Reviews by gregl10

This review is for Cosmic Smile Dental, Neutral Bay NSW

08 Nov 2013

Fear prevented me from going to the dentist regularly for years but I needed to bite the bullet because I needed to have a tooth removed. I did the usual Google search and found Jason Pang, so I decided to give him a go. After an initial clean, I came back for the extraction and admittedly there was some minor discomfort due to an infection because I'd left it so long, but I haven't had any major issues since and now I get the regular 6 monthly check ups without concern. If you fear the dentist because of the potential pain, needles and getting ripped off, you wont have an issue with Cosmic Smile they're awesome! Unlike other dentists who either don't really care or are looking to make money by recommending every conceivable cosmetic procedure, Jason and his team are caring, consultative and honest - they're more worried about you mouth than their bank balance.