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Data Recovery Works

16 Jun 2017
My hard drive was corrupted And they were able to restore all my data. Very professional and quick and easy service.
11 Jan 2017
Outstanding! My business computer crashed over the Xmas/NY period which was incredibly stressful and they restored all of my data very quickly so I could resume business. Very friendly, understanding and go to great efforts to help. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend, in fact I already have to several people!
14 Aug 2016
They were very fast and exceptional service which exceeded my expectations. I would recommend them to everyone. Thanks Kevin
18 Jul 2016
I woud highly recommend Data Recovery Works. I had water damage to an SD card that had precious footage of my children. Data Recovery Works managed to get all the footage back and put it onto another device for me. They were fabulous! They had my job done within 48 hours and the price was very reasonable.
13 Apr 2016
Outstanding service! Great communication and extremely helpful! Absolutely would recommend them to anyone who had data to recover. Kevin went above and beyond to restore as much data as possible, and for that I am completely grateful :)
13 Apr 2016
Excellent service and good communication with updates on a regular basis. Reasonable priced for the amount of work that is required. Thanks again for all your effort.
07 Apr 2016
Helped me recover a uni assignment from a very temperamental mini DVD and saved me a LOT of extra stress. Thank you so much Kevin, your hard work has been very much appreciated! smile emoticon
04 Apr 2016
Excellent quality,service and value. Very helpful and freindly service. Inclusive and prompt. Thankyou.
23 Mar 2016
good communication at all times, helpful where many others were dismissive and knowledgable. I couldn't rate them more highly. thanks
22 Feb 2016
lilyk126 from Denmark
Prompt & helpful replies from knowledgable professionals (even on a Sunday while I was in panic-mode from losing my photos and documents after dropping my hard drive). Would highly recommend.
25 Oct 2015
peterb130 from Iluka
Efficient and professional service - well done, keep up your good business attitude and the company will do well!
15 Oct 2015
Excellent service, whole team shows integrity and are prepared to go the extra mile. The hard drive of my desktop crashed and Data Recovery Works were able to recover everything - the Apple Store had tried but were unsuccessful. I can't thank Kevin enough for all he did.
19 Sep 2015
Our precious photos were trapped in a dead hard drive and DRW recovered and returned them to us within 24 hours of receiving the job. Much appreciated.
14 Sep 2015
I lost my work hard drive and was not in a good way.....Someone recommended Data recovery works but I was a bit worried because I was in a desperate hurry and I had heard about the prices they charge....It ended up Kevin spoke to me personally and I met up with him the minute he got to work to start immediately.....My hard drive was too badly damaged and would of needed special parts from over east etc.....kevin gave me advice on what to do etc and I ended up just putting in 100 hours work on an old hard drive to bring it up to date.....Kevin spent a lot of time and energy with me and to my suprise when I picked up my hard drive eventually two weeks later there was no charge....I was very very happy as you can imagine...It's lovely to find someone who is genuine and not a rip off xxx
01 Sep 2015
Recovered stories I had written about my son from birth to 2.5 years old - forever grateful!
11 Aug 2015
I can’t thank Kevin enough for his tireless efforts in recovering my lost files. After several years of lost hope, he dived in head first and was able to recover my files including photos of our little family. My family and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts!”
11 Aug 2015
Thanks to Kevin & Team for a very fast and efficient recovery of my data!!! you guys are AWESOME!!
05 Aug 2015
I honestly can't thank you enough for finding my work! I had some extremely important information on my computer which I was distraught about losing! And now I have it back, and I am so so so grateful! I have now learnt to back my hard drive up everyday, so I do not have to go through this again.
02 Aug 2015
I can’t speak highly enough of the great job, Data Recovery Works did on my son’s corrupted hard drive. All his university work was recovered from a damaged drive that we thought was beyond hope of salvaging. Saved him an infinate amount of time especially saving his project work for his thesis! Thank you. Highly recommended!
01 Aug 2015
My dog spilled a drink into my laptop and the Apple store in Perth told me the drive was wet and may be corrupted. Data Recovery Works managed to get everything off it and onto a replacement drive. Excellent service and had my data back in under 48 hours!!!
01 Aug 2015
I lost most of my photos from a 2012 Europe trip and DRW had them back within a couple of days. I cannot thank them enough for their prompt service
01 Aug 2015
I took my digital camera to Kevin because it had stopped working due to a faulty SD card. I was only expecting Kevin to recover the 200 lost photos, but he also fixed the camera! I was more than impressed with the service.
Joondalup, WA, 6027
Tel: 0466335050
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