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23 Jan 2024
kathryn-b528 from Spence
Regina is so fantastic and I would highly recommend joining one of her classes if you can! She is knowledgeable, enthusiastic and her positive energy is contagious. She doesn't lecture, but rather takes you on a journey with her as she teaches. I left the weekend feeling informed, empowered and excited for what is to come. The environment Regina created was relaxed and welcoming and my partner and I felt comfortable, at ease and happy to be there. Thank you Regina :)
21 Aug 2023
Regina has an amazing wealth of knowledge to share and made us feel so much more confident ahead of our baby’s birth. Highly recommend this course to anyone looking for evidence based strategies for birth.
03 Jun 2023
Hi Regina, Just wanted to thank you for a wonderful Calm Birth weekend, even my husband who wasn't overly interested when booking got a lot out of the course. While I've always appreciated what womens bodies are capable of, my mindset has shifted from seeing labour and delivery as a period of pain I HAVE to endure in order to meet our baby, to a unique loving experience between baby, Dad and myself that we are fortunate enough to share together. Birth is not a medical emergency, we are not in danger, birth is a beautiful, natural thing. Learning that in this instance, *pain/intensity does not equal injury only progress is comforting, and understanding that during this experience we are safe and the body and uterus is working exactly as it should has eased a lot of anxieties. Learning how to calm ourselves through breathing, the different options we have, and personal decisions we are able to voice has been the most valuable topic we've taken from this course. I feel confident in writing up our birth plan and bringing our son into this world from the knowledge yourself and Calm Birth has provided us. As my delivery date nears I no longer feel the anxiety and fear I did prior, only excitement. We are ready for this. Thank you! ️ 
29 May 2023
Review: Calm Birth Course with Regina at Berry My husband and I had the incredible opportunity to participate in Regina's Calm Birth Course in Berry, and I must say that it was one of the best decisions we have made during our pregnancy journey. When we first began to consider birthing course options, we were torn between attending a face-to-face weekend or opting for an online version. Initially, we had concerns that condensing the course into a single weekend might result in information overload, but to our surprise, the intensive nature of the weekend turned out to be exactly what we needed. Information overload never came to be a problem, because the purpose of the course was not for us to commit this information to memory, but to nurture a mindset that carry us through this journey peacefully. That said, throughout the weekend Regina certainly provided a wealth of information, but it truly never felt overwhelming. Every piece of knowledge shared was purposefully designed to help us cultivate a positive vision of birth, find empowerment within the healthcare system, and develop trust in ourselves and each other, guiding us towards a peaceful and empowered birth experience. The course has also armed us with practical techniques and tools to navigate the challenges of labour and birth with confidence. We learned about breathing techniques, pain relief options, visualisations, and the power of meditation. These have now become an integral part of our daily routine as we prepare for the arrival of our little one. What made this course truly exceptional was Regina's authentic passion for her work. Her unwavering dedication and infectious enthusiasm made every moment of the course captivating and motivational. She possesses an incredible talent for cultivating a nurturing and secure environment, fostering a strong sense of community among all the expectant parents involved. Regina's dedication to ongoing support and her commitment to each participant's individual needs did not end with the course. She provided us with resources, recommendations, and even offered post-course consultations to ensure we had everything we needed on our journey. If you are looking for a transformative experience during your pregnancy and birth preparation, I wholeheartedly recommend Regina's Calm Birth Course in Berry. Thank you Regina!
09 Dec 2021
Regina you are incredible! Even via zoom our 2 day course was informative, interactive and fun. Myself and my partner learnt so much about the labour and birthing experience - from the early stages through to the early days following birth and beyond, Regina’s personalised resources and assistance offered even prior to our course commencing was invaluable - she talked us through the options as we were changing hospitals and moving part way through my pregnancy. She shows genuine happiness for our wins (like getting into the MGP program) and shows endless support through some challenges - like when we discussed our previous losses. She is truly a blessing and we value everything she offered both during the calm birth course and our interactions with her before and after (continuing). We can’t wait to welcome our little person in the next few weeks and put all she has taught us into action.
31 Aug 2021
My husband and I ended up having to do the course over Zoom due to Covid restrictions. Regina did an absolutely amazing job at making the course interesting, engaging and helpful. We could not have been more pleased with it overall. We feel it was so beneficial in so many ways and would highly recommend the course to anyone.
19 Aug 2021
My partner and I recently attended the Calm Birth course via ZOOM due to the current COVID-19 lockdown situation. We are so pleased that the course was able to go ahead and we really enjoyed it from the comfort of our own home. We loved the course - we found it so helpful and it got us excited for the birth and the roles we would both play . We loved how positive Regina was when talking about the birth experience. She has a way of taking the fear out of the experience and replacing it with excitement. While still taking us through all the facts and different scenarios – however how difficult and painful they may be. Regina was extremely good at helping mould a positive mindset and explaining how important it is for the labour to be viewed as ‘pain with purpose’ rather than a negative pain. We enjoyed hearing Reginas’s tips for maintaining oxytocin levels and making the birthing suite a welcoming environment like the home. We liked how modern Regina’s course was – no terrifying birth videos from the 1980s or awkward role playing with the mum and birthing partner. The presentation was easy to follow, as were Regina’s demonstrations. We found the ‘beyond’ part of the course equally as important as the ‘birth’ component – as first-time parents it was really helpful to learn about how to care for the baby and what to expect post-birth for the mum. We feel much more prepared and calm going into the birth thanks to Regina. We greatly appreciated Regina’s offer for a follow-up Zoom call if we required it, and that she would be available via text or email if we ever needed help.We would absolutely recommend Regina's Calmbirth program from the comfort of your own home. We can't thank you enough Regina for all your support. Esme & Don xxx
08 Aug 2021
My partner and I recently attended the South Coast calm birth program which, due to a COVID-19 lockdown was completed over zoom with Regina Power. Initially, we were a little hesitant to join the online class but decided to continue and we are so glad we did! Regina is extremely passionate and knowledgeable and kept us engaged for all 3 virtual sessions. We would absolutely recommend the Calmbirth program from the comfort of your own home. The techniques and resources we were provided during (and after!) the class have given us a much greater understanding of the process/choices we have as soon to be parents and have us both feeling a lot more empowered, confident and prepared for the upcoming birth of our little baby.
19 Jun 2021
baileyu from Lakes Entrance
Great quality and great service, definitely coming back.
30 May 2021
Cannot recommend Calmbirth enough. We went to one in Berry with Regina and she was fantastic! Very empowering for both Mum and partner. Lots of knowledge and on completion i felt ready for birth.
07 Jul 2020
Can't recommend Regina or the Calmbirth course enough. After having some anxieties and feelings of uncertainty surrounding the birthing process we decided to book into the class and it was the best thing we could've done! Regina is so lovely and her passion really shines through. What an amazing experience!
18 Mar 2020
Regina is simply wonderful. My husband Matt and I shared a really lovely and empowering weekend together in Berry at Regina's CalmBirth course. The environment was warm and welcoming and we felt so supported by Regina and the other couples! Preparation-wise, I got a better understanding of the practical side of birthing and now feel emotionally prepared for birth/labour-- and I'm actually very excited about the upcoming experience of it all! Highly recommend Regina. She is experienced, knowledgeable, abundantly kind and friendly, and just the perfect facilitator for this course. Thank you, Regina, for the care and thoughtfulness you put into everything, and for the wisdom and enthusiasm you imparted to us...we're excited to experience the birth and the rest of the parenting journey!
07 Mar 2020
This course is by far the most incredible thing we have done to prepare for our birth! It has given myself and my husband this amazing new found confidence and knowledge going in to labour and birth, beyond my expectations! It has definitely alleviated so much of my anxiety and opened my eyes to so much knowledge surrounding the human body. Thank you Regina for the beautiful supportive environment you offer to expecting couples. I cannot recommend this enough!
03 Mar 2020
This course went beyond my expectations. It has prepared both my partner and I in not only the birthing experience but also leading up to it. It made us more aware about how important working as a team is and how my partner can be more involved with the birth. Regina was excellent and we are so glad we did this course. Highly recommend to anyone thinking about wanting a natural, calm birth
20 Dec 2019
What a supportive and nurturing weekend for expecting parents! Both my husband and I highly recommend taking the time to do this course for yourself and your baby. Regina is a wonderful sharer of knowledge and so passionate about encouraging parents-to-be to have confidence in bringing a child into the world. The time and space for mediation and relaxation was also incredibly nourishing and well thought out, that we felt as though we had the capacity to really absorb the knowledge she was sharing. We walked away relaxed and prepared for this exciting new chapter in our lives. Thank You Regina for sharing this valuable wisdom.
20 Dec 2019
Highly recommend this course! Regina was fantastic and the content was so encouraging, motivating and holistic. I really found that by the end of the weekend my partner and I were on the same page going into labour and birth which is exactly what I was hoping for out of the course. I have no fear, just confidence in my body’s ability to do what it needs to do! The course gives you the tools to accept whatever happens and work with the situation to have the positive experience that we are all hoping for. Thanks Regina
09 Dec 2019
What an incredible weekend. I didn’t think I would learn as much as I did. I’ve come from a nursing background so thought I had a good understanding of the birthing experience. I was really astounded by how much new info I learnt as well as how much my partner learnt. We’ve both come away feeling like we’re on the same page and have all the necessary tools/ techniques to use for our up coming birth! Thanks so much Regina x
13 Nov 2019
From the moment I emailed Regina at 4 weeks pregnant (she phoned me instead of emailing straight away), to when we finished the course, she was so supportive, knowledgable and positive. I had felt anxious for a lot of my pregnancy, and meditation was helping a lot, but taking this course with my husband really got rid of any anxieties we had about the whole process. We felt really connected as a couple over the weekend and now we are on the exact same page regarding our knowledge and wishes surrounding birth. I thank Regina for creating a safe and relaxing space for couples to ask questions (no matter how stupid they may seem), liase with other couples, and share her own experiences. I honestly feel all couples should take this course before giving birth, as I believe it has changed the path our family's future will take, for the better. Thank you xo
13 Nov 2019
Regina creates such a safe, supportive and inviting space for a group of expectant Mama's and partners to come together and connect with their feelings, understanding and questions around pregnancy, birth and beyond. The information, research, techniques, stories and discussions shared throughout the weekend, alongwith the opportunity to practice calming techniques - left myself and male partner feeling so much more assured, confident and strong in our decisions around birthing our babe. Thank you! Highly recommend.
12 Nov 2019
As a male partner, I wasn't sure what to expect of the Calmbirth classes. But honestly, after the weekend with Regina I feel so much more confident and assured of my role and how to best support my partner to give birth. I genuinely couldn't recommend this course and Regina any higher. Please check it out because it will change your mindset towards birth completely- for the better!
06 Nov 2019
We cannot recommend this course highly enough. We'd heard excellent things about Regina's Calmbirth course and it still surpassed our expectations. We enjoyed a wonderful weekend with Regina and the other couples on the course and left feeling knowledgable, empowered and confident. Regina is a wonderful teacher and the course content is perfect.
07 Oct 2019
Regina is a fantastic teacher who was able to tailor the class to our needs as this was our third Calmbirth class (2nd refresher with Regina because she is so good!) Even though we've had 2 children already, this refresher was so helpful in alleviating any of those niggling doubts about labour and childbirth the third time around. We covered a lot of material in one day, but the pace didn't feel rushed at all. Feeling so much more excited and comfortable about the upcoming birth now!
24 Sep 2019
We LOVED the program, the way it was presented and the way we felt during the Calmbirth class, especially how we feel now with lots more knowledge and excitement to welcome our new family member to the world. Regina made us feel amazing, strong, trusting in our body's abilities, teaching us our minds part in it and made our partners feel so much more connected, devoted and excited for a clam birth. Highly recommended.
23 Sep 2019
The Calm Birth Class with Regina was everything we were hoping it would be and more! the structure of the course was fantastic and we finished the course feeling so empowered, informed and excited for our up coming birth of our baby. Thank you Regina, we would definitely recommend this course!
03 Sep 2019
My husband and I could not be happier with Regina. Regina's passion and expertise was/is unbelievable. Her pace of the class was exactly where it needed to be. We didn’t feel overwhelmed at all and learnt great info which really helped through the labour and life in general. Cannot recommend Regina or this course more.
19 Jun 2019
Regina was fantastic, we feel so much better about the birth and future.
20 Apr 2019
Regina is an inspirational teacher whose passion for calm birth is just wonderful. This course helped me believe in myself and achieve the labour and birth I had hoped for. It also equipped my partner with the skills he needed to keep me calm and focused. We were a great team thanks to the calm birth course. I have been recommending this course to all my pregnant friends and family since attending.
04 Apr 2019
Fantastic course, fantastic teacher! Regina is warm and welcoming, and probably the best speaker I have ever listened to. Her lessons are fluid, easy to listen to, and you really want to hear what she has to say. There is so much to learn about childbirth. If you do nothing, at least go to this class! It is well structured with the perfect amount of science, a bit of relaxation, and heaps of positivity. These three ingredients have given us the knowledge and confidence we need for the big day ahead. I’m really looking forward to childbirth...something I have been terrified of my whole life. Thank you Regina for enlightening and empowering us!
09 Mar 2019
After hearing about calm birth through friends, my midwife and my own research I knew it was a must for us and particularly my husband as he was not feeling very confident about the whole birthing experience. Regina was fantastic - so open and welcoming and it was well worth the money. The course was extremely thorough and we felt extremely comfortable the entire time. It was great to practice meditation in a supportive, relaxed environment as it's not something I would routinely do but I have been doing it daily since and I can definitely vouch that practice does help! 2.5 weeks to go and we are both so excited for our birthing journey and to put into practice everything Regina taught us. Calm birth totally changed our perception of birth and left us both with a world of confidence and the appropriate tools to take complete control of our journey into parenthood. Highly recommend!
04 Mar 2019
Regina's passion for helping couples in their birthing journey is inspiring. She has clearly crafted her two-day course with careful consideration to detail and genuine effectiveness. Her content is relevant, up-to-date and just what we were after as soon to be first-time parents. Regina oozes warmth as she teaches, making the entire weekend so enjoyable. Most importantly, my husband and I felt Regina united us in our hopes for our birth, taught us valuable techniques and uncovered the natural truth about birth. We have gone from feeling anxious to feeling confident about our birth. We are actually excited! Thank you Regina and other lovely classmates for your help in our birthing journey.
25 Feb 2019
The Calm Birth course with Regina in Berry was fantastic! Met all our expectations and more. Such a beautiful way to spend a weekend together as a couple to learn about the incredible labor and birth process and how we can be as prepared as possible in the lead up. I would recommend this course to all new parents. Information and techniques so vital to feeling empowered and confident to have a positive birth experience, backed by scientific research and evidence based. Can't rate this course highly enough! Thank you Regina!
21 Feb 2019
We loved Regina's class. She took all anxiety and worry about birth away for both me and my husband and left nothing but us feeling empowered and excited to bring our baby into the world. Thank you for your knowledge, beautiful venue and refreshments and your kind and caring words of wisdom. We highly recommend doing this course.
18 Jan 2019
The Calmbirth classes was worth every cent and I wish every mother and their support person could experience these sessions. I left feeling extremely empowered as a woman about to go through child birth and I also felt secure and reassured that my partner gained the knowledge and tools to be the support every woman needs. Regina from Calmbirth Berry was so wonderful and made the whole experience enjoyable. I felt extremely comfortable with her and the whole vibe she gave was so nurturing and non-judgemental. This is an absolute must this course!
26 Nov 2018
Regina is an incredible facilitator. After completing the course, my husband and I feel that we have the information and strategies needed to go into labour with confidence and to birth our baby without stress. I highly recommend this course to anyone who’s pregnant. It is the best money you will ever spend.
23 Oct 2018
My husband and I loved calm birth. We thought it was an excellent mix of preparation for natural birth as well as education about the birthing process. Regina was amazing and we feel like we have the tools to prepare for our bubs upcoming birth day rather then just having to “wing it” I could not recommend this course enough to anyone who is expecting.. it is an amazing way to unite both mother and birth partner in the lead up to the day.
10 Oct 2018
The Calm Birth course with Regina is a must for anyone planning to have a baby. I feel so much for confident about the birth experience and more prepared for our beautiful day. Regina is a warm and thoughtful teacher whose passion shines through. Berry is also a very calming, relaxing backdrop for such a nurturing, learning experience.
25 Jul 2018
This course is a must for anyone expecting a baby. It was sooooo much better than I expected. We both had a lovely relaxing weekend in Berry and we now feel as ready and prepared as possible for birth.
02 Jul 2018
This is must do course for anyone having a baby. The course content and structure was fantastic. Not only was it so practical to any situation during pregnancy, birth and parenting but I think it's important to change our views on child birth, what it can be like and the ability that we have to create a calm and wonderful birth experience for mothers, partners and our children. Regina is just amazing! Her knowledge and own experiences that she shares regarding child birth and parenting were so inspiring. I am so excited to experience birth and welcome our baby into the world. I cannot wait to create our own beautiful birth story.
17 Jun 2018
I highly recommend the calm birth course if you are remotely thinking about it. It was a really great course to participate in for mumma and dad to be, the meditations throughout made it easy to get in the habit, the class was educational but not overwhelming and it left my husband and I happy, positive and confident for preparing for the birth of our baby together. We loved how the group was small and intimate.
05 Jun 2018
Every pregnant women and their partner should do this course!! Absolutely worth the money and time if you have any feelings of anxiousness towards your birth. Regina has completely shifted my mindset on the labour and birth process and I am now heading into it feeling empowered, confident and educated. Highly recommend!!
07 Mar 2018
The calm birth course was so so wonderful! Well put together and just the right balance of learning, relaxations, breaks and discussion. Regina is a brilliant facilitator- warm, welcoming, knowledgeable, patient and inclusive. My husband and I are now really looking forward to the birth of our baby boy and are so much more confident in our ability to welcome him into the world gently, calmly and as naturally as possible. This course is the best investment we’ve made so far in preparation for becoming parents. Can’t recommend highly enough!
08 Feb 2018
If your reading this review and thinking should I do this course or not.... My advice is YES, without a doubt do it. Regina is so lovely and you will feel compelled to hug her upon completion. You will leave feeling confident in mind and in body. She will arm you with the tools you need for your birthing journey. The course is equally enlightening for both men and women and as a man I now feel like nothing can phase me leading up to and during the birth. Im Ready!
02 Feb 2018
My husband and I attended Regina's Calm Birth course in October and have just delivered our beautiful baby boy 3 weeks ago. The course met each and every one of our expectations and prepared us to achieve our desired birth experience, thanks to what we learnt during this course with Regina we had an anxiety free, drug free and stress free delivery. I would recommend this course to anyone especially for Dad's who are feeling a little unprepared as my husband was and he left the weekend knowing he could be a helpful involved birthing partner.
16 Jan 2018
My wife and I recently attended Regina's Calmbirth course in Berry on the recommendation of our mid-wife. We simply loved the whole program. Over the course of the weekend, we explored in depth some key themes, including the mind-body connection, the power of breathing, visualisation techniques, as well as an understanding of the mechanics of labour and the role of hormones. The program armed my wife and I with knowledge, helped assuage some of the fear surrounding the labour process, and made us confident that the techniques we learned would make for a better experience of labour. Whatever course our labour takes, we know that it will be better for having done Calmbirth. Most importantly, Regina was amazing. As I told her in person, not only is she deeply knowledgeable about every aspect of labour, she radiates an unconditional love and empathy which both breaks down barriers and inspires confidence in our own abilities - just what nervous first-time couples need! We recommend Calmbirth and Regina wholeheartedly. Brett and Erin
23 Nov 2017
My partner and I just finished the Calmbirth course with Regina over the weekend (18/19 Nov 2017). I had heard amazing things about the course and Regina, so I went in with high expectations. However, I didn't realise how amazing the course was going to be. After the two days, I had a major mental shift - I am feeling so positive and empowered about the birth of our baby. But not only did we learn skills for the upcoming birth, but skills that we can use in any life event. The breathing, relaxation, visualisation and tools/tips that Regina taught us I'll hold onto for life. It was also an incredible experience for my partner and I to do together. I really feel like we are approaching the birth as a team, and I am so excited to have him by my side. On top of all of that, I learnt to really trust my body throughout the whole process of birth. Regina made the course more of a conversation rather than a lecture - I have a very short attention span so this worked really well for me. There's was lots of time for questions and discussion which I found really insightful. I cannot thank Regina enough and cannot recommend this course more!!! What an incredible person she is, I feel so lucky to have met her!!
21 Nov 2017
Regina has provided us with the tools and techniques necessary to ensure we are better prepared for the birth of our baby. Thanks to Regina’s delivery of the calmbirth course which we attended in Berry, we have both found greater confidence to be able to work with, and support each other during this special time.
21 Nov 2017
We just loved the whole experience with Regina, as first time parents we were rather anxious about the actual day of birth, after the two day course myself and my partner are so much more confident and feel like the day will be amazing rather than terrifying. Regina's calm nature and her relaxation sessions really help with preparing for the birth but also just day to day life. I would strongly recommend anyone expecting a bub to do this course, a friend of mine has already signed up after I have been raving about it. Thanks once again Regina!
16 Oct 2017
kyleb441 from Bulli
My wife and I would highly recommend Regina and the course. Everything we were taught made so much sense and gave us a new found confidence. An amazing course with lovely people, hope to see everyone again soon.
15 Oct 2017
If you are considering the Calmbirth course don't hesitate- BOOK IT! As first time parents we learnt so much about the journey our baby will be taking into the world and how dad can be such a huge part of the birthing experience too. We were looking at a more natural birthing approach and the course just highlighted so many different aspects in detail of what to expect without feeling like you've been overloaded with information. Taking place in the beautiful little suburb of berry you leave the weekend so relaxed and full of all this new knowledge and also the continuing support from Regina. Thank you so much! We had a lovely weekend with you.
26 Sep 2017
Regina is an excellent communicator. She is full of knowledge and wisdom to put your mind and body at rest about our upcoming birth. You can tell she is very passionate about helping couples have a truly beautiful birth. I highly recommend taking her course. Dr Grant Bond (Chiropractor) B.Sc, M.Chiro
21 Aug 2017
If you are thinking of doing a calmbirth course with Regina, do not hesitate, it will surely provide you with all the necessary tools to have a smooth a birth as possible. Regina is lovely and definitely knows her stuff! The course gave both my partner and myself so much confidence in our ability to labour and birth the way we wanted to. I walked away with such excitement, knowing that it truly was going to be achievable. The course was very informative, fun, inclusive and positive and I have no doubt that it contributed to the wonderful birth of our son. For the weeks after his birth my partner kept raving about how effective the calmbirth techniques were and we always tell pregnant couples to do the course.
09 Aug 2017
We can't even begin to fully articulate how much we got from the program, I guess some words that do come to mind are empowered, confident, happy, excited, transformed and even more bonded in the lead up to our up and coming birthing experience. It is truly an amazing program and I have already been recommending it to any of my friends who have queried as to how it all went. I feel so strongly about it that I have come away feeling as though all antenatal programs should include a calm birthing component to them as I can most definitely see that the role of the mind in pregnancy and birthing is so intrinsic to creating a more positive and unforgettable experience. Regina is a wonderful teacher especially in the way that she was able to deliver this program to us all in such a supportive, engaging and loving way is something that I think we all are very much grateful for. Could not recommend this course highly enough.
20 Jun 2017
My husband and I attend the South Coast Calmbirth course with Regina in hopes of gaining any kind of tools to help with my second birth experience. I was very apprehensive due to a traumatic first birth a few years earlier and after attend the weekend course came out with the tools I required and felt very positive. We had a great birth experience this time round with a very healthy, happy and settled baby girl.
07 May 2017
Regina is amazing. There is no question that this course is essential, every parent should participate, but completing it with Regina was an extra special experience. A genuinely warm person who equipped us so thoroughly for our birth. 9mths after the birth and we're still listening to her meditations! Oddly, it was my husband who convinced me to do the class. I felt I'd be fine to birth, its just one day, right? This course changed the entire experience. From understanding what my body was doing when I had a contraction to defending our choices and 'owning' our birth experience I couldn't imagine birthing without this mindset. Additionally my husband had the knowledge and confidence to advocate for the baby and I when I couldn't. This and baby massage (when your baby is crying at 2am from wind pain you'll want baby massage!) are the two most valuable things we've experienced so far as parents. Book the weekend, it's worth it!
02 Apr 2017
My husband and I attended calm birth classes in Berry and I would definitely and do recommend this for any couple expecting a baby. Regina is a wealth of knowledge and prior to completed the course I was extremely nervous about giving birth. When I first signed up to do the course my husband really wasn't keen to go but he also found it really good and the knowledge and confidence he gained to be my support in the birth really helped both of us in the birth of our baby girl. Defiantly money well spend!
29 Mar 2017
My husband and I attended this course with Regina and found it fantastic. Regina was kind, caring, supportive and encouraging. Shortly after doing the course I gave birth to my son at home with my husband and support people. It was such a beautiful and empowering experience. I felt so confident in my body's ability to birth my son. I give thanks and feel gratitude for Regina and the time and energy she gave us during the course. I highly recommend the course for all those about to become parents.
20 Jan 2017
Regina has gone above and beyond to provide support and encouragement for me prior to my recent second birth. After a traumatic first birth and recovery this was invaluable in preparing myself for a positive birthing experience and gave me the confidence to trust my body. My second birth was everything I hoped it would be. Although it unfolded differently to how I expected, the outcome was amazing. A totally empowering and life changing journey with the best possible outcome. Calm birth is a must for all Mums, no matter which number birth. And Regina is an amazing guide and facilitator. Highly recommended to all Mums wanting to be well prepared for labour with the most natural and beautiful perspective possible.
19 Oct 2016
I would highly recommend this course to any first time mums and dads. I have not yet had my baby but feel much more confident and relaxed about the birth process after attending Regina's classes. It was a great weekend and the information was very valuable. If you have nerves about childbirth, don't think twice about registering - Lina
03 Mar 2016
This was a great course which I feel really helped me achieve my vbac. Only downside was it was a bit long, I felt it could be condensed a bit, some things were a bit repetitive. This is not due to the practitioner, but the course itself which is the same everywhere. Also, as this was my second bub, I did have some prior knowledge. So maybe a course specifically targeted for vbac of subsequent bubs, not a refresher but for people who've never done calmbirth before, would be a great addition.
09 Jan 2016
Prior to attending Regina's Calm Birth Course we were quite apprehensive of our impending birth experience.. Our idea of birth was shaped from negative media portrayals and birth war stories. Regina's calm birth course enabled us to change our mindset on birth from a negative to a very positive one we were actually excited for our baby's birthday!! After the course I practiced the relaxation techniques and prepared myself for the special day. The day finally arrived and I was able to have a completely natural birth by focusing my mind on the knowledge Regina had shared that my body was made for this and that my body gave me all that I needed to birth our baby.. My husband was so supportive And encouraging as he learnt throughout the course how important his role was in creating a positive birth environment.. Thankyou Regina for making what could have been a terrifying experience into a beautiful one. We now have a very calm, healthy and content baby boy.
12 Nov 2015
allisonb39 from North Nowra
An absolute must for any expecting parent. Regina was a wealth of information and experience.
01 Sep 2015
Regina was the perfect combination of warm, enthusiastic & professional. We went into the course feeling terrified about birth & left it feeling empowered & excited. Reginas genuine hospitality & inclusiveness did not go unnoticed by us- we highly recommend this to anyone, particularly those terrified about birth!
19 Jun 2015
We attended the course at 24 weeks pregnant and loved it! Had lots of time to practice and think about what we learned before baby arrived. The weekend was also a really good chance for my husband and into escape the every day distractions and stresses and focus on how we wanted to bring out baby into the world safely. The info, techniques and CDs were so helpful and I went into labour feeling very confident and secure about having a calm and natural experience on my baby's birthday! Definitely recommend south Coast calmbirth
25 May 2015
This course was a fantastic way to prepare for birth in a calm and informative way. I attended the course early, at 19 weeks pregnant, which has actually been a blessing! As well as preparing me for the birth, it has given be the tools to approach the rest of my pregnancy in a calm and relaxed way, giving me the confidence to prepare for all situations. Regina is supportive and wonderful and created a safe, intimate and nurturing environment for all of us. I can't recommend the weekend course and Regina highly enough!
28 Apr 2015
Loved it! Attending the Calmbirth course with Regina gave me a better understanding of labour and just how amazing the female body is. It gave my husband and myself the confidence to know we could have the type of birth we wanted and that it could be an amazing experience. Our midwife at the hospital commented on just how calm and relaxed we were and said it was a testament to the course. Have already recommended this course to friends and will definitely continue to do so.
07 Mar 2015
jodied6 from Tomerong
Great course, highly recommend. This course will help you undertsand your bodies ability to birth naturally, and give you the confidence and tools to avoid any unnecessary medicalisation of your birth experience. Regina is a great facilitator, and you will find the course very educational and rewarding, as well as relaxing.
24 Jan 2015
elenag1 from Sanctuary Point
The anxiety and fear surrounding childbirth just melted away after two days with Regina. Regina's encouragement and knowledge was exactly what we needed in preparing for the birth of our little one. Her extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology was impressive coupled with her practical approach to birthing. The techniques shared have assisted us greatly both in the preparation of birthing as well as life in general. Cannot speak highly enough of Regina and calmbirth!
01 Aug 2014
We did Regina's Calmbirth course before the birth of our first son and loved it so much that we came back for a refresher before our daughters birth. Regina's relaxed, respectful and knowledgable teaching style meant we left the course not only informed but confident and excited. The Calmbirth course gave my husband purpose for the birth and resulted in us feeling very much a team. It gave us a common language and took away my fears for the birth. I have used the techniques in everyday life since. We returned for the refresher as we had had a busy and crazy year and we knew that the time with Regina would ground us and focus us on the momentous event to come.
06 Apr 2014
My husband and I enjoyed the weekend course to help prepare for the birth of our first child.
03 Jul 2013
fireysusan from Tapitallee
Regina's Calmbirth Course was a vital component of my preparation for the birth of my 2nd child. I had a very traumatic hospital birth with my first child that led to PTSD and some ongoing physical problems, and so I'd planned a homebirth with an Independent Midwife for my 2nd child last year. I had done extensive research and was feeling pretty good but Regina's wonderful course and calming presence allayed any outstanding fears. I am positive that the Calmbirth course and the breathing techniques I learned during the course were the foundation of the amazing, healing, empowering and euphoric birth of my daughter last July at home in our spa in only 6 hours. I recommend this course to all of my pregnant friends, particularly those preparing for their first labour and birth.
27 May 2013
kates86 from West Wollongong
My partner and I cannot recommend the CalmBirth course with Regina highly enough. What an empowering, relaxing and informative way to spend a weekend in preparation for the birth of our first baby. Regina is a beautiful soul who is doing amazing work in educating people about and preparing them for childbirth and beyond. We both came away feeling so euphoric and excited about our imminent arrival. Thank you to Regina from the bottom of our hearts, we are looking forward to sharing what we are confident will be a very positive birth story with you soon.
09 May 2013
dzd from Deakin
I am a few months away from having my third child. I was fortunate enough to stumble upon Regina during my first pregnancy many years ago. I've no doubt that her support and teaching were critical aids throughout my first birth experience, and that they helped to end the pattern of (often) unnecessary medical intervention that plagued the women in my family, historically, during childbirth. Regina provided positivity, encouragement and reassurance to me in the natural process of birthing, which is central to the Calmbirth philosophy. I now recognise this grounding as having established the course of my second-and I expect my third- birth experiences. My experience with Regina was priceless.
26 Apr 2013
Anonymous from Bondi
Regina's course ensured that my partner and I went into the birth of our son very much on the same page. We felt very connected after the course and were empowered to make good decisions together. Due to complications we had a difficult birth. If I had not attended Regina's Calmbirth course I would have felt bad about the outcome. I would encourage people to invest in this invaluable experience before birthing a child.
16 Apr 2013
melindamc from Waterloo
The Calmbirth course is such a fantastic, informative, interesting and empowering program. It is essential for any expectant parents or birth support people. Regina is a truly talented instructor. She is extremely knowledgeable, considerate, patient and entertaining. She personalised the program to the needs of the group and shared her many personal and insightful birth experiences. Before the course I was a little anxious about giving birth but after the program I felt empowered and confident. Thanks to the program and Regina's instruction I was able to have a very smooth and natural birth. I also recommend the weekend away in Berry. It was fabulous to take a the time away with my partner to focus on the course and discuss our birth plans. Far better than trying to squeeze it into several sessions amongst our busy schedules. Time and focus should be given to such an important life event. I cannot recommend the program or Regina highly enough!
15 Apr 2013
Anonymous from Ulladulla
I credit Regina and her Calmbirth course with giving me the skills to have an easy birth. A weekend very well spent, and something I think all expectant couples would benefit from. I cannot recommend Regina highly enough.
11 Apr 2013
wwmhw from North Bondi
This course was great & gave my partner & I the confidence to have the natural, home birth that we really wanted & the information we needed to advocate for ourselves throughout the rest of the pregnancy. Regina was so knowlegeable but moreover she was very calm, supportive & inspiring. We loved the small sized group where we got to know the other couples & Berry was awesome.
10 Apr 2013
nikig from Thirroul
Calm birth was an incredibly insiteful and informative course that Definately bettered our understanding of childbirth, the capabilities of my body but most of all we walked out thinking 'we can do this!'. I was terrified at the thought of childbirth but Regina and her calming presence had me relaxed immediately. I highly recommend this course, but more so with Regina. A lady who genuinely cares about you and your birthing experience. A beautiful lady with a kind and warm presence. We hope to always keep in touch with Berry is such a beautiful town to visit also. A fantastic weekend.
03 Apr 2013
Regina is such a beautiful, calm and collected person, just perfect for guiding couples through labour and birth. She is so soothing to be around and really helps give you confidence about birthing your baby. You even look forward to the experience! I recommend her course to all my pregnant friends.
02 Apr 2013
Calmbirth was the best thing I could have done to prepare for the birth of my son. The techniques learnt during this course gave me the confidence to have a totally natural and enjoyable birthing experience, knowing what to expect and trust that my body would know what to do. Regina was lovely and her voice on the CD's soothing and comforting. I recommend Calmbirth to all my pregnant friends and family and enjoy telling people of my positive birth experience!
01 Apr 2013
lucym17 from Culburra Beach
This course, and Regina's support, allowed my husband and I to approach the birth of our first child with absolute confidence. We ended up having exactly the kind of birth experience we wanted and will remember the day forever.
01 Apr 2013
maartenp from Waterloo
A good preparation for the process of birth, informative, empowering, good mental preparation and helpfull breathing exercises.
26 Mar 2013
alisonm44 from Unanderra
I love the way this course, and the wonderful facilitator Regina helped give my husband and I such confidence in approaching our homebirth. Not only was the course itself great, but the resources and recommendations we were given helped us prepare even more for birth after the course finished.
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