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Hogben Farrell Financial Planning

28 Oct 2016
Our priority was to secure 'unconflicted' financial advice. Stephen and Daniel provided a comprehensive Statement of Advice which addressed our concerns. They are professional in all aspects of their dealings with us. They use cutting edge software to deliver advice and implement that advice. We are confident that we are in very safe hands.
17 Oct 2016
I was recommended to Hogben & Farrell by my first financial adviser, I have been happy with the care I have received from their firm. I don't seem to have to worry about anything as I feel confident in their hands.
14 Oct 2016
Hogben and Farrell have been our financial advisers for a few years, from the very beginning they have taken care of us and been very helpful and positive of our retirement plan. Daniel and Stephen have been very caring and their advice has helped us to reach our goal - We wish them all the best!
12 Oct 2016
Daniel & Stephen have been my Financial Advisers since 2011, they were referred by a friend and never looked back. They have been great, easy to get along with, approachable on any ideas or thoughts you may have, they will get back to you in a fairly quick time frame. They have a wealth of knowledge and resources to help you along the way. I have much to be grateful for because of their advice.
10 Oct 2016
We first consulted Stephen & Daniel in the early part of 2015 and were more than happy to engage them as our financial advisers. Since then we have found them to be thorough, approachable, and always responsive to any follow up questions or concerns.
07 Oct 2016
Hogben & Farrell have been my Financial Advisers for the last few years. In the short time I have been dealing with them I've found them very caring, honest, helpful and feel quite comfortable to trust them with my finances. I have no problem in referring them to friends and family, so much so I have passed their name to quite a few friends already.
06 Oct 2016
Our experience at Hogben Farrell has been positive. In volatile financial times their ability and willingness to respond to our questions is important and reassuring. They are happy to involve us in decisions, provide regular updates on issues affecting our SMSF and they enable us to monitor the health of our portfolio online so we are informed - research options are encouraged and available. We do not think of ourselves as passive investors, and HF welcome active involvement in wealth management. This model suits us compared with a set and forget style offered by some of their competitors.
05 Oct 2016
carmined from Donvale
This is our first engagement with financial advisors. Both Stephen & Daniel are great in what they do. We even heard other financial advisors recommend them, believe it or not.
16 Oct 2014
Dennis and I just wanted to thank you both for your advice and guidance over the past few months with regard to setting up our superannuation fund. The prospect of doing this with our limited knowledge was very daunting. Thank you for providing simple, easy to follow direction, and explaining all the technical and legal requirements. We look forward to enjoying the rewards of your efforts over the coming years! Dennis and I would be pleased to recommend your services to friends and colleagues finding themselves in a similar situation.
30 Sep 2014
Having our 1st child, had my wife and I thinking about the future, our finances and what we can do TODAY to ensure our future is protected. We found Daniel and Stephen in the local paper – From our first meeting, we were blown away by the professionalism, care and understanding by both Daniel and Stephen. Nothing is too big or small for the Hoban Farrell Group. Their advice, the time to understand us, their attention to detail is Outstanding. Thanks for taking care of us and all you do for us to ensure we have confidence with what is happening today and into the future. Highly recommend Daniel and Stephen. Gian Pianezzola, Kate Pianezzola , Roman Pianezzola and Lucy Pianezzola.
19 Sep 2014
We value the support we have received from Stephen and Daniel, in particular a review to improve our house, savings for our child's education and monitoring our superannuation. Stephen and Daniel have a friendly, personal and approachable relationship with their clients.
19 Sep 2014
We were referred to Hogben Farrell by our accountant who said the firm was very professional and independent. We found this to be the case. We have benefited from Daniel and Stephen's advice on Superannuation, Retirement and general financial guidance. They consistently deliver on their commitments. They have provided competent and timely advice and service at a fair price, and have invested in getting to know us and our financial landscape. All the dealings we have with Daniel and Stephen have been handled in a highly competent and professional manner. This coupled with their friendly and personable attitude, has made the relationship most enjoyable. We highly recommend them.
17 Sep 2014
We first sought financial advice as we had just started a family and wanted to plan for and protect our family's financial future. I knew Steve from our Melbourne University days and was confident in his abilities. The service from both Steve and Daniel has been seamless. Their advice is considered and thorough and it is never too much trouble to ring and ask questions.
17 Sep 2014
I appointed Daniel Hogben and Stephen Farrell as my financial advisors in late 2013. It takes time before one can judge the full effectiveness of their advice at this early stage, but I would like to state that I have full confidence in Daniel and Stephen's handling of my investments. Daniel and Stephen have always been generous with their time and listened patiently to my requirements, questions, fears and concerns. It is difficult to make investing simple and relatively risk-free. We have worked on that as a team and I am happy with the outcome to date. Mutual respect and trust are paramount during the building and maintaining of the investor / advisor relationship. I have no doubt Daniel and Stephen will retain their current clients and enjoy ensuing referrals as they are people of ability and integrity. It is the investor's personal responsibility to carefully research the financial planning field and choose a financial advisor. It is wise to confirm that your adviser is a member of the Financial Planning Association of Australia.
17 Sep 2014
We were introduced to Stephen and Daniel approximately 12 months ago. After being let down by our previous financial planner, we were a little sceptical about the whole thing. It took only one visit to realise that the services provided by these two gentlemen belong to another category altogether. Needless to say, we are extremely happy and reassured, relieved and secure that our hard earned cash is managed by someone who “is in the know” and most importantly, is here to stay for the long run. Both Stephen and Daniel answered all of our questions without hesitation, provided us with options and solutions, if one issue required a few investigations a call out, the results were promptly communicated back to us in a timely fashion. On another occasion, I called Stephen after hours to address an important matter relating to our business. Both the call and the advice were handled on the spot without hesitation and with a smile. It is rare and extremely rewarding to experience such service today. Thank you Stephen and Daniel – I look forward to many more years of business with you guys!
17 Sep 2014
Both Stephen and Daniel have been a great help to us with our retirement planning and ongoing advice on where our funds are best suited for our pension and ongoing enjoyment of our retirement.
16 Sep 2014
About 4 years ago I came into some very unexpected money that I had no idea what to do with. Do I buy a property, or do I invest the money somehow, was the big question. The next was how to do it. In my travels to work out what to do I went and saw 3 companies all of whom did a statement of advice for me and charged me a lot of money for that document. The reason I did not stay with any of the other companies is because I find all of the financials of life somewhat hard to follow and I was never really clear about what was being said, in these important documents. Then through a friend I came across Daniel and Stephen from Hogben Farrell Financial Planning, well the difference for me was and is wonderful. Both Stephen and Daniel came and talked to me about the many things that I could do and they were only too happy to answer the many questions I had and still have today. Stephen and Daniel realise that financial planning is not something that everybody can understand right away and that it is a large learning curve for many people. They also see that everything is different for everyone and seem to be very good at making what they do suit the individual person and their needs. The best thing for me about using Hogben Farrell is I know I can ask whatever I need to whenever I need to and I know that if things are still not clear Stephen does his very best to make it clear to me and to me the company deserves all the work that they get because they are the only company I could find out there, that does what they do. Well done Stephen and Daniel, keep up the good work.
16 Sep 2014
We have used the services of Hogben Farrell Financial Planning over the last twelve months. The initial recommendation came from our Accountant and after dealing with Hogben Farrell, I would recommend their services for the following reasons: 1. Investment discussions have been well organised and designed to fit with our investment strategy. 2. All paperwork including regulatory forms and SMSF structure have been fully explained and completed with a minimum of fuss. In summary, we would recommend Hogben Farrell because of their professional approach and trust in their competence and high ethical standards. Grant & Kay
15 Sep 2014
We are in our 70's and have a self-managed super fund. We were referred to Hogben Farrell Financial Planning by our trusted tax accountant after receiving more expensive, inadequate financial advice from a larger firm. We have been with Hogben Farrell since June 2013. Their advice has been helpful, clear and timely. We are happy with the fixed fee for advice arrangement.
Kew, VIC, 3101
Tel: 1300023842

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