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United Dental Clinic

19 Jan 2018
United Dental Clinic is a wonderful clinic that offers a great range of services provided by amazing clinicians. Would definitely recommend!
10 Jan 2018
I had a huge fear of the dentist due to previous experiences. I can now say my fear is completely gone to the amazing team at United dental clinic!. I can not recommend them enough.
22 Dec 2017
By understanding that I was an anxious patient I was really helped through the procedure. I felt relaxed and in capable hands. I needed emergency work done 1 week before Christmas and they scheduled a prompt appointment for me as well as getting the lab on board.
30 Nov 2017
I highly recommend this practice for anyone that wants an exceptional dental service, with very friendly, gentle and helpful staff at a great price.
14 Nov 2017
My review is based on many past experiences with dental problems and frustrations particularly with dentures, so much so that I had not worn dentures for over 5 years. Over this period I found that I was very reluctant to smile or laugh, and often when I spoke, my hand would cover part of my mouth to avoid the embarrassment. My wife suggested that I make an appointment to see Dr. Karan Baran after she discovered that there was a dental surgery at Warriewood Square. Reluctantly I made the appointment to discuss the past issues and the possibility of dental implants. Dr Baran took the time to explain and show me in great detail why I had experienced the problems with dentures, and as such implants would be a viable option. He explained the procedure in detail and yet I was still reluctant, due to past experiences, but decided to put my trust in Dr Baran, a decision that I am pleased to have made. The procedure is now complete and during the past six months I have been kept up to date, had staff members contact to me to check on my wellbeing after some procedures. I feel so much more confident within myself and am able to smile again without embarrassment. The surgery is modern and above all, Dr Baran skills and professionalism are matched by his personality, his honesty and wellbeing of patients, as is all the staff at United Dental Clinic. Thanks Karan & Staff.
30 Oct 2017
Before I wrote this review I had attended United Dental clinic for the last 6 months... so my review is based on many visits. I have had various dental treatments with Karan who is the owner and main dentist . My treatments include an initial consultation with of course the "first impressions" as to whether I would continue. Since that time I have had root canal surgery, various teeth repaired, a "deep cycle clean" from a separate girl that works there and finalising today, a tooth implant with new ceramic crown fitted (incisor front tooth that had been absent for some while.) . I must say I am basically very happy with the whole dental practice for the following reasons. I am not the sort of person that will have the wool pulled over my eyes and will say something critical if it needs to be said .. as I have done with other dentists previously !!.One dentist I had previously would run between two patients at one time .. without changing gloves !!! I always ask how much something will cost in advance so do not be scared to ask. The prices are fair and reasonable from my experience. ! .For example I paid ,$5,000 for the whole Front tooth dental implant with new ceramic crown. . Looks great and I can eat an apple now !! Many dentist with older technology will charge more !Some dentists don’t do implants and will redirect you to someone with a vested interest so this was a major benefit to have it all in one place. Was originally quoted up to $6500 if I needed a bone graft but that wasn't needed. That is honesty, I believe. The initial first impressions of the surgery is that it is clean, hygienic and modern and Karan uses the latest digital technology on everything .The secretary - Tenay is very friendly (Loves dogs -- bonus to my wife and I !) and all the other staff are genuine and friendly too. So often a "job is just a job" . I initially pointed out to Karan that I ask a lot of questions and expect answers . I previously told another dentist in another practice to take a walk ! when he basically said "open your mouth .. let me do the work don’t ask questions and pay me !!!" Karan answered every question with enthusiasm and indeed kept me informed all the way through everything... for which I am very grateful .His gentle kind lovely wife Megan is often there and a pleasure to talk to. Ask her about her recent trip to India where she wrestled a 3 metre king Cobra snake in the toilet and threw it out the window!! Yes, you can have a laugh with everyone at the surgery too.!! I have never had to wait for more than a few minutes upon arrival where as at most other dentists one has to wait ages and will fit as many people in as they can and rush the job. Its also nice to lay back and watch a David Attenborough documentary on the LCD TV above ( over 1000 alternative shows/movies to watch, I believe). THANKS for the good honest competent professional practice and people in it.
06 Oct 2017
Dr Baran, I cannot thank you enough for helping me through my recent tooth drama. Your professionalism and ability to calm and manage my anxiety was so appreciated and your efficient and caring staff were amazing too. It is obvious that you are all passionate about what you do and I felt like I was in incredibly good hands. So thank you for always keeping me informed throughout the procedure, thank you for giving me a pain-free root canal, thank you for giving me the option of sedation and thank you for knowing what you were doing. I cannot say enough good things about you and your team and I will be recommending you to all my family and friends.
21 Sep 2017
Staff are very friendly and pleasant. Its all just a little fake. The (lovely) young women have pretty eyes with big fluttery eyelashes. (Nothing wrong with that). They told me whitening was **HALF PRICE**... wow, only $600 instead of $1200!! Amazing. Well, looking around, whitening is always around $500. I know its a marketing tool, but its not a great start to feel like you're having the wool pulled over your eyes. Then it was, Oh we only do the veneers you have to send to a laboratory... that just happen to be $1800 per tooth!! Again, after looking around, $1200 per tooth, and offer the composite veneers ($400 pt) and am told the composites are very good these days and there is no need for the overpriced ones in most cases. Also the dentist took three goes to find a crack in my filling by looking at photographs he'd taken, when my next person saw it straight away and said it was obvious. The problem is, dentists can charge anything they like. And these guys do. Don't get sucked into the cheap consultation price. I walked in thinking I was paying $50 for a consult. Walked out agreeing to $4000 worth of dentistry. Luckily I felt sick in the stomach about it and did some more research. Very pleasant if you are the type to be wowed by the American style approach to business.
06 Sep 2017
The staff and dentist are welcoming and polite. The treatment performed by Dr. Karan Baran and the technology used is advanced and first rate. From now on I won't be going anywhere else.
05 Sep 2017
They made me feel relaxed even though I was very nervous about going and they explained everything well. Will definitely be going again and recommending them to all my friends
15 Aug 2017
Incredibly friendly and helpful staff. Very informative dentist who was very upfront with me about what was happening with my teeth and what options I had. Also not pushy at all, left me free to make my own decisions. Very happy with price and service.
03 Jul 2017
The experience i had at United dental clinic was: - Absolutely great and I will most definitely return. - Very comfortable practice. [redacted]
24 Jun 2017
Brilliant first check-up + clean. Excellent care, super friendly and on-time. Lovely staff and sparkly clean clinic.
21 Apr 2017
I am a very nervous & anxious dental patient, & suffer from tooth sensitivity. Dr Karan & his staff were very understanding of this. I had cracked a filling & it was about to fall out (the day before the 4 day Easter long weekend). They made an appointment for me immediately. They explained exactly what they were going to do, gave me plenty of pain relief & made sure I was comfortable throughout the entire procedure. [redacted clinical content] I have no anxiety about going back to Dr Karan & his team.
14 Mar 2017
Easily the best dental experience in my 55 years. Dr Karan and his staff have a professional, friendly and totally supportive approach. I would never go anywhere else !
09 Mar 2017
I cannot express how wonderful Dr Baran & United Dental at Warriewood are. Extremely gentle and caring, I highly recommend.
21 Feb 2017
I would like to tell you about my recent experience with Dr. Baran and his team at United Dental Clinic. I had a great visit and they had lovely staff !!
16 Feb 2017
Awesome, was so much quicker, pain free and easier than i thought. Staff super friendly and doctor made me feel comfortable! I will be back !
30 Jan 2017
In my experience of dentists on the Northern Beaches Dr Baran is the best. He clearly articulates the procedure then [Retracted medical statement] and with a friendly team to back him up. He is very gentle to the point that my kids are happy going to the dentist. We were recommended to Dr Baran and in turn recommend him to all our friends.
13 Dec 2016
Very personal service with extremely helpful professional advice. Not pushy to do work that's not required. Highly recommended!
05 Dec 2016
Great Experience. First time here and they were explaining everything that was happening, they were very friendly. Great technologies too.
02 Dec 2016
I'm a bit anxious about dental trips but the team here made me very comfortable and relaxed and I now have no problems about coming back. Great service, very friendly, really good advice. Thanks!!
22 Nov 2016
I recently attended United Dental Clinic and would describe my experience as: Pleasant staff, efficient service, informative and helpful
17 Oct 2016
Karan is an excellent practitioner. He gave me sound advice and options for treatment. he is friendly and willingly gives his time for questions. I didn't have an appointment and Daisy was friendly and accommodating on the phone. she shuffled patients around to fit me in. Elke, the assistant was professional and friendly.
24 Aug 2016
The dentist I'd been going to since 1990 retired in 2015 and sold his practice. I'd heard reports that the new owner wasn't as good so I started looking for a new dentist. I had my first appointment with Dr Karan Baran on 19 Aug 16 and was very impressed. Dr Baran did a thorough examination and explained everything in detail. The only work I needed was a clean and polish (as usual). This was done a by a dental hygenist and she did an absolutely fantatstic job - much more thoroughly than my previous dentist. I'll definitely be going back.
15 Aug 2016
Dentist was excellent with my 3 year old son. Made him feel very comfortable at his first ever dental appointment.
11 Aug 2016
I have just moved to the area & wanted to find a dentist close by. United will definitely be my local dentist. It is a efficient, modern practice with very knowledgeable & friendly staff. Making for a very comfortable & pleasant dental experience.
11 Aug 2016
I actually hate going to the dentist & have avoided going & only attended every 5 years or so. I visited Dr Karan for teeth whitening & had my teeth cleaned it was a pleasant experience Dr Karan was caring, empathetic & allowed me to take my time, i have just found my new family dentist & we will be back every 6 months !!
26 Jul 2016
Lovley, Friendly place. Everything was explained in detail & i am thrilled with the result !
14 Jul 2016
Excellent. Always on time. Professional and friendly doctor and staff. I was very happy with my visit.
25 Jun 2016
Fantastic. Great service. Came in for a crown re-fitting. Very professional, explained in detail, options explained. Dr. Karan is a great dentist.
25 Jun 2016
I recently went to United Dental Clinic and would describe my experience as: Excellent service- dentistry, staff and facilities.
28 Apr 2016
My recent IV sedation procedure at United Dental Clinic was well organised, very professional and a pleasant experience as arranged by Dr K Baran and his staff. I would recommend this procedure to anyone who suffers apprehension and trauma during dental procedures.
29 Mar 2016
Layken was very friendly and thorough with my consultation. And Dr Karan was very friendly and very easy to understand. Would like to say thank you very much for my no gap first check up and clean.
14 Mar 2016
I would describe my visit as friendly and comfortable with excellent results. Thank you United Dental!
09 Mar 2016
Very professional. More than happy with the quality of the denture and the service i have received.
16 Feb 2016
My experience at Dr. Karan Baran's dental surgery has been exceptional. From the moment you walk in, during the procedures and until you walk out. Being a nervous, anxious person who hasn't been to the dentist in a long time, I found Dr. Karan to be sensitive, respectful, patient and above all there was no pain whatsoever! I would highly recommend United Dental Clinic to anyone, especially to people who fear going to the dentist- you won't anymore!
12 Feb 2016
I recently attended United Dental Clinic and would describe my experience as: friendly, professional, informative, attentive and thorough.
11 Feb 2016
Very thorough clean and professional service. I hadn't been to the dentist for two years and the technology now is more advanced. Great communication and reasonable prices.
28 Jan 2016
Very friendly welcoming receptionist. Informative visit. Dentist asked concerns and answered questions thoroughly. Also appreciated dentist asking to perform tests rather than just doing them and charging me a big bill.
28 Jan 2016
I recently visited United Dental Clinic at Warriewood Square and here is how I can describe my experience with Dr. Baran and his team. Very informative, professional and take great care in their work.
28 Jan 2016
Excellent surgery and dental procedures performed. Warm and friendly manner of dentist and staff. Puts patients at ease and confident of desired outcome. Unbelievably painless surgery as well as excellent professional skills and training of dentist.
07 Dec 2015
I recently attended United Dental Clinic. Very clear explanation of procedures and great customer service.
03 Dec 2015
jennys19 from Narrabeen
Very efficient- everything that was needed to be done was explained in detail. The receptionist even called my health fund to see what I was covered for. Would highly recommend.
09 Nov 2015
Great customer service from the moment you enter to the moment you leave. Clean, professional and thorough. Very happy with our visit and would recommend to family and friends.
09 Nov 2015
I had been looking for a new dentist but last Wednesday I broke a major tooth in half and this made the search more urgent. When I called United Dental Clinic they were lovely and fitted me in for an emergency appointment later that day I explained to Dr Karan Baran that local anaesthesia does not work on me but it had been a few years so I would try it again. He was very understanding and concerned I may feel pain but for the first time in my 52 years, it worked. I went back the next day for a complete checkup, x-rays, clean and scale and he formulated a plan to fix some very old fillings. Dr Baran completely understands I am not in a financial position to do all that is needed straight away and he has organised the work I need done in order of importance. I could not recommend this practice and the wonderful team highly enough and I have my next appointment already
06 Nov 2015
I recently attended United Dental Clinic and I'm very happy with everything; great, friendly service.
31 Oct 2015
Very pleasant experience; everything was explained to me first in detail which was reassuring- will not hesitate to recommend this practice.
27 Oct 2015
Dear Dr Karan and Team I just wanted to thank yourself and your team for all your wonderful help. Last Friday 16th October 2015 I went through a procedure at your practice, and I would like to thank you for your compassion and beautiful bed side manner, which is very rare these days. Dr Karan you made it so much easier for myself to go through this procedure. I would also like to thank all the ladies in your team personally for all their help and guidance when we spoke over the phone and in person on a number of occasions. They were all very compassionate and caring as well as being professional and not treating me like a blubbering idiot, especially Karee and Jacqui. Once again a very big thank you from myself and my partner. The team that you have created is amazing and very reassuring to extremely nervous patients.
23 Sep 2015
Absolutely delightful, very professional, caring, and very thorough. Karan is very genuine. A true find.
22 Sep 2015
Very friendly and supportive. Explains every step and most importantly, it did not hurt at all :)
25 Aug 2015
As a first time patient, I was extremely nervous. All staff were professional and patient. They were respectful and I very much appreciated the care they provided. Would recommend their services.
15 Aug 2015
A real find. Friendly, organised and professional staff. Very thorough and well explained visit. Bonus that they are so child friendly too.
03 Aug 2015
The team at United Dental Clinic offers great, friendly service in a convenient location..
10 Jul 2015
The appointment was easy and quick. The doctor seemed genuinely interested in my health and was warm and inviting.
10 Jul 2015
Always very friendly and professional. I don't feel "judged" for how bad some of my teeth have been! I don't feel that anything is forced on me or that I'm overpaying. Very happy to keep coming here :)
10 Jul 2015
Very good. Patient, thorough and consistent. My son is currently having orthodontic treatment with Karan and we have been very pleased with the professionalism and results to date.
10 Jul 2015
10 Jul 2015
Very friendly people.
10 Jul 2015
Very caring and professional. Explains procedures well.
10 Jul 2015
Very knowledgeable staff, convenient location and a nice setting made it enjoyable.
10 Jul 2015
Always understanding of my concerns and always positive attitudes when being welcomed. Also get great advice on taking 100% care of my teeth.
10 Jul 2015
Very efficient dentist. Very happy with everything.
15 Jun 2015
Great team led by a fantastic Dentist... Dr. Karan definitely has tons of experience is very patient and gentle ... Does make visiting a dentist less stressful. Great job .. Highly recommended !!
15 Jun 2015
Dr. Baran is the most gentle and thorough dentist I have ever had. He advises without judgement, has meticulous attention to detail, and explains things so they are easy to understand. The atmosphere in his surgery is extremely professional, yet also very friendly and welcoming, due in part to his well-chosen employees. Any apprehension I may have had about going to the dentist was eased during our initial consultation - before I even sat in the chair! I have no hesitation recommending United Dental Clinic, and have done so. I started strongly recommending them to my friends and family after only one visit! Additionally - I've had treatment by Dr Baran to whiten my teeth and the results are amazing. During the treatment, which takes a little while, he was extremely attentive to my comfort level. I would definitely recommend it.
15 Jun 2015
The best part about Dr. Baran is that he exudes quiet confidence and calmness when you meet him. You get a feeling immediately that you are in good hands. It is especially important for patients like me who like to go to a doctor who I can trust without having to take too many decisions about something I know nothing about. Dr. Baran is a perfectionist too and extremely passionate about his work. I am getting my orthodontics treatment done from him and if it were up to me, I would have had the braces removed six months ago. But try telling that to him. He wants the teeth lined up exactly and will not remove them until he is convinced of his work. Anyone who needs to get their dentistry done from a doctor who really cares should try United Dental Clinic. You won’t regret it.
15 Jun 2015
I've been a dental assistant for 6 years and in my time I have worked alongside some lovely dentists but by far Dr Baran has been the most kindest and caring towards his patients and staff (aka me :) ). He understands his patients needs and wants and caters for them. His fantastic with children, and knows how to relate to them from his own experience with his own children. I highly recommend Dr Baran to anyone who is looking for a great dentist!
15 Jun 2015
This is simply just to say that Dr, Baran and his fabulous team give you such an excellent welcome as soon as you arrive that makes you forget any pain or discomfort. Maybe there are many good Dental Surgeons in the area but what it makes him different is that special care he puts on the patient to make the procedure as gentle as possible. On top of that he uses the latest technology in a modern clinic. I highly recommend his clinic.
15 Jun 2015
Finally i've found a professional and caring dentist who put me first and fixed my teeth.. I had been seeking help with my wisdom teeth for years but had not found anyone who was confident in this area. Dr Baran also gave me a splint as I was grinding my teeth at night which was leading to many other problems and worrying me. Other dentists had not told me any of this information even though I had spent thousands of dollars with them. I have visited United Dental Clinic around 6 times over the past year or so and have been thrilled with the results. I've had check ups, fillings and of course the dreaded wisdom tooth removal. They have a very high standard and use the latest in modern equipment. All were done with very little pain and the results were great. Dr Baran and all of the staff are wonderful and made me feel very comfortable. After my first visit at United Dental Clinic I was put on the right track and now I am smiling. Thank you Suzanne
15 Jun 2015
Great experiences here at United Dental Clinic located in the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Professional and friendly staff that know how to make you feel at ease.
15 Jun 2015
Absolutely fantastic service. Extremely professional and comprehensive. I would recommend Dr Baran and his team at United Dental Clinic located in Warriewood Square to anyone.
15 Jun 2015
I wish to thank Dr Baran and his wonderful, professional staff for answering my questions and putting me at ease throughout my recent visit. The modern and impeccably clean practice was impressive, and I was amazed at how comfortable and pain free my procedure was. I would highly recommend United Dental Clinic to anyone, whether going for a simple checkup or in need of surgery.
15 Jun 2015
My family members and I have been (and still are) very happy patients of Dr Karan for approximately 3 years. I have always found Dr Karan and his staff to have a personable, transparent and extremely professional manner. Our now 12 and 5 year old sons are very comfortable heading off to the dentist and even look forward to it - there is never the dreaded "oh no, I don't want to go to the dentist - it's going to hurt"! The kids are treated wonderfully and have not ever had any reason to feel anxious. Their dental hygiene had increased ten fold since seeing Dr Karan thanks to his easy-to-relate-to advice and care. We would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Dr Karan's range of dental services from a simple filling to a root canal. This is a family friendly practice and will always be our 'go to' dentist.
15 Jun 2015
I highly recommend united dental clinic . The clinic is very clean, the staff are very polite and professional . Karan did an unbelievable job of doing a upper front implant and two veneers . I had the whitening done also , fantastic . Didn't feel any pain getting any of it done and was very relaxed . people are always commenting me on my new smile now .
11 Jun 2015
I wholeheartedly recommend Dr Karan Baran and his wonderful team at United Dental Clinic. In July last year, at age 70, I began orthodontic treatment under Karan to straighten my crooked lower front teeth. My malformation was too severe for a standard brace so Karan fitted a specially moulded Myobrace which I wore each night for the following 15 months. The result was excellent and earlier this month I returned for a final visit to have those lower front teeth bonded into their new position. We are all delighted with the result. Karan tells me that I am the oldest patient of his to complete this procedure, proving that it is never too late for orthodontic treatment! So special thanks to Karan, Sevi, Sara and Monika for their pleasant and efficient help in remedying a long-standing problem. Well done, United Dental - I am happy to recommend you to anyone needing standard or specialist dental care.
11 Jun 2015
Thank you to the team at United Dental Clinic for putting both my daughters 8 years and 10 years at ease. The girls actually had FUN at the dental clinic! They are looking forward to the next check-up and clean :)
11 Jun 2015
Great experience, I had confidence in my dentist and he was passionate about what he does. Very friendly staff and good location at Warriewood Square
Warriewood, NSW, 2102
Tel: (02)99137453

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