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20 Dec 2017
Rob was presented with my wonky iphone 6 plus and he quoted $150:00 to fix it. Unfortunately Rob made a mistake and totally fried the phone. Rather than try to hide this fact, he owned up,gave me a new refurbished iphone 6 plus and took the time and trouble to help get all the data back thru itunes and iCloud . There was no fee for all this.How refreshing to find an honest and genuine businessman who accepts personal responsibility. Thank You Rob.
18 Nov 2017
phillipp657 from Chatswood
Fixed my iPhone with great service/communication. Screen had moved away from case and was thinking of replacing. Fixed in 1/2 hour replaced faulty battery. Cost and service exceeded my expectations
30 Oct 2017
Rob is a magician. My daughter's Macbook Air was water damaged and she thought she was up for a new laptop. Rob sorted out all the damaged components at a very reasonable price. Great guy to deal with too. Thoroughly recommended.
26 Oct 2017
Did an amazing job on my imac workstation when the hard drive started failing. I didn't lose any data and the machine was returned with a new hard drive with everything intact as it had been before it went down. I just plugged in and away it went. Also had my wife's iphone fixed there which I thought was beyond repair. Very friendly and efficient service that I would recommend to anyone.
22 Oct 2017
Rob Jacobs would have to be one of the most knowledgable, amiable persons I know with whom to do business, especially when it comes to fixing either iPhones or Samsungs that my family have in plague proportions. He has always been quick, courteous and very good value when ever I have had a problem with a phone. I am grateful for his expertise and proud to know him as a person.
20 Oct 2017
Effective, Friendly, Efficient All 3 factors coming at a very CHEAP price. Will definitely come back here EVERY time I need something fixed.
21 Aug 2017
Well finally found a company that can do and deliver as others have advised. 30 min my 6+ had a face lift and all is good. The price, my problem! temper temper oops
08 Aug 2017
Very professional, well equipped shop and a decent guy to boot. I would definitely recommend IPD Service Centre to anyone looking to get their cracked screen repaired. He knows his stuff, and broken screens is just the beginning of the electronic wizardry he can perform.
12 May 2017
Reliable and professional service. The staff were very helpful and friendly. They solved a difficult issue with my Mac laptop and kept me informed as to how the repair was going. They saved all the work on my computer for which I am very thankful and their charges were very reasonable. I highly recommend them for Mac computer repairs and will happily use them again.
28 Apr 2017
Definitely the most professional apple products repairer in chatswood and around, will definitely go back again in necessary.
13 Feb 2017
Will go there for any repair - replaced iPhone battery. Serve quick, friendly, great price, good repair! Highly recommend.
18 Jan 2017
Whilst visiting Sydney I cracked the screen on my iPad Air 2. I enquired at the Apple store in Chatswood Chase who told me iPad Air 2 screen couldn't be replaced and it would cost $400 - $500 to replace the whole unit. A friend of my daughter recommended this company and they repaired it within 24 hours. I have no idea if the cost is competitive but the service was great and I was very pleased to pay the money ( well, not exactly pleased but you know what I mean!)
21 Nov 2016
Highly recommended! Very helpful staff and speedy service. My phone was fixed within an hour. I am truly pleased and amazed with their service!
14 Oct 2016
elizabethl904 from Sydney
What I like in a business is prompt customer response to queries and service. This business has proven that. I requested for a quote via email on Wednesday, got a response with an hour or so. I travelled all the way from the city to Chatswood as I could not find other repair shops that can change cracked screen of Ipad Air 2. I called Apple and even dropped by to the Apple shop at George Street but they could not exactly tell me how much and how long it will take for them to fix or replace the machine. When my husband to drop by to an approved dealer, he was quoted $460.00 and it will take about a week to get a replacement refurbished machine. IPD only charged me $220.00 to replace the screen and LCD and it was literally done in less than an hour. Just when I came back to my office in the city after dropping it off to Chatswood, I received a call from Rob advising the machine is ready! One thing good is they also give 6 months warranty on the workmanship. Highly recommended. BTW, I called one repair shop in Sydney and have quoted me $300 for the same job, but another staff of the same repair shop told me that I am better off sending the machine to Apple. This means that they are not even confident fixing the machine. Well done IPD. Thanks Rob and Phil. It was well the travel from the city. Highly recommended.
15 Sep 2016
I recommend iPD because you will get both skill and honesty in iPD. My iPhone charging stopped working. There were heaps of phone-repair shops around my place but most of those have terrible reviews on workmanship, customer service and quality of products. iPD had good reviews on all. After posting an online query i received a response within few minutes with quotation, very very competitive price! I traveled more than an hour to get to his place. Right after he sees my phone he understood the problem, quite experienced! The phone was fixed in lightning speed and dexterity. No hanky panky, no gimmick, no extra money. This is how it should be, very much impressed!
02 Sep 2016
peterk881 from Ropes Crossing
Professional from A-Z! Very recommendable! Got an email reply from Robin straight away. Offered free inspection and quote. Brought my phone there on a Wednesday evening and I was kept during the whole process up to date how the repair was progressing. Lucky me - no new screen was required only the charging port was a bit corroded. On the next day afternoon I got my phone back in excellent working condition. Battery was of concern - but works also normally. Phil gave me the phone back, explained all steps done and after all, I was more than happy to pay $60 for getting a revived phone back. Great job. My phone had drowned on a Saturday in a water dish of a plant for 2 hours. I did what I could - rice bag, hair dryer but it did not charge/switch on. For different reasons I couldn't drop the phone for repair before Wednesday evening - So anyone having similar experience don't give up hope or pay big $ before you have tried the experts of iPD Service Centre. Great job!
24 May 2016
Quick and easy to replace screen and given a free case! Would definitely recommend. Thanks!
18 Apr 2016
This is how things should be! I had a badly cracked iphone 5. Went online and made an appointment. Online appointment experience was easy and worked well. I received an e-mail confirming appointment details instantly and later received a reminder e-mail. They kept my appointment time. They had advertised it would take 30 minutes and sure enough it was ready in just under 30 minutes. The guys at the store know their stuff and are easy to deal with. They are using genuine parts and provided a six month warranty on the work.
28 Jan 2016
Repaired my Samsung S3 faulty power button. Didn't charge for the work. Others wanted to charge $50 or refused to repair it. Very honest service. Would be happy to come back (from Campbelltown) for any other phone repair.
22 Aug 2015
hannahh144 from St Kilda East
Replaced iPhone screen in half an hour for a reasonable price. Awesome. Thanks. Will come back here every time I break my phone.
21 Aug 2015
Did an awesome job upgrading my PS4 drive to 2TB. Works great, half cost of competitors quote for a new drive that was half the size of what these guys got it up to! Great service and super quick, highly recommend. - John Y
20 Jul 2015
Excellent service, replaced my battery and a month later something came loose, had it fixed free of charge. Email communication was exceptional, would highly recommend to anyone still in doubt.
13 May 2015
Incredible - water damaged phone was repaired with no issues whatsoever. Great communication and good value. Any future issues with my phones I will be taking them here. Cheers!
04 May 2015
jaye945 from Lane Cove
Apple told me my 120gb iPod could not be fixed and there was no option to buy another with equal capacity. iPhone Doctor fixed it in 30mins at minimal cost. I highly recommend them.
21 Apr 2015
Rob at iPD Service Centre gave us fantastic service from first contact. the works quoted by Apple and My Mac was roughly $900 for a new logic board and didn't offer to try and fix the existing logic board with a 2 week turn around. Rob on the other hand was confident he could fix the existing logic board and quoted a price which he honored. Turnaround time was in 3 days as Rob put value on the fact I needed the laptop for work. Overall i'm very happy to receive old fashion honest and reliable service. Very rare. Thank you. Laina
19 Apr 2015
arina from Frenchs Forest
I had dropped my iPhone5 and shattered the screen, recommended by my boss, I went down to iPhone Doctor. The guys were honest, had a quick turn around time and reasonably priced. Most importantly the screen hasn't failed since its been repaired. I can easily recommend iPD for future tasks, in-fact I have a Macbook Pro with a faulty SMC circuit, in their shop at the moment! I'm confident they'll do a great job.
30 Jan 2015
Jo.101 from West Pymble
My iPhone 4 was water damaged and wouldn't turn on. iPD assessed the damage and replaced the battery and camera. They provided a reasonable warranty period (may have been 90 days I think). Unfortunately the phone would drain the battery within an hour or so. iPD refunded the total payment as promised, without capitulating. I would definitely recommend this business.
15 Jan 2015
Replaced the screen. Great service. Tested the phone when I picked it up front camera wasn't working. They had it fixed in 10mins with no extra charge. Absolutely fantastic service.
24 Sep 2014
LingDong from West Pennant Hills
They fix things other than iPhones! 6 month warranty and decent servicing cost was too good to resist. They also have great online support with fast responses.
12 Sep 2014
bernicem4 from Drummoyne
After breaking my boyfriends iPhone, I was in a lot of trouble!! I promised him I'd have it fixed the same day but really didn't expect that would happen! I googled searched the iPhone dr in chatswood.... Wasn't sure where I was going or what to expect as the shop looks low key! But I was very impressed with the job and more importantly it was fixed within the hour for $90!!! So relieved as my boyfriend uses his phone for work and was ready to kill me!
30 Jul 2014
iPod 4th gen cover replacement. I love how I can just walk off the street and they can fix it while I go and have a coffee. Great job, too! Will definitely use them again!
29 Jul 2014
joannes35 from Lane Cove
New glass front on iPhone 5. Done in 45 minutes, very quick service. Highly recommended. You get a free cover for phone if you give a review. Made a mistake saying amazing value, probably could have been 10 dollars cheaper. Apart from that no complaints. Great job
30 Jun 2014
jimw11 from Cremorne Point
Replaced the cracked screen on my iphone. Subsequently had intermittent problems with the camera which they replaced free of charge. Nice guys, great service!
12 Jun 2014
iphone 5 went for a swim (2 or 3 min). Screen was working (wow) but no reception. Saw Rob and 60 min later we're back on line - great attitude.
27 May 2014
Happy with the service and expertise. It is expensive but compares with most places I enquired at and the I chose to top quality screen for replacement on my iPhone.
10 May 2014
michaelc44 from Mount Colah
Rob replaced the screen on my Ipad 2 after I dropped it. The repair was professional and quick. He was very helpful and honest and I would definitely go back if I had any problems in the future.
06 May 2014
chrisw43 from St Ives
After I bricked my Nexus tablet through my stupidity, I went onto the internet and tried numerous ways to resurrect my device but to no avail. I called iPD Service Centre and they took my tablet straight away and half an hour later the Nexus was back to factory specs. Great people and very reasonably priced.
05 May 2014
janes101 from Chatswood
Rob and Phil - After dropping my phone into a bucket of paint they managed to get the data off and put it onto a new phone. I thought this would cost Hundreds of dollars, I was surprised how little it costed and how fast they go me going again. thanks guys
29 Apr 2014
michellel52 from Waitara
had my samsung galaxy s3 4g mobile phone repaired as it had a cracked screen. They provided excellent service and great advice. They were the cheapest by far. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing a cracked screen repair.
30 Mar 2014
keithp6 from Artarmon
Service was expert, immediate, quick and proficient. Having been told I needed to buy a new phone at another outlet, the guys at iPD repaired my existing handset in 20mins for a tiny fraction of the cost and with a warranty - I was delighted.
21 Mar 2014
aarjays from St Ives
Replacement of screen for iphone5. I didn't have to book my phone into have the screen replaced. They told me that I could drop it in whenever it suited and me and it would be ready in about 1/2 an hour. I did this and it was ready in 45 minutes. Really convenient. Only inconvenience is the lack of parking outside the shop, but I double parked briefly (car right outside and in line of sight of the shop). Easy to then park and occupy my time in Chatswood Chase down the road. Great friendly and helpful service. Can recommend them
24 Jan 2014
barbaras14 from Milsons Point
Lost my home button, ring tone and loudspeaker functions after a partial saltwater dunking in late December. Searched online for an iphone doctor and sent a query email this AM, explaining my issues and followed up with a call. Was quoted $90 and that's what it cost. So much cheaper than replacing it with a new iphone and very pleased with the same day service.
19 Jan 2014
kiwicase from St Leonards
Had called up a lot of services to fix my cracked Galaxy S4, not only was he the cheapest at $250 (others were charging around the $300 mark) it took him 10 mins to do, the replacement looks flawless, and he threw in a free phone case. Highly recommended to anyone needing repairs for their phones quickly, cheaply and professionally.
15 Jan 2014
Anonymous from Chatswood
The guys at the Iphone Doctor were really helpful, friendly and great with directions. They were really efficient with fixing my iphone and had it back to me within the hour. The 6 month warranty is also handy if something fails down the track. The cost of fixing the iphone was also quite affordable. Thank you!
06 Jan 2014
Gwillbella from Narraweena
Thank you guys! My iphone 4 home button had stopped working and it was fixed in 45mins. The home button was replaced and now works a treat.
03 Dec 2013
Anonymous from Killara
Brilliant - fixed my smashed screen in minutes after i dropped it - and did a wonderful job. Great guys, and while I hated paying for it, life without my iphone would be worse! I highly recommend these guys, oh, and you can park right outside the office.
26 Nov 2013
joshuaj1 from Avalon
I found the Iphone Doctor and went to them due to their great reviews online. They came up first due to Google Plus reviews. I was afraid of getting a dodgy repair job, which i've heard has happened to friends when getting their iphones repaired. The service was great and the process could not of been any easier. Nothing more left to be desired. Great job! Josh
12 Nov 2013
fraserd1 from Killara
Dead IP4. It just stopped without any warning. Brought it into the office and it was fixed in a flash, and without any fuss. Thanks for the service!
04 Nov 2013
The keyboard and backlight of my MacBook pro 13" was damaged by the previous owner who claimed it was due to a splash of water. Turns out the backlight was removed. The boys replaced the backlight and keyboard at the standard price. Thanks for going above and beyond! Plus there's 6 months warranty. Will definitely be recommending you guys
04 Nov 2013
dorothys3 from East Ryde
Dropped iPhone4, tiny crack but colours ruined. Could hardly see texts at all it was so pale, had to go On, Off, On to see screen, photos all negative, display too big. Emailed them, got quick reply. No appointment, just come in. They took less than an hour, now have beautiful clear text and colours, plus 6 months parts warranty. VERY happy with service and will be recommending them.
15 Oct 2013
Anonymous from Chatswood
Iphone 4 Screen Replacement Iphone 4 Proximity Sensor Replacement Repair was flawless, and finished in no time at all.
03 Oct 2013
bernardu from Forestville
Service, such a simple word but so often lacking from businesses today. That is unless you engage the services of the iPhone Doctor. Used them twice now for our business iDevices. Nothing is an issues usual turn around? Quoted an 1 hour it has never taken longer than 45 minutes and all at price that is more than reasonable. If your not using the iPhone Doctor your wasting money and time 17FEB14 The replaced genuine part from above started to glitch over the weekend. Once again iPD delivers, in under 45 minutes phone is back in service faulty part is going back to manufacturer and it hasn't cost me a cent. Phil and Rob so get service when so many other businesses in this day and age don't. Didn't have to argue with them they just looked at the device instantly saw the problem and took ownership. I won't ever let a manufacturer touch one of my devices again even if it is still under warranty would prefer to pay Phil and Rob and know that it is fixed within the day!!!
19 Sep 2013
catherinew9 from West Pymble
Excellent service - fast, friendly. My new iPhone 5 screen looks better than the original! They fixed the screen in under an hour and gave me a much safer new case for it as well.
18 Sep 2013
lynm17 from Curl Curl
These guys are AMAZING!!! Nothing is too much trouble for Rob. He fixed our iPhones, laptops and desktop. In fact, he installed a new hard drive when the Apple people told me it was "vintage" (7-years-old) and unrepairable. Certainly not the case, thank goodness because we had seven years of photos on it, which we would have been devastated to lose. Rob backed up all of our computers onto the Time Machine. The service was second to none, and the price was incredibly reasonable. Thanks guys! I will be recommending iPhone Doctor to everyone who has a Mac or iPhone.
29 Jul 2013
annam30 from Neutral Bay
I had my iPhone screen fixed, I got there 25 mins before they closed and they had it fixed right away! Very happy with these guys would recommend to every1! Good value, great service and very friendly :) thanks iPhone doc
25 Jul 2013
Timb18 from Pymble
Very helpful - obtained a new screen for Iphone 4S - quick service whilst I waited, good price! Recommend this service when the inevitable happens and you drop your phone.
22 Jul 2013
craigsale from Davidson
Screen replacement on iphone 4s while I waited for only 45 minutes. Fantatic Service, great price and thorougly recommended. Will be using again for sure.
10 Jul 2013
Had a busted iphone 4s screen which I mailed in. It was replaced quickly and returned next day. Needed to return it again due to a different fault, this was fixed for free. Great communication and honesty, highly recommended.
10 Jul 2013
Anonymous from Lindfield
I had my iphone front glass changed.. Absolutely good job.. Highly recommend to anyone, fast service.. The shop is convenient, very easy to find.. Thanks so much will come back again
14 Jun 2013
johnd60 from Harbord
In my line of business I don't usually make recommendations in review of any business. However recently I had my Iphone and Ipad repaired at iPD Service Centre, and their service was prompt, reliable, friendly, and above all, honest (hard to find in IT these days). Expecting that both items would require replacement parts, I was advised that both items only required soldering. As such, I was able to afford new protection screens for both items, and a new back cover for my iPhone. I would recommend their excellent services to anyone.
17 May 2013
Anonymous from North Parramatta
Replacement screen on an iPhone 4 sent off and sent back in one day great service very easy to get along with communication was good pricing was reasonable. Overall experience with servicing was good.
07 May 2013
My sons iPhone 4 was in a sorry state - cracked screen, home button n/s, and, finally, a dead battery. The guys at iPhone Dr had it almost as good as new within 24 hrs at very reasonable cost and no hassles. Strongly recommended.
23 Apr 2013
Anonymous from Pymble
Great service, excellent quality, finished in under an hour. 6 month warranty for a reasonable price. I wouldn't go any where else.
29 Mar 2013
sandral5 from St Ives
I wouldn't go anywhere else but the Iphone Doctor. Within no time they fixed my cracked screen at a very reasonable price. In fact I've referred many of my friends already - keep up the good work! :)
19 Mar 2013
SirArthurR from Northbridge
Rob and Phil have fixed mine, my daughter's, my partner's and my niece's screens and various other bits of our iPhones and iPads. They are always helpful, professional, speedy and very economical, especially compared with the mainstream guys.
28 Feb 2013
Anonymous from Neutral Bay
Quick, efficient service. Fixed my broken screen within 45 mins. 6 mth warranty and only $90. I don't know if I'll bother with insurance anymore after discovering this service.
19 Feb 2013
Anonymous from South Turramurra
Friendly and fast service. We are not very technical so it was nice to have a straightforward and honest assessment of our phone issue. would come here again if I had a problem.
19 Feb 2013
natalier15 from Harbord
I washed my HTC Desire on a full cycle. It spent a few days in rice to get the water out but neither the speaker or volume buttons would work. The lads gave me verbal reassurance that they could fix the phone and called a couple of times to let me know the status of the repair. The service took a few days as they had to order a part. During that time, I had to head to QLD so they posted my phone back to me.
13 Feb 2013
Anonymous from Airlie Beach
Shattered my brand new phone screen and emailed out for some quotes, Rob got back to me straight away and in about a week I had my phone back, just like new! Very happy with the prompt and professional service. Would definitely recommend to friends.
29 Jan 2013
Anonymous from Lane Cove
iPhone 4 screens - back & front replaced. Less than hour turn around, friendly service, good comparable price!
19 Jan 2013
MollysMum from Hawthorn
Sent my damaged iPhone through post. Received a quote for repairs. Works completely very quickly and phone returned via post. Quick, professional and informative. Will definitely use again if needed.
09 Jan 2013
rahni.anne from Elanora Heights
New Iphone 4G unlocked, as well as a reconfigured sim card. Cost $30 and was done in 1/2 an hour. Was served as soon as i walked in the door, by friendly and helpful staff.
07 Jan 2013
Anonymous from Lane Cove
Replaced a smashed iPhone 4S screen within the hour. Very deficient and helpful. Great on the phone, and website had all the info I needed. Great to be able to book an appointment online too.
22 Dec 2012
ethan_anderson from Chatswood
Had to take my iphone to change the screen and I must say was quite impressed with the friendly but professional service. Also it cost much less than I thought it would be.
21 Dec 2012
gazza1945 from Hervey Bay
I had a iPhone battery replaced and a new ribbon installed and this was the best and fasted services I have had for a long while. I live in north QLD the whole thing took 2.5 days great service
07 Dec 2012
garyj6 from East Lindfield
Replacement screen for iPhone. iPD included a free anti-glare screen and a new quality case ! Fast too - repair took only 30 mins, done while I waited. Hard to beat !!
06 Dec 2012
Anonymous from North Turramurra
My iphone had a freak accident involving a toilet, well no surprise that it didn't work after that. The guys amazingly restored the phone back to 100% with no fuss. Fantastic service! I wish more business was as good.
29 Oct 2012
gayley from Griffith
Replaced Iphone screen and cleaned speaker vents in very short time. Returned repaired phone by express post. Pleasant to speak to and service was as quick as they had promised.
14 Sep 2012
stever10 from Torquay
Fixed my wife's 'uneconomic to repair' phone at a great price very quickly with great service/communication. Hope these guys do well they deserve their success
20 Jul 2012
Lucy123 from Oyster Cove
Replacement of my iphone 3 screen. I had to send it up to them. They fixed it the day they received. I paid, they sent it back better packed than how I sent it to them. All as good as new!
29 May 2012
Have had many out of warranty ipads & iphones repaired here, service has always been fast, great value for money, and high quality workmanship. Have in the past & will reccomend them to people in the future.
18 May 2012
lilt4 from Ultimo
Have used these guys to repair a PS3 and an iPhone that looked as if it had no hope. They fixed both within 24 hours. Got them back as good as new!
05 May 2012
TooStronk from Reservoir
Great service and price. Awesome place to have your console repaired. They fix all sorts of consoles on top of phone repairs. I love the obligation free quote. They have good prices you're likely to have it fixed here once you get a quote.
04 May 2012
argonis2 from Chatswood
I needed a new home button and protective screen for my iPhone 4s. It was done inside 10 minutes, and was about 1/2 of what I was expecting cost wise. Lovely blokes too.
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