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02 Jan 2024
I mean 98% pass rate speaks for itself. I passed first try and it was a breeze, definitely recommend him to anyone. Plus, he helped me quit smoking. Guess he's a life coach as well.
27 Jan 2023
Emanuel was a great instructor, prepared me well for the test and I passed the first time. Thank you.
15 Nov 2022
If you're looking to pass your driving test, then contact this school. My teacher was very patient and honest plus taught me tips and tricks for better driving and for the test. Highly recommended.
26 Oct 2022
This school is really accessible, the teachers are good and have a lot of patience for new and returning drivers. Have a clear assessment of the common sense in the roads, and the rules one need to follow. Would totally recommend for victorians and foreigns
24 Oct 2022
Great trainer, 100% Recommended. Very patience and very helpfull all the tips he gives you to pass the driving test.
05 Oct 2022
Prepared me well for my test, awesome guy who can have a joke with aswell as teach you the fundamentals to pass
29 Aug 2022
Emanuel is an excellent instructor. He is kind, patient, funny, but won't hesitate to call you out on your mistakes. I can't recommend him enough. He also has great taste in food.
02 Aug 2022
Emanuel was great and very informative on what is needed, great teaching techniques, and very noticeable difference from when I started and when I got my license. Made me feel soo much more confident on the road.
27 Jul 2022
Emanuel was amazing. He was very patient, he was so caring, always punctual, ready to answer any questions and teaches you exactly what to so. Thank you so much for helping me get my license!
25 Jul 2022
Emanuel is an excellent instructor. He is extremely calm, composed and not phased if you make an error- I found this very useful because it kept me calm as well and I knew how to react if an unexpected error/ hazard occurred. This is especially helpful if you are giving your test at Carlton because there is a lot going on e.g. cars, trams, cyclists, pedestrians etc so it be overwhelming and staying calm helps you think through it and work out the safest route. I’ve been driving with Emanuel on and off for about a year and it’s been great. When I first started, we would chat about general life and that helped with the nervousness. Overtime, I got more and more comfortable and confident. He’s very good at giving instructions, he explains the road rules well and ensures you are being safe. Would definitely recommend. Thanks for helping me get my license.
03 May 2022
I have been working with Emanuel over the past few years. He has not only taught me how to drive but has helped me become a more attentive and reliable person. His calm and relaxed demeanour has helped me overcome my fear and anxiety of driving. I never thought it would be possible to learn manual but Emanuel gave me the support I needed to succeed. Thank you so much!!
29 Apr 2022
If you want a calm, experienced and nerve easing instructor, I 100% recommend Emanuel. I did my lessons and test with Emanuel. He takes the time to understand his student and gets the best out of us without a doubt. I had some bad habits with a manual car but Emanuel was quick to help me override them thankfully. I honestly couldn't recommend Emanuel highly enough.. Thanks again good sir.
16 Feb 2022
I completed my driving lessons and my test with Emanuel and couldn't have asked for a more supportive instructor. He was constantly calm and gave me great options and extra learning methods when I struggled. He is very easy to communicate with and worked around my difficult schedule. I have just passed my test and couldn't be happier with the service I received here and will miss our chats driving round and round Carlton :)
06 Jul 2021
Learning with Emanuel has been an amazing experience. He was patient, knowledgeable and an all round great teacher! I couldn’t recommend him enough!
30 Jun 2021
Emanuel was a wonderful instructor. He was patient, offered clear instructions, and took into account the specific things I wanted to get better at. Highly recommend!
19 May 2021
I had a really great experience while having my lessons with Emmanuel. He gave me really good and clear explanations about rules and how to drive properly. He helped me with any doubts I have or if I was struggling with any instruction. I highly recommend him as a instructor.
28 Apr 2021
I highly recommend Emanuel as a driving instructor. He is very calm, patient and clear with his teachings and I felt at ease right away and have progressed heaps with my driving in a short space of time. He makes you feel instantly at ease and I am very glad I chose him as my driving instructor. 10/10 every lesson.
27 Apr 2021
Really good service with Emmanuel. Makes it really easy to learnn to drive and is very thorough with his teaching. 10/10 service.
06 Jul 2020
Emmanuel is simply THE BEST driving instructor! Fantastic communicator, gives clear instructions and ensures I understand and feel comfortable. He has helped me find confidence behind the wheel. I have and will continue to recommend him to friends and family as he is absolutely stellar! I genuinely could not be happier to have him as a teacher and will miss him once I’ve passed my test!
23 May 2020
Emanuel is an excellent teacher, very patient, gave me a lot of confidence on the road and we had good chats while driving! I was able to take the test with the same car and he was next to me as in the lessons so it lifted the pressure off it a lot, would totally recommend!
22 May 2020
I really recommend Emmanuel as an instructor, he is really patient and a good teacher.I was really scared to drive as I never drive before. Because of him, I made unbelievable progress in a short amount of time.
03 Oct 2019
A huge thank you to Jose of Motor Oz Driving School! He was incredibly kind, knowledgeable, and supportive. He made the lessons stress-free, relevant, and patiently went over parts of the lessons that I needed more guidance and practice on. This driving school is accessible, experienced, has very reasonable rates, and more than that- they genuinely have your best interests at heart. I passed the exams and I can't recommend them highly enough!
23 Jan 2019
It has been really fun learning with Emanuel. He has made our lessons light hearted and relaxed. He is always exactly on time, flexible with scheduling classes and I felt like he was very invested in my development as a driver: for example asking lots of questions about my out-of-class practice. Emanuel helped me track the growth of my skills with a little round up and reflection at the end of each class. He was honest but encouraging and realistic about when I was ready for the test. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him, if you're lucky he might reach you Spanish simultaneously!
04 Oct 2018
I was learning driving for almost more than a year with a failure count of 2. My reflex was very poor and not able to hold my nerves. Then, I found Jose (or Joe) a friendly companion to have as a guide and instructor. He coached me to learn my mistakes and educated on the current trends on driving and road incidents. He educated me on how a society would benefit by safe drivers. I learned a lot more life skills along with driving. He is a cool, well experienced, respectful and considerate for people. After passing the test with him, I miss his companionship. I recommend anyone to take lessons from him. True value for your money, family & life.
01 Jan 2018
Emmanuel is an excellent and calm teacher with a great attention to detail. Before I started my lessons I was incredibly nervous about driving and had been too scared to drive on busy roads. He helped to build my confidence as well as my driving skills, and I am now able to drive in a range of conditions. I have seen dramatic improvement in my driving over the past few weeks.
09 Dec 2017
I had never driven before I booked my first lesson with Emanuel and was very nervous about learning to drive - both in the city and in a manual car. Emanuel is not only a fantastic instructor who always takes the time to explain things in detail until I understand, but I think just as importantly makes me feel comfortable and safe driving. He's very friendly, funny and calm - always calmly explains my mistakes, not like horror stories of angry instructors I've heard from friends. I have my test booked for next week and am confident about my driving now thanks to Emanuel. Couldn't recommend him more!
08 Nov 2017
I took a few lessons with Emmanuel for refresher and also to familiarise with Melbourne traffic rules and road condition. Emmanuel is very alert on the road and he explains everything patiently. I would recommend Emmanuel for Manual cars.
03 Jul 2017
Very thorough teaching. Extremely knowledgeable and experienced. Friendly and nice staff. Accommodating with times.
23 May 2017
I feel so much more confident after my time with Emanuel. I was originally very nervous about learning to drive manual around the CBD, but that has completely changed! Emanuel is clear, calm, and very easy to learn with. We go over everything, particularly parking which I used to be very hesitant about. Best teacher I could ask for!
26 Apr 2017
Previous, I preferred the famous RACV until my friend told that Motor oz is cheaper and better. Oh my gold, my friend is right. My instructor Joe is caring, patient and professional. I improved fast in his lessons.
08 Mar 2017
I’ve succeeded in my first attempt to pass in the driving test and thanks for Emanuel. He is a great instructor and knows how identify and work your needs on. Emanuel’s general-culture knowledge, ability, calmness and experience make the difference in his lessons. Knowing about your previous driving experience helps him to guide his learners to the best way. Giving myself as an example, Emanuel has planned for me more lessons that I expected, but at the end I realised he was right and am pretty sure that if I had taken the number of lessons that I expected, I wouldn’t have succeeded in passing the test. Thanks Emanuel and Motor OZ for this memorable experience!
13 Jan 2017
icx from Fitzroy North
I am booking on going lessons for my son with Emanuel. He is a wonderful instructor. Very patient, kind and competent. My son is now very confident driving a manual car. I highly recommend Emanuel as a driving instructor.
07 Jan 2017
Feel interesting when driving with coach. Really learn a lot and changed the previous bad habits. Total twenty-four lessons purchased and hope to pass the test in February.
07 Dec 2016
I failed my test in Ireland. I passed it first time in Australia with Motor Oz Driving School! I had tried a few different instructors previously but was delighted I found Emanuel. What I liked about him was that he was very calm, very clear in his instructions, didn't over-complicate things and didn't fluff anything up. The lessons were also great value, something I found hard to get if you wanted a decent instructor. I will definitely be recommending Motor Oz Driving School to everyone!
03 Dec 2016
I have never driven a car before, now I can drive thanks to the best driving instructor ever: Emanuel! I feel confident to be on the road and I am learning very fast. Emanuel is a very experienced instructor. He is patient and very good at giving clear explanations and commands. I am going for my driving test soon and I feel confident I will pass thanks to my lessons with Motor OZ driving school! Additionally, Emanuel speaks more languages: English, Spanish, Italian.. If you are from a Spanish or Italian background do not hesitate (I am Australian/Italian), Emanuel is the instructor for you! I strongly recommend Motor OZ driving school excellent value ($170 for five 45 min classes) to become a good and safe driver. Beatrice, Kensington.
29 Sep 2016
christopher98 from Altona Meadows
Honestly the best driving school by far!! I've had at least 10 lessons already and I can say that driving is something that I look forward to very much. Emanuel is a quality instructor that provides very experienced teaching and insures that you understand all of his explanations
02 Aug 2016
I would definitely recommend the Motor Oz Driving School. (Also a shout-out for Joe: the BEST instructor!) My instructor Joe is very patient, kind, and professional. A lot of fun to have the driving lessons with. The advice he gives is really beneficial and practical. I really am glad I chose the Motor Oz Driving School and I'm grateful that Joe is my instructor. When you learn from the master you know you are golden:) And the price is very reasonable!
10 Jul 2016
Going for my P's very soon and Emanuel has been great. He has made the process incredibly easy and eased into harder driving well - initially didn't think it'd be so easy to jump into a manual!
28 May 2016
Just had my first lesson today and it was great. Jose was very patient and he explained everything well. He kept going over the areas where I was nervous or too hesitant and even where I was too overconfident until I had a good feel on my abilities. Feeling good about the drive test now.
24 May 2016
Learning to drive with Emmanuel has been the most pleasant experience. He's always making sure that I feel safe and is very patient when teaching me to drive safely. If you're looking for a great and affordable place to learn to drive, I would definitely recommend Motor Oz Driving School
23 May 2016
Oz Motor Driving School is fantastic. I am learning to drive a manual car and started off as a very nervous driver. I can't believe how much I have progressed in such a short amount of time. All thanks to Emmanuel and his great teaching method.
20 May 2016
Motor Oz Driving School is the best driving school in Melbourne! It is both cheap and really effective in teaching. I am learning a to drive a manual car and my instructor Emanuel makes learning how to drive easy. He is experienced, patient, and professional, and teaches you how to drive a manual car very easily. He is also very supportive and funny which has allowed me to become a better driver quickly! I'm extremely happy to have chosen Motor Oz Driving School and definitely recommend it to others!
11 May 2016
Driving a manual car can be scary but Emanuel is a very confident driving instructor. He is calm and assured in his teaching, which is important especially for a nervous driver. I have come to really enjoy driving, would highly recommend this business.
09 May 2016
Emanuel is teaching me to drive a manuel car and being a 30 year old woman who is very scared ge is doing a great job at keeping me at ease, teaching me in stages so I dont become overwhelmed and really making me understand the road rules. He is want me to take my test on my that's confidence! He is funny, flexible with lesson times, calm and the lessons are affordable. Overall a great teacher.
01 May 2016
jessicac377 from Docklands
Motor Oz Driving School is highly recommended to anyone who needs to learn driving. The lesson fee is exceptionally reasonable. Driving instructor Jose is a great and very experienced teacher who has helped me, a nervous student improve my driving skills in a short period of time and see improvement every time I have a new lesson. He is calm, clear on his instructions and teachings and most importantly he is extremely patient and funny, making me feel very safe and happy in his lessons. He is also great in trying to accomodate my requests on lesson dates and times. Thank you Jose for being such a great teacher and I am glad I have found this driving school.
10 Feb 2016
i passed my Driving test today , i owe this to the Jose who was my instructor. he is really funny ,pleasant, nice most importantly he teaches the right way of driving. I had lost touch of driving after i moved to Melbourne.i took 5 classes before i went into test . he thought everything one has to know to drive safely and efficiently. Jose keeps you calm and less nervous when ever we are driving and would always oblige if we need to work on something. most importantly i was not confident of passing the test on the test day. Jose made sure he removes nervousness and there you go i cleared in my first attempt. I am glad i went through motor oz driving school,its worth every penny. Thanks a lot Jose Regards Raj
03 Jun 2015
Really pleased that I passed today, no worries at all! "Jose was a really personable character that made me feel at ease from the outset, his style kept me relaxed in the sometimes stressful driving environment. When it came to the day of my test he made sure I was ready and confident in my own abilities. I would recommend Jose to anybody looking to pass their test, in particular older drivers like me that like to get to know their instructor." Thanks again Crag Crag Carrick Fitzroy
20 Apr 2015
I have chosen Motor Oz Driving School because I live in the city, and they were happy to pick me up from my place and because their competitive fees. I found my instructor to be very experienced, patient, supportive and caring. I’m happy that I have chosen Motor Oz Driving School. Cusa Melbourne
20 Apr 2015
Motor Oz Driving School was the right choice for me, they are cheap and good. My instructor is: placid, patient, positive and professional; his experience is apparent straightaway, and that makes me feel comfortable in learning, confident, safe and relaxed. My instructor tried to provide me every possible option to enhance my experience like day & night driving, high way, rainy day, pick traffic, test scenarios etc. that has made me confident driver to handle real time scenario. My instructor is flexible, encouraging and supportive. I wish every success of Motor Oz Driving School and would strongly recommend others to try Motor Oz Driving School. Nilu Fitzroy
19 Apr 2015
I passed my driving test with Motor Oz Driving School, they are good and cheap, their instructors are very experienced, dedicated and passionate about teaching you quick and easy the driving skills you need to pass your driving test, they always strive to give you value for money. I was learning with another driving school, and I was not happy. My friend told me about Motor Oz Driving School —I called them— and now I have my driving licence. Enrique Carlton
03 Apr 2015
I’m very happy that I have chosen Motor Oz Driving School, —I was a total beginner, so I was a little apprehensive— but my instructor, Mr.Jose was so calm, placid, patient and reassuring, that very soon I was totally relaxed and confident. When the instructor is good and experienced, you feel safe and in good hands so you learn more and quicker. I definitely recommend Motor Oz Driving School, to everyone and anyone. Hung - Lower Templestowe.
18 Mar 2015
Anonymous from Brunswick East
Ive had a really good experience with Motor Oz-this was the first time ive ever had driving lessons and ive learnt so much in a short amount of time. Id definitely recommend them to anyone looking to improve their driving skills
18 Mar 2015
My instructor, Jose, is totally calm, patient and encouraging person. I was always a nervous driver but he managed to get me out of that. I actually feel comfortable on the road now, which is something I never thought I would say. It took me just 3 or 4 classes to pass the driving test (P) from the first time. I would recommend Motor Oz Driving school for everyone and especially for those who thought that being a driver is not their cup of tea :)
16 Mar 2015
I am very happy that I have chosen Motor Oz Driving School. I thought that learning with a manual car would be harder, —I needed a manual licence for work— but when I started to learn with Motor Oz Driving School, I was pleasantly surprised. The instructors were very patient and experienced, not only was much easier than what I thought, it was heaps of fun and, very rewarding to feel how much I was learning every lesson. I would recommend Motor Oz Driving School to anyone and everyone.
11 Mar 2015
nathand10 from North Melbourne
I'm thrilled to have my driving lessons with Motor Oz Driving School because at the end of the day I feel extremely comfortable and confident when behind the wheel. Jose's knowledge and experience is obvious as he guides you through every bit of information that you need to know. He is also very flexible with times which is great for me as I work full time and study. I would definitely recommend Motor Oz to everyone and anyone who is looking for lessons.
10 Mar 2015
I used Motor Oz Driving School for driving lessons for my learners. He is very helpful and clear in his instructions. I love how he lets me think for my self instead of doing it all. His very patient when I started off which made me feel comfortable with him. I would recommend him to anyone who just got their learners permit and is looking for a great instructor.
09 Mar 2015
bennetk from Northcote
I like learning with Joe because: - very experienced - a calming presence when it's stressful - a thorough knowledge of the license test requirements - a sense of humour and some laughs - flexible with appointments and cancellations - better value than other professional instructors
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