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23 Jun 2023
We are repeat clients for Derek, wouldn’t go anywhere else. We had major renovations done whilst we were on holidays, the communication between all my Tradies was just the best. The paint job exceeded our expectations especially as Derek came back to do final touch ups twice. We have more work to be done & we won’t be going anywhere else. Thanks, you are the best!
20 May 2023
I had Derek and his team paint my pergola. The guys did a great job. They arrived on time, mask the area under the perdola, prepared the work and did a fantastic cleanwork. paint. Many tthanks to the team. I will use.them again.
09 Mar 2023
Great experience with Derek, very professional and a pleasure to deal with. Highly recommended, thank you Derek! Ben
23 Nov 2022
Derek is a great guy to deal with and turns out excellent work. Ollie is also a great painter and great to deal with. Excellent company.
20 May 2021
Great work by Derek and Ollie. Very friendly, professional and a pleasure to deal with. They submitted a very fair price. Always on time and prepared for the day. The preparation on our daggy walls was quite extensive and the painting was excellent. Thoroughly recommend Painting Solutions.
02 Mar 2021
I can not recommend these guys more highly. They were on time and within budget. Their quality is amazing and I am very happy to recommend them.
29 Oct 2020
We had the exterior of our house painted and was extremely happy. We will definitely be recommending Derek and Painting Solutions to other people. Alan and Sue
20 Jul 2020
We had our entire house painted by Derek and Ollie and we could not be happier. Derek and Ollie are polite and friendly and take a lot of care in what they do. Their attention to detail is fantastic. They are always on time and in regular contact through out the job. Derek is willing to take on complex areas. The prep work is very good and the end product is impressive. We would recommend Derek and Painting Solutions to anyone and can’t thank them enough.
11 Jul 2020
Derek is a professional and experienced painter. He repaired walls which had previous water damage, repainted door frames and touched up chipped walls around our home. I can honestly say that he did an amazing job. He’s friendly, reliable and I highly recommend Derek.
25 Jul 2011
lesleyo2 from Ascot
Had all ceilings, woodwork and walls painted in our unit. Amazing prep work and attention to detail. Helped me with picking colours and feature walls etc. Very clean and thorough a respectful worker, and horrid radio playing. Quality workmanship. I am having him back soon to wallpaper one wall as I have been told he is expert at it, you cannot see the joins etc.
21 Jul 2011
tenealw from Roleystone
We were amazed with the finished product from Derek. He works very fast also to get the job done. He did an amazing staining job on our staircase aswell. We have reccomended him to alot of our friends because he is great value for money.
19 Oct 2010
judithb2 from Mount Richon
We had a problem in that the initial painting in our house was really dodgy (hadn't been sealed properly) and was starting to flake and peel off in big slabs. We had a couple of early quotes to repaint but they painters just wanted to paint over the top. We then had this painter recommended to us, and he came out, saw the problem and gave a fairly competitive quote (it required more work than the others were willing to do). The painters did a great job and were able to fit us in fairly quickly. The work is good quality, and we will be using them again soon.
Perth, WA, 6000
Tel: 0429384982

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