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Ringwood East Vetcare

16 Jan 2018
Dear Ivor and your wonderful employees, We can't thank you enough for the care you have shown to our Tigger. Without your untiring efforts over the holiday period I fear we might have lost him. He is now good as new! What is so pleasing is that you showed the same care and attention that I am sure you bring to your own pets. What more could we ask for. A big thank you again. Best Regards, The Turvey Family
11 Dec 2017
Amazing team of dedicated professionals! Our Boy had some major Dental surgery and we could not be more impressed with the the team at Ringwood East VetCare. It was very stressful for us sending our baby into surgery but they did an absolutely amazing job and kept us well informed during surgery and post. Thank you for your hard work and dedication Ringwood East VetCare!
05 May 2017
SM from Heathmont
Our dog has had lots of issues over the years. Ringwood East Vetcare are always friendly and helpful. Plus, our doggy loves their treats!
21 Feb 2017
Nine lives pet rescue have been using this clinic since we opened our doors to stray cats and kittens. Not only are they happy to work with rescue ringwood east vet care offer us constant support and go above and beyond for all our cats and kittens. We always no our animals are in good hands and being well looked after every time we go. I personally have also had my own animals cared for there and feel each animals is cared for on an individual level and the time and care is taken to make sure all there needs are met.
12 Jan 2017
Arrived at the clinic 5 min late as a first time client ( yes, this can be annoying for other clients and vet ) however, the Receptionist was really rude, brushed me off without any way contact. It was like she was saying ' I don't care if you come back' Don't recommend this clinic
12 Dec 2015
The staff have been looking after our two dogs since puppyhood. At 12 &11, our Groodle & Golden Retriever are kept in excellent health thanks to the advice and care given through regular check ups. Our dogs enjoy their visits especially the pats, attention and liver treats they receive. We can recommend them highly.
21 Jul 2015
The team at ringwood east vetcare are very caring and compassionate. Ivor has been our vet for years. He stops at nothing to make sure our dogs are happy and healthy. Wouldn't go anywhere else.
16 Apr 2015
Friendly knowledgeable staff, great opening hours for people who can't make it during business hours. Would highly recommend for anyone looking for an affordable, reliable vet.
09 Jan 2015
Anonymous from Ringwood
Great friendly service both in the vet service and the cattery. I've received good advice and great care for my cat and dog. I always feel like they really care about my furkids
18 Dec 2014
bb33 from Ringwood
I recently started going to this clinic with my new puppy. The staff are amazing, so friendly and nothing is too much trouble for them. My little pup loves going there for puppy pre-school each week!
19 Aug 2014
jocelynb1 from Ringwood East
Always a positive experience, the staff delightful, caring and welcoming to both owner and pet....... Just wonderful!
06 Jul 2014
christenea from Ringwood East
When our much loved dog became suddenly sick (bleeding /vomiting), our usual vet wouldn't see her for several hours, I called Ringwood East Vetcare (not our usual Vet at the time) and despite being fully booked, said to bring her in straight away. She had to be hospitalised, it was a Saturday morning, they cared for her, they came in especially on Sunday morning and again Sunday night, met us at the clinic and talked us through what was happening. I knew she was in the best hands and the saved her life ! Had we waited until our previous vet would see her, we probably would have lost her. I will always be grateful for their expertise, genuine care and dedication that saved our furchild. I would certainly recommend this Vet clinic.
26 May 2014
mikeb22 from Glen Iris
our 10 year old boy had suddenly lost his "mojo",being a mastiffx we feared the worst but Dr ivor swiftly did bloods,full examination,determined an infection ,medicated for his illness and prescribed arthritis assistance...v. happy owners
27 Apr 2014
SuzyQ74 from Heathmont
The Ringwood East Vetcare always take great care to thoroughly make our dog the healthiest & fittest he can be. Gentle & Thorough in their Care.
27 Aug 2013
susiem8 from Warranwood
The entire team at Ringwood East Vetcare are not only professional and thorough with all aspects of Vet care but they are more than happy to spend the necessary time with each client to ensure they have a full understanding of their pets needs. It is a very warm and friendly clinic who only have your pets best interest at heart. My cats are due for dental surgery this week and I find that very stressful having lost a precious 4 legged member during surgery some time ago and the staff are very astute to my needs and we have discussed additional actions (bloods and Fluids) that will aid my cats speedy recovery. It is greatly appreciated.
24 Jun 2013
rebeccam88 from Heathmont
The staff here are always friendly and full of helpful and valuable information. My dog LOVES going to the vet and always gives the staff big kisses.
06 Mar 2013
coralieh1 from Ringwood East
Ivor and the team are just wonderful. I have been to a few different vets and have found Ivor and the team incredibly caring and gentle. They care not just about our animal companions in their care but their owners too. Would never go anywhere else.
21 Feb 2013
erinlewis from Epping
Took my cat here even though it was not his regular vet. He was looked after, and I was given alot of emotional support as well. My poor cat had to be put down and I had every faith that he was looked after
13 Dec 2012
gandalf from Ringwood East
Over a period of years they minded my dog. I found them to be VERY caring and very good at what they do. After he had to be put down, they even sent me a card expressing their regret for my loss. I have found them helpful when I was looking to provide a home for another dog.
25 Nov 2012
MaureenRyan from Bentleigh East
Ivor and his team at Ringwood East Vetcare are wonderful, I wish I could receive the same level of service at my doctor's surgery. When Rosie my dog is unwell and distressed so am I, and clearly the team at Ringwood East Vetcare understand that. My pet is handled gently, the same way I treat her myself. Roise is examined in my presence and everything is explained to me carefully. The treatment options are also explained to me and afterwards the results and follow-up are reviewed together so I have an understanding of everything from when we arrived to when we leave and beyond. We don't necessarily have to attend in person when I call in relation to an existing condition, but if asked I will make the 45 minute journey without hesitation. My unconditional recommendation to all pet owners.
11 Aug 2012
neverperfect from Ringwood East
The staff here are usually wonderful. They take a genuine interest in our dog and always remember his name if they see him going by their door on a walk. Mostly, their consultations are thorough, kind and caring to animal and human. They've been great when we've had emergencies and are excellent about giving phone advice when needed. I've had one instance of a rude and condescending vet here, and I will avoid that in the future by making sure to book in to see Ivan, who is wonderful. It's just wonderful to be able to call them up and talk to your dog's regular vet, and get some advice when I have one of those "my dog ate this, what do I do?" emergencies. One thing I will say is that if you need to buy wound dressings for a dog, go to a horse supply store like Horseland rather than using the vet supplies. They are a quarter of the price and I do not exaggerate.
26 Jul 2012
adamw10 from Ringwood North
Ivor, Christine and the team were absolutely wonderful in looking after both our kitten and us. Sadly, our kitten had a rare but rapid terminal illness. The lengths to which they went to treat him, get the correct diagnosis then ease his suffering, affording him dignity, were absolutely incredible. We felt they were fully in control and that we were fully informed. The sensitivity shown for our grieving in the shock of it all was very much valued. Anyone within cooee of Ringwood East who needs professional, compassionate vet care should be visiting here.
16 Jun 2012
danielleg12 from Croydon South
This is our local vet and feel very lucky to have such a great group of people taking care of our pets. From major surgery on our Beagle, to the usual injections and check ups and other surgeries on our other pets, and also the very sad times we have lost previous pets due to old age, the team at Ringwood East Vetcare has always been very caring and compassionate, everything is explained in detail and written info is supplied if necessary. It is lovely to know our pets are in such good hands.
23 Feb 2012
Cudreh from Hastings
We tried this Vet when out of area recently and requiring annual check-up and vaccination for our dog. We loved how thoroughly our dog was checked over by one of the female vets. Rarely have vet checks ever been this professional. It was lovely that she took the time to fully explain various components regarding our pet's diet and behaviour, and not make us feel rushed. Her advice was sound and presented in a friendly, compassionate manner. It was a lovely visit to the Vet, and the only thing I regret is how far away we live from this business, as returning is not a viable option for animal emergencies. I highly recommend Ringwood East Vetcare to anyone lucky enough to live nearby these wonderful carers.
17 Aug 2011
terriv from Croydon South
The staff are always caring and very professional. Over the years they have cared for our many animals: everything from annual check ups to various operations and sadly the deathe of two of our cats and one dog. They were very caring and compassionate at those difficult times.The services are reasonably priced, they are not trying to sell you extra products or services unnecessarily. There are great ancilliary services such as do it yourself hydro bath for our dog plus dog grooming and a cattery. Ivor and the team are terrific, I wouldn't hesitate recommending them to anyone.
06 Aug 2011
peterm42 from Ringwood East
Ivor and the team at Ringwood East Vetcare are really great. I have taken my various cats to numerous vets over the years and I place these helpful, professional and caring people among the very best. I recommend them very highly.
30 Jul 2011
adame1 from Bayswater North
We have been very happy with all staff and services provided. Highly recommend to anyone who values good service.
16 Jul 2011
alanac from Ringwood East
Ringwood East vet are amazing! I have never been so happy with any kind of service in my life. The Clinic is clean and inviting and the staff are welcoming, friendly, highly knowledgeable and clearly love what they do. You are definitely treated like a valued client. Whist being at a vet with your animal isn't always the most pleasant of experiences the staff always make you (especially your pet) feel welcome and comfortable. My dog Scott loved going there and each time we went in he was treated like a king with lots of pats and liver treats. On days where I would walk him to the shops and we didn't even need to go into the vet he would still stand at the door wanting to go inside just to visit! On occasion I would give in to his beautiful big eyes and just go in with him so he can have a drink or I would buy him a treat for later. Sadly my beloved Scotty passed away not too long ago, and the staff were very caring and supportive, myself and my family we were treated with compassion and understanding. I even received a beautiful sympathy card and poem in the mail. I was always very protective and caring of my dog and I trusted East Ringwood vet to take as much care with him as what I would. No matter where in Melbourne I end up or how many pets I end up with I know I will always make East Ringwood Vet “my” vet. - Alana
10 Jul 2011
monicab2 from Croydon
The clinic was warm, clean and friendly. The staff were kind and considerate and very helpful. Our dogs loved being there, even our oldest dog who is 14 and has always been worried about going to the vet, had a good experience when being microchipped.
18 Jun 2011
Bennybloke75 from Croydon
Excellent service and very friendly staff who remember your name and pets. The cattery is excellent and very reasonably priced. Always happy to have you drop in and ask questions. Cannot recommend this business highly enough. Ben
14 Jun 2011
susanm13 from Ringwood East
As one would expect, very pet friendly with service second to none. Dusty dog actually enjoys her visits to this Vet Clinic.
29 May 2011
deborahh7 from Croydon
Very informative and supportive to the needs of our family pet. The surgery is always clean and inviting and the staff are friendly and engaging.
21 Jan 2011
robynt4 from Bentleigh East
My cat was very peeing in the house when we left on her own. Ivor told me about Felliway, a pheremone treatment for cats. It worked so well, she is a different cat in all ways, much happier and not peeing at all. Thanks Ringwood Vetcare!
12 Jan 2011
jrbenn from Heathmont
I have a cat with allergies. I had been taking him to another vet in the area for a long time. This other vet had told us that you couldn't test to determine what the allergies were but to keep him on a low allergy diet and treat the lesions with cortisone and other medications as they occurred. My husband had been taking his cat to Ringwood East and one day when I was there with her I got talking to Dr. Javen about my allergic cat. He said that you could do testing to determine what the allergies were and then come up with a proper treatment plan. Therefore when my cat next had lesions I took him to Dr. Javen who referred him to the Melbourne Vetinary Specialist Centre. We are still in the middle of testing, but it has been determined that he doesn't have food allergies and therefore doesn't require special food. During the allergy testing we had to have my cat on fortnightly antibiotic injections. Dr. Javen only charged us for the injection, not the consult. We have now moved away from the area so are not with Ringwood East anymore, but I would very highly recommend this vet practice. All the staff were wonderful and very friendly.
23 Jul 2010
pamelat1 from Croydon South
Our cat went for a wander and was found down the road distressed and sore. The staff at Ringwood East vet were so kind to my cat and treated her with dignity. My cat had to spend the night there on a drip and the cage was spacious and comfortable.
05 Aug 2009
sarahd2 from Ringwood
they were really friendly and had good knowledge and were easy to talk to. the place was clean and easy to find, they explained everything clearly and werent in a hurry
12 Jan 2009
joyc from Croydon
My 8 year old boxer needed a lifesaving urgent operation. The staff and vet was so kind and helpful.The compassion and caring and that they showed to my dog was terrific.They operated that day which saved her. I highly recommend them to all animal lovers. It may be a business but they are there for the animals I highly recommend them to all animal lovers who need a very caring and excellent vet service.
20 Sep 2008
Disie from Ringwood
My cat had a life threatening problem, I am a single parent and love animals, but could not afford to pay full cost. The owner of this establishment let me pay it off. He is now on a prescription diet (which is not cheap) bout he is family. Thanks you for all your help, including when I couldn't afford his food. Thanks Faith, Vanessa, Barb and Melinda. (sorry if I forgot a name!)
Ringwood East, VIC, 3135
Tel: 0398792803

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