which i wouldn't have been able to take in at the time anyway, Beric advised he would send me an email explaining the information required and gave me two days to think about it as well. I never felt pressured, and I never felt like just a number. Every time I spoke with a member of staff they were extremely friendly and understanding which makes such a difference when you're trying to deal with your loss. My puppy's remains were delivered to me by Roger and Helen who came in and sat down with me in my loungeroom to give them to me officially. It was a difficult moment and the fact that Roger and Helen took the time to be there and present them to me made me feel validated and that my little angel had been truly honoured. I adore the certificate with the little gold paw print and lock of my baby's fur, and I especially liked that I was able to put the engraved plaque over the top of the urn myself as it made me feel a part of the process. My gorgeous boy now sits on my chest of drawers in my room and I send him a little kiss everyday. This has been such a difficult and heartbreaking time, but I can honestly say that if you are thinking about cremation, when you're feeling so much loss, it gives you just a little something to remind you of your beautiful pet and makes you feel they're close to you forever.
30 Aug 2014
waynew9 from Boondall
The team at Pets Rest in Peace were fantastic. They looked after everything for us during out time of loss and treated our beloved dog with dignity and respect. Thank You
30 Aug 2014
My little Shih Tzu named Basil had to be put to sleep. It was the most grief stricken time of my life. Beric, Sue and the entire Pets Rest in Peace team were very sympathetic and supportive while I cried my gut wrenching heart out. It was the second time that I received help from Beric and Sue and I highly recommend using Pets Rest in Peace. They know what it is like to lose our pets who are family members.
29 Aug 2014
Recently I had to have Mikaelah, my little mate of just over 13 years euthanised. So pleased a friend had mentioned Pets Rest In Peace to me... They treated me very empathetically and understood all of my needs... My little dog's gold footprint, lock of hair, and her ashes, placed in a beautiful ceramic urn, along with her death certificate were all personally delivered to me... I could not speak highly enough about the service I received from these beautiful people following my sad loss... Thank you all at Pets Rest In Peace.
20 Aug 2014
hollyb9 from Cement Mills
Last week my family put down a very loved pet "Gus" who was 16 years old and very sick. We called Pets rest in peace who came to our house very promptly to pick up Gus. Sue was amazing. She knew just what to say and was so kind and sympathetic to us. This is the third time we have used Pets Rest in Peace and have been very happy with our experiences and would highly recommend them.
16 Aug 2014
They were wonderful people very professional They have recently done my beloved mare and are currently doing my dog I highly recommend them I'm very happy with their service they're very understanding and compassionate Thank you very much
13 Aug 2014
sherynf from Clifton
We have been so upset with the loss of our sweet pup Lace, but Beric and Sue helped us through it so much and have given us memories that we cannot replace. We thank them sincerely for their kindness at a time when we were very upset. We will highly recommend Beric and Sue to everyone. Thankyou so much again, Pets Rest In Peace.
07 Aug 2014
They treat your departed pet as a family member and are extremely caring and understanding. Well Done Beric and Team.
05 Aug 2014
Our little Miss Poppy Lena was 15 years and 6 days. We found speaking with Beric and Sue before sending her to heaven was so helpful. They are kind, understanding with outstanding compassion..We were naturally devastated at this time, however, between the Bell vet and Pets Rest In Peace..working together, The pressure on us was lifted. Pets Rest In Peace travelled to Bell especially for her..then advised Miss Poppy Lena was in their care in Toowoomba.. In less than a week we received the beautiful presentation box and cremation certificate. We very highly recommend these loving, caring people. Thank you from Dianne, Bruce and little sister Bella Lilii R.I.P. Miss Poppy..xxxx
02 Aug 2014
renayh from Ipswich
sadly i had to say goodbye to my beloved dog of 13 years. I was told about pets rest in peace and the lovely work that they do.i was amazed at the quick response and the way they handled everything with care and support at such a sad time. we chose the pink urn with paw prints which looked so beautiful along with her certificate ,little golden paw print and lock of hair.on the day our lil girl was brought home i was so impressed with everything explained and caring support. i highly recommend pets rest in peace they were amazing.
01 Aug 2014
Everyone at Pets Rest in Peace was so lovely and thoughtful to deal with. They were very supportive through such a sad time. Everything was done quickly, professionally and my gorgeous girl was delivered back to me exactly as requested. We requested the Pink Paw Print Urn with engraved plaque. I was extremely impressed with her gold paw print and lock of hair, which had both been taken with obvious care and attention. I will definitely used them again (although I hope that I never have to). I recommend these guys - the best in the business
25 Jul 2014
kirbyn from Corryong
Pets RIP are Very professional and helpful, I got all the information I asked for as well as tips and ideas to improve the quality and life of my plaques. The time from order to delivery was fast without any problems. I recommend Pets Rest In Peace to anyone looking for a memorials and special trinkets to remember their friends. They also have very competitive prices, I got 3 (6-3cm)outdoor plaques with the works Inc delivery from QLD to VIC for $72. Thank you Pets RIP for giving me something special for my pets
25 Jul 2014
cherylr2 from Stanthorpe
Recently my darling 15 year old dog,Emma, was put to sleep. I called on Pets at Peace in Toowoomba to care for her. I had previously called on Beris to take care of my best mate, Paddington B, and it was wonderful the care and compassion he gave at the time and with follow up. Trying to make arrangements was difficult because of the tears flowing but they were very patient and let me gather my thoughts. The whole process was very easy and they can't be more caring and considerate. My Emma was cremated and sent back to me in a short time and now rests beside Paddington B. I can't thank Beris, Sue and their wonderful staff enough for the way they handled everything. I would highly recommend Pets at Peace in Toowoomba if people were looking for someone to care for their loved pets. Thank you Beris, Sue and staff.
25 Jul 2014
This is the second time I have used the services of Pets Rest in Peace & I highly recommend them to anyone that wants a respectable & caring farewell for their beloved pet. Beric & Sue go all out to make a very sad time more bearable as you know your pet will be treated with respect & care when they leave this life. Thank you Pets rest in peace x x
23 Jul 2014
susanb53 from Ipswich
These people are amazing. Right when you need someone to be kind and understanding. When my little cat died I was distraught to say the least. I had difficulty talking and all the staff here were just so patient and understanding. They had a level of experience that was needed to make me feel comfortable to trust them to care for my little cats farewell from this lifetime. The service was just outstanding and I really appreciate the way I was treated. Both my cat and myself were treated with the utmost respect and sympathy.
21 Jul 2014
They were very easy to deal with and made a terrible time easier to cope with. I will recommend Pets Rest in Peace to family and friends.
17 Jul 2014
Anonymous from Ipswich
I would happily recommend Pets Rest in peace for their caring professional service. We had our 19 year old dog cremated recently and they just made the whole stressful experience a little easier to deal with, thanks guys
12 Jul 2014
shaned17 from Victoria Point
Very personal and caring service, recommend highly and would use again. we are very confident making this recommendation
11 Jul 2014
dollyc from Yamanto
Our experience with Pets Rest In Peace was amazing. Beric and his team are truly wonderful and caring people. I could not be any happier with what they have done for our pet Reggie. Im so blown away with what they have done and words can't describe how i happy we are with the job they did. I would like to say a big thank you to Beric and his wife Sue, Royce and Helen and the rest of the staff for such an outstanding job. Thank you very much. :)
09 Jul 2014
rachelh33 from Brisbane CBD
I had my 27 year old QH pony cremated last Friday. Beric and his team were incredibly supportive and professional and I could not have asked for a better service, it was more than I expected in the best way possible. Beric made the whole experience as easy as possible and handled every situation perfectly. Royce came to deliver the ashes to my house today and stayed for a lovely chat and was very supportive and kind. I would highly recommend this to any animal owner looking to make their animals departing of this world as stress free as possible. For horse owners, this service is particularly fantastic and makes the whole dreadful experience much easier.
02 Jul 2014
I am so greatfull to have had such lovely people looking after my baby and helping me get through this heart breaking time. The loss of my pet was sudden and financially I was not prepared, Beric and Sue allowed me to pay them two weeks later, and told me that getting my baby home was the most important thing. That ment so much to me and I cannot thank them enough for all of their kindness and compassion. I highly recommend them.
29 Jun 2014
Anonymous from Stanthorpe
Thank you for your kindness when we lost our beautiful dog. Can't recommend you highly enough.
28 Jun 2014
I cannot thank Beric and Pets Rest In Peace enough for their amazing service, and the beautiful and dignified way they handled the cremation of my much loved cat Comet. From the moment he was collected I was kept in the loop regarding the process and his prompt return home has provided me with a sense of calm and closure. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so very much for providing such a wonderful service.
27 Jun 2014
daniellep13 from Forest Lake
I am extremely pleased with the service and respect given to the loss of my beloved dog Mouse who passed away at 13 years old. It made my difficult time a lot easier to cope with, and allowed me to be at peace and helped with my grieving process.
24 Jun 2014
dannyl5 from Laidley Heights
Beric, Sue at Pets Rest in Peace are very compassionate and understanding of how your feeling with the loss of you pet, their service is excellent and well priced, They took the best of care of beloved boy Jack who we lost suddenly, We would recommend their service to anyone, they know the love you have for your pet is unconditional and that they are just not a pet but part of your family. We Thank you again Beric, Sue and staff
22 Jun 2014
brucep11 from Brassall
Beric, Sue and team were sympathetic to my needs. They never tried to push any of their wide range of options on me and left the decision entirely in my hands. Beric, communicated with me frequently during the process through calls, emails and letters and returned my beloved pet to me the same week. I was very pleased to find that I received exactly what I had requested and I was very impressed by the professionalism shown by the entire organization throughout the entire process. I would not hesitate recommending this company to anyone who is looking for a fitting tribute to their pet.
20 Jun 2014
Mumto2boys from Raceview
I had to put my 16 year old Maltese dog down and at such a difficult time, Pets RIP were supportive, sympathetic and did not try to push products or services. They were truly amazing and made a horrible time a little easier to deal with for me and more importantly, my 2 sons. I would highly recommend their services to anybody who has lost a furry family member.
19 Jun 2014
shirleyn1 from Adare
This company was truly amazing when we lost our beloved dog, they just took over, were very understanding, and did all they could to help ease our pain. A huge thank you. Shirley.
12 Jun 2014
helenas2 from Crestmead
Gave exemplary service and was conducted with the utmost of respect, compassion and dignity. We were able to take our time to ensure we were making the right decisions and choices during a very emotionally difficult, vulnerable time. Offered support and suggestions with how to deal with these sorts of situations and gave us ideas for the future. There were no hidden costs and settling payment was simple with a number of options offered.
12 Jun 2014
barryj2 from Kincumber
A difficult and emotional situation was handled by the Business owner "Beric" in an exceptional manner. He was kind, thoughtful and business like. There was no sales pressure applied and he made the experience personal. Exceptional service.
08 Jun 2014
ashlees3 from Richlands
Lovely people. Excellent service. The staff from Pets Rest in Peace were professional, kind and caring during a very tough time in our lives. We would highly recommend them.
08 Jun 2014
melanied13 from St George
Beric and Sue have been wonderful throughout the process making sure we were aware of each step before it was completed. They showed the up most compassion and understanding towards us in our time of need.
06 Jun 2014
margueritef from Stanthorpe
Fast, professional and friendly service, with excellent follow up. I felt I was so well looked after and that my grief over the loss of my beloved pit bull Lars was treated with respect and sympathy.
31 May 2014
philp5 from Rangeville
From the time our dog was euthanased to the collection of his ashes the whole process was personable, caring and professional. Our little man deserved the best and he was given it. Thankyou so much Beric and Sue.
29 May 2014
tanya84 from Ipswich
So happy with the loving and caring services performed by Pets Rest In Peace. Very understanding and helpful such kind and caring people. Highly recommend Pets Rest In Peace .. Thank you
28 May 2014
marka26 from Kalbar
They were very caring and understanding. but also efficient and good value. They made a very sad time bearable, and gave my very special mate the dignity he deserved. I would highly recommend this company : regards Mark Anderson
18 May 2014
Beric and Sue you guys are so understanding and compassionate when it comes to some ones fur baby. You treat the whole family like they were one of your own. The world is a better place because of people like you. Thank you sooo much for looking after our BEAUTIFUL CAPPY, we know he was in good hands. HIGHLY RECOMEND PETS REST IN PEACE.
17 May 2014
christinem49 from Middle Ridge
they were very sensitive to our needs. They took care of or beloved pet with utmost dignity. The variety of urns to chose from was splendid and the price was fair.
16 May 2014
vicstrong from Toowoomba
Beric and Sue are the perfect people for this business. They are empathic, kind and understanding. We lost our beloved Rastus and they treated her with dignity, and us with kindness. We will not forget our experience with Pets Rest In Peace.
16 May 2014
kayeg3 from Regency Downs
Sue and Beric are offering one of the most important services that any person with a beloved pet could ask for, their whole team gives sensitive caring support for you at a time which you feel your heart has been ripped out. The service they provide is second to none and I would highly recommend their company without hesitation. What wonderful people, there truly are angles on this earth. Thankyou Sue & Beric for giving us a company that really does get what it means to give customer satisfaction, care and support.
16 May 2014
shelleyy from Jimboomba
I would like to thank everyone especially Royce for the love, compassion and understanding he shown us and our little mate "Tigger" at our hour of sadness, Royce was very compassionate when the time came to take our little man, the respect he showed our "Tigger" and the way he was carried out of his home was beautiful, then when the time came for "Tigger" to come home there was a beautiful tribute to our little man, Thank you Royce, All our love Shelley & Brad Yeates and kids
12 May 2014
Anonymous from Toowoomba
The sympathy and consideration shown by this business could not be faulted. Our family was very upset by the loss of our beloved pet and 'best mate' and Pets RIP just took over to ensure that her cremation and return to us was done respectfully. While I've chosen to remain anonomous on this review, I shall be letting others in the district know of their kind and affordable service.
11 May 2014
carolinel10 from Riverhills
It's comforting when 'pets rest in peace' came to pick up mazzy with a bed and blanket.
05 May 2014
Anonymous from Murgon
Wonderful customer focussed business with really caring people who are dealing with customers during really difficult circumstances.
01 May 2014
Tenacious from Goodna
They were very efficient and even more so, they were very caring and understanding of the circumstances. I would highly recommend this business to anyone with a pet. Thanks for bring my best friend home. Five Stars ***** without question. Again, Thanks for your services and thanks for your time.
01 May 2014
lindaf11 from Hatton Vale
I have only praises for the staff at PetsRIP. At a time when I was grief stricken about the loss of my precious dog the phone contact and assistance given to me was exceptional. The staff member who came to my home was very sympathetic and attended to my dog in a very professional manner. I would not hesitate to recomend this service and would certainly use it again myself.
28 Apr 2014
rosemaryh3 from Nanango
Their professionalism and understanding cannot be surpassed. They convey just the right amount of compassion and are very helpful in a very stressful time. Would recommend them to everyone
22 Apr 2014
annd13 from Toowoomba West
We highly recommend Beric & Sue's personalised service, very caring and professional, our Vet recommended them to us a few years ago when we lost our first darling little girl, Shilo, so naturally we trusted them again for our next darling girl, our Possie. In those dark days they were a welcome and trusting light and we thank Beric, Sue and staff very much. Thank you Beric and Sue for your care and understanding and returning our girls back to us so promptly.
22 Apr 2014
rebeccac46 from Toowoomba
I highly recommend Beric and Sues' service, it has warmed my heart knowing my beloved family member was treated so well after being with us for 13 years. Beric was so understanding and heart felt through our phone calls and very prompt with replying to emails regarding the details of my pets return. Thank you Beric, Sue and Team for looking after her and returning my girl back to me just the way I had opted for. Just Beautiful.
15 Apr 2014
shirln1 from Dalby
After an unexpected loss of my cat "Trouble" I sent Beric an email letting him know what had happened and asked him to pick up Trouble from my vets office. He picked up Trouble and had him back to me 3 days later. It is so very reassuring to know my kitty was being taken care of by someone that cares. Thanks again Beric & Sue
11 Apr 2014
nicoleb50 from Dalby
I knew my poor mates life may of been coming to an end. So I contacted Pets RIP just to find out what the procedure would be. I spoke to Beric who assured me that all i needed to do if the time came was let my vet know. Well it came a lot sooner than i expected and my vet contacted them for me. He was picked up within a very short time considering we do not live close by. We were only asked to make a few decisions for this time and was never pressured into spending or doing anything we did not want. Our mate was treated with respect and the kindness we received from Beric and Sue comforted us during this heartbreaking time. I was pleased to see him home with us where he belongs in a beautiful Urn especially made for him, along with his certificate of cremation, a lock of hair and paw print. I would have no hesitation in recommending these kind and caring people, plus I feel I did get value for money. In fact after a few of my friends seeing his Urn they have said they would like to use you for when their pets time comes. I wish Beric and Sue all the best for the future
07 Apr 2014
I have had two pets cremated with this provider, and it was amazing, I wasn't treated any differently from when my father passed, they aren't just a great business, they are amazing people, I will continue to tell people of my experience as a thankyou
07 Apr 2014
Anonymous from Bardon
This is an excellent service. Professional and compassionate, they recognise a pet is a member of the family. Thank you.
03 Apr 2014
Anonymous from Pittsworth
I've never had to do anything like this before and this very upsetting time they were very sympathetic and understanding. They also let us choose what we wanted and didn't push anything on to us that we didn't feel we needed. Would definitely recommend them anyone who needs a services this this in the loss of a beloved pet.
31 Mar 2014
Anonymous from Chelmer
The loss of a much loved pet is always hard. Pets Rest in Peace made this loss just a little bit easier through their kind and caring service. I cannot rate this business high enough for the wonderful service they provided. I would have no hesitation in using this business again.
19 Mar 2014
annw15 from Lowood
Wonderful caring service. I couldn't be more pleased with the service. My beloved pet was picked up from the vets & five days later my dogs ashes were returned to me at my home by a most understanding person. I can't thank all concerned enough.
12 Mar 2014
janw12 from Eagleby
Wonderful, compassionate and caring - I am thrilled with the care and attention we received when we lost our little 18 year old cat. They treated her like a baby and our last view of her was made so memorable and happy. I couldn't recommend this firm too highly, and I am already out telling all our friends here in our Over 50's Complex. Well done "Pets Rest in Peace" - you are providing a wonderful service. Thank you.
06 Mar 2014
susanm35 from Forest Hill
Beric and Sue made the cremation of my Devon Rex Holly 12 1/2 years and my Thoroughbred Elliott 23 1/2 years bearable. Having to part with these 2 animals within 6 weeks of each other was a life-changing experience. Without Pets Rest In Peace, I doubt my husband and I would have coped at all. The care and understanding is instant. We felt completely safe, both with our emotions and handing over the bodies of these animal/children whom we had raised from babies as our own.
05 Mar 2014
maryf15 from Crows Nest
Our beautiful 14 and half year old dog, Bella, passed away 13th February 2014.We are so grateful to Beric and Sue for making an absolutely devastating experience so much easier to handle. We were so impressed by the reassuring, understanding and caring manner shown by Beric and Sue from our first phone call to the final collection of the beautifully worded presentation pack. We know, in our hearts, that our Bella was handled with love and care, just as if we were there.
02 Mar 2014
kimberleyl1 from Camira
Pets rest in peace are amazing and so Understanding when go through such a tragic time. I strongly recommend them!
25 Feb 2014
anned16 from Oakey
After having made the decision that it was time to have our 14 year old Blue Cattle Dog Buster put to sleep was a very sad time for us. We dicided to have him cremated, our vet told us about pets rest in peace and on the sad day Beric phoned with in a hour to tell us that they had picked Buster up from the vets and he was in there care. 7 days later we had Buster back home with us. The quality of presentation they use is exceptional. The attention to detail is excellent they were very kind and caring. We would not hesitate to recommend Pets Rest In Peace to anyone wanting their pet cremated with utmost dignity.
22 Feb 2014
Anonymous from Hodgson Vale
Rest In Peace provided piece of mind when it came to a passing of our 6 year old Border Collie, especially with a situation that was very upsetting. Their explanations and the information provided was clear and the approach was calm. It felt like I and the family was given time to make good decisions. Best of all, they would check more than once about the decisions made for our gentle family member. We were very lucky and are truly appreciative. Thank you Beric.
21 Feb 2014
teresaw7 from Redbank
the friendly and caring staff took the time to make sure my beloved cat was taken care of with dignity and pride and returned to me with the most beautiful urn and certificates my whole family was so pleased.thank you for helping us through a real hard time.i will entrust them with all my animals.
17 Feb 2014
sharnal from Fig Tree Pocket
Wow. When my beautiful 19 year old cat passed, I called Pets Rest in Peace. I was amazed by their considerate and professional management of the situation. They called to let me know when she was in their care; they called to arrange a time to personally bring her home. And when they returned Cinder to us, they came inside and presented her ashes with a gorgeous certificate that contained a lock of her hair. I would not hesitate to recommend Pets Rest In Peace to anyone wanting their pet cremated with utmost dignity.
16 Feb 2014
carmelb7 from Ashgrove
Having made the decision that it was time to have our 14 year old family dog Millie put to sleep was a very sad time for our family as she had grown up with the children and was a beloved member of the family. We decided that we would like to have her cremated so that we could take her back to her favourite beach where she she loved run like the wind and swim as she had on our family holidays. Our vet gave us the brochure for 'pets rest in peace' and said someone would be in contact. Beric made the initial call to organise details and then a professional but kind email followed regarding payment and what package we would like for the return of Millie. 7 days later Royce and Helen from Pets Rest in Peace delivered Millie back to us. The quality of the presentation they use is exceptional. The attention to detail is excellent, they were very kind and caring. We would recommend this service to anyone that would want their beloved pet cared for in such a beautiful way. This company is defiantly first class. They have such compassion, empathy and love for what they do. Royce and Helen have defiantly made this process an easier one and it has let us grieve and heal in a really easy and lovely way. Thank you again.
06 Feb 2014
Tricky07 from Cambooya
We would highly recommend Beric and Sue from pets rest in peace to take care of your much loved family member. From the time we received the call from Beric to say he had our dog of 12 years in his care, to when we picked him up, the understanding and compassion was a lot more than we had ever expected, and with the phone calls, emails and visits to the office to try and make the right decision we never felt any pressure to hurry up and get everything done. The costs were reasonable for the service and understanding that you receive as well as the treasured mementos we received.
06 Feb 2014
We have used Beric & sue twice now and every time the service is better they can't do enough for you I would recommend to anyone it is such a lovely way to have your pet with you as they where a big part of the family as well R.I.P. Buddy (my mum's dog) & Soxie ( our cat ) they give them all so much precept from when you call to when they bring them home to you thank you to all staff & Beric & Sue
05 Feb 2014
normar2 from Toowoomba
Kind and compassionate service provided by both Beric and Sue from the first call to say they had Molly in their care. I was kept up to date on a regular basis via phone and email. Very professional at all times. Cost was most reasonable and web site up to date with all details about services available. Highly recommend this company.
25 Jan 2014
julier45 from Lowood
Beric rang me the same afternoon that my companion of 12 years had passed away, he said that Rex was with them now and they were looking after him. It broke my heart to loose him but I was so reassured that some one who understood how special he was to me was looking after him. Their service was quick, efficient and very very caring! And most importantly very personal. I believe that the cost was very reasonable for a cremation and for the special gift pack that I received with mementos of Rex. The worry that comes with having to deal with physical details of this situation was made much easier by Pets Rest In Peace.
20 Jan 2014
hayleyf6 from Roma
I found PRIP very empathetic and patient throughout the entire process; they made everything easy to organise. PRIP were kind and thoughtful when talking to them, making the situation easier. Beautiful urn and certificate received back with pet. Will definitely turn to PRIP in future.
20 Jan 2014
beverleyp3 from Carina
From that initial phone call right through to the return of our loved family cat Misty, the experience was professional and sincere. I thank the whole team for looking after Misty so well and respecting him and us. Hellen and Royce were brilliant and I would highly recommend them.
06 Jan 2014
justineandgregl from Placid Hills
Beric and Sue are the most understanding people in this industry. We recently had to have our old mare put down and we knew before she went that Beric and Sue would be the people to take care of her. They have done two of our dogs and take great care and consideration in what they do. I would recommend them to anyone who requires pet or equine funeral/cremation in the Darling Downs districts. Greg and Justine Leonard
31 Dec 2013
The loss of a beloved pet is an extremely difficult time, but Beric Lees of Pets Rest in Peace made the process easy, dignified and respectful. He was extremely sympathetic and provided an excellent service. I would happily recommend the after-care for your furry or feathered family member to Pets Rest in Peace.
30 Dec 2013
mookilani from Toowoomba South
Beric and Sue looked after us recently when our beautiful dog passed away suddenly. They were extremely efficient and very sensitive and caring in a time of great sadness for us. They cremated her and provided us with a beautiful urn and lovely framed certificate with her photo, a plaque, locks of her hair and gold paw print.
25 Dec 2013
lurlinef from Lake Clarendon
The care and compassion extended to us at our time of loss was second to none. Truly professional yet so much more than a business transaction for them. I highly recommend the services of Pets in Peace.
23 Dec 2013
Anonymous from St George
A truely caring, honest, dignified experience. This being our first encounter with anything of this nature, we did not know what to expect. The respect shown to us as a family was incredible. THANK YOU Pets RIP - not only for a wonderful, humble experience, but for accepting our ANGEL as a part of the family & treating her as the same - just as she was to us. Would highly recommend.
20 Dec 2013
jennys62 from Warwick
We were more than happy with everything. I have dealt with grieving relatives for 30 years as a Registered Nurse and we were treated as I would hope all the relatives of my patients were treated with dignity and help and understanding. The whole experience made a very sad and difficult time much easier to bear. Our little dog was very much a part of our family and we will always be grateful for all that was done for her. The certificate and paw print and lock of her hair are very special and in the beginning I did not think that I would be able to cope with recieving them but they have arrived and I feel that they are a wonderful way to have her still with us. Thankyou to all the staff for their wonderful care.
17 Dec 2013
jocelyng1 from Toowong
Beric and Sue were very easy to deal with at a sad time. They were compassionate and understanding and returned our pet to us in a lovely casket with memorabilia. When the time comes for Tess's best mate Toby to join her we will be asking them for their help again
15 Dec 2013
Thank you Pets Rest In Peace for the caring way you looked after our family member. After 16 years it was difficult for our family to say goodbye to our beautiful red cattle dog. Your kindness and professionalism was wonderful. It is comforting as we walk past our bird bath to know that our special boy Judge is still with us!
09 Dec 2013
bonjess from Warwick
Supportive, personal, professional, caring business. The respect they showed to myself and my 18 year old Bonnie was very comforting at my time of grief. They gave their time for however long you needed to talk to them. Thanks again Beric and Sue
09 Dec 2013
pamn1 from Budgee
What a beautiful service we have experienced with Beric and Sue from Pets RIP. Our little Girl Tessie was in good hands immediately and returned to her home at the Farm. All my questions were answered and they took the time to listen to a very sad owner. We are all together now. Thanks again ,Tessie, Sel and Pam x
22 Nov 2013
judithh3 from Hatton Vale
Our experience was great , very respectful of our feelings about our loss. Very comforting to know our pet was being taken care of in such a caring manner.
22 Nov 2013
beverleej from Rockville
I lost my cat Honey on the 19-11-13 It's was a very sad day for our family and with one phone call to pets rest in peace they were there to help, I found the team to be caring and respectful not only to us but to our baby girl honey as well. I can not begin to thank them all for what they have done for us. Will recommend them to every one that loves there pets as much as we do. And when the time comes again to say good by to one of my other pets I know I can call them and they will be there to help out . Thank you so much for your help and support Beric & Sue Lees and team
18 Nov 2013
susann11 from Holland Park
Pets Rest In Peace are God's Angels. The worst day of my life when my beautiful quarterhorse passed and I could not be more grateful to Pets Rest In Peace for this amazing service conducted with the utmost kindness and compassion. Beric and Sue came without hesitation and were ever so gentle and respectful and from that point on always available and a wonderful support throughout the entire process. My beautiful boy was returned just as gently and respectfully - I am so grateful and moved by their patience, respect and kindness. Above and beyond - thank you Pets Rest In Peace.
18 Nov 2013
Sharon24 from Dalby
Very very professional in every way. Showed complete care and consideration.... I Highly Highly recommended Pets in Peace to anyone.
08 Nov 2013
michaelm46 from Toowoomba
we had an excellant experience with pets rest in peace in toowoomba they where very caring and have a great business. they took great care off our love pet and showed her all the dignity she diserved
05 Nov 2013
karenk21 from Centenary Heights
I had to put my precious cat of almost 16 years to sleep a week ago due to multi organ failure. Pets rest in Peace were called and within an hour of the phone call Beric the owner came to my house to pick up my cat. He was very respectful to both myself and with my cat. He didn't rush me to hand my beautiful cat over, he allowed me time to say goodbye in my own time and was happy to answer any queries/questions i had to ask about the cremation process and assured me that he would look after my little girl personally and that she would be cremated by herself. Beric was very patient with my bursts of grief and was very kind and respectful. I have nothing but praise and admiration for the work that the owners Beric and Sue do and would never hesitate in recommending them to friends and family in their time of loss. I also appreciate the personnel touch, meaning i dealt with the owners of the business and not someone who wasn't actually performing the cremation.
05 Nov 2013
kerenle from Highfields
I got back the ashes of my dear cat Zazu of almost 17 years yesterday after losing her a little over a week ago. Beric and Sue were amazing, very caring, and supportive. The presentation of what I got back was beautiful. Thank you so much.
02 Nov 2013
jennym38 from Bellbird Park
They were very caring, very prompt, and efficient in everything they did. The whole experience took away as much stress as possible.
02 Nov 2013
juliel19 from Bellbowrie
Thank you so much for making terrible loss a more bearable experience and for that we are truly thankful. You made us feel like our wonderful girl was being well taken care of. Thank you again you are truly lovely people.
30 Oct 2013
lisab77 from Tannymorel
Beric and Sue were so supportive and professional with helping us when our girl passed away. They went out of their way to assist us and the final package we recieved was so beautiful. Would definitely recommend them and will use them again when our other little girl crosses over the rainbow bridge.
29 Oct 2013
At an incredibly difficult time, the loss of our pet, these people where outstanding, with their care, attention to detail, compassion and patience in a time of real sadness. I would highly recommend them and will definitely all my friends know of these people when they are faced with the death of a pet that has formed part of the family.
29 Oct 2013
ruthc9 from Bray Park
Door to door service, very friendly and caring staff. Would recommend to others for a great service.
28 Oct 2013
ians15 from Tenterfield
a very professional job the personal service was superb It was just like a human cremation with respect shown to our dog The'funeral" director was ever so comforting for us He t6ook care of everything He took our logistical problems in his stride Any body who wishes to avail themselves of this service for their Pet will not be disappointed Their is not any more i can say except i would recommend this company to everyone The urn was beautiful along with the certificate Buy for now ian and dorathy stewart
28 Oct 2013
frand3 from Highfields
I am still unconsolable after losing my mate of almost 16 years. I trusted Beric and Sue with my dear Tess a couple of years ago and they helped in any way they could. Sidney deserved the best farewell and they gave it to him...I am very grateful to them and their caring staff.
26 Oct 2013
mariah11 from Highfields
Beric Lees was very helpful and a pleasure to deal with when we lost our wonderful Lab. Has real compassion for people that lose their beloved four legged family members.
23 Oct 2013
The complete service when having to part with a beloved family member- beautifully done with caring people. We know our boy was well looked after until he was returned to us. Highly recommended to anyone!
23 Oct 2013
We recently entrusted our much loved dog Dink to the care of Eric and I cannot begin to describe the empathy, understanding and professionalism I received and the incredible care he gave to our beloved dog. I would not hesitate to recommend Beric and Pets Rest in Peace. It is a dreadfully sad time but he offers sincere support and total understanding and he treated our dog with respect and allowed her to keep her dignity.
20 Oct 2013
Anonymous from Gatton
Thank you for your professionalism and great service of handling our beloved family member Eddie. Please except our sincere gratitude for the care and service you provided for us. We appreciate it very much.
05 Oct 2013
Anonymous from Yarraman
My contact with Pets rest in peace was a very positive experience considereing the circumstances. They were very professional and made themselves available as soon as i needed them. They kept in contact to let me know what was happening and make sure i was coping.
01 Oct 2013
michaelh48 from Newtown
Recently we lost our friend & good mate after many years of loyal & loving companionship.We were totally beside ourselves as to what to do.We remembered hearing of Pets Rest In Peace & contacted them,they came & collected our little man within 2 hours & cared for him & us in a most gracious way.He was cremated & his ashes returned to our home,throughout the whole experience we had a number of phone conversations with Beric & found the care & attention to detail to be of a very high standard.To Beric,Sue,Vivian & the other 2 gentlemen whose names escape me we say Thank you. Michael & Ann Hughes.Ipswich.
24 Sep 2013
marilynw2 from Newtown
We recently lost our beautiful 18yr old tortoiseshell manx cat "Precious", we contacted Pets Rest In Peace and spoke to Beric who helped us to decide on the right service for us. They carried out everything with dignity and respect for our loved family member. We were completely satisfied with Beric and his staff at Pets Rest In Peace and would highly recommend them for their excellent service so thank you.
23 Sep 2013
darryls3 from Kingaroy
Beric and Sue were so caring and professional. Teala's ashes were back with us in four days. Three follow up phone calls. Would recommend them absolutely for their wonderful service.
19 Sep 2013
glendac2 from Glenvale
Beric was willing to take my calls and explain everything to me with patience and understanding. I appreciated his compassion and professionalism. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs their services. Thank you Pets Rest in Peace from Glenda & Molly
10 Sep 2013
paulao from Camp Hill
From the first phone call to the delivery of my pets ashes the entire experience was seamless and extremely professional. 6 months after the cremation I decided to take her ashes out to sea and I was so touched to find a lovely card inside the bag with a lock of my dogs hair and her gold paw print. This completely blew me away. I would highly recommend this service and I would absolutely use this service again. Thank-you so much for taking such wonderful care of my baby dog Noodles.
09 Sep 2013
lizn6 from Karalee
So lovely and caring, the peace of mind they gave me was more than I ever imagined. Professional and compassionate by both the ipswich and toowoomba offices.
30 Aug 2013
melissah31 from Gatton
When our beloved dog was recently put to rest we decided to have him cremated. Our local vet recommended Pets Rest In Peace and we were astounded by their services. Although we required their services on a Sunday they did not hesitate to come and collect our beautiful big dog immediately after he was put to rest at our home. From the very first bit of communication with Beric & Sue to the last, they expressed professionalism, compassion and respect. They treated both our dog and us with the utmost dignity and respect. They are incredibly gentle, kind-hearted and caring people. We were ever so grateful that they kept in close contact and talked us through every step of the way. We feel our dog was given the same respect and care as would happen with a deceased human. Our dog was professionally returned home to us in a beautiful urn (chosen by us) and we received a lock of his hair, a golden paw print and a signed cremation certificate. We highly recommend their services to anyone who is seeking a pet crematorium to assist in the care of their beloved companion. A huge heartfelt thank you to Beric and Sue!!!!
29 Aug 2013
lindad22 from Blackbutt
We cannot thank them enough for the kind and compationate service that they gave us after the sad loss of Jilly our daughters dog.They came out of their way to collect her. Treated her with dignity and caring, as they did with our dog who left us 2 years ago.We will recommend them to family & freinds when they come to the sad time when they have to say goodbuy to their beloved pets.Very, caring and gentle, thankyou from the bottom of our hearts.
20 Aug 2013 from Roma
Beric from Pets Rest in Peace was absolutely amazing, so caring and compassionate! From the beginning he kept us fully aware of everything and it was really comforting to know our beloved pet was treated with dignity and care. I would urge anyone who loses a special pet to contact Pets Rip
19 Aug 2013
claireh15 from Glenvale
My much loved Scottish Terrier , Dougal passed away last Monday and I asked Pets Rest In Peace , Toowoomba to pick him up from my Vet and arrange his cremation. I have to say that Beric &Sue were just amazing.Sue picked Dougal up within the hour , which was really important to me. Beric made it easy for me to undertake such a sad ordeal. I would recommend Beric & Sue who own Pets rest In peace to everyone who sadly has to say their final farewell to much loved pets for many reasons ,,for me they were so caring and their concern was just what we need at a time like this. So thank you Beric & Sue for the professional way you do this and also for your caring and looking after Dougal in his final walk over the Rainbow Bridge,,Many Thanks.
12 Aug 2013
melzrac1 from Murgon
Saying goodbye to our old boy at 17 was one of the hardest things we had to do :-( Being able to have him with us at home still, means the world to us and it was all taken care of beautifully. The vet took him away and we received him back in the mail lol. Thanks!
10 Aug 2013
megans18 from redbank plains
The service you guys did the beautiful touchs to a tragic sad time to my family and the kids you guys dealt with it great and gave the kids a great understanding. so beautifully done thankyou very much x
10 Aug 2013
deniseb14 from South Toowoomba
Beric and Sue were very caring and compassionate to us in the recent loss of our precious and beautiful little dog (although she never knew she was one) Dolly...They understood how we felt and that was very important to us. We could not recommend them highly enough...God bless you Beric and Sue
03 Aug 2013
margareto6 from The Summit
I cannot express enough with the wonderful service we received from "Pets Rest in Peace" when we lost our beloved "Finn" the kindness we received went a long to our acceptance of his passing and his ashes are now at home with us.
29 Jul 2013
suzettea from Kingaroy
The service that Beric & Sue provide is just great, so caring and understanding with great follow up to. Can't speak highly enough of them..
27 Jul 2013
mittlesw from Middle Ridge
My beloved dog was collected to be cremated. Beric was genuinely empathetic, kind and caring in my fragile state. He collected my dog quickly, and gently (considering my dog had already passed away). He made me feel at ease, calm and more peaceful with my little boy passing. I would recommend Beric and Sue to anyone wanting this service for their pet.
27 Jul 2013
carolt12 from Gatton
Thank you to Sue & Beric from Pets Rest in Peace for your care & outstanding in the recent loss of our dear little Kimba! From the very first phone call to when Sue delivered our dear Kimba home again was all carried out in a very professional compassionate manner! Kimba was our number 4 baby & to his human brothers & sisters he was a very loved & special part of our family for 18 years! Sue was aware of this & treated our dear Kimba with the upmost dignity! I would have no hesitation in recommending Pets Rest in Peace to any family who suffers the loss of a dearly loved family pet, you can be sure they would be treated with the upmost respect!
26 Jul 2013
Anonymous from Goondiwindi
The nicest people at a difficult time. Service was exemplary. Service was carried out with efficiency, professionalism and the upmost compassion. Sue & Beric took such great care of our fur person :)
20 Jul 2013
Beric was who I communicated with over the phone. He was so understanding and patient with me during such a traumatic time. I had absolute confidence that my girl was treated with respect. When I got her ashes back, the quality of workmanship was brilliant. Thank you!
17 Jul 2013
trician1 from Redbank Plains
A big thank you to Beric, Sue & the team at Pets Rest in Peace. They are very caring and understood us and how we were feeling with the loss of Rukus. They treated us & especially Rukus with dignity and were always just a phone call away with arranging Rukus's final destination. Very caring and I would have no hesitation in recommending their services.
13 Jul 2013
bradm20 from Toowoomba
amazing ,caring special people.. true animal lovers.. everything about them and their business was perfect.. I can not praise them and their service highly enough :)
02 Jul 2013
shirln1 from Dalby
once again at this sad time Beric and Sue have come through for us. Picking up our little girl from the emergency hospital and bringing her home to us. Beric and Sue are very caring and compassionate and it is comforting to know our little girl was cared for by them.
15 Jun 2013
Goanna from Glenvale
For us using Pets Rest in Peace for the first time we found the staff very warm and caring towards myself and my wife, they also showed passion regarding to our beloved pet dog Rusty. My wife and I would highly recommend this business to anyone.
11 Jun 2013
Very pleasant to deal with .would use them again and would recommend them to anyone. very well presented and very sympathetic towards your feelings after losing a much loved pet.
09 Jun 2013
Compassionate, caring and professional services during a difficult time for our family. We know our little Racing Stripes was beautifully cared for.
06 Jun 2013
colleenf3 from Highfields
It is lovely to know that there is someone who takes your feelings into account in times like this. We don't have children and our little girls (dogs) are our babies and they mean the world to us. Thank you for being there for us. I have told my friends who love their pets as much as we do that they would have someone who will take care of their baby when the time came. We can't thank you enough
21 May 2013
Tasha4us from Amiens
Communication was very good. The finished items returned were a lovely reminder of our girl. Received far more than equivalent business in another city.
16 May 2013
They did an amazing job with my little Timmy i just could not be happier with everything! there personal service is amazing and they really treat each pet very special and that made it better. i would recomend them to anyone!
11 May 2013
franGriff63 from Warwick
the most sincere, caring and thoughtful people.Not one fault, just a beautiful service at a very hard time in our lives.Highly recommended
06 May 2013
Beric and the team were so professional and caring when we organising the cremation of our dog Marley. I would absolutely recommend them and their services to anyone, they made a very sad situation a bit easier to deal with because we knew Marley was in good hands.
05 May 2013
cecilyw from Newtown
Sue Lees collected my cat after he had been killed by a car recently. She was so kind and compassionate and everything was carried out to my satisfaction. I have also had dealings with her husband Beric, and he is just as courteous and caring as Sue.
03 May 2013
trevf1 from North Toowoomba
This is the second time we have used the services of Pets Rest in Peace. Our 14 y/o Harvey passed suddenly last week and we had no hesitation in calling upon them and their excellent and caring service. We will be using them again when our last old dogs' time is up.
28 Apr 2013
PennyAndo from Tenterfield
I was away from home conducting my Mothers Memorial Service and my adored little girl got out of my yard and was attacked but 2 dogs and her injuries were too severe and she was euthanised. I did not know any of this until after it was all over as I couldn't be contacted because I was in Church. It was such a huge shock for me and I was grieving for some time afterwards. I couldnt have coped as well with losing Tiga without the compassion and understanding from Beric. Thank you so very much Beric for your caring and helpful manner in the loss of my very loved little girl Tiga. Your professionalism and wonderful compassion, respect and dignity throughout the entire process of losing my precious pet was so very helpful and necessary during this time. You sent a courier to pick up my Tiga from the Vets and then called to let me know that you had my baby girl in your care and you were looking after her. During this time your support and understanding was a great comfort. The emails with wonderful information and choices made decisions so much easier for Tiga's cremation. The return of my baby girl safely home to me, along with certificates and special little additional items of memorabilia makes a very sad time all that much special. I would highly recommend this service to anyone as it allows your special little Mate be treasured and remembered in a very special way. Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart.
22 Apr 2013
sharynb3 from Blacksoil
This was the first time I had considered using a service like this for our pet and I was very impressed. Beric, Sue & Vivien were very professional and treated our pet with respect. The whole package on return was beautifully presented and the cost was much less than I first expected. I would definately use this service again and highly recommend to those considering.
09 Apr 2013
rachjk from Kingaroy
Great thanks to Beric & Sue for their caring and professionalism when we recently lost our precious boy Onyx. Both Beric & Sue showed great compassion through the process of losing our pet. They showed great respect for our loss and genuine understanding of it. We lost ourboy on easter sunday and by tues they had rang us to let us know they had our baby and were looking after him. Sue at this time also offered support and understanding which was a great comfort. There were wonderful memorial options offered and we are so happy with our choice, it is a beautiful tribute to him. Beric also fulfilled an extra request for me at no cost and it was just wonderful of him to do so. When i was assured Onyx was treated with great respect and was all returned to me, i really believed it. I would highly recommend this service to anyone, it lets u treat your loved buddy with all the respect they deserve. I also found the proces helpful to deal with the loss of such a special mate who gave us so much joy.
09 Apr 2013
kazb1 from East Toowoomba
just so wonderful and trustworthy people(Beric & Sue and Rebecca). When Rebecca came and picked up my Panther, I straight away knew he was in good hand. Thank you very much and thank you for making my sad time a little easier for me. Kaz
07 Apr 2013
ginah2 from South Toowoomba
i have nothing but amazing things to say about this business and these wonderful people.Beric is a truly amazing soul and made my whole experience that muchless traumatic 100/100 five star business at least.
01 Apr 2013
BronteCarlo from South Brisbane
Losing a pet, a much loved companion, is a very sad time. Beric and Sue were so caring and compassionate. They offer such a high standard of service and support, I couldn't have gone through this sad time without them. They treated my lost pet with such care and respect. Thank you for being here for our much loved pets xx
19 Mar 2013
rayb5 from Highfields
Excellent thoughtful service by professional people. At a distressing time for our family it was great to hear a kind and knowing voice on the other end of he phone. Service was beyond our expectations.
17 Mar 2013
smaslen from Bli Bli
they were amazing the service was beutiful. they took great care and woith much love we were able to say goodbye to family pet
15 Mar 2013
lucyh10 from Millmerran
They were very very caring and understanding when our old dog died..gave us time to figure out which service would suit us best wonderful caring business highly recommend for your loved departed pet. Thank you so much for the dignity you showed us and to Gypsy. Thank you also for the paw print and lock of hair,just beautiful.
12 Mar 2013
annel62 from South Nanango
We are extremely grateful for the kindness and care we received from Beric and Sue. We would recommend this service to all.
04 Feb 2013
Pennyblossom from Stanthorpe
We were away interstate, Sunday, two days before Christmas, when we received a call that our mountain dog had died in his sleep. We phoned PRiP and Berick waswonderful, very patient through all of the tears, and very compassionate. They travelled to where he was, which was an hour away, and picked him up that afternoon! We were away for another ten days. They took care of everything and there was no pressure until we were ready to follow up. Very grateful for them!
02 Feb 2013
leannel6 from Johnstown
Turned a very sad time in my life into a process that was caring and comforting and my dog Cowboy was always treated with respect and care. Would recommend Pets Rest In Peace services to anyone who's pets deserve the best.
01 Feb 2013
debbieo2 from Kingaroy
We highly recommend Pets Rest in Peace, after the sudden but not unexpected death of our 14 & 1/2 year old dear little girl Nellie. Beric and Sue showed us the utmost respect and compasion, they keep us informed of the process and reassured us that Nellie was being well taken care of right down to her safe return. Their kind and compasionate caring words were a great comfort to us at this time. Thank you Beric and Sue for you kind and caring service
23 Jan 2013
I highly recommend Pets Rest in Peace. After having to make the heart wrenching decision to put my horse to sleep on Xmas Day after it was clear he was in a very bad way, Beric and his team did everything they could to ease the process of having his body collected for cremation. I was concerned because of the public holidays surrounding Xmas. I needn't have been. He was collected before lunch on Boxing Day, after having only contacted them early that morning. They truly do treat the animals with respect at every step and offer little touches that mean so much including loading him in such a way that allowed me to say goodbye. The teddy they give was well received by myself and my two small children who still come and give it a cuddle when they are missing our horse. Nothing was too much trouble - I could not fault their service. Thankyou Beric and to your team.
23 Jan 2013
gogojerry from Bellbird Park
We lost our cat and contact them. Berik understood and respect our way (wanted to be with cat til very last minute) and listened how we want. We were given enough time to say good bye and also let us share the cremation process. Very open door. Since he gave us choices, we could be able to move on much easier after cremation. Thank you very much. I really recommend for those who lost the pets. They will ease your pain for sure.
20 Jan 2013
When we had to suddenly say goodbye to our pet after 14 and a half years of love and loyalty, we were devistated and just didnt know what the next step was. Our vet recommended Pets Rest in Peace to us and after contacting Beric and Sue they immediatley came to our assistance and gave us choices and guidance that we so desparately needed when we were in shock and grieving.The kindness, compassion, patience and understanding shown to us was greatly appreciated by our family and i could not recommend these two wonderful people highly enough. We decided to have our pet cremated and her ashes are now kept in a lovely urn so that when we move she will always be with us. Thank you Beric and Sue! Leon and Jenny
13 Jan 2013
shirln11 from Dalby
Pets Rest in Peace have provided excellent compassionate service for our dog Eden. Beric called to keep me informed - when he picked Eden up and when he was bringing Eden back to me. I recommend Pets Rest in Peace
08 Jan 2013
siobhannb from Oakey
We recently lost our dog Oscar to cancer. Pets rest in Peace looked after our Oscar from he left the vet until they returned him home to us. Although this was a very distressing time for us Pets rest in Peace were respectful, patient and provided Oscar with the dignity expected when your pet dies. We would strongly recommend Pets rest in Peace to those of you who are unfortunate enough to lose a beloved pet.
07 Jan 2013
colinc5 from Westbrook
as this was the first time we used this kind of service we found them very professional and caring in our time of loss
30 Dec 2012
nigelw3 from Toowoomba
They were very kind and understanding, treated our cat the the greatest of care and helped us through the heartbreaking loss of our Oscar.
26 Dec 2012
karena21 from Stafford
They were very comforting at this difficult time. I felt that I could completly trust that they would do a very professional and compassionate job. The process was very easy and we can rest assured that our little man now rests in peace.
19 Dec 2012
dianeb7 from Gatton
recently our dog of 15 years died and was cremated. This was handled with grace and dignity and kindness by the company . they were very good and we recommend them highly from our experience
17 Dec 2012
kristam1 from Kearneys Spring
We recently lost our beloved family pet. Pets Rest in Peace were supportive, kind, and very understanding. They provided a wonderful service to myself and my family. The service they provided gave us wonderful memories and cherished momentos of our pet.
05 Dec 2012
roberth23 from Crows Nest
The personal service and attention to detail following the death of favoured pet was much appreciated. The end product namely the urn and engraved plaque was excellent and a worthy piece of memory of our pet.
01 Dec 2012
edwinab1 from Goondiwindi
This is a great service and I was so glad we were told about it before our pet passed away. We were given a very caring and informative discription as to what it was all about and how it was done, including price upfront. Thank you so much,Beric!!I highly recommend this service.
30 Nov 2012
naomip82 from Moggill
Pets RIP were very compassionate, professional and did a really lovely job of cremating our beloved pet dog. The presentation of his gold paw print and lock of fur was a thoughtful and treasured gesture. I would highly recommend them to friends and family. I felt they were so respectful of him and were very understanding of us during such a difficult time. It's good to have our boy home with us again.
30 Nov 2012
karenm47 from Cooyar
I'd always known that I wanted my pet to always be with me .If time allows, look into what Beric & Sue offer. The relief to find a service like this existed was so welcomed. The service from start to finish cannot be faulted.Within 30mins of my cat passing over, I received confirmation that transport was organised for her & I was kept informed from start to finish of the process as it happened. The team are professionals & make you feel like a friend. I have no doubt that my girl was handled with care & respect. And now my girl is home, with me, where she belongs.
27 Nov 2012
stephenf3 from Toowoomba
a very emotional time for me but the people at pets rest in peace were very kind and understanding and very patient during our arrangments. there was nothing that was too much trouble. so a big thanks to and thumbs up to them
17 Nov 2012
joannew77 from Gowrie Junction
This is the second time we have entrusted Beric and Sue with our loved pets. They are so kind and compassionate and make the time of losing a loved pet just that little bit easier and are so very understanding and considerate when you are a blubbering mess on the other end of the telephone line.We recieved both our pets in a lovely bird bath that we can cherish forever .I would recommend them to anyone
13 Nov 2012
taukai from Wondai
Beric & Sue Lees were great when I lost three of my dogs within a short space of time, great communication, understanding and consideration and could not have been more helpful or genuinely sympathetic. Would have no hesitation in recommending Pets Rest In Peace, Toowoomba.
13 Nov 2012
Suzy55 from Blackbutt
We have recently had our second pet cremated with Pets Rest In Peace and cannot speak highly enough of their service, understanding, promptness and kind words. We live 1 1/2 hours from Toowoomba and it has been no effort at all for them to come here for our beloved pets. They make a very traumatic time bearable. We highly recommend them and will not hesitate to call on them again for our other pets when sadly their time comes. Thank you Sue and Beric from the bottom of our hearts.
09 Nov 2012
belinda79 from Jimboomba
Mr Lees and his team are the most beautiful caring and kind people, I have ever met. They cremated 4 of my babies and personally delivered them out to me. I couldnt have ask for a more professional service and I wouldnt hesitate to recommend them to anyone.
09 Nov 2012
julied23 from Arana Hills
When we recently lost our dog of 13 years we called Pets Rest in Peace. They were so caring , prompt and showed great respect for us and our beautiful Trixie. They treated her as if she was their own. This made a sad time so much easier. Thank you again for all your assistance and care.
07 Nov 2012
Anonymous from Brisbane
Words can't explain how wonderful & professional they are. Thank you Beric for taking special care to our beloved family member Boggy. Special thanks to Vivien and her partner, they are so warm & friendly!
29 Oct 2012
bonanddanh from Glenvale
It was very wonderful. They are pet owners themselves and they were so caring and professional and words cannot express how wonderful they are. We would highly recommend them to our friends and family and anyone else thinking of getting their pet cremated. They made the whole process easier and less painful for us.
27 Oct 2012
kristys87 from Murgon
I can not put this in words how great Beric, Sue and Bec from Pets Rest In Peace have been! I recently had to put my beloved Harley to sleep and couldn't give him a proper goodbye, he is sadly and dearly missed. After a phone call the next day to Beric, he was very sympathetic and nice over the phone, he picked up my boy from Murgon SB Vets so as I wouldn't have to take him to toowoomba and so as I can remember him just moments before patting my boy on the head. As much as I regret not giving him a hug, I still have him here with me today. Their support, I can not put into words. They are extremely professional and if I have to I'd go through them again. THANK YOU so very much! Love from the Stevens-Power family.
05 Oct 2012
nicoleh37 from Wellcamp
I Can not put in to words how wonderful Beric, Sue and Bec from Pets rest in peace are! I recently lost 2 family members, sadly one of those my little cat went missing and we sadly found him some 4days later, after a sad phone call to Beric & Sue they were there within 30 minutes to collect him, they dealt with picking him up for me, which was wonderful as I could remember my little mate they way he was before not as he left us. Their support and professionalism is priceless. THANKYOU so much! The Hardy family
26 Sep 2012
trevf from North Toowoomba
It was really helpful to have people who were sympathetic of our feelings when Boofy died. They called to pick him up promptly. Beck was really professional and caring. The informatiion was easy to follow and there was no pressure about having to decide what we wanted (we took 3 days to choose a package). Boof is now 'Home'. The road goes ever on and on Down from the door where it began Now far ahead the road has gone and I must follow ,if Ican. Persueing it with eager feet Until it finds a larger way Where other paths and errands meet and wither then,I cannot say. Thank you
25 Sep 2012
SeymourFamily from Toowoomba
The loss of one of our family members, our little dog Max on the 31/08/2012, was an extremely emotional and dark day for our entire family. It was extremely unexpected as he deteriorated in a matter of days. With the assistance of Sue and Beric Lees from Pets Rest in Peace - we were able to have Max returned to our family home, back where he belongs. Sue and Beric conducted themselves with such grace and understanding. They travelled to pick Max up on our behalf, and handled him with the respect and dignity he deserved. The variety of services and products available were amazing. There really is something for every pet and the quality is beautiful. Sue returned Max home to us - an overwhelming experience to say the least. The comforting touch of hand when I burst into tears, is a true testiment to her passion for reuniting familes in such saddening times. The beautiful words in the folder, with his paw print and lock of hair - is such a wonderful touch. The Seymour Family is eternally grateful for all of your assistance and support through our emotional time of loss. We strongly recommend your services to anyone who finds themselves losing a much loved family member, like we did. We lost our Max on our daughters 21st Birthday, but we will forever celebrate his life on her birthday, with the help of the beautiful urn courtesy of Pets Rest in Peace. Thank you once again.
17 Sep 2012
lanad1 from Lowood
What lovely people. It was a very sad day on 13/9/12 when we lost our very much loved little Venus girl. She lived to be 16 years and 10 days. She lived a very happy and healthy 16 years and only went downhill the last 5 days of her life. Beric and staff listened and cared for what I was going through with kindness and compassion. I know Venus was treated with such respect and her ashes came home to me today in a beautiful wooden box, with an engraved plaque (words of my choice). Paw print and a piece of her fur beautifully presented with poetry and cremation certificate. I thoroughly recommend this business.They love animals and care about you and your beloved pet family.
12 Sep 2012
jessc16 from Kingsthorpe
My husband and i recently lost our beloved Bella. A 4yr old Border collie, she was our little girl. It was an unexpected loss and as u can imagine overwhelmingly heartbreaking. I struggled to make the phone call to pets in peace but once doing so found i had contacted someone that was passionate and understanding . Treating our loss as that of a family member. I could not have wished for more, Beric was patient and comforting, he managed to make sense on my words through the tears and emotions. I knew i had phone the right place. When they came to collect Bella they treated her with the upmost respect and dignity that she deserved. The communication through out the entire process helped my husband and i feel at easy that she was in good hands. Unfortunately im sure that this will not be the only time we use their services, but when it comes time to do it again i know that we wont call anyone else. Forever grateful
03 Sep 2012
KaznMark from Meringandan West
We already knew that we would be using Pets Rest In Peace following a recommendation from a friend. Their service is fantastic and the compassion shown by both Beric & Sue was wonderful. They understood that we needed our boy home quite quickly and they delivered him home several days earlier than what is usual. We appreciated this effort very much as it helped us greatly in our grieving.
28 Aug 2012
rhonda68 from Regency Downs
Our loss was made more bearable thanks to the Beric. We lost our 15 year old dog to old age. We have now got Angel with us wherever we may go on our journey. Thank you Beric.
26 Aug 2012
We were extremely happy with the way Beric & Sue handled the Cremation of our little dog Brandee, it was handeled with both compassion and dignity and we would highly recommend to all who have to face the hurt and feeling of loss we felt when loseing our Little Brandee who was a constant companion for 13 wonderful years. With Heartfull thanks from Ron & Barb Newton. Brookstead. Q.L.D.
24 Aug 2012
pamelaw1 from Newtown
A very caring business who understand your needs. They were very sympathetic. The service was just lovely, with the momentoes of our pet beautifully presented.
24 Aug 2012
Anonymous from Ballarat
Beric and Sue were very compassionate and helpful at a very sad time ,Beric explained everything to us .Our little dog Amy was picked up at Charleville vet and returned to us there ,as were holidaying there from Ballarat.Wonderful service.
23 Aug 2012
katem64 from Brookstead
Having had to make the very hard decision to put our 15 year old dog to sleep I couldn't have asked for a more helpful and thoughtful company to cremate her. The vet we took her to (Pittsworth) were very caring and made the call to Pets Rest in Peace, we recieived a call from Beric when he picked Tippey up to let us know that he had picked her up and he made me very comfortable with the fact she was being taken care of. He gave us time to decide on exactly what we wanted and was always very polite and sympathetic, it made the whole ordeal much easier for us. He kept us informed and even returned Tippey to Pittsworth after the cremation for me to pick up. He took time to explain everything and go through all the mementos we recieved, I couldn't have asked for a more caring person to look after Tippey for us. Tippey now sits in a beautiful ceramic urn in the loungeroom where she will be cherished. I am so thankful for the help from Pittsworth Vets and Pets Rest in Peace......
22 Aug 2012
debbiek9 from South Toowoomba
Just such a lovely carring team that help you through that very sad time with so much compassion
19 Aug 2012
Anonymous from South Toowoomba
My experience with Pets Rest in Peace was that of a very supportive and caring attitude. They keep you informed throughout the process and are extremely respectful at this time of loss.
17 Aug 2012
tessykat1 from Rangeville
A wonderful service. We were treated with respect & empathy in our time of sorrow. Thank you Beric, Sue & Rebecca.
09 Aug 2012
kristyb15 from Stanthorpe
Pets RIP was recommended by our vet and the service and advice i received was wonderful. Beric was very understanding and compassionate. All of the staff were understanding at a time when we were all feeling sad. Great job.
03 Aug 2012
jennyp21 from Mount Tarampa
From Bob & Jenny Peell On the 31/7/12 we had to have our treasured Cavalier,BELLA,put to sleep. This was the hardest decision my wife and myself have ever had to make. Pets Rest In Peace,at Toowoomba were recommended to handle the cremation and we left it all up to Beric to handle for us. Bella was cremated that night and returned to us in a beautiful urn on the 2/8/12. A truly remarkable service was performed by Beric and Sue,and their attitude and actions definately assisted us during this sad time. Many thanks and we would highly recommend PRIP to anyone who has lost a family pet. 10/10 AAA+++
01 Aug 2012
Anonymous from Mooloolaba
We lost our baby girl daisy, aged 15 yrs young on the 1/7/12, she was so special to us and Beric understood this. Beric showed compassion and thoughtfulness in our time of grief. We don't think you would find a better person to care for your special one. We were so comforted to know Daisy was treated as an individual and that we have only our baby girl back with us. As we are traveling, out of hours was not a problem. We appreciate all the little xtras that come with Daisy,s return. Beric you are a gentle giant with a huge heart Aroha Joy Des
31 Jul 2012
DandL from Perth
We recently needed the Service of a Pet Cremation Provider when we had to say goodbye to our best mate Ricky. He was our cattle dog. He travelled Australia with us and we miss him sooo much. Beric at Pets Rest In Peace provided us with a caring attitude that helped us a lot to ease some of our emotional upheaval. Beric gave us information to help us with our grieving process. Beric also helped us by dealing with our situation quickly as we are travelling We would thoroughly recommend Beric & Sue from Pets Rest in Peace at Toowoomba and surrounds should you require their service. Dennis & Laura Perth WA
27 Jul 2012
karenc41 from Pine Mountain
Well...what can we say, there are not enough stars on this page for service, which was excellent. From beginning to end, our pet of 17 years was treated in the most dignified manner, We are so glad that we were able to experience the remarkable kindness and compassion of Beric Lees & family. The presentation kit sent to us less than a week later..was just a golden touch!! perfect in every way....highly recommended.
23 Jul 2012
deniseu from South Toowoomba
Beric Sue and Rebecca were so patient and understanding. Their genuine compassion to us was helpful at a time that was so very emotional to us when our little cat [who we had for 18 years ] was put to sleep. On returning her ashes Beric sat and talked patiently to us helping us to accept her passing. We also appreciated the the folder with paw print and lock of fur. Very professional but so caring. We were so glad to have them care for our Cindy.
27 Jun 2012
bethanyd1 from Goondiwindi
Beric and Sue were so heartfelt at such a difficult time. They always showed compassion and were always available for any enquiries, advice and assurance. I couldn't recommend them more highly to anyone wishing to give there beloved pet a final send off and they have a wide variety of urns, boxes and plaques to represent your pets individual personality.
25 Jun 2012
dianad5 from Toowoomba
This is the second time I have used this service in the past 18 months. I have never thought to have my pets cremated before, but as I had both of these pets for so long it seemed more comforting to have them cremated than to just bury them, or leave them at the vets to go goodness knows where. This particular last time 6 weeks ago was traumatic, as I took my 10 year old cat the vet not expecting to have him put down. Pets Rest in Peace were very quick to come and collect my cat, even though it was a Sunday morning. They always call when they collect your deceased animal if it is a vets, to say your animal is in their care. I found that comforting, as it was horrible to leave my deceased cat laying on a table. Whilst it is a very upsetting time to say goodbye to a much loved animal, Sue and Beric don't rush you to make all the decisions about how the ashes will be stored etc. Beric is a former Funeral Director for people, so he has a great empathy for people in our situation with losing a pet. Their website is also very informative and helpful with lots of options for all budgets. When Beric, Sue or Rebecca bring your pets ashes back I found it comforting that my pet was home again with us, although not the way they left of course. When Sue bought back my cats ashes recently I was still very upset, as I had to go away for work for the week the day after my cat died, and had just got back home the night before. Sue must have been here for about half an hour talking with me about my cat, how hard it is to say goodbye when I got him as a kitten etc and was genuinely sympathetic. I have a Certificate of Cremation,plus a folder with a gold paw print of my cat. Also locks of his hair. As he was three different colours, I was really pleased to see that they had all three colours in the lovely organza bag in the folder. A nice touch too is a card a couple of weeks after they return your pets ashes thanking us for choosing their business. I would definitely recommend this business to anyone who is wanting to have their pet cremated. Lastly, an important factor for me too was that it is my pets ashes only in the urn, he was cremated individually. Some businesses put a few animals in together and you get a third of the combined ashes. I wasn't keen on that idea.
24 Jun 2012
joanner8 from Glencoe
Thank goodness for Pets Rest in Peace and thank you to our vet Dr Peter Noble, who recommended them. We now have our beloved Greyhound lady dog, Candy, back with us. It is such a comfort. We were absolutely devastated when we had to have our gorgeous Candy put to sleep. She was such a loveable girl with a wonderful temperament, so patient, cheeky and clever. She had survived through so much illness then finally for a heart tumour to take her. The Pets Rest in Peace team were just wonderful from the first phone call telling us they little Candy in their care to when they bought her back to us. It made something truly devastating much more bearable, she was treated with such respect and dignity it was truly a great experience. We will be greatful to them always.
18 Jun 2012
suem31 from Wyreema
We are so grateful that our vet recommended Pets Rest in Peace when we recently, and unexpectedly. had to have our darling 11y.o. Marnie put to sleep. She was such a special little dog, and we were devastated. It would never have occurred to us in the past to use a pet funeral or cremation service, but this time using Pets Rest in Peace was exactly what we needed. From our first [prompt] phone call from Beric, we were comforted to know that our wishes to have our darling treated with love and dignity would be fully met. Being able to choose the right service for us [Scatter to the Four Winds] was also important. We still miss her, but feel at peace about the decision we made. We have already recommended Beric and Sue to friends, and cannot recommend Pets Rest in Peace highly enough to anyone who is faced with the distress of losing a valued and much loved pet.
18 Jun 2012
leannem21 from South Toowoomba
Loosing our beautiful dog Ajax was heart breaking, the people at Pets Rest in Peace couldn't do enough for us, even travelling to Brisbane to bring him home. They made a very traumatic few days bearable and helped us to remember our beautiful boy with love and compassion.
13 Jun 2012
suer21 from Blue Mountain Heights
These guys are very caring and understanding in your time of sorrow. Pet lovers couldn't go wrong using them.
12 Jun 2012
Anonymous from South Toowoomba
Thank you for looking after our Zippy. your service is just wonderful, sincere and caring. I would not hesitate to recommend your business to anyone that I know or come into contact with. I will be using your again - that is for sure.
08 Jun 2012
elisabethm1 from Kingaroy
I lost my baby Chloe - 13 wonderful years together - to kidney failure and was referred by my vet to Beric. I would like to thank Beric so very much for his extremely kind attention and the contact with me during the process was the best.
17 May 2012
sharena from Inverloch
Not having ever cremated a pet previously, we have no idea on the usual charges, time span, etc., etc., but P.R.I.P. have certainly been very caring in their attitude and their final presentation is wonderful. Just so thoughtful for owners. Would highly recommend to anyone. Especially as were travelling when the cremation had to take place, we couldn't have asked for better service from a previously unknown organization. Thank You Beric & Sue.
12 May 2012
NUNYA from South Toowoomba
The professional service provided by the team at Pets Rest In Peace we have found to be second to none.At a very difficult time they showed great compassion and a true understanding.
12 May 2012
Anonymous from Gatton
i cannot thank them enough for helping me through such a difficult time of losing my beloved pet. They handled my pet with dignity and returned her in the nominated time in person. I was really happy with their service and have recommended them to everyone i speak to.
10 May 2012
gracec5 from Tara
My son's dog Misty passed away after 8 great years of love and devotion and Beric handled the whole sad experience in a very kind and gentle manner. Braydenn was very impressed with the care and attention that as taken to make us feel comfortable and at ease. I feel it made it easier for a young man to handle the loss of such a great friend and childhood companion. I would highly recommend this service to friends family etc
07 May 2012
tonim9 from Mount Hallen
We recently had our beloved dog cremated by Pets Rest In Peace. They kept us informed every step of the way and had great attention to detail. They made us feel that our dog and ourselves were treated with respect and kindness. Highly recommend.
02 May 2012
katrinaf from Clifton
This is the fourth time I have used the services of this superb, caring group of individuals who make up this company. They just keep getting better. This time my beautiful old companion of 15 years died on a public holiday. Simply no problem for Pets Rest in Peace. They were there within the hour and 45 minutes of that was travelling time. I can't thank them enough.
29 Apr 2012
jasonl11 from Kingaroy
After the unexpected death of our beloved dog Suzie Pets Rest in Peace were extremely professional. They promptly arranged everything and comunicated well with us througout this difficult time. When Suzie was returned to us we were overwhelmed with the quality of the job Pets Rest in Peace have done. We now have a last memorial for a much loved family member. We would recommend the Pets Rest in Peace service to anyone.
26 Apr 2012
kaymareed from Toowoomba East
We have now used this service for our two family pet dogs and are very happy with the professional and caring way they have helped us. I would strongly recommend this service.
22 Apr 2012
belindac19 from Mount Forbes
I would definately recommend them, they were so caring and the service was excellent. It was the little things that made them so caring, like the "care bear" they gave us on the day they took our dog, and the card we got in the mail a few weeks after he was returned to us which thanked us for using them and their well wishes in hoping that some of our sadness has passed.
22 Apr 2012
davids52 from Camira
Absolutely first class service, from the first contact to delivery of our loved one at a very difficult time. Great value for money, and the landscape certificate framed is amazing.Will use there service again when the time comes. Would also recommmend them to anybody.
17 Apr 2012
rosyw from Newtown
Pets Rest in Peace made the loss of our beloved family pet much easier. Beric looked after everything promptly, taking her body from the vet and returning the ashes to us, with no fuss, bother or problems. He was very attentive to our needs and extremely empathetic to the fact that we were grieving. It was so much easier for us at this sad time to hand our pet into Beric's care - there was no sad bringing home of a body, no hole to dig, no extra upset. I would recommend this business to anyone who loses a pet. For the service they provide, it is not that expensive, and especially for a larger animal, is a much more practical alternative to burial.
05 Apr 2012
elaineh1 from East Toowoomba
A really positive experience at a difficult time! They were supportive and understanding and guided me through the bereavement process - and understood when it took me a while to get it together!
29 Mar 2012
reneeg7 from Dalby
Loving & Caring. Lovely people and a very friendly and warm service. Understanding and kind. Service is second to none.
29 Mar 2012
wendyd15 from Laidley
I could not have chosen better people than Beric & Sue at Pets Rest in Peace (Toowoomba) to take care of my beloved little dog Max. Sue provided more than a service for me, she gave comfort to me and my family at a very emotional time. Thankyou Beric & Sue, I am forever grateful .
27 Mar 2012
zoe03 from Gold Coast Mc
Beric was absolutely fabulous. Wasn't a pleasant experience putting my long time horse down but he made it a simple easy procedure.
21 Mar 2012
Aaronwood from Hodgson Vale
When you lose a loved pet it is always hard but Beric and Sue Lees help by dealing with the situation with sympathy, concern and dignity. Unfortunately we have needed their service 5 times in the last 2 1/2 years. They have always been respectful and understanding and we would recommend them to you as people who will give your pet the kind of care you would give them yourself.
17 Mar 2012
tinam19 from Chinchilla
When we lost the most precious thing to us our beloved dog it was a very emotional time for us. Dealing with Pets Rest in Peace (Toowoomba) made the process that little easier. We found them to be very professional and compassionate. They offer a selection of cremation packages for you to choose from to suit and your pet. Until the return of our dog we had such an empty feeling and with the return of her and the attention that Pets Rest in Peace had taken we have now come closer to closure. I would highly recommend them to anyone considering this option for their pet/s.
14 Mar 2012
lynm10 from Nanango
Considerate and thoughtful service with excellent attention to detail. Good choice of services available. Prompt and reliable with caring personal contact to follow up.
02 Mar 2012
maureenlorif from Toowoomba
For the second time within 6 months we have found it necessary to use the services of Pets Rest in Peace. This time to farewellour loyal companion of 121/2 years Blitz. Once again the services of Beric and Sue were faultless- their caring of both Blitz and us was of the highest standard. At all times we were kept informed about what was taking place- when they had collected Blitz from the vet and when he was going to be cremated and within the week, we had Blitz back home with us. We cannot thank them enough.
22 Feb 2012
terinas from Brisbane
Berek and Sue have supported us through the loss of 3 of our very long lived and dearly loved pets, the service they provide is exemplary and greatly appreciated - they go above and beyond. I cannot recommend them highly enough.
17 Feb 2012
monikak3 from Gatton
They provided an excellent service with personalised care and understanding of the situation. I felt very touched that Beric was so understanding and compasionate. It made the passing of my best friend a little easier knowing she had been placed in such caring hands.
16 Feb 2012
justineandgregl from Placid Hills
Beric, Sue and Rebecca made us feel like family when dealing with the loss of our dogs. They are such a caring, wonderful business. Amazing people for what they do. Thank-you guys for the care and attention.
11 Feb 2012
Cast05 from Goondiwindi
When our old dog passed away at 15 we were all devastated. Beric was great with sending us info on what to expect and the services offered. Our dog was returned to us very quickly and we were very glad to be able to keep him with us. I will definitely be using this wonderful company again in the future when it is time for our other pets to leave us. Thank you for making a very sad time in our lives easier to get through.
04 Feb 2012
angieg3 from Toowoomba West
The death of my 3 wonderful cats was heartbreaking but Sue and Beric eased the pain with their wonderful service of respect, kindness and dignity. I have a beautiful box with their ashes to remember the love the cats gave me for 13 years
30 Jan 2012
The wonderful caring people at Pets Rest in Peace are the most compassionate people and understand the pain the you go through during the loss of a pet. Very dignified and caring from the first phone call.
22 Jan 2012
eddieb2 from Leyburn
With the sudden, traumatic, and tragic loss of our beloved little boy Peter on Dec 11th 2011 the understanding and dignity given to us by Sue & Beric and all they did for us will never be forgoten. We recommend this service with confidence. Thank you
20 Jan 2012
annmareeb2 from South Toowoomba
Beric and Sue were wonderful in our time of grief. They were very caring and showed the dignity and respect to my Pippin at our time of grief. They were very understanding and very helpful. I would recommend them to anybody that needs this type of service. Thank you for looking after my Pippin.
18 Jan 2012
sallyd5 from Dalby
Beric and Sue were very thoughtful and caring when discussing what we would like done with our Billie. I could not have asked for anyone to take better care of her. Thanks
09 Jan 2012
jennyh30 from Ballandean
At a very difficult time when you just don't want to have to deal with the cold hard fact that you've just lost your best friend, Beric & Sue were just there! Making it as easy as possible and giving me the comfort of knowing he was in the best possible hands. Everything was done quietly, with understanding and attention to detail and giving me confidence and peace of mind. I would recommend them to everyone who loses their best 4 legged friend.
07 Jan 2012
leat1 from Toowoomba
Sue and Beric truly look after the pet you love and have now lost. Their help, support, care and respect for you and your pet is beyond description. Genuine people are hard to find and I am glad I have met both of them. Just thank you for doing what you do.
07 Jan 2012
deeq1 from Toowoomba
We are happy to recommend this service to anyone whose beloved pet passes and they want a caring, compassionate and very professional attitude throughout the whole process. At all times, we felt that our pet and ourselves were treated with the utmost respect and this helped immensely at this sad time. A huge thanks to Beric, Sue and their team.
01 Jan 2012
vickih5 from Toowoomba City
I highly recommend this service for your much loved pet. Pets Rest In Peace showed a very caring and compassionate and professional company that showed us the utmost respect. A very dignified and fitting end for our much loved pet. Thank you very much to Beric and his team.
22 Dec 2011
emma10 from Toowoomba City
Beric's service is second to none. He takes great pride in his service and I really felt comforted by his gentle manner and total respect he showed for my 16 year old pet. Beric will definitely give your pet the dignity you are looking for and emotional support before finally saying goodbye.
20 Dec 2011
britneyn from Toowoomba
Absolutely Amazing. Very passionate about what they do, and so considerate. I couldnt make payments on time, they didnt chase me up, and understood perfectly when i explained it. I called around a few places, but i wanted someone who was really helpful and understanding. They were a little bit more expensive, but definitely worth it. I Would Recommend to Anyone.
19 Dec 2011
karenw33 from Crows Nest
For those of us whose pets are part of the family this is a fitting way to say goodbye. The understanding given to us and the dignity given to our pets has been remarkable. Thankyou Beric and Sue for giving us the opportunity to keep our family members together
15 Dec 2011
juliem46 from Laidley
Pets rip took great care with my best friend of 16 years, I felt comfort in knowing that buddy would be looked after, I was treated with understanding and compassion as well..Their service was very dignified.. Many thanks to Beric and sue for bringing my buddy back home to me...
11 Dec 2011
Beric and Sue took care of my best mate Sam an 18 year old burmese cat after he was put to sleep. Their service was wonderfully caring and compassionate. They recognised our grief and supported us through the whole process with dignity and respect for our grief. I would highly recommend these people to anyone who has the misfortune to have a beloved pet pass away.
05 Dec 2011
Anonymous from North Toowoomba
You looked after Cassie as we would have done with care and tenderness as she deserved. we cannot thank you enough for your service, and having a personal returning of her ashes was so good
01 Dec 2011
judyr3 from Newtown
""""""""GRACIE""""""" 1994-----2011 My thanks to Sue and Beric for been so compassionate when it came for me to say my goodbye's to """"gracie""""in May 2011 they had one of their caring staff come to the vets to pick her up .You left """""Paw Prints On My Heart"""" """"""R I P""""""you were the most loyal,loving & beautiful dog of 17 years 1month she was such a pleasure too own gave me such joy and happy times.the memories will always be in my heart.She is now with my other dog ""April"" (2008)watching over me every day.I would recommend ""Pets Rest in Peace'' i have used them twice the support and service was great Sue and Beric thanks for your kind and carering support
23 Nov 2011
Midnight from Westbrook
Beric and Sue are a very compassionate couple who have provides services to us twice now after the loss of our cat Toby in 2007 and our cat Adda recently Nov 2011.
16 Nov 2011
leonieg from Toowoomba
PetsRIP were prompt, courteous, compassionate and caring in meeting our needs by phone, email, website and personal contact when our beloved 15 year old Silky, Tess, passed away. Beric and Sue are a professional and caring team. We feel that our Tessie was loved and respected while in the care of PetsRIP. She is now home with us again, in her gorgeous cuddly Teddy Bear "urn". So special. I also chose to have a little of my Tessie with me always on my keyring. Thank you, PetsRIP. We strongly recommend this service to anyone in need.
13 Nov 2011
brettg2 from East Toowoomba
Julie and I were so impressed with the prompt, professional and very caring and empathetic service we received from Beric, Sue and their staff when we had to say goodbye to our 17 yr old Golden Retrievor, Beau. They certainly made the very difficult process much easier with fantastic attention to detail.
13 Nov 2011
dawnp2 from Meringandan West
Sue and Beric are such kind,considerate and compassionate folk. They are truely wonderful to deal with under such traumatic circumstances and take good care of your deceased family member.
09 Nov 2011
robb10 from Toowoomba
Highly recommended, our chihuahua passed recently, much loved family pet, Beric & Sue made this whole situation so much easier especially for the children.
26 Oct 2011
maureenr2 from Allora
Einstein passed away 23/10/2011 at the age of 12y & 2m. He was a Samoyed. I was devastated when I found him. Beric & Sue were so everything. They made this disaster so much easier to cope with. I can highly recommend them for any pet service you require.
12 Oct 2011
Dawa from Tenterfield
Sadly I've used Pets Rest In Peace twice this year to farewell my two beloved and very old dogs Liklik and Raskol. As they had been ailing for some time, I picked up a Pets Rest In Peace fridge magnet and made contact with Beric who talked me through what I could do when they passed away. I'd originally just thought of keeping their ashes in an urn, however when I received Beric's brochure, I finally decided on a cabinet that would have a plaque each, their photo and a poem I'd chosen. We live a couple of hours drive from Toowoomba and couldn't face driving there when we were so distressed. On each occasion Sue made the trip for a reasonable fee and collected our babies. Each time Sue left with us a little teddy bear and these now wear our dog's collars and sit upon the cabinet which contains their ashes. Liklik and Raskol had always been together, and I wanted them to remain so. When we lost Raskol, Sue collected him and the cabinet in which Liklik was interred and by the end of the week, our two babies were home again, together again. The cabinet is beautiful and has pride of place in our loungeroom. Beric and Sue were very compassionate, nothing was too much trouble and they helped us immeasurably during such sad times.
09 Oct 2011
lauren13 from Gowrie Junction
I really appreciated the caring and thoughtful service given to my family by Pets Rest In Peace when I lost my much loved cat, Smokey. Their prompt service and phoning us when they had collected my cat from the vet was greatly appreciated. They made this sad time easier to get through for my family. I would highly recommend this service.
03 Oct 2011
jackip1 from Toowoomba
After we lost our dog Jake it was so comforting when Pets Rest in Peace was there for us to help say goodbye, it truly is wonderful that such a service exists after this heartbreaking time.I can certainly recommend them to anyone.Jake deserved the best and the team at Pets Rest in Peace gave him that.Thankyou
01 Oct 2011
merelynd from East Toowoomba
I was devastated when we lost our dog Trixie after a snake bite. The vet recommended Pets Rest in Peace and even made the initial contact with Beric and explained my situation. When I spoke to Beric he had a very gentle way of explaining what they could do for me and Trixie. That afternoon Trixie was collected from the vet and taken into the care of Beric and Sue. About a week later Trixie came home in a beautiful Plaque/headstone for the garden. She now sits out by the pond close to where we spend most of our time. We also were given a beautiful folder with her paw print and a lock of her hair. Wonderful keepsakes of a much loved family member. I would recommend this service to anyone.
30 Sep 2011
margaretr5 from Mooroobool
My beloved dachshund of 12 years passed away suddendly while on holidays with me. My only option was cremation. I contacted Pets Rest in Peace, recommended by the by the Vet Surgery. I found Beric, very professional, carin and compassionate. I fet totally at ease and confident that 'my best little mate' would be put to rest professionally. I would highly recommend their servise and I felt at a reasonable cost, considering a courier was also required to collect her from Murgon to take her to Toowoomba
30 Sep 2011
julief18 from Tanah Merah
I contacted Pets Rest in Peace after my daughter had found it on the internet after our little Maltese passed away from a snake bite. Once I contacted them, I found them to be understanding, thoughtful and very helpful with great compassion. I phoned at 8am on the Monday, gave them out vet's details and that afternoon they phoned me and advised that they had our little puppy with them. I was always kept informed. Once our puppy was ready to be returned, I received another phone call to confirm the day should would be returned. I definitely recommend Pets Rest In Peace who wish to have their little family member taken care of with great compassion and care.
21 Sep 2011
carolb12 from Toowoomba
very very caring and understanding people, they love animals just as much as the people who use their services and am so pleased they are here for us animal lovers.
21 Sep 2011
garym12 from Pakenham
the service was excellent . they were extremely caring . as i was on my way back to Melbourne they cremated my best friend molly immediately to assist me . they were very supportive and counseled me in my grief . everything was very professional . i highly recommend their services.
20 Sep 2011
Anonymous from Cranley
Beric and Sue were very compassionate and understanding when we lost our little Jack Russell. They were very helpful and considerate, and made the loss easier for us in a special way.
15 Sep 2011
tanyaw15 from Stanthorpe
I would highly recomend this service to anyone who loves their pet as much as we loved our Gemma. Although it was a very difficult and sad time for us it was certainly made easier by the compassion and kindness extended to us by Sue and Beric. I also have every faith that our beloved Gemma was in fact treated with the respect and dignity that they promise.
15 Sep 2011
francesd1 from Highfields
I would not hesitate to recommend Beric and Sue to take care of your pet. Losing Tess was a terrible loss to us and we are glad Pets Rest in Peace were there for us right through the process. They are true animal lovers and were very understanding. Thanks to them all. Fran
08 Sep 2011
amandag16 from Roma
They were very kind through a very sad time for us. They were very professional and I would not hesitate in recommending them. Thank you very much.
02 Sep 2011
annem19 from Toowoomba
At a very sad time for us, Beric and staff were very professional and caring, and we would highly recommend them.
01 Sep 2011
Beric and the staff at Pets Rest in Peace brought us great comfort at a very sad time. Sacha was treated with such care and dignity. Everything was handled and presented beautifully. I would highly recommend this business.
31 Aug 2011
jaynem3 from Glenvale
They were very kind and very professional and would not hesitate to use their services again in the future. Thanks for taking care of our Nala!
29 Aug 2011
maureenlorif from Toowoomba
The morning after our beloved Thor had passed I received a call - a quiet calm voice letting me know that Thor was 'now in their care'- so reassuring that he was with people who cared. My daughter who lives away from home, organized Thor's cremation details by phone and email as he was her dog. I notified Pets Rest in Peace that we would be away for 2weeks, and they offered to organize Thor's ashes and certificates quickly, so that he could come home before we went away. He was delivered home with dignity and respect. We now have a permanent memory of Thor- a beautiful wooden picture frame. Thank you to all concerned.
28 Aug 2011
Pets Rest in Peace were fantastic in every aspect of our experience with them. From offering kind words and support after having our labrador put down to the beautiful urn we recieved. They had many different payment options to choose from and were very profressional, kind hearted and genuine. They run an exceptional buisness and we couldnt recommend them any higher, if you are ever in the sad situation of losing a pet then you cant fault Pets Rest in Peace. Pets Rest in Peace made our loss a little easier, and we love the beautiful urn we purchased which we have in our loungeroom so always have our dearly missed friend near by.
27 Aug 2011
stephaniep7 from Booval
We never thought we would ever use this type of service, then our little 21 year old cat "Claws" passed away. We wanted to honour her presence in our lives and with a little internet research found just the right urn on the website. From our very first contact with Beric, we felt reassured that she would be dealt with professionally and with dignity. It was no trouble for them to collect from our Vet's premises & Beric phoned to advise when she had been collected. We received information by email & were able to finalise details quickly, with a minimum of fuss. Claws' Urn, Certificates with paw print & lock of fur were delivered back to our home well within the quoted five days by Rebecca, who was very respectful. Thank you.
23 Aug 2011
beric and sue were wonderful when our beloved max passed away. I would recommend them to anyone. They provide a wonderful service.
22 Aug 2011
Anonymous from Toowoomba
They were very sympathetic, understanding and extremely nice people. Isaac's ashes are now going to be spread with ours (a lot later we hope).
21 Aug 2011
mervn from South Toowoomba
The Vet at Chandlers in Toowoomba recommended Pets Rest In peace. When i rang Beric was very good and organised Bonnie transfer from the vets and let me know Bonnie had been picked up and sent e mail and posted hard copies of there services. We seleted the service we wanted and Beric replied by e mail . We vere very happy with every thing they did for us and Bonnie and returned her ashes back to us. I would recommend your service to anyone who needs their pet looked after
14 Aug 2011
mikeandlorrainer from Kearneys Spring
Both of us are very happy with the total outcome as they showed the respect towards our old mate. Presentation and attitude are a good thing to have. Buster was returned to us in what we asked for and the compassion for us and Buster was great. We will recommend your service to anyone we know that has lost a beloved 4 legged mate
11 Aug 2011
julied11 from South Toowoomba
Terrific service, care and compassion at a time that was devastating for the family. They took care of everything and respected our sadness. i would recommend their service to anyone.
11 Aug 2011
Beric and Sue were amazingly compassionate, understanding and empathetic. Sasha was a loved member of our family and Beric and Sue helped to make such a tragic time in our lives a little easier with the exceptional service they provided. I can't thank them enough for not only what they did for sasha but also the kindness they showed to me. Thank you so much.
09 Aug 2011
berniee from Toowoomba
They (Beric & Sue) are brilliant. They listened to everything we wanted and were so accommodating. The whole process was so simple but so peaceful. We entrusted them with our beloved Molly and what they did was excellent. Have already referred their services to others whom I know.
04 Aug 2011
markc12 from Woodlands
Beric and Sue epitomise professionalism and empathy. We are so thankful for their care and not only did they look after our girl they looked after us. We fully recommend them in every way and they will take very good care of your loved one and you as well.
03 Aug 2011
tamaram4 from Kingsthorpe
We were very pleased with the service.After losing our best mate we were all very lost and broken hearted the kindness and compassion given from Beric and Sue made it a little easier to deal with our loss. The teddy given to us made it easier to explain to the children and gave them something to treasure.The gold paw print and cutting of fur brought a tear to all our eyes but was greatly appreciated. Thank You
23 Jul 2011
jeffangiee from Wyreema
20 Jul 2011
Anonymous from Toowoomba
They helped us through this sad time with their prompt service and compassion for our situation. Supplied us with all the information we needed via email and post to make our decision easier. Thank you Beric and Sue
16 Jul 2011
lesleyw5 from Westbrook
We had to have our beloved pet dog put to sleep. Beric and Sue collected him from the vet's and took care of him when we couldn't. Their compassion and understanding of our feelings was very comforting. They returned our pet to our care with great care and made our loss a little easier to bear. Their service was wonderful. They had a great selection of products for us to view with prices clearly stated.
15 Jul 2011
sandys7 from Chinchilla
A very caring and Professional Business. I would not hesitate to use Pets Rest in Peace again and would recommend it to anyone that wanted their Darling deceased Pets cared for with dignity and respect. A Credit to Beric and Sue and their Staff.
15 Jul 2011
wendyp5 from Highfields
This was a very professional service, arriving within half an hour of my call. We were all treated with the greatest of respect at a very sad time. There were many options available, from very simple to grand, but all tastefully presented. Highly recommended and congratulations to Beric and Sue on establishing such a wonderful but necessary local business.
10 Jul 2011
A fantastic and caring service. Everything was handled in such a professional and sincere manner. I new my little pet of 15 years was handled with respect and dignity. Would recommend to anyone who loses a pet.
07 Jul 2011
vivienk from Toowoomba
AMAZING service!!! Nothing is too much for Beric and Sue... We lost two pets in 3 days ... Our pets were treated like they were human.. Urn selection is great and we have gorgeous memorial's now for our pets..
06 Jul 2011
carlandjudyk from Harristown
The empathy and kindness shown to us by Pets in Peace when our little dog died after 16 years was very important to us. She was part of our family and Berec and Sue were very understanding and mindful of our feelings. We would highly recommend them to anyone who wishes to avail themselves of this type of service for their pets.
04 Jul 2011
maree13 from Grapetree
I would highly recommend them to all true pet owners. I have used another company some years ago and they sent me the wrong hair clipping back of my dog. The clipping that I received was black and white my dog was black and tan. This time I got the right hair clippings back. Beric and Sue do a very good job.
27 Jun 2011
Beric and Sue made a difficult time a less traumatic with their expertise, understanding and exceptional level of service. We were able to let our old friend go, without feeling terrible about the whole experience. Though it was a trying time, the advice Sue gave regarding handling our other pets and ourselves was timely. Beric and Sue were so totally understanding of our need for time, and peace of mind. If ever you have the need to let a close animal friend go, - these people should be there with you. They excel at what they do and provide a very personal individualised service.
21 Jun 2011
debram8 from Toowoomba
toowoomba Pets Rest in Peace offered an exceptional service to us during our sad time of our pets passing. The professionalism, kindness and empathy showed by all the staff was very much appreciated by my husband and I. It is comforting to know that, thank you to Toowoomba Pets Rest in Peace our pet will always be with us. Thank you.
19 Jun 2011
robertg11 from Toowoomba
Very professional service, all communications treated respectfully and if you do really appreciate your pet, it's a fitting way for you to say goodbye. Our little dog Charlie who was 14 y.o. had grown up with our 3 daughters and they were devastated when he passed. But we were all pleased with the way he was treated by Beric and Sue and we will use this service again if the need arises.
03 Jun 2011
garyh10 from Cambooya
We had great service. Kept us up to date with what was happening and very understanding. The presentation of the package was well thought out and alot of carer and attention was given to detail.
02 Jun 2011
kyml2 from Rangeville
This is the 4th time we have used them when are pets have died. Always very friendly, sympathetic & supportive.
26 May 2011
sharonn8 from Cotswold Hills
The service we got from Beric was up and above during what can only be describe as a very emotional time for our family. I was pleased to have Beric arrive so quick and dealt with our beloved Misty in a very kind and sympathic way. I found it comforting when he returned with paw print, lock of fur, certificate and teddy bear with Misty's ashes inside and to know us all by name made it very personal for us. I cannot be more grateful for a very professional job done by Beric and his team of workers-right down to ringing about what we would like done with the ashes. Misty went from a well loved pet dog to a well loved teddy bear which is used to comfort the girls when they are sad or taken to bed with them to cuddle to sleep. Thank you again from one very happy family now. Regards Sharon Pengelly
18 May 2011
shellyt from Warwick
Fantastic service and people. In a most devastating time, Beric and Sue make things as easy as they can for you. I can't recommend highly enough, not enough words in vocabulary. CARING, SYMPATHETIC, TRUSTWORTHY, HELPFUL, INFORMATIVE AND LOVING are just a few. Thanks Beric & Sue for looking after my Charlie so caringly
16 May 2011
The tragic loss of my best friend "Boof" was made a little easier by the quality service & friendliness that Beric provided. I would recommend "Pets Rest In Peace" to anyone considering pet cremation. I now have my beloved Boof with me forever. Thank you Beric & Sue. S Smith Toowoomba.
06 May 2011
shirleyg3 from Centenary Heights
When my beloved "Nelson" went off to join my other "Fur kids" Sue came to our home to take him for cremation. Her gentle presence was very comforting. She waited until I had composed myself enough to let my darling "Nels" go. Her manner was as I would have expected it to be, very professional, but warm and patient. She handled my loved pet with such tenderness and respect, knowing he was an important member of our family. Our dealing with Beric and Sue on another occasion made it an easy decision to call on them again for their unique service. Our heartfelt thanks and gratitude go to Beric and Sue and their staff.
29 Apr 2011
cherylr2 from Stanthorpe
Beric came to my home, a distance of about 120kms, late in the afternoon to pick up my best mate Paddington B, a beautiful dog, who had passed over the Rainbow Bridge the previous day. He was very professional but at the same time very friendly and compassionate. I felt Paddy was in good hands. A little bear was left with me to hold when Paddy left. I phoned a couple of days later to express my wishes for the cremation and a week after I picked up my mate. At all times I was made feel part of a family and I can't thank Beric enough for being so kind and waiting for my flood of tears to stop. He explained everything that was done during the cremation process and answered all questions I asked. I highly recommend his business to everyone. I would certainly go back if the need arose. Thank you Beric and Sue, you are are blessing.
20 Apr 2011
rayg2 from Roma
I did not know what to expect, but exceeded expectations. I had my dog cremated so I could take him with me wherever I went.
26 Jul 2010
marcs2 from Sylvania
Great experience. Friendly workers and a lovely atmosphere. great value on items in store and in a very nice location
01 Jul 2010
sarahm30 from North Toowoomba
Darling Downs Pets In Peace are such a professional buisness and the staff are just incrediable. Their level of service is remarkable. I was so happy when a friend of mine recomened them to me as they looked after me above and beyond. I would recomend Darling Downs Pets in Peace to anyone who needs this service, you would be taken care of.
01 Jul 2010
kyliet4 from Robina
I can only say great things about Darling downs pets in peace. My dog of 10yrs recently passed away it was a very sad time for me, both Beric and Sue Lees gave me ongoing support and really did help me get through it.Darling Downs Pets in peace are so professional, caring and trusting, I am so happy that I chose to use them their level of service is endless. I would recomend this buisness to anyone who has a loved pet that has passed on and would like to see them in peace.
17 Jun 2010
rebeccah13 from Centenary Heights
Darling Downs Pets in Peace are a remarkable business. When our family pet passed away earlier this year we were absolutely devastated. When we heard about Pets in Peace from a friend, (I'll admit we were a little hesitant about using them), but after calling to make an enquiry all those fears were put to rest. The level of care taken and the standards kept are the same as those in the human funeral industry. They even use a human crematorium, only made on a smaller scale. Our pet was treated as if it was their own, with dignity and respect. There were so many different options to choose from so we could have it all arranged just the way we wanted it to be. The people were so kind and understanding, and more than willing to answer any queries or concerns that we had. It was the perfect way for us to honour our much loved family member.
Toowoomba, QLD, 4350
Tel: 1300233007

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