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Fitness Key Body Composition Analysis

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Fitness Key Body Composition Analysis

06 Sep 2015
after years of thinking my weight training and diet were good, i had a few sessions with steve at fitness key, 6 months later i have been able to add over 5 kilos of muscle and drop my body fat percentage down 5% his knowledge of fitness is second to none and has helped me tremendously
16 Aug 2015
I took the Body Composition Analaysis and the information was great. Steve took the time to explain everything through. Looking forward to improving my health and fitness. A great starting point!
16 Aug 2015
The Body scan gave me far more in depth and accurate results than regular calipers, and accompanied with Steve's helpful and insightful tips and information I've been taking leaps and bounds with my fitness progress!
15 Aug 2015
The information provided was excellent and very helpful and Steve was great, what a legend
14 Aug 2015
I was really impressed with the whole process. Will def rebook to see how I have changed in the next 3 months. I felt nervous and unsure before, but so glad I went through with it
23 Jul 2015
renek602 from Eltham
Me and my wife did the body composition analyses. The information that you get from the scan is great and is really motivating. Steve knows his stuff and his no nonsense approach is great. I would highly recommend everybody who is interested improving their health to visit Steven and do this analysis to get a great baseline measurement and be able to track progress.
14 Jul 2015
lawmore44 from Kilmore
Had body scan, results confirmed what I had suspected however with Steve's knowledgeable analysis of those results , the realization of the where I am now and where I need to be, hit home. I now have a clear sight of next steps to start my journey. Thanks Steve.
13 Jul 2015
donnad35 from Cheltenham
As a group Personal Trainer this is an awesome tool to share with members. They had a scan and Steve took them through an informative session. They have taken the information given and have started to use it in a really productive and positive way. I'm here to help them achieve health goals and this is a powerful tool to have in my toolbox :)
06 Jul 2015
This experience has changed my life, my outlook is so much clearler after having the scan, he really knows his stuff and will help you every step of the way thank you thank you. Ps this should be mandatory it's a real eye opener !!
06 Jul 2015
Wow what an experience. As a group personal trainer this was a no brainer. When I heard about fitness key and their body composition analysis clinic I straight away booked in two seperate groups of 8 to get their scans done. This took under 1 hour only to scan 8 people and sit down in a group and listen to Steve break down and explain every single part of the scan. Not only was this all done in a very professional way but Steve also made it a lot of fun and had the attention of the entire group for the whole hour. This I feel is very important. I have no doubt at all that Steve and his team are going to change the way people train and live their life but more importantly than anything else they will save lives by providing vital information on individuals health. Get booking in people. You won't regret it
23 Jun 2015
sians3 from Manly Vale
This is definitely a place to get excited for fitness. I joined in a Small Group with a personal trainer. It was highly motivating and I got great results by the end of it.
23 Jun 2015
flick-r from East Melbourne
A very thorough and unique health and fitness analysis, and Steve is an absolute pleasure to train with. Would recommend to anyone wanting to see results! Thank you :)
31 May 2015
The 2015 ANZAC Kokoda PNG trek organised by Steve Burden was one of the most difficult and hardest challenges that I have faced in many long years but at the same time was one of the most rewarding and uplifting experiences that I have been involved in. The training program beforehand certainly meant that I was able to complete the 10 day trek in reasonable shape, the group shopping trip meant that we all had the right gear for those conditions, and the overall planning was superb. Having 3 knowledgeable Kokoda experts on the trek giving daily briefings on the military and historical significance of each of the battle sites we passed through gave the whole experience added and significant meaning. An incredible fantastic event that will long live in my memory. Thanks Steve for your time, perseverance and effort in creating something unique. Well done.
20 May 2015
I had a scan and consultation with steve and found it to be fascinating experience. The information provided in the scan was detailed and informative. He was supportive of what I had already been doing to achieve my goals as well as offering a way forward for improvement. I will be definitely heading back for some follow up scans and advice. Thanks Steve!
13 May 2015
Great insight into body composition and areas for improvement. Steve pointed me in the right direction in terms of what to work on in my training programs and suggested nutritionists that may be able to assist. His technology is amazing and the takeaway report is something that you will make you want to follow up to check on progress that really matters, not just a number on the bathroom scales.
13 May 2015
My partner and I recently had our first Body Composition Analysis with Steve. We were absolutely blown away by the detail, and just how accurate the results seem! We were both making some fairly significant errors with our training and eating plan that were actually stopping us from achieving our goals rather than assisting us. We could have gone on for years thinking we were doing what was best for us. Steve, thank you for your genuine attentiveness during our session with you. You are an absolute wealth of knowledge and we look forward to our review sessions with some positive changes!
11 May 2015
Being a person that does little to no formal exercise I was sceptical regarding my overall ability to tackle the Kokoda track. Within the 12 training sessions provided by Fitness Key Personal Training I managed to develop the necessary fitness and strength to not only successfully complete the track, but left feeling completely prepared to do so. There was no aspect of the track that presented a problem in regards to my ability and readiness to power through the various challenges presented. Fitness Key Personal Training definitely provided a training package that made the track a memorable and enjoyable experience from a fitness perspective.
04 May 2015
I've been wanted to take the InBody test for a long time and finally decided to go. I've learnt so much today ! (Wished Ive wen t there earlier)Steve pointed me the right, healthy way to achieve my goal. Very friendly people.
10 Mar 2015
Really happy with the service. The technology combined with Steve's knowledge of the product and fitness industry made it a great eye opening experience. You dont need to know anything about body composition terms as it is explained to you with practical ways on how to improve. I felt extremely comfortable the whole process and recommend the service to everyone. I will be using them again! Thanks heaps Steve!
06 Feb 2015
I really like the professionalism of staff and the amount of encouragement provided to customers no mater what fitness state you are in. The level of knowledge and expertise of staff is extremely high. You can trust what they tell you is correct and they provide a high level of encouragement which is very motivating. Brilliant service! Well equipped gym and high level of competence.
29 Jan 2015
craigrr from Kangaroo Ground
I was hesitant about getting a body composition done after a few years off from exercise. The clinic is private and quiet and Steve made me feel relaxed, not judged. Great team, got a great coffee when I arrived (although I felt to guilty to ask for sugar!) Results were delivered in a 'considered' way that meant I left feeling positive and motivated, rather than depressed. Looking forward to seeing how I progress (actually think I'll go back, even if I don't get off the couch.)
25 Jan 2015
This Body Composition Analysis is great! Makes so much more sense than crazy diets - thanks Steve.
24 Jan 2015
I had no idea what training was until I started with Fitness Key!! It was time to take my existing training to the next level and that I have done with Fitness Key. I am fitter, stronger and healthier. As I get older it is extremely important to me that I maintain good health. I have made an investment in my future and health. I am more aware of my body on a day to day basis and feel I am using it the way it was intended. Physically and mentally I am now cohesive. Fitness Key has enabled me to be my best and always strive for it. Exercise is not something you do, this is something you are. Thanks to Steve and the team at Fitness Key for showing me a better way to live. Training is not just how I live. It is who I am!!
20 Jan 2015
Here's my sad story .. fell off my bike and fractured my spine at L1 = bad day out + v.long road to recovery. Where else can you find a PT with spinal unit experience to keep you confident, safe, motivated and progressing through an injury like that? My spinal surgeon suggested I would need to give up running & cycling. Nine months later ... We should send him that video of me on your tread mill at 15kmh this week! Steve Burden your the man! Thank you. I'm so looking forward to getting back to the triathlon again.
01 Jan 2015
kelliev1 from Diamond Creek
I started training with Steve and his team six months ago and within a short time have completely changed my attitude towards food, health and fitness. With the expert support and guidance provided I've been able to achieve results beyond expectations. Whilst weight loss was my initial motivation for joining (have lost 10kg so far), my overall health and lifestyle has changed dramatically. Thanks to Steve I now have healthier eating habits, am sleeping better, have greater energy throughout the day and have improved strength and mental health. The trainers at Fitness Key are friendly, encouraging, very knowledgable and are fantastic at keeping you motivated. Sessions are always interesting, challenging and fun, with just the right level of intensity to leave you feeling like you've had a great workout! The body composition analysis is a great insight as to your true level of fitness, so much more informative than just the bathroom scales. Found the results incredibly motivating and a great way to track progress. I can highly recommend Steve and the team at Fitness Key for anyone wanting to improve their health and fitness.
29 Dec 2014
Born with Cerebral palsy 29yrs ago trying to stay fit, healthy, strong to be independent was my main desire since 18yrs age, it wasn't until I met Steve of fitness key personal training 3yrs ago did I realise I was not even close to my best self and every day since I am still reaching and passing all expectations put on myself and by others not having any experience with training someone with a disability Steve done his homework; as a result of Steve's dedication, my drive and determination to improve my everyday life I've lost 28kg stopped stopped being dependant on a wheelchair instead; completed 5.5km fun run twice which i never saw myself being able to do all while still today gaining muscle. I'm in the best physical state I have ever been in. I would and do without hesitation recommend this business to anyone who wants lasting sustainable results that have the potential to transform life's for the better each session through old fashioned hard work with the best one on one support, fitness key personal training is money and effort well spent for many of us try it out today For yourself then like me you'll never look back at the old you only forward at the new time and time again Thankyou Fitness Key Personal training for giving me a independent happy life that cant be bought
29 Dec 2014
I've never been a 'gym person' - I don't like being stared at and I'm not a fan of sweating laboriously in front of people... That being said; Fitness Key is a private gym so no sly looks from gym junkies, no competing against anyone but yourself. It isn't a glass front gym so people can't drive past and stare at you through the window while you run! About time! It's close to a train station so easy for me to get to and the equipment is all really good quality (treadmill has a 30 degrees incline - twice as high as a normal one) The body composition analysis is a great way to get a really accurate benchmark at the start so you can judge your fitness on numbers that matter instead of scales, pinch tests, measuring tape and your perception (all really discouraging and incorrect!) I would definitely recommend Fitness Key for anyone who may be short on space, equipment, who needs some structure or advice, some extra motivation or just time away from home to focus on themselves a few times a week - instead of spending the time you should be exercising staring at the dishes in the sink or your nails that need a manicure (guilty!).
24 Dec 2014
I have been with Steve Burden from Fitness Key for 5 years now. Steve you have completely changed my approached to life as I now realize just how important it is to exercise and to keep exercising if you want to live a long, healthy and energetic lifestyle. Before starting at Fitness Key I was struggling to have enough energy to get through the day but now I outlast my 2 children. I lost 42 kg in the first 10 months and have managed to keep it off so far with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Steve your knowledge, guidance, encouragement and belief in me is inspiring. You have managed to get me to run and before I started could only manage to walk. I have since run several fun runs including a half marathon, I would never have dreamed I could do anything like that ever. The equipment you have set up in your Gym is brilliant. You have so much variety of equipment that each session keeps you interested, you always have something different to do, even 5 years later! I like how you always put safety first, not just your clients but your equipment too, it makes your gym very comfortable to train in. Unfortunately exercise rarely comes without injury at some point. I started Fitness Key with a major foot injury and currently have a persisting shoulder injury. With your expertise and background knowledge you have been able to guide me to the correct treatment required for my injuries, whilst being able to continue to train safely and confidently is a credit to you and your business. It doesn't matter what level you are at Steve will always give you a brilliant workout. Steve you are a brilliant trainer who truly cares and dedicates your life to helping your clients put health and fitness back into their lives. If you are dedicated to your training and believe in yourself you can achieve anything, you taught me that and I now believe it. Thank you so very much, I have learnt so much about fitness and health and plan to continue to learn for a long time to come. You are truly an amazing trainer and friend. You helped changed my life and I love it!! Thank you
23 Dec 2014
Great up to date equipment, trainer is very knowledgable on the human body and knows everything about evey muscle! Each session provides something new and challenging. The body scanner that measures body fat & muscle as etc, is amazeballs! Gives you a real indication of where you are at.. what I realised is that sometimes 'no weight loss' may mean less fat but more muscle!
18 Dec 2014
bernadettef4 from Diamond Creek
The body composition analysis results showed me exactly where I was in terms of a healthy weight range and what would be the optimum weight for me, it also gave me a range of results that told me areas I needed to improve on and areas that were ok. It is an amazing machine and Steve Burden knows exactly what he is talking about in analysing the results on an individual basis. I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in improving their physical well being.
15 Dec 2014
I've always been a bit hesitant to try strength training but after a couple of sessions with Steve in his gym I have been totally addicted! It's been great for seeing muscle tone/definition, generally feeling stronger and it has also helped with my running. If you are new to strength training or your progress has plateaued definitely give Steve a go to see some real results (and have fun in the process) :)
12 Dec 2014
alistairt from Mitcham
Found the service overall great communication between client and business . friendly and informative help
12 Dec 2014
rubinol from Thornbury
Thanks to the team at Fitness Key i now have a better understanding of my body and fitness goals. The Body Composition Analysis show in great detail areas you need to target to achieve your desired goals. Thanks
12 Dec 2014
susannas2 from Macleod
Unlike ordinary scales, Body Composition Analysis showed me the truth about my weight and general health. Sometimes the truth is confronting and sometimes it's inspiring. BCA helps me stay focused on my goals by highlighting small changes in body composition that scales don't measure. To anyone making a New Years Resolution to get fit, get a BCA at Fitnesskey first. Find out the truth and then track your progress through the year. Nothing will inspire you more than seeing the figures change and knowing you're make a real difference to your fitness and health.
11 Dec 2014
ninab4 from Eltham North
Steve and his team are the ultimate professionals. Getting an analysis was the best thing I ever did as it has given me a great start on what I need to work on and the wake up call I needed! Can't wait to get my next one and smash it......
11 Dec 2014
shanak1 from Hurstbridge
I was blown away with the results and accuracy of this test and how knowledgable my trainer was on these results and what I needed to do to improve my results!
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