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Lawrence Hypnotherapy

22 Nov 2017
Scott has been very supportive and encouraging in my quest to overcome a phobia. He has given me confidence and my self esteem has been lifted to a new level. Thank you Scott.
25 Oct 2017
I would never have believed my own success.! After trying to give up smoking so many times, I walked out of the clinic a non smoker and I remain one. If I knew it was that easy, I would have smoked a little longer..! Full marks to Ross.! To me, this science is revolutionary, it works and comes with a lifetime warranty. Why on earth would you not go???? Whatever the cost, you'll get your money back from not smoking, and you're health back for the same reason.
05 Oct 2017
I had doubts it would work. I smoked for 60 years & struggled at first to give up, but Scott has been so positive & helpful. Thanks heaps.
25 Sep 2017
i went from smoking 30 cigarettes a day to a non smoker after my first session!!! Scott provides such a great service!! Highly recommend to anyone who has tried everything else to quit smoking!!
04 Sep 2017
I was a 30 a day smoker for almost 29 years. Scott helped me quit smoking and now I am in my 11th month. It has been easy and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to quit smoking.
19 Jul 2017
I was a sceptic, but thanks to Hypnotherapy I am smoke free and have been since my very first session. It's really as easy at it sounds!
19 May 2017
Because of Hypnotherapy, I have successfully quit smoking. Highly recommend!!
30 Apr 2017
Was amazed at how well this worked for me, have been a heavy smoker for 25 years and from the 1st session have not smoked and have not cared about having a smoke. I have no cravings whatsoever and even whilst drinking couldn't care less about having a smoke.
30 Mar 2017
SierraJane from Vermont South
Scott is amazing - I honestly don't know how he does it. I was a heavy smoker and thoroughly looked forward to having a smoke. I enjoyed smoking and tried giving it up many times only to pick it back up again within the month of quitting. I am now into my eleventh day smoke free and am not struggling. I did not struggle to give up nor did I struggle to keep up the momentum, it has been so easy. Thankyou Scott, you are amazing!
20 Mar 2017
I have been a heavy smoker for 15 years and quit instantly with this method. It's almost been 2 weeks and feel great and in control. I was intimidated to begin with, but once meeting Scott I felt at ease. The whole process was rather stress free !! Thanks Scott :)
15 Dec 2016
Easy to deal with. Made things simple and easy to understand. Highly recommend. Has worked for me and will recommend
13 Dec 2016
I have been hesitant of trying to quit smoking for many years though I have been a smoker for 29 years. It has been 18 days now since I quit smoking and I don't know how he does it but so far so good. I have had no cravings, no mood swings and apart from finding things to do instead of lighting a cigarette I still enjoy my morning coffee, night time drink and I am fine to sit with smokers without feeling like I want to smoke. I came to Scott after my sister successfully quit smoking for a year and I would highly recommend him to anyone who would like to quit. Fingers crossed I stay smoke free forever but I am confident that Scott will be there to support me if I do fall off the wagon.
08 Oct 2016
I have tried to quit smoking plenty of times with no success. I went to Lawrence Hypnotherapy and i havent had a cigarette in 2 weeks, ive been around smokers smoking around me and still i havent smoked, amazing!
24 Aug 2016
Scott did wonders for my husband who was battling with smoking for over 20 years. My husband quit smoking with the help of Scott 4 years ago. Over the past few months he relasped, Scott has been amazing and organised a meeting with him as part of his life time warranty with follow up calls. Within minutes my husband is able to stop smoking and I am glad to say is back on track. I don't know how you do it Scott but thank you so much! Regards, Karen
26 Jul 2016
I had been a smoker for over 35 years & although it has only been 12 days since being treated l could not be happier with my results. Thank you.
23 Jun 2016
I could not be more happy with Scott from Lawrence Hypnotherapy, after 18 months off the smokes i had a set back but i called Scott and he was more than happy to honor his lifetime guarantee and i am now smoke free again.
01 Jun 2016
Scott at Lawrence Hypnotherapy is truly amazing, after seeing him I had quit for two years without a single problem.. Unfortunately due to family circumstances I had started again and Scott honoured the life time guarantee. Highly recommend to anyone that has had trouble with smoking, no matter what your age!! Worth every $$$
12 May 2016
I appeared at Lawrence Hypnotherapy very nervous at the thought of giving away my smoking habit after 35 years. I am only a week down the track and i have never felt better. The take home pack has made a huge difference. Hopefully I will not have to see Scott again however I do know that he is just a phone call away.
09 Mar 2016
ashleight705 from Woori Yallock
I cannot recommend Scott highly enough. Not only am I smoke free but I've also learnt so much about myself and how my mind processes thoughts into actions. Whatever you go to Scott for you won't be disappointed.
18 Feb 2016
I highly recommend Lawrence Hypnotherapy. Scott has a great approach with his introduction prior to hypnotherapy. I have successfully quit smoking through Lawrence Hypnotherapy and am impressed with the follow up package you take home after your first session. The follow up sessions and support provided in the weeks following certainly sets this business apart from competitors. The 'lifetime gurantee' reflects the businesses success rate and ongoing support of the individual to be successful in their chosen goal. Thanks so much Scott.
16 Feb 2016
literallyn from Ringwood
I couldn't be happier with the results. I gave up after 30+ years of smoking, and ofter only one session. Unfortunately 1 year later, I started again by convincing myself that cigars don't count, and ended up a full time smoker, however a call to Scott and with his life time guarantee, I am proud to say I am once again a non-smoker. I would be happy to recommend Lawrence Hypnotherapy to anyone who thinks they can't give up. I have already recommended him to many of my friends.
12 Jan 2016
I am amazed at Scott's abilities after 20 years if smoking Scott was successfully able to help me quit smoking. Its been 3.5 years and I am feeling so much better I am fitter and happier. Thank you so much Scott.
03 Dec 2015
Highly recommend Scott, I had hypnotherapy for smoking, it really works, I have stopped and feel like I have never smoked before, no cravings, I would have done this year's ago
07 Sep 2015
I have been very happy with the results. i now consider myself a non smoker i would highly recommend Scott and his hypnotherapy to anyone wanting to kick the habit.
10 Aug 2015
deidrem886 from Randwick
I always though that Hypnotherapy was not realistic- but after a recommendation from a friend I gave it a try and it helped me quit smoking.
23 Jul 2015
Very happy with Scott's program, my husband and I have been heavy smokers for almost 20years and within 1 appointment with Scott they were in the bin and we haven't looked back!! Very happy with the after support we are receiving and would recommend to anyone wanting to improve their lifestyle dramatically!
21 Jul 2015
I went to see Scott in regards to chronic insomnia. I'd already been to see doctors and a sleep therapist over the past year and a half, with little result. I was a little hesitant about hypnotherapy but decided to give it a go anyway. To my surprise after two sessions I noticed an improvement already. Scott is very personable and knowledgable, he leads and guides with an openness into the process of hypnotherapy.
03 Jun 2015
Not only does Scott do Hypnotherapy (which he is very good at) but he is a first rate counsellor as well. Helped me to no ends! Would highly reccomend.
17 May 2015
I have smoked since I was 15 and am now 34, I have tried various methods to quit- thought I'd give Scott lawrence hypnotherapy a go- I have not had a cigarette for 8 days now, for me this is such a wow factor, I am shocked at myself!! Highly recommended!!
27 Feb 2015
Anonymous from Ashwood
THIS WORKS!!!!! Ive smoked since I was 18, and only ever stopped for a few days (and that was tough), but after my first session, i threw away the pack i had in my car, and now 3 weeks on, still havent had one! I cant believe it but it actually works@! highly recommended
10 Dec 2014
I have visited Scott a number of times to help with my long term sleeping problems. From the first time i called him to make an appointment he has always gone out of his way to provide professional advice will take the time to get to the root of the symptoms. I have had some positive outcomes and whilst i think Hypnosis may work better for some symptoms than others, i happily recommend Scott as a trustworthy & competent practitioner.
13 Oct 2014
jackr10 from Brighton
After the six week weight loss program I have lost over 6kgs. Scott is professional and I was very happy with the service he provided.
06 Oct 2014
michelle1311 from Montrose
I went to see Scott for quitting smoking. I have had a huge success, after my first session I had quit. It's nearly been 2 weeks and I feel great, I'm confident that I will never be a full time smoker again!! I have recommended Scott to family and friends. I'm so pleased! Thank you!!
29 Sep 2014
laurenw24 from Frankston
Scott made it so easy to quit smoking. I can't believe how easy it was. Well worth the cost. I've saved that much already by not smoking.
16 Sep 2014
oliviac11 from The Basin
FANTASTIC !! I recently have been hypnotized by Scott to quit smoking and it worked straight after my first session. He is very professional and I was very happy with the service he provided. I would recommend Lawrence hypnosis to anyone that wants to quit smoking!
06 Sep 2014
literallyn from Ringwood
Scott is very good at what he does, with only one session he cured me of my smoking habit of 40 years, I thoroughly recommend him to anyone.
21 Aug 2014
joes26 from Pakenham
I went to Lawrence hypnosis because I needed to give up smoking. I had tried everything, but I just couldn't give up. Then I came across Lawrence hypnosis and what caught my eye was his guarantee that he would get you to completely give up smoking. Scott not only helped me quit smoking, but helped me work out the reasons why I kept falling back into my old habits. Scott helped me figure out how I could resolve the stresses that were making me continue to smoke One of my many favourite things about Lawrence hypnosis is that, he was true to his word. Scott was there to help me quit, time and time again even if it was a long time apart from each visit. I would recommend Lawrence hypnosis to anyone that wants to quit smoking.
17 Aug 2014
brunoc2 from Croydon North
Good, I have not smoked for more than 10 weeks, and have been able to keep my cool in difficult issue that come up day to day and that is why I wanted to try this way to stop smoking. And I am very happy with the service I have given the contact number to others in my work place.
12 Mar 2014
damianh4 from Lilydale
Best thing I have spent my money on, I went in to become a non smoker, After 2 weeks I still have not had a cigarette. I have passed this number onto a number of people who are going to book in also. Thank you!! I didn't think it would be so easy.
30 Oct 2013
kazc from Mount Evelyn
They are caring, considerate and compassionate. Which is exactly what is needed when you are trying to beat the nicotine addiction. They give what is advertised and explain all aspects of procedure. Only needed 2 visits and have not had a cigarette session.
28 May 2013
Anonymous from Bayswater North
Lawrence Hypnotherapy has finally allowed me to be free from cigarettes! I can't believe how easy quitting smoking has been since my first session. I am now more than 3 weeks free from cigarettes and will never look back. Can't recommend it more to my friends and family.
05 Feb 2013
tinkaabull from Berwick
Scott knows his stuff and is an absolute qualified professional. I'm a self confessed "pretty tough nut to crack" and so my session was a little more personalised than most - I didn't even get to the hypnotherapy stage, more like just had a one hour counselling session. Scott explained in detail why my previous attempts to stop smoking had failed and why my emotions, irritability and low feelings were inevitable. He made me feel comfortable about the process of hypnotherapy (I was a little nervous... no wait, a lot nervous!) and I've left with the CD to listen to daily - yep, still yet to do that! BUT you know, I have left with the best thing possible, HOPE! And though I didn't actually go "under" in my session today - I haven't picked up a cigarette since I left - and haven't wanted to either. Thank you Scott for turning my day around and your committment to our freedom from the prison that smoking is. Watch this space, I'll report on my progress!
30 Jul 2012
joannab4 from Wonga Park
Fantastic! I have been a non smoker from my first session and I recommend it to people who are smokers.. I was very hesitant about hypnotherapy, thinking I was to head strong and that part of me didn't want to quit smoking. Well it has really shown me that anyone can do it.
05 Jun 2012
BelBan18 from Kilsyth
After trying many methods to give up smoking, hypnotherapy was next on the list. Luckily for me it worked! After 2 sessions, and 2 months later, I can safely say I am a non smoker. Thanks Scott for your help in giving up the things that have been holding me back all these years! It was certainly a great investment in my health and future!
14 May 2012
vals7 from Ferntree Gully
I've used Lawrence Hypnotherapy for smoking, and it's been really successful very very quickly. The ongoing support has been great, and I can't speak highly enough of them. For anyone who is "not quite sure" - give it a go - the results will amaze you!
08 May 2012
allisonm7 from Lysterfield
I was a smoker for over 30 years, after spending two sessions with Scott I am now a non smoker. It has now been three weeks since I have had a smoke. I only wish I had have done this sooner. Thank you Scott for all of your help and support.
04 May 2012
traceyb29 from Berwick
I can highly recommend Scott at Lawrence Hypnotherapy. He was amazing. I have not had one cigarette in nearly 5 weeks. I thought to myself WOW, I can actually give up! I have tried to give up smoking numerous times through other methods but have always been unsuccessful. Scott made the process of giving up smoking easier than i could ever had imagined. I would highly recommend Scott if you are serious about giving up smoking. I was sceptical at first but it really does work. Once again, thank you Scott. I am looking forward to living my life being healthy and a non-smoker.
07 Apr 2012
tragich from Mooroolbark
Thanks to Scott I have been a non-smoker for one week without any withdrawal symptoms whatsoever. I feel that now I am a non-smoker I have unlimited energy and no more anxiety issues, which is a great relief Highly Recommended for anyone who is ready to quit smoking or is ready to make a positive life choice.
13 Mar 2012
Anonymous from Boronia
The whole experience was stress free and relaxing. I felt very supported through out the two sessions and even going home with the cd's to continue the therapy. I feel so much better in myself and it was such a good process that I don't know why I didn't do sooner !!!
29 Feb 2012
ricka1 from Donvale
I saw Scott at Lawrence Hypnotherapy, It's been 19 days since my last cigarette. I'm happy and grateful, thanks for your help.
22 Feb 2012
adrianr4 from Frankston
I haven't smoked a cigarette for over 2 weeks now thanks to Scott and his hypnotherapy. I have already saved more than the cost of the treatment and look forward to life as a non-smoker. If you are considering hypnotherapy to help quit smoking, I can highly recommend it.
03 Feb 2012
colettef from Mooroolbark
I would recommend Scott / hypnosis to anyone who really wants to quit the habit but is worried that its gonna be too hard! I personally found the whole experience too easy - but after trying cold turkey so many times before and failing, I'd take 'too easy' any day!! I have just had the best few weeks of my life without cigarettes and I can finally see them for the filthy habit that they are! My teeth are whitening again, and I've so much spare time again ! Am so impressed by the whole thing, I am telling all the smokers I know about it! Give it a go - you wont be disappointed!
16 Jan 2012
Anonymous from Chirnside Park
I liked the information, it was like a whole life journey for me. I quit smoking, but more than that, I kinda get more what a trigger really means now, anyway, thanks
27 Oct 2011
Anonymous from Chirnside Park
Should have done this years ago. First rate Therapist. Would recommend to any one. Thought that hypnosis was just entertainment , it really works.
25 Oct 2011
kyliel9 from Yarrawonga
I did a double session for weight loss and smoking and found it to be a bit too long. So I did not return for follow up sessions. On the upside I have been smoke free for 14 weeks now (I have put on 6kg). I had tried everything so this was my last resort. Thank goodness the quit smoking worked. I suffered from terrible headaches for about 3 weeks other than that I had no other side effects. I wasn't grumpy or unbearable to be around unlike other methods I had used in the past. Thank you for an awesome gift (my health).
23 Oct 2011
tracek from Lilydale
I went along to give up smoking and haven't had one since. Its been a little tough but the new thought processes kick in quite readily and the desire passes quicker than ever before. I found the second session a bit strange because I went in feeling positive so it felt like there was nothing left for me to be there for and we just did a quick hypno. Still, as I said, I haven't had a smoke for three weeks and lets face it, that's why I was there.
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