Reviews by ef

This review is for Jason Withers Original Diamonds, Brisbane QLD

26 Oct 2011

Jason recently designed my fiance and I the most beautiful pink diamond engagement ring! When we collected the ring it was even more beautiful than we had hoped and every day when I wear it it makes me smile! We couldn't be happier and couldn't recommend Jason more. He is a lovely man who listens and understands what you want in a ring and designs amazing jewelery to the highest quality... and at a fraction of the retail price! We are looking forward to Jason designing our wedding rings.

More background in case you are interested in our experience below....
We got engaged on holidays and bought a ring in the Bahamas that we loved the style of but were unsure of what we were buying. On returning home we went to see Jason to better understand what we had bought and discuss whether our pink diamond idea (we wanted to put a pink diamond in the centre of the ring) would work (I was also worried as the setting was very delicate that I would loose one of its stones). Having seen Jason he was really good at understanding what we wanted in an engagement ring and specially designed for us a ring using the key style elements we loved of the Bahamas ring, but with much more beautiful diamonds and to the most amazing level of quality. The setting is now much more robust and near indestructable which given I intend to wear the ring forever is a pretty important feature which Jason really understood. Thanks Jason!