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01 Dec 2023
I joined up to Hypnofit when I was in a very low place in life with lack of self-confidence and extreme negativity. I was lucky enough to be matched with my therapist Yvonne who really gets how the mind works and how this affects the filter we see life through and end up behaving. She spent a lot of time understanding my personality and getting to the bottom of my negative thinking patterns in order to be able to use hypnosis to foster a positive change in my thinking. Yvonne is the perfect mix of empathetic listener, making you feel heard and understood and also coach, empowering you to challenge yourself to be able to achieve the things you truly desire. I really enjoyed the hypnosis process as well as it made me feel completely relaxed and light. I have come out of this with a much more positive mindset and the self-confidence that I can respond to whatever challenges life has in store. Thank you so much Yvonne. You are a gem! For anyone considering hypnosis, I would definitely recommend it!
10 Nov 2023
Merri was extremely helpful and professional. She has helped me achieve my goals. Cannot thank her enough !
04 Oct 2023
I was at my wits end with late night snacking and overeating. With Corrine's help, we unpacked the reasons why I did this and developed actions to stop it. She challenged some unhelpful beliefs I had about myself that I wasn't consciously aware of. I lost 4kg before my sessions even ended. Recommened highly - it's an investment into yourself.
27 Sep 2023
brihonyg from Seaford
Katerina is a genuine, kind, caring, insightful life coach who is incredibly skilled at helping someone get back on track/tap into their confidence/ learn to love oneself. Honestly., it's the best 'self-care' thing I have ever done for myself, and everyone should do it. (No matter your age!)
21 Sep 2023
I came here for anxiety and i don’t worry anymore i feel a lot better then before i came here.
14 Sep 2023
I absolutely cherished and adored my time with Yvonne. She took so much care of me and had nurtured me so uniquely throughout my whole Hypnofit® journey. I could just sense in her eyes that she has seen things and gets things in a very personal sense. I'm attracted to her lovely aura and how carefree Yvonne is towards the way I exist...mwah, mwah, mwah:). Working in hypnotherapy as a young person has truly been such a new, nurturing, safe experience that just feels right for me. I'll be so upset to feel my course with Yvonne end!!!!
12 Sep 2023
Suffering acute panic disorder since 6/4/23. At a point afraid to eat, take meds,sleeping, being alone & night-time. GP told me takes meds, will wind up Dandenong mental hospital. After endless googling hypnotherapy clinic, was not sitting with me till hypnofit came up, read & re-read reviews, thought give it ago, initial consultancy with Deb she was prayers answered Completed questionnaire, after analysis, was paired with Meri, my journey began, we don't realise at times how deep some traumas, incidents, upbringing, limited supressed beliefs, people pleasing to just be love. I cannot put $ sign On, 54 yrs of healing & re arranging & appreciating, respecting, & only loving 3 people " me myself & I" 1st. MERI has been my friend, therapist & above all my rock through the 12 wk session,which came to an end mid-August . Meri throughout demonstrated compassion, empathy, kindness, understanding & meri never judged, made me feel unwothy. When i had bad days she was a phone call away. A true inspiration. Therapist at hypofit has been through experiences in their lives to understand & work with individuals. The clinc itself is amazing has a feel of being @ home. Very chic,the energy & the welcoming feel & ambiance just made you feel trust, relaxed & comfortable, very clean & well equipped rooms. There are tasks to do each week. Iam able to go to sleep even close my curtains which I've never done in over 30 yrs. I was 86 kgs now I'm 71. I am able to eat mindfully I am pushing back what doesn't serve my greater good. I'm walking away fr toxic negative people. Making new friends. I have forgiven people & set them free. $2900 for 12 sessions & materials given. A VERY SMALL PRICE TO PAY FOR A NEW LEASE ON LIFE. Life has just begun ️️️️️NEVER TOO LATE️️️
05 Sep 2023
I found Shariann to be life changing. I’n the 3 months I have been having treatment I can see and feel the change in me. Thank you so much for giving me my future - I’m excited to see what is in store for me.
04 Sep 2023
I would like to thank Hypnofit for all there support on my 12 week journey of understanding me A big thanks to Shariann for confronting me and my real issues I was at the cross roads of my lifeboat and did know which to turn Until I was introduced to Hypnofit and Shariann I feel so amazing and feel a total reformed person. I have the tools to go forward with my live So anyone thinking that they are at the crossroads get in touch with the team at Hypnofit Many thanks to Shariann and Debra
28 Aug 2023
If your ready to move into a healthy positive direction come to hypnofit will get the help you need to help with over eating and stay on track without self sabotage also can do it without any strict diet . Would highly recommend meri she helped through out the 9 weeks course. Thankyou for your guidance appreciate the tools and experience you have added to my life. Thankyou
24 Aug 2023
We're having an incredible experience with HypnoFit and in particular Corinne - our daughter's therapist. Our daughter (14) was severely bullied for an extended period by two of her closet friends. She developed PTSD, severe anxiety and panic attacks. Which prohibited her from living a normal life. It was heartbreaking to watch and incredibly stressful on the entire family. After trying many other option, we felt helpless trying to find the right the care and support. And then we found HypnoFit. With Corinne's help and her unbelievable care, our daughter has dealt with almost all of her fears. She has regained confidence and resilience. And how mentally feels much better to tackle daily life, including a return to school (after not attending for 6 months). She absolutely loves Corinne and wants to continue seeing her for a while longer to help her navigate other life challenges. It has been simply life changing. I only wish - we had found HypnoFit earlier. I could not recommend them more highly. We are so incredibly grateful. Georgia
17 Aug 2023
I was struggling with my life & was looking for help for the last10 years. I was lucky enough to have found Katerina. She is not only good at what she does she also does it with passion. She is a person that is so filled with empathy whilst also maintaining professionalism as well. She pours her knowledge and provides so much help that a person can possibly offer. If you are ready to help yourself, then she is the best choice you can ever make.
28 Jul 2023
Had an awesome experience getting to understand why and how was putting weight on. With the help from Meri I EAS a lie find and work triggers of the weight gain to help me loose weight
25 Jul 2023
I am very grateful to have tried hypnotherapy at Hypnofit®. I had struggled a lot to find a solution for my anxiety or just a good place or for me to talk to someone. Katerina has been indescribably amazing when helping me and my mum. They have such a high standard of professionalism but also deep care for their clients. Personally, I have grown so much since coming and trying hypnotherapy. Thank you Kat for making me feel so loved. I owe you literally my life. Me and my mum look up to you all the time (you are so cool)! Thank you! Thank you!
14 Jul 2023
Meri was absolutely amazing the hypnotherapy sessions were amazing. I am now a non smoker thank you Meri.
09 Jul 2023
Hypnofit provided me with renewed energy, focus and determination to embark on a healthier lifestyle. Meri was always very professional, caring and knowledgeable in our sessions. Her approach was gentle, supportive and personalised. Meri provided me with lifelong tools to support my ongoing health journey. Thank you Meri and Hypnofit … Ann
07 Jul 2023
Mary was excellent. Lots of strategies and discussions that really helped. Hopefully my thinking will continue to change over the next months and years to come
04 Jul 2023
Wonderful place to be. I truly enjoyed spending time at Hypnofit watching my son grow and develop. It wasn’t always easy for him but Yvonne challenged him to use his feelings thoughts etc and he has certainly developed and grown in a positive way. Looking forward to seeing him spread his little wings . Thank you
30 Jun 2023
The service I received was personal, welcoming, supportive and wholistic. Meri was genuine, shared her own experiences with generosity and there was no limit to her dedication to her job. She obviously believes in her work and the benefits hypnotherapy has to her clients.
21 Jun 2023
I thoroughly recommend the programme. I had a different idea as to what it entailed when I signed up, but Corinne guided me through the experience with know how, compassion and an intuitive nature. I think the experience is accessible for all, from sceptics to people carrying more trauma and to those just looking to get themselves out of negative patterns of behaviour. I think everyone would feel comfortable. Still work for me to do but I feel I have a much better framework to kick off from - thank you
19 Jun 2023
If you are scared about how can you trust the therapist to talk about all the challenges you have experienced in life then I know how you feel. I say go for it. Meri held a space for me that was safe and supportive with her skill and compassion. I know it costs a lot of money to go but if you are in a position to afford this therapy then I would encourage you to give it a try. The business does seem to be creaking a bit under the high demand for appointments. I can not personally recommend Meri high enough. Warm, genuine and skilled in her delivery at all times. Thank you.
16 Jun 2023
This program has been amazing and life changing. I highly highly recommend seeing Corinne. She is detailed, heart felt, kind, and cares a lot. She will go above and beyond to help you! I am very grateful for this experience.
09 Jun 2023
Very relaxing and comfortable. I always felt heard, valued and understood whenever I'm having a session with Katerina. I liked how warm she is and how I can tell as a client how valued I am by her with all the effort she puts into my therapy.
29 May 2023
The experience with Hypnofit® and especially Meri was entirely eye opening and awakening. It was not a quick band aid fix but the process aimed at understanding the root cause of my anxiety issues and equipping me with the right strategies and tools to help overcome my anxiety. Meri is awesome. I will definitely be coming in for a maintenance session.
25 May 2023
I found the sessions very valuable, being able to achieve success, getting over my fear. I have found that I have been able to change my thoughts, making them more positive and becoming overall a more positive and confident person.
21 May 2023
I had the best experience working with Shariann. The self discovery was what I got the most value from. Even the hard stuff was worth the effort. I always ended up feeling good about going to my sessions. I can't stop smiling. I've had a whole of life transformation.
21 May 2023
Surprisingly emotional yet incredibly empowering. Corinne taught me to let go of things that I didn't even know were holding me back, and in so doing allowed me to see the logic in the program. Corinne made me feel safe and guided me to see my own value. I'm never going back - thank you.
11 May 2023
I found the experience very interesting and relaxing finding out about my past and how it effects my life and learning from this to move forward from the past to the future having the next chapter of my life. I would like to thank Katerina for her professional approach and keeping me relaxed throughout the experience.
20 Apr 2023
Amazing experience. Corinne really went above and beyond to help me be the best she could. I have learnt a lot of invaluable lessons and have tools that I will keep for life. Thank you, Corinne, for everything.
05 Apr 2023
I loved the whole experience and felt I learnt something from every session, growing, letting go of negative thoughts and feelings and changing negative to positive thoughts and feelings. I feel confident my life is improved 100%. Corinne is kind, considerate, understanding and loving. She gave me the tools for a very happy future.
31 Mar 2023
From the 1st phone call to my last appointment the team were the most professional, amazing and caring people. Corinne has so much joy, compassion and understanding. Without her my journey would not have made me the person I am today and strive to continue to be in the future. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
30 Mar 2023
I would like to say a big thank you to Kat for supporting me through this journey. I loved receiving regular SMS messages of encouragement and support. I think having the support over a 4 week period was beneficial to allow myself the time to gain full control.
30 Mar 2023
Life changing!!! The most amazing, positive, productive experience in self development I have ever done - worth the time and investment. If you want to change your life and evolve this is a MUST DO!! Corinne has (and is) changing my life. Thank you so much.
24 Mar 2023
When I first started my sessions I had a lot of anger in me but didn't realise how much this impacted my ability to lose weight. The program has helped address those emotions that were weighing me down and in turn be able to focus on my self worth, self confidence and overall wellbeing. I decided to give the program a go for weight loss but have been able to gain a lot more. Meri was a very supportive mentor and made me feel very comfortable and open.
23 Mar 2023
My son showed so much change and Yvonne just worked well with him the bond they had was so lovely and I wouldn’t recommend anyone else then Yvonne. Deb is amazing when we first came to HYPNOFIT Debra said I definitely know the right person for your son she was right they both helped through the journey and my son loved going and felt very comfortable with Yvonne. I have seen so much confidence in him now he definitely is a star and shinning through, which he was before but he definitely better for the sessions. They felt like a family at HYPNOFIT definitely would go again if we need to in the future. My sons anxiety was through the roof and Yvonne helped with the techniques all the techniques have worked and made him in to a happier person and confident in himself can’t thank Yvonne and the team enough would definitely let people know
23 Mar 2023
relaxing, unwinding and off loading. Realise what I am doing, when I didn't know I was doing it. Very comfortable and at ease with Katerina.
21 Mar 2023
I was really lost and had tried many other avenues to find some clarity in my life but had no luck. Finding Hypnofit® and most importantly Jelka has been life changing. The program changed the way I think and feel. Jelka and I had the most trusting, open and honest connection and she helped me to challenge negativity, anxiety and low mood. I now have the tools to move forward with resilience and confidence. Thank you
19 Mar 2023
Aren's behaviour has improved greatly over the past one month. No more rage outbursts, he's happier in general. Shows affection, improved communication and cooperation. I look forward to see more continuous changes. Corinne has done a fantastic job!
19 Mar 2023
Not a bad thing to say about my son's experience with Meri. The support within the sessions and even outside of session times was overwhelming. I couldn't speak highly enough of Hypnofit®.
06 Mar 2023
I found the program really helpful and insightful with lots of great techniques to practice outside of just the hypnosis. Would highly recommend.
13 Feb 2023
I felt welcomed - not judged. It was very relaxed. Most important that helped me achieving my goal of stopping smoking. I would recommend to everyone to reach for Hypnofit®. My therapist was very good, friendly.
31 Jan 2023
This has been the best programme I have done. This has given me so much empowerment and love for life. I am excited for my journey ahead. Meri is amazing.
27 Jan 2023
Hypnotherapy has helped me grow as a person and give my 100% in everything. Katerina my therapist was very kind and helped me understand what is happening and how to sort my problems.
24 Jan 2023
Amazingly fixed my social anxiety issues.
19 Jan 2023
I really got to know why I am the way I am. I came to understand how to cope with the personality drivers that make me understand what I can do to fix these drivers and in turn to help me to lose weight and re-gain control of my life in many ways.
17 Dec 2022
I would highly recommend this business to anyone who is serious about getting their mental struggles and challenges addressed. I had suffered from stress, anxiety, extreme burnout juggling with the needs of my family as a mother, work and daily demands of life. Not having a clear and deep understanding what lead to that, despite attempts at reading self help books, multiple visits to different psychologists, I could not get my root cause of my problems addressed. However, I didn't stop looking for answers and solutions. I stumbled across Hypnofit via Google and I like their approach of dealing with the subconscious mind and getting to the bottom of the cause of the problem. I have nothing else to lose but to go for it. I am really sick and tired of being at the mercy of my negative and anxious thoughts which lead to more unnecessary stress that does not serve me at all. This business had paired me with the most wonderful therapist, Meri. She is the most kind and empathetic human alive. I was worried and anxious on my 1st appointment and also my very 1st hypnotherapy session. She made me feel safe and trust her that she will guide me through this process. Also, her smile brights up the whole room! Fast forward to the end of my program, I could not thank Debra for pairing me with Meri and I could not thank Meri enough for leading me to this path of transformation and her guidance will forever be valued. I feel so empowered and renewed that I am now well equipped with strategies and tips to deal with my own emotions and thoughts.
26 Oct 2022
I worked with Jo to address issues with a fear of flying which I had been experiencing for about 15 years. Well, I just returned from 7 weeks in Europe with no less than 14 flights inclusive 2x14 hour flights. And I'm good. No anxiety in the days leading up to a flight, nor at the airport. Actually getting excited to enjoy the experience on the plane and being excited about the destination without the fear of flying clouding my thinking. Made the family holiday a pleasure instead of really stressful as it had been in the past. I highly recommend Jo and the team.
08 Oct 2022
I was seeking help for my 10-year-old boy Owen, who was diagnosed with ADHD, ASD, DDD, and High Anxiety in 2019. He is medicated and we had tried several other traditional therapists with not much relief from his growing anger, violence, and self-destruction. Working with clients of my own, ( I'm a hairdresser) I regularly engage in discussions about life experiences and discovered one of my guests had tried Hypnotherapy for her child who has some similarities in behavior with Owen, which lead me to Hypnofit. I had a thorough meeting with Debra, discussing all things relevant to proceed, agreed on a weekly time, and booked in with Yvonne, who loves to work with kids. Where do I start with Yvonne. I have never met a more genuine and positive person. Yvonne thoroughly explained to Owen what hypnotherapy is and how it could help him. She made it very clear to him that it was his decision to go ahead with the program and that he would be in his control at all times. They discussed emotions, why we have them, and how we can be in charge of them, and gain emotional regulation. Every week they would work on one ‘feeling’ that Owen wanted help with, find out the parts of his life that it stemmed from, and come up with a strategy to change it. I was quite emotional that he picked Anger first, to hear that he wanted to regulate this feeling because he didn’t like all that it made him do.
 Owen loved the “comfy chair and calming music and thinks Yvonne is funny and caring”. Owens's school teacher has remarked that he is more focused and engaged at school and that his reading and maths had improved remarkably. I definitely see a change in Owen and he is more in control of his emotions. Every session was followed up with an email and some recordings to use at home. We will continue to see Yvonne for top-up sessions for that extra support as Owen grows and because we value her support so much. We can’t thank you enough for your help and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your service to anyone.
26 Sep 2022
Incredible support, comfort and life changing outcomes working with Yvonne and my son, the lessons and skills he has learnt will make him a wonderful person to be around for the rest of his life. Cannot thank Yvonne and the team enough!
21 Jul 2022
Well I was thought I was feeling claustrophobic only, but talking with Jo, I had the realisation it was not just being claustrophobic but I was angry. The help by talking and hypnotherapy, its a must I wish I had done this years ago I struggled for over 30 years. I am mentally stronger and most of all HAPPY. I would recommend Hypnofit to anyone, Jo,Debra and all the team THANKYOU.
28 Jun 2022
The experience was eye opening and at times emotional but the outcome has been amazing and the journey has been enjoyable and worth the effort. I look forward to continue putting my learnings into practice and to keep releasing my weight until I reach my goal.
10 Jun 2022
My experience with Hypnofit and working with Yvonne has been truly life changing. It has helped me alter limiting beliefs which I felt I could not change, and has empowered me take control of my thoughts and mindset. Yvonne genuinely cares about her clients and loves what she does which really shines through in every session. I would highly recommend Yvonne and Hypnofit to anyone struggling with limiting beliefs, changing habits or patterns of behaviour or dealing with anxiety.
09 May 2022
Amazing. I really liked how I could access information that was within me and use myself and my own knowledge to guide me.
09 May 2022
Had a very good experience with Jo. The first session was confronting, I really had to look deep and see what my issues were and what I wanted. Hypnotherapy is no 'quick fix,' the results you get are based on the effort you put in. I was struggling the most with falling into bad habits. Prior to attending, I wasn't going gym, playing video games all day, eating unhealthy. Jo helped me put good habits into place, now I am going gym at last 4 times a week and meal prepping and have an overall positive outlook on life. There are still things I need to work on, but I have been given the tools from Jo to be able to work through them. The actual hypnotherapy isn't some magical change in your consciousness, but days will go by when you think a certain way and can notice the differences. Would definitely recommend hypnotherapy as an option and Hypnofit/Jo made the experience very easy and comforting.
13 Apr 2022
We were very happy with the Hypnofit® experience. Bass' therapist, Katerina was completely invested in Bass achieving his goals. We will happily recommend. We will also share our experience with the specialist injection clinic at the Austin.
22 Mar 2022
My experience with Hypnofit® and Meri in particular has been just awesome! Meri believed in me from the beginning. She gave me the tools and the courage to believe in myself and stop allowing smoking to control my life!
22 Feb 2022
Many years in different kinds of therapy and I finally was able to calm my anxious mind thanks to Hypnofit. The investment is definitely worth it. Everyone who is on a constant quest for self improvement and never fully happy with themselves should try it. This experience opened so much more in me, than I asked for, and gave me resources to lead a happy and fulfilled life no matter what. I am also so grateful I met Yvonne through Hypnofit. She has a very rare ability to listen and understand the deepest parts of your being and then guide your subconscious to do whatever needs to be done to shape the best outcome. All the hard work and results are still unfolding, and I'm curious to see what comes next.
14 Dec 2021
Hypnofit was such a great and positive experience for myself…and I am truely thankful that I took this step and for the support i received from their team. They have given me the confidence to get on with the rest of my life!
04 Nov 2021
Euphoric. Calming. Overwhelming sometimes. Ecstatic because I overcame fear. Life changing. Grounding. Centered myself. New attitude on anything relating to me, that is getting rid of negativity.
10 Sep 2021
I went to Hypnofit to get help with my bad eating habits, however, we also discovered that I had a lot of anxiety, which led to my bad eating habits. I saw Jo for 12 weeks, and not only did I love doing my weekly sessions with her, but I also can’t get over how much my anxieties have gone, along with many of my bad eating habits. Thank you so much Jo, you have been amazing!!
30 Aug 2021
I have been working with Yvonne for around 10 sessions now. During these sessions and after, the change in my outlook on situations/events is truely amazing. Being quite conscious and skeptical myself, I found Yvonne to be very empathetic , loving and so easy to talk to. Yvonne guided me to get answers to questions I had within myself. She drew the answers out of my sub conscious in a very safe and comfortable space. Yvonne is an amazing listener and extremely motivational. My whole outlook on situations/events has changed in a very positive way. Situations that used to be hard to deal with and I would replay in my head has now changed to a more peaceful calm and positive way of seeing things. I no longer feel the need to hold on to the past and I am looking forward and excited to such a bright future ahead of me. I am so grateful and cannot praise Yvonne enough for the most beautiful kind hearted soul she is, And this has radiated in all our sessions. I truely think Hypnotherapy with Yvonne is well worth the time and effort. Sometimes all it takes is one blind leap of faith to change your life for the better. Thank you Yvonne always for being so kind to me. Love, Riya
16 Aug 2021
After having several 'breakthrough' moments that surprised me, I can highly recommend. Whilst going through a very difficult time in my life, I'm proud of the way I'm coping and my responses to stressors.
12 Aug 2021
This is my first experience with hypnosis so I was a little skeptical, although I knew that I wanted it to work well and it did. The environment is comfortable and safe and Jo was fantastic, available and present. Certainly recommend if you really want the change for good.
05 Aug 2021
Jo has been great. Great support for my daughter and has made her feel comfortable. It has calmed her triggers at times and helped her cope. Made her try different thinking methods with her anxiety.
20 Jul 2020
Christian blew all my expectations away with his personal, thorough and compassionate hypnotherapy. I quit sugar after the 1st appointment and haven't looked back since. I only wish I saw him 10 years ago! Thank you Christian for, well, absolutely everything! Me and my insides are incredibly grateful!
09 Jun 2020
The Hypnofit process enabled me to identify issues in my life that were holding me back. By addressing these I feel empowered to make the necessary changes to move forward in a positive manner.
20 Feb 2020
The therapist was very helpful and listened to my needs. The sessions were focused and targeted to my needs. After the 1st session I was beginning to sleep well.
15 Jan 2020
The thing I loved about my time with Jo was that she took the time to get to know me and really connect with me as a person. She offered support, compassion and care and a belief in me that I was lacking at the time.I looked forward to my sessions each week and loved the feeling of total relaxation. I have a stronger sense of self, empowerment, "I've got this" and control are in my life. I am very grateful for my time here and for Jo's professionalism, care and support. Thank you and looking forward to achieving all my goals in the future.
15 Jan 2020
Jo was flexible and motivated. Jo was always willing to help and change the program to meet my needs. The venue was awesome and all the tools used were very useful and gave me excellent results. I met my goal!!
23 Dec 2019
I felt understood and not judged. I felt I was able to take this time to allow myself to be helped and when I saw improvements, I wanted to continue.
08 Nov 2019
I loved the sessions and felt relaxed, safe and happy. I loved the audios that I can do in my own time. The audios helped me to implement the strategies learnt in my sessions.
30 Jul 2019
I found the process very nurturing, powerful and in some ways unexpected - it took me to a deeper understanding of my journey - where I've been and how I can move forward.
05 Apr 2019
I liked how Christine made Hypnofit my safe place. I looked forward to the sessions because because I knew each one made me feel better in a different way.
10 Nov 2018
Monika was brilliant in helping me to acknowledge and take charge of my roadblocks. I now know what I need to do to get to where I want to be.
22 Sep 2018
Christine has been instrumental in helping me reset my mind and change the way that I was approaching my health and body. I have lost 10kg since beginning my journey and have the tools and mindset to continue on that path.
22 Sep 2018
Sessions were a combination of high emotion (especially in the beginning) and peace/calmness. I have walked away with greater clarity of thought and respect for self. I know what I can control and have a greater ability to let go of things that I can't. Identifying what is important to me and enabling change has been a key success.
01 Apr 2018
I needed help with my weight management, I had previously lost 50kg of weight, but was self sabotaging and beginning to put the weight back on. I was aware that the key component to weight loss is your mental attitude, so I went to Hypnofit. I cannot thank Helen and Monika enough, I have taken all the mental tools that they have given me and my attitude towards foods has changed for the better. I eat smaller portions and have no cravings or sabotaging thoughts. Thank you so much
06 Feb 2018
I have had an exceptional turn around with Hypnofit and Lisa. She was able to be equal parts, clever, funny, nurturing, tough, kind, and appropriate. Highly intuitive, she was able to tap into a range of strategies that were both practical and profound. I have been able to build better relationships, both personal and familial and through the work, have been able to find myself. I highly recommend Lisa as a therapist and Hypnofit.
04 Apr 2017
Manuela helped me to beat depression and gave me my life back. I cannot thank Hypnofit Hypnotherapy enough!
20 Feb 2017
After having other hypnotherapy experience, I knew what I wanted to achieve; with the thorough question and answering process that Hypnofit use, I knew that I would achieve it and did. Having this initial positive result and experience, I have returned to the team for another answer to be discovered... I after only another couple of sessions we nailed it. To Helen, Emmanualla and Jon you all rock! If you want answers, to change behaviour or just be a better version of YOU, then you owe it to yourself to experience Hypnofit. You can't put a price on your health.
24 Nov 2016
After seeing Helen for a few issues I was struggling with, she helped get me through everything and transformed me into a new person! I've ever felt so good in my life and it's all thanks to her!
10 Jul 2016
When I finally decided to see Helen, I was at the end of my tether. My self-confidence had crashed and I was afraid my mindset of fear would hold me back from wonderful new opportunities. Not only was Helen an astute listener but she taught me simple yet tremendously effective techniques to tackle my insecurities at each stage. I've used all of them with great results. Each session was so positive that I looked forward to Saturday mornings and was almost sorry when it ended. Thank you, Helen. You have helped so much!
07 Jul 2016
Helen has given me the willpower to make the correct food choices ,reduce the portion size of my meals and eliminate sweets which has Helped me to loose weight Also during our sessions other issues that had been bothering me and that needed addressing came into the conversation and Helen helped me deal with that as well
21 Jun 2016
I knew when I got serious about getting fit and healthy that I needed to address how I thought about my approach to food, alcohol and exercise. Going to Hypnofit and working with Helen to get my mindset right has absolutely been the reason I have been successful in achieving my goals and sticking to them. I have comfortably and easily lost 18 kilos and still going and I couldn't be happier. This is not a diet solution but a lifestyle and mindset change for the good.
15 Apr 2016
I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Really can't eat huge amounts, think healthy and have lost over 10 kilos in three months. The surgery was successful and painless. claire
21 Mar 2016
I saw Helen's ad a couple of years ago after realising that I was bursting at the seems all the things life was throwing at me. This year, I bit the bullet and signed up on the strength of other womo reviews. I had previously seen counselors and psychologists before to work out i s s u e s but this time round, I sought Helen out for a mental health tune up. Over the course of a number sessions, we worked through stuff, re-imaged and reinvented without the usual trauma associated with dredging up the past etc. Did it work for me? For the issues that I had, Yes it did. Would I go back? Yes I will for another check up.
31 Jan 2016
Having had no enduring success with counsellors, and unwilling to take medication I contacted Hypnotherapy to try something different. After a long phone consultation, Helen was realistic about my likely outcome & suggested two sessions. Our first session was a get to know me session, quite unlike any counsellor, psych, therapy session I've had in the past (and I've seen a few around this issue). I didn't feel rushed or that Helen was watching the clock. I found Helen's pointed (yet respectful & gentle) questioning uncovered my real issue & fronting up to it has given me clarity & left me feeling empowered & happier. During our second session I was hypnotised & I've not looked back since (it's been two months). I'm more confident on the path I've chosen & I feel a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Helen is awesome & I'm grateful everyday for what she's done for me. Give it a go!
24 Nov 2015
Seeing Helen was the best thing I've ever done, my husband agrees! After doing the virtual gastric banding I have lost 11.6kg to date over past 6 months - slow and steady wins the race! After 20+ years of yoyo and fad diets I finally feel in control. Helen helped me to change my mindset and how I see food and exercise. She helped me clear negativity thoughts from my past and of myself, I couldn't be happier. I would do it all again in a heartbeat. My life and mind are forever changed. I have other friends who have seen Helen and all are so pleased with the results. Thank you Helen ️
19 May 2015
Thanks to Robyn from hypnofit for a great few sessions. Since working on a couple of challenges I have seen the change that I was looking for and am grateful for the opportunity to be supported in this way
07 Feb 2015
bethjl from Bonbeach
My experience with Helen was incredible, I can never thank her enough. She has changed my way of thinking forever! I'm so thankful that she was suggested to me as I was being told my last resort for depression was electric shock therapy, turns out I had it in me the whole time. As well as losing over 12kg so far I am now well on my way to a happier and healthier life thanks to this amazing lady!
05 Feb 2015
stephenf13 from Montmorency
Over a long history of issues and seeing a variety of people I now finally feel confident that I have things in hand. If needs be I intend to access follow up for assistance. Would have no hesitation in recommending Helen to anyone in need.
24 Nov 2014
sylviag2 from Huntingdale
After undergoing open heart surgery in the middle of the year, having gained 10kilos and feeling not so good about myself I decided to get help via Hypnofit. Although my initial problem was trying to lose weight, Helen has not only helped me lose 7kilos but given me confidence, guidance and strategies to face fears and feelings I have kept buried for years! I can honestly say, I am no longer an emotional eater but a mindful one. Since first seeing Helen, I have started my own cake bussiness, joined a gym and excersise daily, have become more assertive with people,and live my life in a more holistic manner! Being a shy and reserved person, all of thisl would not have been possible without Helen's ongoing support. Thank you Helen for helping me recognise what I want from MY life and in the process becoming a happier person,confident enough to fulfill my dreams.. Highly recommended!
18 Nov 2014
stevec34 from Elsternwick
Helen Mitas has written a brilliant book that any therapist would benefit from. I love the 'no BS' approach and the immensely practical, specific advice she gives. It's particularly suitable for businessy-type clients, particularly Alpha males and females who struggle to find time in their lives to work on themselves. You could do worse that throw this book at them and ask them to choose their own plan!
08 Nov 2014
tylery1 from Bundoora
Its amazing how the help of one person, a stranger can be all the help you need to be the person you want to be. I was low, lost and without any answers or solutions before stumbling across Helen. It was with her guidence, support and open arms that i found myself and fractions of my purpose. There are no words to express my thanks or my admiration for this woman, i think it is an understatement to say Helen is a Hero. Thank you for making things make sense and thank you for giving me a perspective i never knew exsisted.
20 Oct 2014
andreaw13 from Templestowe
Well worth the time and money What I learnt will last me a lifetime Helen mitas is a caring professional hypnotherapist and her knowledge and experience changed my life for the better! I decided to have 12 one on one sessions with Helen. I also decided to purchase the Fast Track to Fabulous DVD/CD audio set ... I listened in the car When I finished the last CD I reinserted CD no 1 and listened again! I found the CD to be a very valuable tool - I learnt so much and it has definitely helped me to think differently and to achieve the things I want to achieve. It stays in my car as I find it very helpful to pop it on and get motivation whenever I need to Thank you Helen
15 Sep 2014
adrianew from Mitcham
I went to see Helen about the virtual gastric band upon the recommendation of a friend, who had seen her last year. The first time I went to see Helen, she told me something nobody else had ever told me before: that instead of just helping me understand why I felt the way I felt, she would help me *change* the way I felt. And that is exactly what has happened. I have lost over 10 kilograms and am well on to the way to losing more weight. I feel a sense of empowerment that I never thought was possible, and I can't recommend Helen's programs and treatment highly enough. Helen genuinely commits to helping you reach your goals, and to be all that you can be.
01 Aug 2014
Helen asked the right questions from our first chat on the phone compared to other therapist's, this attracted me because it gave me greater confidence of success to quit cigarettes. Despite being a little more expensive, I whole heatedly recommended using Helen to help quit smoking. She also is happy to keep in contact after the treatment and keen to know how I was progressing. I am now motivated to enter into my first ever fun ran as I am a non smoker and have been for 2 months now since my treatment.
27 Jun 2014
christinem51 from Balwyn North
Wow what an experience! As a hypnotherapist, Helen, more than delivered! I went in just to quit smoking but came out with all of my anger, anxiety and fears that I was carrying that I wasn't even aware if have been taken care of. On top of that, I have now been given a new lease of life, I have quit smoking and am ready to embark on a new career, one that I never envisaged ever before walking in to have my first consult. Helen has changed my life forever and I cannot thank her enough!
11 Jun 2014
kerryf13 from Pakenham
This woman has completely changed my life. She has made me see life from a different perspective and I now know I can and will achieve anything and everything!!!
19 Feb 2014
sharsd from Docklands
I recently obtained a copy of the E Book Kick Ass Habits. WOW wow wow are the first words that came to mind after reading it. I loved it. I've never had a weight problem myself, all my life I've been told 'you're just lucky' because I've maintained a lean and healthy weight so many years. My weight has never really changed since I was 18 (now 40). Reading Helen's E book, Kick Ass Habits, made me realise that it's not just luck, I'm just a 'kick ass slim chick'. All those habits that 'kick ass slim chicks' do, is exactly what I've done from a young age. I saw my mum counting calories when I was a teen and I thought to myself, surely if I eat less and move more it's just a simpler way of counting calories and not having to monitor everything so closely. Of course there is more to it, portion size, good nutrition, exercise and of course consistency is the key but overall some of the concepts like eating when hungry, listening to your tummy, not having desserts just because they're there.. All things I've always done. I just didn't realise that's why 'I'm lucky.' Great book really great advice for a healthy lifestyle choice. Thoroughly enjoyed it, even as a kick ass slim chick. Well done, Helen is an amazing inspiration.
06 Jan 2014
nicolaw4 from Ivanhoe
Hypnofit enabled me to lose 20 kilos over the past 10 months using the virtual gastric band technique. Helen is amazing and cares so much about her clients, she has helped me tremendously and I have already recommended her to several friends.
24 Dec 2013
I manifested SOOO much this year and in no small part because I worked with you Helen. I do believe in what you do.... Helen you have moved me forward beyond belief- you pushed me into new territory that will keep going in 2014 . .... Its all very exciting & I am looking forward to 2014- bring it on!
22 Dec 2013
glendenw from Bulleen
The experience was one of the most pleasant life changing experiences i've had. I have not smoked for over 7, maybe 8 months now, and it has been unbelievably easy. Helen is an absolute professional, and provides a warm and thoughtful, client centred service. Exactly what i needed, thanks Helen!
Bulleen, VIC, 3105
Tel: 1300797622

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