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Mirror Paints

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Mirror Paints

30 Jul 2016
Fantastic expertise and knowledge, really helpful when you are not quite sure what you are looking for and need. Mirror Paints was extremely reliable with both their service and quality and I will definitely be going back again! Recommend highly to all, thanks guys for all your help!
29 Jul 2016
Just the best people for paints. These guys really helped us out with our production — providing us with exactly the product that we needed and at a great price.
27 Jul 2016
Simply awesome! Extremely helpful business, know exactly what they're talking about, and always happy to help you find exactly what you need for your next project.
27 Jul 2016
Fantastic service! We used paint from Mirror Paints for our college production and they couldn't have been more helpful.
07 Jun 2016
Some plants in my garden were starting to look a bit sick so I went to Mirror Paints to try and fix them. The guy there was very patient and explain possible plant issues I might be having, I left with a bottle of Cyco Dr Repair and wow! After a week they were healthy and green again. Expert advice and a big selection of products.
24 Nov 2015
My friends and I were looking for paint supplies to paint our latest art installation project. We went to Mirror Paints and we can't wait to go back! Pete at Mirror Paints is wonderful! He gave us great, quality professional customer service by helping us choose the right products for all our needs. The project came out looking better than we sketched! Thanks, Pete and Mirror Paints!
05 Oct 2015
I bought some pool paint after Mirror Paints was recommended to me. I put the first coat on only to be told that the paint isnt correct. I went back and saw Peter who was straight on the ball asking questions about the product. I was then given another tin of paint to use and this was perfect. I cant complain about the team at Mirror Paints. Great service and knowledge. I will be back again to see Peter and the team.
26 May 2015
I had all sorts of difficulties keeping my garden healthy so I went to see the guys at Mirror and they put me onto Canna nutrients. They got me on the good stuff and were knowledgeable about what they were selling. I used Canna Boost Accelerator during flowering, and I am quite happy with the results. The garden section is inside the paint shop so I am comfortable shopping there and would recommend it to anyone.
22 Apr 2015
tomf7 from Rosanna
Mirror Paints is easily the best paint shop in Melbourne. The staff are very knowledgable and friendly, and have a real interest in helping out with your project (a stage musical in our case). The paints are excellent too! Thanks!
03 Sep 2014
tomf7 from Rosanna
Peter very generously helped us out with paint and equipment for the set for our university musical production. He also gave some really helpful advice regarding colours and different types of paint. Excellent service, and excellent paint. I can't recommend Mirror Paints highly enough.
30 Aug 2014
katm12 from Parkville
The staff were super helpful and knew exactly what I needed. Also fantastic prices, and good quality paint.
05 Aug 2014
Anonymous from Parkville
Peter was very generous to donate goods towards our college production! Very friendly service - we will return if we ever need anything else!
30 Jul 2014
Anonymous from Essendon
Purchased Haymes Peal Away product from Mirror Paints. The product worked fantasiclly, and we would recommend this product to anyone.
10 Jul 2014
scotth17 from Moorabbin
What a helpful bunch! I went to Mirror Paints to buy some paving paint for my workshop floor and the guy there spent the time to explain the ' tricks of the trade' to getting the best result. He told me about the cleaning, mixing, the right colours to use and how to maintain my floor afterwards. I also got the brushes and rollers needed. I'm happy. Helpful staff, good products and they have a drinks bar for customers, cans of softies for a $1
27 Apr 2014
from Flemington
Great products, great customer service. I only gave a tiny color sample but the paint that Mirror Paints mixed was a perfect color. Also, I received comprehensive advice for my project.
28 Mar 2014
sarahw91 from North Melbourne
You know how you used to be able to go into a shop and have truly knowledgeable, friendly staff who would ask questions about your project, offer advice and help you problem-solve? Well, Mirror Paints is that type of old-fashioned shop in the very best sense of the term. I wanted to buy Haymes Paint (goes on beautifully, low VOC and, best of all, made in Australia) and so found myself at Mirror Paint. Been there twice to buy various types of paint for my home painting job and got great advice on how to prepare the surface and a lesson in how to make paint darker (contrary to advice received from a 'paint expert' at a big store, you don't add black tint...). I won't be going anywhere else for painting materials again.
02 Feb 2014
fabickyh from Newport
I had to strip a house of wallpaper and then paint the whole house. As I hadn't done this work before I was a bit lost, but the advice received from the team at mirror paint put me on the right direction, the advice to not use a steamer to remove the wallpaper and use a specialist product was the best advice I have received! Having come from a big box hardware store with no help or advice to a place like Mirror Paints where the whole team there provided their advice and experiences was unbelievable. If you thought good old fashioned customer service was lost, well it isn't at Mirror Paints and they will do all they can to help with advice, price and friendliness. I won't be shopping around anymore and just heading straight to Mirror Paints in the future.
23 Nov 2013
jameso6 from Abbotsford
Went there today to buy a ballast unit and metal halide bulb. The guy working there, Robert was incredibly helpful. I didn't know anything about the product I was going to buy and was going to buy a really exspensive high end model that I 'd heard about on line. Robert told me I didn't need something that exspensive for what I was doing. Directed me to a cheaper model and saved me 260 bucks. Very knowledgeable about the products. Ended up chatting to him for about half an hour. know their stuff, super friendly, even though their are nearer places to where I live I'll make it my business to go back there.
14 Nov 2013
scotth17 from Moorabbin
This is my favourite paints shop, it has a huge range of interesting and useful products and I see something new every time I go there. I first went there because they keep the HAYMES paints, best stuff you can paint your home with. Great service, they boys here know their paints.
29 Sep 2013
antonh from North Melbourne
very very helpful in matching a bit of paint from our wall at home and mixing paint that matched perfectly for the patch up job after I had damaged the wall
25 Sep 2013
leighs10 from Kensington
The man was very helpful in explaining what type of paint I would need for my project and mixing the colour I had chosen. He was also very friendly, knowledgeable and very patient. I would definitely recommend this company to others and will be back next time I require paint.
23 Aug 2013
sarahs105 from Footscray
About a year ago I stumbled on to this store looking for Poppit spa maintenance products. My first experience at Mirror Paints was excellent and its now the only place I go for my spa and home hardware needs. A great place with good old fashioned service and great value for money. Highly recommend :)
19 Aug 2013
Anonymous from North Melbourne
Tinting paint to match an existing colour, assistance with testing out colours and expert advice. All 3 staff were very knowledgeable, helpful and patient. The paints are of a high quality and the prices are considerably lower than in some other outlets that sell the same brands of paints.
17 Aug 2013
Came in to get a sample pot paint-matched so I could touch-up a bedroom wall. Friendly, helpful, fast service - they paint matched the piece of paint I bought in and had the sample pot ready very quickly, and for only $9. Very happy.
29 Jul 2013
georginap1 from Kensington
I've made several visits to mirror paints while doing a home reno and have always found the service excellent and the products great. I especially like the Haymes paint which doesn't leave any "new paint" smell. It's convenient for me as I live nearby but I expect I'd go out of my way to visit this shop.
19 Jul 2013
alan5 from Airport West
Great service and product knowledge ****** Thank you !! best paint shop and hydroponics in melb *******************************
28 Apr 2013
Seaspray from Williamstown
Tucked away in the industrial end of Dynan Road, quite close to the Citylink on-ramp is the oldest paint shop in Australia. They are run by a 4th generation family and began in 1890 making varnishes etc. They have a range of domestic and industrial paints and finishes and are also an outlet for the highly acclaimed heritage colour range of Haymes Paints. They have a system where they can colour match a sample from other brands charts or something from home. Auto paints, floor finishes etc too. My husband comes here to get the special enamels he needs for vintage engines. But they also deal in hydroponic gardening equipment too. My neighbour bought all her house paint from here and was supremely happy with it. They have all sorts of products for the renovator including a new wallboard decorating material "3D Board" which can make some stunning effects. They are an unobtrusive shop looking from the street but well worth a visit
West Melbourne, VIC, 3003
Tel: 0393760447

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