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20 Feb 2024
A friend of mine initially recommended me to see Sviatlana as she had achieved great results with her own health issues. I had a fear of vomiting that I wanted to address and regularly suffered from nausea because of it (go figure!). It was starting to really impact my life in a way I was ashamed of. Before seeing Sviatlana, I was seeing a psychologist/EMDR therapist before Sviatlana who I feel didn't put me on the right path and failed to address the root cause of the phobia. However, Sviatlana, within about 2 sessions, really got to the root of the problem with me and opened my eyes to an almost phobia-free world. She hit the nail on the head and really guided me on how to deal with the anxiety and panic attacks head-on. I now suffer very little panic attacks and should anxiety ever start to manifest, I can actually control my responses and calm myself down before it ever happens. I have Sviatlana to thank for it all and I'm so grateful for her!
06 Feb 2024
The sessions with Sviatlana have had a profound impact on my life. These sessions have helped me to better understand myself and given me tools to deal with my negative emotions and baggage from the past in a much more constructive way. I am now feeling very optimistic about my life. I also wanted to add that Sviatlana is a very lovely person and I found her very inspiring.
15 Jan 2024
Engaging in hypnotherapy/life coaching sessions with Sviatlana Starr over the last 6 months has been a transformative experience for me. Her expertise in helping me build confidence at work, manage stress, cultivate healthier thinking patterns, and make positive choices in my eating habits has had a really positive impact on my life. Sviatlana's compassionate and understanding approach has created a safe and supportive space for me to explore and address various aspects of my life through hypnotherapy/life coaching. This unique approach, coupled with her insights, has not only helped me navigate challenges but has also provided me with a fresh perspective on the world. I am genuinely thankful for the positive transformation she has facilitated in my life, and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking a skilled and empathetic guide, particularly through the powerful tool of hypnotherapy, on their journey to personal growth and well-being.
29 Oct 2023
I saw Sviatlana primarily to help me with IBS which I’ve been suffering from for years. I was amazed by how quickly her hypnotherapy changed that for me. On top of that, her sessions gave me super practical strategies to navigate my wide range of anxieties from social to obsessive compulsiveness, and to make me a calmer person overall.
14 Sep 2023
I've had the pleasure of working with Sviatlana, a highly skilled hypnotherapist and professional coach, for several months now, and I must say that our sessions have been incredibly helpful in navigating my personal and professional challenges and goals. Sviatlana's patient and calm demeanour immediately put me at ease, allowing me to open up and share my concerns without feeling judged or overwhelmed. Our sessions are very effective, and Sviatlana brings a wide range of approaches to the table, including active listening, coaching, and hypnotherapy. She has a unique ability to tailor her techniques to my needs, ensuring that I always feel like I'm receiving the most appropriate and effective coaching support. For example, sending me simple activities to complete (e.g. goals setting, values reflection) and tailored meditations to help me reinforce the benefits beyond our scheduled session. With Sviatlana's guidance, I've been able to gain clarity on my personal and professional aspirations, and I'm making steady progress towards achieving them at a pace that suits me. Her support has been invaluable, and I can't recommend her services enough. I’ve had several “aha!” moments about life and work thanks to her. If you're looking for a skilled coach who can help you navigate life's challenges with grace and effectiveness, look no further than Sviatlana. I'm grateful to have found her, and I'm confident that you will be too. Highly recommend! "
11 Sep 2023
Sviatlana was so helpful in our work together. She has assisted me with a number of concerns and continues to demonstrate flexibility and expertise in what life throws my way. I would highly recommend her to anybody looking to give hypnotherapy a go!
05 Jun 2023
Sviatlana is a skilled, knowledgeable, and supportive professional. She helped me identify and work through complex negative thought patterns and allowed me to see my behaviours and reactions in a different way. The sessions were personally challenging, but the benefits and realisations were apparent from the very first appointment. Sviatlana has helped me get back on a more positive track in life, and with more practice, I feel confident that I have learned many skills to help me achieve my goals. She has a no-nonsense approach, articulates ideas very clearly, and provides helpful insight. If you are struggling with a low self-esteem, burnout, negative outlook on life or a lack of direction, I would recommend booking in.
23 Apr 2023
I am someone who has struggled with generalised anxiety disorder and social anxiety since I was a young child. I had researched, tried medications and been to many psychologists to try and help me lead and live a normal life. I have tried so many different strategies but nothing stuck. I have had 4 sessions with Sviatlana so far and I have made a significant progress. I was someone who was afraid to even take a walk on my own or to go out with friends to a new place, and she has given me the strength and tools to be able to walk on my own, and socialise freely with my friends going out with them to new places. It has been a long journey for me but I feel grateful that I have found someone who is patient and takes the time to explain the tools to me and how I can best apply them to help myself and my situation. I have Sviatlana Starr to thank.
24 Mar 2023
I recently had the opportunity to work with Sviatlana Starr (Light Your Star), and my experience has been nothing short of outstanding. Despite my initial scepticism about the effectiveness of virtual sessions, Sviatlana has proven that her expertise transcends any barriers posed by remote interactions. What sets her apart is her unique ability to blend various techniques and create a truly personalised approach to address her clients' concerns. From the very beginning, Sviatlana made me feel comfortable and supported throughout the entire process. She attentively listened to my concerns and seamlessly integrated a mix of hypnotherapy and other techniques to craft sessions tailored to my specific needs. After several online sessions with her, I have noticed a remarkable shift in my mindset. The limiting beliefs that once held me back have been replaced with newfound confidence, empowerment, and control over my thoughts and emotions. If you are considering hypnotherapy for any reason, I wholeheartedly recommend Sviatlana Starr. Her expertise, commitment, and genuine care for her clients, along with her innovative and personalised approach, make her an exceptional practitioner in the field. The fact that she is able to provide such powerful results through online sessions is a testament to her skill and passion for helping others. Thank you, Lana, for all your help and support throughout these past few weeks!
04 Mar 2023
Sviatlana has allowed me to re-write my life story by educating and implementing skills and a confident trusting mindset in empowering me the opportunity to live my best life, in thriving not just surviving. Sviatlana is able to take my jumbled and overwhelmed mindset that did and didn't make sense and simplified my confusion. With her expertise, she was able to summarise, simplify and clarify. Her wisdom and insight allowed me to clearly understand. She always gave me the tools that I needed to create a change in my perception (old detrimental programming to new beneficial one) through her psychoanalysis and hypnotherapy. In my case, her hypnotherapy sessions have allowed me to overcome all my challenges and anxieties, that 20 years of regular seeing other psychologists, psychiatrists and soul therapists haven't been able to shift. I can't recommend her services enough to anyone who has suffered trauma, ptsd, anxiety, feel overwhelmed, any type of relationship challenges, phobias, don't know how to control there emotional response or can't change a stubborn habit. Sviatlanas 1 year of regular therapy for me has surpassed 20 of all my past therapies combined. My life has completely changed that I now am studying hypnotherapy, a living example of possibility. This is my first year in my 47 years that I am finally living therapy free, with a focused intentional, consciously aware mindset. My mind has shifted from feeling like daily tornado storms spiraling out of control to now a vivid green open meadow with blue skies. Sviatlana has shifted and empowered me the tools to shift and change any challenge that comes into my life. I still am pinching myself that, with Sviatlanas guidance, and my desire for change and determination, this IS my dream life and its mine which nobody can take away from me, unlike other things in life. Total gratitude.
01 Mar 2023
I went to Sviatlana for impulsive eating, and have walked away having explored so much more. Understanding my biological, psychological and cognitive processes that lead to the eating has been extremely empowering. I feel able to affirm my boundaries and prioritise my energy, which has in turn assisted with my impulsive eating, and self-esteem. Thank you.
23 Dec 2022
I want to thank Sviatlana for all her help and support. Her specific and practical strategies have given me the tools to deal confidently with anxiety. Her soothing and mindset changing recordings are great for reinforcing positive thinking and breaking hurtful patterns from the past. I am so glad I was referred to her and I found the 5 sessions we had invaluable. Thank you for your kindness and understanding and for making me feel lighter and more free!
07 Nov 2022
I suffered from the anxiety and phobia of vomiting since I was a child. I worked with a psychologist for 10 sessions on it and with a psychiatrist. The only thing that helped a bit was the medication that the psychiatrist put me on. It made anxiety less, but It didn’t help me get rid of the phobia. A Friend of mine recommended me to see Sviatlana Starr. I had 2 sessions of hypnotherapy with her and since then my phobia is gone. I am going now places enjoying myself without the anxiety that I could vomit. I am really impressed that 2 sessions is all it took for Sviatlana and I am grateful for her help.
17 Oct 2022
I found my sessions to be extremely beneficial in teaching me some important skills that are easy to do during everyday life. These skills help me feel in control of my emotions and manage my life much better.
13 Sep 2022
Eye opening and amazing! Sviatlana has a wealth of knowledge. I had a very positive experience! I've learnt in 4 sessions so much about myself and have developed great confidence, courage and necessary skills to go after my goals.
04 Aug 2022
Sviatlana has been absolutely amazing! My sessions were such a positive experience, as I was given a set of life skills which will last a lifetime in any given situation. Sviatlana has helped myself and my partner overcome major hurdles in a very short space of time. I highly recommend!
24 Jul 2022
Before I met Sviatlana, I was a mess. Confused, anxious, tired, stressed and I just couldn’t pin point what the underlying cause was, in my mind it was everything.. A few sessions with Sviatlana and I noticed the difference straight away. I understand the what, the why and mostly she helped me with the how.. she has changed my relationships with my kids, my family but mostly with myself.. I am so grateful to her.
03 Jul 2022
I was tense about my future, as I took a challenge to come to Australia, a new country, on my own. I was looking for a personal coach to help me with my emotional state of mind and I came across Sviatlana...She is a very remarkable person with a great understanding of people's behaviour. I had in total 5 sessions with her and I must say she gave me a remarkable insight into life, how things tend to fall and how to get up again through understanding yourself and without pushing yourself hard. To you who reads this, I would like to recommend her and I can guarantee that you will 'Light your Star' through working with her!
21 Jun 2022
I started with Sviatlana after going through a hard breakup with my partner of over 5 years. After the first session I already felt so much better and it only took me 3 sessions before I felt myself doing a complete 180 on my outlook on life! Sviatlana helped me so much through a range of exercises and her knowledge is unmatched, I learnt a lot not only about myself but also about us as humans throughout my sessions with her and I couldn't be more grateful for what she has helped me to achieve in only a few sessions! I highly highly recommend her :)
04 Jun 2022
I'm profoundly grateful for all the help Sviatlana has been giving me. Every single session has helped me to become a better version of myself. Of course, it's still a long journey for me, but having someone there to give you the right words and guidance to go though it has helped me achieve what otherwise I would not have been able to. This is all thanks to Sviatlana. Thanks so much!
04 Jun 2022
I would recommend anyone to see Sviatlana. Great results in a very short time. Highly recommended.
25 May 2022
Great service with lasting results at an affordable price. Sviatlana helped me with hypnotherapy for both smoking cessation and longstanding IBS issues, I'd definitely recommend to others
09 Apr 2022
"I reached out to Sviatlana when I was going through a period of anxiety, feeling very stuck in the direction that I wanted to take and needing to make some positive changes in my life and work through some areas that had been holding me back for quite some time. Sviatlana is very professional and instantly got back to me upon reaching out to her to arrange an initial meeting for the following evening, Sviatlana then promptly organised my future appointments so I could commence working with her as soon as possible. Sviatlana takes a calm and practical approach in the sessions giving logical advice whilst having empathy and listening to you and what is going on for you and helping you work through things. You will then get different recordings to listen to and homework to do in between sessions which will help you as you go through your sessions along with techniques that you can use as required. I have done 6 sessions with Sviatlana and feel like my mindset is much more positive and I have the tools now to manage my thoughts and emotions effectively.
31 Mar 2022
It was absolutely refreshing and rewarding working with Sviatlana. Previously looking for help and guidance through psychologists (and seeing less than ideal results), I felt helpless and mentally lost. However, after finding Sviatlana, my life and personal outlook on this world we live in changed. The professionalism, paired by the inspiring drive that illuminates from the beginning and end of every session is incomparable to absolutely none. If you are seeking true help, I could not recommend Sviatlana Starr enough.
13 Mar 2022
I was referred to Sviatlana by my doctor. With Sviatlana it has been a completely different style of hypnotherapy compared to the ones I tried before. It focuses on changing the way one thinks for the positive and it equips you with the tools you need for the future. I highly recommend it.
31 Jan 2022
Sviatlana is an exceptional therapist who has done more than I’ve expected to get from her therapy sessions. Firstly she was very warm and welcoming towards me when I first contacted her. She arranged for my sessions promptly and was very good in keeping track of the appointments. She also provided me with numerous life skills in just 3 sessions we had. I can safely say I’m much more confident of myself and I feel better equipped to deal with whatever problems that come my way. She is very easy to communicate with and open up to. I would strongly recommend her service to anyone in need.
09 Dec 2021
Sviatlana was fabulous in getting me to understand the fundamentals of the human brain, as well as habits. She's helped me so much and I am so grateful!
08 Nov 2021
I found Sviatlana's sessions to be very valuable. She helped me out of the rut where I was in with some personal projects. I appreciated the recordings and exercises that she shared, and I have no doubt that I will revisit them in the future. On top of that, she helped me work through some communication issues I was having in my relationship. Can't recommend her services enough to someone looking to better themselves if they're willing to put the work in.
20 Oct 2021
Working with Sviatlana really helped me adjust my mindset and realise my potential. I spent some time with another therapist in the past, but wasn't able to gain any improvement. This whole experience with Sviatlana has helped me gain life skills that were easy to learn and they have made a big change in my life. I couldn't recommend Sviatlana enough.
13 Oct 2021
When I first met with Sviatlana, I was in the lowest phase of my life in all areas. After the first session itself I started feeling better as I started to see things from a different perspective. Sviatlana gave me the tools to deal with the anxiety and uncertainty I had in life. Listening to her recordings of my hypnotherapy session with her helped me further in between sessions. I not only applied for a new job but I ended up getting a new job by using the tools Sviatlana gave me. My personal life which was filled with conflict and uncertainty is much better. It's not that I don't have the fears, doubts or conflicts any more but I now have the tools to manage them without going into a downward spiral of depression. Like I told Sviatlana after a couple of my sessions, it felt like "magic". Suddenly my problems did not seem unmanageable. I highly recommend Sviatlana.
08 Oct 2021
When I first started, I was suffering from social anxiety and some other things, and over a handful of sessions Sviatlana was able to help me work through my issues and gave me the tools to move forward in life, being able to tackle those problems whenever they come up. I’m extremely thankful that she was able to help and make such a big impact in such a short time and I know I’ll be far better off in the future.
05 Oct 2021
Working with Sviatlana immediately gave me the tools and mechanisms to cope with anything I’m struggling through. From our first session I could see improvements within myself which was built on each time. Sviatlana really understands you and has changed the way I think about situations of any scale! I can’t thank her enough and definitely recommend getting in contact with her.
01 Oct 2021
Sviatlana was so helpful, I set my goals with her at the start of our sessions, envisioning the person I wanted to become and each session she helped me take a step towards that and overcome hurdles with a range of methods. I’ve come out of it with strategies and a mindset that will stick with me forever. If you’re thinking about doing this, take the leap!! Definitely worth it!
23 Sep 2021
Sviatlana helped me improve as a person and helped me change my life for the better. I came to her feeling unhappy with my life and overwhelmed by negative thoughts and emotions. After several sessions with Sviatlana, I am now in a very good place in life and happy to be where I am .
18 Sep 2021
After finally deciding to talk to someone about my anxiety and sleeping issues, I was recommended to Sviatlana by a friend. Sviatlana made me feel comfortable and opened me to a whole new way of thinking and dealing with my problems and emotions, she has given me different tools to help me which has made me feel more capable and confident when dealing with my triggers. Thank you Sviatlana. :)
28 Jul 2021
Very helpful and very insightful! I came to Sviatlana having a very low self confidence, depressed and lost and after a few sessions I came out feeling confident, strong, motivated to succeed and having the understanding and strategies how to do it. Thanks heaps, Sviatlana!
28 Jul 2021
Wonderful experience working with Sviatlana to overcome my phobia of needles and also learning how to deal with other stressful situations that life may bring me. Not only has she helped me achieve the results I wanted, but she did this in such a way that was caring and understanding, therefore leaving me feeling completely comfortable with her. I could not recommend her any more highly.
12 Jun 2021
Sviatlana is, in one word, amazing! I had talked to many people, searching for assistance in my personal growth, and from the very first appointment, Sviatlana, I knew was the one to help me accomplish my goals. Sviatlana has given me, through her teachings, the tools and skills to progress, not only in my personal life, but in with my relationships, my maturity and understanding who I am as a person in this world.
05 Jun 2021
I cannot recommend highly enough for you to see Sviatlana Starr whether you are in need of guidance in life, career or dealing with anxiety: you should definitely see Sviatlana. After only 2 sessions with Sviatlana, my purpose in life is much clearer, my emotional state has improved and I am ok to be myself. I can't thank you enough, Sviatlana.
23 May 2021
I went to Sviatlana with reservations that she would be able to help with my anxieties and issues. However, I have been pleasantly surprised at how much I have been able to change and adapt to situations since my sessions with her. The personal recordings were fantastic to use outside our sessions. I can not recommend her highly enough, as she helped me overcome my anxieties!
10 May 2021
Sviatlana is amazing, tells it like it is and is very motivating and supportive. She has really helped me. I would recommend her to anyone.
02 May 2021
Effective! I came to Sviatlana to quit smoking. We had 3 sessions and was I convinced to stop smoking from the start.
02 May 2021
Sviatlana has been great support from the moment we first had our session. I've developed great tools and skills to overcome the challenges I’ve been facing.
24 Mar 2021
For a few years I dealt with a lot of anger, which built up my anxiety and I didn't know how to deal with it effectively. Working with Sviatlana exceeded my expectations, as just in a couple of sessions she helped me overcome my struggles, let go of my anger, anxiety and taught me how to deal with stress and anxiety in the future.
01 Mar 2021
Sviatlana was very helpful! I discovered a lot about myself, learnt new useful skills and strategies and overall I feel now like I can live a more self aware, happy and more fulfilling life.
26 Feb 2021
I've had such a pleasant experience with Sviatlana! She has helped me at my lowest point in life and brought me back up enabling me to feel happy, positive and enriched with insight!
03 Dec 2020
Sviatlana was absolutely amazing and helped me in an effective and efficient way overcome my anxiety! She approaches a situation in a friendly way and makes you feel comfortable. I recommend her to anyone suffering from anxiety or any other mental health issues you may have!!!
26 Nov 2020
Sviatlana offered a lot of advice and taught me important skills that were of great help with the issues that I'm currently working through. I'd recommend you to consider a session with her if you need help with problems surrounding emotions or addiction. Thanks, Sviatlana!
24 Oct 2020
Sviatlana has cured my phobia after just one session. Wonderful! She also makes you feel relaxed and at ease.
19 Oct 2020
Sviatlana is easy to understand and worked with me exactly on what I needed. My partner and I noticed changes after just the first session! Sviatlana also gave me hypnotic recordings from the hypnosis part of our 3 sessions for me to listen to them. These recordings help me reinforce the positive changes I've achieved in our 3 sessions.
16 Oct 2020
I have been working with Sviatlana over the last month and am currently nearing my 4th session. Sviatlana has helped my so much with my confidence and anxieties. I now feel much more relaxed and in control of my life. Thank you so much!
22 Sep 2020
I remember when I first came to Sviatlana, I was at my turning point of my life. I was focusing on my childhood trauma and uncertainty about myself instead of moving forward with life. I was dwelling on the past and reliving it. Within the first session Sviatlana understood what I was dealing with and proceeded to heal my trauma. We had 6 sessions combining life coaching and hypnotherapy treatment which were powerful and intense. My personality and thinking perspective shifted to the better, to the way I wanted, plus I let go of the trauma of the past. What Sviatlana provided me with is not just for one time effect, she taught me the skills that I can use again and again to keep bettering my life as as it moves on.
10 Sep 2020
Sviatlana helped me overcome 2 big problems: smoking addiction and depression. At first she helped me quit smoking. Before I could not last even for a week without cigarettes, but after our 3 sessions of hypnotherapy I completely lost any cravings or desire to smoke. It has been already almost 6 months since I quit. I knew she helps people with depression as well and I asked her during the lockdown to help me with that, as my depression got worse. For days I used to lie in bed and had no desire to do anything. After 5 sessions of hypnotherapy with Sviatlana, I now have a good mood, I go out for a walk every day, do things around the house, even signed up to do yoga online! For me it is a huge progress! To be willing to do things and doing them, to feel positive and enthusiastic again-I am so grateful to you, Sviatlana, that I can do this again!
04 Sep 2020
My parents were both alcoholics and at a young age I started drinking alcohol too, very quickly becoming an alcoholic myself. Over the last 18 years of heavy drinking, I was in a rehab several times, but each time I could last for maximum 3 months without alcohol. Sviatlana helped me through clinical hypnotherapy not only quit alcohol, but most importantly, lose any interest in it. I have been sober now for a year and feel no desire or need for alcohol. My wife and my children are now looking forward to me coming home instead of dreading it. I highly recommend Sviatlana if you have an addiction to overcome.
01 Sep 2020
Sviatlana is very professional in her approach and a very effective operator. Needless to say, I had been traumatised by a serve assault that left me in hospital (one of many things I was dealing with), so I decided to do something about my situation and found great reviews of Sviatlana online. After our initial free session of getting to know me and my situation, Sviatlana anticipated a total of eight sessions. Because Sviatlana was extremely effective with her work, we were finished in four sessions. I now understand why she had so many great reviews! Since our sessions, I've noticed significant changes in my emotional state and no longer suffer from PTSD from the assault. If you are struggling with something in your life, I highly recommend Sviatlana: your well-being will thank you for it!
24 Jul 2020
SoniaS from Hillside
My 16 year old son had been suffering from depression and the psychologist I had originally engaged to help him was ready to put him on medication and was very doubtful that he would come out of depression. After a friend had referred me to Sviatlana, she has been able to work with not only my son, but my daughter, my husband and me to help us all through this difficult time. Sviatlana helped my son learn important skills to deal with emotions, thoughts, problems, which enabled him to overcome depression and become a resilient and nice young man. We are all able to communicate better and listen to each other in order to understand how each of us is feeling and then work towards practical and realistic outcomes. We are very grateful to Sviatlana!
06 Jun 2020
I have been suffering from severe anxiety for 22 years and found that I wasn't able to fully manage and overcome the condition on my own even after seeing psychologists, learning CBT and trying medication a couple of times. I decided to try hypnotherapy and life coaching with Sviatlana as my final resort in trying to overcome my anxiety. After having four sessions with her and listening to the recordings I have seen a remarkable difference in how I handle daily stresses in life and find that the techniques that she has taught to me are becoming second nature. I feel like I'm finally back in control of my life and in hindsight I wish I had seen Sviatlana a lot sooner. Despite this, I am very glad to have had these sessions with her and have decided to continue with some follow up sessions for life coaching so that I can reach my career goals.
28 May 2020
I saw Sviatlana for 4 sessions to help me with my IBS and anxiety. Unaware of what was to be expected, I went into it without much hope. Right from the start Sviatlana explained what we would be doing and catered her therapy to my specific needs. She has helped me create a better relationship with food and taught me how to keep my anxiety in check. She made such a huge effort even during the unprecedented times of COVID to help me through my sessions online. There was no judgment and it was a very positive experience overall!
30 Apr 2020
Sviatlana treated me with such calmness and ease and with no judgement or shame. After the second session I immediately felt a change in my everyday living. 4 sessions later, I now live life with a new ease and have the tools I needed to deal with my phobia and anxiety. I cannot recommend Sviatlana enough- she has changed my life.
25 Mar 2020
Sviatlana’s hypnotherapy has been highly effective in helping me manage my chronic insomnia and anxiety. I had tried various remedies over the years, including sleeping pills, meditation, exercise, and sleep-hygiene practices. These were helpful to an extent, but not always reliable or, in the case of sleeping pills, came with a number of undesirable side-effects. I noticed an immediate difference after my first session with Sviatlana. I began falling asleep quicker and no longer looked at bedtime with a sense of dread. Sviatlana is a very perceptive practitioner; she identified the various anxieties and negative thought-processes at the heart of my insomnia and taught me the techniques to keep them at bay and maintain a positive mindset. I highly recommend Sviatlana to anyone who is struggling with insomnia and anxiety.
11 Mar 2020
It was excellent to work with Sviatlana: she is understanding, compassionate, easy to talk. She helped me learn skills enabling me to deal with stress and anxiety, she made me calm!
06 Mar 2020
I used to smoke a pack a day, thinking it was normal to wake up sick every morning for 5 years...Now I haven't smoked in several months, breathing normally every day and night. Sviatlana really helped me get over my addiction in a few sessions and I have never looked back since.
21 Jan 2020
I have suffered with IBS and been on a low FODMAP diet to manage my symptoms for many years. I was referred to Sviatlana by a nutritionist after learning about gut directed hypnotherapy online. Whilst somewhat sceptical, I approached the sessions with an open mind. Remarkably, Sviatlana was able to heal my gut after just two sessions. I am now back eating food I haven't been able to eat in years. Sviatlana is a pro and everyone with IBS needs to go visit her.
14 Oct 2019
I want to thank Sviatlana for our 4 gut-directed hypnotherapy sessions. Having reached a point where I felt I could no longer cope with myself (and my tummy because of IBS), it has been a revelation having had those 4 sessions with her! My mental state has been reversed, I feel so much more positive and feel physical improvements. I can't recommend her assistance highly enough and am so thankful to part be of this program!
12 Jun 2019
I had 8 sessions with Sviatlana and found it made huge difference in the way i feel and how i live my life. I am making better choices, i feel in control, optimistic and ready to chaise my dreams. Thank you soooo much!
27 May 2019
I was going through a period of stress and anxiety and Sviatlana was fantastic at helping me get to the core of the issues. She gave me practical steps that I could use from day one to calm my mind down, and then she took me on a self-transformation journey, giving me techniques and helping me to change my thinking to improve my overall well being. I am on my way to fulfilling my potential. Thank you!
14 May 2019
I'm not really a Therapist kind of guy (or so I thought), but my sessions with Sviatlana really helped me with my anger and depression issues, which helped me feel good and strengthen my relationship with my wife and kids. She explains things clearly and simply and gives you tools to help you understand things and people in a more positive way. Highly Recommended
30 Mar 2019
Sviatlana definitely knows her job! I came to her with anxiety and being overwhelmed , and within 6 sessions I made great changes in different areas of my life. She is a powerful Life Coach/Therapist who can take you through powerful processes to make you aware of how great life can be, whilst helping you overcome your personal demons. If you require assistance to improve your life and how you feel, the recommendation is more than strong.
16 Mar 2019
Very good and relaxing now a non smoker for the past four weeks and don’t feel like one. Thanks for the help.
03 Mar 2019
Very good! Helpful, positive life/ habit changing for the better.! Highly recommend Sviatlana, easy to talk with and super supportive throughout. Have not felt this liberated and successful in a long time. A big thanku!
06 Feb 2019
Sviatlana has helped me overcome 2 addictions: smoking cigarettes and smoking marihuana. Her recordings, which she specifically designed and recorded for me, allowed me to sustain a life free of drug/tobacco addiction. I highly recommend Sviatlana's services!
22 Jan 2019
It was a very good experience: each session was full of very useful and helpful information and strategies, that got right into the main issues going on in my life. Each session was absolutely worth my time! I definitely know now that my way of thinking has improved and will keep improving!
19 Jan 2019
fleur77 from Glen Iris
Sviatlana has given me a range of practical and useful tools that all complement each other and are actively helping me to overcome my long-held negative beliefs and to create a positive future for myself. I am very grateful to Sviatlana for the valuable education she gave me that allowed me to develop the skills I needed.
06 Jan 2019
I felt very comfortable in discussing and getting guidance on resolving my personal issues. My sessions were very specific to my issues and informative. I loved all of my sessions, as each allowed me to take back control and taught me techniques to improve my life. I highly recommend Sviatlana's services!
02 Jan 2019
I have done the weight loss program with Sviatlana and couldn’t be happier! I would absolutely recommend Sviatlana to anyone who wants to make changes in their life!!
13 Dec 2018
Christosd79 from Carnegie
I had spent two thirds of my life smoking, with numerous failed attempts at quitting. After a few sessions with sviatlana, I’m proud to say that I’ve successfully quit! Sviatlana was amazing and thoroughly supportive and I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to make a positive change in their lives.
12 Dec 2018
Amazing! Absolutely life-changing! Sviatlana is easy to talk to and she listens without judgement. Her sessions are filled with structure and strategies for changing bad habits, to help re-wire your thinking and helps you to focus on solutions, positive outcomes and attitudes to promote great physical and mental health.
10 Dec 2018
I am on the way! Light Your Star has started me on a future track free of a disgusting habit and with tools to beat a long standing phobia. The interactive hypnosis employed is different to my previous experiences and I found the therapy calming and respectful. Thank you Light Your Star!
05 Dec 2018
Sviatlana has helped me to overcome my anxieties, confront all of my worries and to develop workable strategies for going forward. I enjoyed the sessions, as well as the recordings she gave me, which I would listen to at my leisure time as part of my therapy. By the end of my 6th session I feel more relaxed and empowered, as well as prepared for the next challenge in my life. I would recommend Sviatlana as a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist to anyone who is struggling with life’s challenges.
30 Nov 2018
I would like to thank Sviatlana very much for all our consultations that I have had with her. I am finding them very useful and believe that they are life changing for me. I also look very forward to listening to her recordings on a regular basis.
30 Nov 2018
I've had two sessions with Sviatlana and both have been so calming and beneficial! I feel now I can achieve anything!
29 Nov 2018
Our daughter Sarah had tried everything to stop from biting her nails and they bled from chewing constantly. Finally I contacted Svetliana hypnosis and after a few sessions and lots of support and encouragement from Svetliana Sarah now has nails growing. I would highly recommend hypnosis from Svetliana.
20 Nov 2018
I absolutely loved my sessions with Svietlana. She was able to help me out with blockages and self-sabotaging behavior, that preventing me being the best version of my self Her hypnosis is professional, she is caring and attentive She provided a lot of additional information relating to self improvement and other scientific information to take home that was specific to my personal needs. I highly recommend her to all my friends
24 Oct 2018
I really liked the practical exercise/steps to overcome my specific issues. I also appreciate Sviatlana's unbiased and non-judgemental understanding of complex personal situations.
05 Sep 2018
I've had 4 sessions with Sviatlana and it has been really helpful for anxiety and IBS: I would definitely recommend it to people suffering from similar issues. I always walk out from my sessions with Sviatlana feeling really great and this feeling stays with me for days. She also gives hypnotic recordings to listen to which put me back on the right track if I lapse.
29 Aug 2018
I felt comfortable in all the sessions with Sviatlana. She helped me with practical and beneficial tools to overcome my negative self-talk and plan a positive future.
18 Aug 2018
The four sessions I had with Sviatlana have been fantastic! I will take with me the tools to help me achieve my goals in areas such as work, relationships and how to handle what may come up day to day. I have found the experience very helpful and all given with an understanding touch.
27 Jul 2018
What I hoped to achieve from my sessions with Sviatlana has been a success. Sviatlana has been wonderful, supportive, has listened, helped me feel at ease and addressed each concern as it has arisen. Thank you!
05 Jun 2018
I came to Svietlana with many issues in relation to anxiety, changing career late in life and addiction issues. I’ve gone for 5 seasons so far and already had big changes to become more mindful of my choices and actions. The hypnotherapy retrained my brain and separated it into parts that were easy for me to control and understand and the Life coaching is giving me clarity with my work and my life in general. My self- doubt and bad habits were controlling me and I was not happy or healthy. Her holistic approach is well rounded and effective and now I feel more in control of my life and able to work through any issue as it arises – I now exercising, cutting down on my drinking, feel more clear about my work choices and now can keep control over my anxiety and negative self talk. I'm grateful I went to work with Svietlana and think ill keep seeing her for a top up on her knowledge and wisdom. I’ve recommended Svietlana to my friends going through different things and after seeing my changes they are very keen to work with her. This is not a magic pill approach its hard work but its worth it in the end. Your life will be changed that I can guarantee.
17 Apr 2018
The problem I came to Sviatlana with was excessive drinking and I can simply say that now, 1,5 months later I have managed my consumption in the exact manner I wanted it to be! The process was much less complicated than I thought- Sviatlana was very supportive and basically did her magic at understanding my exact situation and working on it from the right angle. She is a great professional in her field, a person who is easy to communicate with and open up to. I would highly recommend her to anyone. Thank you very much for helping me, Sviatlana!
07 Apr 2018
So caring , genuine and dedicated. Feels as though she believes in you. I went to quit smoking and on top of sessions received very helpful tapes. I highly recommend Svetlana for other problems we have as well. So nice having someone so firm and gentle Happy customer
28 Mar 2018
Often we simply cannot move or shift our deeper obstacles out of the way, that is why we need someone professional to help us do it. Having a Life Coach to facilitate the changes you need to make allows you to achieve the results you want. Thank you, Sviatlana!
16 Mar 2018
I found Sviatlana very professional and proficient. I found our sessions with her very beneficial!
05 Feb 2018
The sessions have been invaluable in giving me the perspective and tools I needed to move forward. Everything is tailored specifically to my requirements and needs. I have employed in life what I learnt during the sessions and it has impacted my life quickly and positively and it will continue to have a positive impact on my life.
02 Feb 2018
Sviatlana is very kind and knowledgeable. Through her coaching and hypnotherapy I was able to give up cigarettes and e-cigarettes. For the first time in many years I am 100% nicotine free and it feels wonderful! I feel renewed freedom, confidence and positivity flowing into all areas of my life. The sessions with Sviatlana have given me clarity and focus, new goals and a new outlook on life.
15 Nov 2017
Sviatlana is very knowledgeable, professional and understanding of my needs. I quit smoking in one session with her and I will never look back! I would highly recommend Sviatlana!
13 Aug 2017
Sviatlana helped me overcome crippling anxiety as a result of a workplace incident. I now rely on the techniques I learned instinctively when situations arise which are out of my control. I also regularly listen to the recordings Sviatlana provided me to ensure I remain balanced. I will see Sviatlana in the future as she offers so much in addition to hypnotherapy, as a trained life coach. Thanks Sviatlana
20 Jul 2017
I have had anxiety for as long as I can remember, spending most of my time worrying about everything, from trivial things to matters that are outside of my control. My anxiety severely impacted on my ability to make decisions, be social and enjoy life. Through coaching and hypnosis, Sviatlana helped me change the way I perceive situations, and learn techniques to change my thought patterns. Sviatlana also provided me with recordings to reinforce what we worked on during our sessions. Over our six sessions I have conquered my anxiety and feel much more confident about facing challenges big or small, and now I have a much more positive outlook on life. Elle
01 Jul 2017
For a long time, my lack of self confidence has held me back in many areas of my life, especially my career. I doubted my own abilities, worried too much about what people thought of me and believed I wasn't good enough. All of these feelings were bottled up inside causing unnecessary stress and it was about time to get some help. Sviatlana helped me turn the negatives about myself into positives. Through hypnotherapy I was able to understand the reasons why I had these negative feelings in the first place. This experience has given me some important life skills to deal with my emotions and various situations. I have gained the confidence I needed to move forward and in the right direction.
22 May 2017
Sviatlana helped me to quit smoking. I was a "hard case" as I had an extremely high addiction to smoking. We went through all levels of my dependency and now I’ve been a Non-smoker for more than 4 months. We also worked on my self-esteem and Sviatlana's program helped me overcome my fears and improve my self-esteem very quickly. I highly recommend Sviatlana as a great specialist. Regards, Jane
29 Apr 2017
I would like to thank Sviatlana for the great few months that we spent together working on a number of my issues of concern. I am very grateful to a friend who recommended that I should come and see Sviatlana. What I was very impressed with is the ease that she managed to create an atmosphere of total trust and understanding,where I felt almost compelled to divulge most inner feelings,concerns, doubts about myself, my life, the direction I was taking and everything else in between.. Often Sviatlana would act as a sounding board through tough decisions, allowing me to view the situations from a totally different perspective, to motivate me to take greater control in life and to alter my expectations. Every life coaching and hypnotherapy session with Sviatlana moved me one further step closer to building my inner strength and boost my confidence up, something I haven't been able to do on my own for a long time,despite regular "pep talks". Having a life coach gave me the ability to view things from afar — in what you could call ‘helicopter vision’ or bird's eye view — and to shed new light on difficult situations and find alternative solutions. These sessions have always been very encouraging, creative,engaging and compassionate. Leaving after each session,I felt at ease and confident in my abilities to concur,to build on,to explore and most importantly to let go of that debilitating fear of failure. I can confidently say Sviatlana's expertise, knowledge, beautiful warm nature had made a great impact on my life and views on a number of issues, that previously were limiting and challenging. I can highly recommend her services to anyone, who is keen to alter their life and achieve a lot more with greater confidence and sense of fulfilment.
25 Mar 2017
I thoroughly enjoyed my 6 hypnotherapy sessions with Sviatlana. I left each session feeling calmer, more energized and balanced. I have battled for years with Post Traumatic Stress; sleep deprivation, depression, stress and anxiety. I have always been a people pleaser, and struggled to stand up for myself when I knew I was being taken advantage of. I would bottle up my feelings and become very angry, rather than addressing the problem at the time. Sviatlana has taught me the importance of self -respect and I now have the confidence to say no to people without feeling guilty. In my sessions, I have learnt to control my stress and anxiety, through various breathing exercises and other techniques. It is very easy to be cynical about Hypnotherapy, especially from what we see on television, but I saw the effect Sviatlana was having on a friend and thought I had to try it. Over the years, I have sought help from several different psychologists and other specialist practitioners and I have gained great insight, knowledge from each one of them. Hypnotherapy has provided me with the most immediate and positive results. I will continue to work with Sviatlana as I believe there is so much more I can learn and develop as a person. Thank you Sviatlana for your knowledge, encouragement and support. Your work has been life changing. Jemma
22 Mar 2017
Sviatlana is very knowledgeable and gives relevant information. She is a kind, professional woman who helps people solve their problems in a calm and safe environment.
15 Mar 2017
I have had such a wonderful experience with Sviatlana's hypnotherapy! It taught me how to deal with my problems and gave me the solutions I needed.
08 Mar 2017
It's been 4 weeks since my last session with Sviatlana. I only have positive words to say about her and her genuine interest to help her clients. On the consultation day, she said it would take 3 sessions to overcome my anxiety. After every hypnotherapy session, I would feel lighter, calmer, and more positive. In fact, after the 2nd session, I thought I would no longer need the third because I really felt relieved and free from my panic attacks. I still listen to the guided meditation that she gave me to help me sleep better at night. I recommend Sviatlana and her hypnotherapy service to those experiencing stress of any kind. Thank you, Sviatlana, for looking after me during my "dark" days. May your service reach more people thus help more people find peace and the right focus to battle their fears. :)
28 Feb 2017
I sought help from Sviatlana regarding my low self-esteem, lack of confidence and taking control of my emotions. In a few sessions and through the use of hypnotherapy, I have been able to explore the causes of my reactions and have worked on developing strategies to deal with my emotional states more effectively. The sessions have helped me to become more self-aware and also to recognise that it is possible to live life without being a slave to my emotions and reactions. This approach has benefited me on a personal and professional level and has allowed me to feel free to be more assertive and more confident when dealing with people. Sviatlana and I also explored my values to help determine what is important to me and how I can use those values to guide me in my everyday interactions with others, but mostly myself, by investing in the self-care that I needed. I was able to talk through my thoughts with Sviatlana, and she gave me a different perspective on close relationships. I was provided with tools to bring more harmony into my marriage and give myself the time to heal from previous experiences which held me back from moving forward and clouded my judgement. Sviatlana gave unconditional positive regard to me as a client at all times and was always supportive. I appreciate her direct manner and her ability to challenge my own unfounded negative thoughts and behaviours and her honestly when dealing with tough issues. I would recommend Sviatlana to anyone who struggles with the same issues and is looking to improve their overall wellbeing.
17 Feb 2017
patriciar7 from Armadale
I found our sessions with Sviatlana to be very enlightening. I was able to understand better myself and how my unhelpful thinking was getting in the way of doing what I wanted. The sessions were very relaxing and after each session I noticed positive changes in myself.
13 Feb 2017
Sviatlana managed to address my life long phobia of public speaking in only a few sessions, and also helped me increase self esteem and confidence around dating. I would definitely recommend her services. Thank you, Sviatlana!
12 Feb 2017
I struggled to lose weight for years. I tried all sorts of diets, during which I would lose a few kg but then inevitably would put all that weight back on. After working with Sviatlana my attitude towards my body, self, food and exercise have changed. I've lost 15kg over several months and developed new habits which allow me to stay slim without self-deprivation or struggle. I highly recommend Sviatlana to those who want to lose weight!
20 Nov 2016
Sviatlana’s job was highly professional. Sviatlana is sensitive to issues, competent and calm. My hypnosis experience has been very relaxing, positive and enjoyable. As a result,I feel peaceful, hopeful, focused and directed. My hypnosis sessions helped me with my personal issues, and I am now more confident in my job and everyday communication with people. Thank you, Sviatlana
20 Nov 2016
I had 3 sessions with Sviatlana to achieve the balanced self-esteem and confidence that I always wanted. It has been a very good experience. Every session was personalized and based on my needs. Sviatlana has been very attentive to my needs and helped me in this journey of self-discovery to achieve what I wanted.
18 Nov 2016
At the age of 43 year I have been a seasoned flyer for over 25 years. My work involves a lot of travel both domestic and international. As my travel increased over time, my phobia of flying also increased. My phobia of flying was around turbulence: the sudden drops in altitude were the main cause of my panic. In only one session with Sviatlana we worked through the background of my phobia and I was given techniques to be able to deal with not only the turbulence but also my fear of heights, such as step ladders. Sviatlana also gave me a hypnotic recording to listen to reinforce the positive effects of the session. Since then I have flown on several domestic flights and managed successfully to stay calm during turbulence. I am a much better flyer now and can deal with heights without any problems. Thank you. Highly recommended!
24 Oct 2016
I attended a workshop ''Weightloss under control'' where Sviatlana delivered a group hypnosis session and gave us effective tools to deal with negative emotions and stress. She also gave us a hypnotic recording to listen to at home to reinforce the benefits of the session. After the workshop I listened to the recording every day and I've been very good with my food. I eat much slower now and I've been regularly hitting the gym. I feel much better already and I can't wait to get into the shape I'd like to be in the end. I've been also much better at dealing with the stress that contributed to my weight, etc . Thank you, Sviatlana, it's all working really well!
29 Jul 2016
When I first came to see Sviatlana I was really struggling. I had had a few issues with a sick daughter, and my wife had had multiple miscarriages. I got anxious and stressed over these events which spiralled into depression. I was getting really bad headaches, and had a lack of energy and desire to do every day things that I usually loved doing like exercising, playing team sports and socialising with friends. I was working, but it was a struggle and it was also affecting the way I was at home, and was starting to avoid the people that meant the most to me. I was also having some sleep issues and had also started speaking negatively about myself and my emotions were not in a good way! I had seen Dr's and Psychologists and tried various anti- depressants but they just did not agree with me and I absolutely hated being on them. They were not the answer and I knew I needed to change, not to have a pill do all the work. I tried a few pills, but none of them worked well and only made me feel horrible. I was recommended to try hypnotherapy. I was sceptical at first, thinking this won’t work, however after my initial consultation with Sviatlana, I was put at ease and decided to give it a go. We have had about 15 sessions together. At first we saw each other quite regularly, later we reduced our appointments down to once a month due to the improvements I have made. I am back to exercising and playing touch rugby; I have started pre season cricket and I am the keenest I have been for cricket in a long time. I am seeing my friends and family, work is better, and most importantly I am more like the father and husband I was before I went downhill. Since seeing Sviatlana I am also almost completely off the medication and feel better than I have been for a long time. I can't thank her enough for what she has done for me. I know I am the one that at the end of the day had to change, and I have done that, however seeing her was the kick start I needed and I could not recommend her enough to anyone wishing to give her hypnotherapy and life coaching skills a go.
29 May 2016
I came to Sviatlana with social anxiety that I was experiencing. Over 4 sessions my way of thinking has transformed and I've learnt useful strategies to move forward. In the 4 sessions we had she helped me to overcome anxiety, procrastination, to achieve positive changes with my family and to get clearity on my life values.
08 May 2016
I came to know Sviatlana when I was at my lowest. She has been providing me with helpful and easy to understand advice and tools. She is dedicated and genuinely professional in her field. I have received the needed experience from her guidance and hypnosis. The journey is yours but she can help you go through it with fewer difficulties.
05 May 2016
I've been struggling for years with stage anxiety. As a singer and a performer it has always hindered my rehearsals and sometimes my performances on the stage. Sviatlana in 2 sessions helped me achieve what I've been trying to achieve for the past decade through various other methods. I've managed to be on stage confident, calm, balanced and centered while performing and my singing has definitely improved. I'd recommend Sviatlana to anyone who is suffering from anxiety. You will definitely not regret it. Thank you, Sviatlana!
05 May 2016
I've been given the opportunity to learn how to deal with my anxiety without having to take medication. The relaxation techniques enable me to manage/deal with stressful situations. Things that were buried in my subconscious have been delt with so they no longer effect me now. I belive that we all have the power within ourselves to resolve anxiety.
09 Apr 2016
Already after 4 sessions for weight loss I have dropped 1 size in clothing. I feel fitter and healthier. I naturally look for foods with protein and for fresh produce for all my meals. I naturally avoid processed foods now. I highly recommend Sviatlana for weight loss.
25 Mar 2016
My experience was very positive and beneficial for me. I wanted to work through issues such as confidence and self-esteem, motivation, my life's direction and how to be a better me. Sviatlana helped me understand myself, who I was, what direction I wanted to take and helped me build the skills I required in order to achieve my goals and purpose.
22 Feb 2016
I have felt major positive shifts in my life since working with Sviatlana, particularly in the area of running my business. I have been walking away from each session with a huge feeling of calm and peace. I also really like her sessions, which combine a very action-oriented coaching aspect with hypnotherapy.
01 Feb 2016
I had a very sever phobia of flying and suffered from anxiety. I'd tried lots of different methods to overcome my phobia & anxiety for many years and nothing seemed to help. Finally through my Naturopath I was recommended to try Hypnotherapy. I thought: “Why not? I've tried everything else!!!” I started my sessions with Sviatlana, and to be honest, thought it would not, could not work on me. It did take a few sessions but I can't believe I'm even writing this, but it worked!!!! I flew over to Perth and back and had no fear, only a little excitement, which I can't even remember the last time I felt like that. My anxiety has definitely lessened too. We are still working on it, but now I have confidence that soon it will be under my full control. I highly recommend "Light your Star."
10 Nov 2015
"I have struggled for a long time with my eating habits and also being more confidence when speaking at work meetings and in social situations. With Sviatlana I've now some really effective tools under my belt that are tailored to my needs that I can call on at any time. Highly recommended! Karen."
06 Aug 2015
Highly recommend Light Your Star! I have been having a very difficult 12months, to the point that I was going to give up on my business which I have been running for the past six years. After one session with Sviatlana, I felt reborn! Almost like a brand new person with full positive energy! All my staff members can see this big change with my work attitude, and my wife, and my parents- all surprised about how this changed me. I don't even know how to describe how much I want to thank Sviatlana for this! You have saved my life, thank you! I would recommend anyone to see Sviatlana if you are taking on any life challenge.
11 May 2015
I began to smoke at 17y.o. and kept smoking for 20 years consuming at least 1 pack of cigarettes a day. I tried in those 20 years to quit smoking many times and in all sorts of ways: special plasters, chewing gums, tablets, psychologists, books, acupuncture, power of will…but I was always returning back to smoking…even giving birth to 2 children did not stop me. When I met Sviatlana, I was quite pessimistic, as I had tried already one hypnotherapist before: after the sessions with the previous hypnotherapist I lasted without cigarettes for one week… Imagine my surprise when only after 2 sessions with Sviatlana I completely lost interest in smoking! For the first time I did not suffer from withdrawal symptoms and didn’t think obsessively about cigarettes. My life has changed a lot in the last year since I became a Non-Smoker. My sleep has normalized, I became more energetic; I can smell the smells of flowers, perfumes, the world around me. I did not realize how much time I wasted on smoking-now I have time to read a book, look after myself or play with the kids, which before I didn’t have time for. My health has been improving: my cough has gone, headaches became obsolete. Now I can run in a park and get pleasure from it, instead of getting a fit of cough and heaving panting. Sviatlana gave me back the joy of life! Thank you!
10 May 2015
I’ve lacked self-confidence in social situations with people since childhood. I’ve had one session with Sviatlana . As a result I'm getting on with people unbelievably well now! I have strengthened the friendship with my old friends, as well as got acquainted with some new ones! Sometimes I still feel some a kind of discomfort, but it's become so much easier now to overcome the old negative self-talk. I am absolutely thankful to Sviatlana for helping me!
06 May 2015
"I had a problem of not believing in myself and always faced difficulty in achieving my goals. Due to the low confidence level I always thought that I was not good enough at anything and it was hard for me to socialize. I was living my life doubting myself for many years. I am going to study nursing and I want to succeed in this field but I doubted myself. After just one session with Sviatlana I started believing in myself and have gained a lot of control over my emotions. Sviatlana is very helpful and concerns about whether I am using the tools I was given in the first session, which I found very helpful in day to day life. Now I am confident and gradually developing my ambition to try new things."
06 May 2015
Sviatlana helped me get rid of my phobia of heights. I would have a panic attack every time I had to go over a bridge or up in a lift. Sviatlana said that one session would be enough to cure a phobia, only then we’d need to go and test it. We went to St Kilda Towers, where there is a bridge and a lift with a glass wall. Before I would NEVER even think of getting into that lift! At first I walked over the bridge several times as any normal person did-I felt like a slave who was liberated! Then we got into the lift with a glass wall to get straight to level 8. I got an adrenalin rush, but it was an excitement rush, not a panic! I would highly recommend Sviatlana to anyone who wants to get rid of a phobia.
06 May 2015
I’ve had a phobia of being in small, enclosed spaces for about 40 years. As you can imagine, it was causing me a lot of problems in life. I was sceptical when I went to see Sviatlana, as I thought no hypnosis can change what I’ve struggled with for so long. After just one session Sviatlana told me to go together with her and test the results. At first we sat together in an enclosed car which before would make me feel that I suffocate-and I was fine! Then we went to take a lift-and I was fine! After doing it together, she told me that I can do it now by myself, while she was standing not far away. And I did it!!! It seems so silly now to me that I didn’t go to the hypnotherapist earlier and suffered for almost 40 years! Just one session! Unbelievable!
06 May 2015
Svialtana is friendly and easy to talk to. She is good at what she does and genuinely wants people to be the best they can and will encourage you to do what it takes for that to happen. Thank you Svialtana!
05 May 2015
‘In just a few meetings with Sviatlana we accomplished so much…It was beyond my expectations. Her sessions helped me to gain the confidence, the self-esteem and the energy to make my life more satisfying. Our sessions covered every aspect of my life including goals and visions for personal and professional career paths, weight management, family and parenting relationships. Thanks to the clarity I gained and the action plan Sviatlana helped me put together, I have established a private business that is more flexible for my young family and satisfying as a career. Sviatlana provided me with the tools to deal effectively in stressful situations. These tools have been invaluable and have given me the confidence I needed. The greatest compliment came from a friend who in a conversation noticed that I ‘have renewed energy and motivation’. I was pleasantly surprised that the change in me was so obvious. I feel as if I finally have the life I always wanted. I feel happy and more connected with my friends and family and more at peace with myself. Working with Sviatlana was inspirational and life transforming. I cannot recommend her highly enough. ‘
05 May 2015
louisec16 from Armadale
‘’I recently used the personal coaching service offered by Sviatlana Starr. I came to her with a severe anxiety problem, and a lack of clarity about a few important issues. After seven sessions with Sviatlana I achieved all the goals that I had defined for coaching. My anxiety levels have reduced significantly, to the point that I now feel in control of my emotions. I made a few important life decisions, after Sviatlana helped me gain clarity on a number of issues. Moreover, Sviatlana has helped me resolve some problems I had regarding sleep, my eating habits, and exercise. Sviatlana also helped me define my values and vision for my life. Overall, my self-esteem has improved. I felt at ease discussing very personal issues with Sviatlana. She was a very good listener and was not judgmental. I recommend her service because she is easy to talk to, caring and passionate about making sure you achieve your goals; she also provides written feedback after each session and follows up each session with a phone call. Her service is excellent for anyone who wants to make important changes to their life.’’
05 May 2015
‘’I contacted Sviatlana Starr for my fear of public speaking. I was promoted to a new role in my company, which required me to present to new groups of people quiet frequently. In spite of thorough preparation, having notes with me and telling myself that I’ll be fine, I found myself so anxious when I had to speak, that I could not say a word. My mouth was dry, I was sweating all over, my heart was racing… It was horrible! I tried different herbal medicines to calm my nerves down, but that didn’t help. This is when I approached Sviatlana. We had 4 hypnotherapy sessions in total, and as a result I feel confident now and excited when I present to groups of people. It is like a different button now gets switched on in my brain before presentations. Recently, my boss was sitting at one of my presentations and after I finished, he came up to me and complimented on my confident performance! If you are horrified to do public speaking, I highly recommend to you to work with Sviatlana –she is very professional, non judgemental and passionate to help.’’
05 May 2015
" I chose to see Sviatlana for life coaching at a time when I was struggling with making a decision about my future career path. We had in total 6 sessions and after each session I felt renewed, encouraged and far more self aware. In my initial 2 sessions I became clear on my purpose in life, my values, my passions and my strengths, that I was not previosly aware of. Sviatlana also identified a number of areas in my thinking patterns that were hindering my growth and were making it difficult for me to fully evaluate my career path. As a result of issues initially identified by Sviatlana, during subsequent sessions she guided me through some methods which helped me change my unhealthy thinking patterns and as a result improve the way I do certain things . She taught me how to deal with anxiety and stress in my life. It was only after dealing with unhealthy and unhelpful thought patterns and beliefs that I was able to set goals for my career path. I found Sviatlana to be really perceptive about me. As a result of her coaching apart from becoming clear about my career path, I also became a happier mum and a happier person in general-I got more than I expected! I would recommend Sviatlana to others to help in various areas of their lives, in particular, dealing with stress, anxiety and career issues."
05 May 2015
’I had problems understanding who i was and what my role in this life was. I had difficulty cultivating relationships due to my own insecurity and misconceived ideas as to what others thought of me. My own self image was based on false ideas. I struggled specifically with having healthy relationships with close family members. Through the life coaching sessions with Sviatlana I began to realise that the future is ever changing and we get from it what we choose. Our attitudes determine our reaction to different situations. I also learnt that I needed to identify what I value and to work towards that, so as not to lose track of who I am. I have learnt to cultivate relationships and most importantly learned to listen both to my friends and family. I have also learnt the importance of healthy relationships and honesty.’’
Woollahra, NSW, 2025
Tel: 0414737965

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