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Callanetics Canberra

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Callanetics Canberra

23 Mar 2017
This is a great, gentle, effective workout in a small class situation which allows for individual attention for everyone. I can highly recommend Virginia's classes.
09 Jun 2016
Firstly, a big thank you to Virginia. After completing my first 10 week package, my RSI symptoms are gone, after 6 months of constant pain. I have just resigned for a further 9 week package and look forward to continued health improvements. The classes are small in size allowing Virginia to tailor classes to suit everyones needs. I highly recommend Virginia's classes to those looking to improve flexibilty and strength. I'm glad I joined up!
29 May 2016
mish612 from Ngunnawal
At last i have found an exercise i enjoy and that have made a huge difference to me already after 6 weeks. It's almost like a miracle for me. Virginia's callanetics classes are small enough that she is able to give personalised attention which is especially good when you have health issues. I have chronic neck and back problems with scoliosis and arthritis and i have needed fortnightly remedial massage and chiro for many years. After a month and a half of 2 calanetics classes a week and practice in between, my neck movement has improved incredibly, the inflamed disc in my lower back has settled down and i have had a dramatic reduction of neck and lower back pain.
19 May 2016
Virginias passion for callanetics and excellent facilitation of her classes make it a pleasure to attend and engage. I am eager each week to learn new exercises and am absolutely overjoyed at the strength and tone I have gained over the last five weeks. Virginia is non judgemental and attendees feel part of the group from day one .I highly recommend her classes to young and old of all fitness levels
19 May 2016
I've been attending classes for four months now. I am already noticing improvements. You get to work at your level with Virginia offering modifications to make excercises harder if you need it. Also, Virginia is great at modifying to help you work with any injuries you may have. My posture is improving which helps with other excercising as my little and big muscles are getting a workout and a stretch without it seeming too hard. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone.
22 Oct 2015
theresef311 from Amaroo
I loved it...Virginia is friendly encouraging and knows her stuff. Virginia instinctively knows what one is capable of and this was just an introductory class. I finished the class and immediately felt the surge of chi run through my body. I slept like a bloke and woke up ready to go. I recommend this to anyone who is looking for something gentle but powerful at the same time.
28 Mar 2015
Always a good class to go to. Small group, so personal attention provided and easy to follow exercises which although sometimes seem effortless, do have an impact! Recommend to all, but especially to those preferring no/low impact, or starting back to exercise.
12 Mar 2015
taniao2 from Dunlop
I would highly recommend Virginia's Callanetics class to anyone who is sick of the gym scene and wants to really focus on stretching and toning. It can be as challenging as you make it, and the small class sizes allow everyone to work at their own level, and get plenty of assistance from Virginia. I always feel energized yet relaxed after each class, and I know I've had a workout the next day - in the best possible way.
05 Mar 2015
mellies from Crace
I love this class! I've only been going for a few weeks but I can already feel a difference. It's like a high intensity work out without getting all hot and sweaty! Virginia is a great teacher and makes you feel comfortable no matter what level you are at. I would definitely recommend this class to others
03 Mar 2015
Loved it, I didn't want it to end like other classes I've attended at gyms. I feel relaxed and my biceps slightly hurt a little which means it works.
19 Feb 2015
glenvap from Harrison
Great way to connect mind and body while strengthening and toning. Not intimidating and great for all levels of fitness.
19 Feb 2015
For anyone looking for well thought out and instructed exercises in a small and attentive class setting, then I thoroughly recommend Virginia's Callanetics classes.
19 Feb 2015
Thank you Virginia I found the introductory workshop very interesting and an amazing body workout for what appears not much effort. I will definitely join up for more classes.
19 Feb 2015
Loved this class and looking forward to it again next week. At last I think I've found something that is not frenetic gym based and left feeling relaxed and invigorated. Must go now and practice my moves :-). Thank you Virginia
05 Feb 2015
debras7 from Palmerston
Virginia is knowledgeable and very supportive. She keeps classes small so that she can provide individual advice throughout each class. It's an unusual form of exercise which is honestly quite odd when you first start but when you see results and the measurements are going down its hard not to be impressed. With before and after measurements taken 8 sessions apart, I have seen dramatic improvements in my size and tone. The classes can be modified to suit participants with increasing degrees of difficulty and quick adjustments possible to the routine undertaken. Participants are introduced at the start of each session which helps make everyone comfortable and relaxed with each other...this certainly enhances the experience.
Harrison, ACT, 2914
Tel: 0411952598

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