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Pterodactyl Helicopters

14 Nov 2015
Good Morning Mike, Noel and I would like the send special thanks to you for the time and effort you and Ben put into the flight for Ken and Madonna yesterday and to you for the trip to Woodlands. It was something he won’t forget and I reckon he is still smiling. It came at a time when they were both in need of a boost. We will not hesitate to recommend your business to anyone in the future. Thanks once again Noel and Rose Clements
19 Aug 2015
Exhilarating experience with excellent personal service. We had a very special day, thanks
20 Mar 2015
Fantastic at no time did they rush you let you have 2 or 3 beers at each pub before moving on. Highly recommend it and cannot wait to go again.
08 Dec 2014
My son has been hospitalised twice in the last two years with a rare syndrome. I was looking for an experience to make him feel really special, and ended up deciding on a helicopter joy flight. I have never been moved to write a review before, but feel compelled to because I was simply blown away by the service and experience provided by Pterodactyl. We were made feel so very special, treated with such warmth, and made feel so comfortable by Mike and his wife. My boys commented it was one of the best moments of their life and indeed will be a special memory for all of us forever. An experience which exceeded my expectations and then some! Thanks so much, Captain Mike!
07 Dec 2014
I have been for a trip with Captain Mike in his helicopter. I found before we even started the trip How safety conscious he was. He was careful as we approached the craft with the propeller and when I was seated he warned me of handles not to touch. He was careful on the take off and we flew. It was absolutely fabulous. We flew around the countryside and I could see everything. I felt perfectly safe. The landing was spot on. It was a great day. I remain Sincerely Mary Moebus
06 Dec 2014
Hey Mike, a quick note to say thanks for a great day & even better company Jodie & I had a ball and will send through a few pics over the weekend Chris
02 Dec 2014
the night before i asked gavin was it really true, he said yes kelli its for me and you, on our way my heart was pumping out of my chest, when we meet captain mike it was put to rest, i was like a child let loose in a toy store, gavin was eyeing of his big toy that for sure, with a smooth transfer from gavin into my seat all is sweet, headphones on gee im famousgavin hopped in the front then it was take off, i giggled so much i nearly wet my pants up in the air in the clouds, its full of adventure, this something only poor people dream about, want to make a statement and turn peoples heads? arrive like a rock star? for the time your with pterodactyl helicopters, thats how captain mike makes you feel, never get stuck for a gift again for your lover or a friend, come closer and check this one out, wanna say thanks to ya mate, captain mike can sort it out, the price will knock you outgo to not one pub but three, even have a counter lunch, boy that would pack a punch, no matter what your budget is captain mike has a whole bunch of flights to meet your needs, if you need a handyable person call me, gavin is already dreaming of his next ride up in the clouds so high look mum we have a helicopter we can fly, 5 stars is what i say and thats the truth. a big call yes, so what are you waiting for pick up the phone and call captain mike, the king of the air ways is out of sight, we spun out the way he talks in his mic, this was our experience, warm and from the heart, dont just sit there get on your mark, pick up the phone and make memories of your own. captain mike looked after gavin and me his cripple wife with kit gloves, we bet thats what captain mike does. until we take to the skies again, looks like we have made a friend in captain mike.
09 Nov 2014
Big thanks to the Pterodactyl team for an awesome day! We always recommend your company to others because of the great prices and excellent service. Thanks again to Captain Mike and crew.
06 Nov 2014
I hate small aircraft. My hands sweat and my thought processes go all ratty with fear. However I have to say, that after being talked into A flight with Pterodactyl helicopters, Captain Mike's calm, confident manner and his humorous banter throughout the flight, not only made me feel at ease But I actually enjoyed seeing the amazing scenery that these flights are famous for!
26 Oct 2014
paulg37 from Karana Downs
An absolute brilliant service, and a must do for all!! for an exciting day, pterodactyl helicopters is worth every dollar spent for sure. The view from the helicopter is amazing, it's not like flying in a fixed wing air craft, it's quite a different sensation, great fun for sure! Thank you Pterodactyl helicopters, we'll be back for more, Cheers.
23 Oct 2014
dorj from Ipswich
I had the chance to take a flight from the Brisbane river to the Lake Manchester hanger after a wedding. It was truly magnificent.
05 Jun 2014
Anonymous from Newtown
The trip I had with Capt. Mike and the Pterodactyl Chopper was absolutely fantastic and I have raved about it to my friends ever since! Regards- Annie
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