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15 Jan 2022
Heather was an absolute god send during my wedding. She altered my super detailed, heavily beaded, fit and flare Sottero and Midgley wedding dress which was 4 sizes too big, to look like it was made for me all along! From the very first consultation I knew I was in safe hands and that my wedding dress was one thing I no longer needed to worry about. She made me feel comfortable through every step and went above and beyond to make sure my dress was absolutely perfect! Heather is phenomenally skilled, attentive to detail, professional, passionate for what she does and genuinely cares for her clients. Heather schedules all your fitting appointments early on so you know exactly what to expect and when. Her pricing is also more than reasonable for all of this along with the quality and peace of mind you get from her service. Thoroughly recommend to any bride! Thank you Heather!!!
16 Oct 2019
Heather was friendly and professional from the very first enquiry I sent her in regards to altering a gown I had bought off the rack. She was genuinely excited for my wedding and I admired her philosophy that no matter what the dress costs, achieving the perfect fit to make you feel beautiful on your special day was of utmost importance. Fittings were well organised in advance and a courtesy reminder was always sent by Heather which was very helpful when you don't see each other for weeks at a time. Heather has a cheerful but calm and relaxed approach which makes you feel confident about the final fitting. The transformation my gown took on was pretty minor but it made all the difference and fit me like a glove in the end thanks to Heather's keen eye for detail. Lastly, a special thank you to Heather for reshuffling an appointment time due to a last minute event I had on!
12 Oct 2019
Thank you Heather for altering my dress. I’m so happy with it! My dress fits perfectly and sits nicely on my body! Your attention to detail is much appreciated.
30 Jun 2019
Perfectionist! Heather re designed and altered a basic dress and created a beautiful bridal gown that is absolutely stunning! She loves what she does and treats every dress and bride with the utmost care.
13 May 2019
rachaelk943 from Melbourne
Heather altered my vintage wedding gown to perfection. She clearly loves her work and treats every dress as special and unique. I had complete confidence from the beginning that she would do a wonderful job and her work exceeded my expectations. I would recommend Heather to anyone needing alterations to their wedding gown, particularly if it’s a vintage gown.
15 Apr 2019
emilyv972 from Balwyn
Heather is incredible! Her work on both of my wedding dresses were beyond my expectations. Heather altered a fitted lace gown & a beaded bodice tulle gown I worn on my wedding day. I was so happy with the end result look of both dresses. She is amazing at what she does & creates a really relaxed & comfortable environment in her work space. You & your dress/es are in safe hands with Heather!
13 Apr 2019
Heather is amazing. She makes you feel so comfortable, beautiful and special and WOW can she make your vision come to life! My wedding dress was 70% “there” - I liked it but I didn’t love it. I wanted a few things changed and some bling added. It also needed to be taken in and up to fit me like a glove. I’m not someone who often wears dresses or feels pretty in them. So it’s a big deal to me to actually feel beautiful and comfortable in a dress - and this is all thanks to Heather! Heather listened to all of my ideas and weaved her magic and I couldn’t be happier. It’s exactly what I always wanted. I’ll be telling every bride to go and see her!
12 Jan 2019
Heather is amazing at what she does. Her attention to detail and wealth of knowledge in dress making made my vintage wedding dress restoration an enjoyable and smooth process. I felt fabulous wearing my mum's 40 year old wedding gown on the big day making it my own thanks to Heather.
15 Dec 2018
I had a wedding gown made to measure by a very reputable boho-style dress designer in Queensland. It featured a stretch lace bodice, which I thought would increase the likelihood of it fitting well. However, after four months in production, when it arrived in Melbourne, it did not fit me at all! It was too long and loose in the bodice, the skirt was too heavy and swamped my short frame, and it was just unflattering in every way. I was so upset! I considered starting again with a new dress, but neither time nor money were on my side. I decided to search for a talented dressmaker in order to seek advice about whether or not the dress was salveagble. I found Heather Sellick, who clearly had a strong reputation, and contacted her to see if she would be willing to at least have a look at the dress and give her opinion. She was super busy, as the spring wedding season had just begun, but wanting to help, she squeezed me in for a consultation anyway. As soon as I met her, and put the dress on, I knew she was going to be able to fix my dress. She immediately knew what all of the problems were with it and how to fix it! It was like she was reading my mind. She pinned me in, pulled things up and down, and I was able to visualise the potential outcome. I left the dress in her very capable hands, and returned for several fittings over a period of a few weeks, while she deconstructed and reconstructed the entire dress to fit and flatter my figure. I picked my dress up today, with only a few weeks until my wedding, and I could not be happier! I think I am generally a pretty fussy person when it comes to clothing, but I am absolutely in love with this dress and I cannot wait to wear it! I highly recommend Heather to anyone who has purchased a gown that they are unhappy with. She has an impeccable eye, understands exactly how to shape and structure fabrics to flatter the body, and does flawless alterations. She is also a very warm and engaging person to spend time with. In short, Heather is the best! Go with Heather! :)
27 Nov 2018
Heather is awesome! With her keen eye for detail combined with her superb skills she sculpted my dresses to my bodyshape. I was totally at ease with her and know that the results will be great. She has great technique and on all of my three dresses she managed to do a great job. I had a fully lace wedding dress, a satin cheongsam and a sequins dress. She is on point and never misses a detail and not to forget very affordable too. I highly recommend using her servicss because besides all of the above she is lovely to deal with!
04 Nov 2018
I purchased a sample Jenny Packham wedding dress that I needed altered and Heather was absolutely amazing and knew exactly how to alter the dress to fit me perfectly. Heather is such a lovely, fun lady & made me feel so comfortable with the whole process. I highly recommend Heather for working with designer dresses & delicate fabrics. Thank you so much Heather! :)
14 Oct 2018
Every woman's dream is to find the right person for altering your wedding dress. Highly recommended. I'm a curvy lady and Heather did the upmost to adjust my dress to fully compensate my needs. My dress fitted just like a glove.
01 Sep 2018
Heather made the impossible possible when altering my dress. My dream dress was to small for me but Heather made it fit perfectly! I am so thankful for all of her help in making my perfect dress perfect for me.
27 Jun 2018
I can’t Thank Heather enough for resizing my wedding dress to fit me like a glove. I purchased a very high end bridal couture wedding dress second hand from Sydney. When it arrived in the post, I devistated as the size was about 2 sizes too small and regardless of any weight I lost, my frame was just too big for the dress. Heather reassured me that I will be walking down the isle in my dream dress. The skill and knowledge Heather has is remarkable and I would recommend her to anyone.
18 Jun 2018
kyliea16 from Burwood
After my intital consultation i found out i was pregnant with my second child. Heather was incredible in reassuring me the dress i intially bought would be fine. Heather saw me out of her normal hours and went above and beyond to give me the perfect dress.She is a miracle worker and i highly recommend her.
15 Apr 2018
From the moment I walked in to Heather's studio I knew I was in safe hands. Her attention to detail, pride in what she does and skill is phenomenal. Nothing is too much trouble. I completely trusted her judgement on everything. By the end of the sessions I felt liked I'd known Heather forever. I would whole heartedly recommend Heather to anyone!
22 Mar 2018
Heather was amazing! I was nervous when I looked into altering my dress but Heather made me feel totally at ease with the process through her professionalism. She is extremely talented, nothing was too much to ask, and she created a dress that was even better than anything I had imagined! I felt beautiful on my wedding day and received so many compliments on my dress and the way it fit. She also made me a stunning veil which i loved. I definitely recommend Heather for all alterations!
14 Feb 2018
Heather is a true professional and expert in her field. I could not recommend her more highly. She did an excellent job on my dress and managed to achieve a better result then I could have ever expected. I can not thank you enough!
10 Jan 2018
We were using Nicole's Grandmother's and Mother's beautiful 60 year old lace dress. Heather did an amazing job altering this "antique" dress to fit perfectly and redesigning to bring it into a more modern design yet retain the "antique" feel. The final result was gobsmacking. Everyone at the wedding was amazed that it had been re-inforced and altered. Heather worked tirelessly and congenially to accommodate Nicole's desires! Beautiful talent!
06 Jan 2018
Heather is an absolute perfectionist & only wants the very best for her brides! She is incredibly talented! Loved her alterations for my dress! One extremely happy client in me! Highly recommend Heather. She is friendly, happy, loves what she does & is easy to work with!
26 Dec 2017
I was given a dress and to be honest I didn't know that it could ever be something that I'd be happy wearing. However, I was on a budget and couldn't afford to buy another gown so I took this one to Heather to be altered. On my wedding day I could not have been happier with how I looked. I felt truly beautiful and by all accounts everyone else agreed that my dress was stunning! That never would have been possible without Heather. She is ridiculously good at what she does and she made a miracle happen for me!
05 Dec 2017
When I first met Heather, and she spoke about what she could do to alter my dress to make it fit me perfectly, she made me feel completely at ease and happy to put my full trust in her knowledge and skills. And I couldn't have been happier with the result. I went from having a beautiful, but ill-fitting dress, to having a dress that looked like it had been personally made for my shape. Heather Sellick is incredible at what she does and she has such a warm nature that every fitting is like a catch up with a friend. I had so many compliments from guests on my dress and I felt beautiful and comfortable all day. Thank you for the amazing work you do Heather, you made my perfect dress fit me perfectly.
30 Nov 2017
Heather was absolutely amazing!! She made my dress fitting process so enjoyable and helped make me look & feel amazing.
08 Nov 2017
Heather was lovely right from the get go! My wedding dress turned out perfect after Heather did the alterations. Very professional, and excellent at what she does. I'm recommending Heather to everyone.
11 Aug 2017
I highly recommend Heather for any dress making or alterations needs you may have. I purchased a designer wedding dress second hand and Heather helped to ensure it fit me like a glove for my special day. She also made my veil and was very reasonably priced given most things mentioning the word 'wedding' are very expensive! Her bright, friendly nature made her such a delight to deal with and I will forever be grateful to her for helping me feel so beautiful on my special day.
25 Apr 2017
Heather is amazing at what she does, if I could give more stars I would. I contacted Heather for alterations to my wedding dress and the result was perfect. When I picked up my dress from the shop I was no longer in love with it as it was too big in areas, after some searching I found Heather. On my last fitting the dress fit perfectly and I fell in love with it just like I did the first time I tried it on. I may have even shed a tear or two. Thank you Heather for the incredible work you did on my dress and for making me feel perfect in it.
11 Apr 2017
Heather is incredibly talented. Her attention to detail is second to none and she absolutely made the dress fit like a glove (no small task as I bought a dress that didn't Fit). I Couldn't recommend her any more highly. She offered a stress free process- she is fabulous!
02 Apr 2017
Heather was absolutely lovely and did a wonderful job altering my wedding dress. She not only did the usual alterations so the dress would fit me, but also fixed an issue with the skirt that I wasn't even aware of - and it made such a difference to how the dress looked! She is friendly and professional, and I highly recommend her.
06 Mar 2017
catsta from Eltham North
Very glad I found Heather for the alterations to my wedding dress. The dress was about a size too big and she did a fantastic job altering it, explaining the process and what would be best. When I went for the next fitting, she showed me the progress and explained how the dress was altered to suit the best bits of my figure rather than just be taken in everywhere to be super fitted (looked amazing!). The lace was a bit tricky so super glad Heather was able to fit me in and do such a fantastic job, with such attention to detail. I definitely think someone with less experience would not have done such a great job. Thank you Heather.
25 Feb 2017
I could not be happier with my wedding dress. Heather captured everything I pictured my dream dress to be and more. She understood exactly what I wanted, and offered suggestions to help me along the way. I just picked up my dress, it fit perfectly and is gorgeous. I never thought I would be able to afford a custom dress but Heather's prices are so reasonable. It was such an enjoyable experience and I will be forever grateful.
22 Feb 2017
What an amazing experience! Heather went above and beyond with my dress to transform it into something special. She is so talented and professional with her work and her passion for wedding dresses shows! Her suggestions along the way just made the dress look stunning. I'm so happy I found her in time. Thanks again Heather, your work is amazing! xx
21 Feb 2017
Purchased a dress and it was ok.... now after seeing heather it is prefect! She completely transformed my dress to something i love!! Full of advice, knows what she is talking about. Really cares about you and the dress as if it's her own. Can't thank you enough!
02 Feb 2017
Heather is just amazing! She is so talented at her job and completely professional and very reasonably priced. I couldn't recommend her more highly. She altered my wedding dress to be my dream dress. And the custom dresses she has in her studio are gorgeous.
31 Jan 2017
Heather was brilliant, she made me feel incredible through all my alterations. Her eye for detail is incredible. She made my dress so much more me and made me feel like every bride should on their wedding day. I highly recommend Heather I would never go anywhere else.
23 Jan 2017
Heather is fantastic!! I purchased a wedding dress & wasn't completely happy with it, Heather suggested how she could alter it to make me happy & I was over the moon with the out come. I highly recommend Heather & wouldn't go to anyone else, she is amazing !!
12 Jan 2017
Heather was exceptional. She made my dress fit like a glove and I was deemed the most beautiful goddess bride, and that was all thanks to the dress. She made me feel incredibly comfortable in every way! Would definitely recommend Heather, as she was recommended to me!
06 Dec 2016
Heather is amazing at what she does. She has years of experience that enable her to modify any dress to the needs of her clients. I cannot recommend her highly enough. I initially had my dress altered at the dress store I purchased it from with horrendous results. When I first met Heather I disliked my dress and was feeling quite desperate. She could see the problem areas and knew instantly how to fix them with minimal input from me (literally; all I did was gesture unhappily to the skirt and bust, but that was enough for her to grasp what I didn't like and how I actually wanted it to look!) This skill comes from years of working with brides and a wonderful level of communication. She took the time to ensure she knew that I would be happy with the changes, and suggested further alterations that I hadn't even contemplated. The results were spectacular. Everyone at my wedding loved my dress as much as I do. I received so many compliments. It fit me perfectly and had such a wonderful shape to it. The train was magnificent, thanks to Heather securing the lace to the satin underlay and it bustled beautifully. I cannot thank her enough for how much work she put into my dress. I love it so much, and it gave me so much confidence on my wedding day.
08 Nov 2016
sarbear7 from Bayswater
Heather turned my dream wedding dress into a perfect fit! Her attention to detail & expert knowledge meant that my store bought dress looked like it was made for me. Not only did my dress look great but it also felt great. Heather is a lovely person who is reliable, trustworthy & excellent at what she does!
17 Oct 2016
Heather was an absolute pleasure to deal with in every way, she fitted a dress that I had bought from a shop and added some lovely touches to the dress for me, she knows her stuff and I completely trusted her to make my dress look perfect, which she did! She also fitted my bridesmaids dress as well, which was also done to perfection!! I highly recommend Heather to anyone wanting to have their dress fitted properly and want to know that it will be done perfectly!!
13 Oct 2016
Heather is absolutely fabulous – I can’t praise her enough. She re-designed my Mum’s wedding dress from the 80s and it just looked beautiful. Heather took the time to understand exactly what I wanted and helped guide me through the process over a number of visits to her studio. She is a true master of her craft.
20 Jun 2016
Heather was fantastic to work with, she helped me create a beautiful wedding dress from scratch. It turned out just how I wanted because she was so patience and had an amazing eye for detail. Couldn't of asked for a more lovely dress maker she is wonderful.
10 Jun 2016
Heather was an absolute pleasure to deal with. My dress needed to be taken from a 16 to a 10 and had a lot of detail & embroidery as well as straps and a high back and she did an amazing job! Before going to Heather I was skeptical it would be able to be done but the dress fit me perfectly once she worked her magic. She was friendly and welcoming at every fitting as well. I will be recommending Heather to everyone.
11 Apr 2016
samw26 from Montrose
Heather transformed a wedding dress into my gorgeous gown so it was perfect for me by making subtle changes and alterations. Her work is sheer perfection. I am so thankful for her expertise. I have no hesitation recommending her to anyone looking for a first class service for bridal alterations.
03 Apr 2016
Heather was wonderful! She has an amazing eye for detail and gives very honest, impartial and professional advice. She was very adaptable to my 'change-of-mind' and always so lovely and friendly. She was a total joy to work with and I recommend her highly.
22 Mar 2016
I could not fault my experience with Heather! She is friendly, helpful and exceptional at what she does. She made my dress perfect because knows exactly what she is talking about/doing and I would reccommend her to anyone needing wedding dress alterations.
20 Mar 2016
Heather did a beautiful job altering and attaching beaded sleeves to my wedding dress. Her work is faultless. The sleeves looked as though they had always been a part of my dress. Heather is warm, friendly and professional. I would highly recommend her service.
20 Mar 2016
Heather is truly amazing, I had my dress made from scratch and had an idea in my head, with a few photos of bits and pieces that I liked. Heather was able to extract the ideas out of my head and knew exactly what would work for me, to the very last detail. She is a genius, so good at what she does, the quality of her workmanship is exceptional. You definitely won't be disappointed with her services
10 Mar 2016
Heather is an absolute miracle worker. After having a terrible experience with purchasing my wedding dress, including being sold the wrong size (!!) Heather squeezed me in to her busy schedule, calmed my anxiety and changed my dress that was pretty but didn't really suit me, into a dress that made me look and feel like a princess!!! She was so confident and genuine and I just can't praise her enough!!
09 Mar 2016
Heather fit me in on short notice to alter my dress! She was amazing and knew exactly what she was doing
02 Mar 2016
Heather was nothing short of amazing!! I purchased my dress online and Heather was able to alter it to perfectly suit my shape. She made it more beautiful than I could imagine. Heather is a perfectionist, which is exactly what you want when dealing with altering wedding dresses. Could not possibly recommend more highly!!
01 Mar 2016
Heather redesigned my mother's 1972 wedding gown into a fresh and modern design that made my day very special. Heather was immediately able to sketch out a design and had a clear vision for what she could do to transform the dress. She is warm, lovely and talented - I missed visiting her once the dress was finished! I cannot thank her enough for her wonderful work and can highly recommend a consultation with her.
26 Feb 2016
Heather was absolutely fantastic. Very professional and incredibly skilled. I was very nervous about having my fully beaded dress altered. She altered the hem and sleeves beautifully and had some great suggestions for how to wear it. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her!
06 Dec 2015
Heather is an outstanding professional that I highly recommend. After many alterations in the store where I purchased my dress, I was still unhappy with how the dress looked on me. With our wedding day quickly approaching, I did a google search and after reading her reviews I gave Heather a call. I am so thankful that I did! Words cannot describe how happy I am. Heather is professional, knowledgable and extremely friendly. Thank you Heather. I cannot thank you enough!!!
21 Nov 2015
anais from Croydon
Heather is incredible at her job. I loved my wedding dress, but disliked what it looked like on my body because it just didn't fit right. Heather made the dress look like it was made especially for me & my body shape. She is incredibly talented & took so much care and put in so much effort with my dress. I am so incredibly happy with how it looks now. She was also friendly, accomodating, and every step of the way went above and beyond to make sure I was 100% happy. Thank you so much Heather, one VERY happy bride here!!!
20 Nov 2015
I found Heather through a google search and after reading reviews I I decided to make an appointment. Heather did such an amazing job with my dress and I couldn't be happier. My dress alterations for the type of dress I had was more complex than other dresses out there and nothing seemed too hard for Heather. I ended up buying my dress second hand via eBay so when it arrived was quite big on me and Heather altered it so it fits me perfectly. I am really happy how the end product looks. Thanks so much Heather!!!
17 Nov 2015
Heather just did alterations to my wedding dress and it is now beyond amazing. She is a wonderfully lady to deal with and her work shows how much care, love time and effort she puts in to every dress. She will treat your dress with the respect and quality as you do and as it deserves. She is very helpful with connections in regards to additions such as bras etc. She works out of her home which makes making appointments very easy and flexible. As far as pricing goes she is very reasonable especially in regards to the amount of work she does to your dress. If you are getting married and need alterations I can't recommend Heather highly enough. Thank you Heather for all you have done for me I look forward to brining my dress back next year to get more alterations to it to turn it into yet another amazing dress.
13 Oct 2015
Heather is amazing! From giving advice on finding the perfect accessories, to making the experience pleasant and stress free. And my wedding dress looks stunning! I Would Highly recommend Heather to any bride looking for an outstanding dress making/altering lady to make you look and feel the way a bride should feel on her wedding day.
13 Oct 2015
I am so pleased i found Heather. She is extremely welcoming and friendly and put me completely at ease. I couldn't have imagined my dress turning out as amazing as it has, it fits absolutely perfectly and suits my figure exactly. Thank you Heather! I would highly recommend Heather.
17 Aug 2015
Heather was amazing and so friendly! Her professionalism showed in the work she did on my gown. I went to her with my dress as I saw the outstanding work she did for my sister's. I have already reccommended her to anyone that asks.
24 Jun 2015
juditmb from Thomastown
I traveled over an hour to visit Heather from home based on her reputation and a recommendation from a friend and was not disappointed. Not only is she a lovely person but she made alterations to my dress with minimum of fuss and fittings and it was a perfect fit with exactly the changes I'd asked for! The fact that I am writing this review a year after my wedding is a testament to the fantastic service she provides.
31 May 2015
Words cannot describe how happy I am that I found Heather on google! When I ordered and collected my dress from the store I was not really loving it but had felt pressured to purchase as I was running out of time. Heather made it my dream dress! She was so lovely, honest and professional and did the best job of the alterations, and the price was reasonable too. I only wish I had found her earlier and could have had my dress made from scratch. I could not not recommend her more highly!!!
29 May 2015
Heather was amazing and the only person I would trust with a wedding gown. My dress took a lot of work but was completed quickly, the works were impeccable and the cost was reasonable. I will continue to recommend her to any one who asks.
17 May 2015
Heather was so amazing to work with. She is so talented at what she does and works so hard to ensure every little detail is just right. An absolute pleasure to work with! Such a beautiful soul! Xoxo
11 May 2015
I was referred to Heather by a friend and she did a fantastic job. She was helpful and friendly all throughout the process and she also provided some really helpful tips along the way. I thought the pricing was reasonable and I would recommend her to all my friends.
22 Apr 2015
I picked up my wedding dress last weekend and Heather did an absolutely amazing job! Basically remade my bust and was able to peel off and restitch the lace. The dress looks like it was made for me yet it was off the rack. Whilst it may not be the cheapest you can get, it was well worth every cent, would recommend her to any of my friends.
14 Apr 2015
Heather is unbelievable!!! She re-created my mums wedding dress into my very own dream dress! Her skills, ideas, patience and enthusiasm towards the dress, was incredible and could not thank her enough for what she came up with. It was perfect!!! Highly, highly recommended!!! Thanks again heather!!
13 Feb 2015
rachelt24 from Kilsyth
I took a risk and ordered my wedding dress online, having never seen it or tried it on I was disappointed when it arrived and wasn't what I had hoped. Luckily Heather met with me quickly and set about re-designing the dress to keep the elements that I liked and modifying the elements that I did not. Heather is very talented and I loved going to the regular fittings to see my dream dress being 'built'. The result was the dress that I had hoped for, that fit me perfectly and was modern and flattering. I highly recommend Heather for all your dress needs, whether it be to design and make a dress from scratch to having modifications made to what you already have. She was fabulous to work with.
28 Jan 2015
Heather did an incredible job altering a wedding dress I bought. I am so glad that I went to her for the alterations, it turned out so much better that i could have ever imagined
20 Jan 2015
amandao10 from Eltham
I was told to reach out to Heather because my dress design was very difficult. I required an expert in the couture industry to execute the dress. And Heather has delivered a flawless dress faultlessly. Her professionalism and talent is without equal. She is exceptional in her service, quality and delivery. Some may think her location is prohibitive, but if you are looking for exceptional you need to meet with Heather.
10 Jan 2015
sonyah3 from Collingwood
I would highly recommend Heather for your wedding gown. I purchased a Jenny Packham gown, second hand and it needed adjusting for my size. The gown was heavily beaded and other dressmakers weren't prepared to touch it! Heather was open and honest right from the beginning about what was possible and what was not. Once she saw the gown she was confident she would be able to do the alterations. Heather was very flexible with appointment times and throughout the whole process gave me absolute confidence in her. It is a quite nerve wracking altering a designer gown, especially one covered in beautiful beading but with Heather I was completely confident. The gown looked absolutely amazing and fit me like a glove. I was showered in compliments on the day (and continue to be) and without the alterations the dress would not have looked as stunning as it did. I would most definitely recommend Heather!
27 Dec 2014
Heather was able to fit me in at the last minute when my dress arrived a size too large. It was a full beaded bodice and she was able to take it in flawlessly so it looked like it came that way. Very nice, professional and relaxed. Would highly recommend.
20 Nov 2014
Heather is amazing!! I entrusted her with my Grandmothers 60year old lace wedding gown and she restored and redesigned it perfectly! Heather seriously knows her stuff and is a pleasure to work with. She is professional, timely, and has amazing attention to detail. My dress is extremely delicate and she managing to make me exactly what I envisioned. I couldn't ask for a better dress maker and I have already recommended her to others. Thanks Heather!!
19 Nov 2014
From the first time I went to see Heather, I was instantly put at ease. I had bought a dress online that was a couple of sizes too big, however it was a very complex/different cut being shorter at the front than the back, high neck, cutout back etc. I was really worried that no-one would be able to make it fit, and I was also concerned that it wouldn't look how it was supposed to look (I didn't want it to look remade). Heather assured me that it would be fine and was so understanding and flexible regarding what I wanted. Heather completely remade the dress to fit me and to suit my body. The dress actually turned out far better than if I bought it off the rack as Heather altered the flower that was attached and added beautiful pearl buttons up the back of the dress. If you want something to be perfect, or you have something complex Heather is the very best person you can take it to in the Melbourne area. I could not be happier with how the dress turned out. Heather turned impossible into possible, and I have received so many comments about my beautiful dress! Thank you Heather- I'm so glad I found you!
04 Nov 2014
jessl24 from Templestowe Lower
Heather transformed my wedding dress to the wedding dress of my dreams. She shortened my really really long trail and added extra diamontes and detailing to the bodice as i requested. Heather is amazing!!
24 Sep 2014
Heather altered my dress which was a size too big to fit perfectly. My dress was a satin sheath with a lace applique overlay by Allure Bridal. I couldn't believe it when it was finished, it didn't even look altered at all. It fit me perfectly. I drove all the way from Ballarat to see Heather and it was well worth it. She also added bra cups which made a huge difference to the look of the dress. I would highly recommend Heather to any bride to be!
11 Sep 2014
lucy2000 from Box Hill
Heather is a lovely and talented dressmaker who makes you feel at ease from the very first obligation-free appointment. In just under two months with only four 30-minute fittings, she skilfully refitted my size 10 off-the-rack wedding gown (which was too loose all over) to a figure-hugging size 6. She also made quite a few other alterations to make my gown just perfect, such as adding chiffon straps and bra cups, rehemming and bustling the train in two ways, as well as detaching and concealing an empire-line satin band and seam. Her quality craftsmanship and attention to detail satisfied even my extremely fussy godmother, who is very knowledgeable and experienced in clothesmaking. And I felt so beautiful and got many compliments about the gown on my wedding day! What made this such a stress-free experience (in contrast to other places I visited) was that Heather really listens to you, makes great suggestions without overwhelming you with unnecessary information, and is upfront with an honest quote without hidden extras. Heather herself is reliable, reassuring, and such a lovely lady. The price may be a bit more than going to your local alterations store, but is very reasonable (and unexpected) for such professionalism, expertise, and quality. I highly recommend Heather to any bride-to-be!
04 Jul 2014
Kittykatkrunch from Glen Huntly
Heather did a beautiful job of altering my second hand Vera Wang Diana wedding dress to fit me like a glove. She is very patient, knowledgeable, creative, and highly recommended to all. Affordable too!
10 May 2014
I bought my wedding dress online - it was too long, and the bust area was too loose. Heather altered this for me to fit me perfectly. As the end of my train was all lace, she had to unpick the the edge and re-attach it (I don't know the proper term). It was a lot of work for her- but it worked out perfectly! Heather is very professional (and friendly) and put me at ease through the whole process (it was totally hassle free). She also fixed the bust for me and made it so my dress could be bustled. I would highly recommend her to any bride who needs their dress altered!
03 May 2014
Heather turned my simple dress into a beautiful bridal gown. she offered her expertise and advice and was honest and reliable.
30 Apr 2014
katrinaw13 from Sunbury
AMAZING! I can highly recommend Heather. Heather custom made my bridal gown for my wedding which was in October 2014. I came to her with a few pictures from the internet wanting the top half from one, the skirt of another and some sleeve options. As soon as we sat down she asked me a few questions and then just drew up a design for me! It was perfect! From there it was just so easy, all appointments where arranged and each stage was discussed with me. The payment options were simple and spaced out which is great when you are paying for a wedding. I found her to be very reasonably priced specially given I would not have been able to buy such a dress in a shop. Heather has just such a keen eye and the greatest compliment I received on my wedding day was that the dress was ‘just me'!
30 Mar 2014
sarahf42 from Mentone
I can't recommend Heather enough! After trying on every dress under the sun I decided to wear my mums wedding dress from 1976! Besides the fact her workmanship is of such high quality, I really valued her advice and expert guidance along the way. The straps were removed and she lengthened and rebuilt the inside of the dress. It hung perfectly on me. Great with communications and appointments (which is important when planning a wedding). And just such an approachable and lovely lady. Thanks so much Heather !!
10 Mar 2014
Meg_A from Donvale
Heather is truely amazing and really knows her stuff! So glad I found her. Really wanted the best for me with what my dress had to offer. very accommodating.
26 Jan 2014
michellea38 from Rowville
I took my dress to Heather after not being able to get an appointment at the place I purchased the dress and I am so glad I found her. I took my dress in to Heather for a fitting and she gave an honest opinion and only did what needed to be done, keeping costs low. She provided a copy of what she was going to do and how much it would cost so we were both clear. She hemmed the dress and pressed so it was al ready for my big day. Wonderful service!
28 Dec 2013
Heather was so professional, talented and efficient, I really appreciated her trained eye and skilled hand in altering my wedding dress so it was a perfect fit! Heather immediately noticed that the detailing on my dress looked unbalanced, because of my leg length discrepancy, and she altered it, so it looked amazing! Thanks Heather, I would highly recommend Heather's services!
27 Nov 2013
Anonymous from Croydon
Heather did a great job ensuring my gown fitted me like a glove, and even helped make some minor design alterations so my wedding dress was perfect!
20 Nov 2013
amyg24 from Keilor Park
Heather was amazing! I purchased my strapless dress, and Heather altered the bust, as well as the hemming to fit the heel size of my shoes. I didn't have to re-adjust the dress once throughout the day! Perfect! not that I'm planning to marry again, but will definitely recommend Heather to future Brides.
21 Oct 2013
jenw14 from Fairfield
Heather made my beautiful wedding dress from scratch, working with me to design a dress that embodies not only exactly what I wanted, but Heather's own skill and creativity. Heather is more perfectionistic than any bride could ever be and gives complete confidence. Her warmth and enthusiasm complete the experience. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend Heather to anyone.
03 Oct 2013
nataliea10 from Dandenong
Heather is an absolute miracle worker!!! I bought my wedding dress on an impulse, so when it came in I didn't love it as much as I did the first time I tried it on. Heather helped me re-design my wedding dress so that it not only looked stunning, but it looked stunning on me! I would not hesitate to recommend Heather to anyone looking to design a wedding dress from stratch, or re-design a dress. Her prices are more than reasonable (I expected to be charged double). She's very professional, dependable, listens to what you want and has some fantastic ideas. I'm so glad I found her in google!!!
10 Sep 2013
aliciab11 from Wantirna
Heather is amazing at what she does! When I starting planning my wedding day there was no question who I would ask to alter my dress, heather is the most friendly and caring person who genuinely cares about your dress and wants you to look like a million dollars, she is VERY reasonably priced and I will recommend her to everyone I know! When I picked up my wedding dress after her alterations it felt like a completely new dress! Thanks to heather, I felt like a princess on my wedding day!
30 Aug 2013
amym35 from Quinns Rocks
Heather gave me complete confidence from the moment I met her. She is a highly skilled and creative seamstress. Heather re-modelled my Mother's wedding dress and I could not have been more happier. Heather was able to modernize the dress whilst keeping the feel and style of my mothers dress. The dress was amazing and fit perfectly. I have no hesitation in recommending Heather to any Bride.
24 Aug 2013
evaw2 from Bayswater
Heather was great. She made me feel like I'm the most important person and that she wants to get it just right for me! The dress fits perfectly and I'm very impressed with the amount of care she took with it. I would highly recommend Heather to any bride to be out there.
19 Aug 2013
michelleh51 from Caroline Springs
Heather altered my wedding dress that I had made a few years ago by a bridal shop. Originally I thought I had the perfect dress but once Heather had made a few alterations my dress was absolutely amazing. It fitted me perfect and I felt comfortable the whole day. Leading up to my big day my visits to Heather were very personal and she made each of my visits all about me. Her attention to detail and her dedication to her clients gives you that fairy tale experience every bride deserves. Thank you for a wonderful experience.
06 Aug 2013
ngock from Dandenong
Heather is so friendly and talented!! She did such an amazing job on my wedding dress!! Can't thank her enough!
01 Aug 2013
Anonymous from Point Cook
Heather been really amazing! She understand the needs of the Bride without me asking her. She integrate details of which i would not even know i would need until my wedding day! It has been great experience dealing with Heather. She is very knowledgeable and know what she is doing. I went to have three other consultation with other company before i met. It was not until i met her that i finally feel secure altering my monique lhullier dress. Thank you for the amazing job Heather! the dress fits perfectly....and i am more excited than ever to wear it on my wedding day.
29 Jun 2013
ningy from Melbourne CBD
Heather did an amazing job altering my wedding dress and it fitted me perfectly on my wedding day. She has the talent to alter an ordinary dress to couture! Very professional and easy to work with. Love her work!
26 Jun 2013
Anonymous from Wantirna
Heather was extremely helpful in altering my dress to my perfection and adding a few details here and there! Willing to do whatever it takes to help make your dress your dream! Very happy with end product. Highly recommend!
15 Jun 2013
shannonm14 from Seaholme
I was lucky enough to find Heather to do the alterations on my lace Pronovias wedding dress. The alterations were not very straightforward because of the lace trim on the skirt and other detail on the gown. Heather did the most amazing job carrying out her work – not only did my dress fit me like a glove, not a single piece of detail was lost in the lace motif. In addition, Heather is the most lovely lady – I found her very relaxed and easy to talk to about the gown and with any questions I had. She also gave me some excellent advice about accessories, on how the keep and travel with the gown (as we were married overseas). On the day, I had many compliments about the gown and how well it fit me. My auntie said that every wedding she has been to where the dress has been strapless, the bride has been constantly pulling it up – but not the case at my wedding with my dress, it fit perfectly. I cannot recommend Heather enough, she is a true professional.
29 May 2013
nrsnat from Pascoe Vale
After being mucked around by another dressmaker with no progress being made in months, I went to see Heather a few months out from my wedding. In such a short amount of time, she made me the most amazing gown I will ever own. Her taste and judgement are second to none, and I should have gone with my initial feeling to go with her, despite the distance from my own home. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
20 May 2013
Anonymous from Richmond
I bought a dress in the UK, size 14 off the rack. Heather did an amazing job of bringing it down to a size 8-10. The bodice had to be overhauled. Heather did such an amazing job, I felt like royalty in the dress. I had so many compliments on the day. Heather also made my veil which suited the dress perfectly. Thank you again Heather.
26 Apr 2013
amandap32 from Sydney
Heather was amazing. I bought a Vera Wang dress in the states and it needed some modifications to convert the dress from a strapless and to downsize the dress. Heather was practical, was able to work around me flying down from Sydney to see her and did a fabulous job. Her suggestions were helpful as it was all new to me. The dress was converted in all the ways I was after and I loved it. I would recommend Heather to anyone, she is worth it!
23 Apr 2013
ninettep from Templestowe
thank you so much Heather, after i bought a dress overseas and was so disappointed with it, you turned it into a gown for a princess and was so happy on my wedding day. once again thank you thank you sssoooo much. Got so many comments on the day ... Ninette
21 Apr 2013
alexk6 from Richmond
Heather is a miracle worker. I purchased a Jenny Packham gown with very intricate beading and needed to have extensive alterations done to the bust, waist and length. I was turned away from countless other seamstress's and alternations 'specialists' being told my dress simply could not be altered- this was more than a little alarming!! As soon as I met Heather she assured me she could alter my dress and I waited eagerly for my second appointment to see her wonderful work. I could not have been happier! I met with Heather four times to get my dress exactly right and she was kind, patient and offered good advice - not to mention her exceptional workmanship. If you have purchased a high-end designer dress and want someone to entrust it to you need look no further. I cannot speak more highly of Heather and would recommend her to all my friends getting married.
14 Apr 2013
sherrieb2 from Mill Park
I purchased a dress online and it needed to be altered and fancied up, Heather was great, she knew and did exactly what I wanted and more and her patient attitude and love of her job settled this brides nerves, not too mention her value for money. I would refer anyone to see her it was and hr drive for me and I'd do ot again for such professionalism.
07 Apr 2013
Anonymous from Blackburn
Heather was wonderful to work with, she paid close attention to my ideas and did an amazing job completely changing the neckline of my wedding gown.
29 Mar 2013
oliviaa4 from Boronia
Heather is fantastic. She is very professional and the quality of her work is amazing! She is also a lovely person who understands the needs of a bride to be, and who makes the process easy and painless. The work is not cheap, but you get what you pay for - in this case perfection.
25 Mar 2013
Emcphedran from Croydon
Heather made my wedding gown back in 2007, along with my bridesmaids dresses, and I was thrilled with my whole experience from her first sketches to my wedding day. She was easy to talk to and really listened to what I wanted, making my dreams come true. She is a wonderful couturier and I cannot recommend her enough!
19 Mar 2013
kimberley123 from Northcote
Heather is a miracle worker! I found my dream dress, only problem was it was 4 sizes too big. Some of the prices I was being quoted were more than 3 times the cost of my dress to have it altered. After meeting with Heather and discussing what needed to be done, I was completely at ease and in love with my dress again. Heather was always helpful and very accommodating when I need to change an appointment time. I cannot recommend Heather enough.
18 Mar 2013
nellylo from St Kilda
Heather is the most professional and thorough person I've had the pleasure of meeting during my entire wedding planning process. She did an amazing job altering my wedding dress to fit me perfectly, and in a very timely manner as well! From the first time I contacted Heather with the possibility of custom making my gown, she has been extremely helpful in detailing out all the options for me. I highly recommend Heather to anyone who is looking to get any work done for their wedding dress. Thanks Heather, I can't wait to wear my wedding gown on my big day!
07 Mar 2013
sarah87 from Frankston South
Heather did the most amazing job to restore my grandmas 1950's wedding dress! She instilled complete confidence and understood exactly what I was looking for. The dress needed to be pretty much re-made and she managed to keep it's core vintage qualities throughout. I couldn't be happier and would not hesitate to reccommend her to my closest friends!
07 Mar 2013
lanaw1 from Clyde North
Heather is a wonderful miracle worker, after I had a dress disaster with my original wedding dress that arrived in the bridal store after a 9 month wait, I was pretty upset they had messed it up and it didnt fit, after much consideration I was allowed to swap it and I found an even more gorgeous one that I absolutley loved but I made the choice to take it elsewhere to have it altered. The BEST choice taking it to Heather, she is fantastic, we chatted over the phone a few times about the situation, she assured me that she could alter my dream dress to fit me and she did, she was so friendly, understanding, listened to what I wanted and she made it even more perfect and beautiful, all credit to her, she had to handle a very full long train and she even did a wonderful job with hem and straps, all lace and many layers, please pick up the phone and hire Heather as she works miracles on these bridal gowns and I would go back to her over and over again, extremely pleased with her services and the outcome and price points, my wedding day was perfect and I felt like a princess in a fairytale and so much of that feeling was how perfect Heather altered my gown to suit and fit me, it was excellent work, Thanks so much Heather !!!! Also she made my veil and I love love it, it was gorgeous and better than anything from the stores!
06 Mar 2013
deliah_wilson from Greensborough
Heather is an amazing lady with unparalleled talent in her field. My dress needed to be taken in a whole size and the length taken up nearly a foot, and she did it all, including unpicking and reattaching delicate lace, without a word of complaint. She truly loves her work and won't rest until you are happy. She also hand made my veil for me, out of silver tulle, and I couldn't be happier with her service, she is a true professional. Thank you Heather, for making my wedding dress one less thing I had to worry about before my big day!
06 Mar 2013
luckygirl from Greensborough
Heather has amazing talent: She re-worked my Nan's 60yr old full lace wedding dress into a beautiful, flattering dress, which was even better than what I had expected. She filled me with confidence from the first time I met her, and never disappointed. She is extremely reliable and organised, which is important to those stressing about wedding plans! Cannot recommend her enough!
01 Mar 2013
libbyi1 from Ferntree Gully
Heather is brilliant at her craft and such a lovely person too. Smooth sailing and a breeze to deal with. She has flawlessly turned my wedding dress into a wedding gown and in only 6 weeks. Thank you so much Heather. Highly recommended, would not go ANYWHERE else!
14 Feb 2013
elissah from Chirnside Park
I fell in love with the first dress I found on the internet and had mine made in China. When the dress arrived, I loved the fabric and lace but the whole dress needed to be re-designed and fitted to my body shape. The dress I bought was an A line dress, yet I wanted a 'fishtail' dress as you can imagine that is a hard task in itself. Along to process and regular fittings I saw my dress evolve and could not have been happier with the overall result.
10 Feb 2013
I highly recommend Heather 100% to anyone who needs their wedding dress altered. She did a fantastic job!!!
09 Feb 2013
katiem226 from Kilsyth
Heather was brilliant from the moment I met her. She is professional yet friendly! I bought the perfect off the rack gown however it needed some alterations before it fit me perfectly. I had my dress taken up, my straps shortened and busselled. The finished product was perfection. Heather is honest and you leave feeling like a beautiful bride. Having so much experience I asked her opinion on hair, jewelry etc and she was fantastic. Thank you heather for your part in making our wedding perfect!!
08 Jan 2013
tashic from East Melbourne
I had my dress made in India; the fabric was beautiful but the fit not so perfect. I was so lucky to have Heather recommended to me to get it right - I went for 3 fittings/appointments including the final one when I got to take my gown home. She was extremely thorough and incredibly talented. She was able to see instantly what needed to be done to get it just like the picture and did absolute wonders, particularly when all I had for her was a tiny bit of left over beaded lace! My wedding gown fitted 100% perfectly, especially around the bust and neckline and the fishtail look was spot on. She also made a veil which matched absolutely perfectly. We had to bring the wedding forward by months due to family sickness and Heather was extremely understanding and flexible with fitting times too. Couldn't recommend her more highly and I travelled from New Zealand to keep my appointments with her. Would definitely recommend trusting Heather with your wedding gown!
25 Dec 2012
Mkr27 from St kilda
I bought my wedding dress at an off-the-rack sale and needed it altered so that it would fit perfectly. My dress was absolutely beautiful on the day, I felt like a princess. She was a true perfectionist in making sure the dress was tailored to me and I really appreciated her attention to detail. She also made my lovely veil which sat perfectly,
11 Dec 2012
amyh85 from Darley
Searching for my dream wedding dress was definately a chore until I found Heather. I couldnt find a dress that was me. I liked a few dresses but none had it all. I wanted the length of this and the style of that and the colour from this ... When i did find something i liked the price tag was out of my budget or unavaliable in Australia. Heathers name kept popping up and I found myself clicking on her website. After some research I emailed Heather the two dresses I liked and explained what I was after and within weeks I had driven an hour and a half to meet and design what I wanted. Heather was able to tell me what would and wouldnt work on my body. What was achievable and a straight out cost - no hidden nasties! The end product was a dress that was me. The service was far better then in any shop and the quality even shocked my mother in law who also has some experince in sewing. The price was very competitive if you think about what you would pay in a store for a dress that anyone can have and altered to them. Heather makes it to fit you from the start the result is a dress that fits you like a glove. I would happily recommend anyone to Heather.
27 Nov 2012
Heather was such a find! I had almost given up hope on getting my 'intricately beaded chiffon gown' fitted to me when my sister found her. She was very confident and her pricing was very reasonable. She had different options on how to go about hemming it according to price and detail. Heather did such a sensational job and I wouldn't hesitate recommending her to anyone.
20 Nov 2012
sarahs8585 from Surrey Hills
I purchased a gown from the US and needed it to be resized about 5-6 inches bigger. I thought it was a write off and I would have to look for another dress! Heather made me feel so comfortable and gave a number of options that I could choose from to proceed with. She was approachable, reliable and her standard of work is absolutely incredible. I cannot recommend Heather enough!!!
04 Nov 2012
kristelg from Tarneit
Heather is amazing! Her work is high in quality and so is her serivce. Heather had a huge job altering my dress and always made me feel at ease. She took my dress in from a size 16 to a size 8!!! She also made major alterations to my dress such as changing the lace up back to a zip and buttons and also by romoving the train from my dress. I couldnt be happier! She has exceeded my expectations and i am very happy with the result. Cant wait to wear my dress :)
02 Nov 2012
missnickibee from Glen Waverley
Heather was amazing, I am so happy with the alterations to my dress, it looks perfect now. I previously had a disasterous experience with another dressmaker, so bad that I took my dress back and sought a second opinion on the alterations I needed (Heather's). Heather assured me that the dress would look amazing, that nothing would be a problem for her, and that the alterations would be done in time (as I was running out of time by then!). As soon as I put the dress on for my first fitting, I could tell she knew exactly what she was doing and would make my dress fit perfectly for my wedding day. I now have a dress that looks good and will feel great on the day, as opposed to one I would have been embarrassed to wear all day if I'd stuck with the first dressmaker. While Heather charged more than the first quote I received, she did significantly more work and to a much higher degree of quality, so it really was better value overall. I'm really happy with the dress now and would recommend Heather to anyone.
01 Nov 2012
tamara5 from Boronia
Heather was lovely, she was very thorough and competent, I asked her too take my wedding gown in two sizes and make a french lace bolero. Both of these tasks were quite difficult because my wedding gown was made of silk chiffon, beaded french lace and a satin underlay, she had to make quite drastic changes to these very delicate fabrics and she did so beautifully. My gown fits beautifully, it was a very reasonable price and she was polite and professional throughout.
29 Oct 2012
My mum is also a dress maker, but due to health reasons, I didn't ask her to alter my wedding dress. Additionally, after going through a spell of bad luck with retailers going into liquidation and hence losing faith with vendors, my disposition was instantly changed when I engaged Heather for the alterations work. Heather's cheerful personality and honest opinion made all the difference. For my gown, Heather made some small alteration on the neck line to suit my proportions, brought up the hem and created a bustle. Using my own supply of guipure lace, Heather also made a lace jacket on my request that was modelled after a couple of styles I had found online. Given the style of the dress I had, the lace jacket Heather created was to proportion and paired together very well. Heather also made some small alternations to a BM dress I had bought on line. Considering that I grew up wearing clothes made by mum, I am very fussy with cut and quality of the assembly. I have seen the work of many substandard tailors and for this reason, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Heather. A dressmaker worth their salt knows how to handle and work with different fabric types - and Heather has this in abundance, which is reflected by the final product. Thank you Heather for all your help and early morning appointments. I shall definite send you photos :)
16 Oct 2012
ElizaBYoung from Point Cook
Heather did a full reconstruction of I dress I bought for $100, it's now perfectly fitted with beautiful little touches of beading and pearls down the zip.....perfectly hemmed and looks like I bought it from an expensive bridal couture store. My dress is one of a kind and Heather was always accommodating and with so many years experience she knew exactly what I wanted. It's beautiful and I couldn't be happier with the service, craftsmanship and final product. Thank-you so much Heather! :) xoxo
15 Sep 2012
emmak14 from Langwarrin
Heather was absolutely incredible with what she did with my wedding dress. I bought a cheap dress off the internet and it needed a lot of re-working and fitting, I wasn't entirely sure that anyone could make it into was I was hoping for. I took it to Heather and as soon as I put it on, she knew exactly what to do to make it my dream dress. She was so efficient and positive, I was instantly relieved and knew that it was in the best hands. After only 4 fittings, my dress was completed and could not have been more perfect. Heather Sellick is amazing! COULD NOT RECOMMEND HER ENOUGH!!
14 Sep 2012
bekw2 from Ringwood
Heather was FANTASTIC, I had some difficulties with my wedding dress, as the company I bought it from went into Liquidation. By the time I finally recieved my dress I was pushing for time with the alterations. Heather reassured that she still had time to make the alterations by the required date. When I collected my dress I was so impressed, everything I had wanted plus more was done. Now I have the dress of my dreams for my big day and its all thanks to her. Highly recommended and very satisfied!
02 Sep 2012
Tarzi3 from Glen Waverley
Well where do I start... From the first email from Heather she was professional, attentive and very helpful. Obviously handing over my wedding dress was very nerve racking but Heather made me feel comfortable as she knew what she was talking about. I have always been "top heavy" and Heather was able to make my dress look and feel like it was made just for me. Words can no describe how amazing I felt in my dress and that had so much to do with the work that Heather did on my dress....
24 Aug 2012
taryng from Heathmont
I contacted Heather originally for a quote for a couture gown, and although the quote was very reasonable I ended up purchasing off the rack and had Heather do my alterations. When I purchased my dress, I didn't have "the moment" and wasn't 100% sure my dress was right for me until I went to see Heather. Heather was so reassuring and gave fantastic advice which really helped me feel happy with my choice. I had my dress taken up, taken out slightly at the waist, and the straps adjusted. Heather also made my stunning floor length veil. The work was impeccable and I couldn't have been happier with my gown on the day. Heather's communication was wonderful - she is very up front with all costs and requirements, and this helped so much in knowing exactly where everything stood. Heather, I can't thank you enough for you friendly advice, calming reassurance and fantastic workmanship. I felt beautiful in my dress - not too mention comfortable! Thanks x
22 Jul 2012
erinw13 from Nunawading
Heather is terrific. She has worked on bridal dresses for two of my close friends, as well as my bridesmaid's dress. All dresses were purchased from the internet and Heather was able to properly fit and alter all dresses and press them to look immaculate. She even managed to fit a dress that we thought would never fit, and alter it to look beautiful and be comfortable to wear. Heather is lovely to deal with, warm and affirming, but also with a wealth of experience to tell you what will work and what won't.
06 May 2012
Mummyof287 from Carrum Downs
I was really impressed with Heather's professionalism and skill in regards to fitting me in to make alterations to my wedding gown at short notice (4 weeks before the wedding). I will be 4 months pregnant on my wedding day and the final alterations were done 2 weeks prior and final fitting & pick up 1 week prior to ensure the perfect fitting. The bodice and waist sits beautifully and the train bustles up very elegantly. Dress was pressed and is ready to put on this coming Saturday!! This is not a 'cheap' alteration service- Heather is an experienced couturier, but you get what you pay for; quality. I wouldn't trust my gown with a cheap alteration service for fear of it Looking altered! My dress now looks as though Heather made it from scratch to fit me - I am very happy. Will go back if here are any other formal occasions we have requirng her services!
17 Apr 2012
amandap25 from Langwarrin
Heather can work miracle! I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone. She is patient , kind and professional , just what ever bride to be needs! A month before my wedding my dress arrived and I was less than happy with it, after one visit with Heather I was more than confident she could transform it into the dress of my dreams. Not only did she get the work done on time, with no stress or fuss, the dress I picked up two days before my wedding was better than I could have imagined. Thank you so much, Heather made me feel like a princess on the day!
12 Apr 2012
shaes1 from Ringwood
Heather Sellick was so helpful and professional in making the adjustments and additions to my wedding gown. She was a pleasure to deal with, right from our first phone conversation all the way through when I picked up the dress. Heather deserves her "5 star" rating, my wedding dress alterations were perfect, and very affordable. Thank You!
11 Apr 2012
fleurb1 from Elwood
Heather was AMAZING!!!! I had bought a dress on line from over seas and it was wearable although i wanted it perfect and Heather achieved that so well! It was massive dress so she had a lot to work with, but she did such a fabulous job and new achieved what i wanted with the final result. Everyone thought my dress was the most beautiful they had seen and my husband was blown away. The price was very reasonable and the experience was so nice, as i bought my dress on line, i dint want to miss out on that dress fitting experience and using heather, i got that and my mum and i looked forward to my dress fittings more and more.. even though it took us an hour to travel, we were more than happy to do it. i would recomned heather to any one....and already have
02 Apr 2012
donnab15 from Donvale
What can I say... You transformed my dress into the dress of my dreams. I felt like the most beautiful bride in my dress and you did such an amazing job transforming it. You went above and beyond to make sure every last detail was covered and your attention to detail was amazing. Everyone commened on how beautiful my dress was on the day and its all thanks to you. When I wasfully dressed on my wedding day I looked in the mirror and couldnt believe how beautiful I looked. My husband thought I looked amazing and said my dress was "absolutely amazing". Thank you so very much for all your help and hard work.
15 Mar 2012
robynp9 from South Yarra
When I decided that I wanted to wear my mum's 1970's wedding dress to my own wedding, I knew I needed to find exactly the right person to do the alterations/re-design. From my first telephone conversation with Heather I was impressed: she was friendly, professional, honest and enthusiastic. I took her my mum's dress together with a series of pictures cut out of magazines of dresses I liked. She suggested a total re-design of the old dress, using most of it and keeping the overall 'spirit' the same but incorporating the elements I liked from the pictures I had collected. She drew up some sketches for me, gave me some fabric samples and was so lovely and excited about the whole project. She then juggled around her schedule so that my mum, who was visiting Melbourne, could attend the first 2 fittings and see the progress in transforming her dress. This was really kind of her and she even took some lovely photos of me and my mum together. I found the fittings quite nerve wracking, I could not see past the pins and raw edges. Heather sensed this and then sms'd me before my next fitting to re-assure me and say how nicely things had turned out. The final dress is absolutely gorgeous, better than anything I had in my head. Heather also made me a beautiful veil. The detail and level of craftsmanship in her work is exceptional. She took a 35 year old dress and re-designed it into the wedding dress of my dreams which fits me like a glove. She even added little pearl buttons all the way down the back after noticing that I would be wearing pearl earrings on the day. She also gave me some valuable tips on how to get into the dress, as well as how to transport it. I would highly recommend Heather. She is a pleasure to work with, worth every dollar and the ~1 hour drive out to the Dandenongs.
06 Mar 2012
lisam from Essendon
I bought a gown off the rack that wasn't exactly what I wanted although the sales lady at the bridal store I bought it at convinced me I could make the changes to make it perfect. I took it to Heather and she quoted me on the changes and took the dress to start work. 2 weeks later I found my perfect dress that only needed the hem taken up...I spoke to Heather and she was fantastic saying not to worry about the first dress and I should come in with the 2nd dress so she could look at it. I took the 2nd dress in and she agreed it was perfect for me and that she could see I was much happier wearing it. Heather also recommended I wear a corset underneath which I hadn't thought of which made a much better fit. I was so happy with the final outcome there was alot of layers to be taken up and alot of the dress needed to be cut off due to the length so I knew alot of work was needed. Heather also pressed the dress for me before I picked it up. The dress was a perfect fit for my wedding day and I had so many compliments. Thank you so much for all your hard work Heather I would be more then happy to recommend you to other brides who need alterations...your work is fantastic!!
20 Jan 2012
Anonymous from Croydon Hills
Heather was recommended to me by a friend and I am pleased to advise that she didn't disappoint me at all. In fact, Heather was fantastic. I had brought a Lisa Ho gown which needed taking up. This was only a small job but Heather still provided a wonderful service and I couldn't be happier. As an added bonus Heather provided some useful tips to be mindful of prior to and on my wedding day.Thanks Heather I will certainly recommend you and keep your business card.
09 Jan 2012
Anonymous from Heidelberg
I bought by gown second hand and wanted to personalise it and change a few things about it. Healther altered the bust from a straight cut to a very slight sweetheart which made the dress look sensational! There was alot of work in this as the bodice was all hand beaded lace, which needed to be removed, cut to shape and then reapplied. She also lengthened the hem for me as initally the dress was too short-she did a drop hem on the satin underlayer and this looked perfect once is was finished also. She also changed the bustle so that when the dress was busltled up it sat in a nicer way and looked very romantic. Heather also pressed the gown for me prior to my big day! Although I felt the cost to be quite high by the end, the finished product was perfect! The workman ship was superb. I had so many complements on the dress. Everybody thought the dress was couture because it fit me so well and looked so wonderful. I would have no hesitations in reccommending Heather to other brides.
16 Dec 2011
violetk from Carlton
Heather you were absolutely sensational, I knew that I could relax and trust you with my precious gowns so close to the big day when any jeopardy with them would be a disaster. My gowns now look like they were custom made for me, and I feel all the more confident in them knowing that they fit perfectly. Highly recommended to all fussy brides-to-be who has the eye for quality and perfection.
16 Nov 2011
Heather was so great, I had bought a second hand wedding dress and she altered it to make it my dream dress, the fit was amazing. I had so many compliments on my wedding day because it really looked as though it had been made for me. I have no hesitation in recommending her services to anyone.
03 Nov 2011
mimf1 from East Geelong
If you are looking for someone to alter your wedding dress I can highly recommend Heather. I felt very comfortable knowing my dress was in good hands. She was able to lengthen my dress in a way that made it look like it was always supposed to be like that. Only negative was the trip out to her workshop in Kilsyth but definately worth the effort - there are few people available with these skills and experience. Also didn't need too many fittings so that made it easier.
23 Oct 2011
AlmaL from Scoresby
I brought a dress on line from overseas. When it arrived I was devistated that it didn't fit very well, even though I sent the measurements through twice. I found Heather on line and was so happy she was on my side of town. I went too see Her and when I tried the dress on I couldn't move my arms very far and it didn't sit well. Heather said she could re model my dress and after 3 weeks my dress was ready and I was just so happy as it now fitted and I felt so comfortable I will have a very happy wedding in the next week. After Heather worked her magic I have no hesitation in recommending Heather to any Bride to Be.
21 Oct 2011
emmar13 from Croydon
I went to Heather for alterations to my wedding dress which I had already bought previously - her work was fantastic! If only I had known about her earlier I would have had her create me a magic dress for the day as her work is outstanding (perhaps next time, ha, ha!). Heather's manner is very calm yet vibrant so she made me feel very confident and excited about how I would look.
14 Oct 2011
RS28 from Doreen
Heather did an absolutely fantastic job in altering my wedding dress - she is very talented and made my wedding dress exactly how I dreamed it to be! From the first consultation meeting with her I knew I could give her my 100% trust that she would make it perfectly! It wasn't an easy dress to alter so her hard work and creativity was invaluable to making sure my wedding day dream came true. I would highly recommend Heather to any bride-to-be!
07 Oct 2011
reneet8 from Blackburn North
From my first meeting with Heather Sellick, I had no doubt in my mind that she was THE one to alter my wedding gown that I purchased online from overseas. It needed lot of work and she knew immediately just looking at the dress how to make it fit like a glove and look like it had been made for me. Her enthusiasm and dedication to her works makes you confident that you are in the utmost capable hands. After only 3 meetings with her my dress was ready to take home and was better than I ever could have imagined. She had completely transformed ever part that I was not happy with and helped me look like a fairytale princess. I couldn't have been happier with the friendly, dedicated service that I received. She truly is the master of her craft.
03 Aug 2011
ashp1 from Narre Warren
I got my dress just a couple of weeks before my wedding and it needed quite a bit done. I looked through several alteration/dressmakers, but did not feel I could trust my dress with any of them. After my first meeting with Heather I felt immensely relieved and knew my dress was in good hands. She took my suggestions in and did a great job of the dress. I would definitely recommend her
30 Jul 2011
melg3 from Bentleigh East
As a bigger girl, I had some ideas about my non-traditional wedding dress but I wasn't able to find in the shops. I took my various ideas to Heather and she helped me sort through them and came up with a design to match my ideas and importantly my body type. It became a collaborative effort, Heather listened to what I wanted and made suggestions based on her vast experience and I ended up with a dress that was extremely well made, fit perfectly and matched what I wanted. I highly recommend Heather.
14 Jun 2011
danniil from Pakenham
I needed to find someone with a great deal of experience and that I could trust as I wanted to wear my mothers 27 year old wedding dress for my wedding day, in which I found very hard to find and then I found Heather. With Heathers personality and experience I knew I could trust her. We talked through the possibilities in which the dress could be altered, with the final design on paper, Heather modernized my dress even better than i could imagine. I found heather very flexible with my appointments as I did not live close and worked long hours. Heather also made my veil and the bridal party ties which also looked amazing. I would highly recommend Heather to anyone looking to have a vintage dress altered. I found the price very good as well the price included 4 ties, my veil and alterations of my dress.
11 May 2011
anital2 from Werribee
Altered a dress superbly on short notice for a wedding in another state. Most happy with the speed and quality of service
08 May 2011
kimj5 from Box Hill South
Heather is very experienced and helpful. She gave a lot of advice and recommendations and worked around my short timelines! Highly recommend!
28 Apr 2011
I had purchased a dress that was too small, and way too showy in the front - as well as being too long etc as my wedding dress. I found Heather via the internet and felt comfortable with her from the first time I met with her. She did an amazing job on my dress and made it into my dream dress for my wedding. She is obviously talented in what she does and is very knowledgeable - my dress was a linen/gold thread weave and she worked well with this tricky fabric! I would not hesitate to recommend Heather to those who are looking at getting a special dress made, or tailored to fit. My only complaint was that she was located so far away from where I live, and from the Melbourne CBD - but the quality of her work made this a non-issue for me - happy to travel when I am getting what I want!
15 Apr 2011
rebeccap13 from Monbulk
Heather fixed my wedding dress when it was not looking all that great. She fixed the dress so it fit perfectly which was great for someone like me who is a bigger girl and struggles for feel great about any article of clothing, but now i feel like a princess. Thank you for your care and advice. You are simply amazing.
12 Apr 2011
cassiew2 from Frankston
i had my wedding dress made by Heather and i couldn't be happier!!!!!! on the first fitting i had with her the dress fitted perfectly, when i called asking if i could make a few tweaks with the final design Heather was wonderful and did them straight away followed by a phone call to reassure me everything went to plan. Highly recommended and her dress skills are beyond excellent!!!! so happy with the final product and she is just generally a lovely person to deal with!!!!! thank you!!!!
12 Jan 2011
jrbenn from Heathmont
Heather was fantastic. I took a sketch of the wedding dress I wanted and a fabric sample (silk velvet) and she made some fantastic suggestions to improve my design. She then took my measurements and made the dress with three fittings. I was very nervous as silk velvet is probably one of the hardest fabrics you could sew and is not a fabric that you can rip out the seam and stitch again if you make a mistake. Heather did a wonderful job, and also agreed to make my bridesmaids dress at the last minute. Having made my flower girls dress myself out of the same fabric, I know how hard the velvet was to sew and I'm sure Heather earned every dollar that she charged me. She also did a wonderful job making a wedding dress for my bridesmaid which was also on very short notice.
09 Dec 2010
cteeal from Seville
Having had my dressmaker quit on me just before my wedding, I jumped on the phone and found Heather. She got to making my dress very quickly and completely to my directions. I was really happy with her professional manner. The dress itself was lovely and she was very helpful in getting me to choose suitable fabrics etc. Her prices are reasonable and she has lots of experience. Heather works out of her home and has a studio downstairs. It has a homely feel, but you are guaranteed to get a beautiful dress for a good price.
11 Dec 2009
zenchef from Ashburton
Heather was fantastic. I had a very stressful service experience with the store that I bought the dress from, that I found Heather's alternation service not only individual, highly expertised, flexible, and also relaxed. Heather is so knowledgable in traditional dress making that she made two of my dresses look tailor made. Her workshop is at her home, so she is not restricted by business operating hours, or store policies. She is very flexible based on your needs. You can tell Heather prides on her trade. Overall I was extremely happy with the outcome (this may have possibly been because my previous experience was so poor). Because she is quite good, I think you do pay for it. But her prices where not unreasonable, and she gives obligation free quotes. My friend ended up going to Heather as well, similarly very pleased with the result.
Kilsyth, VIC, 3137
Tel: 0397284478

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