Reviews by garratb

This review is for Retro DJ Event Entertainment, Sunbury VIC

01 Aug 2017

Mark and Mitchell provided a flawless service at my wedding on the weekend!! Mark made himself available to us on several occasions prior to the event to confirm and plan the day. Then mark and Mitchell assisted with preparation on the day, assisted with the ceramony and then held the best reception entertainment I have ever seen at a wedding!! Would not think twice of reccomending or even thinking of anyone else!!! Job well done mark and Mitchell!!

This review is for Laura Dempster Productions, Ballarat VIC

11 Oct 2010

Just got my Wedding DVD back from Laura. My wife and I were so ecstatic! Felt like we were watching a movie of our wedding day. We only paid $1000 as well, which is $500 cheaper than most wedding videographers, and that was for capturing every part of the wedding from me and my wife getting ready, to the end of the reception. The catch of the cheap price is that we had to sign a consent form so that any footage she captures she can use for promotions, but we didn't mind that. I guess if you were not wanting your face out there, this wouldn't be a good option for you. Anyway we found Laura very professional and casual, which we liked. She wasn't intrusive at all on the day, we barely noticed her there. Loved watching the DVDs because we got to see our guests dancing and enjoying themselves, which we didn't see a lot of on the night as we were too busy talking to everyone. We would highly recommend Laura for your wedding video.

Approximate cost: $1000

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