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Pulse Laser Relief

14 Feb 2017
I started to use the Handy Cure Laser after my initial laser course at Quantum Pain Management, at the recommendation from the doctor there. I have severe arthritis on the medial side of my left knee and after tearing the medial meniscus it exposed bone on bone. I managed this with Synvisc injections from my orthopaedic surgeon over two years but these became ineffective. I then had PRP injections, a course of three with good effect which lasted for several months. In October 2016 after reading about cold laser I contacted Quantum. I am a specialist doctor and understand the process. I completed the initial laser course in early December 2016 and went on a trip to Patagonia where I was trekking in the mountains. I took the Handy Cure with me and used it after a long walk. Initially we were trekking for 5 consecutive days then had 3 days rest then 2 more consecutive days, 2 days rest and shorter easier walks over the next 5 days. I used the Handy Cure during the big treks. I had minimal pain which settled well with minimal discomfort in between. I had my final check up with Quantum on 30th January and don’t need to see them again. I have been advised to get another PRP injection to assist the healing process from cold laser. I trek train walk for 3 hours one night a week and over the next 3 months every second Sunday morning. I plan to trek in Nepal in October so if the current improvement continues that should be possible.
24 Jan 2017
I have used the laser following major surgery for Lipoedema on swelling, inflammation, scars and lymphatics. I found it be amazing in reducing all of these symptoms and improving the healing and decreasing the pain and uncomfortable tension associated with this surgery. It has enabled me to provide my own treatment rather than seeing a therapist for regular treatments at a larger cost. As it has so many uses I know it will come in handy for other members of my family. Thank you
19 Jan 2017
I use the Handy Cure Laser for a range of things, from keeping my fibromyalgia under control, to headaches, to cramps after exercise. Even my partner, who was sceptical, uses it for his reflux now and any back twinges he gets. 'Handy' is definitely the word - it's like a painkiller, only much much better!
18 Jan 2017
the pulse laser relief is very effective in reducing inflammation. i have MS and the laser reduces the inflammation and consequent spasticity. My chiropractor recommended it.
15 Dec 2016
The Handy Cure laser has had a great effect on really helping my pain. I have 5 squashed disks, arthritis and fibromyalgia. I will very honestly say that the pain has been halved since using the laser. I’m very happy that I have found this product. Living with less pain is fantastic. Lisa M.
24 Nov 2016
The Handy Cure Laser is the best investment I have ever made! I'm so glad my Chiropractor recommended that I purchase one for myself. I started a new job last June and was suffering from Plantar Fasciitis (heel pain). I was spending long hours on my feet, and by the end of the day, walking was very painful. I would sit down each night and use my Handy Cure Laser which gave me so much relief from the pain. My feet still get a bit sore, but because I have the Laser, I'm not worried at all, as I know that I have my little miracle machine to get me up and running again.
23 Nov 2016
The handy cure laser for lymphoedema management resulting from breast cancer - I do see a difference in managing this condition. This treatment compliments ongoing oncological massage. It softens the tissue making the drainage of fluid possible. Without doing so, this fluid would accumulate and cause pain. Even more concerning is the fluid has protein and can lead to cellulitis (speaking from experience up to 3 hospitalisations 2015). Using it every day, several times a day to better manage my situation. The charge holds well and it is safe to use freely without worry that I'll damage my skin. In the process I've also used it for tension headache until I found the cause being clenching (with the help of my dentist). The cost does outweigh the benefits if you use it every day. Massiel B.
08 Nov 2016
I have nerve damage to L4 and L5 and since using the laser have found that the pain has decreased and allowed me to do things I couldn't before. It was recommended to me by my osteopath who loaned one to me. We take it everywhere with us. My husband has a whiplash injury and finds using the laser certainly gives some relief. My 84 year old mother is a testament to it as 6 weeks before a knee replacement our osteopath used it on her knee area and the end result was a quicker than usual recovery which the doctor had not seen. She then had continuous treatment for 6-8 weeks after op to boost recovery. I purchased one to have at home and she decided to buy one for herself and hasn't looked back. Today I purchased one for my sister as she has found use of it by our osteopath and chiropractor has been beneficial to her lower back problem. Use of this at home also means we don,t have as many trips to the surgery for adjustments etc. Recommend talking to your osteopath or chiropractor about the use of this magic machine which stops having to used pain killers all the time and allows me to lead a more normal life now.
26 Sep 2016
I have been very happy with my Handy Cure Laser. I am pain free and if I find I am getting a twinge after work in the garden etc I just reach for my laser and apply it to the offending body part and usually find by morning I am pain free again. I originally used it for my shoulders and knees, after a couple of weeks the pain had gone! It sits ready to use in my 'remedial corner' along with a massager. Thank you for a great product. Sharon F. Alstonville NSW
23 Aug 2016
My wife and I have been using the laser for a few months now and mainly find it does help to reduce pain from injuries. My wife has sustained an injury to her heal and although it hasn't gone away the use of the laser reduces soreness and she finds it soothing. Personally my ankle injury has completely gone and although would have healed eventually itself the use of the laser again reduced the soreness and may have improved the recovery. Marc A. Yokine WA
23 Aug 2016
"Pulse Handy Cure laser has helped improve my arm “tennis elbow” tendinitis. I use the device twice a day, as the handbook recommends.”
28 Jul 2016
I was fortunate enough initially to have my GP recommend the Handy Cure Laser and also to lend me her own personal unit to trial. I had never heard of Low Level Laser Therapy but was more than prepared to give it a try. Let me say I was more than impressed! I have a couple of auto immune diseases one of which is rheumatoid arthritis. I find that the laser is brilliant for easing the inflammation and the tendon issues that I get particularly in my wrists and ankles. I certainly notice when I don't use it. I have found that I need treat regularly to stay on top of the problem and if I fail to do this it takes a few decent sessions to settle things down again. I also suffer from shoulder bursitis and I have found the laser helps to ease the pain from this as well. After years of soccer and martial arts and a couple of arthroscopes my knees are feeling the abuse. I am astounded at how good it is on the osteoarthritis in my knees. I gain what I can only describe as instant relief after a session with the laser. I have far less inflammation when I use it and my knees are feeling so much better and stronger. I also find the laser incredibly good for treating trigger points in muscles. I was attending a physiotherapist regularly for myofascial release as I have a lot of trouble with my adductors. This becomes both inconvenient and expensive. All I do now is find as many of the sore spots and treat them in the one session. I only use the laser for two minutes at a time per trigger point and I can already feel the problem area releasing after a minute and a half. This thing really is awesome! It is also brilliant on headaches. I would often wake in the middle of the night with a headache and the response has always been to reach for the Panadol and try and find a position that didn't aggravate it too much and hopefully get back to sleep. These would usually last for a day or two. Most unpleasant and inconvenient! Recently when I had one I grabbed for the Panadol and then decided to get up and try the laser on the base of my skull where they seem to originate from. It was amazing! I had instant relief and I managed to get back to sleep easily. More importantly I woke up without the headache for the first time ever! Now when I have a headache I just treat with the laser and don't bother with the pain meds at all. I have also found the laser to be really good at easing the lymphoedema caused by long term Prednisone use. I couldn't recommend the Handy Cure Laser highly enough. Friends who have tried it have also been most impressed and my mum now has one of her own. Well worth the money and I still keep finding more uses for it. I did think it would help but I really didn't expect it to be this good. Amazing product! Lisa D. Maryborough Vic
22 Jul 2016
I purchased a Handy Cure laser earlier this year and have had much success with pain relief for my clients with conditions such as Frozen Shoulder, Carpal Tunnel and Osteo-arthritic pain. I have personally used the device to treat an arthritic joint and now have increased mobility and reduced pain.
19 May 2016
debh24 from Thornlands
I found the pulse laser to help with bursitis in my toes but not synovitis in my feet. My husband found it helpful treating his knee pain.
16 May 2016
I am using it for arthritis in my lower back, a knee problem and also for my husband's recent elbow ligament injury. We are finding the pain relief absolutely marvellous. (My husband is a sceptical person, but I see him using it without me nagging!) The unit itself is light and easy to handle. I ceased taking pain relief midway through the first 21 days of use. Can highly recommend Pulse Laser relief.
14 May 2016
The pulse laser has worked brilliantly for my Fibromyalgia pain. I use it for many of the touch points when they begin to pulse with pain and they settle down within a very few sessions. I was actually surprised by this success since these points react only slightly to pain medication and I am delighted to find relief. I have also used it on a small calf muscle tear with excellent results.
12 May 2016
We have had great success with our pulse laser machine. Great for pain relief. It has helped my husbands sore knee, my sore knee and relief with my bursitus in my hip. Highly recommend for all ages.
25 Feb 2016
"I underwent surgery for a fractured tibia in my right leg on August 6 2015. It was a compression fracture, so they put bone cement at the top of my knee and a large screw accompanied by five pins. Needless to say the pain was unlike anything I had ever experienced. My chiropractor recommended the Handy Cure laser to me to assist me in the final stages of pain and healing. The price was affordable for me and I was eager to try it. I have been using it regularly since it arrived a few weeks ago. Last week something happened and I was in a lot of pain so I grabbed the laser and used it as indicated. The pain was gone within 24 hours and has not returned. I am now experimenting with the laser on my big horse, who gets very stiff in his low back. I endorse this product 100%" Ellen New Mexico USA
17 Feb 2016
I bought the Handy Cure laser for my mother. She has had both hips replaced in the past year and spinal surgery five years ago. A very complex 72 year old patient, she took a very hard fall on the ice two months ago and had hairline rib fractures and a bone bruise on her femur at the right trochanter. She had excruciating pain for a month and several trips to the ER and multiple visits to see her doctors and was using a walker for all movement, a very grim situation. Within 4 to 5 days of using the Handy Cure 3 to 4 times per day over her hips, spine, and ribs her pain levels dropped by 70%. It's the first time since her fall she's had any relief and it's the only therapy she was doing. Amazing results and she is well on her way to a great recovery, I’m very impressed! Dr Josh S. Sante Fe USA
15 Feb 2016
"Like water dripping on a rock, pain washes your life potential away. Due to Fibromyalgia my unwelcome companions were sleeping, pain and anti-inflammatory medications. Prior to 2015 Christmas; a rising level of pain, poor sleep, stress and concentration, forced my work as a dressmaker to cease." "My doctor bumped up all my meds and advised I see a pain clinic in the new year. I thought...That will be a terrible start to the year...More expensive appointments and meds, plus the worry of possible side effects! The higher pain med doses gave me a foggy, woozy head, yet did no more for the pain. The anti inflammatory drugs upset my digestive tract, so I had to lower the dose. I forced smiles and faked Christmas, by the end of January I was in the worst flare up; stiff joints, knotted muscles, nagging spasms. I was pretty cranky and sorry for myself, the house looked unloved. I was alone... avoiding people and relying way too much on my poor daughter. The dreaded thunderclap migraines were on the verge. I had to find a way to take hold and regain my life." "So what do we do when the going gets tough? Go to Google of course! I found the best little healing machine ever! Reading the reviews, I quickly deduced...this Handy Cure is worth a shot, I made a call and decided to take the plunge....two days later I was healing myself!" "First position was on the side of my neck at the base of my scull...five minutes on the Variable, after the beep, I moved the positioning a little and gave it another cycle..Beep!.. my neck movement was smooth and free, like it had been lubricated...Wow! is this my imagination?" "I placed it beside my torn knee cartilage pointing toward the underside of the patella...Beep...yes pain reduced :) uber wow! Relaxing as much as my excitement would allow, I continued treating trigger point to knot, from big joints to little joints, this was really exciting! I wondered how long will the pain disappear? That night I decided to really take this experiment out on a limb..dropped the anti-inflammatory's to 25% and the pain meds to 50% of my original dose." "So that was just seven days ago. I maintained treatments twice a day for four days, had two pain free days! After 45 years with travelling joint and muscle pain this is astounding! We are a scientific household..suffice to say the Handy Cure has had a pretty solid workout in 7 days." "My daughter pulled her back at the gym...then got painful menstrual cramps... Handy Cure was there for her relief. Two of my girlfriends have pain from nerve damage, each noted positive and effective pain reduction, so now they pop in each day.. we call it "Treatment Triangle Time" Yes it's early days, however, comparing the last 45 years with the last week... I now have a positive pain managed future...Thank you Handy Cure :) you are worth your weight in gold. Joanne W. Parramatta
10 Nov 2015
I've had a great success in treating a spur on my left foot, I used it every morning and evening for 5 minutes and after the first couple of treatments had a big relief from the pain. It took 21 days of treatments to cure the spur. Originally the Handy Cure Laser was purchased to treat Lipodema in my breast, which I've been doing treatments 5 or 10 minute sessions morning and evening, it is keeping my problem under control but not improving or softening the fibroids. Kaye G.
10 Nov 2015
"The Handy Cure device is amazing! We have purchased three devices, Pulse Laser Relief being the most easily available and covered by the Australian warrantee. I have found it is beneficial on my chronic neck and shoulder pain as I have continued to use it and explore where the tension is seated. It has given my friend with osteoarthritis reduction in pain and so much more movement in her hands and fingers that she is overwhelmed by the 'shock' of the improvement after YEARS of living with agonising pain! She should have found it years ago but she is so grateful that she now knows that there is something to bring relief and allow her to use her hands and to sleep! Her adult daughter has also had relief from the pain of injuries suffered in a road accident five years ago. She has had her first good night's sleep since that accident. And her daughter who has had several toes broken is now walking with much less pain. So that's four of us gaining great benefit so far!" Evelyn H. Albion Park NSW
09 Nov 2015
In combination with ongoing holistic chiropractic management I have found the pulse cold laser therapy highly beneficial in reducing ongoing lower back and sacral pain and tightness, chronic shoulder discomfort as well as amazing results when I jammed my finger hard in a cupboard door. Prompt application of the laser on this and there was no pain, no swelling, bruising or any visible signs of the injury. Compare that to what you'd normally expect!
25 Aug 2015
I have used the Pulse Laser Relief for a wide range of ailments with very good results. I have fibromyalgia and it has helped with most issues relating to this disease. I have purchased a second unit for my elderly parents who now use it with confidence for arthritic pain, muscles aches, strains and even wound healing. (They are both in their late 80's and have no problem with the technology as it is easy to use). Service and delivery excellent.
09 Aug 2015
I used the laser on my left wrist for the 21 day cycle and noticed no relief in pain. I gave it another go on my left knee joint where I was experiencing tendon pain when I put it under load and am pleased to report that I have noticed a significant improvement 14 days into the 21 day cycle. There was no improvement before using the Laser.
06 Aug 2015
I am an older athlete, with a few niggling injuries. The laser relief has got me back to be able to train with intensity. My knee is giving me no pain anymore as the laser relief has taken the swelling from my quads and ITB and therefore there is no impact on my knee. I also use it for my tennis elbow as I am a personal trainer and do a lot of repetition weight lifting. I also use it after a hard swim session to take the tension from my upper back. Can't live without it!
04 Aug 2015
deidrem886 from Randwick
Really reasonable prices and results which is what really matters... I was very impressed by the results
26 Jul 2015
The device arrived in reasonable time, and a query was attended to promptly. Over the course of two tratment cycles my achilles tendinopathy improved greatly, with the swelling in the tendon much reduced. Results elsewhere were less spectacular (a full-thickness tear in the supraspinatus muscle in my shoulder was a difficult one!) but there were modest improvements, and in no case did the condition being treated get worse. [I am enthusiastic about the product, but I am trying to be objective]
30 Jun 2015
For the price, this laser has a lot going for it. It is portable, the battery lasts ages and it is quick and easy to use. We often use it on the sports field as soon as an injury has occurred, and sometimes to pre-treat areas which we know are touchy. This has been a great relief for many patients who would prefer not to use drugs but have pain or swelling.
29 Jun 2015
fiona-h501 from Bellevue Hill
I have suffered from headaches for 45 years!! Drugs gave some relief but only to knock me out so I can sleep the wretched things off. today I tried my Pulse Laser machine. 2 sessions of 5 minutes on the back of my neck - and I felt fine in about 30 minutes. What a relief!! Can't be placebo because I honestly did not think it would work. If anything My mind was set against it working!. Hooray I am so thrilled to discover this fabulous little miracle worker!!
28 Jun 2015
Has assisted me to conduct life as normal as it has managed my hamstring and back problems. I am now using it on strained shoulder muscles with great success. I have for many years used a tens machine but this laser is much quicker and lessens the time having to use machines.
27 Jun 2015
karenb73 from Elsternwick
Handy Laser is a quality product and backed by excellent service from Stuart. Unfortunately I am one of those people who it didn't work for although my friend and yoga teacher found it beneficial in treating nagging knee and shoulder injuries. Stuart was prepared to stand by the product and accepted that I am among the small percentage of people that do not seem to respond to laser treatment.
25 Jun 2015
I bought this laser to treat my horse's sore back , two weeks of treatment have relieved his pain. I then tried it on my own sore neck which gave me frequent headaches, no longer have sore neck and no more headaches
24 Jun 2015
Hi, We purchased the laser some months back. The purchasing experience was great, no problems. We, my wife and I, have used it consistently ever since, hands, fingers, feet and neck, about to start on teeth. We haven't seen any dramatic recovery but we feel that it is steadying the deteration, we are getting a bit old 64 & 77. Rob
20 Jun 2015
Low level laser treatment (LLLT): I found that by using low level laser I have been able to reduce arthritic pain in some parts of the body, viz. shoulder, knees, and finger joints. I bought the device "Handy Cure Laser" which is serving my wife and myself well. I am in the process of working out the best way to use it for cervical ridicular pain. Recommended. Available from:
20 May 2015
sians3 from Manly Vale
I remember seeing them on Television one day and never thought anything of it, until a friend said I should try is at she found it very useful for muscle tension. I know use it and find it very useful.
04 May 2015
I have found the Handy Cure Laser an excellent pain relief tool. It has helped me enormously with management of a painful lower back condition and inflamed gluteal muscles without having to take strong painkillers. I'm considering purchasing it for my parents. Great customer service from the supplier.
24 Mar 2015
I have only been using the Pulse Laser for a few weeks for arthritis in my knees. It does seem to relieve the pain, but as I have had this problem for many years I realise that I will have to use the laser for quite a while to feel a significant improvement. I am using it in conjunction with weekly laser pain therapy where the clinic uses much stronger lasers.
05 Mar 2015
debbieo7 from South Yarra
I have purchased a few of these devices now, initially for myself and then for friends. they are always sent remarkably quickly and well packaged. For myself they have had a good analgesic for a severe hamstring tendonopathy at the is hail tuberosity. Probably the tendon is a bit deep at this point to have a really good response to the laser, but It has been excellent for pain relief. Other more superficial tendon problems have responded even better. I have also had to ring the owner of the business on an equipment query and he was extremely helpful.
14 Feb 2015
robynannw from Balgowlah
I had a severe flare up of my arthritis in my hands at the end of last year, so much so that my physiotherapist felt that it may have been rheumatoid and not osteoarthritis. At her recommendation I began using the laser. Very quickly I had relief from the heat, pain and swelling in my joints. I now have minimal pain and more movement which is wonderful.
25 Nov 2014
L.M. from Avalon
I have used this hand held laser for a while now in my professional practice of Remedial bodywork and I found it extremely effective for the treatment of pain related conditions, inflammation and oedema. It's also very helpful to release stiffness and tight tissue.
07 Nov 2014
kathleenl8 from Ryde
I have sustained 3 injuries (plus I have Rheumatoid Arthritis). I am SO glad that I purchased this product, as recommended by my pain management doctor. It is an integral part of my pain management plan. I've haven't needed to have Physiotherapy for several months now. It is so easy to use & so lightweight that I take it overseas with me. I just wish I'd bought it sooner. While my private Health Fund doesn't rebate on this item at present, I'm still glad I went ahead & bought it. (I found it to be is a MUCH better product than the TENS machine that was covered by my Fund.) Some health funds do cover it, so worth checking. Either way, I'd still recommend purchasing this product if you or anyone in your family is in pain. Rather, than hovering over the painful area(s), I was told by my doctor to firmly hold it in the required area(s). I usually use in on my neck, shoulder, lower back, hip & other areas as required, even hands & feet. I use a pillow so I can get into different positions & rather than holding, sometimes I can lean by body onto it, which means I can use it by myself without assistance. It has a 5-min auto timer. Stuart is great & very helpful & approachable.
28 Oct 2014
jarrenb from Selby
Problem: RSI with pain in both hands including loss of strength. At the point of desperation and after years of steroid injections, my hands had reached a point where I was looking at a drastic career change from the job that I love. (leather work). I called Pulse Laser Relief by accident looking for a laser clinic to try and I got a patient man with good old fashioned service and attention to my needs. I had spent $300 that week on osteo and massage so I thought it was worth a try for just $500. It only took about a week for me to start to get some minor relief but after 2-3 weeks I noticed that I was no longer wincing to twist a door knob or grip something. I took it slowly but after my second treatment I felt confident enough to start doing some light gym work again and now while not completely pain free I can work with no issues and am looking at a future again with my job that I love. Strength is back in my hands and I am back to normal day to day activities. It is important to note that I continued with stretches from my osteo and some massage. The area that I treated was my forearm where the doctor had pin pointed the stem of the issue. I have now used the laser on my neck and upper back where I always had an issue giving my a wry neck. It is the longest that I have ever been pain free there now too. I cannot recommend a product more highly if you are suffering from RSI.
28 Aug 2014
The Handy Cure Laser has been great for reducing pain and swelling. I put in distal needles for the general effects of acupuncture and use the laser locally. It's been great for swollen ankles and feet, sprained ankles, arthritis, muscle pain and fatigue, iliotibial band tightness, tendonitis, trigger points and neuropathic pain. Dr Lucy V.
17 Jun 2014
ianb26 from Roseville
Surprising results. I used it in combination with visits to a Dr. using a higher power laser machine.
13 Jun 2014
stang from Roseville
My wife uses it for inflammation and pain following a knee replacement. Pain and swelling have gone and any recurrence is now well controlled. I use for neck problems and also carpal tunnel pain. Again amazingly effective and no need for analgesics.
17 Jan 2014
I have been using the Pulse Laser for home treatments for over a year now and I am very pleased with it. I have been using it to manage those annoying exacerbations of spinal, buttock and hip pain, and also neck pain with headache. I have also used the Pulse Laser for pain from enthesopathies such as lateral hip pain ("bursitis") and tennis elbow. It hastens healing and or shortens the period of the flare-up. It's a great home treatment for myself and the family! Thanks again, Linda C.
12 Jan 2014
I bought the Pulse Low Level Laser 2 months ago. It has provided complete pain relief to a close family member suffering TMJ (temporomandibular joint syndrome) after two weeks of continuous treatment. I also used it for pain relief for sciatica, it helped reduce inflammation and ease muscle spasm. It is easy to use with the 3 set treatment programs which was very handy.
10 Nov 2013
andrewh43 from Vaucluse
I have been using the equipment now for about a year. It's easy to use, highly portable, all as advertised. Stuart is ready to answer all questions. Very happy to recommend him and his business
23 Oct 2013
helenm42 from Bateau Bay
Excellent made phone contact got all information very quickly made purchase excellent device dealing with Stuart was great
21 Oct 2013
jimg4 from Tamworth
Fast efficient service. Goods delivered in record time. Relative cost is inexpensive. The item was purchased for the relief of chronic pain for which I am taking a very strong course of pain medication. This firm appears to have an answer to drug-free pain relief
27 Aug 2013
I have found low level laser very effective for the treatment of trigger points in muscle, and nerve entrapments in soft tissue. The reduced sensitivity in the tissue after using the device allows me to treat the area using manual therapy techniques with minimal discomfort.The Handy Cure Laser is the most powerful and cost effective device I have found on the market. I much prefer to have a rechargeable device so I am not restricted physically when using it.The laser is known as The Magic Wand in my practice and my clients love it!
24 Aug 2013
For many years I have suffered from Lateral Eplcondylitis (Tennis Elbow). In fact, introduction to Laser treatment saved me from surgery. Now I am at the stage however where age and repetition continually aggravates the long term damage to my elbows and shoulders. I was pleased to find, the Handy Cure Laser proved to be an affordable safe unit when used as directed. I enjoy the convenience of being able to treat any sore spot in the privacy of my own home with the added benefit of almost immediate relief which reduces the number of professional visits needed.
Sydney, NSW, 2000
Tel: 1300886929

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