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Bentleigh Dental Care

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Bentleigh Dental Care

25 Apr 2018
The dentist explained the procedure well and I liked his attitude. He is a nice professional dentist and made me feel comfortable. I will definitely come back again.
12 Apr 2018
It was a very friendly and professional experience. Staff were great and very professional. Thank you for your great service and being friendly and welcoming to your clinic.
31 Mar 2018
Dentist and staff were pleasant and informative. Great service! I really appreciate the service. Thank you.
19 Mar 2018
The staff at Bentleigh Dental Care are very friendly and understanding to my needs. Thank you. Highly recommended.
27 Feb 2018
This dental clinic is pretty good in terms of service. From my experience staff are very nice as well. Thank you.
13 Feb 2018
Very friendly, dedicated staff and thorough service and care. I recommend this dental clinic. Thank you.
20 Jan 2018
I usually do not feel comfortable going to a dentist, but at Bentleigh Dental Care I felt comfortable and relaxed. Thanks.
04 Jan 2018
I experienced excellent service from the staff and dentist at this dental clinic. Comfortable and recommended.
09 Dec 2017
Staff were very friendly and provided professional service. Quality of service was very high and resolved my issues immediately.
06 Dec 2017
Excellent service!! I really needed to see a dentist on the weekend and they were able to fit me at 5:30pm on a Saturday! Thank you very much.
19 Nov 2017
Visited this clinic on the weekend. Provided great service. I would definitely recommend to my friends and family.
05 Nov 2017
Very good service. The staff and dentist were very friendly and I had a positive experience today. Thank you.
22 Oct 2017
I came on sunday and the staff were very friendly. The dentist explained every step of the procedure. My problems were addressed.
14 Oct 2017
Bentleigh dental care is a very pleasant environment and the staff are very helpful. I will be coming back again. Thank you.
27 Sep 2017
I really loved everything. Staff were excellent, very knowledgeable, patient and pleasant, They got me in even on Sunday last minute. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.
24 Sep 2017
Very positive experience especially given that I am very nervous going to the dentist. The dentist was good at explaining and made me feel relaxed and comfortable.
23 Aug 2017
As pleasant as a dentist visit can be :) Great service, quality and value. Thank you for helping me out all the way...
22 Aug 2017
Professional and genuine caring of patients needs and concerns. The dentist and staff provide friendly service and are attentive.
05 Aug 2017
Communicated very well so that it was easy to understand. Great personal service and would definitely go back!
30 Jul 2017
The dental clinic was very nice, the staff were gentle and informative. Thank you very much for the service :)
08 Jul 2017
The dentist provided me with lots of information which was useful. The dental clinic was comfortable and the staff friendly.
28 Jun 2017
I experienced pleasant customer service with a smile. The staff made me feel at ease and were caring. Very good customer service.
13 Jun 2017
Excellent, friendly and helpful. I needed a dental appointment in the evening and they were still open. [redacted clinical content]. The dentist explained all my options and costs involved.
03 Jun 2017
The dentist provided me with [redacted clinical cotnent] service provided was not rushed. Very clean clinic and staff were friendly.
01 Jun 2017
They provide relaxable [redacted clinical content] dental care service and all staff are friendly. Nice and clean atmosphere and our family will definitely visit in the future.
24 May 2017
It was great to get an appointment at very short notice. Thank you for looking after me on a Saturday. Greatly appreciated.
09 May 2017
The dentist and dental assistant were very professional in what they did for me. Both were very friendly. Thank you very much!
26 Apr 2017
Thank you for arranging a quick appointment for me to see a dentist. Staff were really helpful and friendly. I felt really comfortable.
22 Apr 2017
The staff and dentist provided great service. Thank you very much for seeing me at short notice. cheers, Shane.
28 Mar 2017
I had a good experience at this dental clinic. The people here are great and the equipment used was impressive. I can trust the dentist here.
21 Mar 2017
The clinic is located in a convenient location. Very good service and value for money. Friendly and customer oriented.
23 Feb 2017
The staff were very kind and helpful to me. The service I experienced made me feel I was well cared for. High quality of service.
20 Feb 2017
Thank you for the friendly service. I was surprised that you open on Sundays which is very convenient for me. 5 stars.
08 Feb 2017
I called on a Sunday and I needed a dentist urgently. The dentist and staff were able to look after me. Very good service. Thank you.
29 Jan 2017
Very warm and polite staff. [retracted medical comment] dental work with very reasonable prices. I shall make Bentleigh and Dr Kim my usual dental provider in Sydney from now on.
24 Jan 2017
Bentleigh Dental Care is a family friendly clinic. The staff and Dentist helped my son feel comfortable from the start to end. Thank you.
10 Jan 2017
My daughter had a tooth ache on Saturday and I made an online appointment. [redacted due to clinical content] Thank you very much for your friendly customer service.
05 Jan 2017
This dental clinic has good customer service. The staff has good communication skills. I recommend this place.
23 Dec 2016
great experience overall. the staff were friendly and attentive. the fact it was close to chatswood station is very convenient.
19 Dec 2016
I went to do an oral cancer screening. The scan was quick [retracted medical comment] The service I experienced was very good. Thank you.
06 Dec 2016
Very good experience. I felt very relaxed when communicating with the staff members and they look very professional.
29 Nov 2016
The service i experienced was very good. I was told what options i had beforehand. All staff were professional kind and helpful.
24 Nov 2016
The service was very good. Dr. Courtney Kim is able to tell me what she is going to do before treatment which makes me feel relaxed.
12 Nov 2016
Needed a dentist on a Saturday afternoon. It was an emergency. The Staff were easy, professional and friendly.
30 Oct 2016
The staff are very helpful. The facilities are clean and technologically advance. Dr. Kim is excellent [redacted due to breach of AHPRA guidelines] The dental assistant, Fiona is friendly and helpful. Overall I will recommend your dental clinic to my friends.
26 Oct 2016
Fantastically friendly service and made the experience of seeing the dentist very calming! Will be coming back!
22 Oct 2016
Staff were welcoming and helpful. Dr David Wei was very friendly and professional. Took time to listen to my concerns. Very caring dentist. Thanks so much.
09 Oct 2016
The Dentist , Dr. Kim was Highly professional, meticulous and clear introduction. Well done, Dr. Courtney Kim!
29 Sep 2016
All staffvery friendly, Dr Kim explained everything along the way. Happy first visit!thank you for being helpful
25 Sep 2016
I had my first visit to get a cleaning done and it was a great experience . The service was very professional and friendly, taking the proper time to get everything done and answering all my doubts. Thanks so much to the team.
14 Sep 2016
Dr Kim and staff are highly professional in their approach, communicate clearly and give the required attention to detail. A great team all round.
14 Sep 2016
Very friendly and non judgemental staff. Nice quiet dental practice. Dentist is willing to take the time to explain everything.
11 Sep 2016
First visit to a dentist for my 4 year old. It was the best experience I could have asked for. A big thank you to the team will Most definitely be coming over again.
03 Sep 2016
trustworthy professional great service and care. Would recommend it to anyone.
25 Aug 2016
Nice place, a bit difficult to find. I recommend priniting a map. really enjoyed getting a check up here. Very clear and thoughtout explanation of what's needs to be done. Very honest.
13 Aug 2016
Dr. David was friendly and had great communication. Thanks
01 Aug 2016
1st dental visit for my daughter. Dr.Courtney makes it very easy and an enjoyable experience.
31 Jul 2016
Excellent client service. Dr Courtney Kim is very patience and professional. Would highly recommend family and friends.
31 Jul 2016
I had a chipped tooth and dentist opened until late Sunday to fix my issue. Thank you very much.
31 Jul 2016
Emergency on a Sunday with intermittent pain. Thank you for your wonderful service. Very happy with receiving the welcome pack.
31 Jul 2016
Five stars for the quality of service provided and great value. Thx.
30 Jul 2016
friendly staff, i can tell that the business is very passionate in dentistry.
30 Jul 2016
Very good and smooth. Great value and service.
30 Jul 2016
Excellent client service from start to finish. Easy to book on the web site, there is text reminder and offer of free parking. Staff are friendly and welcoming. I am happy so far. I have not paid more than quoted.
19 Jul 2016
Quick, Easy, Thorough check up. Cannot fault it at this point! Thank you.
18 Jul 2016
I had a fantastic experience. I like facts and opinions and got that after not going to the dentist for 8 years. The staff are super friendly and kind and are very knowledgable.
16 Jul 2016
Very professional and caring dentist. Great communication throughout the dental treatment.
14 Jul 2016
Very pleasant and friendly staff. made my experience very enjoyable. :)
14 Jul 2016
Extremely happy. Very thorough dental service. The staff were great. I would recommend them to all my friends.
13 Jul 2016
very good!!! Great service!!! I will comeback again~^_^ Thank you~^_^ 5 stars for quality, service and value.
10 Jul 2016
I looked through the Internet for dentist around and came across Dr.Courtney Kim. The office is very neat, friendly staff and great service. I am very happy and will stay with them. Keep up up good work! Dr.Kim is very kind,patience and dedicated in doing the job.
10 Jul 2016
Just love it! The service was awesome. ;) Definitely I will come back here again. :::::::))))
10 Jul 2016
Nice staffs, great service! I did a general check at bentleigh dental care, and definitely will come again.
08 Jul 2016
Easy, no issues, very good information. I am happy and will stay here. Thank you.
07 Jul 2016
Very friendly, detail orientated and patient staff. Highly recommended! I will sure come back again.
04 Jul 2016
Thorough consultation. Good that they told me there was a delay to appointment by calling me in advance.
04 Jul 2016
Very friendly staff, approachable and good experience! Particularly, the lady at the front desk is lovely!
03 Jul 2016
Great dentist, very professional and still very polite all through the process. Excellent assistant too. Appointed for next time already.
03 Jul 2016
Happy to recommend this place. Open also on a Sunday.. Very friendly and organised staff. And near to the station so good from everywhere you live.
03 Jul 2016
Very good service and dentist is so patient and experienced. Thank you
30 Jun 2016
this new place is outstanding very friendly and would highly recommend any on or families with children to visit
24 Jun 2016
Very friendly practice. Dr Kim was very thorough. We are happy to recommend this practice!
18 Jun 2016
High standard of care. Patient oriented. Modern approach with good equipment. Relaxed atmosphere. No rush.
18 Jun 2016
Great service , professionally done. Will recommend to family and friends. Easy to book, good!
18 Jun 2016
Good relaxing environment. Friendly staff.
15 Jun 2016
fast. easy and friendly service
15 Jun 2016
6 stars hospitality quality and service. Very professional and friendly staff. Would recommend.
14 Jun 2016
Very calm environment I was talked through the entire process and knew what and why they were doing certain things Made me feel extremely comfortable
09 Jun 2016
Dr Courtney was very thorough when she did my dental examination. She explained me everything step by step. Thumbs up..
01 Jun 2016
Very professional and friendly staff, happy with the work done and information provided. Would recommend.
26 May 2016
Dr Courtney is very detailed and professional as she did my examination and screening. Certainly, would recommend her to anyone requiring dental services. Cheerio, Edwin
23 May 2016
Good dental facility. Korean speaking dentist was convenient for me.
22 May 2016
Very considerate in terms of patient's need and kind. Really great and comfortable visit..
21 May 2016
Professional service and friendly environment. I would like this clinic look after my son and wife's teeth as well.
21 May 2016
Comforting environment. Doctor is very Friendly, and thorough. Gentle hands, so not much discomfort during the check up.
21 May 2016
Very helpful and explain your options to you clearly . I would definitely recommend them. Thx
21 May 2016
very thorough, high-tech equipment, great experience, followed with helpful advice, lovely clinic
19 May 2016
My children have visited Bentleigh Dental Care yesterday, I really happy with these staffs and the Dr. Kim. They are super profs as well as done good job. I was suprised how they organised well and their kindness. Absolutely, I will visit there again and hope to see them soon. Thank you so much guys.
18 May 2016
My 8 year old daughter Joanne had her first check up and clean done today, at beginning she was very fearful and would not even open her mouth without crying, but Dr. Courtney and the nurse did a role play to familiarize Joanne with the teeth and all the tools and the processes involved, they really helped her overcome the fear.
15 May 2016
Excellent care . Friendly staff . Highly recommend. Very attentive to the more nervous of patients.
15 May 2016
great clinic, new technology. helped me out on a Sunday with no hassle. Friendly and knowledgeable and good communication.
14 May 2016
Overall the service was great. Professional staff. Will be coming back again for check up.
13 May 2016
Fantastic dentist, really accommodating and great service. I'll definitely be back, I'm sure the kids will also.
11 May 2016
Super pro service and advices as well. Explains all the quotations in details with lots of patience. Highly recommend for everyone
07 May 2016
Dr Courtney was extremely friendly and very caring . This was my first visit and I did not scare
07 May 2016
The dentist is very nice and thorough, the staff very friendly too . A very pleasant dentist visit!
07 May 2016
This is the my first time to visit the dental client. Doctor is nice, patient and professional. I will definitely recommend it to my friends.
06 May 2016
I got 2 of my wisdom teeth extracted today by Dr. So. It was quick and a painless experience. Great customer service and after care. Highly recommended this dental clinic.
05 May 2016
Very good dentist and very helpful staff. I will made appointment for my other family members and recommend others!
03 May 2016
very good dentist who provides a professional service and is friendly. Thank you. . . . . .
30 Apr 2016
Dr Courtney was very kind and felt comfortable while getting treated. Clean and modern equipment & facilities were another plus.
30 Apr 2016
very good service with brilliant dentist! Especially for the little one. Clean equipments.
30 Apr 2016
Dr Courtney is very professional,explained all procedures,very comfortable relaxing atmosphere。
23 Apr 2016
highly recommend this place. Especially to families with young kids. Excellent care from Dr Courtney Kim and her wonderful team who were very helpful and patient especially with my 2 young boys.
21 Apr 2016
They are so friendly, taking care of patient, so professional, highly recommended and the price is so reasonable, service was so nice too.
21 Apr 2016
Dr. Courtney Kim is very thorough with checking teeth, relaxing atmosphere, professional approach
16 Apr 2016
Excellent service and careful nurse and dentist, definitely willing to come next time. Good service and good people
16 Apr 2016
I did clean and X-ray today. this dentistry is very nice and friendly. Highly recommended. Very helpful.
16 Apr 2016
I experienced excellent service and will be coming back again. Dr. Courtney Kim was very helpful.
14 Apr 2016
A good example of what a dentist should be, very professional and gentle. The facility is as clean as a whistle and the staff are very friendly. Very good experience, A++
04 Apr 2016
Just got my teeth cleaned and checked out. Got great service and feels good to do the right thing and look after them teeths. If you want a personal touch to your dental care come try this dental service.
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