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100% of customers recommend DELRICO

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18 May 2017
Ordered & received the 28m hose reel very promptly. Works really well. Appears very study and will suit our garden perfectly. Very happy with the product.
12 Apr 2017
Extremely pleased with 28m hose reel. Quick delivery and works really well. Pulls out and retracts good and stops with a gentle pull.
03 Apr 2017
Great products, i have 6 of these hose reels on my property and they are fantastic, would not buy anything else, great service as well.
31 Mar 2017
Our business Getacar Rentals runs a full commercial wash bay that works 12 hour days 7 days a week, we only use Delrico hose reels.The hoses are constantly winding in and out to avoid tripping hazards. Our current wash bay has been using the same reels constantly for 16 months day in ,day out , without fail. We would only use these reels as the superior quality ensures no downtime in our wash bays,Thank you Delrico
22 Mar 2017
I purchased a Delrico 28 metre hose and reel 18 months ago and have used it almost daily to water my orchard and vegetables. The other areas of my property had ordinary hoses and wind-up reels which were cracked and untidy. I ordered two more 28 metre reels and hoses because I have been so impressed with the 1st one. The special price for 2 made it too good not to order. Great product and great service from head office.
17 Mar 2017
Sick of tripping over and untangling hoses on the ground? Yeh, I was too but WHY did I wait 15+ years before doing something about it? Maybe I couldn't justify spending money on the cheap-looking, overpriced rubbish found at Bunnings, etc. and only acted when I stumbled across Delrico on a Google search. Bought my first 28m reel about two years ago and has performed absolutely faultlessly. No drips, twists, tangles, tantrums...nothing, just reliability, so have just purchased a second 28m reel for the front yard. Quality seems very good, delivery to Melbourne was outstanding and standard trigger nozzles and fittings attach without a problem. Fitting the wall bracket was straight-forward and made easier with the correct sized drill bit included. For those not so confident, just hold the whole assembly in place to ensure there's enough room for the reel to swing and take your time. It will be worth it.
12 Mar 2017
High quality product, brass fittings, quick delivery from Sydney to Perth, value for money. Website was easy to navigate.
28 Feb 2017
I am replacing my Delrico retractable hose after 14 years. Cannot believe that is has lasted so long without a hitch. What a great product that is first class. I would recommend Delrico for great quality and reasonable price.
22 Feb 2017
Bought a Delrico about 2 years ago and have been impressed. It is well made and has quality fittings. Have just bought a 2nd reel for another area. They are very easy people to deal with and price is very reasonable. It's a pleasure dealing with people that make and sell their product directly and know what they are selling.
14 Feb 2017
If you are looking for a product of high quality and a company which provides exceptional customer service, I can not recommend Delrico highly enough. I would never buy another brand of hose again except from this company.
14 Feb 2017
I looked everywhere for a good quality hose reel and couldn't find one that wasn't cheap and nasty or have heaps of negative comments. Then I came across Delrico and bought 2 sight unseen. Am very happy with them as they are great quality and have had no issues with them. Only compliant is I didn't buy the trigger gun at the time :-)
13 Feb 2017
Bought a Delrico about 6 months ago and can't fault it. Now wanting to buy another one. Their service was swift and the product sturdy and reliable.
13 Feb 2017
Very happy with the 28m hose reels. Was so happy with the first one I bought another two! Easy to install and use. And I like the brass fittings. They are quality. And the inclusion of a masonary drill bit with the reel to assist with installation was the icing on the cake. Thankyou.
01 Feb 2017
steves613 from Collie
Tried Hoselink but the fittings leak due to manufacturing variations and engineering faults. I've heard a bit about Delrico and even though they use standard clip-on fittings, they are precisely engineered so unlikely to come off like many off-the-shelf fittings. Also like the hose reels and the slow retraction. Postage was quick and looks like I've finally found high quality reliable domestic hose fittings and a professionally supplier/engineer.
28 Jan 2017
lynm36 from Port Macquarie
Fabulous product !! Was easy to install. Works well, exactly what we wanted. We are very happy.. Delivery was fast , couple of days before Christmas...well done !
28 Jan 2017
Excellent product, very easy to use and install. Fast postage . It appears to be high quality so hopefully will stand the test of time.
17 Jan 2017
We are very happy with the product so far and it has already had high usage. It was easy to install. Fast postage!
16 Jan 2017
Purchased 2 x 28m reels recently. Can't complain about the service. Reels were delivered during their Xmas shutdown, so someone is on the ball. Only additional comment I would make is the possibility of offering the trigger sprays as an option in place of those supplied.
09 Jan 2017
Very happy with the product. Very high quality. Purchased the 2 x 28m hose reels. Quick delivery and superior product. Would highly recommend.
29 Dec 2016
Top Aussie made product. We purchased Delrico hose 5 years ago and it was jammed from heavy use. Took it down to their warehouse and they were more than happy to fix it on the spot @ no charge. Its now working better than ever. Quality product and unbeatable after sales service...
23 Dec 2016
Brilliant. I purchased the 2x DEL 28W units. It took just 3 days to deliver in Xmas period with free shipping. All mounted and working perfectly. Not cheap junk. Quality products! :) Would but again for sure.
21 Dec 2016
The staff at Delrico were great when my hose I purchased from them 13 years ago became jammed. The gentleman in the warehouse disassembled the housing, untangled the hose and reassembled it while I waited. They know their product and are extremely helpful. All done free of charge. What more could you ask? When we need a new hose we will certainly come back. Thanks Delrico!!!
20 Dec 2016
I purchased the 2x DEL 28W units. It took just a week to deliver in Xmas period and free shipping to WA. Both units mounted on brick work easily. One unit I mounted higher above the side gate to swing 180 deg to the front and back yards. The unit before purchase reviewed very well and you pay for what you get. All the fittings are robust and the mounting kit came with a descent masonry drill bit. The hose and ratcheting are excellent and it does highlite dont let go of the hose on retract or let the reel fill with soil etc. I simply spray the hose while retracting to clean it down as I want it to last for years. For the security conscious you can put a pad lock on the mounting pin as well to stop easy pilfering.
14 Dec 2016
I purchased 3 x new delrico hose reels to replace the original reels from delrico installed approx 12 years ago at a harbour front in birch grove,sydney Old ones still working fine,as a licensed plumber i can't believe the quality for the price!!!
13 Dec 2016
It is rare for me to recommend a business but Delrico deserves recognition. I have bought my 4th hose reel over eight years and supplied my family. I originally checked out a range of reels and Delrico seemed to be the best and has not disappointed.
10 Dec 2016
Good price -good product- excellent delivery. Would recommends to friends. Bought the deal 2 X 28 metre - easy to install. No problem.
03 Dec 2016
Installed for a couple of weeks and going strong. Feels like a solid and well made product. No leaks and retracts well. Only minor suggestions I would make is to provide a paper template for the drill holes and a better installation video on how to drill and assemble. Overall very happy.
27 Nov 2016
Bought 2 reels, they arrived quickly, look great and work perfectly. Very happy with the decision and have recommended to others.
25 Nov 2016
Excellent customer services by Steve Don't get this sort of service from other similar type of business I would recommend to my friends and relatives to purchase this great product and friendly service where they go above and beyound customer service
23 Nov 2016
We bought 2 hose reels a long time ago and still working and we are happy with them. We told our neighbour and they bought two. We are here to buy 3 more and what a bargain they are!!
23 Nov 2016
I bought one 11 years ago and I am still using it today. Still going strong with no problems at all. Now I have just bought another.
15 Nov 2016
Last Friday around midday I went online and ordered Delricos current deal ie; 2 x 28m Auto reels for $285... Curiosity got me over the weekend and I checked the tracking and was surprised to see it down for delivery for early next week. Not able to be home to take delivery for Monday Tuesday or Wednesday of next week I contacted Fastway on the number provided in the site to give the driver Deepal (Deep) authority to leave the goods at the front door...and good thing I did so ... Arriving home on Monday afternoon around 6 pm I was amazed to see them on my patio ... I'm impressed! ordered midday Friday and delivered midday Monday...from Sydney? A good start...if the reel is as good as their service I'll be happy.
10 Nov 2016
Deltrico know what customer service is all about! I had to have my hose reel repaired recently and was blown away at the level of service and efficiency. The lady even gave me a drill bit and screws to replace the ones that were lost. Many thanks there rant too many companies out there like you. Will recommend to others.
10 Nov 2016
Bought the 2 by 28 metre package at a great price, quality of product and fittings better than a well known competitor I have 2 off, excellent free freight and tracking process. Whole process seamless and sets the bar for others to aspire to. Well done and would recommend.
07 Nov 2016
We have been more than happy with our hose reel, originally purchased approx 10 years ago. First saw the hose reel at a " Breast Cancer Biggest Morning Tea", so impressed we just had to have one!, and now its time to replace after all that time.
03 Nov 2016
I believe your 30 mt self winding hose reel is far superior to all the other brands I have checked, including a 30mt HOSELINK reel which I own. The self winding system works very well; Above all, the quality of the joints is outstanding, not allowing any leakage whatsoever, not even a single drop.
21 Oct 2016
As very satisfied customers, we would highly recommend Delrico self retracting hose reels to any garden lover as they are easy to operate thus making them ideal for all age groups. We live in a small townhouse complex and over the past 8 years have purchased 2 reels for the strata as well as one for our own private garden. The service we received was first class and any questions were always answered by reception in a very friendly manner.
12 Oct 2016
I purchased 2x Delrico's a few years back for our place, a 30m (i think) for the front and a 15m (again i think) for the back, both faultless apart from the brackets coming slightly loose after a few years which I've since put some heavier ramset plugs in the wall which has solved that. I now bought 2x 14m reels for my other house and have a little bone to pick, quality of the actual reel is faultless, apart from the new hanging design. its gone from having 4x 8mm bolts (if i remember correctly) and 1x anchor to now having 2x 6mm screws on a very slim bracket. It's a little awkward to mount as the reel cant be taken off the bracket this time, but more importantly I'm not too sure how long its going to last before i have to drill a third hole in the bracket and failing that I'm not sure. Not sure why they went with the change of hanging design, cutting costs maybe? I didn't want to turn this into a negative review so i will say this is a far better product then what you'll find in bunnings & masters for a much better price, i would definitely buy one again, just wasn't 100% happy with the new hanging design. EDIT: changed my score from 4 to 5 stars after Steve from Delrico replied which cleared up the concern i had.
12 Oct 2016
Great product. I bought my first reel 10 years ago. Now bought my fourth one. Always happy with the service whenever needed.
05 Oct 2016
We purchased our first Delrico hose reel 2 years ago while renovating our backyard area at the suggestion of the landscaper. It is perfect for our needs and we have gone on to recommend it to others. In the 2 years we have had no issues with the retractable hose or with any twisting of hose when fully extended. It makes life so much easier. We just purchased a new 28m reel for our front courtyard area. I dealt directly with Delrico this time and found them so helpful and easy to buy from. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.
24 Sep 2016
Ordered two DEL 28W HOSE REELS, We ordered on wednesday and received on monday following, Sydney to Townsville,very quick with Fastway. I have installed both and am very happy with the Quality and finish. The recoil system is the very best and easy to use. Stephen Giudice
18 Sep 2016
bruceh867 from Nicholls
Just like last time (Dec 2015), we were looking for a reliable hose reel and given our experience with the Delrico DEL28W we bought last year, the choice was easy and we placed an order for a DEL14W on Wednesday evening. The reel was delivered in Canberra on Friday! Like the 28m unit, the 14m reel is a breeze to use: no muscle needed. It re-rolls right to the end, unlike others that have a last dangly bit that won't rewind. This is a premium quality product, priced below the rubbish the major hardware stores carry and with free shipping. A great product!
07 Sep 2016
We were really pleased with our Delrico 28M reel until a careless Plumber took the ends off to attach it to his tools and then retracted it into the housing before re connecting the hose end. This caused over-rotation and it would no longer fully retract. We took our 28M Reel assembly back to Delrico, who happily rectified the problem at no cost. This is great After Sales Service and reminds us that anyone can sell a product, but those that can support it, stand out head and shoulders above the competition. Well done Delrico!
02 Sep 2016
petert133 from Athelstone
I have now received and installed four 28m reels, all exactly as claimed. Last 2 reels were about 12 months apart. Flawless manufacturing, and installation was a breeze, with quality fittings that exceed anything else on the market. You get what you pay for, and I am very happy with that!
31 Aug 2016
I ordered a 28m hose reel with additional bracket. My phone query was answered quickly and the goods arrived in Brisbane in no time. A great product and a great company to deal with.
25 Aug 2016
robertg62 from Collaroy
super fast delivery, thanks for a wonderful product looking forward to getting ,many years out of my DELRICO
23 Aug 2016
Well having had our first DELRICO reel for 12 years!, we have decided now to buy another one.
17 Aug 2016
We bought two hose reels from them. Now close to 18 months in use with no issues at all. Retracts on time...every time
10 Aug 2016
Only problem i had with my 14m reel was accessing the screw heads while installing on the wall. The job would have been much easier if they had included instructions on how to remove the bracket from the reel. I had to phone and ask - was indeed given appropriate instructions, and what was rapidly becoming a major hassle suddenly resolved itself to being dead easy. Although there are keyhole slots in the bracket, the supplied washers do not fit through them meaning you have to tighten with the reel attached to the bracket which is a real pain.
22 Jul 2016
Yes! Called at 9am Thursday morning, assured that item's would be sent that afternoon. Unreal! Items arrived mid north coast NSW at 10am next morning. Great quality products. Very happy.
10 Jul 2016
AAA1+ Purchased a Delrico 28m auto rewind hose reel via eBay. Excellent serviced with prompt FREE delivery within 3 days. The slow rewind function is tremendous and very SAFE. Other hose reels are so dangerous and could injure you very easily. Very happy with my purchase, going on eBay now to buy another for the front of the house.
07 Jul 2016
gregc11 from Croydon Hills
I have purchased other like product before, Nylex, Holman etc, I should not have wasted my time or money as Delrico hosereel products contain everything, down to the securing lockson bolts to the masonry bit to secure it to concrete and brick. It is easy to use and the fittings are excellent and don't leak. I will be buying Delrico in the future.
04 Jul 2016
I have purchased two hose reels over several years.I have just bought another new reel.The reels always performed very well I would recommend the equipment to everyone
17 Jun 2016
Just replaced our original unit after 10 years, hose and winder are still good. New unit looks even better. Looking forward to another 10 years!
22 May 2016
I have just ordered my 3rd hose reel from Delrico. I started with a Hozelock reel, but switched to Delrico. I have had the 2 Delrico reels for 5 years. I liked the colour and the locking mechanism that doesn't require 'counting clicks' to engage. The reels live uncovered outside all year and we get snow. I've never had a problem with the reels even in winter. My 85 yo mother in law lives with us and can use the Delrico reels easily when she waters the garden. I had to cut a few cms off the end of one hose as it stretched because of water pressure as my mother in law could not turn the tap off tightly. Replaced the tap with an Australian made ceramic style - problems all gone (and easy for the mother in law). Very happy with this product.
17 May 2016
Ordered and had my hose reel delivered within a few days freight free. The box contained everything required for hassle free installation including the appropriate drill bit! I could immediately tell that in terms of quality, the Delrico is in another league compared to what it was replacing and at a similar or slightly lesser price than off the shelf alternatives. The hose and fittings also appear to be of an uncompromising quality. First use and there wasn't a hint of a leak anywhere. If it proves as good in the long term as it is on first impressions, I will be a very happy camper indeed. Unreservedly recommended!
15 May 2016
Excellent service when I purchased the new hose reel. Clear, friendly, helpful. Quick delivery. The product is clearly high quality.
09 May 2016
The product we purchased 13 years ago has served us well in our backyard. We have just purchased a new Delrico hose reel for the front. Still a great product with quality fittings. Definitely worth the money.
07 May 2016
My 3 year old hose reel needed a minor repair. Delrico repaired it promptly and refused payment. Would recommend to anyone in need of a good quality hose reel.
06 May 2016
I highly recommend Delrico Hose reels. They are fabulous to use, solidly built, much easier and higher quality than any other hose reel. Fantastic service, when I had a small problem, all was fixed and no charge, even out of warranty!
02 May 2016
Quality product that has lasted well with fairly heavy domestic use. Good service and I highly recommend DELRICO hose products!
05 Apr 2016
High quality product at a good price. Definitely the best I've experienced. Prompt service. Highly recommended.
02 Apr 2016
Great product - looks and feels better than previous 'other' expensive brand store bought hose reel that failed.
22 Mar 2016
quick prompt service, ordered real on Friday on door step Tuesday, top quality product at great price. highly recommend. thankyou Anthony
17 Mar 2016
Great product - high quality. Arrived quickly and very pleased with performance and fittings.
15 Mar 2016
Our hose reel would not lock the hose when wound out. I handed the reel in at the post office on Monday morning and received the repaired hose reel back the following Friday. All it cost was $25 each way shipping. $50 total is much better than buying a replacement unit. This is great service - well done Delrico.
03 Mar 2016
Ordered 14m Delrico reel on Teusday, arrived on Thursday. The service is superb. The girl I ordered it from was pleasant & helpful, a rareity these days. The reel appears to be of excellent quality. I will certainly be getting a 28m reel later in the year & recommending Delrico reels to friends & family. Droughty7
01 Mar 2016
Ive come back to buy another Delrico as I have been very happy with mine for over 10 years. Went to Bunnings to have a look but unsure so I came back to the one I know is best.
26 Feb 2016
This is an exceellent product & good money for value ordered on 18th and delivered on the 26th to my front door in Perth and brass fitings not plastic.
08 Feb 2016
mr_nismo75 from Mount Annan
Ordered two of the 28m auto hose reels as a bundle deal. Fast and free delivery and the products seem to be great quality. Would definitely recommend these over other brands available from the Australian hardware chain stores.
25 Jan 2016
Brought two reels. Ordered on Wednesday, delivered on Friday to country NSW. Good quality easy to install and operate as advertised.
21 Jan 2016
Great value, good quality product. The quality sells itself. Couldn't be happier Delrico 28m hose reel.
04 Jan 2016
After much research I bought one of these for my elderly parents (both in their 80's) with the hope and expectation the tension and rewind would not be too strong for them. Very pleased they are able to use it comfortably. A high quality product, and well thought out solid wall mount. So i bought a 2nd one a week later for another family member. Just as impressed. Thankyou
31 Dec 2015
rict545 from Eltham
Bought two reels to replace crappy Bunnings ones that died after 12 months use, very impressed by quality of reel and fittings and super quick delivery.
27 Dec 2015
toddc717 from Mount Lawley
I can only comment from my brief experience as I only just bought my 1st 30 meter hose. Quality - when compared to other hose reels at first glance, feel and use seems high quality construction and Delrico are not shy to tell you exactly whats inside. Service - Everything without a hitch and great web site. Makes choosing what you need very easy. Value - Comparable price to everything else but still a bit up there. Not that I am complaining just would not say it's a bargain but I personally am happy with quality over price. I have already started recommending.
23 Dec 2015
Excellent. Now have purchased my 2nd reel after my 1st reel needs replacing after 12 years of use. Cannot complain about that!
22 Dec 2015
Purchased my first DELRICO hose reel 10 years ago, it is still operating fine and now I have purchased a second unit. Excellent product, great value and highly recommended.
20 Dec 2015
danielm919 from Hassall Grove
I would recommend Delrico for their excellent products and quick shipping. The Hose reel is great and has made my life so much easier. With a longer warranty period then other hoses on the market it was a simple decision for me.
18 Dec 2015
Ive had two hoses 30mtr & 20mtr for approx eight years and have never had any problems. I'd previously purchased other brands but they were unreliable.
18 Dec 2015
I purchased a Delrico 28m Retractable hose online for $ 165 and received the product post free within two days. Very impressed! The quality of the product showed as soon as I removed it from the packaging. All brass end fittings just completed the quality package. The fitting instructions were crystal clear and intallation was a breeze! Very happy and I wish all products I buy are like this one! Delrico I will recommend you to everyone I know!
16 Dec 2015
shanem701 from Bundeena
After making the brutal mistake of purchasing a well named brand advertised on TV only to be sold a lemon (a hose that would not retract correctly) , i found DELRICO what can i say forget the rest and go for the best!! And less expensive. Staff service 2nd to none and product knowledge superior! I have recommended to many of my friends. Just need a 2nd one for the rear yard! Great product and simple to use!
10 Dec 2015
Great product!. Had original product for 12 years without a problem. Finally had to replace with the new model. Reliable and good quality.
07 Dec 2015
I bought 2 reels online based on excellent reviews . great product and service fast delivery.
06 Dec 2015
bruceh867 from Nicholls
We were looking for a reliable hose reel and stumbled on the Delrico DEL28W while looking at reviews of the brands carried by the major hardware stores. The reviews for the Delrico reel, and the value for money, convinced us to buy one online. The reel arrived promptly and went together well. It's a breeze to use: no muscle needed. It re-rolls right to the end, unlike some others we've seen that have a last dangly bit that won't rewind. This is a premium quality product, priced below the rubbish the major hardware stores carry and with free shipping. A great product!
02 Dec 2015
I would highly recommended this supplier Delivery was fast & the item as described. Good value for money.
01 Dec 2015
Originally purchased a DELRICO and it lasted for years. Then I purchased reels from other outlets, which lasted six months------Rubbish!!. Then I found DELRICO again ( as they had moved ) and bought a 28mtr hose, which I hope will now outlive me.
01 Dec 2015
roc from Oak Park
Got a 28m Retractable Hose Reel delivered. Good Quality and works fine, how you expect it to be.
27 Nov 2015
marioc375 from Coogee
I ordered the 28 meter hose reel when it arrived I was pleasantly suprised of the quality of the hose reel and the speed of delivery.
24 Nov 2015
I bought a new Delrico hose reel to replace the old Delrico which my husband bought about 2005. The new 28 metre hose fitted straight onto the bracket with no trouble, and I was most impressed to find a masonry drill bit to fit the bracket on the wall if necessary. Excellent high quality product and service.
24 Nov 2015
12 year old retractable reel, going as strong as ever. Love it. Great service and a new bracket was available & cheap also!
20 Nov 2015
Good, bought my first 3 reels in 2003. 2 x have finally expired, third one is still going strong!. Based on past performances I have bought 2 new reels. Pleasant staff here are very helpful and knowledgable.
05 Nov 2015
JanJef 6th Nov My husband and I bought 2 hose reels from Delrico, 1 for the front and 1 for the back gardens. They are made of very good quality and retract very easy after use. We would recommend the hose reel to anyone looking for a neat, tidy yard without hose laying around.
04 Nov 2015
I ask myself,why didn't I purchase these reels years ago. Have found them reliable and easy to use, brass fittings ensure no blow offs at the tap. I bought both the 14 and 28 metre, I found the 28 metre easier to fit as it has a separate bracket as apposed to the integrated bracket on the 14 metre.
01 Nov 2015
Every hose reel will be a Delrico from now on. Pope 30m $199. Delrico 28m $165. Delrico superior in every way. Brass fittings on both ends I wish I had have known about these hose reels in the past as I have 3 different types in my house, Pope, Holman and Delrico and the Delrico is way by far the best. The Pope is a year old and showing its age, the holman is just inferior to the Pope, but the Delirco has solid fittings, it does retract similar to the pope, and it just feels like a more solid product. If ever I need to replace the other hose reels, it will be Delrico.
31 Oct 2015
I ordered the 28m hose on Thursday night and it arrived Saturday morning. Was kept up to date on whole sale delivery process with tracking provided. Hose was well packaged. Very impressed with quality of fittings. Hose has not been connected yet so unable to comment but will do so one it has had some use.
24 Oct 2015
rob-and-jenm from Bargo
My wife and I bought a hose reel on line are we are both extremely happy with our purchase. Would recommend to everyone. Easy to install and a top quality product :-)
23 Oct 2015
Ordered the 28 metre hose reel Saturday afternoon and delivered Wednesday. Base plate is sturdy with 6 anchor points. Nice that Delrico include the 8mm masonry drill bit. Good quality hose and all brass fittings. A nozzle spray was provided - I would have preferred a spray gun. Hose extension and retraction both work well. All in all I am very happy with the product and would recommend to others. Thank you Delrico!
21 Oct 2015
delivered on time , great product and value for money , would recommend this to anyone!!!
19 Oct 2015
amandaf376 from The Entrance
Delrico provide excellent, prompt communication and service. Once I purchased my hose reel online through Delrico's website, it was delivered within 2 days to the central coast NSW! I highly recommend this company and product - the retractable hose reel which I purchased recently is brilliant - time saving, easy to use, just perfect! I have had a Delrico hose reel for many years, which is still working in my backyard. I decided to purchase another one for our front yard. It makes my busy life so much easier! I have recommended Delrico to my sister who is building a new home. Thank you Delrico.
17 Oct 2015
Excellent! Great service and prompt despatch. The hose reel is brilliant, exactly as described, everything included for installation and it works beautifully. Do yourself a favour and buy from these guys!
17 Oct 2015
Dogbait from Ocean Grove
My reels arrived in 2 days from order. Very impressive. Queries re installation answered very promptly. Looks like quality products. No more fighting a loosing battle with the manual reels again.
15 Oct 2015
I have just purchased a second hose reel. Original reel over 10 years, still going strong. Staff very helpful also
05 Oct 2015
***** We have just bought our second hose reel and if it is as good as the first one it will be excellent. Delrico quality and service is second to none and we highly recommend them. Charlie Lee
02 Oct 2015
Extremely high quality, fast delivery and even delivered with screws, plugs, bolts, nuts AND drill bit! Excellent service!
02 Oct 2015
We have just received our hose reel and would have to give Delrico top marks for both prompt courteous service and a quality product. This product is far beyond my expectations.
02 Oct 2015
Very happy with the two reels I have purchased. Both arrived interstate in 2 days and were shipped with in hours, impressive. The brass fittings and finish of the units are quality, even a masonry drill bit was supplied. Bunnings and masters should have a hard look at themselves for not selling delrico
01 Oct 2015
Purchased our second reel, this time 28m, 1st reel is 5 years old, an excellent reel. Fast postage, & excellent service from Delrico. You may pay a bit more, with years of use with no problems cost is well worth the extra, our experience from the first reel. A highly recommended product from a highly recommended company.
01 Oct 2015
Very good hose reel, easy to set up and use. Has been reliable and sturdy for the past 8 years. Highly recommend and now I have returned to buy two more new models.
30 Sep 2015
Very happy with the convenience of the Delrico retractable hose, particularly the strength and quality of the supplied fittings. After sales service, though seldom needed, was always very satisfactory.
28 Sep 2015
Great service and help from a family business. A quality product that has lasted a good 8 years. Great value! The new product looks even easier to use.
18 Sep 2015
Delrico's customer service is outstanding! When I unpacked my hose reel one of the side covers was missing so I emailed a photo of the problem to them. In less than 10 minutes from sending the email, Kate from Delrico rang and apologised profusely promising to send out the part immediately. She also checked that I'd be able to clip it on myself. Two days later I received the part with a complimentary pair of Delrico gardening gloves for the inconvenience caused. Thank you Kate & Delrico for fantastic customer service!
14 Sep 2015
Good product good service. I have a hose reel and very happy with the quality of the hose and now bought a smaller model for my daughter. My husband and I also bought a branch pruner for those hard to reach branches.
02 Sep 2015
Fantastic all round. Excellent quality hoses. First one I bought has lasted 12 years and still going!. Very helpful. Wouldnt buy any other hose reel.
26 Aug 2015
I bought a Delrico over 8 years ago and it has served me well. I have just replaced it as the sunlight and general weather condition had deteriorated parts which can not be replaced due to changes in the design of the newer models. P.S. My partner is VERY pleased.
25 Aug 2015
Thorough knowledge of their product. Clean and easy showroom Good products Great value for money Wise information
20 Aug 2015
Bought a DELRICO hose reel many, many years ago at a home show. It has been terrific, lasted years and retracks with ease. Its now time to replace and wouldnt look at the cheap copies.
20 Aug 2015
We love the whole concept- very good for my arthritic hands. The one unit we have had is over 10 years, possibly longer. Our neighbours ask why our unit has lasted so much longer than theirs. Their lesser unit bought from another company gave up after 2 years. Good work, please continue to make them
19 Aug 2015
A very good product. I have had mine now and its lasted over 10 years! They are also very pleasant people to deal with!
18 Aug 2015
The service was very professional and helpful. This is our second DELRICO hose reel. The first one has lasted 10 years! We cant water our yard without our DELRICO hose reel!
14 Aug 2015
Purchased 2 hose reels approx 12 years ago. Replacing 1 reel now and wouldnt consider any other reel. Great product and has had many hours of use with no problems. Recommended to everyone. Bought a second one as a gift for son.
11 Aug 2015
Good friendly service. We are past customers from Graham Ross's garden show many years ago. Great quality hose and have now come back for the new model. It was frustrating using other hoses which would kink all the time. This new model is great!
05 Aug 2015
We have found the products we have bought to be very effective. We have also bought hose reels for our childrens families over the years.
04 Aug 2015
brentkessell from Urangan
The service is excellent, my Delrico Del28 was delivered very within 5 days of ordering (two days of which were a weekend) . The quality of the hose reel is way ahead of other hose reels on the market at near comparative prices. Would recommend Delrico to anyone looking at buying a hose reel.
04 Aug 2015
The DELRICO works as it is meant to work. The hose pulls out easy and locks 1st go and always fully retracts when finished. Excellent !
27 Jul 2015
I bought a DELRICO hose reel many years ago and have been very happy. Have returned to buy another new one. They are fabulously easy to use and last forever!
27 Jul 2015
A fabulous quality product compared to many that are more expensive.Delivery in 24 hours and easy to install!!!
06 Jul 2015
They are excellent hose reels. Our first reel lasted for over 10 years. We recently replaced it to the new 28mtr reel. Excellent reliability of the systems
03 Jul 2015
I have been using DELRICO products for over 10 years now. I wouldnt recommend any other hose reel product. They are the most reliable hose reels on the market!
01 Jul 2015
I would like to congratulate the staff at Delrico Taren Point for their excellent after sales service. We took one of the new reels back due to the level wind mechanism not working ( through no fault of the reel ). They fixed the problem and called back within 2 days at no cost to us even though it was our fault the reel failed.This is our 2nd reel over the last 5 yrs and we find them great value.
13 May 2015
My second DELRICO. The first has lasted over 12 years !. Was very well used and performed to expectations. Im sure we wore it out in the end! Great products!
10 May 2015
great store service. I bought the 28 metre reel to replace a recently purchased Hoselink brand which was very difficult to pull out and had a low flow rate due to the hose being only 11mm diameter. We are very happy so far with the Delrico product.
30 Apr 2015
very satisfied with prompt Del. service one small point of interest you advertise 2 years warranty and in the instruction manual it says one year which are we to believe down the track if it was a promotional statement on a sale item on the net and 16months from now it breaks down we have no prof of it ???
28 Apr 2015
Was ordered by my husband to buy one of these. He told me to not even think about going anywhere else as he had done his homework! Well, he got it right, I love it!. Soooooo easy to pull out and it really does go back in slower! Well done DELRICO, nice work
27 Apr 2015
Overall excellent, purchased 2 hose reels 10 years ago and have been great!. No issues, now its time to update again. Also great value compared to say Bunnings for a higher quality product
23 Apr 2015
Excellent, helpful staff. Product terrific, I have 5 systems in my garden. Hose never tangles, easy to pull out and retract back to system is simple and fast. Nozzles never burst free from hose when watering and I have heavy pressure in my pipes!
15 Apr 2015
I have purchased a Delrico hose reel about 8 years ago and it is still working fine. I have just purchased 2 more new 28mtr ones for my new home. They are reliable, sturdy and easy toi use!
14 Apr 2015
Just purchased 2nd one for the front yard. Extremely easy to attach to the wall. Hose pulls out and returns without tangles. I highly recommend Delrico reels.
13 Apr 2015
Hi there, I would just like to say that the DELRICO reel is a First class product. Ive just been back in for reel number 2. They also offer excellent service
09 Apr 2015
Purchased a retractable reel 11yrs ago, then when we moved purchased one for our new address 8 years ago. Also blessed 3 children with one each for Christmas at least 10 years ago!. Have been very satisfied, looked in Bunnings to replace one as the bracket on the wall had broken, but what I saw didnt make me happy. Im so glad I found these guys again, and now I have their latest model. Thank you!
08 Apr 2015
I checked their website and found that the hose reels could be repaired instead of having to buy a new one. I rang and was given all the details. I dropped off the hose and was rung the next day to say it was repaired. Price great!, service excellent!
01 Apr 2015
I have had 2 hose reels from Delrico and have now had my 3rd for over 5 years. This is the first problem I have had and it was a simple O ring fix due to wear and tear. I have no problem in buying more Delrico products in the future.
31 Mar 2015
beverleyw842 from Cooya Beach
Excellent! Very pleased with Delrico hose reel, have already recommended this product to other family members & friends. Delivery was prompt. Thank you Delrico
31 Mar 2015
douglasp884 from Broadwater
Ordered three 28m reels online and sprayer . Delivery was quick and the reels were nicely packed. I've had one on my pontoon for a few months and its weathering very well. Recommended good value
30 Mar 2015
Delrico was recommended by friends. I have bought 3 hose reels for our strata building over the past 10 years. All 3 hose reels are frequently used and still function well. 2 of the reels needed minor servicing which was done at the warehouse at no cost. Steve and his team offer great products and also excellent and friendly customer service. I am happy to continue recommend them.
30 Mar 2015
aaronw565 from Benowa
I ordered a 28M hose reel online. Fast delivery. Quality product. Love the controlled return and strong mount. Very pleased with our purchase. [Delrico is a client of ours, no discount was given]
29 Mar 2015
You were recommended by my son-in-law Steve who has had one of your reels for a number of years.So I know the quality is great & easy to use so I recently bought a 28m hose reel & its fantastic. I had a fall a couple of weeks ago tripping over a hose laying on the concrete & still haven't fully recovered I was very lucky it could have been a lot worse so I highly recommend your product for safety reasons also. Delivery was excellent.
24 Mar 2015
I have purchased 5 Delrico hose reels over the past 8 years of different models. I still have one of the original 20metre reels which is still operational after 8 years! After sales service is excellent-with spring tension adjustments & water inlet feeder hoses adjusted/replaced on the spot at no charge at their warehouse.
20 Mar 2015
Have had this hose reel for 6 odd years and have found it to be very useful and easy to use. I have bought 2 more for presents and those people have been very pleased with them. I would thoroughly recommend them to any person needing a good & reliable retracting hose reel.
20 Mar 2015
chrisb74 from Caringbah
" Got the new 28mtr and its hands down the best thing Ive bought for years. Retraction is so smooth and so easy to pull out! Highly recommended! "
19 Mar 2015
My husband and I bought a 28m hose reel for our home. It's fantastic. We can pull it out to water the garden, clean the cars or top up the pool and there's no coiling the hose back up to be left in a pile, it gently retracts into its case leaving the garden looking stylish and tidy. Looks to be very durable compared to our "ordinary" hose and I'm confident this will stand the test of time! Couldn't be happier with out purchase!
19 Mar 2015
Experience was great, was pleased with my purchase. The products are just as fantastic as the service, and I have been back to purchase on a number of occasions!
16 Mar 2015
Toyotakid from Gold Coast Mc
I bought a reel online after a friend recommended them. Delivery was prompt and well packaged. Fit and finish are of a very high standard. The retraction is really smooth. I'm not sure how this works, but the retraction speed seems to be controlled where my other brand hose reel nearly pulls my wifes arm off, so shes happy! Would recommend and will buy another soon.
12 Mar 2015
The level of service at DELRICO is second to none. The product is excellent and I would recommend the hose reels to everyone!
Taren Point, NSW, 2229
Tel: 0295254811

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