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05 Jun 2024
Best Instructor, soooo patient with Learner. I would recommend to anyone looking to pass their test.
05 May 2024
Thanks to Jimmy and, before him, to Craig, for teaching our kids to drive safely. Great team and service! Highly recommended.
18 Apr 2024
Following a driving lesson in a manual car with an instructor from another driving school, my son was left feeling very confused, as the driving instructor told him so much incorrect information, very different from what he'd already been taught over the past 12 months. Whilst we were unable to have a lesson before his Ps test, Georgia called us back after I had left a message and spent at least half an hour clarifying all the road rules with my son. She certainly went above and beyond to help my son feel confident and assured him of so many things. I would highly recommend Georgia to anyone looking to book a lesson with someone who puts your mind at ease and knows all the rules. After speaking with Georgia, my son felt so much better about his Ps test in 2 days time and passed first go!
08 Feb 2024
Georgia was an amazing instructor. She was calm and clear and my son responded really well to her style of teaching. She was always reliable and the booking system was really simple and flexible. Highly recommend!!!
15 Dec 2023
Really recommend Jimmy as a driving instructor. After moving overseas by myself at a young age, returning to Australia to get my Ps felt like a daunting task, and I felt a little embarrassed to be getting my Ps at 22. Jimmy immediately made me feel comfortable and not at all bad for being older on my Ls. I am a far more confident driver now that I have finished up my lessons with Jimmy and cannot recommend him enough. He teaches you real life skills in the car as well as the competencies that you are required to complete. I really looked forward to my lessons with him and know I am a much better driver now than I was before I started lessons with him. Thanks Jimmy!
02 Dec 2023
My daughter had high anxiety around learning to drive and her preference had been to learn with a female instructor. As Georgia was booked out, we opted for Jimmy and we are very grateful we did. Our daughter was at ease after her first lesson and began to enjoy and look forward to her lessons with Jimmy. She quickly became a competent and assured driver and today passed her test on her 17th birthday. We highly recommend Apex and thank Jimmy for his highly skilled approach to handling nervous learner drivers. Whilst we have natural anxiety around watching our daughter drive alone, we know she has learned from the best which is reassuring. Thanks again to Jimmy.
07 Nov 2023
Best driver teacher Georgia WRX manual
30 Sep 2023
One of the best decisions I've made was to start off my driving experience with Georgia. She was a phenomenal instructor that had constantly supported me and guided me until I got my provisional license. 100% recommend for those who wish to obtain lifelong driving skills properly and efficiently.
30 Sep 2023
Couldn’t recommend them enough. Georgia is amazing for learning manual in, so patient, kind makes your mistakes feel insignificant. Fantastic environment for learning in and let’s not forget the wrx! Coolest car to learn manual in and no one else would ever dare let a learner drive such a car
24 Aug 2023
Amazing teaching skills and personality. It really helps to learn how to drive when you can be comfortable with the person that’s teaching you and create a bond. The car used for manual lessons couldn’t be any better it might seem a little hard at first but once you get used to it you can drive anything.
18 Aug 2023
As parents of a new driver we wanted our daughter to get the best instruction possible. She was initially nervous but Georgia's calm, reassuring and fun approach got her driving a manual confidently in no time. Thank you Georgia for giving our daughter the skills to drive safely and confidently. The lessons and skills you've taught her are a gift for life.
04 Jul 2023
Georgia was the most amazing instructor! I learnt more from her than I had with anyone else and she taught me in a way that was informative and extremely kind. I highly recommend booking with Georgia because she is a wonderful teacher and person.
24 Jun 2023
Georgia was an amazing instructor who got the most out of me in each lesson. She was also fun to be around and always made me feel comfortable. Would highly recommend!
17 Feb 2023
I’ve had an amazing time learning to drive with Apex Driving school! 100% would recommend any of the instructors. They are patient, full of knowledge and personable which makes the lessons enjoyable.
29 Nov 2022
Jimmy was a great instructor. He had effective teaching strategies and provided me with comprehensive driver training. Would highly recommend!
16 Nov 2022
Georgia is an extraordinary teacher. My son has gone from scaring the heck out of me to being really sensible behind the wheel in just a few lessons. She’s a miracle worker!
21 Oct 2022
Helpful insights I hadn't received through other lessons. Also happy to discuss things with you as well. It's easy to get your license when you have someone that's calm. Jimmy is great at helping you to become a more confident and able driver.
05 Apr 2022
Our son's 4th driving school! Georgia was amazing!! She calmly moved him through all the skills of driving a manual. Georgia was professional, always giving positive feedback and suggestions for what to work on next. She used her humour and personal skills to bring the best out of son.Georgia is worth every dollar!!! Thank you APEX and Georgia!!!
24 Dec 2021
HIGHLY recommend this driving school I had Craig as my driving instructor and he went above and beyond for me. Not only was he an excellent instructor who taught me so many tips and tricks that I was confident in my driving, but he also helped me navigate being an interstate learner and the process to get my P's. Passed first time and would 1000% recommend him to anyone
18 Nov 2021
Apex driving school is a great accredited driving school. Their instructors are very friendly and welcoming and can teach you many useful skills for driving. I definitely recommend for L plate or inexperienced drivers. My experienced with Apex Driving School has been great.
04 Nov 2021
Absolutely amazing school , had an amazing time with amazing instructor, I had Georgia, so friendly and get the best out of you to be the safest on the road , HIGHLY RECOMMEND.
02 Nov 2021
Had a great experience with Georgia, she was helping me a lot with my mistakes and taught me a lot of stuff and a nice car to drive
16 Jul 2021
Had a positive experience with Georgia, she is patient, calm and communicative. Highly recommend, especially if you are nervous about driving.
07 Jul 2021
Georgia is the best driving instructor! Very kind and patient. I really appreciated that instead of blaming for mistakes Georgia teaches you the right way. With Georgia I never felt intimidated or discouraged about driving, she was always there to help and support.
26 May 2021
Georgia is a great instructor. She taught me everything I need to know to be a good and safe driver. She is very patient and makes you feel at ease. I would highly recommend Apex driving school, especially Georgia. She is just the best!
07 May 2021
Garry is a really good instructor. He is really skilled and patient. He knows the test very well, and could give a very clear and prefect guidance. And yes, I did pass. Would definitely recommend to my friends.
18 Apr 2021
Gary from Apex is an excellent and patient teacher. Thank you for your quality lessons and professional manner. My daughter is now a confident driver and passed her driving test with ease.
10 Apr 2021
Garry is such a good instructor who told me everything related to driving techniques!!
19 Mar 2021
You can never go wrong with Garry with driving.
18 Mar 2021
From the perspective of a parent of a teenager learning to drive, I highly recommend Apex Driving School. Georgia has an easy going manner and offered outstanding driving tuition. I will book my 2 other children with her as soon as they need driving lessons.
24 Feb 2021
Garry is an excellent driving instructor!!! I have my Colombian driving license, now thanks to him I have the one from Canberra. He explained me a lot and was very patience. 100% recommended!!!
06 Feb 2021
Gary is excellent. A very calm and knowledgeable teacher! I would highly recommend him. I’m a dad of a would be rally car driver, who thinks he knows everything about everything. Gary was able to relate to my son and gain his trust, my son listened and made significant improvements in his driving in a short space of time. The lessons have been extremely helpful for skills and confidence.
05 Feb 2021
Gary is a very nice and professional instructor, he gave clear instructions and helped me passed my driving test.
28 Jan 2021
Highly recommended. Garry is a highly talented instructor, very professional, always ready to provide honest advice. He understands what it is like for us to go through this process, even for refresher lessons. I can't recommend Apex enough. Thank you!
27 Jan 2021
Please tell Georgia was FANTASTIC !
16 Jan 2021
Anne is an incredible driving teacher. I progressed so much with her. She is very calm, lovely and helped me so much, especially on things I needed to work on. She made me feel much more comfortable and confident in driving. I would highly recommend Anne and Apex Driving School.
10 Jan 2021
Gaz was a great instructor, on the ball and knows what he’s talking about. 1 lesson with him was more informative than 3 lessons with another instructor.
11 Dec 2020
Gary was a fantastic driving instructor - so detailed and patient, with good humour. He was very flexible and went out of his way to help me through the process. Would definitely recommend!
27 Nov 2020
Had a fantastic lesson before my test (which I passed !) and genuinely think I would not have done so without Garry ! I had other driving instructors before my one lesson with Garry and I can only say that I wish I'd heard about Garry sooner - he had heaps of tips, and was extremely helpful and dedicated to getting me through the test (even went overtime to make sure we fixed all my mistakes!) I'm also a pretty nervous driver (and had found my previous lessons very stressful) but he was so friendly and chatty, and completely put me at ease - Would highly recommend getting lessons with him before your test !
27 Nov 2020
Would recommend. Thanks to Rob and Garry for always finding time to fit me in.
28 Oct 2020
Garry is an amazing instructor. He knew exactly what I needed to improve on to prepare me for the one-off assessment. And he didn’t just tell me about the road rules. He actually detailed the reasons for these rules, making it a lot easier for me to understand and remember. Every minute of my driving lesson with Garry was truly worthwhile.
20 Oct 2020
Georgia is excellent at calming nerves and giving clear instructions.
14 Oct 2020
Gary is an excellent instructor. He is skillful, nice, patient and always knows how to help me understand and improve driving.
02 Oct 2020
Teachers are professional talk you through the road rules and make you feel comfortable in driving ...its really great to start learning your driving :) i will give this schoole an excellent :)
26 Sep 2020
1000% recommended The driven class are funny and no stressful. If you want past your driven test you need to book with apex driving school now.
25 Aug 2020
I would like to say a massive thank you to Apex Driving School. Specialy Garry. As a new driver with zero experience, I have asked him lots of silly question but he never got annoyed. Always keeps smiling & never gets tired to answer. Whenever I have any issues about driving, he was always there. And a big shout out for Georgia. She is awesome & a great instructor. She made sure I always follow up the road rules with safety. Without her guidance, I wouldn't pass my driving test. I appreciate a lot both of them. Highly recommended & best wishes for Apex.
21 Aug 2020
Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value Garry the great! Awesome instructor. Passed my test on the first go.
12 Aug 2020
Georgia is a phenomenal instructor. She made sure I had good observation and safety practices in check. She went over merges and proper speed control time and time again until it was good. I also took lessons with Gary, he found and fixed some of my biggest flaws in driving. They are simply the best. It was all worth the time. They were very accomodating and patient all the way through. They even helped us find and decide on a good car suitable for us. Love and all the good wishes for Apex!
Canberra, ACT, 2600
Tel: 0417143433

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