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Cherished Cherubs Babysitting

29 Sep 2016
I have been contracting cherished cherubs for 12 months now and I have always been massively impressed. Such a professional and personable business and the sitters have all been an absolute delight!
19 May 2016
Cherished Cherubs Babysitting catered to what we required. We liv in Port Hedland and needed a babysitter to look after our son during our engagement party. The process was quick and easy. They found a perfect babysitter - Caera who was polite, caring and very sweet. She had a great feel to her and she was happy to stay longer, even though we didn't give her a time as to when we would be back. Our son was in bed when we got home and she kept us up to date with how he was going. I highly recommend Caera.
01 Oct 2015
A really very pleasant experience for both us as parents and our children. Highly recommend Audrey our children loved her and the activities she did with them and spoke about the experience for quite some time after. This was our first experience with a professional babysitter and our first time away from our children at night for over 12 months, so we weren't sure how it would go. But are so very very pleased. Now we can't wait to use the service again.
21 May 2015
janellej640 from Perth
I was thrilled with the entire experience. When booking a sitter it was all very professional and easy. I then got a call telling me who our sitter was going to be. When Rhianna arrived at our home, she was bursting with life and energy. Our daughter was so excited she has a "special friend" and wasn't focused on us leaving her. Overall this was a wonderful experience and I would book again with Cherished Cherubs.
18 May 2015
I was very nervous about organising a babysitter for my 4 boys (first time) over long distance. We live in Beoome and we required a babysitter in the Swan Valley while we were on holidays. But, the process was easy, the staff are very friendly, professional and accomodating. They matched our boys to the perfect babysitter. I would use this service again and highly recommend them. My husband and I had a stress free, hassle free, kid free evening.
16 Apr 2015
Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Cherished Cherubs and especially to Annabel and Sharon, the babysitters who looked after our children whilst we attended a wedding. We live in Melbourne and were attending a family wedding in Fremantle. I called your service and found the booking process very simple and appreciated the follow up emails confirming our booking and details. Annabel and Sharon were fabulous. We were a little nervous having our children looked after by people we had never met, but due to the simple and professional nature of the booking we had some confidence that 'things would be ok'. Annabel and Sharon were much more than 'ok', they were great. We had arranged for 6 cousins (all from Melbourne aged between 4-9 years of age, to be looked after together in our accommodation - two small adjoining hotel rooms. Annabel and Sharon introduced themselves clearly to each parent and also to each child, asking specific needs and details of bedtimes, etc. Annabel and Sharon brought some craft activities and simple games for the kids which they set up whilst us adults were organising ourselves to leave. We felt very confident when leaving the kids in the care of these women. I really appreciate the peace of mind it gave us all to know that our children were in such capable hands. Thanks again.
12 Mar 2015
bobbyjot1 from Wickham
I just wanted to say a huge thank you. We had arranged a babysitter with another company that cancelled at the last minute. I spoke to the concierge @ pan pacific Perth and they gave us your details. I was so happy that you were able to help us so quickly. We had Leema who looked after our 4 month old daughter and she was able to be at our hotel within an hour! She was fantastic! We had Leema for Saturday and Sunday night! I will be definately recommending Cherished Cherubs to all our friends and be using your services whenever we are in Perth again. Thank you so much!!
03 Mar 2015
For a mummy that very rarely goes out due to my husband working 4weeks on/ 1 off and having no family in Perth to watch our kids, the experience of knowing I had a reliable babysitter with great knowledge made for a stress free night out. I will definately be using your service in the future. So thank you for giving this tired mummy a chance to unwind and have some fun :)
03 Mar 2015
Really happy with the service. The babysitter was lovely and it was great to be able to have a night out and know the kids were being looked after. Would definitely use your service again and recommend to others.
03 Mar 2015
It has been almost a year since I started working for Cherished Cherubs Babysitting agency and I must say it has been an awesome experience. Everyone in the office including the babysitters are so friendly and helpful. I love the flexibility and also the challenging environment that allows me to learn and expand my horizon!
05 Jan 2015
jasonpelham from Subiaco
We used Cherished Cherubs Babysitting service for Samsung C&T's 2014 XMAS function, and were blown away by the quality of the service provided. The staff were amazing, extreemly accomodating, and by far the best service we have ever used. All the kids loved it, and the families of the children are still talking about the success of the service. I would definitely recommend using Cherished Cherubs Babysitting for any function anyone may be thinking of hosting.
16 Dec 2014
Anonymous from Perth CBD
We were very happy with the service. All communications were professional and the actual experience (the babysitting) was perfect.
15 Dec 2014
claireh26 from West Swan
This company is professional, quick to respond and in my experience, the babysitters have always been on time and my kids love them!! They stick to how we like things done and are very friendly and fun with the children. I'd recommend them first to anyone.
09 Dec 2014
lindal35 from Dianella
The adhoc nature of needing a babysitter could make it hard to find one, so I have really appreciated Cherished Cherubs for always being able to find someone, and that someone has always been great with the kids.
05 Dec 2014
kellyc28 from Landsdale
We have been using Cherish Cherubs for around 3 years now or more and they have always provided us with great carers for our two young daughters. I would highly recommend them to anyone that is looking for good quality carers and at a good rate too.
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