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Green Kids

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Green Kids

19 Feb 2017
lukes7 from Kotara South
I absolutely love the idea of eco friendly nappies for kids! The store's pricing is FANTASTIC and the staff are always more than happy to help you find the right item. I recommend.
13 Feb 2017
natk990 from Hocking
I was given a few nappies to try as a baby shower present and they were great! So easy to use and super cute. Will definitely be buying more!
12 Feb 2017
When I was pregnant I put it out there on FB asking friends for their recommendations on cloth nappies. A few girlfriends suggested Green Kids and WOW I was and still am super impressed. I have just started using them with my 3 month old and after a couple of days using them I am already purchasing more! Super easy to use as well as bright and colourful and comfy!
27 Oct 2016
My green kids nappies are still going strong after 4 years and 3 kids. They really have lasted the test of time.
25 Oct 2016
I love green kids nappies! I used them for my older 2 children from 3 months until toilet training at 2+ years. And now I'm using them for my 9 month old twins.
09 Oct 2016
Green kids nappies are the best nappies I have ever used, they not only did my first son but also provided dry relief for my second son too! Best value for money! I’ve recommended these to all my friends and family.
28 Sep 2016
Bought a stash of Green Kids nappies recently and am very impressed with the quality and ease of use - they're even dad friendly! Love the colours & love that I can stuff extra boosters into the pocket so they last thru the night. Highly recommended & I'll be back for more soon :)
05 Feb 2016
jkcll from South Perth
Excellent products, fast and speedy delivery making shopping online very easy and convenient.
22 Jan 2016
fabulous product and speedy delivery, even to singapore! the nappies brighten up our day and make the washing worth it!
09 Dec 2015
katec212 from Coburg
Awesome customer service and great quality product. Reliable and speedy delivery too. Thanks!
15 Sep 2015
sw33tipie from Mount Ousley
Excellent customer service with super speedy delivery. Will definitely be a returning customer.
18 Aug 2015
Both the nappies and the team at Green Kids are wonderful! I wanted to support an Australian made product and am so rapt to have found Green Kids. Their nappies are bright, colourful, super easy to use and care for. The nappies have always performed to my expectations. They have a great range of quality products and I would recommend them to anybody having a baby who was interested in MCNs.
04 Aug 2015
deidrem886 from Randwick
I shop online often and have a great selection of cloth nappies for my two young children...
02 Jul 2015
hannah0364 from Fulham Gardens
Fantastic product supplied with great customer service!!! Love these nappies - i've never had a leak when i have put them on properly. thank you so much
28 May 2015
Being a First time Mum who is new to MCN Green Kids have been fantastic. I have purchased the Newborn and all in ones. I am using the newborns atm and love them. I love the fact that they are Australian made as it's very rare these days. I try and support Australian made products where I can . Overall I am happy Mum with my Green Kids nappies
27 May 2015
sians3 from Manly Vale
Our family definitely love and supports Green Kids. I believe they sell high quality nappies. My kids have never had an issue! I will always buy from them.
27 Apr 2015
I love Green Kids nappies. Being new to MCN it was a real pleasure using Green Kids New Born and OSFM nappies. I will be recommending them to other Mums that want to use MCN.
07 Apr 2015
Love, love, love, green kids nappies. They are super easy to use. Even my husband who was very sceptical about using mcn can't speak highly enough of them. Speedy delivery too.
31 Mar 2015
jebee from Briar Hill
Fantastic products and great price! For the first time we have been able to use cloth nappies over night due to the premium insert - very happy! The Little Squirt hose is also making our lives a lot easier. Very happy with the service and information provided with products.
17 Feb 2015
chrissyp2 from Hope Island
I decided to try MCN for my second buby - I got 6 newborn Nappies with the double inserts knowing my children seem to be quite skinny and soooo glad I did - they were even big when he was a newborn but a month or so into it I loved them with hardly no leaks. I actually still use them now and he just turned 8 months. I had also got 12 enviro Nappy packs which included bamboo inserts, some microfibre boosters, charcoal liners and bamboo flushable liners. But I didn't use these as much when he was newborn because I often got leaks whether folded or normal (my children are wrigglers right from get go and they did water poos every single nappy change). I kept thinking when he gets a bit bigger I will use them more but I still don't much. I really regret not spending a bit more and buying the greenkids anytimes instead of the enviro ones because even tho he is bigger now I still have leaks and I feel it is because the design is slightly different - it has stitching around the legs. If I have one insert it fits him better around the legs but leaks straight away because insert folds in the middle and the liquid goes straight out of stitching but if I have 2 inserts or one and a booster, it doesn't stay firm around his legs and also leaks out the sides (no matter how tight I put around him). Keep in mind I have very very mobile kids - sitting crawling climbing by 4 months and took first steps before 8months - so this could add to the leaks. So I have used both disposables and MCN and altho hubby says I haven't saved money, I have at least slightly helped the environment heehee :) I definately recommend the greenkids aussie made brand
17 Feb 2015
megan44 from Perth CBD
Green Kids are amazing nappies. Quality is great, inserts are soft and breathable and they have a great selection of colours & prints to choose from. Best of all they are Australian made and based in Perth, so it's almost next day service for us once we order them. Awesome!!
17 Feb 2015
For Quality you cant go past greenkids. Durable and long lasting. Price comparison initially looks expensive but quality surpassed all others!
16 Feb 2015
lizw18 from Laceys Creek
A fantastic AUSTRALIAN MADE product. Drying time is fantastic with an extra spin, can't beat the bamboo inserts for absorbancy and price reflects the quality of the product. Keep in touch for fantastic specials and to buy in bulk!
05 Dec 2014
danielleh29 from Toowoomba
I use green kids print anytimes nappies at night with the premium bamboo insert with never any leaks. Got a great deal with free inserts. Very easy to use, no snaps to adjust.
29 Nov 2014
angelal19 from Warner
I bought green kids before my daughter was born, i loved them so much I needed more. Had a great deal on where the insert was free. Love these nappies!!!!
25 Nov 2014
dynk from Thornlie
I really like these nappies (and I've tried a few). They are really absorbent, good quality and easy to put together. I also like that they are Australian made. I have not experienced any problems with the service or the nappies. Whenever I need to top up my stash of nappies now, I will come to green kids.
10 Oct 2014
fivi83 from Fawkner
Directed by a comprehensive and helpful website, we invested in a set of Green Kids nappies and couldn't be happier. I was particularly drawn to this brand as they are an Australian business selling mostly Australian product. Not only are they easy to use, they have proven more reliable when it comes to leaks. We have had a few issues with inserts warping slightly in the wash but this has not in any way affected their effectiveness (and is probably more of a reflection on my laundering skills!). Sometimes the stains don't come out as easily as they suggest on the website, but as yet I have had no stains last more than two washes. My only wish was that there were more colours and patterns available!
21 Aug 2014
I've been using reusables since my little girls was born several months ago and have used a wide verity of nappies for him and find Green Kids nappies by far are the best!
18 Aug 2014
kristyg6 from Ballarat
I love my Green Kids nappies. The inserts are super absorbent and the hourglass shape means they're not as bulky as some other brands I have tried. The aplix fastening makes nappy changes quick, easy and very hubby friendly! I also like that I'm supporting an Australian business.
18 Aug 2014
tanyat6 from Maida Vale
My Green Kids nappies are my favourite night nappies! They last all night without a single leak, and the aplix is nice and strong. They are so easy to wash & put back together, though the stains need a little extra TLC than some of my other nappies do. I'm about to add some more to my stash!
17 Aug 2014
stienr from Pakenham
I love the fit of the greenkids nappies on my son. Together with their bamboo double inserts, they are the most reliable of my stash. My husband also prefers them, because he says they are easier to put on. We also use their liners, they are so soft and wider then most other brands, so better to catch poo. And I also love their wetbags. They have a double layer, what makes it easier to wash them, not choosing between washing the inside or outside. I love these nappies so much, that I'm ordering more for my 18 month old (last one), just to have a complete stash of green kids :o)
13 Aug 2014
ellemnop from Chermside West
I have used Green Kids nappies on my babies since my second child was born in 2006. These nappies are my favourite for when we are out and about due to their convenience and reliability. My babies have never had a leak in one of these nappies and they have lasted through multiple children. These nappies are Australian made, which was important to me too.
30 May 2014
from Pakenham
Love these clothies, have tried several brands, some went straight to the op-shop but these have been great. No leaking issues, they seem comfy and soft for baby esp. compared to disposables. Easy to use and wash. I use them with flushable liners when I suspect no2's will happen.
15 May 2014
jens26 from Ferny Hills
I purchased my first lot of green kids nappies almost 4 years ago upon a recommendation from a friend. As a first time mum who wanted to use cloth, the decision seemed a little overwhelming so I decided to go on the advice of friends... best decision I made. Every nappy from that original purchase is still in use on my second bub. Whilst those original nappies certainly look well used, every single one of them is still functioning well. I have had to re stitch a few of the wash tabs over the years but on the whole this is an amazing quality nappy. The absorbency is great and they are easy to put on even a very wiggly bub (baby number 2 is certainly trying my patience in this regard). On each of my babies (boys) I have had a few difficulties getting them to work well overnight. I seem to get issues with leaking up the front with my heavy wetting tummy sleepers, but this is a problem I would have encountered with any nappy system including disposables (I know as I tried this option too!). I now boost the double bamboo insert with an additional bamboo booster and a microfibre booster and add a wool soaker over the top. Problem solved and my very heavy wetting bub is dry in the morning. The nappies are easy to stuff and are wide enough through the crotch that even my husbands hand can fit. I can't recommend this product highly enough! ps. I also own quite a collection of the mini wetbags which I use for...EVERYTHING! very very useful for carrying toys, snacks and everything else you seem to need in your nappy bag!
10 May 2014
freyas1 from Murrumbeena
Beautifully made products which arrived within a very reasonable time, considering they came from Perth to Melbourne! I was very happy with my purchase which was for a baby shower, and would definitely recommend Green Kids to friends, and purchase other things in future.
10 Feb 2014
8everley from North Sydney
We have used the minkytimes and the anytimes on my son. They are well fitting, true osfm, and easy to stuff. The bamboo inserts are super absorbent and we haven't had any leaks so far. I love that such great quality nappies are Australian made.
08 Feb 2014
neridao1 from Blaxland
Being first time parents, we are new to everything about babies, including nappies. When we first decided to go with reusable nappies a lot of people tried to convince us that cloth would be too much work and that disposables were the way to go. However, now that we are using Green Kids nappies, we've found that the nappies work very well and after trying disposables, they are just as effective. As long as the directions are carefully followed, these nappies are really easy to use. The fact that they are Australian-made makes them an even better choice, which we have found translates into very high quality worksmanship and service.
07 Feb 2014
lisaw85 from Terrigal
After trialling a few different nappies, greenkids stood out by far as the easiest product to put together (my husband could actually put together the insert in the nappy as opposed to other brands). They look good and work fabulously (I really like the velcro opposed to the push studs). Definately recommend greenkids to anyone that is looking at using cloth nappies. Thanks
10 Jan 2014
sarahg45 from Rivervale
Okay I am reviewing GK's now even though my youngest is 7 1/2 yrs old!! Why? Because I loved GK's then and hac=ving kept tabs on them via other users over the years have just recommended them to a 'soon-to-have-her-first' who wants some MCN's. She's luckily been given some GK' which I'd pounced upon with a delighted squeal... I'd also told her my wetbags were from GK's.... A couple of my fav designs were actually washed several times, sunned and stored away in my son's 0-6yrs 'keepsake' 55L tub. I simply couldn't part with them lol. Anyway, suffice to say I'm glad to see GK's are as fab now [if not better] as they were over 7yrs ago :D
02 Nov 2013
eleanorc5 from Crows Nest
Great quality nappies! Compared to other brands excellent quality, you seem to get what you pay for.
19 Oct 2013
rebeccal34 from Jindalee
Received some previously used green kids nappies from a friend and was so impressed with their absorbency and durability that I've added ten more to my collection. Green kids is the only cloth nappy that lasts right through the night.
10 Oct 2013
My daughter had extreme nappy rash so I had to switch to cloth nappies. After a bit of research I decide to try greenkids. I think they are really comfy for my daughter but it's not the most user friendly. The nappies tend to bunch unless I have an extra booster in it and also wicks around the pants if the nappy is a little turned out. However, the cover fabric is always touch dry even when the nappy is full. And it is lovely and soft around the legs and waist which prevents chafing. I think it might be just a user error thing and that it will improve as I get the hang of them - in any case my daughter's nappy rash is gone and she's comfortable. I'll be back to get some more :)
07 Oct 2013
thereseg1 from Bardon
Green kids were great to buy nappies and associated products from. When I had some trouble with the website staff were really helpful and stayed on the line til the problem was fixed. Products arrived quickly too! The nappies are fantastic too - easy to use and lots of great designs!
03 Oct 2013
beb15 from Redbank
We purchased the little squirt from Green Kids. The product took about a week to arrive which was expected as they are based on the other side of the country! Unfortunately the tube was too short for our toilet system and we had to post it away to get a longer tube, paying for two lots of postage. It would have been good if we had the chance to measure the length needed at time of purchasing and just get the correct fitting in the first place. Unfortunately that has added an additional $20+ and an extra 3 weeks to post away and get the correct tubing sent back. My husband wasn't able to attach it to the toilet and became worried that he would break it (my brother in law had broken their loo last year doing this!) so we also got a plumber in to fix it. All added up to quite a bit for a hose! HOWEVER, the product itself is fantastic and means we've been able to do mcn without giving up. will also be useful when toilet training.
30 Sep 2013
keirand1 from Blacktown
Very good. Totally happy, would recommend. Super fast delivery and very they are very happy to help if you have questions / concerns.
30 Sep 2013
tessan1 from Petersham
I love the Aboriginal design wet bags! Great quality, fast delivery, great baby shower gift idea.
26 Sep 2013
reneel6 from Glenorie
Been using Green kids MCN & their liners for 8 months now & love their quality. Service is excellent, quick to process & efficient to deliver when ordering.
24 Sep 2013
pennyt3 from Winthrop
Greenkids have a great product with excellent support. Online purchasing quick and easy and super-fast mail-outs. I won't need to look anywhere else for modern cloth nappies.
23 Sep 2013
Anonymous from Camden
I have other brands of cloth nappies.. But Greenkids I find are the best! They are so easy with the velcro rather than the press studs! I have purchased many and will continue to through Greenkids!
13 Sep 2013
sarahhicks from Ngunnawal
I have tried a number of MCN brands and I have found GreenKids is one of the best. Their nappies are bright, colourful, easy to wash, and fits well with the velcro tabs. The bamboo inserts are very absorbent and can handle even the wettest nappies. The customer service is great and they do their best to answer any questions.
11 Sep 2013
flomity from Bannister
My green kids nappies are now lining up to take the onslaught of my second child. I have loved using them and found them very user friendly. And they are so colourful to boot! The bamboo liners are the key to success with these nappies I reckon. They catch most, if not all if the poo, most of the time, so there is no need for spraying off the excess. I thunk the pocket design is great. I have been using the bamboo inserts and the great absorbency certainly compensates for the longer drying time.
05 Sep 2013
rebekahn1 from Greenfields
the quality of the nappies are amazing. some brands fall apart if you soak them but these dnt and the absorb sooo much. excellent for new borns up
04 Sep 2013
sabinal from Walpeup
my sister send me some nappies over for my newborn, harvey. Easy to use, cant find a fault. Have been telling my family who love to breed, lol to get some. Will be buying more great stuff from you in the nearly future
21 Aug 2013
skyeleaa from Werrington
Great MCNs! Excellent absorbency especially for my heavy wetter! Very cute and unique designs, cheap prices and super quick postage great way to save money,I enjoy the bonus of being able to bulk buy for a discount and that they provide different products to suit individual needs
13 Aug 2013
courtneyb8 from East Tamworth
The nappies here are great value for money and wonderful quality and absorbency! I will be going back to buy more and also some cute toys I saw in the shop just adorable. The service was great also :)
13 Aug 2013
alysona from Moorland
The nappies were really good quality as my daughter was having twin girls I decided to buy her some of these nappies as an emergency and she loved them that much she got me to buy more
12 Aug 2013
melzrac1 from Murgon
After researching the cheapest stockist of 'Little Squirt' for my cloth nappies, I found Green Kids. Even with express postage (I was OVER rinsing them in the bath lol) it was still the cheapest and I got it really fast!! Very happy :-)
05 Aug 2013
jackies13 from West Footscray
I actually purchased and used some cloth nappies from here- which I have now been using coming up to a year. They are well priced and last the distance. I only wish I had know about cloth for my first child...service was great :)
30 Jul 2013
Leenals from Hyden
These cloth nappies are the best I have tried. Changing 2 - 3 hourly and no leaks and no rashes. I have tried a couple of brands and have had leaks after just 1.5 - 2 hrs.May look a little bulky but my 13 month old has been in them for a month and has just taken her first steps so my initial thought of being a little too bulky has not held her back. Will keep buying a couple at a time to add to my stash. Customer service is great!
27 Jul 2013
nataliet16 from MILINGIMBI
I was very happy with the efficiency of the service when compared to other similar online stores. I ordered the bamboo liners and they are very effective. I also ordered some wet bags and they seem to be great value for money. I have had trouble with other online cloth nappy retailers so the 'Green Kids' experience was pleasureable.
24 Jul 2013
Coolbron from Mackay West
An amazing product that actually works!!! The material that comes in contact with my babies skin is so soft and really stays dry when the inner pads are wet through. The night booster pads are great as well and soak up the extra wetness that comes with the extra hours between nappy changes. The colours of the outside material are lovely and bright. I loved that I could use them from when my son was a new born by just folding over the top section. I have been so glad that they have turned out to be so easy to use and more importantly, they work!!
20 Jul 2013
rikkib from Scarborough
Had a great experience dealing with Greenkids! I am new to cloth diapers and greenkids was a great place to start! it was so nice to call the customer help line and a person answered and provided me awesome advice and guided me through the product and what to buy. There was no upsell (that rarely happens these days) and on top of that the product arrived promptly. I have only just started using the cloth diapers, so cant comment on them yet.. but i love the feel and they are easy to clean! Will update my review once i have had a month with the nappies:)
20 Jul 2013
anneliesef from Rockingham
Very fast online service, was delivered promptly (helps that we are in the same state). Items are great as usual, I have reordered the bamboo liners after being pleased with them the first time.
15 Jul 2013
jennyo7 from Spence
Easy to use website. Products that are great for baby and the environment. I love the flushable bamboo liners for cloth nappies. Baby waste goes into the toilet rather than land fill. They make washing nappies very easy.
04 Jul 2013
rachaelc14 from St Marys
These nappies are so easy to use and last a long time. They come in a really great choice of colours. The wet bag is AWESOME. So are the wipes. Green kids nappies make it easy to care for the environment and save money too.
27 Jun 2013
kellyc21 from Donnybrook
Choosing a quality modern cloth nappy was made so easy with Green Kids. I bought 10 nappies to start with and couldn't be happier with the quality and how easy the nappies are to use. I will be purchasing more nappies from Green Kids now and I am happy that I don't need to trial other brands.
25 Jun 2013
Really good cloth nappies. Bought 7 cloth nappies to try and I am satisfied with the quality and service. No leaks and quite easy to dry even in the winter (I put a dehumidifier on). Now I am going to order more so I can fully use cloth nappies on my baby every single day.
19 Jun 2013
lisa19811 from Pacific Pines
Excellent design, value for money, great colours and patterns, very soft and absorbent and easy to follow instructions for both Mums and Dads to use! Very happy!
07 Jun 2013
rebeccap25 from Evanston Gardens
I love these nappies. I visited the store while away and have never thought about using anything else again. My child seems very comfy in them. The was a large variety aswell.
04 Jun 2013
BeckstaBaker from Bathurst
I have used GK on my 3 girls over the past 4.5 years and still going! We have purchased two complete sets during that time. Not only are they a great fit and super easy to use but they are gorgeous too! The staff are wonderful and always willing to answer any questions you may have. I wouldn't put my girls in anything else :)
02 Jun 2013
Sm3ll1 from Claremont
I've been using Green Kids Anytime One Size Nappies on my daughter since she was born 4 months ago. Even though she was a small baby (2.8kg) the nappies have worked well. We've had minimal problems with nappy rash or leaks, both of which have been a problem when we've used disposables. As she's grown bigger I've moved from the microfibre to bamboo inserts which are great. My only problem is that they are so absorbent it takes a while to dry the inserts as the weather gets cooler and my clothes line is in constant shade. I am planning to buy some more to get through winter!
28 May 2013
katef27 from Glenden
I am a new mum and recently ordered my first mcn's and they were the green kids anytime nappies. I like the fact that they are Australian made. They come in cute colours and are easy to use. Today is day 2 of using my new nappies and I am very happy with them already - so far so good.
22 May 2013
jessicam30 from Embleton
Good site, easy to use, fast shipping. I bought a Beco carrier, which was a lot more expensive than buying from the US but with shipping it's a bit cheaper. I would definitely buy from them again.
21 May 2013
nicholasl2 from Shepparton
GreenKids nappy's are fantastic. They are easy to use, and are suitable for our toddler who is a heavy wetter. These modern cloth nappies are the way to go, being more environmental and financially economic. Love the cute designs too.
20 May 2013
I've just purchased my second lot of Greenkids nappies for my baby daughter and I love them! They are so soft and snug and they hold so much more than other cloth nappies. My friend tried a few other brands and found them really messy but Greenkids are so easy to use and will work on even really heavy wetters. I love that helping the environment doesn't have to be hard work!
20 May 2013
laurenk85 from Grose Wold
I ordered these to trial on my toddler as I want to use them for bub on the way. I was impressed as she is a heavy wetter at night and usually leaks through with disposables. She had no leaks at all. Will definitely be. Buying more.
19 May 2013
bellah1990 from Boronia
Recommended by my sister who has used this brand of nappies on all of her children from birth. I have used them on her kids, and see how easy they are to use, and how well they last! I have just purchased 18 of these nappies to use on my own baby due later this year, and cannot wait! Being a childcare worker I have used many different styles of MCN that parents have sent along with their kids, and greenkids is the easiest to use, very adjustable and easy to store and clean. I love the environmental and finacial benefits of using cloth nappies, and love the valcro as it makes it easy for even my partner to use them.
19 May 2013
rebeccaswan from Port Hedland
Quick shipping- I live remote WA and postage usually takes ages. Love these nappies- easy to use and look great!
18 May 2013
totally love using our green kids nappies , have been using them for over two years and just about to start using them on baby number two! thank you green kids
18 May 2013
johnh71 from Bibra Lake
We have loved our Green Kids Nappies - they are easier than disposables and have already saved us more than their cost. The nappies look great, are easy to wash and really easy to change. Service is wonderful, the nappies arriving two days after ordering them.
18 May 2013
Anonymous from Reservoir
An excellent work horse nappy. We are now using them on our second. Easy to wash and very simple to use. Lots of cute colours and prints.
18 May 2013
fezzik from Bibra Lake
We've found Green Kids excellent. The service and delivery was swift, and with no excess packaging which is good. The nappies are great - they fit well (even as baby is growing), don't leak and are really absorbent. The range of colours is brilliant - why should nappies be plain white when they can be brightly coloured!
18 May 2013
Nlockyer from Onslow
I ordered some Green Kids nappies before my little one was born. They offer great savings and the service was prompt and excellent. These nappies are fantastic overall although the crotch was a little wide for my baby as a newborn. Excellent that they are a local company, i would not hesitate to reccomens Green Kids nappies to anyone wanting to use cloth nappies.
10 May 2013
Skyblue from Glenhaven
Green Kids nappies are the absolute best of all the modern cloth nappies I have tried. They are very easy to use, cost effective and great looking! I am so pleased I made the decision to use cloth nappies, and in particular Green Kids. I recommend these to all of my friends with kids. I was very happy to find some nappies that are made in Australia. Their service is prompt and friendly and their website contains helpful information.
01 May 2013
kristianm1 from GIRRAWEEN
I ordered some Anytime nappies for my newborn after seeing the advert for Green Kids in the Bounty magazine. I loved them straight away. So easy to put on, no pins! I have ordered more as my baby has grown. She is a chubby baby, so flexible Velcro tabs and soft material are far more comfy for her than tight elasticised disposables. Regarding maintenance, now i have a baby, I realise that I have to do an extra load of washing everyday anyway, so it's great to be able to use 'real' nappies.
14 Apr 2013
Anonymous from Warrnambool
Easy to navigate website. Impressed with variety of products & speed of service. Nappies feel look & feel is exactly as described.
27 Mar 2013
gabbys2 from Victoria Park
Fast prompt efficient online shopping. Product was exactly as described and works wonderfully well.
26 Mar 2013
Anonymous from Carnegie
We have ordered products from Green Kids three times thus far and we have been pleased with them. We chose this brand based on customer reviews and our experience has not contradicted what we had heard. We've bought their cloth nappies when our second child was born but we regret not having bought them for our first. Though bamboo Flushable Nappy Liners have been very useful in toilet training our son whereby we put them inside his training pants. We absolutely love the cute nappies and we may buy more in the future.
24 Mar 2013
kel2702c from Bowral
Am really happy with these nappies. I used them with my now 3 year old and have started to use them with my new baby. They keep bub dry and fit well. Follow up with any issues (I've only ever had one problem with section of stitching on one nappy) was quick and hassle free.
14 Mar 2013
janel15 from Trinity Park
I purchased a nappy sprayer and bamboo liners to make using my cloth nappies as easy as possible. They provided very quick delivery and had the best price for what I wanted that I could find. I was very happy with the quality of service.
28 Feb 2013
Anonymous from Mackay
I bought my first GK nappy second hand online (not something I thought I would EVER do) as this was my foray into the world of MCN's, it was such an easy nappy to use that I have bought heaps more from our local GK supplier and I cant wait to buy more! I was part time disposables and part time cloth and now I rarely use the disposables. I was daunted at the range of nappies online, and sometimes I think I should try some other brands (I do have 1 other brand at home, but I never use it) but Gk has never let me or bubba down.
26 Feb 2013
elizas3 from Blackburn
I have tried about 5 brands of modern cloth nappies since my fourth baby was 2 weeks old and I was recommended to green kids by my sister in law who loved them. Once I got the Hang of it all I agree with her I love the Green kids the best, they dry quicker, feel nicer and are less bulky. They are really pretty colors too! I had the newborn sizes and have just ordered my supply to last me til bub is toilet trained- all from Green Kids when they had a fantastic sale the other week. Love that they are Australian made too.
26 Feb 2013
brees21 from Currimundi
I love these nappies!! Very easy to use that even my husband can change our 3 month old in the middle of the night with no issues!! Thank you Green Kids for making a nappy that is user friendly, looks great and is easy on the environment too!!
25 Feb 2013
lisal31 from Newcastle
These nappies fit well, dry more quickly than my other 2 brands, yet are very absorbent - I use the double bamboo inserts, plus a single bamboo booster if I want it to last longer (eg during the night- but not all night as my boy still feeds twice, meaning at least one night-time nappy change). A friend recommended them to me, and then at some markets I went to when I was pregnant, I won a sample "Newborn" size nappy. My husband likes these the best out of my 3-brand collection because the velcro is easier than snaps for his bigger fingers :/ My 8 month old son has worked out how to undo the velcro too though so I often have to cover up the cute nappy with cottontails to stop him going bare butt. He still fits the "Newborn" size nappy, but also the OSFM, so I have had a lot of use out of them and find myself reaching for them more frequently than my other two brands. The fact that it is a pocket nappy makes change time a little bit easier, instead of having to try to keep a few layers of absorbers in place while my wiggly boy rolls or tries to crawl away during nappy changes. I want more of them and I recommend them
15 Feb 2013
habooza from Kiara
I love how easy Green Kids nappies are to use. No adjusting the rise, and the velcro do-up means there are no in between sizes, so they always fit snug. The bamboo soakers are super absorbent and easily last through the night, plus the material on the shell is stay dry - whenever my little guy gets a red bottom, I put a GK nappy on and the rash actually goes away. The customer service is impeccable also.
15 Feb 2013
anabanana from Nollamara
When searching for a stockist of Beco Baby Carriers I was pleased to find one locally to WA. Upon making an online enquiry I received a response within 24 hours (despite being the weekend) which was both professional and courteous. Once ordered I found out my carrier qualified for free regular shipping and given that I am based in WA it only took 2 business days for the product to arrive - I was very pleased!
14 Feb 2013
bindw from Preston
the products are gorgeous and pretty easy to use. The design is simple, thats the appeal for me.
13 Feb 2013
BrightBirds from Camp Hill
We bought a little squirt for rinsing nappies. It leaks when we attach it to the toilet, but there are few similar options out there. We are going to get a plumber to have a look. Greenkids were selling this product for the cheapest price we could find and it was posted very promptly.
11 Feb 2013
Anonymous from Kendenup
I wish I'd ordered these Nappies earlier. My daughter is 1 and I can't believe I've wasted so much money on disposable nappies until now.
05 Feb 2013
I purchased a few Green Kids nappies on the recommendation of a lady in my mothers group while I was researching whether to switch to Modern Cloth Nappies or not and trying to work out what brand to buy. They arrived quickly and I was happy with the service and quality. They were easy to stuff with the liner, easy to fit properly to my daughter and did not leak. I like the smooth outer layer which does not seem too thick or hot for summer. I'm now ordering a few more to use regularly.
31 Jan 2013
crushlilyc from Ashburton
I first purchased a set of 12 Green Kids reusable nappies 18 months ago after trying a few of the brands available. I really only had two criteria; firstly that they not leak, and secondly, that they dry reasonably quickly. It turned out that Green Kids were the only ones I tried that did not leak at all. As for drying, they dry within 12 hours in 16+ temperatures as long as they get some full sunlight. If they need to dry indoors with heating on (such as in a dreary Melbourne winter) they will take about 24 hours. I use the nappies four out of seven days (my son's child carer prefers disposables) and they are certainly excellent value. I have recently purchased new outer nappies as after so much washing the velcro closers and the elastic around the legs has worn out. The inserts remain as absorbent as ever though. They have adjusted well to my son's growth and I do not expect to have to replace them again. I also find a vinegar rinse helps with any smell retained and a vinegar and baking soda hot rinse helps the washing machine! Very happy with the product and pleased to support a business from my home town.
04 Jan 2013
Melmac from Eltham
These nappies are really easy to use compared to other reusable nappies and they come in some cute colours and patterns. I did find however, that they sometimes retain a urine smell despite following all the washing instructions and drying them thoroughly in the sun. I really didn't like this. They can also be a bit on thr nose even after a very small wee.
21 Dec 2012
lina6242 from Sydney
Ordered a baby carrier on Friday night. It was posted on Monday morning and delivered on Tuesday. Very Happy. The price was a bit high but it is set by the baby carrier company. Definitely buy from here again. Thank You
15 Dec 2012
jenellison04 from Ferntree Gully
Fantastic product, fantastic service! Brilliant overnight cloth nappies that DO NOT leak and are just adorable!
14 Dec 2012
alishab3 from Urunga
Love the prints, certainly do the job at containing explosions! The bamboo inserts are fantastic too
11 Dec 2012
I started using Green Kids after spending alot of money on another brand & found they just didn't do the job. I now use only Green Kids and we love them!! The service is very fast and friendly, very impressed by there service.
07 Dec 2012
carlybd from Toowong
They were having a sale online, but the code was not working for some reason, so I sent them an email with the order I wished to place. I got a prompt phone call back to confirm my order, and the discount code, and received my order well within the approx. delivery time. The nappies are of great quality, and the velcro is great for those squirmy, grumpy days, and they are quick and easy to use, fit well, and no leaks!
06 Dec 2012
Anonymous from Carnarvon
I have been using Green Kids nappies for nearly two years and purchased both my start-up pack and subsequent replacements/additions through one of their home-based consultants (Sharon Bell). I am really happy with the quality of the product as they stand up well to the high rotation that they have been subjected to. The bamboo inserts are excellent in terms of absorption and will easily stand up to another several years of use. I am also happy with the service received from Sharon as she is always prompt to respond to correspondence, and orders are dispatched without delay.
02 Dec 2012
nic231 from Labrador
i have only recently started using green kids but so far im impressed. green kids was reccommeded from a group of mums at my childrens playgroup im glad i took there advice and gave them ago prices are standard quality so far fantastic
27 Nov 2012
Maggiesmum from Macarthur
Great product, fast delivery- very satisfied customer :) I love the fabric green kids use in their fun times nappies, it's soft and comes in some really funky designs (not just block colours). I also really like the slim fit of these nappies compared to some other brands.
21 Nov 2012
Katische7 from Wanniassa
I have been dealing with Green kids for the past 4 years and have purchased a number of their nappies. They are always very quick and courteous. I have only had one issue with a nappy in all that time ( I have probably purchased nearly 40 nappies and 25 inserts) and they very quickly replaced it for me - no questions asked. The quality of their nappies are second to none which is why I am using them on my 3rd child. I have only purchased some new nappies with Boy patterns as the inserts are still working well. Using Green kids nappies have saved me a lot of money and they are an Australian Owned and run company - which makes me even happier to support.
18 Nov 2012
22narelle22 from Safety Beach
I have been doing a lot of research around cloth nappies and came across Green Kids. I really enjoyed reading what they stand for and the customer reviews were great! I decided at that point to invest in a collection for my first born, due in February 2013. The products arrived promptly, offered superior quality, suffice to say, I am very pleased with my purchase and looking forward to testing them out. Compared to another brand I purchased, Green Kids have a much wider range, in an assortment of colours and quality bamboo inserts which wash up really well. TIP: The inserts take some time drying, so I would recommend washing early morning for efficiency. Based on the rave reviews, I'm confident I have made the right choice and will have the opportunity to test drive when baby arrives, to find the right working relationship.
16 Nov 2012
Anonymous from Sunnybank Hills
Perfect for my newborn baby. I am very happy with my greenkids purchase. I should know that earlier. I'm going to buy more...
09 Nov 2012
karent.81 from Port Douglas
I am very happy with my Greenkids purchase! These nappies are cute, easy to use and last my little girls longest nights sleep of 11hrs! Great discounts and fantastically quick and friendly service. My girl is a heavy wetter, so I found the Funtimes nappies only last 1-2hrs and she does need the double bamboo insert even during the day. But even though they wick quickly the Funtimes are still nice to use at home as a more breathable option for our tropical summers! But the Anytimes just last and last and last..... I highly recommend these nappies!
06 Nov 2012
jemrsa from Ferntree Gully
Products arrived very quickly (and was updated when they were in the post to me). Lots of clear information about how environmentally friendly my decision is to buy from GreenKids! Excellent service, good website, awesome product!
06 Nov 2012
shellyw0000 from Bankstown
A great product that is quite versatile. Information on the website was also helpful for showing us how to fold the osfm we bought to fit a newborn, so we could start using our nappies sooner without having to buy a whole lot of smaller ones.
06 Nov 2012
andrewh1111 from Liverpool
We love using our Green Kids Nappies. They're especially great at nights and the adjustable velcro is very Daddy friendly - very easy to use!
05 Nov 2012
michelleh2012 from Chipping Norton
We've only just started using cloth nappies on our little 7 week old. We had been using another brand with some success and only tried the anytimes all in one osfm Green kids recently after recommendation from a family member. They are amazing! No leaks and so easy to put on our little wiggly man! I would very much recommend them, especially as a night nappy because of their great absorbency.
02 Nov 2012
Anonymous from Albion Park
I was looking for a particular brand of baby carrier which is very hard to find in Australia (Beco). Found these guys to be 1 of the only 2 stockists here. They promptly answered my questions with several options regarding styles and models available. Pricing was much cheaper that opposition and delivery was very fast. Thanks!
02 Nov 2012
aimeep2 from South West Rocks
Loved their range of cloth nappies! Fitted my daughter's thunder thighs very well, and left no indentation marks!
01 Nov 2012
jmrs from Yarra Glen
Green Kids are an amazing all in one nappy that have beautiful design's. they work!!!! My baby has had no leeks and thats even all night..... they wash well and are almost dry when they come out the machine so no waiting for days for them to dry.
01 Nov 2012
kirstym16 from Mandurah
These are Fantastic reusable nappies and will definitely be back for more! They are very easy to use and machine washable. They prevent my baby from getting nappy rash!
30 Oct 2012
BetinaKate from Cheltenham
In the search for a baby carrier that does it all, I have found the Greenkids website to be most informative on the beco baby carriers and upon making enquiries with Greenkids found their customer service to be prompt and comprehensive. Hoping to order a beco Gemini soon...
28 Oct 2012
rosalinda2 from South Guildford
I've been using Greenkids nappies for my son now aged two and they have lasted beautifully, they wash and wear really well. I can't wait to buy a new set for baby No 2 and choose some funky girl patterns! The nappies have saved heaps of money but I especially love that they are locally made and so much better for the environment. Ros (Perth)
26 Oct 2012
sarahjanet from Newcastle
Beautiful cloth nappies, very good quality and very soft. I have looked at lots of brands and these are up there with my favourites.
25 Oct 2012
ering7 from Northcote
I have been using Green Kids nappies for 6 months and they are fantastic - I keep buying more. My baby is long and skinny and they fit really well.
25 Oct 2012
jenw9 from Boronia
Green kids have fantastic customer service. They respond to your queries straight away & their website is easy to use. It's good to be supporting an Australian made & owned product. A rareiety these days
25 Oct 2012 from Mentone
Easy ording, fast delivery, very impressed with the quality of the nappies and liners. My daughter loves them
25 Oct 2012
kimberleyp1 from Lane Cove
I have a few brands so I could test them out and have found the green nappies to be great. They seem to be the most resistant to staining and I love the Velcro which makes adjusting the size to suit bub very easy.
23 Oct 2012
natalieh17 from Ellenbrook
I have used Green Kids MCNs for all 4 of my children now and LOVE them. They are the most absorbent brand I have tried, are long lasting and look great - and have saved me a LOT of money!
21 Oct 2012
Anonymous from Broome
Great product I have tried 7 brands of cloth nappy and theses were the best. staff really supportive and helped with any questions I had re product or order. Great to speak to friendly helpful person
17 Oct 2012
my 4 yr old Gk nappies still do the job admirably, one complete pack and one top up pack and my 2 daughters have been totally covered from newborn to toilet training. No leaks, rash, no complaints at all, these little wonders have saved us hundreds of dollars and I recommend them to every new parent I know!
05 Oct 2012
jenniferw21 from Reservoir
I ordered some nappies and inserts online. After placing my order I realised I forgot to include the nappy liners I needed. I sent an email to them asking if I could include the liners to avoid having to pay double the postage if I submitted a separate order. They responded within 24 hours and were very accommodating. I got the delivery (including my nappy liners) the next day. Very happy customer and impressed with the ease.
28 Sep 2012
LauraR81 from Avoca
Green Kids nappies are AWESOME!! I've tried many different brands of MCNs, all of which leaked within an hour or two, & was so disappointed with them that I went back to disposables fulltime. I thought I'd give cloth nappies one last go & bought some Green Kids Anytime One Size nappies - OMG they are brilliant! I'm so impressed that thy fit so perfectly on my baby boy & NO LEAKS! I only wish I'd bought them sooner. The only reason I didn't buy them sooner was because of their low price - I figured the most expensive MCNs must be better - boy was I wrong. They are affordable & the prints are absolutely adorable. Green Kids is a fantastic Aussie brand. Looooooove them :)
24 Sep 2012
susanr11 from Upper Mount Gravatt
I have been buying cloth nappies and bamboo liners from Green Kids in preference to other suppliers as I have found the service great and the quality fantastic. The nappies have lasted four years on two babies and the bamboo liners are incredibly soft and a must have for easy nappy cleaning. Plus they are Australian made. Thanks so much to Green Kids for making the nappy changing years more environmentally and cost friendly.
23 Sep 2012
blerta1 from Fingal Bay
I love these nappies. They are easy, don't leak and look cute. My only gripe - some of the inserts take along time to dry. So you need backups in winter. Love these nappies : )
21 Sep 2012
Luls from Preston West
I have trialed many cloth nappies and Green Kids are the best overall. They're easy to use, clean and a great fit.
20 Sep 2012
michelleh32 from Junortoun
No more nappy rash since using the modern cloth nappies! The bamboo inserts are very absorbent but they do take a day of full sun to completely dry after washing them. Great value for money and works out cheaper than disposables in the long term.
20 Sep 2012
sammyh from Northcote South
Greenkids nappies have been very reliable and have lasted the distance, some I am now using in child number 3 (that's 4.5yrs of continual use!). Easy to use from newborn to toddler and even as a night nappy. Very versatile and Aussie made.
20 Sep 2012
Anonymous from Scarborough
I love my green kids nappies! They are so soft and they look gorgeous. I have a few different brands of cloth nappies but green kids are my favourite.
20 Sep 2012
Green kids nappies are fantastic, a leader in the modern cloth nappy world. Made here in Australia, a rare thing these days. Friendly service, answers questions, with out shame. Bright funky practical nappies, the wash, wear really well. The website is easy to use, and follow, which makes shopping quick and easy especially with 2 children needing you :-)
20 Sep 2012
mirandam from Cranbourne North
I purchased my first MCN through Green Kids at the Baby and Toddler show a few years ago for my now 3yo old daughter. The staff were very helpful at the stand and were very happy to answer my many questions! I'm now using this same nappy with my 5 month old son and absolutely love it. They are soft and wonderfully absorbent, I've never had a problem with these nappies and would highly recommend them (and already have to dozens of friends)!
19 Sep 2012
Anonymous from Melbourne
I don't generally like to leave bad reviews, but for this price, it's probably better to put your money elsewhere. I thought for what I paid it was safe to expect they'd last more than 3 uses. Wrong! Anytimes and Funtimes have been fine as workhorse nappies, it's just extremely unfortunate that the Minky nappies have all delaminated after barely any use. Cust service responded quickly and politely, but not willing to refund/replace without me posting nappies back at my own expense. A little unfair for issues that would seem not to be my doing! Do your research - there are similar nappies elsewhere for a better price and better quality.
19 Sep 2012
Anonymous from Mitcham
These australian made modern cloth nappies are amazing! 16 years ago i used cloth nappies for my first and there is no comparison to the older cloth style. These actually compare well to disposable nappies in absorbency and ease of use.
18 Sep 2012
Anonymous from Beaconsfield
Looking into MCN & this was the most comprehensive site I've found. Will be putting my order in soon :)
16 Sep 2012
mumtomonkeys from Epping
Green Kids were the first MCN i used and I fount them fantastic. I was attracted to the Funtimes with their funky prints. I also wanted velcro nappies to make them husband friendly. Although I found them a little bit bulky, they lasted the distance
14 Sep 2012
Anonymous from Narrabri
I have had my baby girl in green kids nappies since she was born. I absolutlley love them. i have recommended them to so many people. They are fantastic and have such a great range of colours and patterns to choose from.
13 Sep 2012
leszad from Tintinara
I have 2 kids in Green Kids nappies and have been extremely happy with them. I purchased 20 nappies for my firstborn nearly 2 years ago and now use the same ones for my 3 month old. They are very easy to use and wash. Some are now showing signs of wear but understandable given how many times they have been washed! I'm happy to recommend them to anyone.
07 Sep 2012
nicolez1 from Alexandria
Green cloth nappies - Be environmentally friendly and save money too! I love it with the high quality and great prices
28 Jul 2012
lyndab6 from Mona Vale
I bought 8 Green Kids nappies when my son was born. They are a bit big for newborns, being quite chunky between the legs, but they generally work pretty well. There are plain, or minky fabrics that are lovely and fluffy to the touch. However, after 3 years, I now have a second bub, and the nappies have all "relaxed" their elastic so much that they are not really useful any more. I saved some money using them on one bub, but they are not going to go the distance for a second bub.
25 Jun 2012
fivedollarshake from North Toowoomba
Fantastic nappies - I would say the best on the modern cloth nappy market. Super simple to use and wash, DAD FRIENDLY! They're as easy as disposables but so much better for the environment and your wallet. I used them for both children and it would have saved me around $3000-$4000 I nappies for two children. I always recommend Gren Kids to my expecting friends.
25 Jun 2012
larah4 from Burnie
LOVE the product, have made 3 orders already. Delivery fast and website easy to use. Thanks so much.
27 May 2012
belindam21 from Lancefield
Money well spent, I love that I dontbhave a weekly cost. In life we are already paying out for so much every week. If you like to save Monet then green kids are great value for money. When I first told my Husband I want to use cloth nappy's he didn't really care or have a feeling about it, but now he's tries getting people to use them. And why not what have you got to loss.
04 May 2012
katief6 from Hammond Park
I absolutely love GreenKids MCNs. Easy to use, good for the environment and cost effective. I've used the Anytimes One Sizes on my little girl since she was about 6 weeks old with no problems at all, night and day. Not a blowout yet! (and I can't say the same for disposables!) I've just doubled my stash (20 now) so that we can use them exclusively. Highly recommended.
17 Apr 2012
lesliem1 from Geneva
I am so glad of my new "Travis" baby carrier (Beco). This is a limited edition which I can't find anymore in my country (France or Switzerland). I love Australia, and I have been so delight to discover that I could find it by Green Kids. I had some trouble with the shipping coasts and one of Green Kids'team was very helpful with me. After using Paypal, they sent me the Travis. My little Pearl loves it and we walk happily together, thinking about how far are the kangaroos and how strong we want to go visiting your beautiful country soon. (Sorry for my bad English).
29 Mar 2012
mel from Greenfields
I love these nappies, they are so easy to use and there are no leakages or number 3's. I have been using them since the birth of number two baby and I wish that they were around when number one was born. The best MCN on the market, and I have tried just about every brand. If you are considering using cloth for baby, give them a go, you will not be disappointed!!!
23 Mar 2012
Anonymous from Sydney
We've been thrilled with Green Kids - their service is amazing and products fantastic. We've happily used their nappies for our first two children and they are still going strong, and will continue to use them for our twins that are on the way. Can't recommend them highly enough - we have 'converted' 5 of our friends who love them now too!
19 Mar 2012
peanut1603 from Pearcedale
I loved these nappies when I bought them for my daughter 3 years ago after trying several other brands, and I'm loving them now for my 7mo son. My stash has lasted well: I've just retired the few nappies I used most frequently with my daughter as the leg elastics' become a bit stretched from heaps of use and wrapping around a toddlers' chubby thighs! This has given me the opportunity to add some of the Anytimes Prints to my collection (which I probably would have bought anyway to be honest, they're so cute). The service has always been fast and friendly, and the price is great. I recommend these nappies to anyone who will listen. love Love LOVE them!!
16 Mar 2012
Anonymous from Kotara
Great product! There are cheaper cloth nappies out there, but these really are worth the money. I'm using them for twins and they are working brilliantly, I would definitely recommend :-)
15 Mar 2012
kater18 from Golden Grove
I am really pleased with the customer service provided by Green Kids. Shopping online has been so easy. All the product information I need has been provided and delivery to me at home has been very quick. I would recommend Green Kids reusable nappies to my friends and family.
10 Mar 2012
cristyb1 from Victoria Park
Green Kids nappies are easy to use, simple to clean (no soaking or messing about). We're now using the nappies we bought two years ago for our second child. I'd recommend paying the extra for MinkyTimes nappies: they feel great, last longer and look cute-as-pie. Recommended if you're thinking of trying cloth nappies. They're worth it.
09 Feb 2012
traceyp7 from Narangba
so cute! i love these, as a new mum it really puts a smile on my face finding a product like this :) no nappy rash!!
27 Dec 2011
The service is professional while still feeling personal. More work than disposables but not ridiculous and I feel it is worth if for the cost saving and environment saving.
21 Dec 2011
hetz1980 from Cleve
Bought a Beco baby carrier. Got the lowest price to be found anywhere plus a free postage deal. No complaints about the website, process, product, shipping or service!
14 Dec 2011
tracyr3 from Wahroonga
Wow these nappies Rock! I use cloth nappies half the week and I just keep buying more as they are so awesome (soon will be full time cloth.). Great absorbency, no smells and best of all no nappy rash. Couldn't rate them higher.
10 Dec 2011
lyndam9 from Morpeth
I am new to Green Kids being a first time mum everyone laughed & said that it wouldn't last when I told them which nappies I was going to use. I am glad we didn't listen because we love the Newborn Nappies! You do need to wash them about 6 times before you use them to increase absorbency initially but it does increase with additional washes. It is so great not having to add disposable nappies to the shopping list & I don't notice any extra washing because the nappies wash perfectly well with other clothes - thanks Green Kids for a fantastic product, helping to save the planet one cute, clean little tooshie by one!!
09 Dec 2011
simonm13 from Lancefield
Fantastic. We love green kids. My son has a Every green bum. When we told our friends and family we were going to use cloth nappy's we got laugh at and told is sounds good but we wouldn't see it through..... Well well well we have shown them, we love how cute our son looks and the money we save is great. Now who's laughing with the extra money.
07 Dec 2011
Anonymous from Croydon Park
I had a bit of a problem with leaking from around the leg at first, but have learnt to keep the nappy taut around the legs and to ensure that the inner lining is tucked in. Quick delivery, and good quality.
07 Nov 2011
laurah18 from Tarragindi
Have not had any leaks, the nappies dry really quickly and I love the reusable wipes too. We're saving so much money not using disposable nappies or wipes. Love this product!
06 Nov 2011
Love Green Kids nappies! They are a great fit, easy to clean and dry super fast! They come in a huge range of funky designs and colours and they look so cute!
05 Nov 2011
Anonymous from Inverell
I love green kids nappies. Simple to use, look great and they work. Customer service is excellent with great ongoing support if you need it.
04 Nov 2011
Anonymous from Cranbourne
I tried different nappies with a Nappy Library and Green Kids didn't leak. I would recommend them for heavy wetters.
03 Nov 2011
I have literally tried almost every MCN - GreenKids are by far the best nappy in my massive stash. Perfect one size nappy suitable from newborn through to toilet trained. Perfect for any sized baby - I have a very tall, skinny child with skinny legs, and one little chubby bubba with cuddly thighs and big belly - they've worked perfectly for both - not one single problem. Super absorbent bamboo inserts that are so much more reliable than microfibre inserts that leak,able to use extra inserts for night use, pocket nappy for quicker drying, and great colours and cute prints complete the package making this my all-time favourite nappy.
03 Nov 2011
I love Green Kids nappies. I've been using cloth nappies fulltime for over 3 years, on 2 different kids, and these are my absolute favourite nappies. They are super absorbent for my heavy wetters too!
03 Nov 2011
melissab33 from Inverell
After using many different other brands of nappies, I tried Green Kids and loved them. My son is a heavy wetter and all the other nappies leaked, even if only on him for half an hour. With the Green Kids nappies, I use the booster and I get four hours use out of one nappy. He never gets a rash with these nappies and they are so easy to put on. Also, the inserts go inside the nappy so in the case of a number two, you don't have poo all through the inserts, you only need to rinse it off the cover. I find the bamboo inserts the best for absorbency, but they do take a full day on the line in the hot sun to dry after washing. I find that's a small price to pay for such a wonderful product. Very highly recommended.
02 Nov 2011
Anonymous from Bulimba
We have used Green Kids nappies for our first child and have now stocked up on some more so we can also use them for our second baby (due soon) too. These nappies are such a great product, and work even better than disposables (less nappy rash!) as well as being great for the environment. I cannot fault the customer service of the Green Kids team and highly recommend this brand to anyone who asks (and many who don't!). Thanks Green Kids for providing such a great alternative to disposables :)
01 Nov 2011
candicea1 from West Launceston
Green Kids nappies are easy to use and easy to wash. We use the microfiber inserts which dry so quick, you can have them washed and dried and back on baby's bum in a couple hours. There is not much effort involved at all i love them, bub loves them and so does the environment. I wish every mum gave them a go and see just how fabulous they are.
01 Nov 2011
hannahh6 from Alice Springs
I bought about 20 green kids nappies when my little girl was about to be born. These nappies have been great value. My little girl is now over 2 and has a baby brother. The nappies we originally bought mostly in good condition. One has split at the front which hasn't affected the product use, just wear and tear from so much use. We have never had to put either of our babies in disposables which I am really proud of. We also have some wet bags. I bought the large wet bags to put my uniform in before coming home from work. I am a nurse and wanted to protect my kids from as many hospital germs as I could. They are also great for dirty nappies while out and about. The only shame is I don't need any more. They have all these lovely new prints and I love looking at them. However I can't really justify the cost as we are never short of nappies!
31 Oct 2011
jowindmill from Northcote
I have tried many brands of cloth nappies, and Green Kids are my faves, hands down. They are always the first to be used fro the nappy basket and I now am building up my Green Kids stash slowly/ They are well constructed, the elastic is still as good as the day they were bought after 18 months of constant use, and the flexibility of the extra layers inside to make a night nappy is the only cloth nappy night option which has worked for us.
31 Oct 2011
heleng23 from Bulimba
I have been using Green Kids nappies on my now 9mth old since he was 5 weeks old. I love them. I find them extremely easy to use and care for. Being forced to use disposables for the first few weeks then switching to cloth, I found that the Green Kids nappies were just like using disposable nappies only you have to wash them of course :-). I have had the odd leak and found that one has started to fray a little on the Velcro, however some of my nappies were hand me downs (this is how I discovered Green Kids). And leaks happen with all nappies. The bamboo inserts can take a while to get dry, so it is worth having some hemp inserts or another brand to alternate with. I now use cloth nappies 100% of the time, even when we go away. I would not do so if it was not so easy. I also use one other brand of pre-fold nappies, but only as they were given to me and I do like to put something different on my little one from time to time.
31 Oct 2011
The site is fantastic and easy to use. The lady was very friendly on the phone and answered all my questions in great detail and helped me work out what mcn was the best for me. Will shop there again. Lovely lady fantastic business. Great MCNs!!!
31 Oct 2011
kerrybelinda from Outtrim
Fantastic nappies. Been using them for many years now. I loves that the one nappy is made to suit from newborn to toddler and now with the toddler range added...I'm set! Love that they use the velcro/hook & loop rather than the snaps (so much easier to use...and husband friendly)
31 Oct 2011
jobyonekanobe from Wallsend
We have used Green Kids nappies for both our girls, getting a new set for the youngest (because the eldest is so rough on her clothes, she wore out the edges on hers). My youngest, now 18 months, is not so tough on hers, and her nappies still look almost pristine. My husband loves them - he is always demonstrating how easy they are to use and care for. Both sets of grandparents like them, and comment on how much easier they are than the terry squares they used, and how they are (in use) almost no different to the disposables the other grand kids wear. Our eldest was an EXTREMELY heavy wetter, so the ability to add extra boosters was SO useful! Sometimes we even put in two whole liners. We very rarely had any leakages, and if we did, it was because she'd wriggled so much we'd put the nappy on wonky. When someone told me how much they pay for disposables per month, I was horrified! I think it was about half our set-up cost for our original 26 nappies and two wet-bags. We've gone on road trips with the kids, and because the nappies can go in the dryer, we've never had an issue. The customer service we received was fantastic - good communication for orders received, packed, and posted, and very prompt service. It took only a few days to get our "fluffy mail". I have used two other types of MCNs, and these are by far my favourites. I couldn't imagine using anything else!
31 Oct 2011
megans13 from Preston
After using disposables with my first, I decided to (nervously) try using modern cloth nappies with my second. Well- green kids could not have made it easier. Easy to put on, wash, no leaks, keeps baby's butt dry and great customer service. It certainly beats hanging around in supermarket queues or dashing out at night to buy that packet of disposables! And we managed to have a family holiday with the money we saved as well!
31 Oct 2011
Anonymous from Shenton Park
I have been using the same 25 green kids nappies since my toddler was 9 weeks old, and now on my second child as well. After using these same nappies for over two years, day in day out, I can vouch for the quality of this product! I have tried a couple of other brands and have found Greenkids to be by far the best. The ladies ship very quickly, and respond to any emails promptly. The only possible negative I would say is that like all cloth nappies, they are bulkier than disposables, so sometimes its harder to find pants to fit. Overall though, highly recommend.
31 Oct 2011
Anonymous from Palm Beach
First time user of MCNs and I chose Green Kids after doing some research and reading reviews. I bought about 24 nappies before my daughter was born, she was in disposables until she was about 2 months as she was just too little for the cloth to start with. She is now 18 months and the experience of using the Green Kids cloth nappies has been fabulous. The nappies themselves are still in perfect condition. They really do start to work best after about 5 washes, the seem to become more absorbent as you wash them more. So a few leaks in the first month and occasionally still after a long night's sleep with no wakeups, the outside of the nappy might be a bit damp, but no more so than if she was wearing a disposable. Have been amazed how easy to wash the Green Kids and can't believe they don't stain. Straight into the dry bucket after use, then I wash every 2 days, hang them in the sun to dry and they are fresh and as new as when I bought them. Very low maintenance really.
31 Oct 2011
christina5 from Yeronga
Ordering and delivery was easy. Care of the nappies was easy and I loved not ever running out of nappies and having to do a late night nappy run. They are long lasting and very easy to use. Of all the cloth nappies on the market, I really like ones
31 Oct 2011
petaf1 from Tarragindi
These nappies are fantastic! I bought the complete nappy package for my now 4 year old daughter and am still using them for my now 2 year old son. We used them SO much that we needed to have the elastic replaced on some of the older ones!! And the email support from Sasha when we did that was FANTASTIC!! I have continued to buy some of the funkier nappies over the course of my kids life...who can help it? The are functional AND cool! My favourites are the minkytimes with animal prints. Keep up the good work guys!! Oh and yes, I have saved megabucks!!
27 Oct 2011
aleishaa from Scarborough
Cheapest price for a 'Little Squirt' that I could find online. Placed my order one day and the item was delivered to my door the very next day.
30 Mar 2011
marnieg1 from Bunbury
Easy to use website, with a very fast transaction. I ordered the nappies on Monday and received them on Wednesday - even though I live in a rural area! This is my 5th order through the Green kids website. Love their product and their customer service!
16 Mar 2011
mariama2 from Blacktown
I love green kids nappies, I used them on my first son, now 2 1/2 only at night. and now with the twins, they are fantastic. all my friends use disposable and complain about not just wet but soaked sheet, mine may be damp, but never wet. the other night I was behind on the washing and found some Huggies nappies understanding they're the best, for the frist time the sheets were soaked.
03 Mar 2011
I love these nappies! With my first child I tried them first (on recommendation) and then tried a heap of different nappies. I always returned back to my Greenkids nappies as my favourite, and now I'm having my second daughter I get to use them again (and have shouted myself some new ones.) The daycare centre my children go to are even happy to use them, as they don't need soaking, just wrapping and put away in a wet bag. This company has fantastic customer service, with nappies often arriving the next day after purchasing. I love my fluffy mail, especially when it comes from Greenkids :)
03 Mar 2011
Fantastic product supplied with great customer service!!! Love these nappies - i've never had a leak when i have put them on properly :) Cannot fault the customer service - very prompt postage and very friendly service! When consider cost v using disposable nappies i feel they are very good value for money! Easy to wash - no stains etc Would definitely recommend these nappies!!!
04 Jan 2011
jemnjuls from Salisbury East
Love the nappies, love the service and generosity of staff. Nappies are high quality (even the supposedly defective ones I got on a good sale!). Beautiful fabrics and very easy to use. MUCH cheaper than using disposables. Only switched a couple of months ago, and only have 3 nappies, but that's enough for day use for a 15 month old if I wash them each evening and leave them to dry over night. God willing there will be another child at some stage, and then we will buy more Green Kids nappies.
12 Aug 2008
Mummyof4 from Mckail
Wonderful product, speedy delivery and amazing customer service! I have used these on my two little boys since the eldest was 10 weeks old (he is now 4) and they are so good! They are so easy for my husband to use too. We have saved $1000's by using these.
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