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29 Oct 2022
Great service and timely support. thanks
14 Oct 2022
Thanks Daniel great service saved me weeks of recreating my drive content
19 Sep 2022
I had a problem with my camera flash drive & needed to recover the images when it crashed. Recovery Squad did a great in doing this for me. They were very professional, helpful & kept me fully up to date with the process. I can highly recommend Daniel & the team.
19 Sep 2022
The Recovery Squad has been able to make the impossible possible. I lost very important video files for a client of mine, I called pretty much all the data recovery businesses to seek for help. Everyone gave me the same answer "The SD card has been formatted, we can maybe give you a 1% chance to get anything back", except for Daniel. We had an in depth conversation over the phone, where he listens to my stories and asked the right questions to understand my case. He told me he was hopeful we could do something about it. That was enough for me to trust the team. I send them my SD card, and after a few days and a few in depth tries, they where able to get 80% of my files back. 80%!! Honestly, this exceeded my expectations by a lot. I was so grateful I came across Recovery squad. Where everyone else gave me no hope, they were able to help my business making my client happy. Thank you so much!
12 Jul 2022
Daniel under promised and over delivered. All my data was retrieved from my melted down hard drive within the anticipated timeframe. I highly recommend Recovery Squad.
07 Jun 2022
Daniel and the team at Recovery Squad were a pleasure to deal with. I had issues with my laptop, Daniel explained in detail my options and gave me his professional advice on what was the best way to proceed. The laptop was then quickly repaired and all data and photos recovered. The whole process was simple, easy and very professionally handled. I would recommend Daniel and his team to anyone with computer issues. Pleasure to business with you Daniel. Thanks again. Graeme
04 Apr 2022
royp598 from Narre Warren
Recently tried recovering old family photos lost over 10 years ago on an old hard drive. Daniel and his team were very professional and pleasant to deal with throughout the entire process. Unfortunately the hard drive was beyond repair and the photos could not be recovered despite their best efforts. Daniel was very kind to not charge any additional fees despite the many hours of work put into the recovery attempt. 10/10 would recommend for data recovery. Thanks Daniel!
01 Apr 2022
Daniel and the Recovery Squad team were professional, completely transparent and very easy to deal with. I and would highly recommend this team for your data recovery needs. I had 2 replicated hard disks that unfortunately had both failed. I was informed of recovery status at every step of the process. I was provided full transparency on probability of success of recovery without technical mumbo jumbo. They were able to recover personal and family private photos and videos from 2004 -2014, 10 years worth of family memories. Thanks you Recovery Squad!
29 Jan 2022
It's been a great experience requesting support from Recovery Squad. Daniel recovered my data really quickly and it was an exceptional service. I l had lost all my emails and didn't think I could get them back. I definately recommend this business.
17 Dec 2021
Recovery squad data is absolutely fantastic to fix my YSB flash drive, it was severely damaged and I had very important document. On USB with no backup, they managed to get all my data back and I'm very satisfied and impressed by their proficiency level.
07 Dec 2021
Our 24 Bay Synology NAS failed due to a severe power failure over the weekend , luckily found Recovery Squad Team on Monday and they replied promptly on my enquiry , even offered the collection of both heavy units and gave me some good news to be able to recover the data in 3 days , we had the whole unit with 100% data back on the next Tuesday. Customer service is second to none and highly recommended.
23 Nov 2021
Recovery Squad was able to recover the data from both SSD and HDD which no one else could recover and I was without computer for 3 weeks .luckily I choose the right person to deal with my missing information for the last 2 years. I thank Daniel for his patience and understanding dealing with a 79 years old .
20 Nov 2021
Our RAID Setup with 15 years of photos failed. I was panic and devasted as that hard drive was our only backup over the past many years . We found Recovery Squad with an easy online booking system to start with . We had an amazing experience with the team at Recovery Squad Data Retrieval Group . They explained me the whole process of recovering data without giving me false hopes but I knew from the start I was in good hands.The whole service was very professional and they were able to recover 100% of our data from the failed RAID-5 setup in a timely manner. Amazing job and best customer service. Thanks again .
20 Nov 2021
Awesome USB Data Recovery! Very professional and responsive service , they recovered data from my broken USB drive which sounded low chance to any other recovery company , Recovery Squad recovered all of my data back which was a challenging component recovery on the PCB which everyone else gave up to fix it . I recommend them to anyone dealing with the complicated and badly broken USB drives . Thank you
17 Nov 2021
Would recommend them to anyone. Recovered 4TB of Data following a Disk failure over a weekend.
13 Nov 2021
Daniel was very helpful and was able to recover my HDD in its entirety. He was transparent throughout the whole process and took the time to answer all of my questions. The recovery was done in a short-time frame, too. Would recommend if you have precious data that needs to be recovered.
22 Oct 2021
Daniel @ Data Recovery Melbourne saved the day. Had the unfortunate instance where my computer was hacked, Data Recovery were able to pick it up and have it back to me in 24 hour, Amazing turnaround and great work. Thanks
01 Oct 2021
Very quick turnaround in recovering my business data, extremely reliable service . Have used on many occasions and found them extremely knowledgeable ; in all facets of our business requirements. Highly recommended the service for any business looking for fast and efficient service .
13 Sep 2021
We used a Synology 4xBay NAS to store all our business and personal data for many years which crashed over the weekend , in a panic mode we contacted Recovery Squad on online Chat system over the weekend and explained the situation , they asked few questions and feel confident they could recover the data , we delivered the NAS on Monday and all our data including full Meta data and folder structure recovered in less than 2 weeks , the customer service is second to none and they communicated with me during the recovery process , I’m more than happy to recommend Recovery Squad data recovery services for any business or individual who cannot afford to lose their valuable data , appreciated your help .
13 Sep 2021
Recovery Squad is a significantly professional data recovery service provider. They are so caring, responsive and technically capable who will treat your data with high level of care and give due attention to confidentiality and criticality of missing data. I would highly recommend the company services and their team.
04 Sep 2021
Excellent customer service, job completed very professionally over the weekend in a very short notice, very satisfied and highly recommend the professional service.
03 Sep 2021
Excellent service, professional, responsive, trustworthy and very efficient. I highly recommend Data Recovery Melbourne. Who helped me recover all my important personal files and university files from my failing, unresponsive WD hard drive. Thankyou!
29 Aug 2021
Fast, professional and excellent customer service highly recommend the service if you are looking for a professional and efficient service .
26 Aug 2021
I was very pleased with Daniel's work, he was able to recover my 10 year old data from an formatted and encrypted Drive which is unbelievable. Storage experts gave up but Daniel took that challenge and was able to recover data. He is very knowledgeable and I believe he is the go-to person when it comes to data recovery. He is very professional and on time and very committed. His recovery skills are at anther level, l strongly recommend his workmanship
26 Aug 2021
I reached out to recovery squad when my external hard drive failed. They were quick to respond, clear communication and reasonable pricing. They were able to fully recover all my documents and photos in a very short time period.
24 Jun 2021
Daniel has been fantastic in helping us to recover our damaged hard drive contents and making sure we get our urgent files back as quickly as possible. Would definitely recommend Recovery Squad Melbourne, A+ service.
15 Jun 2021
We've had a few issues with our computers where they just stopped working and Daniel was very responsive and prompt in resolving the issues. Thank you so much Daniel! Highly recommend!
26 May 2021
Daniel was very helpful, patient, and responsive to all my questions about recovering data that I had lost on my hard drive. Definitely recommend!
23 Feb 2021
Absolutely thrilled that we found Data Recovery Melbourne. We had a NAS Box that failed that dates back to 2009 - almost prehistoric. All 4 drives failed at once. We were using it for family photographs and it was just one of those things we took for granted & got slack with backups. We had some backups scattered here & there on the cloud & others on backup disks but it was not systematic. So when it failed, we lost so many years of photographs & precious memories dating back to 1995. I was devastated. Daniel & his team somehow managed to get this ancient NAS Box up and running & recovered years and years of photographs & videos. I can't express how grateful & happy we are to have this data recovered. Daniel was a pleasure to deal with throughout, he explained everything clearly and the price was really reasonable & very competitive to other quotes considering the amount of work involved. Still can't believe he was technically able to recover the data as the entire 4 drives had failed. I don't have any hesitation at all in recommending this business & would encourage anyone to contact them & be saved like we have been.
20 Jan 2021
Daniel was fantastic. Very prompt, friendly and professional service. Didn't get the result I was hoping for, but not because Daniel didn't do his best. Being able to call for further support was also a bonus. Would highly recommend.
01 Dec 2020
Prompt service. The job was completed within two days. They where able to recover my critical data.
16 Oct 2020
We use a QNAP NAS box to store all our family photos and documents for the last 8 years , it was a RAID-10 setup Which seems to be a complicated RAID as it was setup by our previous IT company , we haven’t notice the orange Warning lights on 3 bays so they failed later and we could not afford to lose all our data and years of memories. I called Recovery Squad and they started the recovery and kept me updated with the progress of recovery , it Took close to 2 weeks as it was a challenging recovery case but at the end they retrieved all my data , we are Over the moon to get back all our irreplaceable data and really appreciate your prompt and professional service Highly recommend Recovery Squad to anyone in the same panic mode on the verge of losing data .
16 Oct 2020
My Macbook-Pro cashed out of the blue , I called Recovery Squad and after a phone assessment and explaining the symptoms they were confident that they can recover the data , they finally recovered 100% of my data which was very important for me in less than a week , highly recommend , very prompt and efficient in data recovery .
29 Sep 2020
Daniel was extremely professional and delivered quicker than promised and was able to recover the data from a phone that I thought had no chance of recovery. Daniel also communicated well through the process and keep me informed and there were no hidden costs. Greatly recommended
28 Aug 2020
Daniel really saved us, my husband's Iphone crashed and Daniel was able to recover all of his old data and even helped me to restore his new iphone so that he got all of his photos and contacts back. I highly recommend.
25 Aug 2020
The Recovery Squad we amazing in their response time and knowledge of the problem. There were able to retrieve all my data which was spread over 8 x HDD's in a RAID 5 configuration. These guys kept me informed and worked in a highly professional way. I would highly recommend their services.
Kew, VIC, 3101
Tel: 0370168120

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