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09 Jun 2023
anniebear from Windsor
Chose Ilya based on reviews and was not disappointed. His explanations were clear, his advice balanced and the myotherapy massage was awesome. Will return.
23 Dec 2022
I have injured my back a few years ago and it got in the way of me going to the gym. I haven't found anything as helping as Myotherapy. After a few sessions I was able to feel so much better than I used to and going to the gym started to feel easier than before. Thanks Ilya
23 Dec 2022
Myotherapy has helped my back pain. Ilya knows where to find the points where the tension is located
23 Dec 2022
Excellent Myotherapy treatment and results! Highly Recommended
18 Apr 2022
Ilya is very professional and extremely knowledgeable, would definitely recommend his services.
19 Feb 2022
Ilya Zaidel from Muscular Myotherapy is very skilled in his work. He is very attentive , knowledgeable and persevering. I have been going to him for almost a year now and can feel distinct improvement after each session. He has a pleasant nature and is very easy to get along with. His clinic is in a conveniently location. Wish him the very best for the future.
04 Aug 2021
By far the best therapist I have visited, can determine cause of pain without me having to explain by feeling and knowledge of muscles. Highly recommend and wouldn’t trust anyone else.
31 Jul 2021
Since I have started seeing Ilya, I have had such a huge relief of chronic pain that had been near impossible for me to manage. He is amazing and I highly recommend.
07 Jul 2021
Ilya is simply amazing. There is no muscle he cannot fix! Highly recommended
30 Jun 2021
Super grateful for Ilyas work, I have scoliosis and have been suffering from neck, back and hip pains for a years... I've seen many physios and osteos and there has never been any solution. However after only having 2 sessions with Ilya, there has been a major difference, I can finally have a good nights sleep (my main goal) and my body feels so much lighter, im no longer in so much discomfort in my everyday life. DEFINITELY RECOMMEND TO ANYONE!! - ps: I found Ilya's clinic from searching "best osteos/myotherapist in Melbourne" and his clinic popped up... Google is not wrong about that! Thank you so so much :)
07 Jan 2021
Ilya is a genius - he knows his way around the body like no one else! He fixed 6 months of referred sciatic pain in one session and has taught me how to manage it ongoing. He’s also a great guy to chat to, great energy to be around.
22 Dec 2020
Very knowledgeable guy and knows whats he doing. I felt better from the 1st session. Will be definitely going to see and recommending him.
14 Dec 2020
I have seen many therapist for about 20yrs for my back pain, I tried Myotherapy 6mths ago and it is the first time I have had rapid results even after the first treatment I walked out feeling brand new. I highly recommend Myotherapy for anyone who is frustrated with spending time and money on treatment that gets nowhere. Ilya Zaidel is an amazing Myotherapist who is passionate about what he does and genially cares about his clients and seeing results.
16 Nov 2020
Ilya has helped my range of movement and pain, and is always friendly and professional. Highly reccomended.
08 Mar 2020
After a work injury and 2 years of trying various treatments my sister suggested trying Myotherapy. She had heard great things about this particular person Ilya from one of her work colleagues and thought I should give it a go. After my first consultation with Ilya I immediately had pain relief. It felt like he could read my body and new exactly how to help me. He just knew where all the pain was. He could tell where each muscle was affected and what was needed to put me back in balance and get a normal pain free life back. Ilya even saw and fixed muscles that I didn’t even know were sore. My constant headaches have gone. My shoulder pain and sciatic nerve are better than ever. I feel like Ilya has lifted away this pain that I believe was going to be there for the rest of my life. Ilya is so professional and passionate about helping people. He has such a special talent. I highly recommend Ilya and his amazing ability to anyone who thinks that there life is destined to be full of pain. Thank you Ilya, you’re amazing. Maryanne
17 Feb 2020
Ilya is a magician! He has helped me immensely with various issues and if you are thinking of booking, just do it, you'll be wondering why you hadn't before...BIG thumbs up!
07 May 2019
I was having constant tension headaches for over a month before I went to Ilya. I wish I had gone sooner because after a few sessions the headaches were completely gone! Very happy with this myotherapy service.
25 Feb 2019
Ilya has helped me relieve persistent shoulder pain, as well as severe lower back and hip pain. Ilya has a very professional and targeted approach to his treatments, that are effective and different from other places I have been to. I highly recommend Ilya at the Muscular Myotherapy Back in balance group for pain relief
20 Feb 2019
My name is Alex, I went to get a myotheraphy and very impressed by it's services. I have problem with my shoulder for a while now and had been going to few different places to get it treated to no luck. Went to this place for the first time and now the pain is completely gone. I couldn't thanks them enough. Such a great service and very recommended.
19 Feb 2019
I found Ilya just in Google. I am looking for best myotherapy near my location and I found his page with great reviews that is why I gave it a try and I won't ever regret it. We (me and my husband) are now having regular sessions with him. He is very professional and really good in his craft. We always feel relieved and rejuvenated every after sessions with him. No wonder why you need to book an appt with him in advance. I appreciate him too when I needed an urgent appt with him after I came back from long holiday and started to work, and all sessions are fully book in 2weeks time, I emailed him and he gave me a call and squeeze me in the next day where he started an hour early just to accommodate me. Very much passionate and dedicated in his expertise. More power and all the best to you Ilya!
19 Feb 2019
I would highly recommend Ilia from Back in motion .I have lots of problems work related with my neck and shoulders and have put up with the pain for months till a friend recommended Ilya. Thanks mate for all the great work you have done. Cheers Arthur
25 Jan 2019
Great service and understands clients needs. Always feel better after visiting back in balance!
14 Jan 2019
I've had scoliosis for 35 years and job that involves sitting on a chair a lot. I got neck/back pain, regular head aches, and frozen shoulder for (tens of ) years, tried 3 different physio therapists with limited and short lived improvements. After the first visit to Ilya improvement was significant. After the second visit I stopped having my usual pain. Improvement has proven to be longer lasting then any of my previous attempts. And it is still very good after 6 months. I've recommended this place to all my friends.
25 Oct 2018
Best service ever. I had a foot injury and he looked after me well. I really enjoy the session with him. I will recommend Ilya for any on2 whi have back pains or any sort of injury.
03 Oct 2018
I was recommended by my friend to see Ilya. I had my back and neck issues for a long time. After receiving great reviews from my friend and thought I'd give him a try. Wow! I am a woman in my mid-40s and can feel my posture changing. Ilya goes right to the muscles that are pulling the shoulders forward and he is able to loosen and relax these. After his massage, I can stand up more straightly and yet at the same time I am more relaxed. Ilya is one of those myotherapists who has an intuitive understanding of the body. He knows just how much pressure to use and he is truly has a healers touch. You will definitely feel better when you leave. Tanya
28 Sep 2018
Ilya fixed my back and neck pain in just 3 appointments. Everything I tryed before was pointless, only he could find the solution to a serious problem. Best physio in Melbourne!
24 Jul 2018
Have suffered from lower back pain for a couple of years and finally decided to do something about it. Went to Ilya and I was very impressed with how professional he is. After a few sessions I've regained full flexibility and no pain issues with my back
15 May 2018
I decided to try myotherapy treatment about 5 years ago after I've been suffering tension-type headaches and migraines. After the 3rd treatment my migraine went from twice a week to one /month. Ilya is not only highly professional in his field, but also very engaging and makes you feel comfortable and relaxed during his Myo session and treatment. I will continue to have ongoing treatment to prevent going back to the way before I started. i will recommend this clinic to my family and friends.
11 May 2018
Ilya is very thorough in his diagnosis which translates to effective treatment and positive results. He is also very engaging and makes you feel comfortable and knowledgeable in the Myotherapy field.
06 May 2018
Highly recommended A+ I only have good things to say about this practice and Ilya. The service is great value for money. Ilya is very professional, tentative one of the best myo I’ve seen.
21 Nov 2017
Ilya is definitely one of the TOP Myo that you can find in Melb. I have tried so many places and different approaches to treat my stubborn shoulder injury. No one has ever been able to properly fix it, except Ilya. He was thorough, caring and extremely knowledgeable and skilful. He could accurately locate where exact my problem was and effectively treat it. I'm so happy such great place exist after years of frustration! Not going any where!
29 Sep 2017
Ilya is the best Myotherapist i have seen. I had constant neck and back pain and he has helped me get to a stage where i am not in pain for over a month. Best I've ever been. I would highly recommend Ilya. He definitely is very knowledgeable and passionate about what he does. I can't thank him enough.
27 Aug 2017
michaell499 from Chadstone
I first started using Ilya's myotherapy services years ago, and have watched him grow his skills and business to the point its at today. Ilya can make you feel comfortable with a good sense of humor. He will also fill you in on exactly what is going on within your muscles and bones I'd recommend this practice for anybody, especially anybody with muscular or back pain, or for sports massage.
22 Aug 2017
I went into treatment with some back and neck issues. After multiple sessions with a private physio and my footy club physio, no treatment seemed to really make any noticeable change. After my first session with Ilya I knew straight away that my body was relieving itself and I felt better. There was a pinch i often noticed in my lower back which went away after my first treatment, but something which surprised me is everytime i trained chest on the bench press, i used to have a pinch in my left shoulder which i didn't even mention to Ilya as it wasn't too much of a big deal to me, how ever I noticed after my first session that the pinch isn't even there anymore. Ilya is extremely knowledgeable and was able to explain exactly what is causing my discomfort. Definitely going to make it a regular habit to visit him every month to keep my body healthy.
13 Apr 2017
Ilya has the hands of god!! I have been suffering from lower back pain for some time now. Nothing would relieve the pain. I had seen my usual massage therapist with no relief. My pt refered me to Ilya. I walked out of his session feeling amazing. Anybody who does yoga will understand when I say that I walked out with that yoga glow. Feeling relaxed, cleansed and amazing. Later that night I realised my back pain had actually gone away. It was like a miracle. I was literally at the point where I never imagined my back pain would ever go away. I highly recommend Ilya. His knowledge and passion truely shines through in his work. Hands down the most amazing massage ever. I would even go to him if I didn't have a pain that I needed work on. The way he left my body feeling I would go for relaxation purposes also. We discussed long term issues I have been having with my stomach. He worked on my stomach and recommended supplements to take to help. Receptionist was warm and inviting. Over all an amazing experience. Well done
04 Apr 2017
After seeing a Chiropractor, Osteo & Physio, I truly feel the best physically and mentally after seeing Ilya, very professional, knowledgable & full of great tips to assist me with my chronic back pain. Highly recommended!
23 Mar 2017
elanas from Caulfield South
I go monthly to Ilya for a myotherapy treatment for my back and neck. I always come out feeling less tense and looser. Ilya is so knowledgable about his work and i like the way his explains what he is doing and why. I would definitely recommend his services.
14 Mar 2017
I believe there's a strong connection with the mind and body in healing, and Ilya is absolutely the man to see if you want to heal, not only for his expertise with the human body, but the inspiration you receive in his sessions to keep working towards a life without pain. Healing takes time, if you live with chronic pain you definitely need someone like Ilya on your team.
22 Feb 2017
I found out about Back In Balance through Google on my phone in the middle of the night at 3am when my shoulder was giving me unbearable pain. I have been to several physios and a chiropractor for the same issue with my excruciating shoulder pain and with several sessions, none of those practitioners were able to solve the problem or even identify the issue. When I did my research on a list with the top physios nearby, I read several favourable reviews with Back In Balance. I decided to give it a try. On my first session I found Ilya to be extremely friendly and highly knowledgeable. He was very quick in identifying the issue and did several intensive exercises that released my muscles. I have been going to Ilya for almost 2-3 months now and I've seen amazing progress. I have been able to resume doing sports without shoulder/back pain and also to finally sleep with ease. Another reason why I highly recommend Ilya is because I have never come across a physio who is so passionate about his job. He demonstrates an active commitment towards helping clients recover from injuries and how to sustain healthy muscles. Ilya is not like several physios/chiros I have been to, who watches the clock every 2 minutes to see if your paid session is over. He actually ensures his clients are satisfied and that they understand everything they need to about their issue. I highly recommend Back in Balance!
13 Jan 2017
Very good, Ilya is amazing at what he does, after having treatment at many different therapists for a on going dislocated shoulder I had never had such relief.. I would recommend anyone to get treatment here!
03 Jan 2017
Amazing - came in a few months ago with massive back issues and feeling 100% better now! Have recommended to all my friends and family
28 Oct 2016
Very nice atmosphere and kind people. Every Myotherapy treatment is professional. Helping a lot with my Disc Herniation
23 Oct 2016
Ilia has very professional and passionate about his job. He managed to locate the source of the pain and just in two treatments fixed it.
23 Sep 2016
I stumbled across Back In Balance by usual Myo was not available to see me and I was in desperate need of some treatment. I did a google search and found this was close to home for me, so I booked in. My intention was to visit once then to go back to my usual Myo but when I walked in I felt immediate warmth at reception. I then had my treatment with Ilya and he was so lovely and so knowledgeable about the body and how it all works. I could tell immediately that he was doing something he loved, it comes across in his manner and in his treatment. I say with complete confidence that anyone who walks into this clinic will not look back. Ilya also does yoga which I intend on joining in the very near future.
16 Sep 2016
Great customer service as well as overall great treatments available. I highly recommend Back In Balance.
03 Aug 2016
Back In Balance has been an excellent experience. My condition is on-going and BIB ensures my condition is well managed. Ilya is a consummate professional, reliable and dedicated to ensuring the best treatment possible.
01 Aug 2016
Ilya has been the first professional I have been to that has located the true source of my chronic tennis elbow and after 4 treatments I am back at the gym and playing golf as if nothing happened. Highly recommended as he displays a true skill in remedying muscular issues.
05 May 2016
Ilya has really helped me with my shoudler injury, increasing mobility and strength. I will continue to see him for treatments and highly recommend him to anyone with a muscular injury.
27 Apr 2016
Ilya is a passionate and highly skilled master of his trade. I have been receiving treatment for chronic sports related injuries for the last 12 months and have found Ilya's treatments to be highly effective in pain management and increased mobility. Would highly recommend his services to all.
01 Apr 2016
I see Ilya on a regular basis to help with the aches and pains of martial arts training. He is always professional and has a keen caring sense that is felt due to his genuine enthusiasm to help his patients get better.
25 Mar 2016
Ilya has been treating me for 2 years now, he has helped me tremendously with my back and neck pain. He is very knowledgeable, thorough and highly professional in his approach. I would most definitely recommend him to everyone. Raissa Kiner
07 Mar 2016
I was suffering for about a year from back pain , visited several chiropractors and massage therapists, nothing helped until I was advised from my friend to try Back In Balance Group. Ilya Zaidel is very knowledgeable and experienced myotherapist. He is passionate and attentive to his clients. Just after few sessions my back pain is gone. Thank you very much. I highly recommend this clinic.
04 Mar 2016
Extremely knowledgeable, friendly and professional. I highly recommend Ilya, who's passionate about Myotherapy and helping his clients. Ilya explains the muscles and how they interact. Ilya has helped me with shoulder, back pain and tight muscles around the hip area
01 Mar 2016
Ilya is a fantastic, energetic and very knowledgeable. He manages to find solutions to problems that others give up on, or unable to correct. Thanks Ilya
24 Feb 2016
After 4 years of torment from back pain, when nothing helped, I got into "Back in Balance Group" Myotherapy Clinic. Practicioner Ilya Zaidel, not just help me reduce the pain, he gave me ability to sleep on my back, ability to move, walk. Ilya Zaidel very knoledgeable in his business, a wonderful healer, sensitive to others pain. Everyone, who suffers from back pain, I highly recomend to take a course with Ilya Zaidel. Emma Medvedev
18 Feb 2016
Ilya provides a great service and a targeted approach to pain relief. I have been seeing him for a number of years and always feeling 110% better after each session.
29 Dec 2015
Ilya helped me after a serious neck strain years ago. He has since helped me understand the long term value of maintaining good muscle health. I look forward to my regular visits now as a matter of detoxification and vitak ongoing relief from everyday stress.
08 Dec 2015
After only 2 visits with Ilya, I am now 100% pain-free and feel like a million dollars! I feel lighter, more mobile and fully functional again after not being able to work during the day or sleep properly at night due to my injury. Ilya from Back in Balance Group - Myotherapy Clinic was not only helpful, genuinely passionate about his field and a wealth of information but also a pleasure to deal with in the midst of my back pain. Thank you! :-)
31 Oct 2015
Ilya and the Back to Balance team are amazing! I've seen Ilya a number of times over the years for injuries from sports and weight training as well as for lower back pain. He's been very accommodating to my specific needs and caring for my general wellbeing. I've found his treatment to be effective and a major relief allowing me to be more agile and flexible. Definitely recommend Ilya to anyone out there who needs help managing an injury, restricted movement or any body discomfort!
14 Sep 2015
I've had a neck and shoulder pain for over a year, and I've been to 3 osteopaths and a physio, which doesn't help much and only providing temporary relieve. Then I tried Ilya's myotheraphy based on the good reviews I read here, and after only 4 sessions I've felt better than I've been in the last 1 year! The theraphy doesn't instantly relieve the pain like in osteo, but I felt progressively better over time. And now as long as I'm doing the exercise the pain doesn't come back. Thanks Ilya!
11 Sep 2015
Myotherapy is a highly specialized field which Ilya possesses and he has great knowledge and skills in his profession. I can go for up to 4 weeks & more before I need to see him again. I do a lot of weights at the gym & rely on Ilya to improve my strength and flexibility.
02 Sep 2015
Ilya was fantastic in providing a personalised and professional service. I've seen him for 3 injuries so far and he has greatly assisted in my recovery, while providing productive tips towards my general well being. He's incredibly attentive and works with you to achieve your goals in a pressure and stress free environment.
31 Aug 2015
Ilya is great, always willing to help solve aches and pains, no matter when. He is always ready to explain and try new methods to alleviate pain.
30 Aug 2015
I would like to thank Ilya for extremely high professionalism and excellent care he gives to his patients
27 Aug 2015
I came to see Ilya because of my debilitating headaches. I have now seen Ilya four times and after the second treatment my headaches went from almost every week to one every three weeks. Ilya is a professional and a very caring practitioner. He is very thorough with his assessment to work out exactly what the problem is.
15 Aug 2015
Great service, amazing results, would recommend to everyone who might need help with ongoing injurie or maintaining good health!
11 Aug 2015
Wonderful experience and highly professional service. Treatment was tailored directly to my needs and the results were immediate. The session empowered me with valuable treatment solutions, educating me to use myself as a resource for long term sustainability. Highly recommend
07 Aug 2015
Really professional service and an awesome atmosphere. The combination of Myotherapy and Feldenkrais really works a treat!
30 Jul 2015
From the first treatment, I noticed a market improvement. Ilya is a great and intuitive therapist, who really listened to my concerns as well as addressing them physically. I trust others will get as good a benefit from seeing him as I did!
24 Jun 2015
davidc602 from Prahran
I have suffered lower back and middle back pain for about 15 years, due to bad posture and a curved spine. I had been visiting different chiropractors for most of this time... sometimes the pain was managed but most of the time i thought the recurring pain was something i would have to put up with forever. Since visiting Ilya for myotheropy treatment, I am now moving freely, almost completely without pain. His genuine and holistic approach toward my recovery has meant that i have also been able to improve and manage my own health... i would recommend anyone living with back pain give Ilya a call!
16 Jun 2015
Ilya is an excellent Myotherapist. He knows how the muscles work. He has solved a lot of my back and hip issues. Much to my delight.
11 Jun 2015
rivas from Glen Huntly
For months I suffered lower back,leg,and shoulder pain. I am almost 70 years old, and had a few bad falls throughout my life. A simple stroll down the street became a painful struggle. After 3 sessions with Ilya Zaidel I began to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and after 5 visits I could not stop walking for hours. I gained back my freedom. I could walk again without pain, and enjoyed every moment of it. Some people are born with the gift for helping others. Ilya is very approachable and pleasant to communicate with. He likes to explain the affect of each treatment on the relevant parts of your body, and he is definitely a very good source of knowledge. Ilya loves his chosen vocation, and most importantly, Ilya Zaidel loves helping people. Would undoubtedly recommend Ilya to anyone.
24 May 2015
Ilya's professionalism and care are enormous. Highly recommend his service as alternative to official medicine. I was looking for a way to fix the problems I had and glad to have found myotherapy as it was exactly what I needed.
20 May 2015
bennyb322 from Elsternwick
Ilya is a dedicated and highly professional young man. He has helped me enormously with back and leg pain. An expert acupuncturist a well. The world would be better served with more professionals like Ilya.
12 May 2015
Ilya's attention to detail in his patients is fantastic, and makes the treatment sessions perfect for my fibromyalgia. Even just a few sessions in and I am already feeling relief from headaches and muscle pain. Will definitely be coming back!
15 Dec 2014
As a mountain biker and motorcyclist, I put my body through its paces. I deal with pushy crashes almost every week, and suffer light injuries a handful of times a year. I also have dislocations in my left shoulder from time to time. Ilya from Back In Balance Group has provided me with a precise and knowledgeable service for over 5 years. He has been able to work with my shoulder injuries, and provide me relief with my back pain and tense muscles so that I can keep doing what I love. Ilya can make you feel comfortable with a good sense of humor. He will also fill you in on exactly what is going on within your muscles and bones while he's treating you. I'd recommend this practice for anybody, especially anyone with muscular/back pain, or for sports massage.
15 Dec 2014
Excellent service, top assessment to find the cause of my back and neck pains I have been experiencing. I feel much better thanks to ilya. I will be visiting the Back in Balance Group again soon regularly. Highly recommended
12 Dec 2014
Anonymous from Malvern East
This adds a dimension in muscle care to what the gym can provide. I only have maintenance sessions, not for injury, but feel that I move more freely afterwards
10 Dec 2014
Ilya is a very thorough with his work, spent time assessing my pains and restrictions and offered comprehensive treatment solutions. My lower back and neck pains have resolved with Ilyas expertise. I loved the authentic experience and would visit the back in balance group in the soon future
09 Dec 2014
"Professional from front to back and excellent consultation. Ilya did a thorough assessment and gave me what I was looking for. Highly recommended. I felt relief from my lower back pain, will be back"
Caulfield North, VIC, 3161
Tel: 0412159881

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