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Debt Fix

22 May 2017
A very professional team that are very easy to talk to, Debtfix obtained a great result for me with an uncomplicated online process. Highly recommended
18 May 2017
I highly recommend this firm and in particular, David Kim at Debt Fix. He is prompt with service, informative and always helpful.
08 May 2017
Great service, prompt with any questions asked and has helped me get my life back, no more stress, would recommend to any of my friends and family if they are in the same predicament as me
01 May 2017
Debt Fix has been great, thank you so much for your help I can sleep at night. I would certainly recommend debt fix to anyone.
01 May 2017
Debt fix was fast and efficient, they were most helpful and reassuring. The paperwork required was very straightforward.
24 Apr 2017
Thank you so much for all your help!! I am so relived I can just pay one loan instead of the 5 I was. I now will be going to Europe with how much I have been able to save.
06 Apr 2017
We would like to especially thank Brooke Thomas, who made everything so easy. Thanks so much. Vickie & Frank
04 Apr 2017
Georgie and David have made it so easy to do they were a great help... I will recommend anyone to debt fix. Thank you so much for all your help.
03 Apr 2017
jrh from Bunbury
One of our children recently told us about Debt Fix when we had no real options open to us but thanks to Debt Fix we will keep our home, car and belongings! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Dept Fix.
28 Mar 2017
Great helped a lot explained everything would highly recommend to friends and family if they was to need debt fix
21 Mar 2017
Excelent service... i was in a very difficult place and on a path to getting deeper and debt. Debt fix help me get some breathing space and get back up on my finances... get my life back.
13 Mar 2017
Debtfix were extremely helpful and helped me get my life back. Staff were fantastic and professional at all times as well as wonderful listeners. Would definitely highly recommend to anyone who needs support to rebuilding their life again. That's what it's done for me. Thank you again for taking this huge load of my shoulders. You all saved my life.
06 Mar 2017
Hassle free... Made every thing seem so easy. Definitely recommend if you're at that stage and want some life back.
06 Mar 2017
Debtfix made the whole process stress free and were reassuring during the transition. Would highly recommend them!
06 Mar 2017
Do Not Delay .. And Do not stress.. The process is stress free and you get your sleep back.. Should have done this 3 years ago.. Thank you guys.. No more call avoiding..
27 Feb 2017
Very professional and good communication follow up everything. Will recommend this to anyone who stuckling like me before.
22 Feb 2017
ann-mariel865 from Bucasia
I wish I would have done this sooner. Thank you Debit Fix. Your staff are fantastic and I can now sleep without worrying about my debt. Would recommend Debt Fix to anyone who has debt worries. Once again Thank you.
21 Feb 2017
Debt Fix were so professional with Excellent customer service . very reassurance with quick responses and immediate solution. highly recommend . Thank you
21 Feb 2017
Very friendly and helpful n talking to them about your debts is huge weight off your shoulder Thank you to the great team of debitfix
09 Jan 2017
kingstona from Tempe
David Kim has made everything so easy for me and taken so much stress away. I can't think him enough for his extremely professional service and the fact that he is always willing to assist me with any questions or worries I may have. Thank you so much David, your service is A+++
03 Jan 2017
Very approachable. Immediate solution.Administration of documentation was easy. Now I can sleep. Thank you
21 Dec 2016
Pleasure to deal with. Made a very uncomfortable situation much much easier to bear. Friendly staff and very helpful.
19 Dec 2016
Very helpful,explianed everything,very professional company.Great customer service.10/10 Will recommend.
19 Dec 2016
Did a fantastic job, all the people I dealt with were excellent, informative, friendly and very helpful. 10/10.
13 Dec 2016
They have helped me out so much I can't thank them enough for all the work they have done will getting me out of debt without going bankrupt
20 Oct 2016
sulianaw from Constitution Hill
David Kim is an amazing customer service agent, always fast and efficient and never fails to respond in a timely manner! 100% satisfied with service provided by Debt Fix! Keep up the awesome work guys! :)
17 Oct 2016
Yeah very nice staff, easy communication, I like how quick their response was to my questions, recommend these guys to anyone
14 Oct 2016
They are amazing, I thought I was running out of options on how to maintain my debts and this company were the only ones that heard my story and helped me through my financial crisis. Especially Kylie you are amazing! Thank you for having a lot of patience with me and helping a person in need :)
05 Oct 2016
Connie was so helpful for me and I am a believer to give credit where it's due.ill give connie a 15 out off 10 for her efforts today.connie has made things a lot more comfortable now.
26 Sep 2016
Incredibly easy to deal with, caring and understanding all the way. They carefully explain everything to you. Cant thank them enough.
27 Jun 2016
Easy to talk to and very helpful, and their follow up service is great aswell. Highly recommend.
06 Jun 2016
They do all the hard work i take my hat off to them all they help you u all the way thru never judging you... if any one is having money issues with debt do it now before it get too out of control..
06 Jun 2016
Great service , quick responses . however promises are not kept to in regards to contacting services . but would still recommend as do a great plan to suit your budget
31 May 2016
Thank you for being so helpful and quick to answer any questions, I did try another company first but they falied miserably in comparison, good job guys- great service
20 May 2016
Debt Fix have been so helpful in every way. Very supportive and professional answering all my questions. It is such a relief to have my debt under control, and I couldn't have done it without Debt Fix
22 Feb 2016
The customer service respect and understanding of this company is amazing. If your debts get out of hand Debt Fix is incredible. So understanding if you have a tough week they really are fantastic.
15 Feb 2016
I am so grateful for the support I have received from Debt Fix, the staff have been extremely helpful and supportive all the way through the process. I am looking forward to being debt free. This has changed my life and given me the opportunity to move forward without the worry.
12 Jan 2016
Debt Fix is an excellent company. Denise was the lady assigned to me and she could not have been more caring, compassionate and helpful, she worked through all my debt and provided professional advice and assistance. I was really in a bad way with serious debt and the probability of losing my home and everything else, I remember having a cry after the first call when Denise assured me all would be fine. A couple of months later... I can see the way forward again.
11 Jan 2016
I was frightened, despairing and desperate. The team at Debt Fix, from the first email, and all the way through, treated me with kindness, patience and understanding. I felt supported in my decision and my dignity and integrity remained intact. No hesitations at all in recommending this company, best decision I made in 2015.
12 Dec 2015
I can finally breathe and take more control of my finances thanks to Debt Fix. I was so overwhelmed in debt due to loss of work I couldn't keep up, it took its toll on my health. I was so ashamed but Debt Fix were so helpful, kind, reassuring, and most of all made me feel comfortable talking about my situation and that there is hope-there are options available. Their knowledgeable team worked with me every step of the way, ensuring I understood what was going on and never rushed me-they were very patient. I no longer have to deal with harassing phone calls. I strongly recommend Debt Fix.
07 Dec 2015
They are very approachable nice people to talk to and let u understand well whats u asking
07 Oct 2015
I was thinking bankruptcy but after calling them they have plan they was suited to me and got my life back on track and was able to go ahead with my wedding. They look after the little guy giving them a break.
24 Aug 2015
laurab494 from Ingleburn
Debt Fix - helped me with my outstanding debts. Took my financial stress and gives me more time to focus on my job and family. Since I'm with debt Fix I am no longer afraid to answer my phone when it rings and open my mails without feeling nervous. Most of all my health is slowly improving.
02 Aug 2015
I am so grateful for all the information and time given to help set up my debt agreement, I am now 110% less stressed, I'm sleeping better and I receive no more phone calls, thank you so much debt fix I finally feel free!
29 Jun 2015
An excellent customer service , professional and helpfull, they treated me with the upmost professionalism and kidnnes , very resourceful and reassured me I made the right choice
11 May 2015
Fantastic work by the Debt Fix team, I can now breathe easier and not be scared of going to the mailbox or read threatening emails etc so once again THANKS Debt Fix for helping me
01 Apr 2015
So helpful in every way and extremely polite and non judgemental. Put my mind at ease and relieved the stress after one simple phone call. Would recommend these guys to anybody!!!
30 Mar 2015
I am so glad and relieved I made that call to DebtFix. They were professional, helpful and very efficient in their service. What ever concern I had they alleviated it and kept me in the loop with the whole process with my application. I only have one repayment now each fortnight that I can afford and no matter what problems I incur they are always so helpful and sympathetic. Thank you to the team at DebtFix. My life certainly is alot less stressful thanks to you.
24 Feb 2015
They where able to help me get a handle on my spiraling debts and work out a repayment plan that I was able to handle. I can now breathe a sigh of relief to the first time in years thank you debt fix!
30 Jan 2015
brigitted1 from Tooradin
Debt fix helped me in a very bad financial situation with care and sensitivity. Non Judgmental and always available to talk to. Their moto of life after debt is sincere. I had a lot of negativity surrounding the company and I want to make it known that it was the best thing I have done and I'd recommend Debt Fix to anyone experiencing Financial hardship. I believe they went above and beyond to help me.
22 Dec 2014
Anonymous from Bankstown
All my debts were consolidated into one easy weekly payment. Debt Fix made me feel comfortable with my situation and gave me hope that i will be able to live my life debt free in four years.
28 Oct 2014
Debt consolidation. John was amazing helped me every step of the way even with silly questions. Life became manageable again.
23 Aug 2014
simonew8 from Mount Martha
the best company i have ever delt with,always available when i needed to ask questions,non judgemental,always polite,kept me up to date with everything along the way and have certainly changed my life,no more stress and worry about finance's,certainly recommend
30 Mar 2014
ritab8 from South Bunbury
consolidation of all my bills with an easy monthly payments that I can easily afford, totally stopped creditors from calling took all the stress and strain out. They were lovely to deal with
22 Feb 2014
kyliew25 from The Entrance
thankyou Debtfix, particularly kylie, who supported me for the 3 years planning and then executing my way to a debt free future. Very supportive team. Highly recommend this company
18 Nov 2013
stephenb19 from Kew
Debt consolidation. The team are incredibly helpful and a delight to deal with. John is brilliant.
09 Nov 2013
debbieb22 from Jannali
getting bills under control was a weight lifted off us. We could not have done it on our own the team we had was so helpful & caring about our situation & never judged us just helped us.
09 Sep 2013
traceyo2 from Metung
As a single parent/carer for an Autistic child, I got into real trouble when the ALP Government placed me on NewStart in January 2013, despite having carer status. It took six months to have my Carer status corrected and in that time, I amassed huge credit card debt as I had lost $300 per fortnight (which was never backpayed). It seemed that nobody could help me because I was unable to work and I had no alternative than to face bankruptcy. By chance, I saw a Facebook ad for DebtFix and contacted them, expecting to be told they couldn't help me either. However, they took over my Credit Card debt and stopped the rising interest on my cards. I am now repaying that debt in reasonable fortnightly installments that I can comfortably afford, and have saved over $15,000 worth of credit interest! I cannot recommend DebtFix highly enough.
02 Sep 2013
Anonymous from Rye
My husband and I cannot thank Debtfix enough. They worked very hard and diligently to provide us with a a solution to a very difficult financial situation. Thank you, Debt Fix
29 Aug 2013
lauraj16 from Sherwood
I was in a state of constant financial anxiety and owed more in unsecured debt that I had income. I was on a cycle of getting pay day loans and re-drawing to pay back other debt. When I initially rang and spoke with Debt Fix about my (fairly embarrassing) financial situation, I was met with compassion and understanding, rather than the judgement I'd been experiencing towards myself! :) It was a case of going back and forth between creditors and changes to my agreement were necessary. Every time I contacted the organisation I experienced the staff to be patient, understanding, very clear communicators and willing to do whatever they could to help me. My experience with debt fix (and subsequent experience of being debt-free) has been such a blessing. Am completely grateful to the organisation and would recommend them to my friends without hesitation. Thank You to the team at Debt Fix - you've helped me changed my life!!!
26 Aug 2013
samanthar13 from Mount Louisa
These guys are fantastic. When I first went to debt fix, I was a financial mess! So many bills and credit cards I had no idea what to do! These guys helped me put do much, they saved me. I am so grateful to debt fix and all there friendly staff members for always being kind and never have I felt judged on my bad choices. Thumbs up guys, keep up the hard work. And thank you so much for being there when I needed help! Samantha Ryan, a very happy customer!
11 Aug 2013
debt fix help me to the highest level of device feel back in control , very happy and fully satisfied, thanks
02 Aug 2013
I had actually considered bankruptcy. But the Debt Fix team explained all my options to me. They were clear and laid out a good plan of what I could do to improve my situation for the better. I just wanted to thank all of you at Debt Fix for giving me the chance of a new beginning. Thank you.
22 Jul 2013
Anonymous from Norwood
I was petrified about my debt situation and how to fix it. After contact with DebtFix I feel back in control and reassured I have made the right decision with the right company.
17 Jul 2013
Anonymous from Lane Cove
Debt Fix demonstrated the highest level of professionalism. They treated me with kindness and diginity and finally I can see light at the end of the tunnel. Very Happy
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