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20 Dec 2017
Amar and Hardi come early because of expected bad weather, they worked quickly and efficiently and had me moved out and in within 4 hours. Greatly appreciated their care with my belongings.
14 Dec 2017
Great service. From the beginning they rang ahead to confirm their time of arrival. Amar and Saad were very professional and very careful with every item. They delivered on time and safely at our new home. The cost was excellent. Vicmovers delivered big value for us. We were very happy with this service. Would definitely recommend and use again.
13 Dec 2017
First time we are using a removalist. They did a clean job, no damages to our old place, new place or furniture. Prices are not bad. Punctual as well. Very friendly. Would hire next time too.
13 Dec 2017
They don't mess around, got it done quickly. Reasonably cheap. Hired because of the reviews, and they lived up to the reputation. No damage to property or furniture. Friendly as well.
28 Nov 2017
sherril-m from Deer Park
I had to laugh that Mini Movers were advertising a 'super special' with rates FROM $149 per hour, when Vic Movers only charged me $119 an hour for a large truck with enough room to get everything moved in a single trip. I was really impressed with the courteous, friendly and efficient service from the first contact all the way through to the end of the move. As Amar said, they treat our items like 'our baby ' with great care. Amar offered additional assistance with several things, such as asking if i needed his help to reconnect the washing machine, and gave some advice on the setup of the furniture in the smaller space we were moving into. Highly recommended, helping us to achieve the least stressful move we have ever made. Very impressed!
15 Nov 2017
What a joy it was to have Amar & team member assist with the move from Ivanhoe to Montmorency. It was not an easy move because of same bulky items but this was not an issue for the team. There was also a steep driveway but the movers had a temporary ramp that made the job appear effortless. The team was very hard working, efficient with time management & skilled at their job. We would highly recommend this company for your next move. Tess & David
07 Nov 2017
Very friendly and professional. The movers were great and were very patient with a couple of tricky items. Would definitely recommend.
30 Oct 2017
In the last month we have used VicMovers twice to complete our move – initially to collect some second-hand furniture purchased and finally to complete our full move into our new home. Before choosing to move with VicMovers, we researched several local (Melbourne) moving companies and read their reviews online to assist with our selection. It was important for us to engage someone reliable, efficient and no-nonsense and who was going to be very gentle and careful with our fragile items (in particular 2 glass cabinets). The VicMover reviews were hard to ignore as they ticked these boxes. It was apparent to us that VicMovers takes pride in their work and in a job well done based on their reviews – this was certainly re-affirmed during the move. The pre-move service was well organised. Even though Amar often answers the phone mid-job, he is very organised and if he can't speak then and there will definitely call you back. He certainly makes time for you without impacting the client he is already moving. Our first move was conducted by Jazz and Ahmed. The morning of the move they called us to advise they were running a bit late. This was a bit unfortunate however they did let us know which was appreciated. When they arrived the move was completed smoothly and efficiently. They took great care with all items and especially the fragile glass cabinets. They were even kind enough to leave one of the cabinets and our dining table wrapped with their blankets for our second move 2 weeks later. Our final and main move at the end of October was conducted by Amar and Hadi. This move had 2 pickup locations (30 minutes apart) and the final destination (15 minutes away) – our new home. They arrived 10 minutes early to the first location which was fantastic as they could start the move straight away. They loaded the truck with the contents of a 2 bedroom apartment extremely efficiently and within approximately an hour and a half. They then collected the remaining large furniture items from the second location, again taking great care with the glass cabinets and fragile items. When unloading our furniture into our new home, both Amar and Hadi were professional, competent and politely spoken. I took them through the house and explained where everything went. They confirmed everything was good to go and advised us there may be an issue moving our bedframe up the stairs. They discussed options with my partner and agreed to attempt moving it with his additional assistance. They were able to successfully move the bedframe with his assistance (and my dad's as well). At Amar's lead, they all displayed great teamwork and communication. Amar and Hadi protected our banister with a blanket and were extremely cautious and careful to ensure that no damage was done to the stairs, walls, banister, bedframe and each other. The rest of our move went extremely smoothly and Amar and Hadi also re-assembled a couple of items that had to be dismantled to aid the move. Everything was in its right place and nothing was damaged. All in all, it was a very easy, well organised move and a stress-free process. Thank you VicMovers for your wonderful service and for making our 2 moves so hassle free! In summary: * Great customer service, communication and friendly team * Efficient moving service – timely, careful and professional * Good price point – mid price range but good value * Highly recommended
22 Oct 2017
Excellent service. They are professional and made our move stress free. Highly recommended. I will use them again.
15 Oct 2017
After moving 9 times and tried many many removalist, I must say that Vicmovers definitely exceeded our expectations. We highly recommend Vicmovers and swear by their professionalism, expertise and high level of service. Amar is easy going and answers all our queries promptly. They are fast, efficient and careful with our furniture... all with friendly smiles and jokes! Vicmovers took the stress out of our moving process! We also had a very challenging home layout and they did their very best to make our furniture fit... and it absolutely worked! They are also very reasonably priced, esp for such high level of service. Simply the best, look no further!!! Thank you Amar and team!
15 Sep 2017
The job is amazing. Highly recommended. They take the job very seriously and quality is the best. Definitely use them again the next time.
08 Sep 2017
Excellent work - very happy! Furniture and other items were treated very carefully and I was kept well informed every step of the way. Thanks very much!
29 Aug 2017
Vicmovers were friendly, professional and clearly very experienced. They had the right equipment to move cumbersome items, and they worked quickly and efficiently. I was particularly impressed by how they managed to move large and fragile items (dresser, bookshelf, mirror, TV and piano!) down four flights of stairs and without a lift. Highly recommend!! Thank you.
29 Aug 2017
Amar, Jas and the guys were great to deal with. They contacted me the day before to confirm what time they'd be there and also contacted me an hour before to me know approximately what time they'd arrive. The whole process only took them 4.5 hours (contents were already in storage - 7m x 3m - 4bedroom/1 study, 3 living room house) from start to finish, including a stop at another property we were renting. The only charged from arrival time (8:40am) to finish time (1:10pm). All items were carefully moved without rush and they weren't just dropped to get the task over and done with. Highly recommend Vicmovers.
18 Aug 2017
We moved with our mother in law( physcally challenged) .The guys moved our stuff and medical equipment with care and precision. Skillful guys even extended hand in fixing ramp, shower screen and hospital bed. Everything was moved as per our requirment as I cant lift heavy items. Booking was done easily through email without any hassle. Highly recommended from my heart. Thanks for stressfree move.
19 Jul 2017
Vicmovers were professional and friendly. They moved my furniture swiftly and efficiently. I highly recommend them!
21 Jun 2017
Very friendly and professional movers, everything was thought through and they sent the perfect truck to accommodate our need. We (three adults) were moving from two homes into one large home and it was a logistically complicated move. Jazz, Amar and their team handled our move with ease. All our belongings and furniture were transported safely and efficiently. We were really impressed with VicMovers and will choose them again next time we move!
10 Jun 2017
Fast and efficient. Very reliable. Second time moving with them and we're very happy with the service. Thanks again!
08 Jun 2017
Really good service, if I need to move in the future, I'll absolutely choose them again. Really patient and carefully to every single thing. Never thought I can be this satisfied with their service. Recommand to everyone!
06 Jun 2017
Excellent service provided by our removalists Martin and Steven. They arrived on time and were professional, friendly and took outstanding care of our belongings. Would definitely use them again.
05 Jun 2017
Very satisfied with the level of service and care provided by Amar and his co-worker Daha. Amar called me a few days before the move to confirm the exact time they would arrive, and also to confirm the size of the moving truck and whether or not it would fit in the parking bay of the apartment. On the day of the move, Amar called me about 30 minutes before he would arrive. On arrival, Amar asked my husband and I if there were any items in particular which we wanted treated especially careful. For me it was the fragile boxes (with plates and mugs), and the 75 inch tv. Before the move, Amar asked us to source at 75 inch tv box, and he would also try find one for us. He did locate one, but forgot to bring on the day. He had another method to wrap the tv, which was our main concern. He took photos of how this was done and located in the truck to show us. We were satisfied with how careful he was, and also showing us existing damage to some of our furniture so that we were aware of it before the move. Our tv eventually was fine, no scratches or any damage to it, despite not having the official box. During the furniture removal phase, one of our neighbours asked Amar if he could help them move something. Amar informed us, that if he were to help my neighbour, this would not be calculated in our time. We also got Amar after initial furniture delivery, to pick up some more furniture at another location. There were some very large pieces of furniture which they moved from upstairs to downstairs with ease. They were also very careful not to damage any walls or doorways whilst moving furniture. The only hiccup along the way was leaving our security fob with Amar, which we only noticed after they had left. This was returned to us a few days later, with lots of communication in between. All in all, a successful move, and definitely can recommend these guys if you want the job done carefully. The total move took about 5 hours. Thanks Amar and Daha!
02 Jun 2017
So impressed with the service we received from Amar and Vicmovers. Not a single scratch or dent on anything they moved and they kept us informed at all stages of the move on what the options were and which ones they recommended. Amar brought a bigger truck just to be on the safe side and that allowed us to make the move in a single trip massively reducing the time needed, other removal companies had quoted based on a truck 2/3 of the size we actually needed, so we're so glad we picked Vicmovers and would recommend them to anyone.
01 Jun 2017
VicMovers helped me move a couple of years ago, and they were just as professional & hardworking as they were last time. I only gave them three days notice but they still managed to fit me in - thanks again Amar & Ahmed!
30 May 2017
These guys are excellent. They are so professional and efficient. They took really good care of my 75 inches TV, manipulate the furnitures in the house really carefully. Zero scratch was found after the job. Will definitely use them again next time. Highly recommended.
29 May 2017
Very good guys and very good experience. I'all call them again for the future moving. “This words is to make 90C.”
27 May 2017
The guys came got on with the job (helps if you have all the items ready to go. Made the move seamless. Thank you guys. Will definitely use again and recommend.
15 May 2017
with very little notice Amar was able to move my furniture and goods from a lockup to my newly renovated home . The move went like clockwork. Amar and his team took everything in their stride. They packed the truck carefully and unloaded with ease and proficiency. They got all the beds up narrow Victorian stairs without any bumps to the walls . I would recommend them for their prompt and professional service
11 May 2017
Amar and his team were very professional, careful, accomodating and attentive to detail. They took a lot of the stress out of moving. Everything was moved safely. It is clear that Amar takes much pride in his work.
08 May 2017
Vic Movers did a fantastic job. Very professional and great communication confirming all details. Thank you Vic Movers.
05 May 2017
I chose Vicmovers after fail attempts from the initial 2 delivery drivers from Harvey Norman and then the team of three removalists from another company, who didn't even attempt it. They said it was impossible! The job was to move a huge 4 door fridge up the stairs with tricky tight space, to the kitchen. From the initial phone call, Amar seemed like a guy who knew what he was doing. He asked me few questions. I sent him photos/video of the fridge and the stairs. He assured me they could do it. Cost and the date was finalized. Until then I was beginning to think that the fridge will have to sit downstairs and not in the kitchen upstairs. Amar and Jazz were spot on time. They were both friendly, polite and efficient in what they were doing. The fridge was moved quite easily with Amar and Jazz's technical abilities and their professionalism. Thank you, guys. I will definitely recommend Vicmovers to anyone looking for quality removalists. Thank you, Pritam.
27 Apr 2017
Very good service. Takes good care of property and goods. I recommend them . Have used them before and will use them again
19 Apr 2017
Let me tell you one thing that will immediately reflect the high quality of Vicmovers: We used their services of relocation four times and would use again if need arises. Moreover, we would use ONLY Vicmovers. I have met Amar in person during our first move some time ago and I was impressed with his professionalism and attention to details. That move was smooth and easy. The next two moves Amar was not able to attend the job himself (he has to run the business and he does great job indeed) but he always sent amazing team. We never had a single problem, no damage, no scratches, everything went flawlessly. What I like about Amar is that he never compromises on quality. As he said to me once “If I cannot delivery highest possible quality, I will not take the job”. I wish other companies had such mentality. Our last move was in March 2017. It was a short distance relocation, but as you know it is always stressful. Not with Vicmovers. We were very confident that they will do their job properly and they indeed delivered their best. I was impressed how carefully they packed fragile items and wrapped the furniture. At the new location, they had to move large items upstairs It was very tight space at the stairs but they manage to squeeze furniture so skilfully that they didn’t leave a scratch on the walls (I still don’t know how they did it, it was very tight). To sum up, I genuinely applaud to Vicmovers and Amar in particular. It is great company that puts customer first. You will not be disappointed (we were not disappointed four times in a row).
03 Apr 2017
We were stuck with an urgent delivery that had to be made on time on the day that I called. Service was prompt, efficient and professional. Our delivery was to a leasing company of 40 large desktops and 30 laptops. We needed to deliver on this day or face a major financial cost. Amar was great, he was courteous, helpful and arrived when he said he would. All equipment was delivered on time. I will be using VicMovers again and am very happy to write this recommendation.
03 Apr 2017
Vicmovers were recommended to me by a work colleague. They were tasked with all our office furniture and computer equipment. The source and destination addresses were both above the ground floor, making the job harder. Amar and his team were prompt, professional, and showed great care and respect for all of our items. I would not hesitate in recommend using Vicmovers for anyone looking to move home or offices.
31 Mar 2017
As we sit this evening in our beautiful new home, we could not help but reminisce on how everything worked out beautifully to bring us here. We would like to take a moment to acknowledge the outstanding work done by the Vic Movers team, Amar, Jazz & Ahmed.   While this is certainly not the first time we have moved homes, it was the first time we encountered such outstanding level of professionalism. With Jazz, Ahmed & Amar the experience at each phase of the process was far superior. From the initial inspection, all the way to packing our fragile items and the personal attention to detail.   All of their interactions with us, whether business-related or interpersonal, were accomplished with a noticeable degree of competence, humility, integrity and grace. It's rare to see that sort of efficiency in a company anymore, particularly one that gets paid by the hour. Both my wife and myself, would highly recommend the team of Ahmed, Jazz & Amar from Vic movers for any relocation & removal needs.
31 Mar 2017
Very good and prompt service. Would use them again. Responded quickly to my requests and met all my needs. Good value.
30 Mar 2017
Will be using Vicmovers again for whenever I move next, simply fantastic service and great communication during the whole process.
24 Mar 2017
I was very happy with Amar and the team, the day became quite effortless for us. We booked 2 removalists but were happy to get 3 on the day (with 1 in training) still for the price of 2. All the guys were great and very helpful. Everything arrived safely, without a scratch, Vicmovers had all the equipment necessary to ensure our furniture/frames etc. were well protected when packed. Our 3 bedroom house move ended up being quicker than we exected, allowing us time to clean up previous property etc. Would definitey recommend these guys and will surely be using them again for our next move!
22 Mar 2017
We have used Vicmovers twice now for our Charity organisation. From the moment we called them with our job, right through to the completion, we experienced a superior service. They arrived on time with both our jobs and we're exceptionally helpful with the loading and unloading of our stock. Their drivers literally bent over backwards to help us organise our stock at our storage unit all whilst we did a quick stocktake. We found the guys to be very friendly, patient and approachable who took pride in providing us with an exceptional service. HIGHLY recommend these guys!!!
06 Mar 2017
We used VicMovers about a year ago where they worked in the rain and they were very safe with our stuff. We used them again, this time it was a sunny day! No damage to the furniture and friendly and careful with our stuff. We are a happy returning customer.
05 Mar 2017
Amar and his team were so professional moving our precious optometry equipment during our store relocation. It was also raining! They were very careful and happy to move things into different positions once we got there. Very professional and helpful. I would definitely use Vicmovers again,
27 Feb 2017
I recently moved my 2 stuff from my 2 Bedroom apartment in Southbank all the way to South Morang. The move was without any issue and all my items are in perfect order. Loading took some time as it had to be tied up properly into their truck, but they unloaded all my stuff in just half an hour. They were on time and didn't try to do things slowly to increase the work time, as i've seen with some other movers. This is the third time i've moved my home, and i wish i have had used Vicmovers all the time. Lesson learnt, and if I need to move again, Vicmovers is going to be my choice.
24 Feb 2017
mistyf from Hoppers Crossing
Shop/ store relocation move Very professional with great customer service Extra careful of equipment and furniture Great knowledge of their job.
24 Feb 2017
The service provided was excellent. They were quick and very safety conscious. Overall very pleased with the service and would recommend to anyone wanting to move houses in the future.
22 Feb 2017
We moved from a five bedroom house in which we have lived for 17 years - a lot of stuff, furniture, boxes, more boxes and bits and pieces. Included in our move was an 8ft tall metal sculpture, too tall for the truck and not able to be laid down. Amar and his two lovely offsiders were amazing, nothing was a problem (even when I expected it to be). To begin with Amar made sure to keep us informed of their arrival time including a heads up when they got caught in a major traffic disruption. When they arrived they were all polite, cheerful and charming - and they remained that way for the entire day. We had a run-through of the house and Amar asked relevant questions including determining what was precious and needed to be handled with extra care. They even worked out an intricate system of ropes and padding to transport our sculpture. The guys worked like ten men all day and were constantly cheerful and polite. Even when I was totally overloaded and couldn't make simple decisions about where something needed to go, they were patient and understanding. I would highly recommend Vicmovers without a moment of hesitation, they were brilliant.
20 Feb 2017
My wife and I have moved many times over the last decade and Vicmovers have been the most professional removalists we have used. We moved from a three bedroom home in Melbourne to a five bedroom home nearby. I really appreciated the following aspects of their service i) they were extremely careful with all our furniture – nothing was scratched or damaged; ii) all staff were very courteous and professional; iii) they offered a very flexible service, tailoring it to our needs. Together this greatly reduced the stress associated with the move. I would confidently recommend Vicmovers to anyone seeking a superior service.
15 Feb 2017
I was very pleased with the service I received from Vicmovers. We relocated from our 3 bedroom home in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne to Geelong. The removalists showed up on time and everything was moved with care and arrived with no damage.
14 Feb 2017
Amar and his colleague helped me move from a ground floor 2 bedroom unit to a first floor 2 bedroom unit on 20 Jan 2017. It was a short move, 7.8km to be precise. They arrived earlier than the agreed time but we had everything packed before they arrived. Since their truck could not fit into our driveway, there was difficulty finding a parking spot on a busy street. They were very patient with this and moved my things with care. The only reason I would not give them a 5 star rating is because it took them 6.5 hours to move some very few basic furniture, bags and boxes. Even though it was a 2 bedroom house, I only had 1 double bed and just bare minimum furniture. In spite of the 2 of us (sister and I) helping them carry suitcases and small items, they moved at a very slow pace and took a lot of time. We noticed in a lot of occasions time was wasted doing things that could have been dealt with later such as organising and cleaning the back of the truck. I went ahead and assembled the bed frame on my own because by then I had released that it would cost me another 30-40mins of their time to put it together. Otherwise, things were done professionally. Thank you guys.
13 Feb 2017
Amar and his team were fantastic. Professional, informative and punctual. They took great care in moving our furniture with no hassles and with always a smile. I would definitely recommend Vicmovers to anyone wishing to move furniture stress free.
12 Feb 2017
Moved into an apartment in the city, on a high floor, in Feb this year. The apartment requires all moving to be done through the first floor, meaning many trips up 3 ramps of the car park. Amar came up with a great solution that sped the process up significantly. Everything was handled with care, and nothing broken in the move. Would highly recommend vicmovers.
11 Feb 2017
I chose Vicmovers to help me move a 1 bedroom apartment in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne last month, based on their online reviews and reasonable pricing. Amar replied my initial enquiry quickly with clear information regarding the costs. We booked in a moving date, and even when I had to switch days, he was able to accommodate me without extra cost. Moving day went smoothly and efficiently. They were friendly and professional, and took care with my furniture - better than I have experienced when moving with other removalists previously. When we got to my new apartment, the fridge was slightly too tall for its cabinet, so Amar offered to help adjust the height by removing the wheels of the fridge. It was just one example of how considerate they were and how genuinely they wanted to offer good service to their clients. Id definitely recommend this company if youre looking for a quality and fair-priced removalist.
09 Feb 2017
nadiab9 from Greensborough
These guys were fantastic. They were careful with all our stuff, pleasant, helpful, and made my move very smooth and easy. They were happy to accommodate any extra requests. I would definitely use again.
09 Feb 2017
Amar and his team are very professional and provided us with the highest quality service on our move from Melbourne to the Bellarine Peninsula. Their professional approach made the move with two young children seamless.
09 Feb 2017
We strongly recommend Vicmovers. They are careful not to break anything and the preparation and communication before the job to ensure nothing would get damaged, by ensuring we had the right truck was paramount to the success on the day! Thanks so much Amar you were great and made settling in to our house as a family so much easier!!
20 Jan 2017
naomim670 from Croydon
Amar and his partner were fantastic!! First they communicated well. Called me just be arriving to touch base. Than carefully handled all my furniture, into an immaculate!! Van!! I could not rate them highly enough, and will use them again in the near future. Thank you Amar! From Naomi Modae
12 Dec 2016
Really great service; friendly and very good moving our furniture with no damage or problems at all. Definitely wouldn't use anyone else now
10 Dec 2016
Excellent work. They did an excellent job with two flights of stairs and a heap of heavy furniture. Great with disassembling fridge and other furniture to make it work. I highly recommend these guys.
06 Dec 2016
Friendly and professional. They took great care of everything- my antique furniture was in good hands. They disassembled & reassembled furniture such as beds, as needed. I had three moving days with them. I had renovation works done at home, so I had to move out and my furniture was put into their storage. The second moving day was tricky: everything was loaded up from the storage unit & unloading started at home, when a problem with the renovation works was discovered. Everything had to be packed up again & returned to the storage unit. Amar and the team were calm and helpful on a very stressful day. The final move back in went very well. Thank you!
22 Nov 2016
The best movers around. They took great care of our stuff; like it was their own. They were friendly and overall it was a very positive experience. I will be using these guys again in the future. You will not regret hiring these guys.
15 Nov 2016
Great service! Our furniture were well taken care of during the move! They are the best movers we ever had, professional!
15 Nov 2016
Very professional. On time. We were very happy with their service and would recommend them to everyone. A very positive experience.
15 Nov 2016
We moved from a 4 bedroom home to a 3 bedroom townhouse, with an additional drop off to a storage location. Amar and his team handled the move very professionally. An additional truck was ordered within hours to move the additional items as we had a set time to move items into storage. It was a huge move that involved 2 trucks and 5 men, and took all day. But Amar, Jazz and their team worked methodically and completed the job by the end of the day. The move occurred a month ago and I have since unpacked all my boxes. Very happy to report that not a single thing was broken/damaged/chipped. Everything arrived in perfect condition. Every care was taken when the boys were packing the truck and unloading items at their destination. I could not be happier with the overall experience. Thanks guys! I have no hesitation in recommending Amar, Jazz and their team.
14 Nov 2016
amberlouiseh from Melbourne
Having read so many positive reviews of Amar and his team at VicMovers, we recently engaged their services to move all our furniture to the carpeted rooms of the house in order for the wooden flooring to be re-finished, and then move it all back again. Jazz and Isham came for the first move. They were efficient, whilst being very careful of the furniture. Jazz really listened to my concerns regarding heavy furniture leaving imprints on the carpets, and came up with solutions which worked well. Amar and Jazz completed the second move. I was very pleased to have the continuity of Jazz being there because he knew the furniture and was aware of the idiosyncrasies that we’d discovered with the first move. Not having to explain everything in detail again made the second move even quicker and easier. Jazz was also of great assistance when it came to remembering where some of the ornaments belonged! Amar also went out of his way to provide a special invoice to meet the requirements of our insurance company and was always quick to respond to my emails or calls leading up to the moves. I highly recommend VicMovers and will be calling them again for any future removalist needs.
12 Nov 2016
We moved from a two bedroom town house across three floors to a single level home in Thornbury. Amar was very responsive from my first enquiry and advised on how to pick up boxes before hand from his office location, costs for packing and the move. We decided to do most of the packing ourselves except for the kitchen which I asked Amar and his team to pack up. Amar rung a few days before to make sure everything was on track. Every interaction was respectful, prompt and enjoyable. Not one thing was broken and his team worked efficiently and expertly. The whole experience was stress free and all our precious things arrived at the new destination in one piece. I felt like the team were taking as much care with our things as they would with their own. The day turned into a really hot one but Amar and his team didn't complain at all. I would highly recommend Amar and his team without hesitation and already have to a number of my friends!
10 Nov 2016
We needed to move heavy and precious items within our home in order that the wooden floors could be sanded and polished. The shifting of the items both out and back again after the sanding was carried out efficiently and carefully. We were delighted with the service and highly recommend Vic Movers
07 Oct 2016
I had to move from a 1 BR unit to a 2 BR apartment while I was recovering from a broken foot.From the time I booked with Vicmovers and right upto the move,the interaction was friendly,efficient and professional and gave me the confidence that I had booked with the right team.I was very worried due to the injury and was not as organised as I had hoped to be. Amar's attitude and customer service both before and during the move was excellent and put my mind at ease. Raman who came along was also courteous and efficient.I would definitely recommend them to my friends and consider them for future moves.
03 Oct 2016
Amar is a life saver! We ended up doing 3 moves with him and his team over the course of 6 weeks. He helped us move into a temporary house while we were settling on the house we purchased, then again into a storage unit he organised for us when the settlement got delayed and then moved us into our house once everything was ready to go! We are so so happy that we found such professional and dedicated movers. Nothing was damaged, extra care was given to delicate and sentimental pieces, and most importantly they were always there when we needed them. The boys worked really hard and didn't stop until the job was finished. We honestly couldn't have been happier with their service and couldn't recommend them any more!
18 Sep 2016
Vicmovers are thoroughly professional and deliver excellent service at exceptional value. The arrived on time, handled a difficult move with ease, made certain that all of my belongings were handled with extreme care, and did so with courtesy and efficiency. I could not recommend them more highly. They are the only choice for movers in Melbourne as far as I'm concerned.
26 Aug 2016
Very Happy with the Vicmovers experience. The Guys turned up on time and keen to go (despite the weather) and provided a great service. They are by far the most thoughtful and careful movers I have seen in numerous moves I have done over the years. Thanks Guys
16 Aug 2016
Amar and his team were nothing short of professional, polite and personable. He was very clear in asking questions and in explaining any issues. Amar made helpful suggestions and was able to suggest that we consider a 3rd person helping to reduce the time in moving. We took nearly 5.5 hours as it was so without the 3rd it would have taken longer. Amar takes pride in his work and I would encourg you to make contact and conisder using them in any move you make.
16 Aug 2016
I found Amar to be very patient, helpful and willing to listen to my requests. He took the time to explain what he was going to do and why, making sure that I was comfortable with his actions. Highly recommend Vicmovers.
15 Aug 2016
We used Amar and his team to move from our old place in Hawthorn to our new place in Hawthorn East. They were friendly, amenable, respectful and upfront with what was involved. Amar recommended he call in a third man to help, which proved to be a good call, and the trio dealt with large couches and bookshelves and a heavy wide desk and navigated narrow doorways and tight staircases efficiently. It was certainly a job we couldn't do on our own, so thanks Amar and team for making our move quick and fairly easy.
15 Aug 2016
Amar @ VICMovers moved us from a 3 bedroom two storey home, to a 3 bedroom single storey home. The move went on time and without any problems. Complete care was taken to ensure the safety of our goods, and Amar was an extremely accommodating towards any concerns or questions we might have. Would definitely recommend VICMovers to friends and family.
12 Aug 2016
They genuinely cared and were very attentive to my needs. Fast working and careful. They had a sense of humour too, which never goes astray!
11 Aug 2016
The workers LISTENED to my requirements & carried through. Suggestions made were most welcomed as they will make it easier for me to access my belongings. Very efficient & courteous. Job well done.
10 Aug 2016
Very prompt. The workers were very pleasant and polite, worked quickly and efficiently and very helpful. Very particular and very careful. Recommend them highly
08 Aug 2016
Vicmover exceeded all expectations. Small move but extremely helpful and paid attention to details of the move. Recommend without hesitation. Helen
30 Jul 2016
Amazing service! Job well done. We are very happy with the service. We would recommend everyone to use the services
25 Jul 2016
My first interaction with Amar and Vicmovers was via e-mail quote, sent through at 1.00 am. Then I talked to Amar in the middle of the day. Then Amar showed up on my door to move the house . Amar appears to be the heart and soul of the Vicmovers operations. He made it all appear so easy (and I know it is not!) Every interaction with Vicmovers was professional. The quote on the truck size, based on the inventory I provided, was spot on. The team quoted arrival between 8.00 am and 8.30 am - they were there 8.25, and I got a call 15 minutes prior to the arrival. From the arrival to the final departure, the Vicmovers team did not take a break, they worked around the clock, efficiently and professionally. Nothing was lost, broken or even scratched. An example of an excellent service we got form Vicmovers: - We discovered one missing leg from our bed, but not a critical part. As it was not on a back of the truck, we assumed it is in one of the boxes and Vicmovers left. Amar, however, kept looking around the truck for it, found it in a truck cabin and made an effort to stop by in the afternoon, at the end of his busy day, to deliver it. Based on my experience, I would not hesitate to recommend Vicmovers and Amar to anyone who wants a friendly, professional and efficient removalist service.
24 Jul 2016
Friendly, on time, no issues whatsoever. I would recommend them to anyone. Took care of everything
21 Jul 2016
We had a two bedroom apartment that we needed to move which had some tricky stairs on the pickup location and a steep decline on the dropoff point. I was worried that this would cause some issue but Amar and his team took the situation in stride and were able to complete the job much faster than I was anticipating. Amar was professional, friendly and very helpful and I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for movers.
21 Jul 2016
Amar and his team were outstanding to deal with. We had to book the move in at the last minute and ended up having to change the date but this did not phase Amar and he was polite and helpful all the way through. On the day the guys were excellent to deal with, they were calm, professional and did all we could have asked for and more. They even helped us disconnect and reconnect our white goods. I would definitely recommend Vicmovers, they gave us outstanding service and we were very happy with the outcome.
21 Jul 2016
Amar and his crew were highly professional and above all, respectful of our belongings. They weren't the cheapest option but they were also not the dearest. All of our good were delivered in the condition they left. One great aspect of vicmovers is that they don't charge from the time they leave the depot til the time the get back to the depot. It's an added 2hr travel time which in my case was a bonus. I can't recommend aAmar and his team enough. Ben Mornington
21 Jul 2016
Amar and the team were excellent. They were able to accommodate a small job at very short notice. They worked efficiently keeping the hourly costs to a minimum. I look forward to working with Amar and his team again, and will definitely recommend them to others.
12 Jul 2016
Amar provided an efficient, professional and respectful service. His calm nature settled my nerves as did his proficiency in moving my furniture and belongings. I will be moving again in 6 months time and will definitely using Vicmovers again!
12 Jul 2016
Vicmovers were very professional. Correspondence by email was easy and fast. They arrived on time, in a large clean truck and carefully wrapped every piece of furniture to avoid damage. The movers were polite, courteous and continually asked if they could do anything further or if I was happy with how the move was going. The move was done without any issues and without any damage. They even disconnected and reconnected my washing machine for me. Highly recommended, I moved from Southbank to Clifton Hill (VIC) in July 2016.
06 Jul 2016
Amar & the team were diligent, very careful and made my overall move very stress free even in trying moving conditions. All furniture was undamaged and more importantly, Amar assisted with setting up the difficult items and carrying heavy furniture upstairs. I’ll be using Amar & the team for my next move and any of my storage requirements! Thanks Gents.
05 Jul 2016
These guys are real deal. Had a very short period of time to moving out high-rise apartment because of elevator booking time. I was a bit worried but they literally took less than an hour to remove all boxes and furnitures, managed to get out of building. Amar knows what he is doing and I was very impressed by their work. Absolutely, recommended for big or small moving.
05 Jul 2016
They were efficient and very professional. Just a bit disappointed that I was guaranteed 3 men would be MUCH faster but it didn't end up being the case and I ended up paying more for what 2 men could have done in the same amount of time.
03 Jul 2016
Amar and his team at Vicmovers are very professional. They moved and stored our furniture after we had a flood. They took great care of our stuff. Amar is always available to help with any questions and really listens. Great communication at all times. Amar and his team are the best and we will definitely use them again. Thanks Amar and Team.
29 Jun 2016
I was very happy with the service. It's our third time with Vicmovers. The movers arrived exactly on time and were courteous and friendly. There were no hidden surprises in payment. Pleasure doing business.
27 Jun 2016
Amar and his team are exceptional and professional. They made the move seamless and much less stressful. Amar is considerate, calm, caring, really listens and checked in often to make sure we were happy with their progress. Great communication at all times. They took great care of our stuff. Amar and his team are the best and we will definitely use them again. Thanks Amar and Team for a seamless move.
21 Jun 2016
Vicmovers made my moving day a breeze. Friendly, professional and meticulous service, including the safe passage of a precious piano. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them on to friends and family.
20 Jun 2016
Vicmovers successfully moved a 700kg marble desk to my office which is located on the 14th floor! They were very dedicated and determined the get the job done, even though it seemed impossible! Would highly recommend!
20 Jun 2016
This is the first time we Used Vicmovers. We found them very professional and punctual. No hidden charges, Amar was super clear and cool in his approach. Would definitely recommend them to anyone
19 Jun 2016
This is the second time we have used Vicmovers for our home move and they provided such excellent service. Amar and his team are timely, professional and treat your stuff as if it were their own. We had a worry free move both times. All our friends to whom we referred Vicmovers have been extremely happy with the service. Thank you, Amar for the great service and look forward to seeing you next time.
24 May 2016
This is the second time we've used Vicmovers. They are very hardworking and energetic professionals that updated us on the progress every step of the way. I've already recommended Vicmovers to friends and family.
24 May 2016
I found Amar from vicmovers to be extremely professional and easy to deal with from the very start. Amar was extremely clear in his approach and understood our requirement very well from the start. I had a whole lot of stuff when moving out. Amar and his team were extremely meticulous in packaging and we're extremely careful when moving stuff around. My new house was a fair bit smaller than the previous one and it was proving very challenging to maneuver the king size bed n mattress around the small staircase. I'd nearly given up hope but Amar and team did the impossible by somehow managing to move it up the staircase and that too without a single scratch on the wall! Am sure any other movers would have either given up or charged us lots. Vicmovers clearly know their stuff. And last but not the least, Amars positive and jovial attitude helped make the move feel like a breeze I'd high recommend Vicmovers to everyone who is after quality and speed
01 May 2016
Vicmovers made our move a piece of cake. They were professional fast and took excellent care of our belongings. They couldnt do enough for us. We had a tight 3 story staircase to negotiate and they didn't complain once! I'd recommend them in a flash.
28 Apr 2016
I phoned Amar this afternoon with a last minute request to move tomorrow morning (due to still being on waiting list elsewhere) - he was able to make this possible [impressive and a great stress relief]. Later on the other company had a cancellation so I phoned Amar back to cancel my booking with him. Whilst this must have been frustrating for him, he was very calm and even said that in case anything fell through with the other company, he would still have the truck available for me. Impressive customer service!
16 Apr 2016
Amar, Jaz and their teams from Vicmovers are flexible, accommodating and completely trustworthy. When it poured rain on my scheduled date for moving the contents of my 4 bedroom house, garage and workshop, Amar re-arranged his schedule so that we could do the move the following day without the usual cancellation fee. When the keys to my storage unit were lost in the storage facility, Jaz took the time to look for them and found them. When I realised the night before settlement day that I needed their services again at short notice, they came to the rescue so that I could have my property completely clear before settlement. They took extra care in moving my things, even providing special picture boxes for paintings that I had bubble-wrapped. They were very good at using the space in my storage locker efficiently. Quality, care and trust are paramount in a removal service, and Vicmovers shine on all three. They may not be the cheapest but you can rest easy knowing you are in good hands. Trust is everything in this business.
09 Apr 2016
This is the second time we have used Vicmovers and we decided to use them again as they were so experienced and professional. As usual the experience was ever so professional. Amar and co arrived exactly on time, were friendly and knew exactly what to do to ensure our furniture arrived in tact to our new place. Vicmovers made moving house a painless experience. They were also accomodating to our schedule as we had a tight timeline. Definitely recommend to anyone moving house and is prone to stress!
08 Apr 2016
Fantastic service by Vicmovers!!!! Professional, friendly and very efficient. They made our moving day a lot less stressful and handled our furniture as though it were their own!! Highly recommend their service.
06 Apr 2016
joshs912 from Oakleigh East
Vicmovers were simply fantastic! When moving house you want to be able to rely on a removal service that is on time, transparent, efficient and flexible - Vicmovers ticked all the boxes. The team were on time, called us when they were on their way to confirm their arrival time, were flexible with how we wanted to do things and made the whole experience a pleasure!
30 Mar 2016
Most convenient and reliable guys that i have ever used to move with. 100% satisfied customer and would recommend again
27 Mar 2016
Vicmovers provided excellent service to me and my friends when we moved out, helped us all the way with out a problem. If we ever needed to move out again defiantly will call them again.
27 Mar 2016
jacintal1 from Box Hill
Amar and the team at Vicmovers were fantastic from the outset. We chose them to help us move as their reviews were excellent, and they certainly lived up to their reputation. Our complex move went very smoothly and was accomplished in one day, entirely due to the planning, efficiency and advice we receiver from Amar. The team were friendly, courteous, extremely careful, thorough, and a pleasure to work with. We highly recommend Vicmovers. Thanks guys! T
27 Mar 2016
If I could rate this service more than 5 stars I would. Excellent service and very friendly! Highly recommend! Ask for Amar, he's the man you're looking for, top of the range professional!
25 Mar 2016
We found Vicmovers to be highly professional and friendly. They have fantastic communication and treated our belongings with respect and the utmost care. There were a few tight squeezes, but these guys took their time and made sure that nothing was damaged. I was pleasantly surprised with their wonderful service. We highly recommend Vicmivers.
25 Mar 2016
Great communication before arrival. Team who completed the move were friendly and professional. Everything was taken care of and they used great caution moving items though the properties.
22 Mar 2016
The good service started already at the quoting stage, as Amar called us back straight away and sent a quote only a few hours after he received all our details including how much furniture had to be moved and where to. Moving house is normally very stressful, but Armar and his team were on time, provided excellent service and took exceptional care of our furniture, especially our flat screen TV and an expensive canvass. No walls scratched or any of the furniture items damaged, friendly service and all done in no time! Would always use these guys again and can only highly recommend them to whoever wants to take some of the stress out of their move. 5 stars, well done guys!
13 Mar 2016
This is the second time I have used Voiceovers and the team is great! They are so helpful and respectful with your stuff. They also helped set up my washing machine and put together a sofa which I could never have done myself. Great value compared to other companies. Thank you guys!
07 Mar 2016
Prompt and timely service, with friendly and helpful staff. Made my move alot smoother! Thank you vicmovers.
26 Feb 2016
Excellent professional service, good vehicle size, fully equipped with all the necessary items for moving, good time management, very quick and takes care of your furniture. Will surely call again when required. Job was done well. Thanks guys.
25 Feb 2016
Professional and helpful movers who go the extra mile to get your goods from point A to point B. Staff is friendly and happy to help you with loads of all sizes and shapes. Would recommend to anyone looking for removalists
15 Feb 2016
mjcran from Tarneit
I had a small moving job, a few items inside my home. Amar was very willing and made great efforts to help me. This is the 3rd time I've used Vicmovers and I intend to call on them again in the future. I have found them to be very accommodating, always friendly and professional. Thank you Amar.
14 Feb 2016
elenas280 from Docklands
The Vicmovers team were fantastic. The job was done quickly and professionally . Happy with service
10 Feb 2016
Very friendly, caring, helpful and take good care of your belongings.Will definitely use them again
09 Feb 2016
VinegarGirl from South Yarra
The team at Vicmovers were fantastic. They turned up exactly when they said they would and worked solidly throughout the day. The first thing they did was have a look at the items to be taken (of which there were many!) and see how was best to pack the truck, they took care of all of our belongings and nothing was broken at the other end. It was certainly a big job and they all approached their day with professionalism and humour. Not only would I recommend them to others but we also have them booked in again this week to move a family member. Thanks guys, I hope to not move again for a good many years but if I do I will be calling you back in!
03 Feb 2016
Happy with service. Got our belongings back safely in the rain. Quick and easy. Was slightly late but was notified. Would recommend.
03 Feb 2016
Friendly service, worked in the rain and was very safe with our stuff. Will use them again!
01 Feb 2016
Based on my experience dealing with different removals companies over the period of time, I estimated my move to be around 5-7 Hrs. But what I witnessed threw me out of the window. As soon as the team arrived, they did not waste one second. Though we offered to help but our help was limited because end of the day the stuff had to be protected, stacked and strapped inside the truck. Amar's valuable suggestions at both ends made the job very effective. It was hard to believe when I saw my wrist watch at the end of the job. Including the 1 Hr travel between two place, the total timing for the job was just under 3 Hrs. I could not believe such a pace and that too with no damages whatsoever. Amar told that it was his first day of work after recovering from ankle injury and I could not believe myself. Both Amar and Rammy were running around with heavy furniture like an Ox. I am extremely satisfied with my move and would suggest them surely to everyone I know. Thanks heaps for making my life so easy :-)
31 Jan 2016
I witnessed the stunning job that Vicmovers did for us this morning. Not only they accepted our booking at the late notice but were also magnificent dealing with any part of moving. The truck they brought was very clean and beautifully managed. To be very honest, I was not expecting my job to finish so early considering the access at drop off was not really easy. But unlike other moving companies, the staff showed no signs of hesitation in allowing us to participate in work. I am very impressed with their Professional behavior. Highly appreciated. Once again, they did an amazing job.
22 Jan 2016
Great job and very friendly team. I am extremely impressed with their time management skills. Not only they were able to fit in the time assigned for the move but they also finished the job within the timeframe. Very careful with our furniture and glass shelves. Amar and Rammy were exceptional. Definitely be recommending these guys :-)
22 Jan 2016
We decided to go with Vicmovers because their reviews were very good and also they were the only one who could take our booking at such a late notice and according to our time restrictions. They arrived in the said time and did the wonderful job looking after all my antique furnitures making sure they were very well wrapped. Very fast, friendly, professional and Efficient. We felt very comfortable working around with the team. Highly recommended. After all who would not love a No-Damage No-Scratch move.
22 Jan 2016
Karma or Kind Heart, I am not so sure but I am sure that of all companies out there, Vicmovers have staff who understands Humanity. My move was booked on urgent basis a day before and that too for a late start in evening. The next day, the staff called me two times to give me a heads up on Estimated time of arrival. Jazz and his team were spot on. They were so quick that they reached destination around 30 min ahead of me. I believe that Amar and Jazz realised that I was infact helping out my friend to relocate, who had no money left. The next thing they did for me was amazing. Before leaving, they refunded me $100 back to my account as their share in "Karma". I was not sure because they did not know my friend or even me properly but they insisted on doing their part. Now I am not sure I should call this "Karma" or "Kind heart" but Humanity. Spot on, Marvelous, Extremely professional and Extremely generous. I am very very impressed.
19 Jan 2016
renat523 from Rowville
Exceptional service (Amar went out of his way to make sure that I could get the date that I needed for my move), great communication, and a pleasure to deal with!
17 Jan 2016
This review comes from the manager of another Worldwide Removals company. Though I work for such a big company, but being highly impressed with Vicmovers's fame, I decided to put these guys to test for my personal move and I am so glad that did. This is what happened. The boys called before they arrived and started the job immediately without wasting a second. Jazz and Harami worked their butts off to make the move so quick and easy. Since booking, I had been talking to Amar and finally got a chance to see him in person on the job but unfortunately with sprain in the ankle finding it very hard to walk. That is why he substituted Jazz in his place. However, I noticed Amar working on the job in so much pain for no extra cost lifting all sorts of furniture. I guess these boys don't know how to sit doing nothing ;-) The boys took the instructions very well and did the job with utmost care and caution. I can not express enough to show how satisfied I am with my job. I have nothing but praise for Amar and his team @ Vicmovers. Hats off for such fantastic and quick job. Thank you :-)
17 Jan 2016
I am very impressed with Vicmovers. The way they took care of my situation and treated my stuff is not possible for me to express in words. After being led down by previous removalists last time, I was very careful this time. Not only Vicmovers attended to my booking request in the very last minute but they also did the job in an amazing manner. I am very happy with them and will definitely be recommend them shortly. Very Happy, On time and Pleasant.
10 Jan 2016
We chose Vicmovers on the basis of the outstanding reviews they received, and we were not disappointed. From the very first call, we were really happy with the communication - always courteous, professional and customer-focussed. Messages were always returned promptly and we always felt we were their most important customer. After a trial run moving an antique sideboard, we engaged Amar and his team from Vicmovers to move us in what took 2 trucks and 4 guys over 2 days. We had a lot of antiques and other precious things. Care was our biggest concern, both with our belongings and the freshly polished wooden floors in the destination property. The guys from Vicmovers didn't put a foot wrong. Consummate professionals, they lived up to their reputation. They were punctual and their care was exceptional. Larger, precious and more delicate items received special attention. They displayed great skill in manouvering large, heavy items in and out of the truck and through doorways and the like, negotiating stairs and corners with apparent ease. The guys remained calm, tolerant and good natured at all times, and were an absolute joy to have working for us. They approached everything they did in a disciplined, methodical way. We highly recommend Vicmovers for any moving job, be it big or small.
20 Dec 2015
Excelent job!!!!!!. Jazz and Ramnik did a great job. Came on time and were very efficient. We were tight on space in storage but this guys did amazing stacking. No damage to our stuff and at time were quick. Everything happened as planned will use THEM only for my next move. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! !!!!!.
20 Dec 2015
After having two other removalists not show up from other companies over the weekend. We were able to book vicmovers last minute on a Sunday and they were very helpful and understanding. Thank you Jas, very helpful and friendly!
14 Dec 2015
Really pleased with the service provided by Amar and his team from Vicmovers Removals. With the three storey walk -up with tight corners, the move was way smoother than expected. Vicmovers team was very professional, helpful and great sense of humor. This made a stressful move and easy one. Thankyou.
13 Dec 2015
The two movers came exactly on time, very professional and helpful, and quick as well. Definitely reccomend if you want to move and for a decent price. Also very helpful to us as we booked last minute.
12 Dec 2015
Preet was very quick and helpful. I made a booking last minute and he was fantastic with his work!! Everything was handled with exceptional care and no damage to furniture or property. I highly recommend this service!
06 Dec 2015
Preet was very helpful and made our movement easy. I highly recommend VicMovers and Preet. Thank you for the service.
06 Dec 2015
Very good. Little late to arrive. But things has been hadled carefully. Driver know well to use every bit of the space in the truck Highly recomonded....
06 Dec 2015
Preet was friendly and bought a big truck than I expected so it was easy for moving my stuff in a safe way. EVERY THING WENT AS PLANNED. I would definitely recommend friends and family to use Preet and Vicmovers services for moving house or bulky furniture. The entire move was reasonable cost and effortless.
05 Dec 2015
Preet was friendly and bought a big truck than I expected so it was easy for moving my stuff in a proper way. EVERY THING WENT AS PLANNED. when ever I want to move again I will use the same truck with the same guy.
29 Nov 2015
Jazz and Rammy provided professional service and very punctual. Our furniture and goods were moved in good condition. Recommended.
23 Nov 2015
Excellent service both gentlemen well presented and on time, reasonable price and expedient delivery.
21 Nov 2015
Jas is a good guy. Amar is a great guy. They did the job on time. Good service. Will definitely go again with Vic movers.
21 Nov 2015
Fantastic guys!!!!! Nice and quick removal . They were on time and communicated well. Very friendly will use them again.
05 Nov 2015
Vicmovers did the job very efficiently and with absolute perfection. They are extremely professional. Items were wrapped properly to avoid any kind of damages. The job was well organised and very well planned. Extremely helpful and last but not the least excellent sense of humor. Great team.
01 Nov 2015
wingsb from Alexandra Hills
after helping my friends move we had to remove the house and these guys also helped out to
30 Oct 2015
Vicmovers showed a very high level of professionalism with a very friendly service which made the move so relaxing for us. Without a doubt we can use this company again in future and would also recommend them to everyone. Great work Vicmovers.
27 Oct 2015
Amar and his crew did an excellent job. They were efficient, reliable, careful, professional and friendly guys. No request was too difficult for them . They helped us handle a stressful move in such an easy and relaxing way. We will be very happy to recommend them in future.
24 Oct 2015
Very happy with the service, very well priced. Will recommend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
24 Oct 2015
Hard working, quick and careful service!!! Definitely would recommend these boys to everyone!
24 Oct 2015
reached on time, prompltly loaded and unloaded stuff without any damage.Polite and courteous. Would recommend.
23 Oct 2015
Vicmovers gave us the excellent, professional and very efficient customer service. Vicmovers is the best removalist, hands dowm. Really appreciate the efforts made by the removalist to make it an easy move for us.
22 Oct 2015
Amar and Ash's cheerful attitude was really refreshing and they they both took good care of our furniture and walls. Great work Vicmovers.
22 Oct 2015
Vicmovers are angels, they saved us when others let us down. They were very careful, considerate and friendly with our challenging move.
17 Oct 2015
Vicmovers moved my daughter to my place. The boys were extremely professional and very easy to deal with. Took my instructions pretty well. Good job.
17 Oct 2015
Vicmovers got recommended to us by a business lady who used this company for her office move few months earlier. The way she addressed Vicmovers was very overwhelming. How could anyone be so happy with removalists that she could not point any mistake. Not so sure, I decided to check their profile on Internet first before calling. I was shocked to see hundreds of their 5 stars reviews. And then I got a chance to speak to Amar regarding the move. From the initial moments, he showed me over the phone that this was the company I needed for my relocation. And finally the day of move arrived. They boys arrived in time and did a very quick job. Thanks to Amar's suggestion that we sorted all small stuff beforehand leaving only big stuff for boys. Amar and Rammy were outstanding. They lifted our heavy stuff as if there were no weight in them. They easily maneuvered some big items that we were very concerned about. To top it up, their smiling behaviour took all the stress out of the move. I have moved numerous times but I never ever enjoyed moving before but this time I did. It was fun. I love walking through my house knowing there are no damages to the wall or my furniture. To sum up everything, I am grateful to Vicmovers that they did such an amazing job and so quickly. Highly recommended.
17 Oct 2015
I am very happy with my decision selecting Vicmovers to help me moving. Amar and his colleague, Kamal made the job so easy. They worked very fast yet making sure that all my property was scratch less. Also they took my instructions very well and all my furniture were placed in the appropriate places. Amar is very considerate in understanding customer's need and that is one thing that impressed me a lot. Can't thank them more for making my life so easy and stress free. Definitely recommend to family and friends and will surely use them again without a hesitation. Truly this company deserves to be the top removalists in Melbourne!
08 Oct 2015
Brilliant service by Preet. Couldn't expect any better. They came on time, pricing was great and moved all furnitures with great care. Happily recommend their services.
30 Sep 2015
Good service fair cost, came on time but still charge 5$ for extra fuel for one more stop, know areas well.....
29 Sep 2015
Kate-Deagan from Ferntree Gully
What an excellent move by an excellent moving company! We hired Vicmovers due to their attractive reviews and boy, they were awesome. The morning of move, the boys got delayed due to heavy traffic but they kept us noted. They arrived and carried all our stuff with so much care and love that it took all of our worries. We had lots of loose stuff in the shed. Though we somehow underestimated the job but Amar at Vicmovers did not. A bigger truck than what we ordered helped us to move all our stuff in one shot which otherwise would have costed lots of $$ and mental stress considering the distance was about 2.5 Hrs. To sum up, we are proud that we selected Vicmovers. They deserve the best ratings. Very polite and efficient. Thanks a lot for great work Amar ;-)
22 Sep 2015
Could not fault the guys at any stage. They called before arrival and arrived on time. They did an immaculate job assuring all our contents were safe and sound and cared for them as of their own. The best part was that they stepped into our shoes to decide the best combination of Quality and Price. To top it up, they had no hesitation in allowing us to assist with the move. If someone needs professional movers, who work flat out giving you the best quality move, I have no hesitation in recommending Vicmovers. Take it from me, they are the best!
22 Sep 2015
Great job, Could not be happier I have no exact words to appreciate how awesome these guys were. Amar and his team turned up on time and worked their butts off to get the move done as quickly as possible. While saying that hats off to them, we did not experience even a tiny mark anywhere on the walls or furniture. From the initial enquiry, Vicmovers staff were courteous, friendly and very professional. Its my extreme pleasure to review Vicmovers. I have nothing but praise for them. Wish I could have given them more than 5 Stars!!
21 Sep 2015
Good service and make it on time and reasonable price. Thing werent damage happy with the service.
17 Sep 2015
Preet was very nice and friendly. He did excellent jobs. I want to give him 10 out 10. I will contact him again and refer him to my friend
15 Sep 2015
robyner from Rosebud
Vicmovers moved my brother from Malvern East to Preston, they did a Fantastic job, reliable, efficient, well presented, and took care in transporting his furniture. I can Highly Recommend VICMOVERS.
14 Sep 2015
chrisr28 from Rosebud
Had Amar / Vicmovers move a house-lot of Furniture from Malvern East to Preston, They arrived on time were extremely efficient and friendly and the job was done in record time. No damage whatsoever and i would highly recommend them to anyone that's moving.
30 Aug 2015
Coming in on very short notice, Amar and his team came in with a "can-do-attitude" which perpetuated throughout the move. Moving a commercial size aquarium with an intricate cabinet, the job was seen as too hard for many movers out there. The creativity and persistence displayed by Vicmovers certainly place them at the top their game and I would not have any hesitation in recommending them to anyone regardless of the move, distance or any other question mark for that matter. The value for money was also great and more than reasonable for the job. Good job and look forward to engaging you again.
29 Aug 2015
jacquelinep3 from Ringwood
I am absolutely stunned by the efforts that this company made to move us perfectly. They worked long hours with just a 15 min break. They were careful and cautious with our furniture and had them wrapped in blankets like a baby. We loved these boys. Thanks a lot Amar and Vicmovers for the fantastic job!!
29 Aug 2015
Friendly, Efficient and Quality Service with exceptional care of my home and property. Amar and his team moved us to two places in one day and offered right suggestion in deciding the route. If not, we would have got stuck with "Tow away zone". Not just that, they dealt with my tiny round stairs so easily that I was surprised. Excellent job skills and very friendly team. Vicmovers came highly recommended to us and now we know why. They are the best. I will definitely be calling Vicmovers again for my next move.
29 Aug 2015
Absolutely fantastic. The staff @ Vicmovers delivered an absolutely fantastic service. They were Professionals, courteous, friendly and very skillful. They took extreme care moving our valuable furniture. The best part was that they brought bigger than booked truck just in case and that is exactly what was needed. We were amazed to see how much stuff we had to pack that massive big truck. To sum up everything, if you are looking for professional movers, don't go for anyone else than Vicmovers. They really understand your needs!!
29 Aug 2015
An excellent job! Welldone! The boys at Vicmovers did an amazing job from our Fishtank. We had no idea how hard and longer this task could be but the guys actually enjoyed it. The best part was that I relaxed while they did all the work. Absolutely smooth move. We reached Vicmovers when my original booked removalists decided not to go ahead with move after seeing the pictures of the massive fishtank and asked us to call Vicmovers. The staff @ Vicmovers gave us an extremely competent price for a team of 4 and did not charge us any extra even the job went a lot longer than the estimate. They had the right tools to move our fish tank with all care and caution. We will definitely be calling them next time we move house next year. Highly recommended.
23 Aug 2015
We haven't even employed Amar and Vicmovers yet but have been so impressed to date with our experience that we wanted to post this review. Amar has a very friendly demeanor and is very accessible. He responded quickly to our call back messages and was very courteous and professional. We will definitely be seeking a quote from Vicmovers when we do plan our move in the near future. Update: Now that Vicmovers have done the jobs for us, I'd like to update my review: Vic Movers … quite simply ‘Excellence in Moving’. If you are seeking the highest quality service with unparalleled focus on customer satisfaction, Vic Movers are the company for you! Vic Movers are the epitome of professionalism. Jazz, Amar, Harami and Vinod, were punctual, courteous, respectful, patient, friendly, and genuinely lovely guys. In a ‘service’ based industry, ‘Attitude’ is everything … and the ‘Can-do ’attitude of these guys, where nothing is too much trouble, and Difficulties are viewed as Challenges to look forward to, the team at Vic Movers demonstrated that they truly understand this concept. They handled my belongings as I would expect them to handle their most precious treasures – with the greatest of care. The team ‘shrink-wrapped’ my upholstered and antique furniture … and as I expected, each and every item arrived at its destination in perfect condition. They washed their hands many times throughout the loading and unloading process after touching dirty cast-iron items, to ensure cleanliness at all times. Amar and Jazz’s knowledge and skill in regard to manoeuvring odd shaped items around the tightest of spaces, without a single scratch, really blew me away! From my very first communication with Amar, the manager, I was very impressed. Amar took the time to really listen to my concerns and made me feel completely at ease. The communication process, itself, was outstanding with this company, every step of the way. Whenever I needed to speak to Jazz or Amar and they (literally) had their hands full, they would always reply with a text and respond in a timely fashion. I cannot recommend Vic Movers highly enough!
20 Aug 2015
Very happy with the move. They were on time and the move went smoothly. Will recommend them to friends.
17 Aug 2015
I had to book an urgent move with VICMOVERS when my removalist did not turn up making my day so stressful and emotionally unstable. VICMOVERS did the awesome job relieving me from all the stress. I cant even believe if anyone could have done this job any better. At the same time they made sure that i am feeling ok and satisfied with the job. Amar and his crew was helpful as well as they had a very lovely nature as well and very friendly. Each and every item was individually wrapped and very professionally moved. After the job was over i needed some help with some other stuff as well and Amar and his crew were more than happy to help. I cannot even think of moving with someone else in future. And would always recommend them to all my friends in future. Thanks a lots Vicmovers team. Rajinder
16 Aug 2015
Very Good Service!!! Moved house for my Dad. Very efficient and friendly Highly recommended will use them Again
10 Aug 2015
Thank you so much - awesome job. On time and very carefully packed and unloaded. Very happy with Jas and Ash’s service.
06 Aug 2015
I moved 6 times in my life, this was the only remarkable moving service I ever dealt with, professional, and careful, second to none. Best Regards Mark Khoder Hospitality Social Media strategist
02 Aug 2015
Great efficient service for last minute booking. Excellent communication and arrived on time as promised. Would highly recommend!!
02 Aug 2015
The staff at Vicmovers catered for my needs at an extremely short notice. Amar and his mate were quick in moving my stuff around. They called in to give us the heads up on how are they traveling and then arrived in the said time. No messing around and straight to work. These boys deserve better than 5 stars. I highly recommend Vicmovers.
02 Aug 2015
Vicmovers received my 5 Star rating because they provided an amazing and incredible service. When they entered our premises they presented their intentions and asked permission to dismantle our Glass cabinets. Each part of our cabinet was individually wrapped in blankets otherwise these thin glasses would not have survived. I am extremely happy with Vicmovers and will surely be recommending them to everyone I know. Very efficient and professionals and took great care with our belongings.
02 Aug 2015
Excellent job! We hired Vicmovers for their absolutely stunning reviews on the Internet. From the moment I received the reply to my Quotation request, I had a trust feeling that I was in safe hands. On the day of the job, Amar and Rammi were extremely cautious with our stuff and were very helpful and easy to deal with. They dismantled our glass cabinets and Glass dining table and carried them safely. Every single glass was wrapped in a separate blanket and were together kept over a layer of several blankets. The glasses were very thin. If they were not carried with this much care, they would have broken in transit. Very helpful and very careful movers. Highly recommended.
31 Jul 2015
Exceptional Service!!!!! Vicmovers guys ( Preet & Harry) did a fantastic job for us.Communicated well about job,Were there on time. Experienced guys had correct idea about parking.Were on the job from first minute. Everything transported without broken as new. We loved their work and friendly nature. Highly Recommended.
28 Jul 2015
Vicmovers & most particularly Amar have helped me move both professionally & personally 5 times & each & every time have done a perfect job. I know once Amar is on the job I can relax. He is excellent at what he does & nothing is too much trouble. I highly recommend him & his team for any moving you need to do.
26 Jul 2015
Vicmovers came to our last minute rescue. We got there reference through Storage King. I called Vicmovers office and mentioned that I needed the job done same day. No later than 3 Hrs, we had a massive truck parked outside our place. Amar and Harry did a great job for us moving our stuff to Storage and withing the house. All our walls and furniture are intact. I am very glad and will be highly recommending Vicmovers to family and friends. Courteous, On time, Careful and Accommodating - Brilliant!!!
26 Jul 2015
What an amazing service!!! Vicmovers helped us with our move and they were absolutely amazing. What else would you want from your movers when they are Friendly, Efficient, Helpful, Careful, Punctual and highly Skilled and Professional. Really, we witnessed all these qualities in Amar and his team. They took care in making sure we did not experience a single scratch or damage to our walls or furniture. I would definitely be recommending Vicmovers to everyone. Great Team, Great company!
22 Jul 2015
Excellent and true professional service! We hired Vicmovers on the basis of word of mouth from friends. Amar and Preet were very helpful and professional in their approach. I was particularly worried about kitchen items as we had lot of glass items. I am very happy that they had handled the entire transportation without a single item being damaged. On the day of movement, they had arrived on time and neatly aligned items in order inside the truck. They were cheerful, professional, fast as well as safe with their job that saved us lot of time and money. I am very happy with the move and highly recommend Vicmovers.
18 Jul 2015
Very fast and reliable. Great communication and very punctual. Move was done with care. Very happy with the service and I will definiteltly use in the future.
18 Jul 2015
Good service. On time. I'll call them next time if needed. Descent guys and economical. Highly Recommended
15 Jul 2015
Hiring removalists could be a nightmare specially when you dont know anything about them. Therefore after extensive search, I selected Vicmovers for my move. From the very first moment I spoke with staff over the phone, I knew I was in safe hands. The staff recommended me to upgrade to one size bigger truck because of the dimensions of one of my furniture and really, if I had not opted in, then my move could have been a disaster. Not only the boys carried all my stuff with care but also due to bigger truck, I could get lots of my loose stuff in the truck which I would have carried myself costing me some extra time. The removalists had to deal with exceptionally small streets in Richmond for a big truck but they managed it very well. All my stuff arrived in one piece. My greatest thanks to Amar and Ash for washing their shoes soul to make sure that my carpets remain clean as they got steam cleaned day before. I really appreciate them going out of the way to make it happen for me. I have only appreciation for Vicmovers. Great job, Fast, Efficient and Safe.
13 Jul 2015
Great Job, we had a very difficult move with lots of stairs involved and the guys turned out to be absolute troopers. They worked so hard and were very careful with our belongings as well. Did Pre-move packing for us too. Thank you!!
13 Jul 2015
Excellent job and Very careful. Not a mark on the walls. From the very moments, the Amar and Ashish from Vicmovers arrived at our place, we knew that we had nothing to worry about. 2 Professional movers and a Massive truck to be sure of that our stuff will definitely fit in took all our stress away. Surely the boys did an exceptional job. They even invited us couple of times to see how their stuff were packed in the truck. I could only see blue blankets everywhere. Every furniture was wrapped in these blankets. They were brilliantly careful about keeping our furniture, white goods and walls absolutely scratch less. Every bit of money paid to them was worth enough. Not only they provided an awesome service but they also increased our trust in only using professionals for moving rather than cheap companies. Thanks a lot Vicmovers :-)
12 Jul 2015
We used Vicmovers last year for a small move, but Amar and his professionalism impressed us heaps. We booked Vicmovers for our relocation and Amar's team was fantastic. Very polite and professional. Very friendly and helpful service. Thanks!!!
12 Jul 2015
Great experience to be moved by a great company. The boys did an excellent move for us when it was literally so hard due to access at the pick up. But you know even a hard move becomes so simple when the workers are always having a smile on their face. They were professional and efficient. God know how did they manage to fit all of that stuff in that truck but yes, they were magnificent. Vicmovers really left us with a WOW factor. We are very impressed and highly recommend Vicmovers.
02 Jul 2015
Great work, Great Service, When looking for movers, the most important element is to have the move Stress free. We selected Vicmovers for their exceptional reviews and seriously, they are awesome. The boys kept us updated in morning about their arrival time. They did not delay even a second starting us. We helped to our capacity but let the boys do the big things. Jazz brought one size bigger truck just in case and that is exactly what was needed. If they would not have anticipated the need for bigger truck, either we had to make 2 trips or would have had left some stuff behind. Both ways, it would have been very inconvenient. Hats off to the boys who anticipated the need for one size up truck and brought to the move. Me and my wife are very happy with Amar and Jazz and will be recommending Vicmovers to all our friends and family. Very well behaved boys.
22 Jun 2015
clairec11 from South Yarra
Preet and Waqas hoisted my sofa over my balcony!!! I really didn't think it could be done, they were reliable, quick, professional and really nice guys. I would recommend and will be asking them to reverse the operation when the time comes for me to move out of the property :))
24 May 2015
No one likes paying money to move, however I was happy to hand over my cash to these boys as they made moving so easy. At the end of the day all I had to worry about was dinner. On time, professional and very encouraging, the boys from Vicmovers took great care with our furniture and helped to take the stress out of the final move. They were very experienced and good problem solvers. Even though we had put a lot of thought into where we wanted things, on the day there were still things we hadn't considered. Vicmovers were able to provide good, on-the-spot solutions. They are good communicators too. We were able to negotiate on the day what we wanted them to do and what we would do ourselves - saving us time and money. These boys would be great for all types of moves whether it be the really high-end, precious cargo 'do everything for you move', or our kind of 'just help with furniture and remaining boxes' move. Trustworthy, careful and efficient, I highly recommend Vicmovers.
18 May 2015
Moved with Vicmovers in mid-April, they were really polite and were great in loading more than we expected to fit. Everything was handled with care and they managed to complete the job in 1h 56m (amazing!). Definitely would recommend to anyone moving house.
14 May 2015
Amar went out of his way to organise our move to two different locations on the same day. Fantastic service in the lead up to the move! On the day of the move Jaz managed the move very well. Everything moved to all locations without a single mark.
10 May 2015
Quality work, best price, friendly man, well mannered, overall perfect job. Guy came on my preffered time and stayed extra time to help me outside his job.
10 May 2015
Amar and his assistant did an awesome job moving us today, The key to any business is communication and I could not fault this company at any stage for that. They had some issues reaching us in time but they kept us very well informed at all stages. Once they arrived, the move turned into fun. We helped a lot carrying small stuff or bringing stuff to truck to make the move much quicker and time saving. Ofcourse this means less time for Vicmovers. But to my surprise, their were no complaints. Rather all we saw were smiles and high level of care. My furniture were put in their places. I have nothing but praise for this company and will definitely be recommending this company.
10 May 2015
An ultimate move by ultimate people. Well, Amd and his team did a great job for us. His expertise helped us to save on a second trip which would have hammered our budget and expectations badly. I am really glad that he estimated the job much better than I did. The boys were very transparent and offered great Customer Service. To top it up, their smiling faces and expertise in moving made our move a pleasure. There were no marks on the wall, no damages to the furniture. I could not have expected my move to be any better than this. I will definitely be recommending Vicmovers to all our friends.
10 May 2015
mjcran from Tarneit
Hello Everyone, I am returning customer of Vicmovers. And just like last time, this move of mine was next to perfect. The boys delivered an excellent move highlighting extreme level of professionalism. Simply there was no fuss at all. At all stages, I found Vicmovers lads very friendly, cooperative and always ready to go an extra mile. My furniture was delivered to me without a mark and the boys even helped me to sort some issues with water connection though they were under no obligation. I highly recommend Vicmovers and will certainly be using them again. Thanks a lot Vicmovers.
05 May 2015
This is Storage King Manager, Oakleigh in Victoria and this is our review. The gentlemen from Vicmovers are the best. We have used them endless times for our customers and they have never ever given us even one chance to complain. This time, I used them for my personal move and this is how my experience was. Both removalists turned up on time and were absolutely fantastic. They were efficient and extremely careful. The professional, well mannered, charming, hardworking and trustworthy Vicmovers fellows are simply "as good as it gets". All our stuff were very well blanketed and arrived with no damages. We are extremely happy to use Vicmovers. All our clients who use Vicmovers, speaks highly of them. Vicmovers have always proved them to be the very best. The Management of Storage King, Oakleigh endorse and recommends Vicmovers to all their clients looking for professional movers.
05 May 2015
I am very pleased to use Vicmovers. They were moving my neighbors in when Amar saw me struggling to get my double door fridge out. He gave me a quick hand to get it out safely and then re-engaged in his move. After their move was finished, I hired Amar and his team to move this Massive Side by Side Door Fridge to another location. The boys had a long and hard day after my neighbor's move but they took my job with a smile. They were excellent and very quick. Very courteous too. I have nothing but only appreciation for Vicmovers. Excellent company, Excellent staff, Excellent job. Thanks :-)
05 May 2015
Vicmovers was recommended to us by our building manager in Docklands. They have a very good rapport up here. After the move, we know why. Amar and his team reached us in time and did an excellent job. The hardest part of our move was the drop off where we had a long walk to the building from where the truck was parked. Past then, there were two flights of stairs and then another 100M walks to the unit and then stairs within the house as well. Both boys were absolutely calm and very careful with our furniture. All our boxes and furnitures were moved in their designated rooms. I am extremely happy with my move and highly appreciate Vicmovers. Thanks for no-damage move
23 Apr 2015
Corporate move: Our best move ever Boys, can I tell the world how fantastic you both were moving our office today. Its surprises me that how much stuff you loaded in that truck. I have never ever seen that sort of stacking earlier. But the most difficult part was the drop off with 2 flight of stairs. I must admit that both of you, Jazz and Amar, went way beyond my expectations. Nothing was trouble for you guys. A smile on face and great sense of humor made our moving a fun rather than a stress. Once again, you guys were great today and did an excellent job far beyond my expectations. I have nothing but praise for Vicmovers and have already booked you for my next office move.
22 Apr 2015
This is my review for Vicmovers, the company that did an exceptional and superb moving for us. From the moment I spoke to the staff, a very fine level of trust built around me. I clearly made around that I was dealing with professionals. My questions were answered properly and in detail. On the day of move, the boys arrived in a well mannered time frame. They packed up everything very well and took utmost care of my lifetime Trophies and my glasses that I was extremely concerned about. Amar mentioned over the phone that fragile items will be packed like babies and yes, that is exactly how it was packed in the truck. I was given opportunity to come in the truck and see the level of care given to all my stuff and really, I am very happy about it. They even assisted us unpacking some of the brand new furniture that we bought from a furniture shop on the way. While unpacking the boys noticed some existing damages to brand new furniture and took pictures on my request. They then sent it to me as an email so I can forward them to furniture shop. Without them, all these damages would have gone unnoticed. Gist of the move: No Damages. Everything intact. These two guys went well above expectations. 5 STARS really don't do justice to them. I wish I could have given them more stars. HIRE THEM, SIMPLE AS THAT.
21 Apr 2015
keithc862 from Northcote
A great move by a great company. My move would have turned into a disaster if it was not Vicmovers who served us. Their way too calm nature took all the stress out of the move that could have turned into a disaster. The boys were exact on time but could not get the right parking and to top it up, a snob cafe owner did not allow them to park infront of his shop. As a result, the boys had to park around 80 Meters away from the truck and that too across the road. But there was no complaints from the boys. The move was carried out in the best possible manner. We did not experience any downtime or deterioration in quality. Not even one scratch anywhere on the walls or our furniture. They dealt with some adverse conditions very well and made the move way too easy for us. Definitely highly recommended. :-)
20 Apr 2015
Vicmovers came highly recommended to us by Storage King senior manager. Now after using them, we know why they are so recommended. Jazz and Amar were absolutely fantastic on the day. My biggest concern was my way too big family fridge which looked highly impossible to move. The boys were very calm and showed no signs of panic. Soon, Jazz realised that that Fridge was actually a combination of two fridges and separated them. WOW, I never knew that. But the story continues. They were dammn professionals. Amar insisted on having a look at Storage unit before they unloaded. After that, he asked me to arrange a unit of half the size and the boys fitted all my stuff very well in that smaller unit which is ofcourse a big saving. I was stunned to see how well my stuff was packed still leaving me lots of space. Excellent job, Handled my job with lots of respect. Highly appreciated, Thank you.
14 Apr 2015
Great great service. Amar and his team was very knowledgeable and very thorough. Its a fact that they got delayed in the morning but they kept me well informed. I must mention that these boys took exceptional care with our goods. We had no scratches or damages at all which is simply great. I am very impressed with Vicmovers and would use them again if needed. :-)
10 Apr 2015
elliotd from Caulfield North
Amar and his colleague helped us move house over the Easter weekend. Both were very friendly and professional. They showed intricate detail and clear planning to make sure everything went smoothly, and spent time packing all items securely and safely so that all items would arrive at the new place in perfect condition. Thank you for a job well done.
08 Apr 2015
Lovely, calm and very professional movers. They arrived in time and moved all of our items very carefully down two flight of stairs. They were friendly and very well mannered. The other thing that really impressed me was they did not mind us helping to make move quicker. Very pleased with their service and will be recommending them highly among family and friends. Thank you. :-)
07 Apr 2015
Three days move and and everything was so smooth. Vicmovers moved us to 3 different places in 3 seperate days. I must accept that all my concerns about handling of my furniture and white goods were for no reason. All these days, the boys took so much care of our stuff that all our stuff arrived intact. Seriously, not even one dot on any of our furniture or any of the walls in these three days. Amar and his team were superb at moving us interstate. It is very important for someone to be a good listener and really calm at a stressful time like moving. And Amar is one of them :-) which reduced stress. He and his team were thoughtful, professional and were extremely careful with my furniture. We asked them to move so many heavy stuff again and again so that we could find a perfect spot for them but the boys did not complain even once. We loved their attitude to work and highly appreciate their skills and easiness to deal with. Very professional and friendly movers. Thanks a lot.
07 Apr 2015
Vicmovers served us last week. They were efficient, flexible and courteous. Very friendly staff who took pride in their job. They took care to inform us of costs and options along the way.
06 Apr 2015
EXCELLENT JOB !!!!!!! Jas and Aashish did an amazing job with very difficult conditions. we have a narrow staircase and very steep drive way( not accessible for truck ) but they hardly worried about a thing. They got the job done well and always made sure to be careful with everything. We definitely recommend and use them in future. Good Luck!!! T
22 Mar 2015
removal of furniture, some heavy, from a first floor unit, transport across town to a house on a very busy street; efficient service; pleasant demeanour;
16 Mar 2015
I am very happy about my move. Really really happy with the job done. The guys were really pleasant, careful, and efficient with all our belongings and offered helpful advises. When we first saw the truck we ordered, we knew that it would not fit everything in. The boys advised to load furniture first because smaller boxes could be transported by us later. However they stacked everything so well that almost all our boxes fit too! They were also very considerate with our fragile items and would ask which items we would like wrapped so they wouldn't get damaged when moving down the stairs from our apartment. We had a lot of stuff to move but the guys were all really cheerful about it. We really appreciate boys delivering such a great move. Thanks Vicmovers
16 Mar 2015
Excellent and Beautiful move We hired Vicmovers on the basis of their reviews on WOMO. During the quotation process, the staff offered lots of personal suggestions to ease the stress of move. We needed some furniture to be craned out of balcony. And then the day of move arrived. The job started on time. The boys carried the crane with them. Everything was moved very carefully. Even having extreme round and narrow stairs, we did not see even one dot on the walls. All our furniture and stuff were delivered in absolutely excellent condition. Our Cot, Dining table, Office Table, Double Door Fridge, BBQ etc were dismantled and assembled back at destination. The guys were brilliant. Very easy to get along with. They worked long hours to make our move happen but we only saw smiling and cheering faces. I will be highly recommending Vicmovers to family and friends.
13 Mar 2015
Very Professional and Efficient Staff. Were in control from the start till finish.impressed with their assembling and dismantling skills. Were very careful with stuff, especially covered the fragile items very well and finished everything in time frame. Have used them before will use them again.... As always IMPRESSIVE & RELIABLE !!!!!!!!!
13 Mar 2015
This is my review for Vicmovers for my move that was nothing but exceptional and terrific. The removalists turned up on time and gave a call 15 min earlier about their arrival. They gave me an estimate when they looked at my stuff and that is exactly how long they took. They were superfast but still very careful about my stuff. At drop off my property was far away from the parking but the boys were too quick for it. My job happened in the best possible manner. Very quick and friendly professional service. Will definitely recommend to all my friends. Thanks Amar and Uttam.
12 Mar 2015
The guys were Efficient, Fast and economical.They had good knowledge of loading areas , parking spots also helped us in booking lifts. They executed plans as we wanted i had time constraint and they managed in that time. Overall very happy move and i will use them again and Thanks again for scratch free move.
11 Mar 2015
heidir3 from Murrumbeena
I found VicMovers to be very, very slow but showed my furniture an extreme amount of love. In fact there was 8 hours of love, which is how long they took to move my furniture (a 2 bedroom unit) from St Kilda road to Murrumbeena and that included myself also helping to move things with my own trolley to try to speed up the process. I had done a similar move in the past and it only took 4.5 hours so I know from experience that the time they took was excessive. So I would not recommend them if you want to your move done quickly or cheaply but if you are after the white glove removalists and are not too worried about the costs then they would be ideal as they wrap up everything very carefully and I had no marks on my furniture. They also asked me to pay for time when they were off getting dinner and I paid partly by card and partly by cash but never received a receipt for the cash component. From 3.30 in the afternoon to 11.30 at night is way too long for a 2 bedroom apartment move.
06 Mar 2015
This is the third time we used Vicmovers and they have always been exceptional and extremely professional. This time with such tight stairs (2 set of stairs), they proved once again that they are the best movers. The move was done in the best possible time with the minimum stress. Very happy with the move. Thanks a lot Vicmovers :-)
25 Feb 2015
We got moved by Vicmovers today. The removalists were pretty good. They were Professional. efficient and Cautious yet fast. Friendly and great job. Thanks Vicmovers
25 Feb 2015
The only words I can use for Vicmovers is that this company is extremely professional. The team was very caring and cautious about my stuff. They took care of my furniture like it was their own. But the best of all what they did for me. If it was not Vicmovers, my move would have taken another 2 Hrs. My move would have lasted 2 hrs if it was not Vicmovers. On the way to drop off point, I personally got stuck in Traffic jam. These boys called to request detour. I was not sure but they insisted. As a result, even with a bigger truck, they reached earlier than me. By the time I reached, unloading was already half way through. They did not wait for me to arrive. I have only praise for Vicmovers. Highly recommended.
25 Feb 2015
Prompt and Efficient service. Very careful with fragile items. I called Vicmovers the same day in morning and Amar got everything organised. I loved the way my items were carried with care. Looking for a professional moving company, Don't go past VICMOVERS.
25 Feb 2015
This company moved my daughter yesterday. The movers were friendly and very efficient. Thanks for the great job.
25 Feb 2015
What a quick and efficient service. Best of all, they booked me in at such a short notice (a Day earlier). Very friendly and very professional. I know now why they are so preferred at Storage King. They deserve it.
25 Feb 2015
What a fantastic job!!! I have no words to define my satisfaction using Vicmovers. They were great and just great. Job was done fantastically and hassle free which is great as I had terrible experiences in moving in past. Very courteous boys who enjoyed a laugh. Highly recommended.
24 Feb 2015
brendanw6 from Carnegie
The guys were professional, efficient and friendly. We needed a removalist on very short notice as we are building and timing can be very unpredictable. Vicmovers were really understanding and very accommodating to our needs. I was very impressed with their service, punctuality and professionalism. They take the utmost care with your belongings. They weren't cheap, but they were very good and I highly recommend them. Will use them again in future.
24 Feb 2015
Hello, we are very happy that we used Vicmovers to make our move happen. They were punctual, excellent customer service oriented, hard working and very careful cautious removalists. Throughout the whole move every item of ours was carried with care including our antique furniture and some extremely heavy furniture. I have nothing but praise for Vicmovers and would highly recommend them to everyone looking for professional movers. Thanks :-)
23 Feb 2015
Excellent move We have used Vicmovers multiple times in the past and honestly, will continue to use them in future as well. They are very professional and careful movers who always treat our stuff as their own. Very punctual too. A job very well done.. A++ Thank you
23 Feb 2015
The guys were amazing. The job took just under 11.5hours to move a 3 bed house + garden furniture + cubby house in a 12 tonne truck. We were very happy that the cubby which was going to be problematic to move due to its size was able to be moved as one unit. Access at the destination was also difficult but they managed to overcome these issues by some quick problem solving. In addition to this, Vic Movers brought with them a tree pruner as access down our laneway was going to be problematic due to overhanging trees. They pruned the tree back to get said access in order to start the job. Good thinking! The only regret is that I should have gone with a 3 man 12tonne option in order to reduce my move time and cost. Thanks To Amar and his team.
19 Feb 2015
Jas and Sarab came on time & communicated well.The job was done professionally and in given time frame. I AM VERY HAPPY with the service and will use them again.
14 Feb 2015
Excellent Service !!!!! Jas and Sarab were diligent and took control of everything as they moved in. The move was scratch and dent free. Fast paced, Excellent communication and very helpful. I highly recommend Vicmovers.
11 Feb 2015
What a fantastic service. Amar offered the best piece of advice. Vicmovers brought the bigger truck than discussed and that was simply awesome. Ofcourse, we had more than what we expected and if the big truck would not have arrived, we would have only moved partially. Amar and Raman were extremely thorough. They worked hard all day ensuring our stuff and properties remain scratch free and dent free. They took great care of our furniture. Thanks a lot Vicmovers.
11 Feb 2015
Amar and Raman were extremely friendly, efficient and professional. They carried a few of our items so easily that we struggled to move or even slide with three guys. Vicmovers, thanks for helping make our move day run so smoothly. We were impressed with your expertise and will be recommending you to our friends and family.
09 Feb 2015
The guys from Vicmovers were very friendly and careful with all of my stuff. They were clearly very experienced and professional. I will definitely be recommending Vicmovers to family and friends. They did an excellent move for us. Thank you.
09 Feb 2015
Very quick and excellent move. I am extremely happy with my move. My budget was limited and I told the boys straight away. They did their best and everything happened the way I wanted. The move was perfect. I just couldn't be happier with my move. It was just brilliant. Highly recommended.
09 Feb 2015
What a relief... A move that could have been a nightmare. Though my booking was confirmed but I sent my final inventory just a day before. I could not believe, how much I made over the period of these few years. Amar got onto it straight away and reserved an extra big truck for me while I was booked for one big truck anyhow. Two trucks means that more or less my move would now cost me heaps more than my decided budget. But it had to be done, it had to done. so I accepted gracefully and prepared myself. Next morning, Amar, himself and his crew turned up. In about 3 Hours, they cancelled the extra truck. Seriously, they stacked so well that they fitted all of that stuff in one truck itself. They spent time to make sure that they did not waste any space at all and in return, I did not have to pay for an extra truck. My stuff was beautifully wrapped in blankets. No scratches, no damages and an exceptional move. I am seriously extremely happy with my move. They even waived off the extra charge for cancellation of extra truck. Not only Vicmovers did an exceptionally professional job (which is why I selected them), but they also turned out to be the best stacked saving me lots of time, money and stress. Thanks a lot.
02 Feb 2015
I find Vicmovers through Womo and I am highly satisfy with them. Very friendly and efficient staff and I will definitely use them again in future. I would definitely recommend Vicmovers
28 Jan 2015
I dont have enough words to express my satisfaction with my move. Due to weather forecast, I had to postpone the job and Amar adjusted according to my schedule. A day before the job, the forecast changed, and Amar sorted my move again by sacrificing his day-off. Amar jumped into the work straightaway. All furnitures were EXTREMELY well taken care of. I have some delicate furniture and these boys did not compromise on the quality of the move. Ofcourse it took more time because of that reason but I am still happy that all my furniture reached me in excellent condition. Dismantling, moving, assembling... nothing was a trouble. I am a one happy customer and cant recommend Vicmovers enough. They are the best removalists in the town.
25 Jan 2015
Very friendly and efficient staff. These guys converted a very stressful and tough move into smooth and enjoyable move. I would definitely recommend Vicmovers and their time restraint attitude.
25 Jan 2015
vandanar from Albanvale
Vicmovers- Many thanks for the stressfree removal. I booked them in a very short notice of time and had a very tight schedule. They arrived on time and worked in a well defined strategic way and carried all my furniture with great care and in no time. My whole furniture was moved through plain sailing with Vicmovers. I highly recommend them to anyone wanting a stressfree move and feel secure in their safe hands.
25 Jan 2015
Extremely happy with the service. Vicmovers boys were very careful with all my possessions and I will definitely use them again in future. They were efficient and professional. Stairs or Parking, nothing was an issue. My move finished with no fuss, no stress. Everything ran smoothly. Highly recommended.
24 Jan 2015
I booked Vicmovers after reading WOMO reviews. I was quoted a very competitive Womo special rate. Amar and his team rang on the morning to let me know they were 10 mins away. I was able to look in the truck and all items were protected and had been well packed. The furniture was placed in its appropriate place at our new home. The boys insisted in removing legs from items going upstairs so as not to damage the walls which was very thoughtful. All furniture was moved safely with no breakages or damage. They were courteous, careful and completed the job well. I highly recommend Vicmovers, just make sure you ask how long the job will take.
24 Jan 2015
This company came highly recommended and they did not disappoint. They took care of our belongings as if they were their own. The move was efficient, the workers were friendly, and the price was right. Thank you Vicmovers, we really appreciate it.
21 Jan 2015
These guys were terrific! Chris and Phillip were so careful with all my fragile furniture and wrapped anything that could break in blankets. They carefully considered the best way to load the truck to ensure there was no movement during the journey. They worked hard and efficiently and were friendly to boot. I can't recommend these guys enough! Best movers I have ever used.
19 Jan 2015
After selecting numerous reviews, we selected Vicmovers and I am extremely happy about it now. They moved us yesterday and it was just sensational. The boys were on time, super friendly and very polite. Best of all, they only took a break of 30 min during the whole day move. Amar and Sarab arrived on time. They explained us the whole move and blanketed every furniture and white good. As a result, we had no scratches or damages to any of our items (including the property). I cant recommend Vicmovers highly enough. I have moved lots of times and this was my best ever move. Thank you :-)
19 Jan 2015
We have moved numerous times with the help of family and friends and it always turned out to be a nightmare. Since I am expecting, we decided to go with professional movers. After extensive search, we decided to go with Vicmovers and boy I am glad, we did. They were amazing. First of all they were on time and called before they arrived. Secondly, there were so caring with our stuff that all our stress went away. We ourselves offered breaks couple of times, but they were so fine working hard all day. My furniture reached us scratch free, no damages to my walls, everything put in its place. There was an invisible level of comfort that we felt working with Amar and Sarab. Gist of my move: Terrific service - Fast, Reliable and Friendly. I will definitely be recommending this service to my friends + family. Thank you so much.
19 Jan 2015
This was a terrific service - not only were they extremely hard working and efficient, they were also very kind and easy to get along with. They ensured that everything was packed correctly so no damage was done and it was easy to see that they took pride in their work.
13 Jan 2015
kristinak1 from Brighton East
Vicmovers did an amazing job for us with a very large move (large 4 bedroom + study, 3 living area house). We had lots of furniture to move and my husband and I were very impressed by their expertise, professionalism and excellent customer service, as well as their enthusiasm and friendliness - even after working for over 11 hours. They were extremely careful with our furniture - and were obviously highly experienced in managing efficient moves. We picked Vicmovers because of their great reviews on WOMO and we were not disappointed - we will definitely recommend them to family and friends!
13 Jan 2015
This is the third time I have used Vicmovers to move our office and they were excellent. Amar and his team are careful, professional and do the job thoroughly. They relocated our office today and handled our electronic equipment (printer and pc's) very carefully. I'm very happy with their approach. All our furniture and boxes were unloaded and assembled as directed and with no fuss at all. As is evidenced by us using Vicmovers a third time, we are very happy with their work and we will be calling them again if and when required. Great job - thanks guys.
11 Jan 2015
Very nice, friendly and Professional people. These guys are really professional as they worked very well around my walls and furniture. My TV, Glasses and other fragile stuff were delivered without a damage. They communicated before they arrived and took care of the whole move very well. If anyone is looking for professional movers, Vicmovers is the answer. Highly recommended.
08 Jan 2015
We were served by Vicmovers today and our experience with the removalists was simply beautiful. They arrived on time and loaded everything pretty quickly but cautiously. They had no hesitation allowing us to offer extra helping hands. It was a 40 Degrees + day but the boys worked hard without a grin. They were courteous, well mannered and Professional. I highly appraise their working standards and would be using them again in future.
08 Jan 2015
We were happy with the service provided by Vic Movers. I had to change our moving date a number of times and Amar was very accommodating in every instance. He was able to fit into our tight schedule which was appreciated. The movers turned up on time and approached the task strategically. The move was very professional, with all our furniture well looked after. Amar consulted with us when moving items that could have been dismantled and gave us the choice about how things should be transported. The day took longer than expected, but we would prefer undamaged belongings than a rushed job.
08 Jan 2015
Well organised, reliable and friendly service. Vicmovers provided a high quality move and we are extremely happy with the level of care they provided to our furniture and belongings. Thanks a lot Vicmovers. We will be recommending you to family and friends and will definitley use you again in future. Fair and professional service.
07 Jan 2015
Excellent service and seamless move. Amar and Raman were a pleasure to deal with. Very friendly and extremely helpful with all of our belongings. We appreciated the way they took care of our hard wood floors as well by laying down cardboard so they could unload the trolleys inside the house. That was marvelous. We would definitely be recommending them to all of our family and friends.
06 Jan 2015
A great great service by friendly, convenient and cautious movers. They had no issues for us to offer as much help as possible to save on time and money. My wife and I were both very happy with the service and outcome. They stacked the truck beautifully. I'm still amazed that they fitted all of our possessions into that truck. The guys did a great job. The best part was that they lifted our couch up to the seventh floor by the staircase. Excellent movers, Excellent company. Thanks.
06 Jan 2015
What an excellent move we had!! The team from Vicmovers arrived in time and started the move. They were a team of professional movers. Last but not the least, we had a couch that could not fit into the lift. The boys lifted it 7 floors up without a hitch. I am very happy with my move and highly recommend Vicmovers. They did a fantastic job. Very Professional.
05 Jan 2015
The service was exceptional. The removalists were on time, experience and worked very hard all day. They assisted with all of our moving needs and had helpful suggestions which worked out to be extremely helpful. They moved our heavy furniture with care and their tools of trade saved us lots of time and money. What a courteous and professional team. Highly recommended. Thanks :-)
04 Jan 2015
I can't be any happier with the performance of Vicmovers's boys. They arrived on time and were very polite and courteous. The removalists were very careful and professional. They stacked our stuff beautifully in the truck like a real life game of Tetris. There were no scratches to the walls or furnitures. I highly recommend Vicmovers
03 Jan 2015
I contacted Vicmovers, based on their reviews, regarding my booking enquiry. In very short notice, when everyone is so busy, Vicmovers accommodated my move on the day of my choice The team was very considerate and careful with my stuff and walls. I am very happy with the advise I received from their office. The boys were in time as they promised and turned out to be very quick yet professional and cautious. They did great work plus very careful with furnitures and great communication too. I highly recommended them. Thank you guys!
30 Dec 2014
Amar and his team moved our office 6 months ago. He was so professional and helpful that I didn't hesitate to call him when we had 2 households to move on the one day. I can not emphasise enough how wonderful he was at organising it all. I also had a bed delivered that Amar offered to assemble. While he was doing it he found some faults & scratches & took photos of them. Due to his diligence I was easily able to return the bed & get a refund. We also had a lot of stuff to take to the tip & Amar rang around until he found a tip open between Xmas & New Years & arranged to take it all with him. He drove 40 kms out of his way and saved us a lot of effort & money. Not to mention the relief of having it gone. I have total confidence in recommending Vicmovers and will be definitely calling them again for any future moves. Thanks Vicmovers
27 Dec 2014
Excellent service and Extremely professional. The boys from Vicmovers were very caring and very flexible with our job timings. They offered right advice on the day of the job. As a result our move was completely stress free. They had to park far away from the drop off point but there were no complaints. Rather they were smiling. Worked on my electricity issue too.
23 Dec 2014
mjcran from Tarneit
At very short notice I contacted VicMovers to move my items into storage. They were very helpful and willing to accommodate my request given very little notice. They arrived on time and were very professional. The communications are excellent and they handled every item with care and packed the truck very efficiently. I have no hesitation to recommend VicMovers and I will certainly call on their service when I move to my new property. Thanks Amar!
11 Dec 2014
darrenj10 from Mitcham
We moved from Mitcham to Mitcham this week. Dealt with Amar, who was very prompt in answering all our questions. Vicmovers couldn't do the move, but contracted a local company who provided a very efficient & safe move. Highly recommend these guys.
05 Dec 2014
ErwinL from Burwood
I had an issue with Vicmovers and Amar with my move, and Amar went out of his way to help us resolve it. I have to tip my hat to him, he tries his very best when things don't turn out the way we want it. So thank you Amar for at least making things right when things don't turn out the way it should.
04 Dec 2014
Excellent Service Vicmovers moved us and all I can say about them is that they were exceptional. Very careful and pleasant. The removalists were careful with my furniture making sure neither my walls nor my stuff was damaged. I would like to extend my thanks to the team. Thanks again.
04 Dec 2014
I booked Vicmovers to move my daughter after looking at their reviews. I am glad I did because they were just exceptional. My husband was unable to be on hand to help, so we thought that we had quite a daunting process ahead of us. How wrong could we have been! It was not at all stressful! Amar and his team were wonderful. We weren't strong enough to even get the bed apart, but it took them no time at all to do so, as well as get the furniture ready to be moved. We were moved in no time, and set up again at the new place before we knew it. The money we spent was worth every cent and more. The whole team was respectful, courteous, well mannered and caring. What they did for us in few hours would have taken us forever. They showed us how to reconnect things like the washing machine, to make sure that we had the pipes etc right. For anyone with University students needing to move we couldn't recommend them highly enough. When it is time to move again we will be calling Amar and his crew! Definitely the best movers.
28 Nov 2014
sarah68 from Hughesdale
The guys from Vicmovers were excellent, very polite and professional. They took great care with our furniture and boxes (especially the fragile stuff). They also ensured that all items were placed where we wanted them and not just dumped (like some other movers might do). I was most impressed that they even installed our washing machine for us! Now that's awesome service! Last time we moved we used a different company, and these guys at Vicmovers were so much better. A really good service. We were very happy with these movers and will recommend them whenever our family and friends are moving.
24 Nov 2014
Amar and his team was recommended to us by our Storage provider, Storage King, Oakleigh. From the minute I spoke to Amar, I knew that I was talking to a professional. Amar advised me going with bigger truck and I did. Boy that was the best thing I did for my move. Amar and Raman brought the bigger truck than ordered and everything was stacked so easily. Nothing was an issue. They were both well mannered and caring. We are very happy with the move and will be recommending this professional company to all our friends and family. I can also comment that Amar assisted us with installation of white goods/bed assembly etc. Great job.
22 Nov 2014
Amar from Vicmovers delivered our furniture and we found him very helpful and caring. My furniture was very well taken care of. I am glad Vicmovers delivered my furniture and would highly recommend Vicmovers to anyone looking for professional removalists. Thanks again Vicmovers :-)
22 Nov 2014
Extremely efficient and professional operator who look after their customers by every means. Both removalists who served us were very friendly and courteous. Our whole move was scratch free. What else would one want. I will definitely be recommending them among friends and families.
19 Nov 2014
Absolutely a Spot on Well done boys for helping me with my move the other day. Your guys were professional, quick and most important careful with my furniture and house. Also thanks for calling me before you arrived. That really helped. I am very impressed with your service and strongly recommend Vicmovers to everyone. Best in the town.
14 Nov 2014
Absolutely excellent job. The job was carried with care and caution. I am extremely happy and will be using these guys again for sure. Many Many thanks for making moving such a fun and easy experience.
12 Nov 2014
A great great job. The boys were very careful and very efficient. Especially they were Honest, Professional and very easy to deal with. Nothing was an issue. Dismantling or assembling my bed or those erratic stairs. Seriously, I could not have been any more happier with my move. It was just perfect. Excellent customer service skills.
11 Nov 2014
We are very very impressed with the service. Great service that came with great professionalism. We absolutely loved their job. Highly recommending Vicmovers to anyone looking for a professional stress free move
11 Nov 2014
A group of excellent people who looks after their customers. The guys from Vicmovers were exceptional. There was no point where I could fault these guys. Punctual, Professional, Courteous, Cautious... what else could one ask for. There were two trips in my move and for the second move, I did not even have to go back. They did all that by themselves. I have only praise for Vicmovers and wish them best of luck. Excellent job...
06 Nov 2014
Hello! Just wanted to say how fantastic you were moving my house. You guys worked excellently and looked after all of my goods beautifully. I am so happy that you turned out to be fantastic as moving is one of the stressful experience. By the way, thanks for your stacking. That helped me to fit everything in a small unit than I originally selected. Thanks :-)
01 Nov 2014
ABSOLUTE EXCELLENT SERVICE! Very very happy with this company have been very helpful and on time! Thank you so so much for everything!
31 Oct 2014
ferdinand from Point Cook
Thanks a lot boys for the move today. You guys were fantastic. I am very happy that you arrived in time slot you mentioned and loaded up and finished the move just by yourself. Your reviews and confidence made me sure that you would deliver my stuff in excellent condition in my absence and thanks that it happened like that. Your attention to detail, friendliness and your professionalism really impressed me. Thanks for the pictures in end. I know now how much space I still got in the storage without even being there. Excellent job
30 Oct 2014
Great Service. Fast and Efficient movers. Lovely to deal with. Used them twice and will use them again for sure. The best part was that they worked around my schedule. On both occasions, I needed the job done the same day and they were brilliant. They communicated clearly and made sure that my move happened in best possible manner. I really appreciate them. Highly recommended
28 Oct 2014
alexg974 from Newport
Well done guys, very happy with the service I received from the team at Vicmovers. Arrived in time and my items were well taken care of and handled appropriately. Friendly, professional and very helpful, I highly recommend Vicmovers
27 Oct 2014
I was concerned about my fragile items specially the dining table glass which was without any cover. Amar mentioned over the phone that the boys will take care of it like a baby and that is how it was taken care of. Wrapped in blankets from Top to bottom. They were expecting two loads from the beginning. I was very organised, but if these guys had not stacked properly, it would have taken a lot longer and cost heaps more. Gist of the whole move: Nothing was broken or damaged, Indeed everything was delivered beautifully. Amar and Raman were professional, easy going and happy to help out with the dismantling and re-assembling. A pleasure to work with.
26 Oct 2014
I am very happy with the service I received from the removalist. He arrived on time and had great driving skills. My items were well taken care of and were padded appropriately. They were strapped where needed. I highly recommend Vicmovers. Courteous too!
23 Oct 2014
Both removalists from Vicmovers were great. They were caring and cautious, and punctual. Vicmovers was the best removalist experience I've had, and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a professional move.
22 Oct 2014
Excellent... These guys were simply awesome and extremely efficient. My items were going for donation but the condition was excellent. The boys could have taken it lightly but they cared for my items like new. They were very careful with walls for marks or dents. Amar made sure with the other end that every item was delivered (Counter check) The organisation receiving the items called to tell me how wonderful the guys were too. They truly went out of their way to deliver the items to more than one address. Thank you Amar! Simply, they are the best movers. Excellent customer service and I highly recommend Amar and his team :-)
09 Oct 2014
Excellent Excellent job boys. They arrived sharply on time and did not waste a second here or there. My move was nothing but the best one ever. It was quick, friendly and professional. I highly recommend Vicmovers because I have used them and they are fanstastic. They are also friendly and all of my goods arrived in tiptop condition as expected.
07 Oct 2014
Fantastic great service at a great price. The removalists were very helpful and made a hard move very easy, as easy as a piece of cake. I highly recommend them
06 Oct 2014
jimm21 from Keilor East
Great job by Amar and Sourav. Amar was very pleasant to deal with when I was organising the move. On the day, the guys showed up on time and were extremely helpful getting extra boxes when I realised that I didn't have enough on the day. The whole job was done very professionally. The guys took good care with all my stuff and everything was delivered without a scratch. I'm happy to recommend them to anyone.
01 Oct 2014
Prompt and professional service. Amar is very good at what he does. Very gentle and careful with the moving furniture. And communication is at its best. We have used Vicmovers before, used now again and will use again in future as well. Highly recommended.
01 Oct 2014
What a great help from Vicmovers. We had to move a vending machine today and the guy arrived in high spirits which took all the worry from us. He was very caring, helpful and fast. We have nothing but lots of appreciation for Vicmovers. Highly recommended
26 Sep 2014
Thanks to Amar. Fantastic service. Very accommodating and I was always kept up to date. Vicmovers worked according to my schedule and budget. Would highly recommend Vicmovers.
24 Sep 2014
Friendly and Great service from Vicmovers. Worldly recommended. The boys were excellent. Thanks again.
23 Sep 2014
Vimovers (Amar) delivered only one fridge and the guy (Amar) was extremely proficient. I was very happy with the service as he helped us to move the existing fridge and also helped to push the car out of the way to get fridge in.
23 Sep 2014
Great work by Amar who has been exceptionally professional. Would greatly recommend Vicmovers to everyone. Awesome.
22 Sep 2014
Very reliable, friendly and punctual guys. The move was done in the best possible and professional manner. Will hire them again for sure
22 Sep 2014
We loved the job being taken care by Vicmovers lads. The boys were fantastic and cheering. We really had some issues that day with the property involved but glad these boys did not give up. We appreciate Vicmovers and highly recommend them.
19 Sep 2014
Good job boys. You were exceptional from morning till evening. A very professional and caring job. We loved your work. Thanks Amar and Waqas
19 Sep 2014
The guys from Vicmovers did a great job and very extremely helpful and courteous. Great service. Thank you.
08 Sep 2014
Vicmovers did a great job. Extremely efficient and were very comfortable navigating the narrow stairs in my apartment complex. Heavy boxes... not an issue. I would highly recommend Vicmovers to everyone and look forward to using them again next time I move.
05 Sep 2014
Great great service. Both removalists were very friendly and Professional. I will definitely be using there services again in future. Very well done job. Thanks a lot Vicmovers.
27 Aug 2014
Amar and Waqas were fantastic. Very obliging, polite, punctual and extremely efficient. I was very confident from the beginning that all our furniture and belongings would arrive safely to our new house and that happened. I highly recommend Vicmovers and would definitely use them again. They are the best removalists we have ever used. :-)
27 Aug 2014
Extremely great service. The removalists were on time and were very professional. All our items were moved with care and no scratches or damage at all.
27 Aug 2014
Fantastic job. Amar and his team was simply excellent relocating our office. Printer was our main concern but the way they dealt with it was excellent. We will definitely be using Vicmovers for our further relocations. Thanks a lot.
24 Aug 2014
Great service. The guys were very careful with our stuff and made our moving a breeze. They are professionals and we highly recommend them. Thanks
18 Aug 2014
Great work boys. We booked you at 11:30 pm in night and you were with me at 07:45 in morning. That is just excellent. Without your help, I could not have moved this stuff in time. Thanks a lot. I will be calling you again in 2 months.
16 Aug 2014
A great great service by Vicmovers's Lads. They were friendly, quick and efficient. The boys were punctual and did not waste a single second. I am very happy with my move.
15 Aug 2014
saml23 from Mitcham
You guys are really friendly and did a great job with the moving. Saved us a lot of time and stress. Thanks boys for an excellent job.
11 Aug 2014
Thank you Amar and Waqas for all your hardswork in helping make my move so much easier. You looked after all my possessions so well! You offered a Fantastic Service and were Both very helpful and Polite. You kept in touch on the trip down and even sent me photos of my things in storage to reassure me. I would use you again for sure and will be recommending you guys for sure.
10 Aug 2014
janm27 from South Melbourne
These guys know the meaning of hard work and value for money. They did an excellent job in difficult circumstances. Very professional. Highly recommended.
10 Aug 2014
Fantastic 5 Stars for the boys. Turned up on time. Were fast, friendly, careful and very professional. I am REALLY REALLY REALLY very happy with the job and would recommend to everyone. Value for money. Thank you :-)
09 Aug 2014
Very good. Friendly and Professional. Handled all our items with care. Excellent Service. Very polite.
09 Aug 2014
Terrific Terrific job. Extremely happy with Vicmovers and associates. Amar is fantastic and looks after his customers. I will be highly recommending them.
09 Aug 2014
Amar and Dion provided such exceptional service. They worked tirelessly all day and were so professional, punctual and thoroughly courteous handling a tough move with impeccable commitment ensuring that my belongings and furnishings were packed and transported safely. I would highly recommend the outstanding service of these delightful gentlemen.
09 Aug 2014
Amar and Dion are very careful movers and concentrate on blanketing every furniture. I recommend them
09 Aug 2014
Amar and Paul did an amazing job. Very professional and took a lot of care of our fragile items! Thanks Vicmovers. We will definitely be recommending you to our friends.
08 Aug 2014
Mind blowing service. We are thrilled and very satisfied with the exceptional service. We will recommend them to other. Thank you
31 Jul 2014
Amar and Waqas were absolutely fantastic. They were very hard working and worked very professionally. Highly recommended. Thanks
26 Jul 2014
tomw11 from Mentone
I had my stuff moved from a storage place to my new house. Fast, efficient, professional, value.
25 Jul 2014
A very big thanks to Amar and Dion. I am a very satisfied customer. They are very friendly and with their Professionalism, they made my move so less stressful. Unfortunately, We had no option but to wait for building manager at my new property. But the boys did not want to charge me fro no work. By the time, building manager arrived, these guys unloaded almost all of the truck which is exceptional. I would strongly recommend them and wont think twice using them again. Thank you.
22 Jul 2014
I can't rate these men highly enough. They were courteous and helpful throughout the move & it was a pleasure to do business with them. Will recommend them to my moving friends.
21 Jul 2014
I have no previous experience with removalists, being this my first move. So, I could not say whether Vicmovers' service was the best possible as I do not have anyone else to compare. To be fair, there are positives and negatives on the experience. On the positive side, Amar & Co. were extremely punctual and made sure to contact us before they arrived so we could be ready. The truck was properly sized - It would be unfortunate to pay for a bigger truck when you don't need it. Furthermore, they did an excellent job securing our belongings - nothing moved an inch - and protecting them from scratches. They were polite, friendly and well mannered. Furthermore, I appreciate that there were no additional costs and surcharges, and the price was stated by the hour. Finally, the time spent on the move fell within our estimation. I am satisfied with the result. On the flip-side, we felt that it took some time to get in action. I am sure that planning is necessary to get all the items in the truck and avoid a costly second trip, and that securing the items in a proper manner also takes time. However, apparent inaction might be perceived as loitering, and might annoy (or alarm) some customers. Also, I found the quotes a bit ambiguous. At first, I thought the price was ~90 per hour, but end up being ~120. I guess that prices depend on the day (whether mon-fri, sat or sun), but since the two prices were in the quote it might rise some confusion. Finally, I was expecting to pay with card, but I had to run and get some cash. This may be very inconvenient if the ATM is nowhere near. In overall, I give them four stars. Besides some minor hiccups, I think the job was satisfactory. Thanks!
19 Jul 2014
Vicmovers did a great job. You can trust removalists if they care for your items as their own and we are lucky to find exactly the same. These guys were simply brilliant, careful and quick.
18 Jul 2014
We know Vicmovers for long time and used them for the first time few days earlier only. It was a great experience. Everything was so easy. We recommend Vicmovers.
18 Jul 2014
We were moved by Vicmovers. We had to cancel on the spot two times but luckily we escaped the damage for cancellation because Amar knew it was on medical ground. We were brilliantly moved third time :-). Professional service.
18 Jul 2014
Great Great Great service boys. The boys arrived on time and moved all our stuff fully blanketed and strapped. Nothing was damaged at all. Thanks a lot guys.
18 Jul 2014
Superb efforts and Great great work. Thanks a lot guys. You guys made my move so easy. Recommending you to everyone.
18 Jul 2014
These boys are incredible. They did everything so that my move could happen in least possible amount of time. I am so glad to use Vicmovers. They are awesome.
17 Jul 2014
Par Excellent Service and attitude. Helpful and resourceful. I will be highly recommending Vicmovers to everyone looking for Professional movers.
17 Jul 2014
Fantastic work :-). Very friendly guys. Very fast and extremely professional.Highly recommended. Thanks again Vicmovers.
10 Jul 2014
Well done boys... Very good job. Would be using Amar and Dion again for moving. Great job, great move, great removalists.
09 Jul 2014
Amar and his team moved my stuff from my apartment to my storage unit, and then back to my apartment. They were quick and efficient, very careful with everything, and pleasant to deal with.
03 Jul 2014
Professional and friendly boys. Gave the right and useful advice for packing stuff. Right on time and very efficient in moving furniture and white goods from 2 floor up house. Also helped to fix an electricity issue otherwise our appliances would not have worked all night which could have mean a disaster. Highly recommended.
03 Jul 2014
Excellent job by Vicmovers on the day. Extremely courteous, friendly, professional and caring boys. Quick and cautious. And they were on time as well. I highly appreciate Vicmovers and surely recommend them.
02 Jul 2014
Well done. Job done to perfection. Very Very happy with the job. The whole job was done with utmost care and professionalism.
02 Jul 2014
Excellent service by these friendly and professional operator. Amar and Waqas were simply excellent. Full care was taken from the start to finish. Great work. Highly recommended.
02 Jul 2014
Very good service. These guys are terrific. We will be using them again next time we move. Really look after their customers.
02 Jul 2014
The guys took very good care of my items and everything was moved efficiently and professionally. Thanks
02 Jul 2014
They came on time and were very careful with the furniture. Did an awesome job. I am very happy with their service and will surely recommend them to everyone.
27 Jun 2014
stephaniew10 from Briar Hill
Very excellent and very professional. The boys were friendly and hardworking.. We loved the job they did. Amar and his team were very considerate about everything. Highly recommended.
27 Jun 2014
Anonymous from Melbourne CBD
Overall pleased with the job that Amar and Dion did. I found them very personable, professional and they took care of my belongings when relocating apartments. Vicmovers was however unable to provide an estimated quote other than their hourly rate, and they need to make their payment options clearer as I had to pay cash (which meant a trip to the ATM). I also didn't receive any copies of any paperwork (including a receipt). I'd use Vicmovers again, but there are a couple of administration related areas that need to be tidied up.
26 Jun 2014
Excellent service boys. You were awesome. Thanks for accommodating our booking at such a short notice. I will use you again.
26 Jun 2014
Excellent service and very helpful. Thoroughly recommend using Amar and Dion again. Thanks Vicmovers!
25 Jun 2014
kont1 from Murrumbeena
This was our first time using VicMovers. We selected them because of the reviews posted by other customers. We have previously used other movers but found them very irresponsible. VicMovers moved our, especially, furniture with great care - not a scratch. They are also very friendly and considerate. We are very happy with their service and would definitely use them again. Amar was a true gentleman and a pleasure to deal with.
24 Jun 2014
jasmines11 from Parkville
they were really fast! and very professional. protected all the good properly and handled them well around tight corners. highly recommended!
24 Jun 2014
An excellent and awesome job. Thanks Amar and his colleague for the efforts you put in my job. Everything was moved in blink of an eye
16 Jun 2014
Very very appreciative. Gave them such a late notice as my booked removalist gave up on me but still not only they accepted my booking but also moved me with first class service. We would not haven been able to move without them. Thanks Vicmovers from Jen and Jason
15 Jun 2014
This company moved my daughter the other day. Lovely lovely guys who were very careful and thorough with the whole move. Thanks heaps boys. Excellent work.
12 Jun 2014
My move was made a lot easier thanks to Amar and Dion. I moved from an apartment with stairs to one with even more stairs. It was a difficult job and they did it with ease, they worked tirelessly and were very professional and patient. Overall fantastic job.
10 Jun 2014
Vicmovers moved my daughter the other day. The guys were simply terrific. Not only they moved her professionally but also helped me to move my stuff out of my car to the apartment.
10 Jun 2014
jasmines10 from Parkville
Fantastic job. Very careful and gentle. Friendly and warm service. Keep it up boys and thanks a lot for such a great move.
08 Jun 2014
yuri from Carnegie
Excellent job. The guys were really careful and professional in terms of moving and they do take care of their customers. Very much recommended
27 May 2014
victoria6 from Noble Park
Awesome service. Guys were friendly and loved a laugh. Helped to get extra stuff out of my car. Also made a quick second trip to get remaining furniture. The best of all, they enjoyed their job that made us so comfortable.
27 May 2014
Fantastic job by the boys from Vicmovers. Our move was done quickly, efficiently and with great friendly service. They were great about moving our things within our time limitation and specifications, and were very careful with our furniture and property. I would highly recommend Vicmovers, thanks guys.
21 May 2014
jodiee5 from Hawthorn
Amar did a great job. Quick response and great communication. Would highly recommend Amar. 5 Stars
20 May 2014
The removalists were very professional and careful with our belongings. Due to narrow access, a few pieces of furniture had to be dismantled and were assembled back again at drop off. Excellent team - made moving a breeze!!
19 May 2014
Fantastic service. Everything done for me from door to door. All furniture was fully dismantled and assembled. The access to the stairs was too tight but there were no complains at all. Highly recommended to everyone.
16 May 2014
Had them move all the large and heavy items when my sister was moving house. They did a good steady pace
14 May 2014
Amar and his colleague did a fantastic job this morning while moving us. Professional, efficient and very friendly boys.
07 May 2014
john20 from Blackburn North
Excellent work boys. No scratches, no dents, no damages. We are happy and definitely be recommending you
06 May 2014
Great and excellent job boys. Moved in less than estimated time which is awesome. Professional and careful handling... No scratches anywhere on wall or property.
29 Apr 2014
Amar and Dion were punctual, friendly and very efficient. There were able to offer suggestions to make the moving experience easier. WELL DONE GUYS :-).
29 Apr 2014
Summary: Very successful move. Quick, easy and stress free experience. We booked the move for a Saturday morning, and the guys arrived promptly when they said they would. They even gave us a initial call 10 minutes out to let us know they were on their way. They were wonderfully friendly guys (Amar and Dion) and provided us with a lot of flexibility for how they could tackle the move, explaining the pro's and con's of each decision. The whole move (2 bedroom unit) was completed in the one morning which gave us time in the afternoon to unpack. Overall a very successful move. Very very happy. Thanks Amar & Dion. Would happily use your services again.
25 Apr 2014
ektaj1 from Kew
very efficient, careful handling and very helpful and accommodating.
24 Apr 2014
michelles87 from Fitzroy North
Great job by Amar and Dion. Professional, on time and very friendly team. Will use them again & highly recommended.
17 Apr 2014
Amar and his team are fantastic, they were the only ones that gave us a correct estimate of the truck size and number of hours needed, so we weren't taken by surprise with an unexpected amount at the end of move day. The guys were fast, professional with a great attitude and not to mention, top class customer service on the phone. Would highly recommend them to anyone who's moving. Keep up the good work Vic Movers!
15 Apr 2014
Great removalists. Punctual, Professionals, Polite and extremely careful with my belongings. Highly recommended
15 Apr 2014
Anonymous from Lalor Plaza
I moved from Footscray to Lalor - Vicmovers turned up on time, courtesy called me prior to arrival, and completed the move seamlessly and effortlessly. Fantastic. I would have no hesitation using them again. Thank you.
14 Apr 2014
When searching for a removalist, i requested for a number of quotes from 3 different companies, Vicmovers being one of them. Of the 3 quotes, Vicmovers estimated that i would need a much larger truck than the others had provided. I decided to go with them as did not want to risk 2 multiple runs with smaller trucks and boy I'm glad i did. The truck was filled to the brim and we made the move in a single trip which saved me hundreds of dollars. The staff were very careful with with my property (old and new) as well as my boxes. They were clean and very careful not to mark/scuff any of my walls and had all the blankets and straps required. The experience was so good that I actually called them back a few weeks later to help shuffle some furniture around after i had a chance to settle in and work out where to put my larger furniture. The second time engaging them was also a pleasure as they arrived early, got everything moved in very little time and made sure they used up every minute i had booked them for. Could not recommend them enough. Very professional, timely and careful with your personal belongings.
03 Apr 2014
dominik from Armadale
We were very happy with the move. The boys were very professional and done an excellent job. Thanks
03 Apr 2014
teresac6 from Armadale
Very professional, and taking very good care not to damage any peace of furniture or the house walls. Friendly and fast. Recommend to everyone.
03 Apr 2014
Quick and speedy guys. The service was excellent. What a great job. Thanks Vicmovers for an awesome job.
30 Mar 2014
Really professional and excellent service. Lovely guys who could not do enough for you. Would highly recommend and will certainly be using them again.
24 Mar 2014
The service was very professional with two responsible, reliable, friendly removalists.
11 Mar 2014
Excellent service. Arrived on time when previous booked removalists had a no show up. Very friendly, efficient and professional service.
07 Mar 2014
donnag13 from Docklands
Very good service. The removalists were very careful and amiable. All our stuff were moved without a single scratch. Thanks Vicmovers
05 Mar 2014
maxd3 from Southbank
Professional, Efficient and Top Quality service. Would not hesitate to use them again. Thanks!
04 Mar 2014
Most reliable and Helpful, friendly, reliable and helpful. Extremely Efficient. Thank you Amar and Dion and good luck with your future business Vicmovers.
04 Mar 2014
Excellent job. Both men were very polite & extremely well mannered. Work was extremely well done. I would highly recommend them to others. Thanks.
01 Mar 2014
Great service, quick and efficient. Made our move happen so well. Would recommend the service to all my friends. Professionals.
26 Feb 2014
Very Professional, Accomodating, Cooperative, Friendly, Timely and Precise removalists. The whole experience was great.
24 Feb 2014
Vicmovers move my friend today and they did an awesome job. The movers were fast and friendly. Good job overall.
22 Feb 2014
Excellent Work by Amar and his colleague. This was my second move with Vicmovers. They were great all the time. The guys have all been Professional and careful. Good one guys.
21 Feb 2014
Extremely thorough and professional job completed with lots of care. I am a very happy customer and recommend Vicmovers.
21 Feb 2014
A+ Service, very professional, great team. Highly recommended to anyone looking for professional movers.
19 Feb 2014
Nothing was too much trouble for guys. Extremely courteous, obliging and highly professional. I recommend them without a bit of hesitation.
19 Feb 2014

Work done to complete satisfaction and perfection. Very professional movers. Highly Recommended. Thanks
19 Feb 2014
Great service boys. Very friendly and helpful. Highly professional. Would definitely use you again. Thanks a lot
18 Feb 2014
Excellent service by Vicmovers. The lads were happy to help with some little extra things that turn up while moving. Great experience.
18 Feb 2014
I am very impressed with Vicmovers. They are careful, considerate, happy and friendly. I would not hesitate to use you again and recommend to my friends and family. Thank you Amar!
18 Feb 2014
Very very happy with the service and quality standards delivered to us by Vicmovers. The whole move was smooth and easy.
17 Feb 2014
I recommend Vicmovers to everyone. I am very very happy with the fast and efficient service. Thanks Vicmovers.
12 Feb 2014
sakshee from Oakleigh
Great service and value for money... Stefan and Sam did a great job in moving, loading and unloading our stuff to the first floor, boy it was a hard task and these guys were fabulous... they delivered everything on time and safely... Amar did a great job in accommodating our move at the last minute, thanks for being so flexible... Highly recommended, well done folks... Moving was my biggest worry, but now that I know a great team, I know I can rely on you next time around... Thanks again...
09 Feb 2014
johnw61 from Oakleigh
The lads at Vicmovers really understand that we love our possessions and want them treated with care. They do this efficiently and effectively with Amar at the helm-What a fine communicator he is! He is keen to please his customers and is very approachable. He will not let you down.
07 Feb 2014
Anonymous from Mulgrave
We used VicMovers on two occasions late last year during our de-clutter and then the actual house move. Fantastic service and value for money. The boys took great care in moving, loading and unloading our property and all was delivered with good humor and courtesy and in a timely manner.
05 Feb 2014
Very thorough service. The removalists were very professional and caring. They were extremely efficient. Great guys
05 Feb 2014
Very Careful, Professional and efficient movers. They were very cautious with our furniture. I recommend them and will definitely use them again.
03 Feb 2014
Amar and Dion were very punctual, friendly and Polite. Extremely courteous and Careful when moving items. I highly recommend them to everyone. Cheers
03 Feb 2014
Great experience of moving. Lovely and very efficient people. I really enjoying the ride, chat and the move. Thanks a lot
02 Feb 2014
What an excellent service. The guys were simply great and extremely professional. Nothing was too much trouble for the guys. They were very calm and cautious with our furniture and other belongings. Down the lifts or up the hill... no issues at all. In simple words... highly recommended.
28 Jan 2014
I am very happy with the service and would definitely recommend Amar and Dion. They were great and careful.
27 Jan 2014
Super careful and excellent service. Super well done. I recommend Amar to everyone who needs a professional mover. Very happy with the way he and his team packs and move. Will use again for sure. Good Luck
27 Jan 2014
Very friendly and professional service. All items were treated with care. I would use them again and have recommended them to friends.
22 Jan 2014
Great customer service and very experienced movers. Highly recommended.
13 Jan 2014
I booked Vicmovers to move my daughter. The service was awesome. We are looking forward to Vicmovers for another move in the new year. Thanks Amar
12 Jan 2014
Very happy with the movers, Amar and Dion, who were highly Professional and Careful for the entire move, even with 2 flight of stairs included. I would recommend Vicmovers for anyone looking for a Professional & Fuss free move.
10 Jan 2014
Ok to start off with but overall not planned or executed well. More expensive than originally quoted and they only had to move 1/2 of the original items.
07 Jan 2014
Very happy with the service of Amar and Dion. Very friendly and Efficient moving company. Highly recommended.
06 Jan 2014
The guys were really helpful. They confirmed the booking, arrived on time, were very friendly and professional. What a great service. I would definitely use them again. Thanks a lot.
05 Jan 2014
What an excellent move. Amar and Dion were fast and professional. I highly recommend Vicmovers for moving needs. They were exceptional.
05 Jan 2014
Extremely professional moving company. I am very very happy with the quality of the move. Thanks Vicmovers.
02 Jan 2014
Verry impressive and professional service. Everything was so easy from beginning till end. The guys didn't waste a second. Thanks
01 Jan 2014
We were moved by Vicmovers. The team was very easy going and of great help. The guys were very professional.
01 Jan 2014
What a fantastic and excellent service by Vicmovers. Sincerely, I could not have done this without Amar and Dion. Thanks a lot.
30 Dec 2013
Excellent service and very quick job. The guys were professional and very accommodating. Thanks for all the help
29 Dec 2013
Extremely happy with the job. The guys were very professional and very caring. Apart than the move, they also helped to fix few bits around the house which may have resulted in forfeiture/part use of my tenancy bond. I will definitely recommend them to others.
23 Dec 2013
Vicmovers delivered our furniture yesterday and the service was simply amazing. It was perfect. Thanks
23 Dec 2013
Fantastic service. The boys were friendly, professional and on time. Would definitely use them again.
22 Dec 2013
Very friendly and helpful. Finished the job very professionally and quickly. Did a great job. Thanks Vicmovers
22 Dec 2013
We receive great service from Vicmovers. The team was friendly and they did an exceptional job. They were 2 friendly guys that made my move smooth and carefree, I would recommend this company to anyone as I have moved a couple of times and found I will never use anyone else other than vicmovers....Thanks Cath
22 Dec 2013
Very happy with the service. Amar is very kind and patient and understands what customer exactly needs. Good job Vicmovers
22 Dec 2013
Fragile items treated as their own. Attentive service on the day.
22 Dec 2013
What an excellent service. Moving was quick and communication was perfect. Don't have enough words to appreciate these guys. Very happy and would highly recommend.
18 Dec 2013
Amazing job, done on the right time and done in a very professional manner. Very good. thanks a lot
18 Dec 2013
The guys were running late on the day but they kept me informed. It was a relief that I knew what exactly was happening. When they arrived, they were careful and quick. Highly appreciated.
17 Dec 2013
cheryln2 from Richmond
Excellent job Amar and Dion, Thanks for all the help. I will be recommending your services to family and friends.
17 Dec 2013
Awesome job. Very friendly staff. They helped us with everything we needed. Big thanks.
17 Dec 2013
I don't have enough words to appreciate Amar and Dion from Vicmovers. I am so happy with the service I give them A++
17 Dec 2013
Good work by Vicmovers. We are very happy that we hired Vicmovers for our move. The guys were great.
18 Nov 2013
Amar and Dion were excellent and friendly removalists. They took extra care to ensure that all my furniture was protected from damage and they were very careful in moving the furniture in and out of the properties. I highly recommend them!
17 Nov 2013
I just want to mention that your company provided yet again an exceptional service. Awesome removalists. Amar and Dion are exceptionally professional. Of all the heavy furniture we had, nothing was hard for them to carry upstairs. Absolutely stunned!!!
16 Nov 2013
Vicmovers helped to move my daughter yesterday. I must admit they were very prompt, professional and friendly. Vicmovers took great care with the moving of the furniture and made sure there was no damage to furniture or to the premises my daughter was vacating. Nothing was too much trouble.
31 Oct 2013
The removalists turned up on time and were very professional and efficient. I am very happy with the service they provided.
29 Oct 2013
Great work, very thorough and Efficient. Loved their work. The guys were amazing. They transported my furniture with extreme care and professionalism. Thanks Vicmovers
20 Oct 2013
Excellent work by Amar and Paul. Extremely professional. We couldn't believe what and how much they fitted in the truck. Everything was very well taken care of. No scratches. If anyone is looking for a highly proficient furniture removals business, look no further than Vicmovers. I am one very happy customer.
20 Oct 2013
Vicmovers helped us move yesterday and the job was flawless. The guys took our job when our booked in removalist gave up. I am glad Vicmovers took our job because it could not have been done any better. The guys were very careful and efficient. The guys ( amar and paul) are very efficient and friendly. Stress free moving it is! Thanks guys!
16 Oct 2013
We have been very happy with Amar and his team's services during the move as they were very professional and helpful. Well Done!!!
16 Oct 2013
Great team and Very professional. This is the first time we used Vicmovers and they were very friendly. We would recommend them to anyone.
16 Oct 2013
The guys turned ahead of time and worked extremely proficiently. All our furniture was individually strapped up. I and my boss are very happy with the service and will definitely be using this company for our future furniture delivery requirements all the time. Thanks Vicmovers
17 Sep 2013
Anonymous from South Melbourne
Great help from these guys. I hired one man and a van and helped him move my furniture. Honest and reliable service and recommended. Really took the stress out of moving. Given the price I think these guys would be hard to beat, no hidden fees or surprises.
Melbourne, VIC, 3000
Tel: 0430964444

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