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RP Emery and Associates - Legal Contract Templates

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RP Emery and Associates - Legal Contract Templates

13 Sep 2019
12 Sep 2019
Highly recommend RP Emery...I found the service extremely helpful. I was guided through my requirements with ease. The Legal Document Review Service was a great service, very professional, easy and affordable. Thank you very much.
05 Sep 2019
Great service, easy to understand and very professional
03 Sep 2019
Great source of real life knowledge coupled with quality service and follow ups. Ian from RP Emery & Assoc. guides you through the process step by step and all without the huge fees which most lawyers would charge.
29 Aug 2019
Very happy to recommend RP Emery… compared to other lawyers their pricing is extremely competitive and they also back it up with great service that’s very helpful and informative. they guided with ease through the whole process while arranging my financial agreement. All round very good experience!
27 Aug 2019
Very happy with the service. Ian was always available and helpful through the whole process, making the experience as easy as possible.
15 Aug 2019
Superstar Business! Very Helpful and extremely friendly. I would recommend RP Emery & Ass. to anyone wanting legal documents and the like. Thank You!
06 Aug 2019
I purchased a Financial agreement and found the service very Professional and friendly. I had a view questions which were answered promptly. The step by step guide is very helpful and easy to follow. I would highly recommend R.P Emery Emery & Associates.
20 Jun 2019
The documents have excellent content and are well drafted so relatively to read. Also the site is very efficient, so easy to use. Well done and keep up the good work
23 May 2019
I used your consulting agreement template years ago and I always appreciated it. It’s the same with this simple loan agreement - it is simple and clearly written
16 May 2019
I would highly recommend RP Emery as my dealings with them have been professional and I have found them to be accommodating and helpful with their services. They always get back to you promptly.
04 Mar 2019
Thank you for such an easy to follow process, making a difficult time as easy as possible. Quick response to emails and questions and excellent support, up to and past the end of the process. The legal advice was prompt and reflective of my situation. Thank your u.
25 Feb 2019
A fantastic service that was affordable with great support along the way! Highly recommended
20 Feb 2019
RP Emery are always helpful and inexpensive. Available for additional queries. Great selection of documents available.
20 Feb 2019
Overall it was a great experience. I found the documentation and emails were simple and straight forward, along with the follow-up support. At the end of the day, It all went really well, we got the outcome we wanted and I would certainly recommend RP Emery’s service. Thanks to them our financial settlement is all done and dusted and I’ve finally moved on with my life.
20 Feb 2019
When we initially decided to divorce with now Ex-wife we made contact with some family lawyers that suggested "mediation", this would apparently be achieved via a few long and costly discussions . This didn't seem to fit in our plans as we were still amicable and wanted the process to be finished in a simple way. I came across RP Emery website and decided to try it, somehow dubious about the outcome. I couldn't praise enough the service provided by RP Emery, the process was made smooth and easy and we felt like we were always in control of the decisions. I would highly recommend these services to anyone who is considering this path.
18 Feb 2019
I had a couple of questions as our lease was slightly different. My email was answered promptly and accurately.
09 Feb 2019
Excellent customer service and kit was very easy to follow . Very happy with the lawyer i was matched up with . Very smooth running process . Would highly recommend RP Emery to any couple heading down this road Definitely recommend them . We were both very happy with the full service Thank you RP Emery
09 Feb 2019
The Separation Financial Agreement templates provide a practical, relatively simple and cost effective way to achieve the required outcome. Support was good, and the legal representatives assigned for the legal review pack where quick and efficient.
07 Feb 2019
dimitria476 from Baulkham Hills
I have used RP Emery and Associates Legal Templates for a number of years. I have found their documents to be easy to use and the instructions to be well written and effective. I have used their Loan agreements , Employment contracts , and Partnership agreements package. The price of the documents is just right. and easily accessible in the event you lose them I would recommend their products any time.
05 Feb 2019
My Ex Husband made contact with RP Emery to discuss how we could go about formalising a Financial Agreement that we had both come to an agreement on. We had tried other avenues and every way we turned it seemed that the Solicitors wanted us to battle it out and didn't seem to want to listen to WHAT WE WANTED. As we have a young family together and are still amicable we didn't want to head down a path of being in battle with each other over something that we had already made up our minds on what and how we wanted to divide our assets and definitely didn't want to line the pockets of the solicitors who seemed to want to encourage the battle. From start to finish this process was so easy, the communication was fantastic and the job got done to what we wanted and very efficiently. I cannot say enough about RP Emery and it's team and just how grateful my ex husband and I are that this process was made so smooth and easy. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is considering this as an option as you cant go wrong..
29 Jan 2019
Very helpful. Friendly personnel who are eager to help. If they don't know the answer immediately they will research and get back to you
11 Dec 2018
The templates provide a practical, relatively simple and cost effective way to achieve the required outcome. Support was good as was the required interaction with legal representatives sourced through the company
07 Dec 2018
I compared the alternatives and found the legal contracts from RP Emery to be the best for my business, in terms of simplicity, effectiveness and clarity for those of us without a law degree. I found it easy to make tweaks to suit my business without concern that I've modified something which would render the agreement unfit for purpose. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend RP Emery for anyone needing a headstart without having the budget to hire a team of overpaid legal eagles.
05 Dec 2018
RP Emery provided a quick and effective service initially but there was some delay along the way, however, it was an effective service. It also provided a cost and time efficient way of achieving a straightforward agreement rather than becoming involved in an expensive, court based system.
04 Dec 2018
I've been using RP Emery Templates for all my commercial leasing for the last 5 years. I find the templates easy to work with and my tenants find them simple to understand. On occasions I've contacted RP Emery for additional clauses and options as inclusions to their standard templates. They have been very prompt (next day) and helpful with their replies and advice. For me, they've been a far better option than dealing with the usual office based law firm - thanks for the great service.
04 Dec 2018
After over 22 years of marriage the process of separation is daunting, emotional and can be expensive. RP Emery provided a great service with value for money. Their instruction guide and their template with workflow to assist in the process was easy to follow. Customer service was of high quality with a very quick turnaround with sound feedback. The legal review process was very good and expeditious. A happy outcome was had by all!
03 Dec 2018
A great service and the process was easy to follow.
03 Dec 2018
RP emery would be my first choice recommendation to anyone faced with a divorce finacial settlement. They went above and beyond with their level of service and commitment to help make the process easy to follow and achieve an amicable result for me and my ex. Having been previously divorced and spending thousands on lawyer fees, I decided this time to try an alternative but equally effective way of dealing with what is a painful experience. What a difference to be able to manage the whole process ourselves which meant we were able to not only save money but also our sanity. The whole process was much smoother and the end result was the same but without lawyers* and court proceedings. We did use the lawyer package which is essential to lawfully validate the document. But this was very reasonable and straight forward. Appreciated all their help along the journey
17 Nov 2018
Thank you so much for getting back to me on this, much appreciated and you've let me know exactly what I needed I purchased the equipment rental agreement and it really is amazing! I even understood what I was reading which helped a lot as some contracts confuse me so much! This is going to be a great peace of mind for us as it's so professional and will hopefully get the customers to realise they need to take care of our equipment... or else haha Shaeni
16 Nov 2018
brucec137 from Merrimac
We found the lease document from RP Emery very useful and the after sales service enquiries were a surprise bonus. Any questions that weren't answered in the user guide were just a phone call away. The templates were very easy to follow and we achieved our aim at a significantly lower cost than the alternative. Go RP Emery!
09 Nov 2018
Rp Emery are always very helpful with any questions and quick to respond with answer or solution, provide great legal templates which are use friendly and comply with current government legislation and the best part all their services are realistically priced a fraction of the price if you were to use a lawyer. I've used their real estate templates and couldn't be happier all the instructions are easy to follow and explanatory which improves your understanding, also when any legislation changes occur their provide you with an updated version free of charge. Will use again if I require other services and highly recommend them.
06 Nov 2018
Found it very easy to complete a retail lease and a commercial lease. The documents are in plain English. When I had a query, I got a quick answer that solved my problem. Highly recommend this service.
05 Nov 2018
Documents are in understandable lingo but comprehensive enough to be very usable. Service is available by phone if needed. Great value. Guess that's why I've used many times
18 Oct 2018
The supportive approach of RP Emery allowed my partner and I to work through the stressful process of completing our BFA in a positive way. We are very satisfied with the experience and would recommend RP Emery to our friends.
08 Oct 2018
RP Emery's legal documents are very informative in simple language with highest standard. I am impressed with their attention to detail and customer service. I am very pleased with my experience and would highly recommend them to anyone looking to buy any legal documents.
06 Oct 2018
I wanted to protect my assets with a prenuptial agreement. RP Emery website had a lot of information about their products (search prenuptial in search box). Cost effective alternative to local lawyers in my home town. RP Emery staff contacted me throughout the process to ensure efficiency was maintained. Their lawyers were professional & prompt in attending to essential legal advice. I am very satisfied with the standard of service provided & the quality of the completed documents. I definitely could recommend RP Emery & associates to my friends.
06 Oct 2018
I found RP Emery exceptional in every way. I was kept up to date with the process and any queries were answered within the day. It made the separation process much easier and I would highly recommend this service to any friends in the future. Thank you for everything. Regards, Kim Watt
06 Oct 2018
A responsive, customer-focused business, thoroughly efficient and great value for money. Could not have been more impressed.
06 Oct 2018
Purchased a reseller contract document in 2017 and it has never been easier to obtain, modify, use effectively and it was extremely cost effective. Received an unexpected and pleasant surprise a few weeks ago when they followed up and offered a free will kit template in appreciation of the initial purchase. I had previously purchased one from Australia Post and this runs rings around it. Will certainly be considering using the service again when I need legal contract documentation. Keep up the great work
05 Oct 2018
You guys are awesome! Thank you so much for the hassle free process and affordable price. My solicitor Steve H was very professional, informative. His advice was beyond my expectation. I would like to recommend your excellent services to others.
05 Oct 2018
Over some years I have had the need to prepare relatively simple and straight forward documents, and without the necessity of retaining a lawyer to do so. of the various online document services, R P Emery has always provided exactly what I needed - and has also been able to offer additional assistance where any issue is encountered with the standard templates on offer. Responsive and efficient service and not expensive. All makes for an excellent service!
05 Oct 2018
The process of making a Financial Binding Agreement with my wife was very thorough yet all stages are explained fully and Ian was extremely helpful with any questions I had. The cost was way less than using a regular law firm and all in all, was straightforward, laid out well, easy to understand and follow. My assigned lawyer was very helpful and professional. I would strongly recommend RP Emery and Associates to anyone wanting a legally binding financial agreement at a very reasonable cost.
05 Oct 2018
The service is inexpensive, convenient, and simple to follow. I obtained separate quotes from lawyers and was quoted $3000 for each person. Emery documents were only $1890 for two people complete. Their independent legal professionals were prompt and kept discussions to a minimum. The documents were self completing. Lawyers just checked them and made sure we knew our individual rights. Finally signed off by a local JP. All done in weeks. Highly recommended.
04 Oct 2018
I used RP Emery and Associates to formalise a binding financial agreement with my ex partner, and I am so happy with the outcome. When I first found this service online I was very skeptical. I thought that there must have to be a catch. it all seemed so straightforward and very reasonably priced. It seemed too good to be true, and I also had many people warning me "not to trust" an online service with something as important as a separation agreement. However, I am also quite stubborn, and a researcher myself. I had spent a lot of time research different options for formalising a financial split, and getting a binding financial agreement seemed like the best solution for me and my ex. I wanted to know how much things would cost upfront, and I didn't want to spend any more than I needed to on expensive lawyers. Anyway, to get to the point this really was a fantastic service. Ian went above and beyond to help me understand the ins and outs of it all, even going so far as to contact me when he was on holiday. He was so easy to deal with, very professional, and very RELIABLE! As to was my assigned lawyer Jakcy. please, if you are trying to formalise a financial agreement, be it in the context of a divorce, separation or a functional relationship, do not look past this service! This was so efficient, affordable and respectful. I can not recommend this service more highly!
04 Sep 2018
Hi RP Emery, I rarely provide feedback on any service but on this occasion I will make an exception. I was seeking a distribution agreement for our growing business in Brisbane. My lawyer quoted over $4000 to have it completed. Like most I decided to research and put one together myself. I found a few examples however none of them were exactly what we were after. I found your site and saw the extract and was immediately impressed with the front layout. At this point I must say I have spent about 4 days cutting and pasting bits and pieces into a draft agreement. For the cost of $129 we certainly could not complain and decided to purchase your agreement template. We are so glad we did. Wow! Great template, well set out, covered everything we wanted in simple terms. We of course added a few minor things as you would expect but all in all your template saved me endless hours. I first phoned your office and the person I spoke to was happy, courteous and very helpful. The purchase was quick, and seamless. We had 99% of the document completed in the next hour. Appreciate the follow up email and will definitely be using again and recommending to others. Please feel free to use this email for any marketing purposes. Kind regards, Kev Cooper.
South Murwillumbah, NSW, 2484
Tel: 1800608088

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