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18 Jan 2018
A great service with wonderful staff who truly look after my dogs while I am away. Jenny's care and concern for the dogs is wonderful. The booking and payment for services is easy and efficient.
17 Jan 2018
Highly recommended company. Very caring staff who treat our dog Tilly as if she were one of their own! Great communication and great service, Tilly gets very excited for her walks and even walks much better on lead thanks to her regular visits with k9 walker Aimee.
17 Jan 2018
Great dog walking provider, always flexible if required. Our dog walker Doug always Keeps me informed if anything needs to change, even on hot days when it maybe just to hot for Bella so changes time for when it’s cooler, always let’s me know if anything. Bella absolutely loves Doug, she always knows when he is coming. Highly recommend K9 walkers
16 Jan 2018
Thanks once again Jenny for looking after Brodie and Joey. K9 walkers do a wonderful job of making sure Joey doesn’t take all the meals for himself and ensure Brodie Receives his fair share and is healthy and happy on our return. Walking every day is great for their time at home alone. Photos received while away are fun to receive too. We’ll be back for another mind soon for sure!!!
16 Jan 2018
I don't trust just anyone with my pug, but the team at k9 walkers are the best. I receive a text summary and photos after each visit and when I get home Rambo is so buggered he barely gets up to greet. I've used the half hour walk/visit and also an evening 6 hour visit. These guys are the best and understand your 4 legged mate is a part of the family.
11 Jan 2018
Jenny walked Gracie our 12 yr old labrador for 2 years. Gracie always loved her walks with Jenny. Their walks only stopped because Gracie moved to another area, due to a change of circumstances. My mother and I would like to say a sincere "thank you" to Jenny and Tracey for their help over the years. K9 Walkers are both reliable and professional. I would highly recommend them. They genuinely care about our furry friends!
11 Nov 2017
Just want to give a big thank you to Tracy for organising Jenny to look after Junior and Boo. Jenny was amazing! Always accommodating and they both so looked forward to her arrival. Cant thank Jenny enough for all she did to look after my little ones. I highly recommend K9 Walkers!!!!
29 Sep 2017
Just wanting to send a very big THANK YOU, to both yourself and Jenny for taking such good care of Narla. Every time we have gone away in the past, we have come home to Narla and would have a heat spot somewhere on her of body which to us showed she had been stressed because we were away. For the very first time, not only is she her usual excited self to see us, she has no sign of a heat spot . Can’t thank you both enough for the care taken. Many thanks, Glenda
01 Jun 2017
Both of my 3-year-old ragdolls were kept in the house while I was away. They were both looking fine when I arrived home and in no hurry to go outside so it must have been a stress-free time for them. There was also minimal mess in the house, so I'm very thankful to K9 for taking care of everything so wonderfully.
09 May 2017
We have been using K9 walkers since our puppy 4 months old. We were worried to leave our puppy at home while we went to work and we also wanted tire him out! The K9 Walkers staff came to our home to see what we needed and have been checking in with our changing needs as Remi has grown up. Couldn't be happier with the communication we have received and friendliness of their staff. Remi gets so excited to see them also.
08 May 2017
Boston is a 8 month old lab full of energy and was being rather destructive ie: eating all our plants, chewing the washhouse door so we now have half a door, and stealing anything he could to chew, in despair I rang k9 walkers and chris started twice weekly walks with him along with the runs he does with my hubby when he is not working. Boston loves chris and sits and waits for his treat the moment he knocks on the door. He has stopped alot of his destructive behaviours, chris is so reliable and even picks up our papers. Thank you so much K9 walkers,
26 Apr 2017
I love K9 and Fifi (the naughty white Bichon) loves K9! What a wonderful service you provide. Punctual, reliable caring and always easy to work with. Fifi actually counts the days off, I am sure, between her walk days. Just loves it. I can not recommend K9 enough. Wonderful service, thank you.
18 Apr 2017
We have been using K9 Dog Walkers for about 6 months now, we have used them for both dog walking and overnight stays and they are awesome! The dog walkers are not only great with the dogs but we can tell that they take them for 1 hour walks because the doggies are so tired after! We went away for a long week-end and got overnight stay and got regular updates and photos of the dogs. We love and trust K9 Dog Walkers, they are great!
18 Apr 2017
My requests are always answered promptly by sms. I have complete faith in the carer who comes to my cat. I receive a message or photo upload after the visit and know that my cat is safe and fed. Also, K9 Pet Walkers is affordable compared to other careers I have contacted. I have used this business for six years now.
17 Apr 2017
kellyw724 from Narara
Awesome service. Fantastic communication, reliable, staff absolutely love and care for the animals they look after. I highly recommend K9 Walkers to all pet owners and have done many times in the 10 years of using the service. A big thank you to Tracey and the lovely ladies who look after my fur babies. Having the option of an overnight stay brings peace of mind as well.
17 Apr 2017
I have two German shepherds (missy and chace) and they love their walks. I do shift work and its nice to know my dogs are cared for while I'm on long shifts. I get updates whilst I am work and I really appreciate it. I would recommend K9 walkers to anyone who asks. Very happy.
22 Dec 2016
We would like to thank Tracey and her team especially Chris who cared for our dog Lupi and cat Caramella. Our animals were well looked after. K9 Walkers are very easy to deal with, trustworthy and reliable. It was fantastic to know that your animals are well looked after. We felt very happy to leave our pets at home with Chris coming in and caring for them.
01 Dec 2016
Great service always on time and good communication if any delays. My dog Fergus would like to recommend this service
15 Nov 2016
We just want to say thank you to K9 Walkers especially Louise and Chris who both looked after our beloved cat Shadow whilst we were away overseas for 6 weeks. Tracey kept us informed about Shadow's progress, this gave us peace of mind knowing she's being looked after really well. They just didn't look after Shadow but provided extra services by taking our garbage bin out and collecting our mail. A big thank you to our good neighbour who recommended K9 Walkers to us. Thank you K9 Walkers for the wonderful service provided and with that in mind, we won't hesitate asking K9 Walkers to look after Shadow again next time needed.
31 Oct 2016
Tracey and her team are incredible! Our malamute Luka would howl like crazy everytime he saw the walkers. He absolutely adored each person, I would definitely recommend K9 walkers to anyone looking and will be utilizing K9's services myself in future when needed! Thanks so much for everything!
14 Sep 2016
I started using K9 Walkers as a temporary dog walking solution while my elderly mum looked after my dog Sam for a short while. This short while turned into a permanent stay and Sam has been enjoying walks twice a week ever since. He goes nuts when he hears the gate and our walkers voice. Has been absolute piece of mind for me knowing that he still gets great exercise and genuine care. The whole team at K9 Walkers have the same passion for dogs as I do which makes them a pleasure to deal with.
31 May 2016
I have been using k9 walkers for 9 months now, my dog was 8 months old when I started she was shy at first and would ran away. now she gets excited when I say the walkers name Chris whom has been wonderful with my dog Babie. He is always on time and has been warm and loving towards babie thank you Chris for all your hard work with babie Cheers Lesa
02 May 2016
Wonderful service! The team have looked after my 2 dogs on 2 occasions and it has been nothing but wonderful. Fantastic carers, very easy to deal with and reasonable rates. I'll continue to trust them to look after our pets every time we go away. Great alternative to boarding kennels.
23 Apr 2016
I just wanted to say thank you to Chris & K9 walkers for looking after Luna & Betty so well whilst we were away. Both our dogs were obviously happy and well-cared for by Chris. It is a relief to know that we can leave them in safe hands if we go away in future. Many thanks.
02 Apr 2016
Maeve from K9 Walkers has been walking my one-year-old Cocker Spaniel Maggie for two months now and Maggie simply loves her. They go to the park and the beach and Maeve keeps me updated with photos and videos so I can see Maggie having fun playing on the beach, jumping in puddles and making new doggy friends. It gives me peace of mind to know that Maggie isn't just happy, she's in safe hands.
30 Mar 2016
We are very happy with K9 Walkers' Overnight Service. Upon returning from our trip we found that our cat had not even missed us! That's thanks to the quality time that he got every night while we were away and our house was being looked after as well. We will definitely be hiring K9 next time we go away. Olga
08 Mar 2016
We have used K9 Walkers for a number of years. We have 2 much loved dogs that needed to be looked after in home while we went on holidays. The K9 Team did a fantastic job on our return our 2 dogs missed the visits, so we keep the services on to do daily walks, games and to generally spoil them when we went back to work. The team are very caring and fortunately alerted us to a few health issues for one of the dogs. The concern for our dogs is amazing, and we are very grateful to them for looking after our dogs like we do!!! I have no hesitation recommending the service, they really care. Jenny
06 Mar 2016
We have been using K9Walkers on and off for about 8 years and found their service extremely efficient, animal-caring, helpful, adaptive and responsive. Nothing has been too much trouble and often they have come to our aid at short notice to help us out of a corner with pet minding. They have provided an excellent back-up service for our little dog Darcy when relatives were not able to mind her. We would recommend them to anyone.
26 Oct 2015
Early 2015 I was called home to nurse my father. A week before hand I picked up a 5 month old energetic kelpie cross cattle from the pound rescue. For ten months k9 walkers picked him up late mornings for his walk. They helped him with lead training, road safety training and general good boy behaviour. At a time when I could not be here with my partner k9 walkers kept our house sane. I can't thank you enough. It is sad to see my boy sitting at the front door looking for his walker but it's lovely to be able to walk him myself again. Highly recommend k9 services.
20 Oct 2015
I am more than happy to recommend K9 Walkers to anyone considering either regular dog walking, or in-home care for your pets while you are away. I have used both services over the years. Most recently the service cared for my 4 cats at my home while I was away on overseas holidays for 3 & 1/2 weeks. One of my cats is now very old & frail & this was no problem for the service as they were happy to cater to his needs. With a previous 4 week trip overseas in 2012, my (then) 2 large dogs & 4 cats were also very well cared for in my own home. I've always found the service to be professional & caring & they are happy to attend to all the fine details of the pet's routines. Tracey is prompt to respond to enquiries & has not minded my asking lots of questions when arranging care. She is very helpful in arranging all aspects of the care (no fuss) - and the services provided are at a very reasonable price. The in-home carers are lovely & have gone over and above in caring for my pets, including collecting mail, washing pet bowls daily, cleaning up after their messes and providing them cuddles. This last time I was very impressed that the carer (Louise) had even 'de-furred' & mopped the floors before I came home! I especially appreciate that the carers visit to meet the pets & discuss details of the arrangements prior to my departure (no charge). While away, they have co-ordinated with my family & friends (who also visited to check on my pets & the house), through phone calls & notes in a communication book that I left in the kitchen. Additionally they have happily emailed me while away to give me updates, which is very reassuring when you're at a distance overseas & start to worry about your furry companions! My pets have always been happy & healthy when I've arrived back home after trips away. This is a fabulous & inexpensive alternative to putting your pets into kennels/catteries which can present all sorts of difficulties for your pets. Thanks Tracey & Louise!
14 Oct 2015
We have used this service numerous times over the last 2 years. Each time we have been thrilled with the level of care and thought given to our pets. Communication is fantastic, Tracey is reliable and always keeps us informed of what has happened during her time minding our dog. We highly recommend them. Their professionalism is second to none.
24 Sep 2015
I have been using K9 walkers for years now and I have always been extremely happy with the service provided. I know I can leave my dog in good hands and I also have the added bonus of my house beening monitored on a dailey basis. Thank you Tracy once again for excellent and personalised care.
23 Sep 2015
K9 walkers have looked after my 2 dogs on 2 occasions now. Once for a long weekend and just recently for 4 weeks. Tracey, the owner is fabulous. She keeps you updated on how the dogs are and what they have been up to. I came back home to happy, healthy and content dogs. Absolutely first rate care.
15 Aug 2015
I have been using Tracey and the team at K9 walkers over the past few years. No job is ever too big or too small. From walking the dogs when we had an Open house inspection to petsitting when we are away on holidays for longer periods of time. I would highly recommend their services and the comfort and value it brings having our pets cared for in our own home. Our little cat Luna is deaf and felt very anxious at stays out of the house and so we barely left the house overnight for years. However, since we have found Tracey we know that she is always in safe hands and happy and peaceful when we return home. Chris our regular carer is great, looks after the fish, mail, cat and dogs and always leaves us an update so we know what has happened. Always professional and reliable, even at little notice. Thanks Tracey!
04 Aug 2015
mariaw8 from Wyoming
The pet sitter assigned to me by K9 was Ashley. We where away for 5 weeks and I was really worried my little dog would have separation anxiety and stop eating. Ashley slept at our house every night and took excellent care of my girl. So much so that she didn't miss us one bit, gobbled through her food and even whined to have Ashley back when we had returned home! I would definitely recommend K9 walkers for pet sitting. I have finally found someone that is capable of giving me the peace of mind I needed when visiting family abroad.
03 Aug 2015
K9 walkers have been walking my dogs every week for nearly a year. I couldn't ask for a better walking service. My dogs love their walker and I was very impressed that they adjusted to my walking techniques. K9 walkers show up on time, are flexible and helpful and most of all offer great services for little cost. My boys, Loki and Kaiser, think you are 5 star and I certainly agree :)
06 May 2015
I have used k9 walkers in the past few years for regular dog walking until my bigger boy got hip dysplasia and my smaller boy got geriatric. They have also provided occasional pet minding of a variety of animals including rats, rabbits, budgies and an old and shy tripod cat. Recently they minded a variety of pets and walked two of my dogs while I was away - including a chihuahua that needed carrying on some walks. The dogs seemed happy and shiny when I returned, the yard was free of poop and the other pets were all in good condition. I have been particularly impressed with the care given to pet rabbits by k9 walkers when I went on holiday a year or so ago in summer. The rabbits thrived and survived some of the hottest days on record thanks to above the call of duty care, including additional visits and the provision of iced bottles. Would definitely recommend them, particularly for dogs and rabbits
27 Apr 2015
Tracy & K9 walkers have been looking after my pets when we're on holidays for several years now. We have chooks, cockatiels, guinea pigs and had ducks & geese for a while too. She has been fantastic-always looked after them so well!! And brought in our mail and garbage bins etc. You couldn't find someone better :-)
12 Apr 2015
julieanner1 from Narara
Over the last couple of years we have been pleased to have K9 Walkers take such great loving care of our dogs Ernie and Tilly each time we go away, (last Christmas we got a picture sent to us of Tilly with Elf ears on) made us all laugh and relax knowing they were in great hands! Both dogs I swear are disappointed when we get home and realize we are too busy to walk them straight away. Bins and mail are all taken care of and all is always fantastic!!!! Cant recommend Tracey and her lovely staff enough :)
07 Apr 2015
Very professional, reliable and trustworthy team. Great communication and they are always happy to help. One less thing to worry about when we are going away, knowing the dogs will be well looked after. Most importantly, the dogs love Tracey and are always excited to see her. Would definitely recommend this business.
27 Mar 2015
lizs784 from Point Frederick
My experiance with K9 Walkers goes over 10 years, I highly recomend the service to everyone with pets. My kids just love it when Tracey comes to visit, they just know that it is going to fun. Tracey and the Staff always lock the gates or doors as requested and I know the extra pat or care is taken when they leave. My kids are always well looked after everytime that Tracey or the staff attend our house. I honestly can never say enough good things about K9 Walkers they are just brilliant and everyone that I have recomedend them to loves the Staff and Tracey as much as I do. I just recently whent on my first holiday ever, and honestly if it wasnt for the knowledge that Tracey and the staff were looking after my kids I would have never had a holiday. I really needed that Holiday, and upon a chance running into Tracey at the park the kids got more excited to see Tracey at the Park than when I came back from Holidays....not fair, I knew I shouldnt have left them. Liz
26 Feb 2015
carmels5 from Tumbi Umbi
My husband and I had used boarding kennels and live-in dog carers for some time to look after our 4 dogs when we holidayed or for weekends away. Unfortunately our experiences had left us dissatisfied and frustrated. Problems ranged from our dogs, which have all been house dogs since puppies, toileting inside once we returned from holidays, most likely due to being locked in cages for long periods of time at boarding kennels, to timid and shying behaviour possibly due to poor treatment of live-in dog sitters. We were recommended K9 Walkers by our puppy preschool trainer and have been really pleased with the result. From our initial meeting with Tracy and one of her carers Louise we immediately felt at ease and confidant our dogs would be in good hands and well cared for. When we returned from our holidays our dogs were happy and well cared for, showing no signs of the timid and abnormal behaviour we had seen from boarding kennels and other carers. Louise did a wonderful job looking after our dogs and home and we have no hesitation in recommending Tracey of K9 Walkers and Louise for their care and professionalism in the service they provide.
15 Feb 2015
julieannev1 from Forresters Beach
Our family was away for 52 days overseas. A very long time. My German Shepphard required eye drops every day due to a health condition. Specific instructions had to be followed on a day to day basis as she requires alternate medicines rotated daily applied to her eyes. My Maltese x Shitzu and German Shepphard were fed daily. The dogs area was very well maintained Bins were attended to and Mail retrieved. We were all very impressed with K9 Walkers when we arrived back. I emailed while we were away to make sure our girls were very well behaved. Received an email same day to let us know they were doing well. We all felt relieved and knowing this we could enjoy the rest of our holiday knowing K9 walkers were giving our girls 100% care. I would Sincerely recommend K9Walkers.
03 Feb 2015
I have known Tracey since 2007, and immensely appreciate everything she and her staff have done for my fur and feather kids over all the years. Molly, my Border Collie, waits in the window for Tracey to arrive - she loves her walks with Tracey. I also apprecaite the fact that I can go away and know my menagerie is in the best hands possible. Tracey looks after our chooks, turkey, guinea pigs, fish, lorikeets, and of course Molly. She also looks after any wild birds I may currently have in care at the time. As for going above and beyond, Tracey has dealt with some nasty situations at my place one involving an attack on one of the birds. She cleaned up the mess, so that I wouldn't have to see it. That, I think, says it all about Tracey and her staff at K9 Walkers! I cannot recommend them highly enough.
22 Jan 2015
Tracey has repeatedly looked after my dog and rabbit while I've been away, for up to 10 days at a time. Every time she goes above and beyond to make sure that the pets are beautifully taken care of, and she contacts me immediately if she has any concerns. For example, she was worried that the house was too warm for my rabbit on the hot summer days, so she stayed extra time so that she could open all the doors and windows and let it cool down. She really cares about the pets and treats them like her own. I can't recommend her highly enough.
21 Jan 2015
Hi Tracey, thank you & Julie for looking after Bobby & Hammer. We appreciate the great service. Julie put out our garbage bins & bought in the mail. Its reassuring to know & the boys had clean water & food plus walks & human company while we were away. Its great peace of mind to know they are in familiar surroundings & happy. Thank you again, Melinda
20 Jan 2015
Thank you for the opportunity to comment. When we returned it was clear that our dogs and cat had been very well treated and all that we asked of Kieralie had been done well.
12 Jan 2015
edmundh from Blue Haven
had a minder come over every day and feed me dog and walk her every second day for 3 weeks, also brought my mail in as well, gave me piece of mind while away. i used a few times over the last 7 years
01 Dec 2014
I started using K9 Walkers about 9 years ago to walk my dog George. I thought I was getting a dog walking service when in fact George got a new friend and walking companion that was to last 9+ years until his death due to old age and a few other things last month. George reached the ripe old age of 14. In fact George did not know how lucky he was & what this would lead to and the enormous positive impact it would have on his life. From my perspective K9 walkers honored and went beyond the services I required & asked Tracy to provide, which was to make sure Georgie was getting regular exercise given his love of food! From Georgie's point of view he kicked a huge goal! George was not just another dog to walk, he & Tracy became firm friends and regular companions around the streets where I live. Those who knew Georgie know just how much K9 and Tracy meant to him! Thank you so much Tracy & K9 Walkers. You made a huge difference to my mates life & all of it good!
24 Nov 2014
We have been using K9 Walkers for over a year now for our 2 Border Collies and we could not be happier. They provide a reliable and trustworthy service. Know that the dogs are getting a walk during the day whilst at work provides peace of mind. Highly recommended!
02 Jul 2014
Long term pet minding for our dog. The preparation, care for our dog, and the follow up is of a high level. We have used them a few times and, once there was a problem with the dog, they were very positive with the communication and handling of the occurrence. Highly recommended for the very personal manner that they conduct their business.
02 Jul 2014
dougb5 from Umina Beach
Walked and played with my 12 years young best mate(labrador) when I was not able to. First time in 12 years. Came home to a VERY content spoilt dog. Thanks Tracey.
01 Jul 2014
peterh51 from Terrigal
k9walkers look after our cat and sometimes dog when we are away. I would highly recommend them for consistent and reliable service.
25 Jun 2014
sarahd51 from Erina
As pet owners we know the peace of mind to find somebody who treats your dogs like their own. My GSP & Husky/Kelpie cross are always excited to see Tracey and/or Alan. I used to only organise weekends away where I could take the dogs and that's not always possible and I didn't want to use kennels. I go away now knowing my dogs are being well cared for. My GSP is on medication, nothing is too much trouble. What impresses me about the service is even after the first minding Tracey remembered straight away the medication, how they have their meals etc. Very professional and obviously worked by people who love their job. Thank you.
25 Jun 2014
Tracey has walked our American Staff for nearly a year now twice a week since my workplace accident. Our dog is always happy to see Tracy and enjoys her walks. Tracey is very nice and her service is great and flexible with days and times but our dog will not miss out on her weekly walks. I would recommend this service to anyone.
24 Jun 2014
lorrainee2 from Wyong
Love these people - the care they give to the animals they look after is amazing. They have been walking my rotti cross for over a year now at least 3 days a week and take such good care of her. She knows when they are due to turn up for a walk and waits eagerly at the gate. Thank you for taking care of her helping to make her a very happy and healthy dog.
26 May 2014
very good customer service, quick response to emails & questions. great service with walking my dog.. she is worn out when I get home from work from her walk/playtime. she is now 8 months old and K9 walkers have been walking her since 3 months of age. very reasonably priced. would recommend this business.
25 May 2014
I highly recommend the services of K9 Walkers. I have been with them a couple of years and have been most impressed with them for their reliability and quality of people working here.
28 Dec 2013
jenf6 from Point Clare
I love how K9 Walkers take extra special care when weather is bad, it really sets them apart. A big thanks to Kieralie for taking Hannah swimming on a hot day whilst we were away recently.
09 Oct 2013
teresah6 from Kariong
We have been using K9 walkers to walk my dog Jesse for approx. 9months now and have been really impressed with the reliability and service provided. We are commuters so it has been really important to have k9 walkers give Jesse a quality walk on the days we are not available. Jesse looks forward to Kieralie coming every week. Thanks k9 walkers.
30 Sep 2013
EmieEdith from Toukley
Tracey at K9 Walkers Ourimbah is very reliable and she offers a great service. I have recommended her to alot of my family and friends and would also recommend this service to anyone else.
17 Sep 2013
debier from Berkeley Vale
we have used k9 walkers on a number of occasions now to have our 2 dogs and rabbit looked after whilst away..tracey at k9 is reliable and offers a great service at good value for money so we will be booking again!
25 Jul 2013
Anonymous from Ourimbah
Tracy looked after our 3 ctas and dog at home,so they are comfortable in familiar surroundings, she spends time to play and will walk the dog as requested. Tracey goes out of her way to help by collecting mail and newspapers and cleaning litter trays etc, certainly worth the cost.
22 Jul 2013
lesleyf5 from Wyong Creek
Once again Mel has done a great job. The dogs were very happy when we got home. We had a chance to thank Mel as we got home early . Thanks again Tracey it is so good to know we have someone to look after them and we can go away with ease of mind.
17 Jul 2013
jaynet1 from Wyoming
I have used K9 Walkers to look after my two dogs when I have been overseas on extended holiday and for weekends away. I have found my dogs are much happier in their own home with their large yard than staying in a kennel. K9 Walkers are an extremely professional, very caring and trustworthy service and I would not hesitate to recommend them.
27 May 2013
Anonymous from Lisarow
I use K9 Walkers to walk my energetic border collie when I am away on holidays. I have always found the walkers to be on time, considerate and trustworthy. My dog looks forward to his walks with K9!
20 May 2013
lizs21 from East Gosford
Tracey and her staff look after my dogs when I go away, so that I NEVER have to use boarding kennels again. They feed them, walk them and also bring in my mail and rubbish bins if they are there on that night. I feel confident that if there was a health concern with my dogs while we were away, that Tracey and her dedicated staff would handle the situation. She knows who our vet is and would ensure prompt care.
17 May 2013
Anonymous from Green Point
We have the same K9 walker come every week to walk our two boisterous big puppies on the day that we can't do it - they love the outing and playtime and it takes a load of our minds. The service is convenient, reliable and good value.
13 May 2013
nicolej11 from Terrigal
One of Tracey's team have come into our house on 3 different occasions to mind my pets - a Staffy, a Cockatiel and some fish, while we were away on holidays. They not only looked after the animals, but put my bins out and brought them in again, collected my mail and papers. One They did a great job with the animals, and I would be happy to recommend K9 Walkers to anyone.
12 May 2013
jennyw9 from East Gosford
We have used Tracy and her team for over 4 years now. They walk our Rottweiler now, feed our cat while we are away, water our gardens, bring in our mail, and where required, vacuum our house after our cat leaves her tufts of hair everywhere!! They are always happy to help in anyway, and extremely reasonably priced. I was sick for a while, and they came and walked my dog knowing I was unable to for 9 weeks. I honestly cannot recommend this company enough!! Love coming back from holidays to clean kitty litter, clean cat bowls, floor & happy animals & vege garden in tact!!
10 May 2013
nataliet15 from Lisarow
Tracey and her team have been walking our Rottweiler, Holly for over 5 years. We started getting Holly walked regularly as we commute for work so she is home alone all day. Holly isn't the most social dog but has loved Tracey and her team since day one. Holly gets most excited when she hears Tracey voice, and to see this is very comforting and we know Holly is in great hands. I would highly recommend K9 Walkers to anyone.
10 May 2013
alexc28 from Woy Woy
I would recommend K9 Walkers to anyone who loves their pet because Tracey and her team care about the animals as if they were their own. Special mentions go to Kieralie, Doug, Jade and Tracey herself, without whom I would not have been able to commute guilt-free to a full time job in the city. They leave little notes everyday describing the adventures the dogs participated in - whether it was a small swim or friendly pat by a passing stranger. I have absolute confidence in recommending them and love following K9 adventures o. Facebook.
22 Aug 2011
mareec1 from Lisarow
Very professional, reliable and friendly business. Have used them for 5 years now and are very trustworthy - wouldn't go anywhere else.
16 Jun 2010
tanealh from Killarney Vale
I was really happy with this service. I used it over the school holidays for 8 days. My dogs were happy and healthy and I was happy with their level of communication.
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