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Shopnfriends Personal Stylists Perth

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Shopnfriends Personal Stylists Perth

19 Jun 2017
annar228 from Athelstone
Shop'n'friends took 455 of my shirts on commission, sold dozens and wouldn't pay me for them. The cheque was always in the mail. That was 5 years ago. Not a cent! Bunch of thieves ladies. Beware!!
28 Aug 2015
mbom from Bayswater
Fiona was professional and friendly and took time to explain things to me. I tried on numerous clothes and Fiona was very patient and provided feedback on what I should and shouldn't wear. As someone else indicated, it was like shopping with a friend. I would recommend this consult to be done at least once every so often or when life takes you in a different direction.
10 Jul 2015
This service is amazing! I am starting a new job in less than a week and needed a complete wardrobe overhaul. Janine started with my existing wardrobe, sorting the casual from the office. She then took me shopping for the missing essential items. I ended up buying 7 new items that will totally transform my work wardrobe. Janine has taught me how to mix and match these items so I have multiple looks. She gave me the courage to try colour, (which I never do!) and I must say I am really pleased with all of my purchases. My confidence is soaring and I have to thank Janine for everything she has done. I can't wait to start my new job!!!
02 Jul 2015
I must admit I was a little anxious about clothes shopping with a Stylist but I had such a great time with Fiona. Fiona put me at ease straight away and made me feel like I was shopping with a good friend. She is such a lovely person and I learnt heaps of tips and had so much fun. I always dreaded clothes shopping but after this day, I am now excited about getting out there to the shops to search for those items that I will love, using Fiona's tips. I only wish I had done this years earlier to save all that money on clothes that didnt really suit me or items that just got stuck in the back of the wardrobe after a few wears. Not to mention or those wasted anxious thoughts about "what to wear"!!! I cant recommend treating yourself or someone to the services these ladies offer. You cant put a price on feeling amazing, having fun and boosting your self esteem! Thank you so much Fiona :)
19 Apr 2015
Most fun shopping I have had in a long time! Initially I wondered if Janine could help me find clothes I would like but I never thought I would come away with so many clothes, shoes and accessories AND save money. Janine is a hoot but still professional and knowledgeable. She made it so quick, easy and FUN. She listened to me and picked clothes that suited my personality, flattered my body, and that I would be able to wear multiple times and in multiple different ways. I got to try so many different looks, most of which were new, and came away looking and feeling amazing. I love all the clothes I bought with Janine and have learnt so much from her.
18 Apr 2015
kyliep274 from Melville
Janine was friendly, professional and fun. Right from my initial phone call, Janine made me feel at ease. Having not shopped properly for 2 years since having my first child, Janine taught me how to mix and match and to get the most out of my purchases. Being a stay at home Mum, my wardrobe was pretty casual - yet she showed me how to put together outfits for the evening or going out socially that I felt comfortable and sexy! Thank you so much Janine, I had an awesome day. You have given me the confidence to shop!
15 Mar 2015
tamied from Atwell
I can not THANK Janine enough for my amazing Shopnfriends experience! Initially I felt very nervous about not only discussing my body image, but shopping for it almost sent me into a meltdown. After sitting down with Janine and chatting about what my likes and dislikes were, and what my personally reflected, I found myself excited and intrigued! Shopping with Janine was an absolute hoot! I have never seen so many clothes, shoes and accessories thrown into one change room! I walked away with a lifestyle change of how to buy clothes that not only suit me but accentuate the "good" parts of my body! People would stop me and compliment me on things I was wearing, in which I would reply confidently with a simple "Thank you" (another trick learned from Janine!) I have saved so much time, money and heartache from my experience with shopnfriends! My husband LOVES it too! I would absolutely recommend shopnfriends to anyone!
14 Mar 2015
sallyy8 from Joondalup
Fantastic experience, Janine has an amazing way of making you feel very beautiful no matter what size you are. I have had a shopping package and a wardrobe package and found both not only loads of fun but Janine taught me so much about what I should be wearing for my size and shape. I would (and do) highly recommend Shopnfriends to all my friends. Thanks Janine.
13 Mar 2015
Janine is a lady who knows style and will be able to help anyone with their style issues, whatever their budget. She is extremely professional, but also friendly and approachable. Shopnfriends is a great innovation!
13 Mar 2015
It's so nice to meet someone who really wants to help you. They are so friendly and approachable but professional at the same time.
25 Jan 2015
Janine came shopping with me as I needed a new winter wardrobe - having lost 30kgs I had nothing to wear....literally! It was the best money spent - not only did Janine make suggestions on things I probably wouldn't normally have tried, but also showed me how to mix and match to ensure I really did get value for money out of each item I purchased. Since my shopping experience I have saved $100's as I stop and think before I buy things, think about what will it go with, and often realise that I have a similar piece at home - whereas before I would just buy !!! Highly recommend this awesome service for the great tips and ideas, Janine is such fun - its like shopping with a friend. If you have a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear, or you just want to add some key pieces to your wardrobe - Shopnfriends can help.
17 Jan 2015
christinay from Bull Creek
I wasn't sure what to expect but Janine is so warm and friendly. The shopping experience was really fun. She chose clothes that I would never have looked at for myself, but to my pleasant surprise when I tried them on it made me see myself in a whole new light. It's wonderful and extremely helpful to have someone be able to see your style potential. I learned so much about choosing the right style of clothes for my personality. I would highly recommend Janine.
16 Jan 2015
Had the best time yesterday with Janine. She made me feel at ease right from the get go. It is just like shopping with a friend. I haven't stopped smiling and went straight home and cleared out my wardrobe to make room for my new purchases. I feel so much more confident and my husband said he hasn't seen me so happy and excited about something! Have already recommended Janine's service to my friends because it is one of the best experiences! Thank you Janine, will definitely be seeing you again!
05 Jan 2015
jaynek1 from West Perth
Fun and informative. I had so many clothes in my wardrobe(s), but never anything to actually wear! Janine taught me what works for me - and I really just need a few key pieces. I will use Janine's expertise again for sure.
Perth, WA, 6000
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