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16 Aug 2019
The best floatation experience. I have floated in Apollo tanks & open bath but the Dream Pods at Pure Zen take floating to the next level. I highly recommend coming in & letting Rose introduce you to the tranquility that awaits
27 May 2019
First ever Float. You lose track of time and have an almost out of body experience. Definitely Recommend.
05 Apr 2019
Always friendly and prompt service. The float tanks are fantastic and the rooms are always well cleaned. The chill zone is a brilliant way to finish before rejoining the rest of the world. All round top service.
04 Apr 2019
So i went for my first float a few weeks ago, i wasnt sure of how i would go, and so i was a little nervous at first thinking it would be too enclosed but i was wrong, i had so much room and once you start to relax and drift off its like heaven, it was so relaxing. My muscles were relaxed while i was in and yet still a little sore on my lower back and once i got out i felt a little better, but that night i slept like a baby and the next morning i felt no pain and felt like a million dollars, i would recommend this to anyone with any pain or just to relax it is so worth it, i cant wait for my next float, best thing for my back so far Highly recommended
04 Apr 2019
Amazingly relaxing, highly recommend everyone gives it a go.
04 Apr 2019
Lovely staff, clean & relaxing premises. Can't wait to float again. Highly recommended!
04 Apr 2019
Amazing. Beautiful for the mind and body. Staff are well informed, so polite and add to the relaxing atmosphere
04 Apr 2019
Amazing premises, float rooms are clean with up to date fittings. Overall atmosphere is calming and relaxing with a very inviting area to unwind in after floats. Staff are second to none they are attentive and friendly always looking out for the best interests of the customers. I would definitely recommend Pure Zen Floatation in Phillip to anyone who would like to try floating for the very first time.
28 Jan 2019
I'm a race car driver and after a big roll over i needed relief from muscular damage and a fractured rib i must say i was very skeptical before my first flotation but gee i was wrong. The relief it gave me was huge i was feeling so much better after my first session and quickly booked in a few more pure zen was instrumental in getting back to work and back on track I cant thank them enough was so glad i took the plunge and done it
16 Oct 2017
Absolutely wonderful experience, im refreshed and pumped for my week, great to start my Monday with a float. Awesome customer service A++
29 Sep 2017
Amazing!!! I was speechless when I finished and so relaxed! I will be returning and highly recommend to everyone!
04 Jun 2017
I was a bit apprehensive about what this experience would be like and whether I would feel claustrophobic once I was in the pod - but this experience was incredible! The feeling of floating on air is amazing and it was relaxing and recharging. I have never felt more relaxed. The furnishings and the quality of the amenities add to the wonderful experience and the staff were friendly and accommodating. I cant wait to come back and drift off to that peaceful place again!
04 Jun 2017
Leading up to the experience I felt very nervous but upon arrival the staff made me feel very relaxed. Once inside the pod the feeling and experience was incredible. My mind drifted, my body drifted and for the first time in a very long time I was truly relaxed. I will definitely be back. I feel like a new person.
14 May 2017
Fantastic! Could not of had a better experience for my first float! Everything was explained in great detail and decor and facilities were stunning! I was worried about feeling claustrophobic but knew the option was there to leave the lid ajar - I closed it fully but left the lights on inside. Didn't feel claustrophobic at all. Underwater speakers are brilliant! I fell asleep and had the best sleep in ages. On waking, my body felt amazing - it's hard to describe, but it felt like I was floating on air. Slept brilliantly at home that night and for a few more consecutive nights too! Make sure you allow extra time to enjoy a herbal tea and some beautiful books in the chill out area too!! Thank you, can't wait to come back!
19 Apr 2017
I came in to this experience with an open mind and because if that I loved every minute of it!! The feeling of weightlessness was amazing and so relaxing. I'll definitely be back! Thank you so much for bringing this to Canberra.
13 Apr 2017
Loved my experience at Pure Zen. Other than the flotation experience itself which is amazing, the staff are very lovely and provide a great service. Will definitely come back again!
09 Apr 2017
Amazingly relaxing, just listen to your heartbeat before drifting in to deep relaxation. I will definitely be back....So good to leave and not have your hair dripping wet too.
09 Apr 2017
A fantastic, amazing experience. From the moment you walk in the door you are greeted by friendly staff. The place is extremely clean, hygiene is of the utmost importance so you know for yourself what to expect. The pod is amazing, a place where you truly relax, get your mind off things and go to that place you rarely get to go to find serenity. Thank you for an amazing experience.
08 Apr 2017
Great experience. Feeling relaxed and de-stressed visibly. Would be back again soon. ______________________________________
08 Apr 2017
Great experience - Will definitely be back. ____________________________________________________
08 Apr 2017
Very weird at first but once you let yourself relax it's amazing! Your mind wanders and you end feeling so refreshed. Will definitely be back :) ____________________________________________________________________
08 Apr 2017
A little weird at the beginning but so amazing. I feel refreshed and relaxed. Such a good way to escape whatever is on your mind and concentrate on yourself. Loved it!
08 Apr 2017
Pure Zen Flotation is a truly special place. My float experience was incredibly relaxing and helped me reach a deep meditative state very quickly with their state of the art float pods. They have out done themselves with a high quality facility that makes your experience memorable. The "chill room" is a perfect relaxation addition with books, tea and very comfortable lounge chairs to take the time you need to emerge back in to your normal routine. Thank you for doing what you have done and I cant wait to be greeted by you again. Much love. :)
08 Apr 2017
Wow what an experience of a lifetime! Pure Zen Floatation. You just have to try it if you get the opportunity The most relaxing floating experience in the perfect surroundings. Thank you so much for bringing this to Canberra loved it and will certainly be back for more!
08 Apr 2017
Amazing experience. Very relaxing............such an indulgence in our hectic world. Thanks so much.
06 Apr 2017
So good!! It all looks great guys, I had everything that I needed and I can't wait to come back and visit Pure Zen again.
06 Apr 2017
Blissful!!! Wow, I feel 5 years younger! I will be buying some extra floats for me to gift to my friends. Thanks :)
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