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19 Jun 2021
baileyu from Lakes Entrance
Great quality and great service, definitely coming back.
14 Jun 2018
FANTASTIC Company. Picked up a small order yesterday and it's back less than 24 hours later. Can't recommend enough. Thank you
05 Feb 2017
I had roughly around 118kgs of washing ... yep that's right 118kgs They picked it all up Wed and back to me Friday If that's not amazing I don't know what is. Great service and great team of people :)
13 Dec 2015
Love this company. Took all the hassle out of ironing, and cant fault the easy pick up and drop off service. Makes my life that bit easier!
26 Nov 2015
Excellent service at a great price & with a smile . You have taken away my stress & I will be back.
26 Nov 2015
Great service ,very professional and takes all the hassle out of ironing. Would recommend to anyone wanting to free up their time to enjoy life a little bit more.
26 May 2015
Top service for people who need ironing and other helpful stuff done. Great communication and understanding, ironing always comes back perfect and presentable. Love their promo discounts.
26 May 2015
Excellent professional and friendly service who are willing to go the extra mile to make sure you are home for pick ups and delivery using their SMS service. Barry is always helpful and courteous and the rapid turn-around is great!
20 May 2015
From the first contact the service was professional and so easy and quick. The quality was outstanding and well as the ease of payment . Thank you for making it so easy and assessable for busy people.
19 May 2015
If you're looking for a business where customer service is real and not just words, dont look any further. Outstanding customer service and quality .
18 Apr 2015
We've just received our first load of ironing back from DII. Husband and I both HATE to iron (I won't buy new clothes that need ironing!) but baulk at the $5.50 per shirt that the drycleaners near us charge. Extremely happy with DII's service - very reasonably priced. Booked and picked up Thursday, dropped back Friday. Impeccably ironed and cared for. Friendly and quick. Will definitely be using DII again.
14 Mar 2015
ianf19 from Bull Creek
We tried them out with ironing, pick up and returned the next day. SMS after pick and return as we were not at home on either occasion. very happy with the results, the cost and the service.
01 Mar 2015
ellene2 from Mindarie
Service from Barry is good, we love the fact that they pick-up our things from the front door and drop everything off again the next day. It is more expensive, but worth it.
28 Feb 2015
Anonymous from Mindarie
Ironing and dry cleaning. They picked up and delivered when they said they would. Good quality work. Our local dry cleaner charges $10 per shirt (regardless of type), which is just not viable. With Drive-in Ironing, our full week's ironing including delivery charges was $44, which passes the "When you look at your pile of ironing, how much would you pay someone to make it go away" test. Our local dry cleaner would have charged me $110 for the same amount of ironing and no pick-up or delivery, which fails the test by a long way.
11 Feb 2015
KiwiDi from Redcliffe
My partner has always ironed his own shirts. Last August he was diagnosed with a serious illness and I decided this was one thing we could outsource. We have tried other, cheaper, services but the quality and service provided by Barry and his team is second to none. Pickup Tuesday, back on Wednesday (or even Tuesday afternoon), and communication is as easy as sending a text. Can't ask for better than that.
23 Jan 2015
amandal45 from Forrestdale
Love the ease & the fact of no more Sunday afternoons of having to do the ironing hours on end. Great service, pick up and delivery great communication recommend to those who either hate the choir of ironing or time poor. Give it ago you will never want to do this choir yourself again.
09 Jan 2015
Awesome service, very easy to use and quality was great. Driver is friendly, helpful and arranging pick up and drop off was painless.
31 Oct 2014
I am using Drive In Ironing on a fortnightly basis and find that they do a great job. Pick up and deliver my items in a very timely manner and ironed to perfection.
03 Oct 2014
I have used Drive-in Ironing twice now and am very pleased with the way my ironing is returned to me. All the clothes are ironed and folded or hung professionally and covered in plastic .Also they have no worries about driving out to Baldivis where I live to pick up my basket of ironing. The staff are friendly and willing to go out of their way for you.
07 Sep 2014
I use the Ironing service at Drive-in Ironing often, the staff are friendly and the service is good. Recommend as easy and professional.
03 Sep 2014
I have used Drive-in Ironing for the Laundry and Ironing service of heavily soiled clothes that are worn in a harsh industry environment for a number of years and am happy with the service and quality provided. The staff have always been friendly & the service provided is timely. Thanks very much
21 Aug 2014
Stel from Mount Lawley
I have used Drive-In-Ironing on a regular basis for dry cleaning and ironing. They are always friendly, helpful and reliable.
Maida Vale, WA, 6057
Tel: 0894544401
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