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Esteem Dental Care

16 Sep 2020
Absolutely amazing dentists, people. With care, respect and honesty. Fabulous pricing. Thank you guys xo
02 Sep 2020
Thank you for all your support and assistance, I thank Estela and her team, the dentist was excellent, he was a real human that understands and easy to communicate with. Dentists are scary the best of times but I have to admit I felt the support here. All I can say is thank you, will recommend Esteem Dental Care for their professional, supportive and understanding practice. Thank you.
22 Aug 2020
Thank you for a great dental medical assistance and care. My son and I visited the clinic on a Saturday. The dental clinic is newly equipment and the medical staff is amazingly trained and also very good in providing children's treatments.
17 Jul 2020
I chose Esteem dental care because of a friend’s recommendation and I am very very happy with the results. I had a filling and a crown done and I can highly recommend Esteem for their excellent dental work and prices. Also what I highly appreciate is that they work in the patients best interest and not into their pocket as I have experienced it with other dentists for example they don’t pretend that more dental work needs to be done than it actually needs to be. Highly satisfied patient and customer.
04 Jun 2020
I was very apprehensive about visiting a dentist after too long but the staff put me at ease. They have all the latest equipment, a very modern set up. Dr Hong was very professional and helpful with all my concerns and questions. The proceedure I had was painless and with little to no discomfort. I have booked in for more work and will be finally putting my denture away for retirement replacing it with a bridge. I Recommend this practice 100%.
11 May 2020
Thank you to Estella to answer my request on Saturday and talking to me for 20 minutes. She encouraged me and organised an earliest appointment available with Dr Anna Kang. Amazing and professional care, friendly team, and 1000 stars empathy and support. Thank you so much!
06 Mar 2020
The care I received from Estella at Esteem dental was very professional & caring. I am extremely happy with my denture & know I have full support if I have any concerns.
05 Mar 2020
Thank you Estela from Esteem Dental Care for your professionalism and exceptional treatment! I recommend this place because the dentist and nurse are kind and the price is cheaper compared to other dental offices in the Gold Coast / Brisbane area
06 Jan 2020
I have been attending Estella Dentis several years . My case she is best ever dentist I have been to Full rating for Estella Quality , Service , Value
04 Nov 2019
Service was excellent. Fully described the process and what to expect. Provided plenty of time to talk and discuss how to use and care for the denture. Very happy with the results and the way it was managed. Very thorough at all times - plate fits perfectly.
16 Apr 2019
Quality and good service. Happy with Esteem Dental care. I only gave 4 stars for value. My advice to Estelle is to become a preferred service provider for other major health funds besides NIB, (eg HCF, Medibank,etc) no matter how hard. Customers who have paid a huge premium yearly in health funds with extras (dental, etc) are not refunded the full amount for basic dental service (clean and checkup) shows the health insurance system is broken. In my case, I have to pay another $50 cash whereby I am already insured for $600 per year for dental. Our health fund needs attention.
06 Apr 2019
Absolutely fantastic service Estella is so professional friendly and caring. My husband’s reline was perfect. We highly recommend Esteem Dental Care. Christina and Stephen
27 Aug 2018
A quarter of my molar broke. As I am on a short house sit at my sisters home nearby, I wanted to get it fixed instead of going back to Sydney. Estellereturned my call quickly when I thought my call was just before 9am opening. Estelle is a very good caring doctor and I highly recommend her to others. Fortunately, I got a month old Xray and OPG on my iPhone to show her.
27 Jul 2018
I needed a repair of a broken filling, this was done in a very gentle & professional way. I was very happy it could be done without having the whole filling replaced. It was a pleasant first visit!
27 Jun 2018
Knowing my limited time frame because of travelling, Estela did a wonderful job allowing usage before my trip. And absolutely no problems with sores, chafing or discomfort. Excellent service and manner of operation. Would be six stars if I could
20 May 2018
Estela from Esteem Dental Care is the best of the best ! I had the most carrying, friendly, professional experience. Great advice, reliable knowledge, precision and attention to detail wrapped up with excellent customer care and skill make me highly recommend her. Thank you !
07 Feb 2018
Estelle and her associates have carried out a professional service in providing a new denture set for my elderly mother. They made my mother feel comfortable and have taken extremely good care of her requirements. I will be highly recommending Esteem Dental Care to anyone that requires dentures or general dentistry attention.
04 Feb 2018
The most carrying, friendly, professional experience! Great advice, follow up visits, and attention to detail ...We did not feel customers ...we are a family! Thank you!
12 Dec 2017
Outstanding attention to detail and customer care. Would highly recommend Esteem Dental Care to anyone looking for perfection
30 Nov 2017
My elderly dad came to stay with me for 4mths over 5yrs ago. In this time he has managed to break both his top and bottom dentures. The temporary repairs were done within a day or two and the new dentures fit and look perfect. One of his 3 remaining incisors needed a filling which was also done to perfection. The practitioners at Esteem Dental know their stuff and are accurate to a tee-th! Thank you for looking after my dad Kees.
27 Oct 2017
The care taken with elderly gentleman being fitted with new dentures and follow up treatments as required.
23 Oct 2017
zaynw from Arundel
Outstanding tailored service. Amazing staff. Thanks to a friend who recommended Esteem Dental care for root canal treatment.
22 Oct 2017
Having being my first time to get dentures ( & a nervous wreck), I was so impressed by Estelle. Her professionalism , caring nature & happy demeanor always put me at ease. I would highly recommend her.
02 Oct 2017
wesleyj from Arundel
The treatment went really smooth and I'm happy that I went to Esteem dental care. The staff was very caring too.
29 Sep 2017
On call dentist came to see my dad at his nursing home. They were kind and caring & took the time to care for him & make sure he wasn't bruised as he its elderly. They prices were very affordable compared to another quote that I have received.
29 Sep 2017
I needed some emergency dental work, the team at Esteem Dental Care have a after hours dentist that was able to see me the same day! So thankful that they were able to help. Would recommend to all my friends
22 Sep 2017
Great service. Lovely staff. Excellent community practice. I had a root canal and a crown done, everything went so smooth, and I didn't have any pain. Any treatment is always explained in a thorough manner and they have competitive prices.
22 Sep 2017
eprah from Arundel
Great customer service, dentist is very nice and caring. They make you feel comfortable and they are really affordable. One of the cheapest dentist on the Coast!
15 Sep 2017
I couldn't find any fault. My teeth are fantastic, and the service great. You won't be sorry, you will come out with a great big smile on your face.
28 Aug 2017
chandlert from Arundel
I'm a regular patient for Esteem dental care............Extremely satisfied with the treatment and the staff!!!
05 Aug 2017
matthew-f446 from Arundel
I had some issues with my wisdom tooth.The treatment was done so obsequiously and also the staff was very kind and friendly. Great work!
01 May 2017
Primarily because of the attention to detail. I have been getting dentures for 36 years now [redacted clinical content] The owner makes you feel comfortable and explains exactly what she's doing as she proceeds. [redacted clinical content]
29 Dec 2016
The emphasis is on precision as well as a pleasant friendly atmosphere when carrying out the work. Nothing is too much trouble and all questions answered clearly and concisely. Very impressed with an all round professional service - thank you and well done.
28 Nov 2016
Old school service that you don't see much of these days. I had some issues with my new teeth as to be expected but couldn't be happier now. Thank you very much. Ben
08 Nov 2016
tyson-langer857 from Sulky
Very thankful for the service. I broke a tooth while on holiday and on short notice in the evening they were about to fix me up [Redacted due to AHPRA Guidelines]
21 Sep 2016
Professional and efficient service. Price was affordable, and staff are very kind. I happily recommend Esteem Dental Care :)
16 Sep 2016
tookev from Auburn
the staff contacted me and there has been some updated information on the issues we are experiencing before but now it is resolved and corrected. Thank you again for reaching us out and keeping us updated.
16 Sep 2016
carlyg884 from Bundall
Great service and their prices are very reasonable. Very happy with my dentures. I love to recommend this to all.
15 Sep 2016
The service is very outstanding. From the dentist to the staff, they are very accommodating and very helpful. Thank you, Esteem for taking care of my teeth.
30 Jul 2016
richardc757 from Southport
Quality of service is outstanding. Thank you Estella, so happy with the dentures. Highly recommend.
15 Jul 2016
I am very happy with my result. I cannot recommend the team at Esteem Dental Care enough!
10 Jun 2016
estelas from Southport
I would recommend Estella to other people. She has done a beautiful job. Staff have been excellent.
09 Jun 2016
Very good experience with Esteem Dental Care. I would recommend them to anyone needing dentures.
03 Jun 2016
Anonymous from Arundel
At all times the utmost of care was taken to achieve the ultimate finished product. Thank you for your careful help - Frank Ellis
01 Apr 2016
Staff is so caring and friendly! The dentist refused to settle for anything but perfection! Excellent quality for a great price. Would recommend to anyone.
29 Mar 2016
My experience was a 10. Estela was just great , very helpful, a great people person. Made my dentures to suit me. Extremely happy with them. I would recommend her to anyone. Thank you very much.
24 Mar 2016
The staff are very professional, patient and friendly. Estella is a very switched on dental technician and is stopping at nothing to make sure my partial denture fits perfectly. I'm so happy I was recommend to her. Will never go anywhere else.
23 Nov 2015
allanb888 from Biggera Waters
"I've said it Before and I'll say it Again" if you want to visit the best Dental Technician on the Gold Coast make an appointment with Estela. Its that simple !
02 Nov 2015
martink618 from Surfers Paradise
I have had very good friendly service from Estella and she takes care in her work to ensure a proper fit and look, to enhance your facial appearance overall. Reasonably priced against the various values out in the market for dentures so very happy there also.
28 Oct 2015
Anonymous from Benowa
Estela from Esteem Quality Dentures is the best of the best! Just had my particle denture made it was so quick and fits perfect the first time. I am loving it! With Estela I felt like more of a friend then just a client, she is just a beautiful lady and does the best quality dentures you will ever find. What can I say she made the whole experience getting a denture so much fun. I am very happy with my denture and would recommend anyone looking at getting a denture go to ESTEEM DENTURES IN ASHMORE SHE IS THE BEST!
25 Oct 2015
richardc757 from Southport
Very professional and friendly service by Estella and her assistants. I highly recommend this establishment to anyone looking for dental/denture needs. Thank you.
22 Oct 2015
aaronw565 from Benowa
Lovely personal care, well priced. The dentist to me seemed very experienced and I felt total at easy. I have full confidence in Esteem and have booked for more work to be done.
24 Jul 2015
juliek30 from Highland Park
Could not wait for Estella to make my new upper denture. After her work on my immediate denture, which was not made by her I might add, I had full confidence in having Estella design me a new one. Her dedication to detail is amazing. She is a perfectionist ,and her work ethics put dentists to shame. Her prices are affordable and modest when you consider the degree of her skills. Efficient, friendly and compassionate. She's simply, the best!
13 Apr 2015
barbarav613 from Labrador
Estela, was warm ,friendly ,very knowledgeable and she made me feel very welcome in her practice. Thank you for your time and effort and i definitely will recommend your practice to everybody. Regards Barbara
11 Mar 2015
nancya6 from Southport
Quick appointments, very friendly, very good quality product and great value. Technician was very particular and had no problems after fitting.
18 Jan 2015
roxid from Homebush
Estela is a fantastic technician and demonstrated that she really cares about my experience with her and her business. She made me feel comfortable and made sure she does a really thorough job! Also super dedicated to preventing cross contamination (changed gloves, showed me sterilized pouches, etc)! Highly recommended!
16 Dec 2014
bryceb1 from Nerang
Estela was very professional in her work and the plate fitted perfectly. I'd be happy to recommend her. My dentist examined her work and was very happy with it
01 Jul 2014
juliek30 from Highland Park
My dentures were causing me a lot of pain and embarrassment until I went to Esteem. I found the service to be compassionate,and professional. I will not be taking my business anywhere else. Why go to a dentist with denture problems,when in fact it's a prosthodontist that you need. Of coarse i still need dental check ups, but my dentures will be looked after by Esteem.
16 May 2014
carlv2 from Arundel
I received excellent service from Estela. I was made to feel completely at ease. Estela is very knowledgeable and I was extremely happy with my dentures. I thought it was going to be a long drawn out ordeal but in fact in turned out to be quite the opposite. I can highly recommend Estela. A very genuine caring lady.
21 Apr 2014
pauls95 from Ashmore City
Great Job on dentures. Attention to detail great. They look natural and real. Great fit. Great Service.
26 Feb 2014
Mirjam from Benowa
Estela made me welcome straight away. I have had teeth problems for many scared to get them fixed via a denture and scared of the cost. The appointment was easy and straightway Estela put me at easy. with in 10 days I had a denture made which is amazing! It makes me feel confident and happy to smile again. many thanks to Estela
15 Jan 2014
allanh4 from Benowa
Very pleasant, very professional, very hygienic and is only satisfied when the customer is completely satisfied. I absolutely recommend Estela as her work is outstanding
26 Nov 2013
rickv1 from Mermaid Waters
Outstanding tailored service that is more than you would ever expect. Personalised and caring yet professional and efficient. Would strongly recommend and use again if required.
26 Aug 2013
alane1 from Southport
I took my elderly mother in-law there to have a top denture made. Estela and her husband made the occasion that more pleasant. The process and the outcome were excellent. It was service with a smile.
16 Aug 2013
isabelles1 from Morningside
I have never had so much attention to detail before after 4 previous denture prostheses. The owner was very helpful and made me feel relaxed about what I wanted. I am delighted with the results, more than I ever have before.
26 Jun 2013
Anonymous from Biggera Waters
Estela of Esteem Quality dentures would be the most professional and friendly Dental Prosthetist I have ever dealt with. She went out of her way to explain every step of the procedure and I felt she was genuinely interested , which seems rare in this day and age. The new dentures are really comfortable and match up really well with my old set, which is important to me. Do your self a favour call her for your next dentures.
20 Feb 2013
stewartspider from Jimboomba
I had the misfortune of breaking my dentures and walked into the shop to make an appointment the lady whent out of her way to fix my dentures there and then she spent over an hour fixing my dentures and did a realignment as well she was very helpfull.
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