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Peter Rabbit Removals

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Peter Rabbit Removals

23 Dec 2016
Fantastic service from the three guys. I would highly recommend them to anyone for their friendly and professional service. Thank you for making it easy.
16 Dec 2016
I would not recommend this company very hard workers but managed very badly. They got all the times and dates wrong and were still unpacking our gear at two thirty in the morning, would never use again and would never tell others to use them
10 Oct 2016
The Men worked hard & put the cartons & furniture where we wanted them, BUT they damaged a wall and the fence and promised to come back and repair them and never. When phone the owner of the company, he would not talk to us. Disappointed
09 Oct 2016
Great well mannered hard working lads, didn't just put furniture anywhere always asked were I wanted it, will be recommended to friends,
03 Sep 2016
annap203 from Redbank Plains
Rude not helpful when something goes wrong, very unhappy with the level of professionalism shown by these guys do not follow any instructions and are slow.
17 Aug 2016
Peter Rabbit Removals we're tops they done our jobin 4.5 hours, We have a 4 bedrooms place. We will recommend them to all ours friends as well facebook friends as well. They move all our gear with easy wrap it all look after it as well. A lot off our furniture was Amart they look after if it was top off the line. They even gave us boxes so we could pack rest off or belonging in at the last think. I would like to say the 3 men was great save lot time than last people done with 2 men. They took 7.5 hours to do our job. They pull our beds down put back together at the end off the job. I will not use anyone over Peter Rabbit Removals i cant be live how good they were as i have move lots off times. They arrived 15 mins early on the day. Also they rang us the day before to check to se its all ok for the move. The communicate throughout the move was tops. THANKS HEAPS TO PETER FROM PETER-RABBIT-REMOVALS FOR ALL YOUR HELP SEE YOU NEXT TIME
16 Aug 2016
peter rabbit removals were very efficient,hard working and they were very polite.they were also very careful with my belongings.i highly recommend peter rabbit removals to my friends and family.
16 Aug 2016
I have used rabbit's removal a couple of times and they r great. They r on times with all my needs, and i will use them every time
12 Mar 2016
Stay clear and beware!!!! Damaged my furniture and my wooden floors. Swore and threatened other employee in front of children and took no care with boxes clearly marked fragile. When Peter Rabbit notified of issues he turned up at my house with 2 of the movers without notice to inspect damage. They proceeded to say it was not their fault. That damage to the brand new fridge was a manufactures problem. That the obvious drag and scratch marks on my floor weren't from them. Etc etc excuse after excuse. Then the following day after I had rung to advise of response from company who sold fridge he called me a liar, contradicted himself more than once, and basically abused me and told me that I was only after a refund and do this to every removalist. In truth this is the first time I have ever had an issue with a removalist and I cant even count how many times Ive moved. Its funny how if Im the first person to EVER complain about this company then why, as stated by the company, are they currently going through court due to ANOTHER COMPLAINT!!! Make up your own mind but please think carefully if something does go wrong is this the type of business you want to be dealing with???
15 Oct 2015
Canojeckyl from Peak Crossing
So very disappointed going with a local business for removal work. We steered away from the big companies to use a family run business, but the pride in their work was atrocious. Unfortunately, they turned up late (truck problems - possibly not their fault), but they worked at 50% efficiency for the day, with constant complaints about the weight of the furniture, and very many regular breaks because they were 'tired'. My wife and I ended up moving more boxes than the removalists (who caries one box of pillows at a time?). There were lots of damages which the company is refusing to cover under their 'moving insurance'. Such a shame, because the potential of the company could be great. To their credit, the did work into the night, but if they had been efficient, they wouldn't have had to. Still waiting for the company to contact us back about insurance, but they won't return any phone calls, and if we get them on the phone, they hang up as soon as they realise it is us. At least moving only happens infrequently.
05 Oct 2015
I had a great experience with Peter Rabbit Removals. They arrived on time and packed my stuff. They are professionals and were very careful with my items. Thanks
24 Aug 2015
not-happyd from Springfield
Won't recommend peter rabbit at redbank plains as they stole my laptop and few other things..the owner won't take responsibility for is dodgy..3 men were drinking on the job..
09 Sep 2014
Very fast 3 men . They was very professional. The guys was very helpful as well tried hard. Thanks Peter Rabbit Removals.
19 May 2014
very good job, very speedy, great service. I will recommend peter and his staff anytime. The guys were very friendly.
18 May 2014
They were very helpful, fast and efficient workers, well mannered and I will recommend your company to anyone I know, so thank you for your hard work.
17 May 2014
very nice team, I liked the service they supplied when doing my job very much I will recommend peter and his staff anytime.
16 May 2014
service was prompt, extremely helpful, there were no problems, great value, moving space well. I will highly recommend this service to friends and family. thank u very much.
09 Apr 2014
Great personable, hard working,professional young men. The job was carried out efficiently & with great care>Thank to Peter Rabbit Removals
09 Apr 2014
Service was great . Boys are friendly & professional . Will recommend to all . Thank to Peter Rabbit Removals
08 Apr 2014
The crew was very efficient. The team leader Kevin was especially professional. The removalist I had used to move my things into storage was disastrous, a very bad experience. Thanks to Peter Rabbit Removals
17 Mar 2014
johnw62 from Redbank Plains
Very Good I am very happy with the service. The men were very friendly & helped a lot. Thankyou for your helping skills||
17 Mar 2014
Very good. I am very happy with the service. The men very friendly & helped a lot . Thank you for your helping skills ||
15 Mar 2014
they need a bigger truck or they could brought the trailer along. but the guys were very help full. Had a big scratch on the front of the fridge. Thanks
28 Feb 2014
God bunch of lads. Was very Quick Safe working &lifting Practices. The lads work perfect. It would use 3 men any-time again as it was lots faster than 2 men . They work real well as a team.
09 Jan 2014
On time, very helpful & Fast Workers.
30 Sep 2013
jamiea1 from Seventeen Mile Rocks
Moving from a Unit in Brisbane to a house on the south side. The staff were very friendly and polite and performed the work at an amazing speed as well as being very careful of every item moved. Would not be able to find a better company!
23 Sep 2013
Peter rabbit removals helped me and a friend move they were just a big help with loading and unloading the truck and they use three guys compered to the two guys like other moving company's I have been through and they were a lot cheaper and they were very careful with my furniture I recommend Peter rabbit removals to everybody I know
22 Sep 2013
elainek3 from Bellbird Park
They work real hard with 3 men on time take things apart put back as well. Ill use them any time.Peter Rabbit Removals are the best. Peter Rabbit Removals done me in 4 hours was 4 bedroom house. They was kind well maned. there was no damage they wrap all my goods look after all. they was on time job was well done.Thanks to the team of Peter Rabbit Removals
Redbank Plains, QLD, 4301
Tel: 0738145544

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