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15 Oct 2023
Scott has definitely helped me with improving my health and well being. Totally recommend a visit to his Ravenshoe clinic.
04 Aug 2023
I’ve had brilliant results. I couldn’t walk very far for about 6 or 7 years now. Within a fortnight of treatment I’m walking quite well – the best I’ve ever walked for a long time. I cannot recommend Scott and Natural Pain Solutions enough or speak more highly. I’ve recommended seven more people personally to come, who are all amazed at the difference in me.
15 Jul 2023
The ratings of 5 stars of excellence, quality, service and value says it all. Thoroughly recommend Natural Pain Solutions, Scott has a wonderfully approachable manner and with his expertise I am amazed at how well I am feeling now after just a few visits. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
31 Dec 2022
Thoroughly recommend Natural Pain Solutions. I really appreciated the patience, care and expertise which Scott's practice offered. Had a few visits and was able to heal fairly quickly from symptoms I was experiencing. Many thanks!
31 Dec 2022
We love Natural Pain Solutions. Scott's very experienced, thorough and friendly manner means natural, wholistic, effective and long lasting healing is achievable for rare family health challenges that arise. The reception staff are always so welcoming and nothing is too much trouble. The reception area is such a lovely Zen area to have a calming cup of tea whilst waiting for appointments.
12 Oct 2022
I am so happy with Natural Pain Solutions. I love seeing Scott and the team there- it feels like home. Scotts knowledge is just amazing and his Neuro Needling is like no one else's. I cant recommend him enough. Thank you for getting my health back on track.
19 Sep 2022
I am 75 and 'presented 'at the clinic with Polymyalgia Rheumatica, an autoimmunine inflammatory illness diagnosed 16 months before. Prednisolone is the medication i am taking, but was not able to reduce the CRP (inflammation marker ) below 5.6, a blood test showed, after readings of 28.0,9.2,9.0 since being diagnosed by my GP.The normal range is considered to be <3. After consultations with Scott and taking natural wellness products, ' magically ', in 1 month the CRP marker was reduced to 0.7, well within the normal range of <3.The blood test showed the other inflammation marker (ESR) to be 5, when <21 is considered to be in the normal range.A person with PMR may have a reading of> 100. I think my experience at this clinic is a great outcome in coping with this inflammatory illness. I am currently taking 4mg of Prednisolone, have very mild PMR symptoms, work as a cleaner, with little effect on my life. Scotts' skill and focus at devising effective natural remedies for illness such as mine is complemented by his staff who are courteous,professional and caring. You will realise that you are not ' travelling ' alone when after your consultation the clinic contacts you to enquire about the success of your consultation and how your ' journey ' is at that moment.In a rather impersonal world you will be impressed with this level of care. You will however pay more than maybe a GP visit, but at NPS consultation times are much longer and natural wellness products are individually formulated and adjusted as a clients' condition changes.You will leave with the impression that Scott has made a ' comprehensive ' assessment of your health status at that time. I can warmly recommend a visit to this clinic to experience their natural approach to health problems. What is not to like about this level of care, and positive outcomes achieved, also noted by other clients ?
13 Aug 2022
I cannot recommend Scott highly enough!!! I experienced panic attacks almost daily prior to seeing him, yet after only a couple of visits, I started to feel like a totally different person! I was no longer having panic attacks in the morning and was instead waking up with an incredible sense of calm. It has literally changed my whole life!! He is so kind and caring and the reception staff are absolutely beautiful. Thank you so so much for all you have done, I beyond grateful!!
08 Aug 2022
I would highly recommend Scott and the team at Natural Pain Solutions. Scott has helped me see improvement with allergy, eczema and asthma issues in such a short time. He is very knowledgable and friendly. Everybody at the clinic is very kind and always make me feel comfortable and relaxed. Instead of just prescribing me with quick fix medicines, Scott has helped me to understand the cause of my health issues and worked with me to find a holistic solution. Would highly recommend!
08 Oct 2021
The team at NPS genuinely care about your health and well-being. I have been a client for some years now after becoming disillusioned with the mainstream health system. Both myself and my young daughter now have better health and have rectified ailments without the use of pharmaceuticals. Thanks Scott and Team
20 Sep 2021
I went to Natural Pain Solutions with several painful symptoms. After a couple of months of acupuncture and herbal assistance I am feeling a lot better. Scott and the staff are efficient and caring and the facility is clean and welcoming. I have no hesitation in recommending Natural Pain Solutions to anyone wishing to pursue an alternative solution to painful problems.
18 Jun 2021
Scott is a professional in this field. He cares about his patients and is very easy to talk with. I would highly recommend this practice to anyone seeking expert knowledge on health or alternatively therapies.
28 May 2021
Thanks to the caring team at NPS I have not felt this well for several years
02 Apr 2021
I can’t believe in just two weeks my migraines are gone and I am feeling better with in myself from Helen p
22 Mar 2021
I have been seeing Scott for several years and my overall health and well being have significantly improved. I continue for ongoing maintenance and minor health issues. Overall I am very pleased that I found Natural Pain Solutions.
05 Jan 2021
I came away from my most recent appointment encouraged at the progress we've made through this year. I am in a very different, much healthier, more alert, physically much better space than where I was in January. I was very pleased that the whole of body scan showed healing in a number of areas underlying why I feel much better. It has been a year of interesting learning. Being able to talk to Scott is one of the benefits of the longer sessions. All in all another pleasing and valuable time.
06 Dec 2020
I’m so VERY grateful I found Natural Pain Solutions!! I was suffering with extremely painful Joint and Muscle issues, also Gut, digestion and emotional issues that I was determined to find the answers too holistically and Naturally. Thanks to Scott’s Skills and approach I discovered that the many tools he has, supported by his qualifications and many years of experience, absolutely turned my health and life around! The atmosphere, energy and cleanliness of the Clinic is so Welcoming, and the warm, helpful and friendly Staff make the whole health experience just delightful. I have recommended the Clinic to many of my family and friends due to my wonderful results. Now THEY are thanking ME for recommending NPS to them for their positive outcomes. I Cannot convey highly enough what an amazing health facility this is! Scott’s training and knowledge is very impressive and it’s a great relief to get my energy flexibility and emotional health back on track. THANK YOU Scott and team, I’m SO grateful I found you all at NPS!
04 Dec 2020
mariyetab from Yarra Glen
I Highly recommend Scott and his marvellous caring team. If I had 6 stars to give I would. Scott has help me with my ongoing chronic pain and health issues via Chinese medicine and acupuncture. He has helped my 12 year old son who was very unwell this year. Happy and healthy child now. My husband would never go to a naturopath or use Chinese medicine because he didn’t believe in natural medicine, saw the results with my son and I. My husband now attends Scott’s clinic. That says it all!!
03 Dec 2020
In late 2019 i was medically diagnose with crohns disease i continued with specialist advice and medications with very bad side affects and damage my liver,i could not continue with treatment,so i done same research and come se Scott i had never been to a Naturopath but after come to se Scott 2 month ago i fell mush better and no side affects, treatment can be expensive but for me it has been worth every dollar. Highly Recommend.
05 Aug 2020
After living with chronic pain for the past 2 years with at times it being so debilitating that basic tasks were impossible; a beautiful shift is beginning to happen. I have finally started to experience less pain and more energy. My sons are starting to get their mum back, which is the most wonderful gift that I could ever give them. Scott you are a blessing. Your breadth of wisdom, experience and lovely bedside manner, I am so very thankful for. I am so glad to have found you and your clinic! Blessings and my sincere gratitude, Kristy.
10 Jan 2020
Never seen a naturopath before in my life but Scott is just amazing. The results I have experienced in such a short time I just astounded. Highly recommend making an appointment!
22 Oct 2019
The neuropathic pain in my eyes and head has lessened quite significantly since I had my first acupuncture appointment with Scott and started taking the herbs and supplements he gave me. I can only hope and pray that things can continue to improve from here, but I am quite amazed at the level of relief I have received already.
05 Jul 2019
I have been coming to see Scott for almost 2 years. I came with chronic sinus problems. The herbal medicine he prescribed has been amazing. I am not cured but the relief he has given me is worth every cent I have spent. I would highly recommend anyone with sinus problems to give this a try.
29 Jun 2019
I feel absolutely amazing today! Even last night laying in bed I felt lighter and relaxed. Today was a very busy and stressful day at work but I was so amazed as how relaxed my body and mind was even though I had so much to do and everyone around me was tearing their hair out! I can't wait for have another session.
21 Jun 2019
I feel AMAZING. I have had back pain for longer than I remember. I know I came in for numb toes (peripheral neuopathy) they are alive and tingling. B But my back, it feels like I have a heat pack on it. I can touch my toes, walk without wincing. I am so impressed and cannot thank you enough. Kerrie
20 Jun 2019
Dear Scott, Many thanks for your help. My gastric symptoms are no longer there, thanks to the care, guidance and help that you procured through the acupuncture treatments, diet and herbal medicine. I have no hesitation in recommending your practice. Again, with many thanks to you and your staff for all the care, guidance and help. Warm regards, C. Issaevitch
19 Nov 2018
cathy-h634 from Canterbury
When I first went to Natural Pain Solutions I was experiencing a very uncomfortable and gurgly stomach, painful rattly bloated tummy, mostly diarrhoea with some incontinence of faeces, nausea, chronic hay fever with bleary sore and itchy eyes, was constantly cold and rugged up beyond normal, insomnia and tiredness. I was very emotional and withdrawn and I have been told my eyes were sunken with dark rings under them. From the very first visit I could feel the Chinese herbs and drops helping me. I joined the 2 year programme. It included blood, urine, saliva, hair tests, all scans and appointments including acupuncture. Following each scan Scott would 'tailor make' a new series or doses of herbs to suit my body at that time, according to the scan results. There were lots of leaps forward, a few set backs but throughout the time I was on a journey, feeling my body react to treatment, discovering what foods or outside forces I couldn't tolerate. A very interesting 2 year journey finishing in September, 2018. I am much stronger now, my bowels have settled, nausea has gone, hay fever under control, I clothe myself normally, my eyes arnt sunken anymore and the shadows under them have gone. I'm not completely better but I am much improved and through lifestyle changes, diet and a deeper understanding of myself and Scotts gentle support I'm able to steer my way forward and be myself again.
12 Nov 2018
Earlier this year I was suffering from headaches, lethargy and sleepless nights. I was initially sceptical but today feel much better than I have for a very long time, no more headaches, sleeping is now pleasurable, lots of energy, more relaxed and something i didn't expect was improved digestion which had been a problem since removal of my gallbladder.
26 Oct 2018
In early March 2018 I was medically diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, I continued with specialist advice and medications until the end of April 2018, in early May I was prescribed steroid tablets which I was told I would need to take for the rest of my life. I was further told that the colitis was not diet related and didn't know why all of a sudden it had come on. It was then that I was recommended to and had my first appointment with Scott at Natural Pain Solutions. Scott advised me that he would be able to treat my condition through acupuncture, herbs and diet. I had five appointments in May and then commenced a three month True Health Action Plan. Since completing the three month plan two months ago I am continuing to follow on Scott's advise through my diet and am weaning off the herbs. I am happy to provide this five star review as my symptoms have all but gone as of to date. I have no hesitation in recommending Scott for anyone looking at alternatives to medical advise.
19 Oct 2018
I have suffered for many years with Rosacea on my face. From various doctors I have tried topical creams and antibiotics which unfortunately did very little. It was very stressful as it was not easy to camouflage. I have been seeing Scott for 6 months and within the first couple of week I noticed a very big difference in the texture of my skin and significant reduced redness. Scott gave me herbal teas and some drops and I have been extremely happy with my results which have continued to improve with now only very rare and minor recurrences.
18 Oct 2018
I was having a terrible time with my digestive system and ended up being diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis by a Gastroenterologist. Unfortunately the prescribed medication was to suppress the symptoms rather than find the cause and fix the issue. After conducting some of my own research I came across the NPS website and decided to book an appointment. It's now been 6 months since that time and I feel better every week. It can be hard getting an appointment at times but the lovely staff do their best to fit me in. The dietary advice and treatment has helped immensely. Thanks Scott and everyone at NPS.
27 Aug 2018
sorina710 from Notting Hill
We have been using Scott's services at Natural Pain Solutions for a while now and we have been very happy with the service, results, attention to details and dedication in achieving the aimed results. The focus was on my son's blocked nose and we can see the results.
11 Jun 2018
When I first saw Scott, late in 2017, I was in a lot of pain due to fibromyalgeia, and had no energy. In eight months of being under Scott's care, he was able to give me my life back, which was not done in eight years of medical treatments. I currently have no pain, and have not felt any pain for 2 months, which is a big relief, after suffering with pain for eight years, and taking stronger and stronger pain medication, which did nothing for me. I feel Scott is more my friend than just my practioner. He truly cares about his patients and will always get back to you promptly. I know and believe that Scott is there for me whenever I need him, which is more than I can say about the medical industry. He is a little expensive, but well worth it.
15 Feb 2018
Anonymous from Ringwood
Scott has helped my Ulcerative Colitis immensly, I have little to no pain now and can eat most foods without issue. I have my quality of life back thanks to this lovely man & I could not be happier!
11 Nov 2017
LisaD3 from Mitcham
My knee pain is almost gone and I as a bonus I'm losing weight and my health is improving dramatically! Highly recommend without hesitation.
03 Nov 2017
I was very happy with my experience at natural pain solutions. I should have come sooner, the results I have got so far Is great. Highly recommend this place.
02 Nov 2017
I had never been to a Naturopath prior to seeing Scott. I am blown away with the treatment already. I have never felt better and really happy I decided to come see him. I know it can be expensive but its well worth ever doller. Highly recommended!!
13 Jan 2017
After visiting an ENT who told me that I need grommets inserted in my left ear because I have glue ear (at 27), I decided to do everything possible to avoid this procedure. I first visited NPS in November 2016, and after listening to me, Scott decided to prescribe me some herbs which I took for about 6-8 weeks. After first 3 weeks I went to see my GP who told me that the glue ear is not that visible and this gave me hope so I continued to take the herbs prescribed by Scott. Just visited another ENT (in Jan 2017) and he told me that my ear is perfectly fine, and there's no trace of glue ear. Not to mention the fact that after a hearing test, he advised me that I have perfect hearing. Besides the herbs prescribed by Scott, I also did the Valsalva manoeuvre every day for at least 30-50 times in a gentle manor. However, without his advice and the herbs, I wouldn't have been in this position after only 3 months. Thank you, Scott and thank you to your team! Best wishes, NataliaV.
01 Jan 2017
I had never been to a naturopath prior to seeing Scott, and gosh do I wish I had seen him years ago. Scott was very quick to identify that my health complaints were due to digestive issues. Since commencing with Scott my digestive, skin & emotional health is better than it has been in years. I highly recommend giving Scott a try if you are interested in holistic solutions to health complaints.
15 Sep 2016
Scott and all the staff at Natural Pain Solutions are results driven and eager to help. I have suffered with a chronic condition for years and within a couple of weeks I am sleeping better and have greatly reduced pain. I'm very happy so far with the results.
09 Sep 2016
I had a major breakdown in May when I suffered major anxiety. I couldnt walk into a country pub by myself. My partner was already in there but I couldnt see him through the window and I could see people inside laughing and I just couldnt walk in. I had been struggling with depression and suicidial thoughts for the last 3 years. I knew I had to get help. Googled naturopaths and came across the bio-resonance body scan and asked to have one at Natural Pain Solutions. It turned my life around. The scan and Scott helped me to choose the right herbs and natural products to heal my digestive system which causes the depression. I have also had emergency bowel surgery 3 years before hand which can lead to depression. I had my gall bladder, appendix, 45 cms of my large intestine removed along with my ileum so my body needs help with digesting food. I no longer have the chinese herbs but I will be on several natural products for life- no more depression and anxiety for me. I have so much energy and have embraced my new diet with positivity.
31 May 2016
I had a headache for eleven weeks and had scans, hearing tests, two lots of antibiotics, steroids, been to a physiotherapist, a myotherapist and even changed Drs before going to see Scott at Natural pain solutions. The headache went with my first acupuncture treatment and the sinus problems which caused the headache and which had plagued me for years have also cleared. I heartily recommend a visit if you wish to regain your health & quality of life.
25 May 2016
I certainly would, had very bad reflux and couldn't cope with it, doc's gave me pills, not helpfull, Scott sorted me out...thank you Scott.
16 May 2016
After seeing a conventional doctor we decided to take a wholistic approach. By day four my husband was almost pain free, two weeks on and he is pain free! Thank you Natural Pain Solutions!
24 Dec 2015
I would definately recommend Natural Pain Solutions, because I have been a client of Scott`s for approximately 10 years. I am allergic to chemicals and can`t take drugs because of the side effects. My energy level, Health and sense of well being have improved enormously. Aileen Stinten
20 Dec 2015
After several years of visiting doctors without finding a solution to my problems it was a relief to discover Scott. My health and energy levels began to improve within a month utilizing only natural remedies. Scott helped me make minor adjustments to my diet that are not only easy to maintain, but have helped me lose weight with very little effort. A happy bonus. I couldn't be happier with the way I feel and the ease with which I am achieving my goals. I always feel welcome and comfortable when I visit the clinic. Thanks Scott.
20 Dec 2015
Having suffered for many years with digestive complaints and various aches and pains, I turned to alternative medicine after many visits to doctors with out much satisfaction. I have seen a few different practitioners, all with varying treatment options, which have improved my health gradually. Feeling that I still had a little way to go I came across Scott's practice on the internet. Scott has been treating me for 6 months and I feel that I am heading in the right direction with my health. His caring, professional approach is excellent and he is very knowledgeable about the conditions he treats. I would highly recommend Scott's treatments to any one, especially if main stream medicine has not got the answers you are looking for.
19 Dec 2015
jenniferc28 from Ringwood North
For many years I have suffered from a back which sometimes gives me trouble. One particular time it gave out so badly I could literally hardly walk. I hobbled in to Natural Pain Solutions, and after Scott treated me I walked out pain free. It was like a miracle. I have had many treatments from different practitioners over the years on my back, but none had such an immediate and dramatic effect. I highly recommend this clinic. Jennifer
09 Dec 2015
As a very active person playing various amount of sports and going to gym 5-6 times a week I had a lot of muscle and fascia tightness throughout my body, Scott has helped me in about 4 acupuncture sessions to really loosen up my body and make me feel comfortable again. Couldn't recommend him enough.
21 Jun 2015
Had been suffering from terrible digestive issues and everything I tried never seemed to work. Found NPS website from a Google search and thought I'll give them a shot. Straight away was very impressed with the comprehensive consultation/testing/plan to recovery. After a few weeks using natural remedies prescribed by Scott my digestive health was as good as ever. Highly recommended.
27 Mar 2015
I am a fairly new client at Natural Pain Solutions and therefore have not had the chance to reap the full benefits of the service however I can say that so far I am happy with the service.
18 Mar 2015
Great service, Scott is fantastic and very friendly and has really helped me with my back issues. Certainly would recommend highly to anyone. Adam
25 Oct 2014
cathyh15 from Beaconsfield
Experienced a burn out due to work issues. I thought a week off work would reduce my cortisol levels and I would be back to normal. Much more complex. Within 3 minutes I could have walked out of a bulk billing Doctors room with anti depressants, without even a physical consultation. I wanted a natural solution to improving my wellbeing. Thankfully, my sister in law referred Scott. Her son had been sick for 3 years, had a battery of tests and was getting no answers. After seeing Scott, his health has improved so much so he is now back at school. Scott made me realise what damage stress does to the body, not only my mental health. Healing and improved wellbeing can be achieved with counseling and addressing imbalance in the body, which has all stemmed from stress. It comprises the adrenal system, which affects the liver and hormones. Hence anxiety, mood swings, anger, craving salty and sweet food, extreme tiredness and as if I was walking in a fog. Scott has increased my understanding of my body. His testing has blown me away with the thoroughness and details. Natural remedies are used. He is addressing my whole system, as it is all interrelated. Feeling so much better. I have that bounce back in my step and feel the best I have all year. Naturopathic care is not covered by medicare, which demonstrates the ignorance of the medical board. Therefore, the extensive testing is dear, but money well spend in the long run, as potential major health issues are addressed before they could seriously compromise the organs or your general health. Meaning more time off work and dealing with the medical system. Even the wellbeing programme for testing is not covered under my health fund. Only consultation is. BUT, you only have one body and need to look after it to fulfill the potential of a healthy life and wellbeing.
24 Oct 2014
domeniquet from Donvale
I have known Scott for a few years now and have always been pleased with the results and his methods to treat my problems. He is very attentive, reassuring and easy to talk to and always manages to calm my restless mind. But this year has been my worst with my ongoing stress levels finally taking its toll. After not being able to get in at a particular time, I went to another naturopath close to home but was not happy with the results and was not getting better. I decided it was better to go back to Scott who knows me best..he prescribed me supplements that have given my life back and virtually saved my sanity..I honestly was in such a bad state and didnt know if I would feel the same again. I still have a long way to go, but I put my trust in him which I don't say that to many situations usually. The entire staff are so helpful and friendly and are only a phone call away..they are so prompt to return my calls with valuable advice..not many places have this level of service and are always happy to see you with such friendly smiles. I highly recommend Natural Pain Solutions to anyone young and old. You won't regret it!
20 Aug 2014
Anonymous from Ringwood
Explained and easy to understand. Able to ring and confirm any questions. Hopeful for a better health in the future and to feel alot better.
20 Aug 2014
marya17 from Lilydale
I had been feeling sick & tired for years & was sick & tired of feeling like that. Mainstream Drs. just wanted to give me drugs to mask how I was feeling, or worse still, made me feel like I wasn't being taken seriously. (or it was all in my head). Since seeing Scott I am slowly on the improve. After extensive testing, adjusting my diet & taking remedies recommended by Scott I am now starting to feel optimistic about my future health & lifestyle. All the staff are lovely, the clinic itself is peaceful & I wouldn't & don't hesitate in recommending Scott to anyone.
23 Jun 2014
I have had eczema and allergies since I was born and as I got older I thought I would have grown out of it. But I started working in my dream job (which I was allergic too) and found that my allergies and eczema wouldn't subside. I would wake up every morning in pain, skin weeping and bleeding, eyes puffy and go to work covered in bandages. Somedays I would get sent home as I could hardly walk. I went to see all different types of doctors and specialists but none of their treatments would give me relief, in fact some made me worse. I was at the point where I would try anything when my mum came across Natural Pains Solutions and although Scott wasn't a skin specialist we went to see him. AND MAN I AM GLAD I DID!!!! Scott never promised to be a miracle worker and was honest with me that he would try as best he could to help me if I put in the effort and did exactly what he said by following his program.I have been with Scott for nearly 2 years now and I have never felt better. The initial detoxing was not the most pleasant of experiences but it was all worth it in the long run. I still take Scotts Natural medicines everyday but no longer need to go to him for therapy such as acupuncture and frequency treatments. I haven't worn my bandages in several months, I don't need to take steroid tablets or use steroid creams and both my allergies and eczema are minimal and manageable, I have only just started a new job out of an industry I am allergic too after 5 years. I can't wait to finally be on the proper road to good health! So I can't thank and recommend Scott at Natural Pains Solutions enough for giving me the most relief I have had in years! Amy Smith :)
08 Jun 2014
mark17 from Fitzroy North
I first went to see Scott for a number of ailments that traditional medicine disregarded or even acknowledged they existed. I found the NPS holistic approach not only highly effective in treating the ailments but more importantly locating and treating the original source of the problem ie the cause. I now see Scott once a month as part of a progressive health plan which aims at bringing my body and health to its natural state of vitality. Thanks Scott for breaking through new and traditional boundaries in health and well being.
05 May 2014
From my original email enquiry to my last visit, Scott and the team at NPSA have consistently offered a professional yet personal service... and the results speak for themselves. I'm very happy to recommend NPSA to anyone seeking an alternative approach to their health and wellbeing.
19 Mar 2014
kathrid from Ferntree Gully
I came to Natural Pain Solutions with a defeatist attitude really. Suffering with migraines most of my life they have changed in severity and frequency over the past months and I could no longer manage the pain effectively if at all. So after my first consultation I start my treatment. At the end of the second week whilst the frequency of the migraines is unchanged the severity and pain management has improved but at the end of 4 weeks a huge improvement. No longer spend the day in bed writhing in pain endlessly throwing up. I have much more energy, I am eating better and sleeping better. I definitely recommend Natural Pain Solutions and am grateful for all their help.
13 Dec 2013
Woody from Bayswater North
I have neck & back issues & my consultations with Scott gives me relief. I've been seeing Scott for a few years now when my pain is difficult to handle
25 Nov 2013
carlyj2 from Ringwood East
Scott is absolutely amazing! I had never had acupuncture before and was recommended to go before my wedding! I was feeling very tired and stressed and experiencing skin conditions I never had before and didn't know how to treat! Everything was explained to me so i could understand what was going kn and what he was going to do to treat it! I had 2 sessions a week for 3 weeks and I felt amazing! I have recomended my friends an family to Scott and they are just as pleased as I am!
25 Oct 2013
carleyw1 from Ferntree Gully
After years of stomach problems and hundreds of tests which came back negative I decided to try to find a naturopath to help me, I looked on the internet and found natural pain solutions. From that very first appointment I was made to feel comfortable, that my issues were real and that despite negative results from doctors tests for the first time I was given hope that I would feel better. Nearly 2 years on I am feeling amazing, not only physically but mentally I am a whole new person. It was the best call I ever made and it has quite honestly changed my life.
18 Oct 2013
leaha9 from Gembrook
I have been doing a year long "return to health" program with Scott at Natural Pain Solutions this past year. Prior to finding NPS, I was suffering from constant headaches, serious, chronic muscular pain and overall fatigue. I was addicted to Nexium for gastric reflux and Voltaren for the general body/muscular pain. I received no support or healthy suggestions from various doctors, who all told me that nothing was wrong and I was probably "just a bit stressed". They would just write a new prescription for Nexium or other pain killers and send me on my way. Since doing the return to health program (8 months or so since I started), I quickly got off Voltaren and experienced a big reduction in my muscular pain. I no longer get headaches and I'm also off Nexium, taking a much lower dose of OTC Zantac - I expect to reduce this and be completely drug free within the next month or two. Oh, and I've also lost 9kg's. Naturopathy is never a cheap option and I've had to really scrimp in order to do this program, but I can wholeheartedly recommend it if you actually want to commit to your health and get well, as opposed to just being a pawn in the pharmaceutical system. Apart from the physical benefits, I have personally benefited from taking full responsibility for my health and I know that I will never be that unhealthy person again. Thanks to NPS for giving me my life back - that's no exaggeration. :-)
11 Oct 2013
simonl12 from Mooroolbark
I broke my hip when I was 16 it has pins and plates in it. 3 years ago I huge pain couldn't walk sleep eat I was in that much pain. Doctors told me I need a full hip replacement and no more wake boarding. After 2 months with Scott no pain and wake boarding. So I'm very happy no pain and do things I love doing. Thanks
10 Oct 2013
I went to Natural Pain Solutions as a stop-gap when my regular acupuncturist, who I'd seen for 20 months for fibromyalgia, went on leave and I had a lot of pain. As it turns out, through Scott's careful observation and questioning, my health problems went a lot deeper and long term, and may not be fibromyalgia at all. I am in my second month of holistic treatment with Scott, and am feeling better. I have more energy, more clarity, a clear plan to enact, and while it's not easy, it will be worth it. Oh, and two acupuncture treatments, and the 12-15 hot flushes I'd had per day are gone. Yay!
08 Oct 2013
vickip8 from Ringwood North
I first went to Natural Pain Solutions because I had a dislocated jaw and was in a lot of pain. Scott advised acupuncture (which I thought was a bit unusual) but it worked. I do need ongoing treatment but my jaw is a lot better than what it was. I have since seen a jaw specialist and she said the best thing to do is acupuncture, so I will continue my treatments with Scott. Also everyone there is very nice and it is a nice peaceful place to have treatment.
28 May 2012
Sprinklechicken from Doncaster East
My daughter was very unwell and after seeing our local GP who recommended a CATSCAN after not finding a cause for a sore tummy thru an ultrasound and x-ray, i decided to see a Naturapath. I came across NPS via my husband seeing the shop and WOMO. Within 1 week of seeing Scott, my daughters health started to improve dramatically and is continuing to do so and to her delight and mine it is all naturally too. I am so happy with Scotts service that it is my turn now. He is very friendly and approachable and works well with children and his staff are very welcoming and willing to assist whenever and however they can. I can highly recommend Scott and his services.
15 Mar 2012
trishm5 from Bayswater
Scott has been instrumental in relieving pain and making recommendations to modify and improve my lifestyle to be beter equipped to deal with triggers. He uses a variety of testing and diagnositc equipment to contimually offer the best treatments.
29 Feb 2012
denisel3 from Park Orchards
Scott has turned my life around, showing me their is an alternative to pain and/or, stress management and you can avoid medication by learning to listen to your own body and understanding the consequences if I choose to eat the wrong food.
17 Feb 2012
Anonymous from Ringwood
He listens and cares about your situation, he does not rush the appointment and I never have to wait more then 5 minutes to be seen.
16 Feb 2012
Woody from Bayswater North
I find this business extremely worthwhile & makes you feel relaxed. I have neck & back issues & use different services including massage & acupuncture. They message you at least the day before to remind you of your appointment. I have recommended this business to many people
06 Feb 2012
john13 from The Basin
Scott has performed an amazing array of analyses to get to the crux of my health problem - he leaves no stone unturned! I'm still not 100% cured , but my health has been vastly improved since using NPS
05 Jan 2012
kathm5 from Mount Evelyn
I was in quite a bad state of health and a specialist had told me that I would need to go on steroids, which I did not want to do. I had never been to an acupuncturist before and a friend recommended Scott. I went along with some major digestive problems which were having a huge impact on my state of health and starting to impact my life (I couldn't go out for a meal; I was having problems sleeping because of pain etc.) I am happy to say that I am now back to a state of wellness, and all without drugs or surgery. Being a natural therapy it does take a little bit longer to take effect, but so worth the wait. I would be confident to recommend Scott and the clinic to anyone; the staff are friendly and really helpful too.
13 Dec 2011
Anonymous from Wantirna South
As a long-term client of Natural Pain Solutions, I can confidently say that I would recommend their services to anybody requiring attention. Scott is very knowledgeable and has an excellent bedside manner. He is patient and takes the time to educate his clients and to explain everything during a consultation. He gave me insights into my conditions that I could not find from anyone else. They are certainly worth the visit!
10 Dec 2011
I visited Natural Pain Solutions in 2010 and am so glad that I did. Scott is a very aware naturopath who facilitated me in treating various health aspects that I was experiencing. The clinic staff are very caring and knowledgable and anyone who consults NPS are in for a rewarding and healing experience.
Ringwood, VIC, 3134
Tel: 0742493477

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