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25 Mar 2024
Since signing on with David Rankin at Sort My Money, I am learning to stay consistent and stable in my finances. Having someone holding me accountable, I no longer save only to end up back at the start when unexpected things arise. David has helped me stay consistent while I still have control over my money and bank accounts unlike other budgeting companies, such as MyBudget. Highly recommend if you need guidance and assistance in planning for the future.
14 Feb 2024
Thanks to David Rankin from Sort My Money, my husband and I have transformed our financial chaos into a well-organised system. Before choosing Sort My Money we also looked at MyBudget but decided that we did not want to hand over control of our finances to them, because we were really looking to improve our own financial habits. Now, in the face of rising living costs and external pressures, David has not only helped us understand our weekly expenses but has instilled in us effective habits and accountability. As a result, we have a clear picture of our spending, and everything is meticulously accounted for. This process has not only brought organisation to our finances but has also been an enlightening learning experience. Grateful for the invaluable guidance!
02 Jan 2024
When we first spoke with David Rankin from Sort My Money we were financially broken. We were relying a lot on Afterpay, and the combination of our monthly and fortnightly wages was a challenge for us. We had spoken to MyBudget twice who - on both occasions - wanted us to enter into a Part 9 debt agreement, which we did not want to do. After speaking with David he put our minds at ease by confirming that MyBudget's advice was not correct as a debt agreement was not necessary, and now 3 months into working with him he has got us on a track where we can finally see light at the end of our tunnel. We are finally excited for our future and now don’t experience anxiety when a bill needs to be paid. Honestly, we cannot thank David - and Sort My Money - enough.
28 Sep 2023
I first bumped into David Rankin, the founder of Sort My Money, at an expo and then had a phone appointment with him a few years ago and he was amazing at sorting out my finances. 5 years later life changes and financial situations change, and David crossed my mind again. My husband and I have now been using his services for the past year and he has saved us financially in that time by teaching us how to be smarter and organise and budget our money in a way that suits our goals. If it was not for him we would not be in the confident and comfortable position we are in now. Sort My Money isn't like any other money business, as David genuinely wants to help you and tells you exactly what the outcomes will and won't be, which is why I didn’t bother with other budgeting services like MyBudget. With a cancel anytime, no lock in contract, it is also affordable. I have already recommended David and Sort My Money to numerous people because they have helped us so much.
24 Aug 2023
My husband gets paid monthly and I get paid weekly, and we have always struggled with these different payment frequencies and generally have nothing left over by the middle of each month, even though the budget I put together showed that there should be a surplus! We were getting sick of this situation month after month so I decided to look around for some help. I started by researching MyBudget but did not like their sign-up costs or the fact that they hold your money, as I did not want our bills to be paid late. I then messaged Sort My Money and got a call back from the founder, David Rankin, who explained that they would be able to tailor a plan for us and teach us how to get into new habits and that they don’t charge any start-up fee. Fast forward 2 months and David has been as good as his word and has made what we previously thought was impossible actually become possible. What’s more, for the first time, I am feeling relaxed about money and budgeting and starting to gain the confidence that I previously lacked :)
06 Jun 2023
As a working mum, I know from experience that a big part of family planning is actually career planning. Previously, my decision about when to plan to return to work after a pregnancy was very much hit and miss - based on my best guess about what would work financially by then. The family budget we now have with Sort My Money, though, has removed this guesswork by showing us our account balance over the next 5 years based on different return-to-work scenarios. This is great for me, as it has allowed me to choose a date in the future that I know will work for the family finances, so it has really taken the worry and emotion out of what - in the past - was a stressful decision :)
19 Apr 2023
On the day we were booked in for a meeting with MyBudget we read about Sort My Money and decided to give them a call. We knew we needed help, as we were both spenders, racking up debts and not on the same page with our money. David Rankin, the founder of Sort My Money, was very honest about our situation, but told us that if we were prepared to stick to the plan and put in the hard yards we would – in his words – reach the light at the end of the tunnel. Fast forward to the present and we are different people with our money – aware of everything that is happening in our financial lives, which we certainly were not before - and finally on the same page as a couple. It hasn’t always been easy, but the feeling we now have of being in control of our financial future is worth all the effort. David is absolutely amazing and helped us to change our lives for the better!
06 Feb 2023
I was frustrated by my slow financial progress and lack of savings – everyone but me seemed to be getting ahead. I had tried to budget but was still wasting money, as it was difficult to get motivated. I looked at MyBudget but I didn’t want them to take control of my money – what I really needed was someone to teach me good habits and hold me accountable. That’s exactly what I got with Sort My Money – who came highly recommended by a friend. The moment I spoke with David Rankin I knew he meant business and would not let me get away with my old half-baked approach. Up till then, my bank account was always running on empty – I thought that’s just the way life was. Now I know better – now I always have money in my account, so now if there's ever an emergency, it’s no longer a drama. Even more important though is that my savings (towards a car and a house) are galloping ahead and I am loving this progress – loving seeing my dreams come closer every day. I used to be stuck in a financial rut, but now I am hooked on the progress I am making and there’s no way I am ever going back to the old me. Thank you, Sort My Money – you have definitely sorted mine!
25 Oct 2022
As a couple, we used to be savers, but family life meant that we got into lazy financial habits, so we decided to look for someone to help us get back on track. We read Barefoot Investor, but that didn't fully address our challenge. We also looked at MyBudget but they wouldn't be teaching us anything new. We decided to go with Sort My Money, because David Rankin, the founder, said they would show us a new and disciplined way to manage our day-to-day finances, and he has been as good as his word. We are glad we started with them when we did because, since then, cost of living pressures have really taken off. Thanks to the budget, we now feel much more in control and prepared for the higher mortgage, electricity and grocery costs which have come our way.
24 Aug 2022
There never seemed to be enough money and despite trying to budget by myself it didn’t improve. With retirement coming on, I was feeling very anxious. I wanted to learn how to do this right. I did a google search and initially contacted MyBudget and it turned out they would do it for me at a high cost. I contacted Sort My Money and David was just what I needed. He has coached me through organising my accounts, and all my regular bills are now scheduled for payment and I know what I have and what is due at any given moment. I now have a very clear picture of what my expenditure and income are and with David’s coaching I am learning how to manage my money. I am now going to my financial planner with a clear picture of what I need per annum to live on in retirement.
31 Jul 2022
After buying a new house last year, we wanted to implement a system to organise our finances. We looked at MyBudget to start with but ended up going with Sort My Money, as Sort My Money does not charge an upfront fee, and we are so glad we did because everything is now a lot more streamlined and working better - and we finally feel that we are getting in control of our money!
13 Jun 2022
maddyb558 from Avoca Beach
After being a customer of MyBudget for 6 years, I felt like we weren't any better off than when we started. I had less than $100 saved, and I realised that myBudget were really just a "bill paying service" and they were not teaching me how to budget my money effectively. In April 2022, I started doing my own research and found Sort My Money with David Rankin. David called me and spent a lot of time trying to find out what my problems where and what I needed help with. He explained to me how I could change my mindset about money, and teach me the skills to manage my money better. After 2 months of being with Sort My Money, I feel a lot more self-assured and confident about managing my money, and have a much better understanding of exactly what money is coming in and what is going out. Thank you David.
16 May 2022
Thank you, David Rankin at Sort My Money - I can’t tell you how much more secure my husband and I feel, having someone who is able to interpret our complex family finances for us in a way that we can understand. We feel so grateful to have you on our team!
08 May 2022
After experiencing some financial stress, I had a look at what was out there but didn’t like the MyBudget reviews I read or their establishment fee and decided to give Sort My Money a go. The result is that, not only have they educated me about how to organise our money properly, they have also left me feeling incredibly financially empowered. I have already recommended - and will continue to recommend - Sort My Money’s services to anyone who tells me that they are not completely on top of their money.
12 Mar 2022
pennee from Kew
I approached Sort My Money because my husband and I were so busy that we did not have an overview of our finances. I looked around at different options and did not like MyBudget’s upfront fee or them taking over our finances, so we decided to give Sort My Money a go - and I am so glad we did. Their systemised approach and personal service are exactly what we were after and we are taking control with their guidance.
02 Feb 2022
After years of struggling to pay my bills and living week-to-week, I desperately wanted to dig my way out of the massive financial canyon I had got myself into. As a previous customer of MyBudget (who consistently paid themselves rather than my rent and almost left me homeless because of it - not to mention their exorbitant fees) I researched options for assistance. Of course, MyBudget was the primary result, but after reading through the negative reviews, I came across a suggestion for Sort My Money. David Rankin was quick to return my call (at 10:30pm - less than an hour after my enquiry!) and from there my life changed. Unlike MyBudget, Sort My Money don’t act like a controlling husband, holding your precious money hostage. They teach you to manage your money, and even factor in birthdays, Christmas, car tyres and spending money. In 4 short months, I can FINALLY see a light at the end of the tunnel, and for the first time ever, my bills are paid up, I have money in the bank at the end of each pay cycle and … I had my first Christmas without stress! I’m now on my way to buying a new car and my first home, all thanks to David and the team at Sort My Money - no “buckets” needed. If you’re struggling, you’re certainly not alone! Take the most important step and reach out to Sort My Money - you will not regret it!
15 Dec 2021
David Rankin at Sort My Money has changed the way I manage my finances. Other services like MyBudget wanted thousands - and to take total control of my money. David has taught me how to manage my own money with genuine, affordable, practical advice. He gave a straight upfront review of my finances and convinced me that with commitment and discipline I could reap the rewards. 5 stars for Sort My Money.
22 Nov 2021
My partner and I have been beyond impressed with Sort My Money and how David Rankin has been able to finally give us the financial stability we have so desperately needed. Unlike companies such as MyBudget who take control of all your money, David provides us with a living, breathing budget which accounts for all of our weekly/fortnightly/monthly and annual debits while we remain in complete control of our bank accounts. We never thought we’d be as far ahead as we already are and we are looking forward to seeing how much we can save in 2022. Thank you, David, for all your help.
03 Nov 2021
I booked an appointment with MyBudget to go through my finances and they concluded that my only option was to become insolvent. Needless to say, this news – and the insensitive way they delivered it - had a devastating impact on me. During the meeting I began crying when I heard the words “bankruptcy”. At such a young age, earning a decent wage, I would have never thought I would need to declare bankruptcy. When I managed to pick myself up from this, I decided to approach Sort My Money for a second opinion, and I am so glad I did, as their verdict could not have been more different. They told me that my situation could be sorted out and that I had everything to hope for, and ever since that appointment their actions have been as good as their words. I could not be happier with the progress I am making with them and the confidence I now have about my finances as a result. Sort My Money do exactly that. Hold me accountable for my money and teach me the best way to manage it. It was important for me to write this review, because if I had followed the advice that MyBudget gave me, my life would have been very different right now, and so I can only encourage anyone else who experiences what I did to seek a second opinion.
23 Sep 2021
Sort My Money has been a godsend. I felt embarrassed at first to ask for help with my money, but I am so pleased I did, because I now have a money mentor and confidence with money that I never had before. I previously looked at MyBudget but I didn’t like their establishment fee. Sort My Money charges nothing upfront, which is why I decided to give them go – and I have honestly never looked back since! Thank you David! Myles (Melbourne Vic)
22 Aug 2021
After a lifetime of being a ‘spender’ I decided to seek advice. Money had always slipped through my fingers, I lived pay to pay. I had previously been a client of MyBudget for 3 years. However, I left feeling I had not learnt any money management skills. It was a parent/child relationship in which my money was controlled. Their fees were also high, and I was locked in for 6 months while I paid off these fees. What drew me to Sort My Money from the outset was transparency regarding fees and that there was no lock in contract. I cannot speak highly enough of David Rankin. He spent over an hour on the phone during our first call discussing my attitudes towards my finances. I could see I had been living in the present, and not thinking about my financial future. What followed the next day was a lengthy phone call where David went through my spending in detail. I felt supported and understood. In the 5 weeks I have been with Sort My Money I have felt a big shift in my attitude. David’s daily support, guidance, and personalised approach have helped me learn new skills. I feel very confident I will take these skills with me. David is far more than a financial expert – he has a good understanding of the ebb and flow of money in our lives and the thinking processes that can lead to a feeling of lack financially. My anxiety over my finances has gone. And I now even forget when I am getting paid, which is a big, and welcome, shift in thinking!
19 Jul 2021
I have spent years trying to work on my own budget and living paycheck to paycheck, dreading those bills coming in. I researched both MyBudget and Sort My Money looking for help. The difference between the two is that Sort My Money teaches you how to manage your own finances compared to MyBudget that control your budget for you. There are also no upfront fees to pay with Sort My Money. David Rankin has been so helpful and non-judgmental about my finances, debts and spending habits. Within 5 weeks we have managed to turn around my finances so that I am no longer in a deficit or living week to week. I would definitely recommend Sort My Money. Joanne Cruden
22 Jun 2021
We used to be with MyBudget but this time chose Sort My Money because – unlike MyBudget – they charge no establishment fee and offer a more personalized service. While MyBudget had control of our money, once we left them we were no better off than when we started. Sort My Money has actually taught us HOW to make a budget work and we're excited to say we are no longer living paycheck to paycheck - something we never thought would be possible!
25 May 2021
My partner and I are busy business owners and our personal finances were in need of some love, as we were giving all our attention to the business. We also wanted some separation between our business and personal. We initially looked at MyBudget - but did not like their high upfront fee and long-term commitment. We liked the fact that Sort My Money charges no upfront fee and that you only have to stay with them if you are happy with their service. As it turns out, we couldn’t be happier. Our finances are running like clockwork. Plus our business and personal finances are now completely separate but working in harmony. Our accountant is happy too! We also like the personalised service - David Rankin has guided us throughout this process and he is a wealth of information and always on hand if we need him.
04 Mar 2021
I chose Sort My Money’s budgeting services, as I liked the fact that they would teach me how to manage my money myself - as opposed to MyBudget which involved handing my finances over to them and not learning anything. In the space of just a few months, I have started to master new techniques and am feeling much less stressed and far more in control of my money and my financial future. David Rankin is very understanding of personal circumstances and has a wealth of knowledge.
01 Mar 2021
David Rankin was recommended to me by friends and I can safely say he has changed my life! In the space of a few months and by making some really simple, easy to understand changes to the ‘flow’, together we have: addressed a lifetime of excessive spending and poor money management, re-ordered my budget in the form of all my weekly, monthly, annual, and adhoc expenses, educated me on the importance of cashflow for financial health, and most importantly, given ME balance, peace of mind, and the tools to carry on successfully without him when the time comes. A lovely guy and a gentle (but persistent!) money coach, I’d highly recommend David and Sort My Money to anyone committed to changing their unhealthy financial habits.
15 Feb 2021
We did a bit of shopping around to help take our financial freedom goals to the next level after talking to our accountant and really needed a little bit of extra help to reduce debt and look at long term financial goals. We spoke to MyBudget but didn’t want to pay the establishment fee as it didn’t seem like they were going to reduce our overheads in the short term. Once we talked to David Rankin from Sort My Money we were sold, not just on the low cost, but he really wanted to understand our financial freedom goals and he would work alongside us, not just as a number but a real person. He has completely reframed how we think and talk about money and over the year we have reach a lot of those goals with his support. Thank you
10 Feb 2021
Sort My Money has made managing my weekly finances a breeze and – unlike with MyBudget – the fact that there was no start-up cost and a very down to earth and approachable dedicated consultant made it an easy choice for me. I went from having in excess of $6,000 in credit card debt to now having over $10,000 of cash in the bank now. I cannot thank David Rankin enough for his prudent and flexible advice, which has meant that I have still been able to live my life while also exercising sound financial judgement. I genuinely believe I couldn’t have done this on my own.
28 Jan 2021
After being in a well paying job for over 6 years, I had next to nothing in savings to show for it. I read Barefoot Investor, but that didn’t change anything. A friend of mine paid a large establishment fee to start with MyBudget, but that wasn’t for me either. After researching around I came across Sort My Money, who don’t charge an establishment fee and don’t have lock-in contracts. Since joining them, I have finally started putting regular savings aside by sticking to the budget they drew up for me and getting into the habits they suggest. So glad I made the change and loving seeing my savings grow.
07 Jan 2021
When my husband and I realised we needed help to get our finances in order we looked at a few options. My sister had used MyBudget in the past which wasn’t a good fit for us, as we wanted a budget we could control ourselves and didn’t want to pay huge upfront fees. Since then, David Rankin at Sort My Money has guided us every step of the way back to a place where we feel happy and in control again.
02 Dec 2020
We firstly sought assistance from MyBudget, but after much consideration, realised they were not the match we were looking for. After much searching, we stumbled upon David Rankin at Sort My Money - and he does exactly that. He guided us both through a thorough process to map out our financial status. What made him stand out was he didn’t focus on the negative aspects, but rather the good and how we could have a very different outlook in the future. He is a "GodFather of Hope" and we are confident that our finances are going to be the best they have ever been. David’s friendly nature makes it easy to open up about something as personal as finances. No judging from him, but rather ideas or exposing us to a different perspective. He is a skilled facilitator, empowering us to take control of our finances and teaching us skills along the way. As a couple it has encouraged us to communicate clearly and we have a ‘financial map’ to refer to. At last we are on the same page - thank you, David.
22 Sep 2020
As a sole trader, I found Barefoot's bucket principles a challenge to implement. David's method is foolproof and clear and easy to follow. I highly recommend him for personal budgeting or business cash flow management.
18 Sep 2020
nikola-katherine63 from Glen Iris
Sort My Money has been a godsend - it has made me proactive, accountable, and responsible to take charge of my finances and deal with my repayments. Giving me the training I need to be better with my money and definitely finding that David Rankin (the owner of Sort My Money) cares for what he does, unlike when I was a client of MyBudget - where it was taken out of my hands and managed for me, leaving me powerless.
02 Sep 2020
I’m so glad that I decided to put my trust in Sort My Money’s personal budgeting service. I feel like so many layers of stress have been lifted. I know my bills are paid on time, I'm no longer "robbing Peter to pay Paul" and money is finally starting to become a force for good in my life.
31 Aug 2020
From the second after having our initial consultation we already felt the financial burden lift off our shoulders. Never did we think so early in that we would already be so ahead! Couldn’t recommend David Rankin or Sort My Money enough.
23 Jun 2020
We are very fortunate to have met David Rankin and Sort My Money. We were at a stage where we knew we were spending with little accountability – in fact we had a kind of ‘head in the sand’ attitude – and knew that before long we would find ourselves with increasing debt and less income to cover it adequately. We had tried MyBudget in the past and whilst there were improvements they did not give us the tools or our own awareness to continue into the future . However from the first discussion with David we got a sense from him that our finances were as important to him as they were to us - the meticulous , non-judging way he unpacked our expenses, income and realistically our attitude to our finances was very comforting. Not only has that improved, but the way we respect and are aware of what goes into “owning” and being “truly responsible” for the way we want to live – we owe this to David and Sort My Money – we now have lifelong tools and the know-how to continue for ourselves and to pass on these life skills to our kids. Kylie & Dan
22 Jun 2020
I have been working with David Rankin from Sort My Money for a few weeks now, and after having such a negative mindset around money my whole life, he has dramatically helped me change that, which I am so grateful for. I also love that there are no joining fees, unlike my friend who went with with MyBudget and had to pay a massive fee just to start up!
26 May 2020
Sort My Money's budgeting program has helped me to feel financially secure for the first time in my life and David Rankin is always an absolute delight to work with.
20 May 2020
Sort My Money has been a life saver. I feel so much more in control of my spending. Its the first budget I have ever stuck to, and I love that I am accountable to someone for my spending. David is always available to assist which is so helpful, and there is no judgement. Highly recommend!
30 Mar 2020
Sort My Money has been the turning point in my life. MyBudget has nothing on Sort My Money’s professional yet caring service! I’m appreciating their help more than ever right now, as my financial situation has been impacted by the corona virus.
20 Feb 2020
Sort My Money is totally amazing. We chose Sort My Money as they don't charge an upfront fee so there was nothing to lose to try them out. Other companies like MyBudget charge a huge upfront fee. Sort My Money made sense out of a total mess for us and I am so happy we chose them. David Rankin, who is the founder of Sort My Money, is a finance guru and is extremely thorough. He worked tirelessly until he found out all the answers. He really helped us get in control of our finances which feels so good. I highly recommend this service.
09 Jan 2020
My busy life means that I never had time to spend on my finances, which suffered as a result. When I finally decided to do something about it, I went with Sort My Money because – unlike MyBudget – Sort My Money does not charge a start-up fee or lock you into a contract…it’s just week by week, which suits me fine. The other good thing about Sort My Money’s service is that I have my own dedicated budgeting specialist who knows my finances inside out. It’s very convenient and means I don’t have to explain myself to a different customer service agent each time. I’m really starting to get ahead and only wish I had started this earlier!
07 Jan 2020
nikola-katherine63 from Glen Iris
Being on top of my finances is a must for me. After trying MyBudget I felt that their system took the control out of my hands, hence why I searched elsewhere. That's when I came across David Rankin at Sort My Money and after answering a few questions he put things clearly into perspective. I’m now able to save, pay bills on time and be in control of my finances - couldn't be happier.
27 Dec 2019
I am very happy with the way my budget is running with Sort My Money – their system has provided a stress-free way of staying on top of my bills and having some left over to enjoy. I chose Sort My Money due to their low fees and no establishment cost, as opposed to MyBudget who charge a sizeable establishment fee.
21 Dec 2019
We finally got on top of our finances thanks to Sort My Money and the level of service is very good. With no establishment fee, it’s also better value than MyBudget.
20 Dec 2019
Sort My Money is a fantastic way of budgeting that has helped me to pay off a large debt and reduce the stress in my life. The fees are much lower than alternatives such as MyBudget, and the team at Sort My Money is very supportive with fast response times.
06 Dec 2019
I have only incredible things to say about Sort My Money. After years of financial struggle and earning a good wage between my partner and I, I knew something had to change. After discovering the ridiculously high fees of Mybudget I went on the hunt for something else. That’s when I came across Sort My Money. After the first phone call with the founder, David Rankin, I knew he was the right choice and I was (pleasantly) shocked that I was not locked into any contract. The weekly fee has gone unnoticed to us and we would continue paying this for a lifetime to attain the peace and confidence that Sort My Money has given us! I no longer wake up every morning stressing about money - and knowing that David is there for advice and guidance through our financial journey has changed our lives in so many ways. We are paying off our loans (or legacy debts, as David calls them), we are saving, we are building skills and an amazing mindset around money and we have not once felt restricted. If you want a genuine person and business that actually cares about you, then this is it, I wish I had found it earlier but it was worth the wait. I have been telling all my friends and my family and I would shout this from a rooftop if I could because this beats any budgeting company out there!! Thank you David, Bek
13 Nov 2019
I am thrilled with the service of Sort My Money. I have been re-wiring old beliefs around money and my new relationship with my money is empowering, respectful and comprehensive. I chose Sort My Money over MyBudget, because of Sort My Money’s lack of establishment fee and their low ongoing fee. I could not recommend Sort My Money more – it’s a life-changing experience!
11 Nov 2019
Sort My Money was recommended to me and working with David Rankin has really helped me to get my budget on track. David has taken the time to understand my financial situation and has helped me to implement strategies. Sort My Money is a huge support to my family.
07 Nov 2019
Joining Sort My Money as a single parent, I wanted assistance in working through my finances to ensure that I could track and meet my expenses, including Christmas and unexpected costs. Getting out of debt was a priority. Sort My Money was a great solution and the fees are notably lower than MyBudget. They put a lot of preparation into the budget. The financial pressure is now off when bills are due to be paid, and I know exactly where I stand financially.
06 Nov 2019
Giving Sort My Money a try was the start of my financial success. I didn’t have a clue about budgeting before, but I would never go back to my old financial ways now. I chose Sort My Money because their fees are much lower than MyBudget. Possibly the best financial decision I have ever made.
02 Oct 2019
We found Sort My Money while googling MyBudget. We weren’t sure about MyBudget as we didn’t like how they took control of your bank account. With Sort My Money you stay in control of your money while they teach, guide and help you along the way. Since joining Sort My Money, the stress and anxiety of money has lifted, we pay all our bills on time and save for our future, while still enjoying the occasional family outing. We don’t feel like we’re missing out on anything.
23 Sep 2019
If you need to get your finances in order give David Rankin at Sort My Money a call, he will sort out a budget for you which is easy to follow. He seems to be able to find money when there was none to be found, the fees are very reasonable and cheaper than MyBudget - can highly recommend this service.
30 Aug 2019
The team at Sort My Money have truly helped relieve the everyday financial stress through taking the guesswork out of living expenses. Simple techniques that not only free up savings but also allow for budgeting for those things you do actually need and some that you want! Surprisingly – unlike MyBudget - with no Establishment or Cancellation fees, Sort My Money will guide you through every step of the way in getting your finances back on track!
30 Aug 2019
My husband found Sort My Money on the internet to help us manage our single income since welcoming our son late last year. We were really struggling to make ends meet, and money was a constant source of stress. David Rankin helped us approach our budget practically and realistically. We were able to prioritise essential costs and still enjoy leisure activities every once in a while. Sort My Money has helped us immensely and I highly recommend working with David if you are struggling financially.
26 Aug 2019
I chose to go with Sort My Money to take control of our finances. As we have a few investment portfolios, managing our cash flows became complex and overwhelming. Ever since I joined Sort My Money, we now feel that we are in control of our cash flows and the ability to have an indication of our cash flows position in the next 5 years is invaluable to our budgeting. We didn't go with other providers, like MyBudget, as they charge establishment fees and cancellation fees, none of which Sort My Money does.
04 Jul 2019
David Rankin at Sort My Money has played a pivotal role in where we are today! We have not had to worry about money since signing up with them. The stress we once had - about where money is going to come from - is now gone. As previous MyBudget customers, we always stressed about money whilst with MyBudget and still always seemed to be trying to come up with more money to fill the arrears that formed every week. However since being with Sort My Money, all the worry is gone. We have money for everything we need and we have a great savings plan towards our first family home. With our expanding family, and no money worries to think of, life has been so much easier to deal with! David is very quick to respond to our messages or phone calls and has genuinely been a life saver to our family. We wouldn’t recommend anyone else :o) – Nikki and Andrew
28 Jun 2019
I was looking for a MyBudget type organisation to help me sort out my finances, without the hassle of coordinating my husband and I to attend face to face meetings in order to get set up. I am so pleased to have found David Rankin and Sort My Money. My life is so much easier as I don’t have the stress of paying bills and figuring out where the money is coming from, as David has everything set up for us. Very happy customer.
28 Jun 2019
I initially looked at MyBudget but found their fees to be too high and they seemed to be a band aid solution. David Rankin from Sort My Money has helped me easily organise my finances and has taken the stress and worry away from living pay check to pay check. Highly recommend using Sort My Money!
24 Jun 2019
David Rankin from Sort My Money has been fantastic in managing our finances. Sort My Money offers a tailored service, professional insights and tips that encourage healthy money habits - something I did not experience while I was with MyBudget.
24 Apr 2019
The main reasons I chose Sort My Money over MyBudget were because Sort My Money charges less and offers a personalised service. When I previously used MyBudget, I paid more and used to have to leave messages for them to get back to me.
01 Apr 2019
As a Sort My Money customer, I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for budgeting expertise. I chose Sort My Money over MyBudget because of Sort My Money’s ability to help me save.
15 Feb 2019
Sort My Money has provided such an excellent service to help me control expenditure. As a former MyBudget customer, the personalised service I receive from Sort My Money is exceptional. I am provided with personalised guidance on each transaction I make - with MyBudget there was not as much foresight and each query I made was handled by a different officer, reducing consistency and quality of service.
13 Feb 2019
Having switched from MyBudget to Sort My Money, I believe that what separates Sort My Money from MyBudget is - without question – the very high level of personalised service that Sort My Money offers on a daily basis. Sort My Money is always quick to respond to any questions that I have and assist me to make sound decisions in managing my finances.
12 Feb 2019
Sort My Money is truly life changing. We are so fortunate to now be living our lives free from financial stress and it’s all thanks to Sort My Money. The service we have received since switching from MyBudget has been nothing short of amazing!
07 Dec 2018
I can now sleep at night knowing that someone honest, reliable and straight to the point (David Rankin from Sort My Money) has our best financial interests in mind.
07 Dec 2018
I am one of those "financially challenged" people who has never understood money or delaying gratification. David Rankin from Sort My Money has gone above and beyond in helping me sort out my finances and my budget. He has a positive, non-judgement nature. I would recommend Sort My Money 100 times over a similar budgeting company ... that has inexperienced employees feeding your info into a spreadsheet. David is properly qualified and has written books about sorting your money. His company’s fees are so much fairer as well!
07 Nov 2018
Sort My Money is the kind of personal budgeting service that is transformational. Your life simply won’t be the same, in a good way. For us, it was about outsourcing something we are not particularly good at, and trusting the service. We couldn’t be happier.
21 Sep 2018
Sort My Money is an excellent system that is allowing me to achieve both my short and long-term financial goals. The key reason I use Sort My Money over any other service, such as MyBudget, is due to the high level of trust and customer service provided.
05 Sep 2018
Receiving experienced and impartial advice on my financial situation and budget is very reassuring. The knowledge that I am now making positive steps towards a better financial future as opposed to floating along and hoping for the best is very comforting. I can’t recommend Sort My Money’s services highly enough.
15 Aug 2018
For years I have felt out of control with my finances, my budget not being realistic & not really understanding why I wasn’t getting anywhere. From the first phone call David Rankin changed that & put my worries to rest, providing me with easy to follow tips & allowing me to look forward to a better future, We can’t thank David and the team at Sort My Money enough.
10 Aug 2018
Sort My Money provides an invaluable financial budgeting service, that is detailed, customised to my unique situation, but also puts me in the driver's seat. It is fair to say I was somewhat sceptical about the results that could be achieved in the short term, but in only a few months David Rankin has helped me clear some legacy debts that I struggled to try and pay off for years, and his projections help me to make smarter financial decisions. Instead of living paycheck to paycheck I now have a weekly budget and the comfort of knowing each and every one of my expenses is fully accounted for and affordable. I highly recommend Sort My Money if you want to sort out your finances, pay down your debts and establish a savings plan - you will not regret it.
09 Aug 2018
David Rankin and the team at Sort My Money have been incredible at creating a manageable budget for me. As one that has never budgeted wisely, they have been instrumental in inspiring me to look at money in a whole new light. They are fantastic to deal with and gently keep me on track. Their service is second to none, and I would highly recommend Sort My Money to anyone wanting an affordable way to manage their money.
18 Jul 2018
Sort My Money is the best service I have taken up in a long time. David Rankin was so helpful, detailed and thorough when it came to drawing up my budget. I now not only feel in control of my money but in control of my life. My emotions no longer control my finances. I would recommend Sort My Money to anyone looking to control their financial life.
11 Jul 2018
With a busy family life, my partner and I have not been as organised as we could be with our finances, despite earning reasonable incomes. Now, thanks to Sort My Money’s budgeting program and system of forecasting our account balance for the next 5 years, we really love knowing that we are working to our financial goals and that we are learning along the way.
13 Jun 2018
I was living week to week and did not have a budget and was looking for help to manage my finances. I came across Sort My Money and met David Rankin. He was very encouraging and set up my budget, which involved everything being paid on time and my finances getting into a positive momentum and weekly rhythm. I can totally recommend Sort My Money’s services to anyone who is looking for expert help and a better financial future.
25 May 2018
Sort My Money have made paying bills and organising my budget into an absolutely positive experience. I am no longer scared about where my money is going or how I will pay for my future bills. David Rankin thoroughly explained my budget in detail and now I know exactly what to expect from week to week. Because of Sort My Money, I no longer have financial stress. Thank you SMM team!
21 May 2018
I'd like to express my gratitude to David Rankin for helping me sort my money. Honestly, working with David and Sort My Money is one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life. Their assistance really helped ease my worries about my budgeting. The knowledge I have learnt is lifetime. I now know that I can save up for anything I wish to without going on a very tight budget - which I find is short lived anyway. Before, I used to feel like I was chasing my own tail when it comes to handling my money. I was unaware of my spending so I barely got through the week. But now, because of the strategy they put in place, I can save up for the things I want and, also, enjoy the small luxuries in life! I sleep better at night knowing that I am in control of my money. Thank you David!
09 May 2018
Prior to using Sort My Money I had terrible habits with my budgeting and was finding it hard to move ahead financially, even though I generate a reasonable income. After just 3 months of working with David Rankin and the Sort My Money system I have been able not only get ahead of where I thought I could be, but also move towards creating a better future where I take a more measured and thoughtful approach to my finances. To say this service has been a good thing and useful in my life would be an understatement and I’m very thankful for it.
07 May 2018
Never before have we been this organised with our budget or felt so in control of our money. David Rankin and the team at Sort My Money was a brilliant find.
30 Apr 2018
The best financial service I have ever dealt with. The team from Sort My Money are so passionate and dedicated to helping me save my money. I was in bad financial shape when I first spoke to David Rankin and - 12 months later – my bank account balance has never looked so good.
12 Apr 2018
I certainly set Sort My Money a challenge! As an author, counsellor and artist, my income was unpredictable to say the least, I was in considerable debt and as I was also approaching retirement age, my future was looking very bleak. Sort My Money developed a plan for me which has helped me not only manage my affairs but has, above all, restored hope. The peace of mind that I have gained from this has been significant. I am very grateful to David Rankin and his team for helping me find a way out of what seemed an impossible situation.
12 Apr 2018
David Rankin from Sort My Money has shown us that living on a budget doesn’t have to mean going without the small luxuries we enjoy. He has helped us to prioritise our spending and thus increased our cash flow. Outsourcing the coordination of our budget has simplified our finances and decreased our stress. We would, and have, recommended Sort My Money’s services to anyone who finds organising their budget an extra stress in their lives.
12 Apr 2018
I felt I didn’t have control of where we were spending our money and why we couldn’t save. Sort My Money has helped me to see where our money was being spent and to become conscious about how we do spend. Now we are saving comfortably!
04 Apr 2018
When I was with MyBudget it was very frustrating to receive last-minute text messages from them regarding late/unaffordable payments, and it was then up to me to contact them and make the appropriate changes to make those payments affordable. Now that I am with Sort My Money, I am able to rest easy knowing that everything gets paid on time every time!
20 Mar 2018
Working with David Rankin from Sort My Money has helped me to completely change my relationship with money. In only a few months, my anxiety regarding my debt and spending has significantly reduced. Sort My Money provides assistance in a straightforward and down-to-earth manner. Signing up with Sort My Money was the best thing I have ever done!
13 Mar 2018
Sort My Money offer me consistent reassurance, support and a flexible format, with which I’ve been able to turn my financial situation around. We are former MyBudget clients, a company who sells it services to vulnerable people by offering "a quick fix". A quick fix which unfortunately leaves you back at square one. In debt. Sort My Money help us not only to budget and repay debts but also - most crucially – they have educated us on how to control our money and always be prepared for another rainy day - or in our case a hail storm.
07 Feb 2018
In just over 2 months with Sort My Money, they have really helped rewire my thinking process on how to spend and save our money while managing our bills efficiently and still living a stress-free life. I love the bit where my wife and I try to save some money from our weekly allowance in the Jar - it's been fun for both of us.
10 Jan 2018
Working with David Rankin from Sort My Money has allowed my husband and I to finally have a healthy relationship with money and still feel abundant on a Budget! We had been struggling for many years with balancing our finances but now since appointing David to help both my husband and I to 'get on the same page', it has not only seen our bank account flourish but has also had a positive impact on our relationship emotionally. Thank you David for your warm and understanding - yet practical and down-to-earth - has definitely saved our financial and emotional life! are a magician in our eyes.
10 Jan 2018
Signing up with David Rankin at Sort My Money was the best thing we ever did to get our affairs in order! He's very thorough and will help anyone save! Highly recommended!
01 Jan 2018
David Rankin has helped us so much already with our budget in just our first month with Sort My Money. We have also found quite a few things that we were outright wasting money on, (e.g. two lots of house insurance!) and we are now much more in control of how we are spending our money. His level of customer service is outstanding, David has been extremely responsive, replying to emails promptly each day and providing a very personalised service - unique to our set of circumstances.
11 Sep 2017
Getting Sort My Money to handle my finances is the best thing I've ever done. I've always had high-paying jobs, yet I was always broke. I made over $800,000 in my 20's, but the most I ever saved was $2,500 - a record which David managed to beat in my first few months with Sort My Money. Money no longer stresses me, and my finances and life are far more enjoyable now thanks to David Rankin and his team. I recommend them to everyone.
04 Sep 2017
I highly recommend Sort My Money to anyone finding it difficult to save their money and just living week to week, pay to pay with nothing to show at the end of the year. I had looked at MyBudget but decided that Sort My Money was a better option because Sort My Money charges no establishment fee and does not lock customers in, which suits my needs. I’m now worry-free, knowing that all my bills are getting paid on time (on or before the due date) as there were occasions where I genuinely used to forget to pay, sometimes incurring a late fee.
09 Aug 2017
I cannot thank David Rankin from Sort My Money enough for helping me to get back on track with my finances. I looked into MyBudget but could not understand why I would want to pay them an establishment fee when I was already struggling. I am so glad I chose Sort My Money. David is extremely knowledgeable in his field of expertise.
08 Aug 2017
My husband and I are so pleased we contacted David Rankin at Sort My Money, our finances as a young family have never looked better! Previously, we were living pay cheque to pay cheque and in desperate need of professional assistance with our budgeting. It was actually by chance we came across Sort My Money, and it was their outstanding reviews that pushed us to contact Dave. Initially, we were looking into MyBudget, however what put us off was MyBudget’s establishment fee and terms and conditions (Sort My Money charges no establishment fee). We knew we had made the right decision after speaking with Dave in depth about our finances and with his guidance we are starting to feel in control. Having financial freedom means we are looking forward to our future, and we can breathe again - and not feel like we are ever going without! Living in Sydney with two children under the ages of 2yrs is tough as it is - our finances shouldn't be! Do yourself a favour and contact Sort My Money, you won't be disappointed!
13 Jun 2017
After researching the market, including looking at well known companies such as MyBudget, I am so happy that I decided to work with David Rankin from Sort My Money to get my finances in order. I had been struggling with not only bills but keeping my head above water. As a single person with a mortgage I didn't think there would be too much someone could do on just one salary, but choosing Sort My Money to budget and advise me has decreased my stress infinitely. Sort My Money has no establishment fees or lock in periods which is another reason that they come out far better than MyBudget. David is approachable, genuine, honest, ethical and always happy to help with any questions I have and I don't feel like I'm missing out. Sort My Money’s system would be of benefit to not only people like myself but to families who need help with how to budget, or how to make the most of the money they are receiving. I feel like there is an end in sight and Sort My Money is the reason that the pressure has been lifted on my day to day life. I would happily recommend Sort My Money to anybody.
13 Apr 2017
This is a genuine, heart-felt thanks! We want ALL to know that we enjoy a personal budgeting service that continues to exceed expectation! It's professional, reliable, personable, reassuring, realistic but most importantly, effective! And the results have spread far beyond just the financial. We contacted "Sort My Money" on a recommendation.... 2 years later, and we we could not be happier! Absolutely the real deal! Jamie Lawson and Phillipa Edwards (Melbourne)
20 Mar 2017
I can wholeheartedly recommend Sort My Money! I was really embarrassed with my situation, but in the time since I joined up with them they have shown me that it really is possible to get my finances back on track. It's such an easy process, I don't have to worry about a thing, as all my finances, bills etc. are taken care of. I can't thank David and his team enough!
16 Mar 2017
As a business owner and a cash-positive person who does not own a house or have any debt, it is almost impossible for me to not spend the savings that we do have and also near impossible to save any more money. We met David at an expo and loved his approach. We signed up with Sort My Money's personal budgeting services in Feb 2017, and after the first month working with David, I am already seeing the amazing benefits. We not only have a much healthier attitude towards money, we are also finding that we don’t need nearly as much spending money as we thought, and we can also see that we will be saving money, which we didn’t think was possible just a month ago. I have no hesitation in recommending David and Sort My Money and am happy to chat if anyone has any questions. I can be reached on: 0413 462 312.
06 Mar 2017
We were with MyBudget for 2 years when we saw an article in the newspaper about Sort My Money, so we decided to make a call to see if there was a difference. From our first meeting with David we were impressed with the focus on making sure EVERYTHING was included in the budget and a focus on abundance to ensure the budget could be followed. Whereas previously we were focused on minimising our spending and sacrificing living. After a month we are finding more and more that David is thinking of everything, including incremental increases in costs (registration, insurance) and changes in loans (interest only to principal and interest). As an added bonus there was no joining fee, the weekly fees are lower and there is a further reduction after 12 months.
10 Feb 2017
As a young family we were getting really frustrated with our money - not knowing how to budget efficiently. Sort My Money has helped us to think proactively, guiding us weekly and always available to answer our questions. We have only been with Sort My Money for two months and are already feeling a sense of control over our money. We are very grateful - thank you David Rankin.
27 Jan 2017
The personal budget we have with Sort My Money means that we finally know all our costs and when they need to be paid, which has given us control back. Control means that we can now plan with certainty what our next steps will be rather than worrying about whether or not we can afford it. When we decide to treat ourselves, we know we can afford it - it's all in the plan!
06 Jan 2017
Since having Sort My Money’s personal budgeting services in my life, I have been amazed at, not only how much money I can save, but also how organised I can be with my money!
09 Dec 2016
It’s my first overseas trip since I started my budget with Sort My Money several months ago. I am finding that the healthy financial habits I have got into during that time are now allowing me to manage my money really well while I am away. I'm so proud of how far I have come!
03 Dec 2016
Before I started with Sort My Money's personal budgeting services, my finances were out of control. Now everything just happens and I no longer have to worry about money, as my bills are all paid on time every time and my debt is reducing. There was also a period of four weeks when I was very unwell and it was a relief knowing that my finances were being looked after for me.
17 Nov 2016
We recently had a business cash flow consultation with David Rankin, the founder of Sort My Money, for our event management business: Body n Soul Expos. David analysed income and expenses and projected these over the coming years. He offered a broader perspective on where the business is headed and forecast the business account bank balance over the next five years. The big advantage for us as business owners was being able to detach ourselves from the day-to-day detail and see the bigger picture. We were presented with a prediction of where we would we stand in the coming years if our present business model and practices remained unchanged. This perspective is invaluable. It enabled us to plan and consider alternatives. It also enabled us to assess the balance of 'reward for effort', which is an essential consideration in any business, particularly in smaller family businesses. I would highly recommend to any business owner the value of a business cash flow review with David Rankin. We have known David for some years and regard him as a man of integrity; and therefore have no hesitation in recommending his – and Sort My Money’s - services. Peter Burns, Body n Soul Expos 0411 530 762
03 Nov 2016
We are enjoying this process and I am personally so very thankful that Sort My Money has come into our lives. We are now working together as a couple with our finances. It has taken a huge weight off my shoulders!
15 Oct 2016
Right from the initial meeting, it has been great working with Sort My Money. Seeing the budget become reality – but knowing that it can be reviewed periodically – is very exciting!
13 Oct 2016
It's lovely to no longer feel guilty about spending money on the kids - because I know that it's accounted for in our budget and that we are gradually getting ahead again. We have such busy lives with jobs and kids, but I always felt such a failure for not being able to manage our finances - now I feel so much better. I might not be doing it all myself, but with Sort My Money we've got it covered and that's the important thing. The greatest thing about being with Sort My Money is the peace of mind it provides. We know that all the essentials are taken care of and we can start planning for the future, as opposed to playing catch up all the time.
04 Oct 2016
Sort My Money’s personal budgeting services provide you with the tools to get to grips with out-of-control finances. Their support is ongoing, and they are always on hand to talk and give good advice. The result of which is not only evident in your bank balance, but also in the feeling of financial control which you gain along the way.
21 Sep 2016
I am truly loving Sort My Money’s personal budgeting service and the certainty and peace of mind it brings to our finances. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done . . . I only wish I had started it a long time ago!
11 Aug 2016
The biggest change I've noticed since joining Sort my Money is my sense of Peace! Worth every cent. We hire coaches for so many aspects of our life- health, fitness, business, mental health. Why not finances? Many of us are not taught about budgeting and finances by our parents or at school. This is a great investment in my future and my present! I finally feel focussed on my financial goals in a way that has alluded me til now. I couldn't get things to run as smoothly as Sort My Money has! Thank you David, Nicole and team from the bottom of my heart!
02 Aug 2016
Dealing with Sort My Money has been an experience I would recommend to anyone. Friendly staff, very knowledgeable and accommodating to your needs. Coming from a background where I have had poor money management, Sort My Money's personal budgeting services have helped me take control of my money, rather than wondering where it has all gone. 10/10 from me.
21 Jun 2016
Sort My Money came into my life after I had accrued debt as a result of being unable to work full time. They helped me regain peace of mind, knowing that I am paying off my debts and still save money. Yes, I'm saving again! I am forever grateful to the team at Sort My Money for looking after me. I can now plan some really awesome things in my life.
17 Jun 2016
Signing up to Sort My Money's personal budgeting services is one of the best decisions I've ever made. It has taken all the stress out of trying to juggle bills, school fees, groceries, nights out, etc. It really has changed our lives.
17 Jun 2016
Being small business owners, it is very easy to spend money that is simply not yours. We have been with Sort My Money for over a year now, and we know exactly what we need to earn each week. We can breath easy knowing our loans and house payments will be made on time and we can concentrate on building our business. Our family can see that the weight has been lifted off our shoulders - leaving us to focus on what we do best.
07 Jun 2016
We were stuck in the poverty trap and close to financial ruin until we came across Sort My Money. Now we are enjoying financial freedom and a hassle-free life. We would recommend Sort My Money to anyone.
14 May 2016
Sort My Money's personal budgeting service has taken the stress out of managing our bills every month and has delivered more certainty in planning and understanding our finances. They are extremely responsive and a delight to deal with. Highly recommended if you want to get your finances in order!
10 May 2016
I used to live from payday to payday. As a young mum, every day was a struggle. Then Sort My Money gave me an overview of my finances that I’d never had before and I could suddenly see what was possible. With their help things now feel very different. I’m much happier and have so much to look forward to.
03 Apr 2016
'Sorting my money' is the best thing I ever did. At first I found it difficult to let go of the control and allow someone in to something that was so personal. I didn't realise just how freeing it would be and how differently it would make me look at my money and my budget. You still have control of your money but in a very positive, empowering way. Thanks Sort My Money for all your help - I only wish I had done this years ago.
07 Mar 2016
Sort My Money has done more than just help me to get a handle on our spending and knowing where our money goes, it has given me real peace of mind. No longer do I need to worry about whether we will have the money to pay the incoming bills, because I know that it has been budgeted for and that each bill will be paid on time. It is great to get a bill in the mail and to be able to open it without worry. With Sort My Money’s guidance we are also building some muscle around living within our means by following their advice and spending cash - not buying on credit. They have factored everything into our budget – right down to an allowance for my birthday this week!
23 Jan 2016
I came across Sort My Money’s personal budgeting services 12 months ago. After overcoming my initial doubts about letting them help me with my finances, I have never looked back. Now I know that each bill will get paid on time every time, and I always have money to spare. No more juggling my money or working out when I can afford to pay for what. My finances work like clockwork and are always on track. I’m loving the financial freedom that their expertise has given me!
22 Jan 2016
Sort My Money's personal budgeting services have helped me so much with my finances. I never dreamed that I would be able to save as much as I have done. It's so easy and hassle free! I highly recommend them and will continue to spread the word to my workmates, family and friends.
17 Jan 2016
Thank you so much to Sort My Money for helping us get into a position to finally be able to purchase our own home. We have now saved the deposit and have received unconditional approval from the bank, which means we’ll be moving into our new house this year. We tried different things in the past, including MyBudget, but nothing worked for us. We are absolutely rapt with your service and seriously could not have done it without you!
06 Dec 2015
My husband and I have always struggled to make ends meet. Even after using the services of MyBudget, we were no better off financially. Money was always a stress factor in our relationship until we found Sort My Money. From the first meeting we had with them, we knew that our lives were about to change for the better. Now, after being customers for two years, we are preparing to build our dream home! If it was not for Sort My Money, we would not be in the position we are in today. There is no more stress or anxiety when a bill arrives in the mail, and we still have total control of our finances and our future. We are so much happier now that our money worries are taken care of. We cannot thank Sort My Money enough for all their help, advice and support!
28 Nov 2015
As the father of a young family, I am very happy that we decided to become customers of Sort My Money. In the 2 months since we signed up, the fact that our finances are now properly organised and everything is budgeted for has made my life a whole lot easier. And it's a great feeling that we are finally heading in the right direction. The couple of months we have been with Sort My Money have been eventful ones for our family - moving across Australia to find work. Moving house is never easy, but the financial side has been so much more straightforward thanks to the budget. And because of the forecasting that Sort My Money does for us, I can already see that next year is looking good. The fact that I know what we can achieve in the next year and beyond - as opposed to just living from payday to payday and bill to bill - gives me a real incentive to give this budget a red hot go. Roll on 2016!
23 Sep 2015
37 years it took me! Today is the first day I have ever had everything ticked off my financial to-do list. Mental relief is what I am experiencing, now that each part of my finances is either sorted, or a work in progress that is planned and accounted for. I don't avoid looking at the ATM receipt each time I withdraw cash anymore, and I no longer need to worry that my savings are disappearing. When the car rego and insurance are due, I know I have the money to pay for them. Instead of just wacking it on the credit card and increasing the debt, these items are budgeted and planned for. I am now in control, I know how much I have to spend as part of my weekly budget, and I can plan how my week plays out to stay within it. I don't need a laptop or bank statement to see how things are tracking. Part of Sort My Money’s system is knowing by seeing how much money is left in my wallet every day. I would have no hesitation in recommending Sort My Money’s services to anyone. Do I still have debt? Yes, but is it well on the way to being paid off. A plan is in place, and I can see it progressing every step of the way. Do I still have a life? Yes, I go out with friends and do all the normal things I used to do and still stay within my budget! I can even go on holiday! But the difference now is that, when I do, everything is planned and paid for before I go. It’s a very liberating experience. It all starts with making that decision and committing to yourself to bring about change and create a future that is anything but a continuation of the present. The system works.
18 Sep 2015
After only a few weeks with Sort My Money, they have begun to make a significant positive difference to my family's life following a challenging period. Their financial expertise has given us a sense of purpose and direction – as well as accomplishment - as we embark on the next exciting chapter of our lives. I believe there are a lot of people out there who (as was the case with myself) are uncertain about how to budget or allocate funds effectively and who suffer the negative consequences of this lack of knowledge every day. What attracted me to Sort my Money was that it wasn't just a ‘band-aide fix’ – rather, a behavioural change - with the opportunity to create new positive habits . . . the resulting financial benefits of which we are already starting to experience.
04 Sep 2015
As a (previously) long-term customer of MyBudget, I am delighted that I made the decision to switch to Sort My Money. Sort My Money’s unique approach is effective because it focusses on changing behaviour. I have also been pleasantly surprised by the level of personal service I get from my dedicated Sort My Money budgeting consultant. The financial coaching I have received has given me renewed confidence in the day-to-day management of my money and the certainty that I’m on track to hit my financial goals, which is nothing short of a huge achievement for me.
18 Aug 2015
My husband and I became customers of Sort My Money six months ago, because we were sick and tired of trying to stay on top of our finances while slipping backwards all the time. The fact that I wasn’t able to manage our money was also affecting my self-esteem. I thought it was something that all grown-ups were meant to be able to do. Joining Sort My Money has been a really positive experience for our family and has stopped a lot of disagreements between my husband and myself about spending. It’s also been very non-judgemental, incredibly liberating and surprisingly easy. The budgets I drew up myself in the past were very restrictive, which ultimately meant that I was setting myself up for failure. Now, though, I am pleasantly surprised at just how much money we do have to live off week by week while still managing to save. The regular forecasts we receive also motivate us by showing us that the goals we set ourselves at the beginning of our budget are absolutely achievable . . . which is the most exciting part of all!
12 May 2015
It was on my goal list for this year to get on top of my finances. Every time I sat down to look at the numbers, though, I got very stressed out. No matter what book I read or how many hours I looked through my statements, I was lacking confidence and a system and discipline. That all changed when I came across Sort My Money. They told me exactly what I would be able to achieve and by when. When the time came I trusted my gut instincts that this was really what I needed. I am so pleased that I did, as I am now finally I saving and paying off debts. I have not earned a cent more and yet I am getting closer to my goal every day of being debt free, we even have it mapped out on when that will be, so exciting. My confidence is through the roof and it is certainly flowing into other areas of my life, I sleep better and no longer wake up in the middle of the night stressing anymore. I highly recommend Sort My Money and am only worried they are going to become too busy in the future to help me so much!!
09 Feb 2015
We joined Sort My Money at a time when we had a huge amount of stress on our family both financially and personally. With so many demands on our time our we found we just didn't have the time and energy to monitor and manage our finances. From the first moment we met with David he instantly put our minds at ease and simplified our financial issues within a matter of days. David has given us unlimited support and a much needed budget. He is always available to discuss changes in our circumstances or answer any questions we have. Knowing we have all of our yearly expenses covered is a huge relief! We actually managed to enjoy Christmas and preparation for the new school year without the financial stresses we have previously experienced. We have no hesitation in recommending Sort My Money as a reliable, supportive and easy way to get control of your finances!
22 Jan 2015
christinea17 from Lara
I became a Sort My Money customer because I didn't feel that I was in control of my finances. I was getting paid every fortnight, and even though I could afford to pay the bills I never seemed to have anything left over. It was like my whole life was about working to pay bills. I thobught that there must be a better way to manage my money and to live. I had tried setting up my own budget in the past but it never lasted more than a couple of weeks. When Sort My Money came up with a personalised budget for me, I could see right from the beginning how much I was going to be able to save and by when even before I signed up with them. A friend of mine went on board with another personal budgeting company and they charged her about $2,000 upfront even before they had put her budget in place. Sort My Money doesn't have any establishment fee. That suited me fine! Sure enough, when they put their system in place for me it worked out just like they had said it would. I followed their system and found that I stopped thinking about when my next pay would be. In fact, for the first time ever I even started to forget that a given day was actually a payday, because my bills were getting paid and my living expenses were predictable and no longer all over the place. The best thing though was that I could see my savings start to build up. For me life has become more than just working and paying bills now. For the first time in my adult life I have spare cash. If some bill comes out of left field it doesn't throw me off course anymore. I'll never go back to the old me. I would recommend Sort My Money's budgeting services to anyone.
20 Jan 2015
I have been a client of Sort My Money for almost 2 years now, and I have nothing but very high praise for them. My finances were in a terrible mess when I first met David and, with apparent great ease, he sorted things out for me and made my life so much easier. Then, six months ago, I hurt my back and had to have surgery, which meant I was off work for three months. As I am the bread winner, it was a very difficult period and if I hadn't had Sort My Money to keep me on track. I would have ended up in a bad way. I would recommend this company with no worries at all and am very happy that they have made my life so easy.
20 Jan 2015
Sort My Money came to me by chance and has become a blessing. After acknowledging I needed some assistance to get my budgeting on track, I trawled through some services listed online and found them all to be well, a little flaky. I happened to find Sort My Money and the description of the business and how it operates just grabbed me. I was convinced and felt confident it was an ethical business, an honest enterprise and run by someone who understands the average Australian and the challenges of running a balanced budget. My intuition was spot on! From the moment I made contact with Sort My Money and spoke to the Director, David Rankin, I was on the right track and well looked after. After 12 months I am so pleased with the results and have never looked back. Sort My Money has sorted my finances and taught me how to budget and get my finances on track. David Rankin has been exceptional in looking after me and has delivered patience, competence, empathy and results. David knows what my challenges are in terms of my expenses and has set up a budget to accommodate my current needs and anticipate future needs. I couldn't have asked for more and the fact that he works with me and for me has been wonderful. I strongly recommend Sort My Money to anyone looking for assistance with budgeting and getting their financial life sorted. David has become my trusted financial manager and someone I can rely on. I am thankful to Sort My Money and so very grateful for their services.
19 Jan 2015
karleyt from Leopold
Being young and given a credit card had got my family and I into a large debt and couldn't see myself getting out anytime soon, until I met David, he has taught me to live by a realistic budget and help to get my finances back on track. I now know I have the money put aside to comfortably pay for bills, schooling and all Of the kids extra activities whilst the debt I had accrued is steadily being paid off! It has been such a weight off my shoulders not having to worry about when to pay the bills and wondering where the money would come from. I know we would not be in this position without the help of David and we are so grateful for his expertise and willingness to help. I would recommend anyone looking for help with managing there finances to see David at sort my money it has been the best thing for me and my family.
17 Jan 2015
Sort My Money put into place a realistic budget plan for all my expenses, schedules all my bill payments and manages my finances to the level that I no longer worry about my finances as it is now well controlled. David, the proprietor of Sort My Money, is extremely personable, trustworthy, experienced and highly reliable. He takes his time to understand my needs and concerns and deploys a holistic approach when providing any financial advice and developing my budget plan. Not only does David manage my finances, he has also helped me solve my financial issues by recommending me to other relevant services. I am extremely grateful for David's support and his willingness to go the extra mile. I would definitely recommend Sort My Money not only because of its financial/budgeting services which is invaluable to anyone who wants to get ahead in their finances but also because of David who is committed to helping people with their finances.
17 Jan 2015
kerrieh10 from Highton
I am a single mother of 2 young children. I came across David's business on Facebook almost 2 years ago. I am so glad I did. I've never been in such a great place financially. I can now pay all my bills on time, afford to rent out on our own, take great holidays and my kids can do all the extra curricular activities they enjoy doing. I get regular updates on my budget and great advice, if I contact David he more often than not gets back to me within the hour. highly recommend David's service to anyone needing a little help.
Melbourne, VIC, 3000
Tel: 1300983861
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