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10 Aug 2015
deidrem886 from Randwick
I went to Absolute Body Heath after trying for a year to get pregnant with no results... I was pregnant in 3 months after their recommendations
25 Feb 2014
I have tried many weight loss options. Samantha is the only one who has listened and not shoved some one size fits all product down my throat. I have never felt better at it's working. She does the blood test there and gives a comprehensive report and focuses on what is right for you. A personalised program, how refreshing. If you want to change for the better, come here.
17 Jan 2014
jackieh10 from Dandenong
Samantha has been my angel. Suffering migraines 3-5 days a week, I have been working with Sam in reducing the frequency and severity of my headaches. After about 6months of treatments and sessions, I now experience about 3-5 migraines a month and dealing with them has become a lot easier. A very happy patient! Thanks Samantha. :)
30 Jul 2013
Tarzi3 from Glen Waverley
Clean clinic, very friendly staff and love love being greeted by Jessie each visit. I can attest that Samantha is good at what she does. She is clear, confident & easy to talk to. Would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a Naturopath.
03 Jun 2013
Anonymous from Selby
if you are looking for a chiropractor that isn't "whack, crack, we'll have you back next week" then this is the place to go. Liz knows so much about the human body and what effects what that she doesn't just fix your back, joints, mobility, she finds the cause. she is like forensic chiropractor.
12 Apr 2013
eegg from Balwyn North
I did FitGenes through Samantha, ABH's Naturopath, over 3.5 weeks ago. I presented to her with very low energy and skin issues that i'de had trouble with for some time. My energy is now improving exponentially and my skin is visibly so much clearer. I'm really enjoying working with Samantha and would highly recommend the clinic to everyone. I'm looking forward to my continued increasing health and wellness. Thanks ABH!
24 Mar 2013
bridgetcarolinef from Wantirna South
I have known Samantha and Elizabeth for over 3 years and have been treated for various conditions from, Menopause, weight management, back problems, adductor tendinosis and more recently treatment of a tattoo that turned to a keloid scar. Thanks to Elizabeth this now looks like a tattoo, improvements have been fantastic. This mother and daughter team are just wonderful, friendly, welcoming and although they have moved further away from me, I continue to see them as I have implicit trust in them and their work ethics. Thank you both so much for all you have done for not only me but my family too.
14 Mar 2013
Anonymous from Glen Waverley
Extremely caring and knowledgeable. Really professional service. Patient, never in a hurry and willing to listen which, these days, is very hard to find among medical and health professionals. Highly recommend Samantha as I saw fantastic results.
14 Mar 2013
Anonymous from Dingley Village
Dr Walker is always available to help when we most need it - whether it be within business hours or not. Not your standard chiropracter that spends 5 minutes with and sends you on your way. The passion she has for her field is clearly obvious after just one visit.
13 Mar 2013
Anonymous from Bentleigh
I'm always very comfortable with Samantha and I know I can call her at any time with my issues. She is very professional and keeps tab of everything, no matter how small or big. It's always a great experience visiting the clinic.
07 Mar 2013
Anonymous from Bentleigh
For many years I have had lower back pain. I went and saw a variety of doctors and I also did other alternative therapies. I saw no improvement and the pain became worse and unbearable. I went to Absolute Body Health to see if there was anything they can do to ease the pain in my lower back. During my visits I was seen as more than a patient. Elizabeth was able to find the source of the pain and with the massage and the exercises that she gave to me. I stated to developed more movement in my lower back and the pain had eased . Also I can see that I can stand straighter than before. Elizabeth has also given me exercises to do at home that are easy and suited for me to do at home. Taking into consideration that I have a hip replacement. Elizabeth takes care of her patients and looks for their best interest. We are extremely lucky to have found her and I would highly recommend her to everyone.
07 Mar 2013
I have been seeing Dr Walker for a couple of years. She has helped me greatly in treating my pain. I find her extremely caring and she takes a genuine interest in my health and wellbeing. She always listens to my concerns and I would highly recommend her.
05 Mar 2013
margm2 from Clayton
I have arthritis in both my knees and have been having difficulty with walking for some years. Elizabeth has been able to treat my knees with both manipulation and laser therapy which has eased the pain considerably. I have recently undergone surgery and total knee replacements in both knees. Elizabeth has individualised the rehabilitiation process for me, which has meant that I have been able to not only do the exercises that she has advised me to do but to regain the mobility that I have not had for many years. She is encouraging and constantly updating her knowledge so that she can assist her patients to be able to regain not only their mobilty but also their self esteem as their treatment progresses. From my experiences with her Elizabeth has been a true blessing in my recovery.
01 Mar 2013
Anonymous from Chadstone
I have been treated by Dr Walker on a regular basis for the past 5 months and at Absolute Body Health Solutions I feel I am seen as more than just a patient. The practitioners look to the long term development of your body to prevent recurrence of injuries, they strive to build the relationship with me as a patient and go way above board with what's required of them, treating you as an individual with a unique background and goals, rather than just a patient to fix. I would recommend Absolute body Health Solutions to others.
27 Feb 2013
mjj89 from Mount Waverley
I have seen both Dr Elizabeth and Samantha and have found them to be well informed and professional, whilst also being friendly and genuinely caring towards my needs. I consulted Samantha about a very nasty cough that I had suffered from for several months, Samantha created a custom made herb mix (uniquely tailored for me, not simply something pre-made and 'off the shelf'). Within a very short time after starting to use the herb mix, my cough subsided and disappeared. I have also seen Dr Elizabeth concerning pain in my lower back, which she was able to promptly relieve. My brother, also, has seen Dr Elizabeth concerning his (more extensive) football injuries, with similar results. I have never felt rushed during my time at the clinic and have received great one on one care, and would be comfortable recommending the team at Absolute Body Health to anyone.
26 Feb 2013
HT6 from Hawthorn
I see Elizabeth on a very regular basis for maintenance of an existing hip injury. I have had this injury for 4 and a half years, and early on into my treatments with Elizabeth I found myself in significantly less pain and sleeping almost pain free which I hadn't experienced since the injury occurred. I have seen so many Physios to treat my hip as well as surgery, but after seeing Elizabeth for just shy of a year now, I am better than I've ever been since the injury began and slowing beginning to start exercising again with Elizabeth's endless support. I travel 50min to see Elizabeth and its worth every petrol receipt! She has so much knowledge and truly listens to you! Without even seeing Samantha (naturopath at clinic) she remembers things about you and checks up on your overall health regularly! Gotta love little Jessie too!! She keeps your spirits up!
24 Feb 2013
andrew_may84 from Elwood
I first came to see Samantha the Naturopath for fatigue and dietary advice. She was very knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable and listened to. Within a few weeks the difference in my energy levels were very apparent, as was my diet. Importantly, I no longer have to rely on lots of coffee to get me through the working week. I have also seen Elizabeth for Chiropractic work on my back. I was having problems running as I was suffering from back pain. Elizabeth was very gentle in identifying my soreness and was able to provide me with a series of exercises that I could do at home that has alleviated my back pain when I exercise. I haven't had any problems running since. It is a great clinic and very friendly staff that are very patient focused. Highly recommend them both.
21 Feb 2013
chrisn33 from Wheelers Hill
After injuring my ankle playing tennis I visited Elizabeth for sports chiropractic treatment. The clinic looks fantastic and feels very welcoming. I made a fast recovery and was back on the court in half the time. I also consulted with Samantha who is a naturopath in the same clinic. She has optimized my diet through nutritional advice and supplements which was very effective as it was tailored to my individual needs. If your looking for a chiropractor or naturopath around Bentleigh, then I can highly recommend both practitioners.
21 Feb 2013
LynG27 from Berwick
Elizabeth has seen me through various conditions including spinal surgery. My surgeon couldn't believe the improvement in my range of movement at the 4 week review. She listens to you! She always finds a way to to get around the most persistent problems. I believe she has a 6th sense. Great healer and beautiful person. I travel 45 minutes to see her.
21 Feb 2013
Dinky from Noble Park
I started seeing Dr Walker the Sports Chiropractor after an unfortunate fall through my bathroom floor. She had been recommended to me by a friend. I had been to a few Osteopaths and Chiropractors in the past and thought I knew what I was going to get. When you meet Dr Walker the first thing you notice is how loving she is, there is a certain aura about her that makes you feel immediately at ease. She genuinely cares for you and her hands are absolutely amazing. Dr Walker diagnosed my Sacrum was out of place immediately and worked with me to pop it back in place. While I was there she also noticed that I had multiple back spasms. I had never realised that I had a back problem; I just thought my back was always sore because I am quite physical. Those headaches that I thought were tension headaches? Gone, my neck was all out of alignment which Dr Walker was able to correct from one visit!!! I don't want to go overboard but I honestly feel like she is a miracle worker, I can't ever remember my body feeling as cohesive as it now does. As I said I have been to many people over the years for minor aches and pains that were never quite resolved and I can say without a doubt that Dr Walker is the absolute best! I love how at home you feel when you walk into the clinic, everyone including the receptionist Mark is always happy to see you and who could forget the clinics mascot Jessie! I adore Jessie and how she welcomes me whenever I come in for a visit.
21 Feb 2013
Deelightful from Noble Park
I first met Sam the naturopath at Absolute Body Health 2 and a half years ago. I had never considered natural health before and wasn't really sure what to expect. I had been suffering from unexplained weight gain and it was really affecting my confidence, my relationships with people and overall left me feeling desperate. I had asked my GP for help but was shoved to the side, not taken seriously and most importantly never given any answers for my complaint. When I met Sam and explained my situation, she told me she would do everything she could to help me figure out what was wrong with me and to treat whatever it was. I already felt like things were improving just from one visit, I was given hope the one thing that kept me going on. There have been times of frustration, tears and hopelessness, at those times I was met with patience, kindness and encouragement. I can say after a long battle I'm finally on the right track and I thank god every day that I had walked into that clinic and made that appointment. The one thing you must always look for when it comes to your health is honesty, integrity and someone who genuinely cares about you. This is exactly what you will find at Absolute Body Health.
Bentleigh, VIC, 3204
Tel: 0398861059

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