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04 Jul 2024
Hi my name is Caitlyn, 29 and I'm a delivery driver for TGE. Back in February of 2024 I was hit with the unfortunate news, ''You've got Leukaemia''. While the diagnosis was a shock (and still is 7months on) I handled it surprisingly well. It wasn't until I was told of all the tablets/capsules I would have to swallow whole (not crushed or syrup version, which is my usual go to) that my mind spiralled down. This is because I have/had a phobia of swalling tablets. My whole life I'd never really been successful in doing so. Tried every trick in the book but I would choke or throw up, just an automatic reflex. What made my situation worse was that the doctors had said if I couldn't swallow these specific tablets I would die a slow and painful death. It must be said that this is if I chose to have a Bone Marrow Transplant and not just having the chemo on its own. The transplant gives me the best chance at a cure, but not if I can't swallow tablets. So I would only be able to have chemo and it's a 50/50 chance it'll come back with just that and harder to treat if it does. After this news I decided to get to work on my tablet phobia, but while in hospital there was no progress at all despite having the help of the hospitals therapists and specialists. Once I was out of hospital it was my Dad who had thought of hypnotherapy to see if it could help me as it helped him. This is when I was introduced to Fiona Spence. From my very first session with her I started to see progress, small steps but it was something at last. She was very easy to open up and talk to. Be it a simple chat, a cry or a laugh, Fiona created an easy going safe space and allowed your mind to knock down the barriers and unravel the knots it had created over the years. Each session there was more and more progress and it wasn't until my 4th talk with her that I was able to excitedly tell her I had finally accomplished my goal and overcome my phobia. She had helped me crush the mental block that was preventing me from swallowing tablets. And most importantly, gave me the opportunity to get the treatment I need that will give me a second chance at life. For that I can't thank you enough.
19 Apr 2024
I cannot recommend Fiona's services highly enough. I have never met anyone as positive, non-judgemental, motivational and so easy to communicate with. She can explains things like no one else can and has helped me gain understanding, clarity and confidence in myself. She is amazing and I'm so very grateful for the impact she has had on my life.
01 Feb 2024
Fiona is very knowledgeable on a vast range of areas, so it was really good to chat to her, not just about the psychology side of things, but also business, travel, and all the other bits and pieces that give you that holistic approach to your progress. Fiona she knows the right questions to ask so she knows how to dig deep and really draw out information from you, and help you to know and align with your values. What most surprised me about working with Fiona was that she didn't restrict the session to say 60 Minutes. We just sat and we talked, and she drew the information out of me until we got to the end and found that solution. I've found lots of coaches in the past have been restricted to that 60-minute session which was never enough time to sort everything out. With Fiona we got to the point and I got the clarity I required and it was a really enjoyable experience. So if you are considering a coach 100% Fiona Spence is the person you need.
02 Dec 2023
denisem634 from Brisbane City
I reached out to Fiona not long before my 55th birthday. My life was all about work and my personal life was lacking. I needed to get clear about what I wanted in my life and not feeling lost when things felt uncertain at work. I was so focused on what I lacked than what I had. It all seemed overwhelming and I didn't know where to start. After one session with Fiona in the Advanced Conversational Hypnosis experience, I was clear on what was important to me, how much I already had and goal setting that was achievable. The clarity I gained in that session reduced my anxiety. I felt relaxed and confident, not something I usually feel. No longer the half glass full feeling! It felt so easy talking with Fiona through this experience. We covered so many topics, past experiences, future self, congratulating my younger self and celebrating me. I am excited about my life, I am clear on what brings me happiness and what steps to take to get more out of life. Straight away I reached out to friends and family to catch up. Fiona feels like an life long friend and I look forward to continuing to work with her in the future on my professional development. I highly recommend working with Fiona, she is amazing.
02 Dec 2023
I am writing this testimonial to express my gratitude for the incredible impact Fiona has had on my life as a mindset coach. Working with Fiona has been a transformative experience, and I wanted to share my thoughts with others who may be considering the invaluable services Fiona provides. I had the pleasure of working with Fiona over the past 6 months. From our initial conversations to our latest sessions, Fiona consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of the complexities of the human mind and an unwavering commitment to helping me find my way when I was VERY lost. Under Fiona’s guidance, I have experienced significant personal growth in various aspects of my life. The tailored strategies and exercises provided during our sessions have empowered me to overcome limiting beliefs, rebuilid my motivation, develop a positive mindset, and approach challenges with newfound confidence. The impact on my mindset has significantly improved my professional and personal life. Fiona will ask the right questions, destroy any negativity, and direct you in the perfect way to get to the life you want to live. Fiona consistently offered encouragement, constructive feedback, and a fresh perspective that allowed me to navigate obstacles with resilience and optimism. Through Fiona’s guidance, I have again become myself—a postive, happy person who is living the life they want. The tools and techniques she shared have become crucial components of my daily life. I would recommend Fiona’s services to anyone looking to improve their professional or personal self. Wether you just need to get back to basic standards of happiness or for people looking to get over the line in their careers.
28 Nov 2023
Working with Fiona Spence as my life coach was truly transformative. Her approach to Advanced Conversational Hypnosis differed from my expectations; instead of a traditional technique, we engaged in a conversation that unveiled the power of my subconscious mind and its role in achieving my goals. Fiona's professional yet deeply empathetic manner created a safe and supportive environment, starting with small steps and celebrating each success. This experience has given me the confidence to navigate challenges and build momentum in my life. I'm grateful for Fiona's expertise in Advanced Conversational Hypnosis – a genuine game-changer.
02 Nov 2023
Fiona helped me release some old self destruction thoughts and guided me to figure out answers and take hard to make decisions. Her voice release helped me feel light and let go of a lot of pain, feel light and released from old thoughts or grudges that I was holding on to for a long long time
26 Oct 2023
Hi my name is Ryan and I am the owner of a wholesales company. Before I met Fiona, I was feeling lost and un motivated in all aspect of my life. I knew what was wrong but I'd never do anything about it and would beat myself up about it. During my coaching program with Fiona, I started to become super motivated and more importantly, she kept me accountable with clear goals and structure I could easily follow. My relationship with my partner has never been better and my business is now going from strength to strength. Now I feel I'm in control of my own life. I’m up in the mornings excited for what the day has to offer, and at the end of the day I have a great sense of accomplishment. I can't thank you enough Fiona. If anyone needs any help with their mindset, career or any part of their life, I would definitely recommend you speak with Fiona, she is fantastic.
09 Oct 2023
I recently reached a point in my life where I was at a crossroads with my career and Fiona's coaching enabled me to move forward with clarity and make positive changes in all areas of my life. I cannot recommend Fiona highly enough!!
08 Sep 2023
I had the privilege of working with Fiona as my life coach, and I can't express how grateful I am for her guidance. Fiona is not just a good mentor, she's also a great motivator. Her wisdom and encouragement have been instrumental in helping me navigate through life's challenges and reach my goals. I highly recommend Fiona to anyone seeking positive change and personal growth.
12 Jun 2023
I was struggling with working as a senior manager within the aged care industry for many years, through the COVID pandemic and lots of change. Personally, I was also coming out of a divorce I needed some help with goal setting and clarity about how I wanted to rest of my life to be and how I was going to get there. Fiona has helped me balance work and life and given me the confidence and tools to clarify my goals and then put plans in plans so I can achieve them. When opportunities have presented themselves, with Fiona’s assistance I have had the confidence to grasp them with both hands – setting myself up for a promotion and working towards running a full marathon.
20 May 2023
My name is Vik and I am the founder of CodED. I run online courses where I teach children software coding and help them develop essential life skills. I had the pleasure of working with Fiona. Prior to meeting Fiona, I felt stuck and lacked clarity in my business. I was unable to make progress and didn't understand why. However, Fiona's guidance and expertise made all the difference. During our coaching sessions, Fiona helped me set clear goals, redefine my target market, and identify the mental blocks holding me back. Her insights and exercises provided me with much-needed clarity on my current situation and future aspirations. Fiona also equipped me with effective strategies to overcome my mental blocks, enabling me to face them head-on and move forward confidently. Fiona is empathetic and nonjudgmental. She created a safe and supportive space where I felt comfortable sharing my challenges and fears. Fiona's approachability and deep understanding fostered a warm and friendly environment, making each session immensely valuable. If you are in need of assistance with your mindset, career, or any aspect of your life, I wholeheartedly recommend reaching out to Fiona. Working with Fiona has been a wonderful experience, and I am truly grateful for her support.
04 Apr 2023
I would highly recommend Fiona I came to her with a fear of mice and through hypnosis I had my first break through of being able to watch videos on mice which wasn't possible. This may seem insignificant to some but this is a big deal for me and currently I've been given tools to further support me
29 Jan 2023
My name is Kathleen and I am the Founder and Creative Overlord of By Ninja, an award-winning brand studio based in Meanjin (Brisbane) Australia. I first met Fiona at a networking event, and we caught up about a week later to learn more about what each other do. At the time, I knew something within myself wasn’t going so well. We got chatting, and as Fiona started describing the types of people she helps and some of the trigger words they express, a game of ‘bingo’ was happening in my head (I got bingo). I genuinely loved what I do, but I was exhausted. I was not coping with the pressure I’d put on myself to be everything to everyone (but myself). I was frustrated, hyper emotional, barely sleeping and constantly injuring myself at sport. During my first session with Fiona we explored a ‘sleep hack’. That night, I had one of the best sleeps I’d had in a very long time. Sleeping better immediately helped shift my mindset into a more effective space. In a nutshell, that’s how Fiona works, it’s what she does — she empowers you with the knowledge and tools you need to conquer your ‘thing’, and deliver the greatest, long term impact. Six months on and I am so proud of the version of ‘me’ that I have grown into. I have an understanding of what drives me and why. I am more balanced. I sleep. I am more effective overall — a better founder, creative, mentor, friend, daughter, and partner. I have a clearer vision of my future, and what exactly is driving the legacy that I want to build. I am maturing into the version of myself that will actually enable me to achieve my goals, sustainably.
24 Jan 2023
I was feeling really unmotivated and lost after having a tough year with studies but Fiona helped me to learn to be positive and keep a good balance in my life. I’ve developed so many new habits like frequent exercise and positive mindset activities. Fiona’s advice and ability to solve problems is a priceless tool everyone can use to improve themselves or aspects of their lives.
24 Jan 2023
Fiona has been more than value for money. I came to her with a confidence issue and she has helped me out immensely. I have improved in every single aspect of my life from my relationship, to my career, to my exercise goals, I have absolutely smashed it lately!
05 Dec 2022
In presenting Fiona with a challenging scenario I was able to receive immense value from my session in just a single meeting. It was clear from the outset that from the structured conversation to the tools provided to me, that I was gaining incredible benefit from a highly capable coach. During the session Fiona clearly understood the challenges I arrived with and worked swiftly to dissect to the core of the matter, before empowering me with a way forward that I felt confident would deliver an outcome I had hoped to achieve. I wouldn't hesitate to engage Fiona again for similar matters knowing that I would receive precise and comprehensive coaching towards the outcomes I'm seeking.
25 Oct 2022
I cannot speak highly enough of Fiona and her compassion and knowledge helping and supporting others in their life/business adventure to achieving and living life to the highes potential. Thank you so much Fiona for your guidance and sharing your ideas with me last week. I got increased clarity about moving forward in my business, mentally and emotionally. I am so looking forward meeting again soon. Love & Gratitude Yvonne
03 Oct 2022
I was looking for a system to use my time to be more productive and less tiring. Fiona explained a system to organise my day for maximum results. I then set up a schedule that made everything flow yet also be very productive. If you are looking for a coach to make it fun while keeping you accountable, Fiona is an excellent motivator to work with.
19 Aug 2022
I reached out to Fiona at a time when my life was full of confusion, inefficiencies, and overall dissatisfaction. I had a list of goals I wanted to achieve but alongside, an extensive list of excuses, and no clear way of meeting these goals. From the first session with Fiona, I grew confident I would overcome the hurdles in my path. During the first 6 months, we delved into topics that identified my limiting beliefs, my personal values, my past influences, and I was given tools to help overcome insecurities, improve decision making and accelerate the path towards my goals. We uncovered issues I didn’t even know I had and every session I was left with a clear actions through the obstacle at hand. I love working with Fiona because of her ability to keep a distracted mind on track, be completely flexible in topics and most importantly to remain supportive without judgement. It was a relief and almost a shock that at our first review I had seen improvements in every aspect of my life we had worked on and I had accomplished some big goals I had previously failed for years. Fiona is a standout coach who delivers real results with a consistent positive manner. To say she is worth the money is an understatement.
13 Jul 2022
You get to a stage in your career where you don’t want somebody telling you what to do, you just want a sounding board. Someone who will listen, and provide a fresh perspective in helping you to look at things from new angles. Fiona Spence is excellent at doing this. She provides a safe and confidential space for you to explore the issues you are facing to come up with practical solutions that work for you. If you are looking for a coach who understands business, and the challenges that senior leaders and business owners face, then I highly recommend you attend one of Fiona’s informative webinars, or simply jump on the phone and give Fiona a call.
04 Jul 2022
I was referred to Fiona last year. At that time I had reached the point of giving up on finding a professional who was able to support and understand me, but then I met Fiona. Before meeting Fiona, I found it hard to get out of bed every day. I had given up on trying to build a career and could no longer found happiness in activities that had been tainted by horrible past memories. I was also struggling with understanding my own, and others’, emotions. During my first coaching program with Fiona, I was so easily able to come out of my shell and find comfort in discussing everything with Fiona. Working through exercises, between-session tasks, and having someone explain to me how your brain functions, helped me understand my issues, emotions, and mental health better. As I am going into my second coaching program, I feel more confident, I am positive about my future, and I’ve completely changed my mindset. I used to think I was “unfixable”. Now I find it easy to get out of bed and begin my day. Micro-stresses that used to take up a lot of mental energy, are now given the proportion of energy that they are due, and often that is none! Rather than reacting emotionally, I remain calm when the unexpected happens. Things and people that used to really upset me no longer bother me. If you feel you are too far down in a hole or there is no one who can help you, I would highly recommend you have a chat with Fiona. No judgement is ever received from her, and she will always lend an open ear. You can tell by speaking to her how passionate she is about helping people and that she wants the best for all her clients. - Gabi Pickett
04 Jul 2022
It's been an interesting time with Fiona, I came to Fiona because I was sick of feeling stuck, and my realisation was that if I didn't try put new input in my life, I probably wouldn't get anywhere. Partially because for a long time I had had this really bad feeling about life that persevered wherever I went. I had pretty much settled on it, and had thought I would live with this horrible feeling, but I didn't even realise a life coach like Fiona could process it for me. It was amazing that she could do that.
02 Jun 2022
heidis384 from Chermside West
I have in last 4 weeks taken Fiona on as my mindset coach. I have always understood the importance of having your mindset steadfast and focused if you wish to be successful and create results. Yet, I kept falling back into the negative and self limiting behaviours. Fiona is keeping me accountable, focused and steadfast on my goals and self-belief. I cannot believe how in just a few short weeks I have transformed. I am so pumped, excited and have found a new lease of life for my business. I cant wait to see where I will be in another 4 weeks, 4 months, 4 years from now. Thank you Fiona, I am so grateful to have you in my corner :)
25 May 2022
Working with Fiona is a mixture of pleasure, learning, insight and even at times, tough love. Fiona is extremely approachable and empathetic yet manages to cut through the b***s**** to tell it like it is. Some life coaches are really good at making it look like they are listening, Fiona really does. Even more, she understands and extracts the key issues that matter and helping you break free of what it is that is blocking you helps you build motivation to get you moving again. Fion is also an inspiring and motivating speaker and thought leader who draws on her years of martial arts practice being able to share tools and tips to help you win in this game called life. If you haven’t already met Fiona I highly recommend you pick up the phone and give her a call. She is really welcoming and easy to talk to. Cheers. GT
22 May 2022
Fiona seeks down and ruthlessly destroys excuses! She does so with care and sensitivity for her clients. Only consult with her because you wanted to be better at achieving your goals... if you do, you WILL see results. I had unsuccessfully sought to lose weight for several years on medical advice... after spending time with Fiona (during which she confronted me directly about my lack of action) I have been able to lose 10 kg in around 2 months and have set goals towards further losses. My health is already noticeably improved and I thank Fiona for her input. Fiona is an insightful, intelligent, caring professional with a cheeky sense of humour whom I would recommend and highly endorse to anyone.
09 May 2022
Fiona is an excellent coach. I have achieved a great deal from our sessions and have made real headway with some issues that had been bugging me for quite some time. Thanks Fi! You’re awesome.
01 May 2022
Hi, my name is Staci. I am an author and speaker. I came to work with Fiona at a time in my life when I felt stuck. My life was going well, but there were a couple of areas where I just could not make any progress on my own. I knew I wanted to change and knew that if I didn’t, I would never reach my goals. My self-talk was holding me back, causing anxiety and unhelpful behaviours. Fiona helped me clarify and define the things holding me back and then provided strategies to create the change I wanted. She kept me accountable and on track, so we continued to build on each of the changes I made. I was surprised at how easy and quickly some of the changes happened. Working with Fiona has helped me improve the way I speak to myself and stop the limits I placed on myself in my personal life and work. Although I initially worked with Fiona for a couple of specific areas in my life, I found improvement in all the other areas as well, as the skills and tools I learnt were transferable. Overall, it was a fun, empowering and positive experience working with Fiona. Fiona is friendly, focused, encouraging and incredibly knowledgeable and skilled in coaching. I highly recommend working with Fiona.
03 Mar 2022
Hi I’m Jan Cole, a self-employed creative. Before working with Fiona, I was a stumped and directionless with self-employment, I struggled with communication as well, whether it was with clients or personal relationships, I had a hard time expressing myself in a not so awkward manner haha! During my time with Fiona, we flushed out the emotional sludge that held me down and my spark for self-employment returned, we also narrowed down a niche for me to target and of most benefit to me was learning new ways of communicating and the mindsets around it! Fiona is an excellent communicator, even when we weren’t learning a new skill actively, I was learning passively from just listening to her speak and how she expressed herself. Now days I feel I have improved so much with my communication skills, I converse easier and now longer feel at a loss for words or blurting out something in a blunt or awkward manner – this has improved how I interact with clients, both existing and new, and it feels great to know clients reciprocate and work better with this ‘new me’. I also feel a lot more motivated in my business, especially having a direction with a niche market and developing realistic goals that I can feel confident to work towards and fulfil. If you’re looking for a coach who can specifically help you improve your communication skills - she’s fantastic in other areas too – I would totally recommend Fiona!
08 Dec 2021
Before my first Clarity Call with Fiona I didn’t even know that mindset coaching existed. I had tried all sorts of things but none had really worked for me. I came to Fiona with a host of issues, I was speaking negatively to myself, was emotional eating and had put on weight. I had little confidence and self-worth, I kept procrastinating and cancelling things. Quite frankly I was so miserable I used to just sit on the coach sulking. So when I asked Fiona for help I told her I felt like I wasn’t myself any longer and I was at breaking point. Now, thanks to Fiona, I feel on top of the world. Before my coaching program I would stress overtake me and I'd boil up inside. Now life's stresses no longer stress or upset me. Now I say “I can” where I used to say “I can’t”. In the past I couldn’t talk about, or share, my feelings. With my new mental strength I can express my true feelings, and in a calm way. I can’t believe how confident, motivated, and organised I have become. And as an added bonus I have finally decluttered my house! Thank you Fiona – I finally feel strong, like my old self again. You have really opened my eyes and now I know I can go for whatever I want in life without hesitating. If you are thinking about getting a life coach, career or mindset coach I highly recommend you speak to Fiona – she’s amazing!
26 Oct 2021
Hi, my name's William Ferguson. I'm CEO and founder at Wylas Timing. Before I met Fiona I was struggling with the business and we had just switched from being a startup to scaleup and I had switched from working full time for someone else to working for my own company. Days had become endless, I was exhausted and not feeling like I was making an impact on the business. During my coaching program with Fiona, we uncovered the issues that were holding me back and came up with appropriate solutions to them. She helped me see what makes me tick and to use that to better navigate the chaos that is life. As an added bonus I am always surprised and intrigued by the new insights we uncover. Now I have a business that I am in control of instead of being buried under. I sleep soundly at the end of each day, am content, can point to the value that energy has created and love watching the business grow. If anyone needs any help with their mindset, career or any part of their life, I would definitely recommend you speak with Fiona.
05 Oct 2021
Before I engaged Fiona as a coach, I had completed several years in university management, and was planning to return to teaching and research via a planned overseas sabbatical (in a non-covid 2020) to revitalize and building new teaching and research programs. I also was becoming an empty nester with kids (and ex-wife) leaving the family home, so I thought a break from the normal work life on sabbatical would be refreshing personally. Covid came of course and the sabbatical opportunity went. We all knuckled down at university in 2020-21, but I was feeling burnt out and stuck. During my coaching session with Fiona she was able to trace the reason behind my stuck feelings as not letting go of the planned sabbatical experience, as well as being in a major life transition time. Fiona helped me to focus on new goals and weekly outcomes to break the spell of being stuck. I was then able to re-engage longer life and work goals (that I had deep down but had forgotten). What Fiona does differently to other coaches is that she helps you find the real reasons behind your roadblocks, gets you to accept them, and to work past them with new tools. She also stops you being hard on yourself for minor slip-ups (what all perfectionists need sometimes). I feel as though a major roadblock has been cleared and I have energy, motivation and direction again. If anyone needs any help with their mindset, career or any part of their life, I would definitely recommend you speak with FIona. She really provides you the tools to become a self-coach. Pete university professor
26 Aug 2021
Fiona was extremely helpful and insightful in getting me to find the answers from within. No right or wrong. No judging. Creating an atmosphere for open dialogue which fostered an in depth inspection of my life and where I was going or wanted to go. Best investment ever made! L. Nicholls
25 Jun 2021
Fiona is an incredible coach, masterful at communication and caring!
10 Jun 2021
Fiona Spence is incredible. She is so easy to talk to, really listens to me and helps me find solutions for things that are in front of me that I often don’t even realise are holding me back. Before I started my coaching program with Fiona my mind was all over the place. I had no routine and no motivation. I couldn't sleep because my brain was running at 100 miles per hour. I remember how I would drive my wife mad because I would get distracted all the time. During my early sessions with Fiona she helped me build my focus and motivation. I was amazed how quickly I started feeling my old happy self again. Fiona helped me learn that there's a solution to any problem when you look at it differently and you can turn bad thing into good things. And it turns out that being calm, chilled and relaxed isn't hard! I now have so much more clarity and my confidence and self-esteem continues to grow. Fiona says I am incredibly creative and thanks to her encouragement and support I'm achieving and getting to where I want to be at. She hasn't just helped me with the mental things but she is a business whizz and is helping me to grow my business too. Fiona talking to you has made me feel so much better. I can let go of things, I can control my actions, I love my coaching sessions, speaking with you is so uplifting. Thank you. George
03 May 2021
Fiona is a very experienced coach with a huge depth and breadth of practical knowledge and experience and an engaging and caring approach. Fiona helped me to undertake a step in my career that I had been putting off for years and for that I am truly grateful. I highly recommend seeking Fiona's assistance if you are facing an issue, problem or fear that is holding you back and you just want to move on and be happy and successful in your life/career/business!
22 Apr 2021
Fiona is a very talented coach, mentor and presenter. She really understands people and she understands business. Her help was invaluable not only to open my own business in Australia, but also to gain the confidence I needed to get started. Thanks, Fiona!
21 Apr 2021
Before I started my coaching program with Fiona, when I arrived home from work, I'd feel tired and most days didn't think I had the energy to do anything else but relax. Having turned 50, I decided it was time to turn things around. If I wanted to get the best out of life, I needed to make some changes. And what better way to start than to get fit again and be ready to take on anything that might cross my path. Fiona was the perfect coach for me as her approach seemed to fit perfectly. If she had just told me what to do, it wouldn't have worked with me. Instead she asked me questions and every action that I took and every decision I made all came from me. Fiona supported me in every step of the journey, she kept me accountable, she was realistic but also challenged me as needed, and was great at helping me stay motivated. From day one Fiona started calling me ‘Mr Fitness’. At the time I thought it was really funny but for some reason I just went along with it. She also explained to me how it wasn’t ‘change’ that was the ultimate goal but ‘transformation’. She explained about how one day I would know I had transformed because I would change to a point where I could no longer change back. Since then I truly have become a runner. I’m stronger than I ever imagined, I eat more healthily, and it has all been so easy and fun. I never dreamt I would get this far. I think the thing I am most proud of is knowing I am setting an example for my son, showing you can make positive changes to your life, if you just set your mind to it. I can’t thank Fiona enough and recommend her to anyone who is looking to make a change for the better in their life, or even better, who would like to truly transform it.
21 Apr 2021
Fiona is a great coach. She genuinely cares about the outcomes that her clients achieve. She’ll keep you on point but will allow you a little slack when needed too. I have achieved a great deal from the 3 month coaching program and am renewing for a second term. I highly recommend Fiona’s services.
14 Apr 2021
Before I met Fiona I felt my husband and I were not communicating well and constantly arguing over silly things. I felt unhappy and a little overwhelmed with life in general. During my time with Fiona, she was able help me see the changes I needed to make for better communication and to see that how I reacted to other people affected the way they reacted to me. Since then I have been able to look at life differently and feel ok saying ‘no’ to people when appropriate and to not feel guilty about it. I communicate better and am on a journey of learning to be more mindful. Talking with Fiona was exactly what I needed.
12 Apr 2021
Fiona is smart, empathetic to my mental barriers and has helped me enormously. Really great to find someone I can go to in my local area too. 5 stars from me!
12 Apr 2021
I am so grateful to Fiona and wanted to share how she helped me after the love of my life, my husband Bob, died suddenly. I live in London, England where I sing as a soloist, predominately in the Opera and Jazz genres. Grief-stricken I was immediately unable to sing, not even around the house. As the months passed by, I tried to restart my singing practice: a daily routine I have had since being a teenager. However, whatever song or exercise I attempted to work on I would just well up with tears. I had heard of writer’s block and wondered if I had the singer’s equivalent. I became increasingly distressed at not being able to do what I loved. I also felt frustrated as the coronavirus lockdown, whilst restricting my life in so many ways, gave me a good opportunity to work more on my singing technique and learn new repertoire whilst I was stuck at home. At the time I was having bereavement counselling which I found very beneficial in general but the counsellor did not seem to have the tools to deal with my particular problem of being unable to sing. Then I spoke to Fiona in Australia who was able to shed light on the situation. She described my feeling of being blocked as a “trapped emotion”. During that same call Fiona guided me through an amazing technique designed to release emotions, feelings and beliefs that are no longer helpful. At the end of the session, I felt a huge weight had been lifted from me after I had let go of my fears and unhelpful beliefs. In the days following the release I felt much more free and relaxed than I had in a long time and found myself bursting into song spontaneously! Thanks to Fiona I now look forward to my daily singing practice sessions rather than dreading them and am preparing to sing in public again. Fiona explained that if you have a block, whether you know the cause such as grief, abuse or a frightening experience, or even if you don't know what caused it, you can let it go. From working with Fiona I have learned that you don't have to be prevented from doing what you love: singing or playing music, writing, creating - whatever your passion is. And if you have a fear of doing something that is hindering you from following your passion, for instance, speaking in front of a camera, then, please don’t struggle alone but get in touch with Fiona. She can help you move forward wherever you are in the world. Thanks Fiona, from the bottom of my heart, you alone have made my heart sing again!
12 Apr 2021
Fiona is an excellent coach and mentor and I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions I had with her. Fiona was a wonderful sounding board who gave me a positive space in which to sort out my thoughts and feelings around a few major areas of my life such as career and relationships. She helped me work out what I really wanted and what I was willing to spend (not just in $ but in time, energy & effort also) to try to get there. I can definitely recommend Fiona for anyone finding themselves feeling a bit lost or at a crossroads in life; as well as anyone wanting help defining clear actions for a clear path forward.
12 Apr 2021
Fiona is an intelligent, astute coach who has real life experience and an extensive professional took kit to help people overcome whatever is holding them back - to grow, transition, achieve goals and lead happier, healthier lives. :-)
12 Apr 2021
Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality I've known Fiona for a few years now and she has always been positive and helpful in improving my connection and understanding. She has helped me get more in touch with myself and build my confidence to the point where I have launched my own company helping others. Fiona is such a great person to help build and improve your state of understanding and develop your life for improvement. I personally think she is fantastic in what she does. Thank you for all your help and support, Tony
Brisbane, QLD, 4000
Tel: 0422357827

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